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Advertising Manager of the C. E. Zimmerman Co., Chicago
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Supplied Ly Ihc C-E-ZlMMERMANCa Chkiso
An Advertisement is Your Cheapest Salesman
The chances aiv that if ou go into it is t lie best and cheapest you can huy.
almost any store in a country town, ! This ellicient use of space in your
at the present time, and tell the store, local newspaper has been called sales
keeper that his cheapest salesman is , manship on paper. If you fill the
his advertisement in the local news- j space with forceful matter that will
paper he will laugh at you. He will i create attention, cause conviction and
laugh because he does not know what ! bring results, you have an addition to
ali'smansbip mean-,. It is the mere j your sales force that may surely be
-bowing of bis g.tod-, to any customer called the best promoter on your stall',
that the good luck .to come iutoj l'he results that are obtained from this
ins -.lore, according to his lights. He salesinanhip depends on the selling
does not realize that it is possible
fi.r customers to be enticed to his
store to actually demand goods thej'
never though they wanted before.
It is a comparatively easy matter
i.ty the wares right in front of them,
in Mich a cast- much more than nine
tenths of the selling act has already
been accomplished by the coming of
t he customer to your store. Even
then the salesman who can get big
i"ults in our""store i-. classed as'higb
made, and his salary, no innttcrjiow
large, is considered a a reasonable ex
penditure, and. in many cases cheaply
To cause a customer to have a de
sire to come to your -toiv, where no
Uesire. requires salcmanhip of a high
order. Such salemanship makes new
cutomei - builds yourhumcss and lay.
in short, the foundation of yor fortune.
No retail business o! modern time can
make a great success without such
saiemansbip - without, in other words,
the proper utilization of space in your
lo.-al newspaper. Considering the re
sults this kind of salesmanship obtains.
No. io:t
Iteporl of lite Condition of
f DiiliCii ill Hie Lite of Nel.i i I ,1
.1 ill, ertV-etit Irti-ilit A" 'I ' I K K .
I 'i.ill- lll'l I'j e.ililil $
. -i ill .Hi- -.euieil mil mi e
H. J. Uili- luiu-f Itinill.iie .lint
uiienl e'li-e- null ies p.iiil
IK- Iioiii li:il I -t:e ami
iil .He ! llil.s ?i:'"i
I out i-.i.n
i.l'. er
c I.
! i".ii mi
. i
ni.l eents 1 VI I IV 25,458.29
i.i ::ii.rrii
in cji iti
I ir..i t.'i
ability used.
Itut no matter what results are ob
tained, the quality of salemanship
necessary is much greater than that
required inside the store.
to sell a woman or man goods when I The big mail-order houses reckons
on have them in vour store and can , u,at u,,y 'ustpy so much money lor
ever inquiry they get. The amount of
this same is ascertained by dividing
all the money spent on advertising and
selling literature by the number of
letters received in answer to the same.
This refers to inquiries only. Not
every inquirer becomes a customer.
The securing of actual customers costs
more. The money that has to be spent
to get the new customer by those con
cerns would astonish the local retail
er. It is usually not less than the
amount spent on several week's adver
tising by the average local storekeep
er. The salesmanship on paper that
is necessary to do all this is the finest
that be got for ironey and it is con
sidered cheap at the enormous price
paid for it because it is engaged in
binding up a big mail order business
with new material.
The local retailer can apply a les
son from this himself. If those mail
order houses spend so much money to
get one new customer, why should a
retailer not make an effort the same
direction? Why should he not adopt
the same means of attractive sales
manship on paper? If he can bring
een one new customer a week to his
store with an expenditure that is
many times below what a mail order
bouse has to pay for the same results,
it is worth while paying closer atten
tion to this successful method of sell
ing. If be can influence more than
one customer, and it would be poor lo
cal newspaper advertising indeed that
could not do that, he would be accom
plishing far more than the mail order
houses with their highly paid selling
experts. And. as a business man, he
could congratulate himself on a good
investment. He could say to himself
that he had in his advertisement the
cheapest salesman on his force.
