The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, September 06, 1911, Image 7

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WttBtul TrmlM.
No. 1 Overland UmUed..ll:4S.m
No. s... China & Japan Ifall 6:68 p. m
No. C Oregon Express.. 2:00 a. m
Wo. 7...LiO Angeles Limited 2:35 p. ra
Ko. 9 ..Fast Mall 11:30 a. m
No. 11 Denver Special... 8:68 a. m
No. 13 Colorado Special. . 1:27 a. m
No. IS.... Colorado Express. 6:23 p. m
No. 17 Ore. Jfc Wash. Llm.. i:QSp. m
No. 19 Express 11:25 a. m
No. 21 North Piatte Local.l2:15 p. m
No. 22 Grand Island Local. 8:39 p. m
No. 59 Local Freight.. 7:80 a. n.
Leaves 12:10 p. in.
Leaves from Coal Chute.
Ea.t-B.ud IValu.
No. 2 Overland Limited. 6:26 p. m
No. 4 Atlantic Express.. 4:32 a. m
No. 6 Oregon Express... 2:46 p. m
No. 8... Los Angeles Limited 6:16 p. ra
No. 10. ..China &. Japan Hall 3:12 p. m
No. 12 Denver Special... 5:30 a. m
No. 14 Colorado Special.. 10:28 p. m
No. 1C Colorado Express.. 2:16 p. m
No. IS... Ore.-Wash. Limited 5:53 p. m
No. 20 Mall Express.... 8:00 p. n
No. 22 "North Platte Local. 1:00 p. m
No. 24 Grand Island Local. 7:12 a. m
Leaves 1:20 p. m.
No. 77 Freight lv.. 7:20 a. m
No. 29 Passenger lv.. 7:25 p. in
No. 30 Passenger ar.. 1:10 p. m
No. 78 Freight ar.. 6:10 p. m
No. 79 Freight lv.. 6:08 a. m
No. 31 Passenger lv.. 1:10 p. m
No. 32 Passenger ar. .11:56 a.m
No. to ar.. 6:40 p. ni
Ticket Agent.
Assistant Ticket Agent.
No. 22, Pass (dally ex. Sun) lv..7:26 a. m
No. 32. Frt. ft Ac. (d'yexSat.) lvfi:00p.m
No. 21. Pass, (dally ex. 8un) ar.9:88p. m
No. 31. Frt. Ac. (d'yexSun) ar6:45 a. m
Dr. E. F. Wiede Randers.
Ottlce with Dr. Tiesing. 1010 Murray St.
Especial attention given to Eye, Ear,
Nose, Throat and Surgery.
Phone Bell office i. Residence lUO.
Phone Ind. office -yi Residence 3.
Dr. Dora Wiede Randers,
Especial attention given to Diseases
of Women and Children.
Of rice and Residence 1006 Murray St.
I'll. nc Hell 13). Independent 223.
Charles H. Campbell. M. D.
Glasses Fitted
Both Phones COLUMBUS, NEB.
Commercial Bank Building
Physician and Surgeon
Office New Luschen Building
Bell Phone Red 12 Ind. Phone 12
Post Office Block
is essential to first class plumbing. All
the nickel and tile in the world will not
make up for poor sewer connections.
We do good plumbing work from the
ground up.
is just as honest as the plumbing work
which is always in sight. Have you any
trouble with your plumbing? Maybe
the sewer connections are not right.
We can tell.
are now arriving. Please give
us your winter orders
Carl Kramer
Successor to Speice Coal Co.
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L. F. Gottschalk, surveying road
south of Lindsay 10 50
Willis Decker, constable, costs,
state vs. Wm. Luschen 3 70
Platte Co. Ind. Tel. Co.. serv
ices for July 30 45
Columbus Light H. ft P. Co..
light for July 7 00
City of Columbus, water rent.. 16 15
Rothleltner & Co., for
county 8 51
John Schmocker, registrar 18 50
R. P. Drake, registrar 6 50
C. E. Wagner, registrar 3 75
F. M. Smith, registrar 3 00
John MofTett, registrar. 2 25
Henry Gass. jr., registrar 2 50
Chas. Potter, appraiser on Beck- .
with road 3 10
L. N. Hitchcock, appraiser on
Beck with road 2 50
Kd Higgins. appraiser on Beck-
wlth road 3 20
Friedr Cattau. appraiser on
Borcher.s road 3 00
William Luesche, appraiser on
Borchers roail 3 CO
John Ahrens. appraiser on
Borchers road 3 5lt
Moved by Supervisor Smith that the
board of supervisors now adjourn un
til a o'clock A. M. tomorrow. Motion
Columbus. Nebraska, August 24, 1911t
Tlie board of supervisors pursuant to
adjournment met at 9 o'clock A. M.
Hon. Louis Schwarz. chairman, and
John Graf, clerk.
Roll called and following members
Supervisors Ciother, Dasenbrock,
Schaecher. Sen tire. Smith. Wilson and
Chairman Schwarz.
