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Wraf-Hwund Trulii.
No. 1 Overland Limited.. 11:46 a. m
No. 8... China & Japan Mall 6:58 p. m
No. 6 Oregon Express.. 2:00 a. m
No. 7... Los Angles Limited 2:35 p. m
No. 9 Fast Mall 11:30 a. m
No. 11 Denver Special... 8:58 a. m
No. 13 Colorado Special.. 1:27 a. m
No. 15.... Colorado Express. C:23p. m
No. 17 Ore. ft Wash. Um.. 3:05 p. m
No. 19 Express 11:25 a. m
No. 21 North Piatte Local.l2:15p.m
No. 23 Grand Island Local. 8:39 p. m
No. 59 Local Freight.. 7:00 a. m
Leaves 12:10 p. m.
Leaves from Coal Chute.
East-BeMd Tralaa.
No. 2.... Overland Limited. 5:26 p. m
No. 4 Atlantic Express.. 4:32 a. m
No. 6 Oregon Express... 2:46 p. m
No. 8... Los Angeles Limited 6:16 p. m
No. 10. ..China & Japan Stall 3:12 p. m
No. 12 Denver Special... 5:30 a. m
No. 14 Colorado Special.. 10:28 p. m
No. 16 Colorado Express.. 2:16 p. m
No. 18... Ore.-Wash. Limited 5:53 p. m
No. 20 Mail Express 3:00 p. m
No. 22 'North Platte Local. 1:00 p. m
No. 24. ...Grand Island Local. 7:12 a. m
Leaves 1:20 p. m.
No. 77 Freight lv.. 7:20 a. ra
No. 29 Passenger lv.. 7:25 p. m
Mo. 30 Passenger ar.. 1:10 p. m
No. 78 Freight ar.. 6:10 p. m
No. 79 Freight lv.. 6:00 a. m
No. 31 Passenger lv.. 1:10 p. m
No. 32 Passenger ar..ll:55a.m
No. 80 ar.. 6:40 p. ni
Ticket Agent.
Assistant Ticket Agent
No. 22, Pass (dally ex. Sun) lv..7:25 a. m
No. 32. FrL Ac. (d'yexSat.) lv6:00p.m
No. 21. Pass, (dally ex. Sun) ar.9:00 p. m
No. 31. Frt. Jk Ac. (d'yexSun) ar6:46 a. m
Dr. E. F. WiedcRanders.
Olllce witli Dr. Tiesinp, 1010 Murray St.
Especial attention given to Eye, Ear,
Nose, Throat and Surgery.
plioue Hell olllce 43. Residence 120.
I'liouc Iml. olllce 291. KeMdeiice 22:?.
Dr. Dora WiedcRanders,
Especial attention given to Diseases
of Women and Children.
Office and Residence 1006 Murray St.
Plume Hell 120; Independent 223.
Charles H. Campbell, M. D.
Glasses Fitted
Both Phoxks COLUMBUS, NEB.
Commercial Bank Building
Physician and Surgeon
Office New Luschen Building
Bell Phone Red 12 Ind. Phone 12
Post Office Block
is essential to first class plumbing. All
the nickel and tile in the world will not
make up for poor sewer connections.
We do good plumbing work from the
ground up.
is just as honest as the plumbing work
which is always in sight. Have you any
trouble with your plumbing? Maybe
the sewer connections are not right.
We can tell.
are now arriving. Please give
us your winter orders
Carl Kramer
Successor to Speice Coal Co.
rrvv BsisB! LlxJbrrrI
From the Democrat:
Washburn the moving picture an of
Columbus was in town the first of the
week to inspect the oil engine at the
V. T. Mill with a view to installing
one in his theatre to furnish his own
The Democrat is in receipt of a
clipping from a Junction City, Kan
sas, paper which gives an account of
the marriage of Sidney Myers, a
former Humphrey boy who has been
making his home in Kansas City for
the past few years.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vanderheiden
and children of Elgin were in town
Tuesday on their way to Columbus to
visit his brother Joe who is confined
in the Mary's hospital recovering from
a serious case of blood poisoning of
the leg due to an accidental gun shot
wound which he recently received at
his home at Rush vi lie, this state.
It is said that the young man was in
serious condition for a few days, but
we understand he is getting along
nicely now and will be able to leave
the hospital in a short time.