It is, of course not always possible
to readily get this strong, convincing
selling matter in your newspaper
space. You may not be able yourself
to wr.ite it and you may not have any
local person to whom you can turn,
lint that need not deter you. There
are now on the market one or two
syndicated advertising services that
are designed especially to suit cases
like yours. These services are sup
plied in a series of fifty-two advertise
ments with accompanying copper-plate
engravings, one for each week in the
year, at prices ranging from one dol
lar per week up. Many of the adver
tisements have been classed by auth
orities as equal to the best that have
made successes for the big city de-.
partment stores aim national advertis
ers, lteduced fac-similes of several
of these advertisements will be seen
at the top of this column.
The advertisements shown above
have received many testimonials from
experts. For instance. Win. H.
Ukers. President of the Grocery and
Allied Trades Press Association of
America (a combination of the entire
American Grocery Trade I'ress) and
editor of the Tea and Coffee Trade
Journal, New York, writes:
' 1 consider your advertisements
the best 1 have seen in a long time."
The Ketailers' Journal, Chicago,
Ve believe the samples of your
advertisements sent us are the best
we ever have seen. ' '
After expressions like these from
menwho have spent long lives amongst
the kind of advertising that has
built fortunes for the shrewd users,
the local merchant who neglects the
opportunity now offered him to obtain
some of these success making announ
cements is missing the chance of his
life time.
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I'liil.'. i.ifil I'mlit
lndi..t'i.i. tit iiit-ti--ulijeej
:.i t'lieel.
ll.'ll;.i;ni eetltlieait - tit tie
ii..-.; 1 '
T.I.. " '-i one He-til tie
j,.,-., ... ;v:i I'l 51.351.66
lrviiior- i-'ii-ir.oii 1'iuii '"
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SlleeJ Nel.r.l-I.Il r.lllt.JV ll I'l.llle
1 A 1 I.INIHI-. I'.i-llier t.I I tie Jl
tunieil bank tin ii-iein Ihu li"
a'.ut e -L.teniem is :i et.neet .iiitl trie-e-
m llie ni;..le lo lui- ,l U"
Ba..i .1.1:
A .1 l.lNiu.i v ('liii-i
. Cee I Ili.-n
orreel Attest f ,, j, u ..,,,,.-,
sulKi-r.lH'U mill """ to I'etore Hie 11"
7Tb tlu oi Mepi l'.'U .. ,
I'eter Kti7lo -.!.
Jw-.Jiee tf
Nil riso
Heporl of llie CoiuliJiim of
ji iMuiint'u-, in itieSl-.uet.l Nelir.isU.i.
at the ei.i-etil Im-me-- s'lH l-l. I'UI
Loans an. IWt.uiit- .. W-l1 it. .'.". I
lUeitliMtis -eetiret! ami "'i-1 .
,-uiel - . . !l
l" "s Komi- to seeure enoui.i-
Ii. in ...
llouiN. Seeuntie-. ele ....
ituiiuniL' lioiise Km inline, ami
!i Mi ires
Due II. .ill lUnl.- t"ot ''
svue aeelils)
Due lrom ajiproveil i:esere
t'lieel. s ami oilier ti-li Items
Ntitevof titiier I tanks
Fraetit.n.ii lai.'i Ouriene Niek
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JUNK M.' -,--. ir'at lemlei nt.Ve- " Ml 20.583.15
Ketlfliiilloii Xiiml "llti I -
Treasurer r. per eentot en eula
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Caiutal s,,eU liaul in.... i Sii.uiiim
suiiius luml
I n.ilM.letl I'rolils. less exjuiis-
is ami taes paitl
Naii.mal Hani; notes oulsian
-V.i s.-.
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lnu..ut.i.ii tiejMi'sils sulijeet
in chi'i'i; ". i:i :.."
T.ine eerutieates t.f tlei"Jt V7:t.MV.y.5
t usLier s cheeks outstuniliii" Avl
T.-'TM. .. jv.:; 7u :t7
State jl Nebraska Ct.uniy of l'latte ss
I Dmiel seliram, Caslner tf the aloe-
nauietl liaul.. do solemnly swear that the
abe statement s true to the best ot my
knowledge and l.eliet
Daniui. Sciikwi Cashier
i Herman 1 II Oeuinch.
Correct Attest-'. A D Iteeker
( Aruolil F II Oel.tneh
Subscribed ami sworu to before me this
Mh day of Sept . uMI.
V M Cornelius.
Notary Public
The editor of this paper will be
glad to supply further paritculars of
the syndicate whose specimen ads
adorn the top of this column and I ad
vise early application as only one of
these service will be supplied to each
J storekeeper in his own town.
The Second Boosters' Trip.
Between sixty and seventy of the
business men of the city went' out on
the second booster trip of the season
last Friday. It had been expected
that this trip would take more people
out than the first one did, but on ac
count of the threatening appearance
of the weather about starting time,
many decided not to go.
The crowd left Columbus about nine
thirty, and an hour later were in Cres
ton, where a stop of thirty minutes
was made. We then crossed the line
into Colfax county, making a short
stop at Leigh, after which the run
back to Richland was taken up. On
this line occurred the only trouble en
countered during the entire day, but
there were several chapters of it
here. First, Henry Lachnit, who was
driving the pathfinder car picked up a
nail, which caused a short delay; then
the Branigan and Walters cars and the
Walters and Johnson cars co Hided,
causing more delay; then a tire on G.
A. Schroeder's car blew out, and after
considerable time had been spent, he
was compelled to proceed on the rim
of one wheel, until reaching a garage
where the proper repairs could be pro
cured. When we finally' reached
Richland, we were accorded a hand
some reception, several autoloads of
Schuyler citizens having come out to
meet us and bringing their band along
to emphasize the greeting.
After a stop of a few minutes here,
the company proceeded to Schuyler,
where dinner was taken, and where it
was shown us that our sister city on
the east knew just how to entertain
After dinner (and other things) had
been partaken of, the procession head
ed across the new Platte river bridge
into Butler county, stopping for a few
moments at Octavia on the way to
David City. Here again the citizens
turned out enmasse to greet the visit
ors, but there was one universal com
plaint, which was, "Why didn't you
let us know you were coming, so that
we might have prepared for you?"
But that was just what we didn't
want. We had not started out to put
our neighbors to the trouble of dress
ing up for company, and then, too, it
was so nice to see just how our neigh
bors look when they are at home and
not looking for anybody. (Excuse us
if you have heard that expression be
fore, but it seem to come natural to
so many people). After a stop of a
half hour at David Citv, we turned
homeward, paying a short visit to
Bel (wood on the way, arriving here
shortly after seven o'clock, having
made a trip of 106 miles, seven stops,
with a band concert and a parade at
each place, and listening to a dozen
speeces. ail in ten hours and ten min
utes. Short adresses were made at each
of the towns visited, with the excep
tion of Richland and Octavia, the sub
ject in each case being the German
picnic of yesterday, and of course the
court house at Creston. The seakers
were: Creston, David Schupbach, and
C. N. McElfresh; Leigh, William
O'Brien, and David Schupbach; Schuy
ler, L. W. Dickinson, Schuyler, and
O'Brien and Schupbach; David City,
Louis Held, Carl Kramer and Ray M.
Harris, of David City; Bell wood, Da
vid Schupbach.
One man whose presence on the trip
must not be omitted was Jerry Carrig.
He it was who was cosmopolitan enough
to introduce the speakers at each of
the towns visited, and he did it right
There can be no question but that
these excursions are a benefit to any
town or comunity that undertakes
them. They not only take a man out
for a day's recreation, but bring him
into touch with his neighbors, giving
him the opportunity' of meeting other
men in similar lines of busines on
their own ground, and bringing thi
various towns into a closer touch of
neighborly relations.