StefTes Bros, are having a hard time
getting the new fixtures which they
propose to install in their store. In
the first place the manufactures were
slow in getting the fixtures made, and
then when thy did have them finished
and had them packed ready for ship
ment, the factory caught fire and the
fixtures were burned up. Now it will
take three or four weeks longer until
another set of fixtures are made. This
misfortune coming as it has right in
the time of the year when the stores
receive the best trade, has been a ser
ious handicap to the boys, but being
equal to most any sort of an occasion,
they have smiled and passed through
the trying inconvenience in fine shape.
The post office was moved into the
new quarters Saturday night and pat
riots of the office received their mail
at the new place Sunday morning.
The new office is certainly a pleasing
improvement to the town, and we
doubt is there is another town in the
state the size of Humphrey that can
boast of as fine a post office as we
have now. It is strictly modern in
every respect with all the convenien
ces desired. The fixtures are of the
finest being quarter sawed oak. The
old style call boxes are do away with
and only lock boxes are used. The
boxes are equipped with combination
locks which are always locked when
closed. There are something like 300
boxes of three different sizes. The
post office proper is enclosed from the
fixtures to the ceiling with heavy
iron netting which will enable the
lobby of the office to be left open on
Sundays and holidays to permit pat
rons who have lock boxes to secure
their mail at any time whether the
post master is on duty or not, and
this will be a privilege which will be
highly satisfactory to the patrons.
From the Gazette:
Jake Berringer threshed his wheat
and oats this week. Ninety acres of
his wheat yielded 31 bushels per acre
and his oats yield 52 bushels per acre.
We believe Jake can go up head.
A. A. Bouton left a corn stalk at
the Gazette office this week which
stands about ten feet without shoes;
but the worst of it is that' nary an
ear is on the stalk. There are many
such staks in the corn fields this year
all over the west.
H. W. Nantkes, who was operated,
on for gall stones at the sanitarium
in Lincoln, we are glad to state, is
now improving in health and is be
lieved to be out of danger. His
"better half," who has been at his
bedside every day since the operation,
returned to Bell wood Wednesday eve
ning. She was accompanied home by
U. G. Nantkes and "better half,"
who went down to Lincoln Wednesday
morning to visit her husband.
Sad and startling news reached
Bellwood last Sunday evening from
the sanitarium at Lincoln that Christ.
Belsley, one of Bellwood's most re
spected citizens, was dead. The news
cast a gloom of sorrow over Bellwood
and surrounding country, as he was a
man whom we believe, had not an
enemy in the world. Brother Bels
ley, as he was called by many, had
been in failing health for some time
with Bright's disease; but he was one
of those sufferers who was scarcely
ever heard to complain, and when
asked how he felt, would always ans
wer, "fine". He was 68 years of
age in July last. He lived the life
of a bachelor and seemed to enjoy it.
Death came to him like a thief in the
night and carried him to the beyond
when no one was at his bedsde, the
nurse having left him a few minutes
previous. At time of death it is said
he was worth about $300,000, most
of it being invested in land in Illinois,
Nebraska and other states. Several
brothers and large circle of relatives
survive him. His body was taken to
Peoria, Illinois, for burial.
A Medicine that gives Confidence
Is Foley's Honey and Tar Compund.
Mrs. T. J. Adams, 522 No. Kansas
Ave., Columbus, Kansas, writes: "For
a number of years my children have
been subject to coughs and colds. I
used Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
and found that it cured their coughs
and colds, so I keep it in the house all
the time." Refuse all substitutes.
For sale by all Druggists.
... . . "
.'. .
, . JW"
Jew MsS v"mL' iEaA "
Copnfrht 159. br C. E. Ziawcnua Co.-Its. 26
To get acquainted with our Shoes. Come
in right now and have a view of the
It won't take you long to get an idea as to the import
ance of this store's values to you and your pocket-book.
You will know perfect satisfaction i yoa buy shoes here.
OUR MOTTO: Cash and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
James C. Dahlman, "Cowboy" Mayor
of Omaha, "Throws the Lariat"
Mayor Jas. C. Dahlman started his
career as a cowboy, and is at present
Mayor of Omaha, and has the follow
ing record. Sheriff of Dawes county,
Nebraska, three terms; Mayor of Chad
ron, two terms; Democratic National
Committeeman, eight years; Mayor of
Omaha, six years;, and in 1910 can
didate for Governor of Nebraska.