State Will Git Much Favorable
Notici During Fill Months.
Metropolis Will Entertain More Than
100,000 Visitors Conventions Will
Bring Men of National Prominence
to Commonwealth.
The nation's eyes will be turned to
ward Nebraska duriug the fall months
and th-2 state will come in for more
favorable notice during October, No-j
vemuer anl December than ever ne
fore. For no less than four national
conventions will hold their annual
meetings in Omaha, the metropolis of
the west.
Men of national reputation will at
tend these conventions and the citi
zens of the state will be privileged to
hear the words of wisdom which will
roll from the lips of the men who di
rect '.ho destinies or the United
Chief among the conventions is the
Nebraska State Teachers' association,
which will bring, according to ton
rervativo estimates, not less than 5,
000 teachers into Omaha for three
days on the 8th, 9th and 10th of No
vember. Miss Edith Lathron of Clay
Center, president ot the association,
is ai ranging a program, which 1b itself
will be of such magnitude that every
teacher will want to attend the ses
sion. For the convenience and enter
tainment of the teachers, the Commer
cial club of Omaha, through its pub
licity bureau, is arranging for visits
to the South Omaha Stock Yards and
the Union Pacific shops. A bureau of
reset vation for rooms has also been
opened by the Young Men's Christian
association where teachers can secure
accommodations previous to the con
vention When the teachers visit Omaha, the
city will have on its best bib and
tucker, for Omaha would rather make
good with Nobraskans than with any
other people in the world.
'the firain Dealers' National associa
tion will hold its annual meeting on
Oct. 9, 10 and 11. More than six hun
dred gram men from all over the
rnitcd States will get together. Ne
braska. Iowa. Kansas and South Da
kota will be represented to the limit.
EiTortF aie being made to get Govern
or lli. non of Ohio to deliver the an
nual undress. '1 he Omaha Grain ex
change is arranging for a big
and a theater party as the entertain
ment features
The Aiiieiican Prison association
will lninc more than 1.S00 visitors
west for lliair firrt trip as an associa
tion Tiio will rome on the lnth of
October aiu remain for five days On
Tuesday nisht. Oct. 17, George W.
WickPisham. attorney general of tha
United States, will deliver an address.
On Monday night. Bishop George
Beecher of Kearney will speak on
"Prison Reform in Nebraska," while
on Sunds'v Dr P S. I ovelnnd of To-l-eka
Kau., will preach the annual
In lii eeniJr t-. -ifinnnl Wool
Public Stenographer
Mrs. Mable Swift
Room 1
State Bank' Building
Phones: Office, Bell 79;
Residence, Bell, Red 253
Columbus, Nebraska
Growers' association will hold its an
nual meeting. In connection with thr
convention it is proposed to hold n
sheep show, which will bring all th
breeders from the east to Nebraska
More than 2.000 sheepmen will parti,
tpate in the meeting.
All told, more than 100,000 people
will visit Omaha in the next three
months. The land show, the Ak-Sar-Ben
and the conventions are the mag
nets which are turning all people to
Nebraska and Omaha.
Common Colds must be taken Seri
ously or unless they sap the vitality and
lower the vital resistance to more
serious infection. Protect your chil
dren and yourself by the prompt use
of Foley's Honey and Tar Coni)ouiid
and note its quick and decisive results.
For coughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough, bronchitis and affections of the
throat, chest and lungs it is an ever
ready and valuable remedy.
Probate Notice to Creditors.
In the county court. Platte county. Nebraska
lu tbe matter of the estate of Sylva A. Ma.
naffey. deceased.
Notice i. hereby driven tliat tue creditors of
the aid deceaied will meet the executor of
ail estate, before me. county judne of Platte
eouuty. Nebraska, at the county court room
in aiil eouuty on the Mth day of September.
1911; and on the :itth da of December UUI.
and on theSHhdayof March, mr.'.at 10 o'clock
a. in . each day. for the purpose of preentjns
their claims for examination, adjustment and
allowance Six months are allowed for credi
tors to present their claims, frotu September
"Ath. 1111. and one year for the executor to
settle said estate, from the -Mth day of August.
1911. This notice w ill be published in the Co
Inmbus Tribune-Journal four weeks successive
ly prior to the 3jth day of September. 1911.
Witness my band, and seal of said court, this
-Mth day of August, A. O.. 191 1.
County J ude.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
Still retains its high place as the best
household remedy for all coughs and
colds, either for children or grown
persons. Prevents serious results
from a cold. Take only the genuine
Foleys' Honey and Tar Compound, and
refuse substitutes,
New Court House Meeting.
At the seshiou of the Board of Supervisor-,
bfld the -1th day of August. 1911. the following
resolution as adopted:
Whereas. Ou January 1-. 1910. a resolution was
adopted bv the Board of Supervisors for the
eoiisideratiou of a new court house for Platte
couutv and afterwards on March ItHli. said
matter was considered by the Hoard and after
due consideration action on tUj- iuestim uas
Tliereloie be it Hesolved bv the Hoard of
Supervisors f Platte eouutv. that on the i:tih
da of September. 1911. at -J o clock p. in., at
said dale the prohibition of builditu' a new
court house be made the tinier ot business for
that time and an invitation is hereby extended
to the tax paersof Platte county in general
to be present and participate in the discussion
of saiti proihisjtion.
John Cuak
Dated, August -M 1911 County Clerk
Because It's for One Thing Only, and
Columbus People Appreciate This.
Nothing can be good for everything.
Doing one thing well brings success.
Doan's Kidney Pills do one thing
They help sick kidneys.
They relieve backache, kidney and
bladder trouble.
Here is Columbus evidence to prove
Mrs. John Burrell, 522 W. Eleventh
St., Columbus. Nebraska, says: I
cheerfully give Doan's Kidney Pills
my endorsement for I know that they
act just as represented. About four
years ago my kidneys became weak and
disordered and there were symptoms
of inflamation of the bladder. My
back W3s painful and I felt miserable
in every way. Not until I used
Doan's Kidney Pills did I find relief.
They completely corrected the annoy
ances. During the past two years I
have been jierfectly free from kidney
complaint and 1 give Doan's Kidney
Pills the credit."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no othher.
In the East when you can buy a farm of your
own in Cheyenne county, Nebraska, which is
just as productive as the farm you rent?
You are barely making a living because your high rent eats up your
profits. The landlord h growing fat and you are growing thin. You
will never save up enough money to buy the farm you rent and even if
you could you would only be making rich the man who bought the land
when it was about the same price at which you can buy in Cheyenne
county now. Your landlord did not get rich buying $100.00 LAND.
He made money because he bought his land when others hesitated and
were afraid. He bought it when it was cheap. You have exactly the
same opportunity in Cheyenne county.
Why not take advantage of the opportunities offered in
Cheyenne county to become independent, or are you going to
continue in the same old rut year after year? Better make a
start now, the chance for getting Cheyenne county lands at
the present low prices will not remain open long. Those who
are wise enough to come now will ever remember the occa
sion as one of the most important in their lives. If there is
anything that is not clear to you, please remember that we
are always glad to furnish the desired information. NOW
is the time to get busy.
We Will Make a Cheyenne County Trip
on September 19th
Expenses will be low. Now is the time to go. Come in and talk it over
Land is the
O Safest and
Most Profitable
Q Known
. - - . . - -;. -3 '..-.--- - " .- - c?
. -
We Court
and Ask You
to Examine
Our Bargains O
Karr & Newlon Co.
Over the 5c and 10c Store
Columbus, - Nebraska