Writing to Foley and Co., Chicago, he
says : " I have taken Foley Kidney Pills
and they have given me a great deal
relief so I heartily recommend them, ' '
Yours Truly,
(signed) James C. Dahlman.
For sale by all Druggists.
Miss Maybelle Ryan, who has been
the guest of hercousn Miss Kathyleen
Ryan, returned to her home in O'neii
Foley's Kidney Remedy vs. a Hopeless
Hon, Ark. J; E. Freeman says: "I
had a severe case of kidney trouble
and could not work and my case seemed
hopeless. One large bottle of Foley's
Kideny remedy cured me and I have
never been bothered since. I always
recommend it." For sale by all
For further particulars
write to the undersigned
or inquire at the office of
Becher, Hockenberger &
Henry Wilckens,
1349 Constance Street
Los Angeles, California.
The Busy
can lesson her toil and
make her kitchen more
comfortable during the hot
summer weather by using
and many other labor sav
ing devices that we have
on display at our office.
The expense for operating
means nothing when com
pared to the comfort de
rived, f your lights are
dingy or your eyes weak
we recommend
The kind that make dark
corners look like day.
light, Heat and
Power Co.
One Price to Everybody
Are Anxiously Await
ing: Their Return
Associated Doctors Specialists
Will be in Columbus at Thurston Hotel
Tuesday, Oct 17th
These are the Doctors you no doubt
have read about. While you may
not know them personally, you may
know them by reputation or through
some of your neighbors they have
The remarkable success of these
talented physicians in the treatment
of chronic diseases has aroused much
enthusiasm in the northwest.
This is said to be and no doubt is
true, one of the most able specialists
organizations of its kind in this section
of the country, and must be a success
ful one from the many good results
they are getting.
The Associated Doctors, licensed, by
the state of Nebraska for the treat
ment of deformities of men, women
and children, offer to all who call on
them, consultation, examination, and
advice free.
It is specially requsted that married
ladies come with their husbands and
minors with their parents.
TORS, is what it implies a union of
specialists twelve in number that have
gotten together for the treatment of
chronic and nervous diseases. Not
to be understood that they treat all
aiseases that the human body is heir
to. They mean to be very careful in
selecting and taking cases as they
want good results, which means good
returns in the way of .their patients
recommending them to others.
They estimate that over eighty per
cent of the patients now coming to.
them, come from recommendations of
those they have treated.
They do not treat any.acute diseases
whatever, ther time and attention be
ing devoted to such diseases as fol
lows: Diseases of the stomach, intestines,
liver, blood, skin, nerves, heart,
spleen, kidneys or bladder, rheuma
tism, sciatica, diabetes, bedwetting,
leg ulcers, weak lungs and those affli
cted with longstanding, deep seated,
chronic diseases, that have baffled the
skill of the family physicians, should
not fail to call.
According to their system no more
operations for appendicitis, galls
tones, tumors or goiter. They were
among the first in America to earn the
name of "Bloodless Surgeons," by do
ing away with knife, with blood and
with all pain in the successful treat
ment of these dangerous diseases.
of a few of the many patients that
have many good things to say for the
Associated Doctors.
Grace Munk, Dell Rapids, South
Dakota catarrh and deafness.
Mrs. O. G. Anderson, Mina, South
Dakota, nervous and kidney trouble.
Mrs. John H. Keiser, Yankton,
South Dakota, nearly dead with heart
and kidney trouble producing dropsy,
was given only week to live in, short
time under their treatment was doing
some of her housework.
John Gerlach, Agar, South Dakota,
cold sore on lip.
Bert Clark, Shelby, South Dakota
so pleased with Associated Doctors'
treatment hrniiaht hi father in fnr
J treatment
Mrs. Frank Gray, Hazeltoa, North
Dakota, catarrh of stomach general
Anton De Young, Ashton, South
Dakota, Rheumatism, writes he is
doing fine,.
Mrs. Sherman Vann, Huron, South
Dakota, feels that she has struck the
right . doctors this time.
Mrs. J. L. Hall, Hot Springs,
South Dakota, writes she is doing
nicely under their treatment.
Mrs. Ben McBride, Wagner, South
Dakota, catarrh of stomach.
Many others that space will not
Paul Ilojrus will take notice that on the 11th
day or September. 1911. Wm. O'Brien, a Justice
of the Peace or Platte county. Nebraska,
issued an order of attachment for the sum of
MO.U. in an action pending before him. wherein
Frank llonus is plaintiff and Paul Hojrus Ls de
fendant; that notice in garnishment was serv
ed upon the Chicago. Burlington & Quincy
Railroad Co , and property consisting of money
and wanes in the sum of &H.O0 has been attach
ed and garnished under said order. Said cause
was continued to the 2Tth day or October. 1911.
at s o'clock a. m., for defendant to appear and
answer. FRANK BOOL'S-
Dated, Sept. 14, 1911. Plaintiff
Sealed bids will be received at the oftlce of
the County JudKe or Platte county. Nebraska,
at Columbus on or before 12 o'clock noon, of
October 9, 1911. for the grading and improve
ment or the rollo wing described roads or Platte
county, to-wit:
The llarnum Road, beginning at south end or
Loup River bridge, running thence in a south-
erlv direction m a. noint on RarnnmV (Vpfk.
and running thence in a southeasterly direc
tion ana terminating at trie north end o r Platte
River bridge, according to the plans, profiles,
sketches and specifications on tile in the ottlce
or the County Clerk or said county.
The Board or Supervisors reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Board of Supervisors.
JOHN GRAF. County Clerk.
Dated. Columbus. Nebraska, this 27th day of
September. 1911.
In the county court of Platte county. Nebraska.
Iu the matter of the estate of John Scudder.
deceased. Notice of dual settlement and
To toe creditors, heirs, legatees and others
interested in the estate of John Scudder. de
ceased. Take notice that Melchior Unurtfer
has tiled in the county court a report of his
doings as administrator with will annexed of
the estate of John Scudder. deceased, and it Is
ordered that the same stand for hearing on the
Mth day of October. 1911, before the court at
the hour of IU o'clock a. m., at which time any
person interested may appear and except to
and contest the same.
This notice Ls ordered Riven in the Columbus
Tribune-Journal three consecutive weeks prior
to the 14th day of October. 1911.
witness my nana ana tne seal oi tne county
court at Columbus this 23rd day of September.
County Judjre.
Probate Notice to Creditors.
In the county court. Platte county, Nebraska
In the matter of the estate of S.vlva A. Ma.
haffey, deceased.
Notice is herebv given that the creditors of
the said deceased will meet the executor of
said otate, before me, county judge of Platte
county. Nebraska, at the county court room
in said county on the 3uth day of September.
1911; and on the :Wth day of December. 1911,
and on the :ath day or March. 1912. at 10 o'clock
a. ui.. each day. for the purose of presenting
their claims for examination, adjustment and
allowance. Six mouths are allowed for credi
tors to present their claims, from September
:0tb. 1911. and one year for the executor to
settle said estate, from the 24th day of August.
191 1. This notice will be published in tbeCo
lninbus Tribune-Journal four weeks successive,
ly prior to the 3Zth day of September. 191 1.
Witness my hand, and seal of said court, this
21th day of August. A. !.. 1911.
John Rattekmak,
Count)" Judge.
William J. Collins. Collins, wife of said
William J. Collins, first or christian name un
known. John W. Martin. Nina Martin, the
unknown heirs and devisees of William J. Col
lins, deceased, the unknown heirs and de
visees of John W. Martin, deceased, the un
known heirs and devisees of Nina Martin,
deceased, the unknown heirs and devisees
of Phillip Cain, deceased, the Credit Mobi
licr of America and Thomas C. Durant as
Trustee and his successors iu trust and
each thereof will take notice that there
Is on tile against them in the District Court for
Platte county. Nebraska, the petition of the
undersigned plaintiff, who sues to establish and
quiet as against them and each thereof bis
title to the East one-third of Lot Three (3) iu
Mock Eighty-seven (ft) in the city of Colum
bus. Platte county. Nebraska, also to cancel
of record a certain mortgage on said premises
executed by John W. Martin and Nina Martin
his wife to Phillip Cain on the :tth day of Octo
ber, ist'a :inu recorueu in isook 0. tfeconi oi
Mortgages for said Platte county, at Page 17.1.
also to remove the cloud cast upon the plain
tiff's said title by said record and by any and
all claims of title to or hen upon said property
by said defendants or either thereof.
Said defendants are required to answer said
petition on or before the 3Uth day of Octo
ber. 1911.
September 12. 1911. Plaintiff.
Supply just the ingredients needed to
build up, strengthen and restore the
natural action of the kidneys and blad
der. Special ly prepared for backache,
headache, nervousness, rheumatism and
all kidney, bladder and urinary irreg
ularities. For sale by all druggists.
For The Week Ending Oct. 11.
Letters: Mrs. Edna Bins Baker,
Roger Q. Brown, Dr. John E. Han
sen, Mrs. Pearl Holcomb, C. H.
Lamb, Arthur Mast. Mrs. Minnie
Cards: Jonh Bonk, Miss Elsie
Boone, Will Cook, Miss Mae McCrea,
Mac Farlane & Pomery, Miss Viola
Hathaway, Albert Harrill, Ray Logan
(2), Miss Herminnie. Partsch, Mrs.
Eliza Willams.
Parties calling for any of "the above,
will please say 'advertised."
Wm.A . McAllister, P. M.
Are Days of Suffering. They Are
Becoming Brighter for Some
Columbus People.
Many "dark days" from kidney ills.
Backache, headache nervous, tired.
Urinary trouble make you gloomy.
Doans' Kidney Pills bring relief;
Have'cured many kidney sufferers.
They aire' endorsed by Columbus
Mrs. 'George F'. Hadcock, Four
teenth and Fulton Sts., Columbus,
Nebraska, says : ' ' Doan's Kidney Pills
worked wonders-in my. case arid I am
grateful for"""tbe -benefit 'received.
About three years ago I was in poor
health. My back ached constantly
and at night I was in such bad shape
that I could not lie in one position
long. Sharp twinges darted through
me when I attempted to'jsjopp and the
secretions from my kidneys caused me
no end of annoyance. I often had
dull headaches and dizzy spells and a
tired, languid feeling clung to me.
The doctor said that my case was bor
dering on dropsy, but his medicine
seemed to have no effect. The super
ior worth of Doan's Kidney Pills was
proven when they cured me and after
I had used the contents of one box,
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
was in good health. Last winter
when I again had need of a kidney
medicine, I took Doan's Kidney Pills
and they quickly benefited me.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
The First National Bank
Columbus, Nebraska
Assets, $600,000.00
Offers its customers every safe-guard known to modern banking
for the security and safety of their funds. Pays liberal rates of
interest on deposits. Loans money when they need it at ruling
rates Safety deposit boxes rented for storage of valuable papers.
4 per cent
interest paid on time deposits for one year. Steamship tickets
sold to all ports in the world. Drafts sold on all the principal
cities of the world.
Our Satisfied Patrons are Our Best Advertisement
The Oldest and Largest National Bank in Platte County
fee the whele west under one roof j
Something doing all the time.
It is a show that will interest you.
Blc Machinery Exhibit, with everything
In action. Traction Plowing demonstra
tions. Fine entertainments, music and special
ties. Moving pictures and illustrated
Displays Irom every state in the west,
showing Irrigation. Dry Karnilng. Fruit
Growing. Alfalfa Raising and all kinds of
Farm work.
as oxara AinmuoaT to iu.
405 11th Street
The Four Artists
TUESDAY, OCT. 17, 1911
At the T. M. 0. A. Building
This is the first number on the Entertainment
Four strictly first class artists.
Mr. Kickbusch has sung in all the large cities of
the world.
Miss Gailey made the biggest hit of the season
before the National Lyceum Association with her
Miss Clarence, pianist, has played for some of
the best singers of the country.
Miss Waterman has made her record as an im
personator of unusual versatility.
A company of this standard can only be brought
to Columbus in a course, and we have three other
numbers of the same grade. Course Tickets $1.50.
Single Admission Tickets to the Four Artists Co. 50c
Y. M. C. A. OCTOBER 17th
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
j NewYork, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Shoes, Clothing,
Gents' Furnish
ing' Goods ....
Columbus, Nebraska