Moved by Supervisor Schure that the
clerk o fthis board be and hereby is
directed to apportion the 1911 levy of
the county bridge and county road
funds to the city of Columbus and the
several townships of the county ac
cording to the assessed valuation of
each for the year. 1911. Motion car
ried. The following bills were on motion
allowed by the board and the clerk
directed to issue warrants in payment
of same on the 1910 county poor fund:
John Ernst, supt. salary for July
and August $120 00
Karl Krnst. rent for hay land... 8u 00
Columbus Roller Mills, flour and
shorts for co. farm 25 30
Win. Schaffert. labor on co.
farm 25 00
Geo. W. Da vies, shelling corn on
co. farm 2 00
Albert Mueller, shelling corn on
co. farm 12 75
Echols & Kumpf, mdse. for co.
farm 49 83
Kothleitner & Co.. mdse. for co.
farm 1 50
H. G. Person, hay rack, etc., for
co. farm 3ft 35
Adam Smith, gang plow for co.
farm 40 00
Carl Rohde. Shorthorn bull for
co. farm 50 0
T. S. Jaworski & Son. repairs
at county farm 7 15
L W. Weaver & Son. repairs for
co. farm 2 JO
John F. Settje. care of poor 30 0o
G. W. Viergutz. coal for poor 3 50
Adam Smith, supt., cash ad
vanced 25
Louis Held. co. treas, cash ad
vanced 4 52
The following bills on recommenda
tion of the committee on roads and
bridges were on motion allowed by tha
board and the clerk directed to issue
warrants in payment thereof on the
county road and county bridge funds:
Ben Eggleston, account Creston
township f 60 50
N Yager, account Creston twp. 42 75
J. C. Kilmer, account Creston
twp 64 45
O. E. Olson, acc't Creston twp.. 45 00
A. Engel, account Creston twp.. 33 20
Ben Egglestron acc't Creston
twp 33 50
Adolph Krause. account Creston
twp 33 75
Barrett Bros, account Creston
twp 5 5
G. W. Viergutz. account Bismark
twp 31 58
Win. McCombs. account Colum
bus twp 6 00
John Smyers. account Colum
bus twp 28 00
Ed Hoare, account Lost Creek
twp 5 00
Edwards & Bradford Lbr. Co..
account Lost Creek twp 6 S5
Otto Loseke. account Creston
twp 1140
L. L. Eggleston. account Cres
ton twp 31 95
L. L. Eggleston, account Cres
ton twp 25 40
Clyde Clark, account Creston
twp 25 90
J. Engel. account Creston twp.. 19 35
O. E. Olson, account Creston twp 22 50
N. Yager, account Creston twp.. 22 50
11. Coffman. account Creston
twp 28 65
Ben Eggleston, account Creston
twp 19 00
Rothleltner & Co.. account city
of Columbus 18 00
A. C. Butler, account Columbus
twp 136 Oo
E. J. Meays. account Bismark
twp 69 50
M. T. Paprocki. account Hum
phrey twp 10 85
Theodore Janssen, account
Grand Prairie twp 7 35
George Reese, account Grand
Prairie twp 17 90
Willie Becher. account Grand
Prairie twp 16 40
G. W. Viergutz. account city of
Columbus 247 00
N. J. Hemmer, account Granville
twp 27 50
J. F. Settje, account Creston
twp 2 70
Walter Kolken, account Creston
twp 3 15
Frank Belknapp, account Cres
ton twp 4 05
Don W. Eggleston, account Cres
ton twp 7 65
W. Folken, account Creston twp 9 00
Frank Burgess, account Cres
ton twp 13 15
Henry Brockman. account Cres
ton twp 14 20
L. D. Phillips, account Creston
twp 1195
Henry Brockman, account Cres
ton twp 11 05
Leonard Barrett, account Cres
ton twp 17 S5
Chris Matzen, account Creston
twp 6 75
D. Penrod, account Creston twp. 17 10
Don Eggleston, account Creston
twp 14 10
James Barrett, account Creston
twp 15 75
Joe Kilmer, account Creston
twp 26 40
T. F. Stroud & Co., account
Grand Prairie twp 31 00
Herman Lubben, account Grand
Prairie twp 53 20
John Brudney, account grand
Prairie twp 45 75
Hermen Becher, account Grand
Prairie twp 77 75
Helnrlch Merer, account Grand
Prairie twp 52 41
Joseph Krause, account Grand
Prairie twp. 6 50
Henry Kuper. account Grand
Prairie twp 1C 05
Ernst Mueller, account Grand
Prairie twp 6 30
Edwards tt Bradford Lbr. Co.,
account Shell Creek twp 137 25
Edwards & Bradford Lbr. Co.,
account Lost Creek twp 23 05
L. F. Gottschalk. account Lost
Creek twp 1110
M. E. Ciother, account Lost
Creek twp CO 00
Walrath & Sherwood Lbr. Co..
account Oconee twp 113 55
Chas. Miller, account Oconee twp 11 95
George Emerson, account Oco
nee twp -33 75
Standard Bridge Co.. account St.
Bernard twp 345 70
Standard Bridge Co., account
Joliet twp 434 12
Edwards & Bradford Lbr. Co.,,
account Grand Prairie twp... 251 55
Ed Gentlemen, account Grand
Prairie twp 100 00
Standard Bridge Co., account
account Joliet twp 670 26
Nebraska Culvert & Mfg. Co.,
account Granville twp 262 00
Nick Donman, account Granville
twp 2C 00
John Arlt, account Granville
twp 14 00
John Pinger. account Granville
twp 15.50
John Jaworski, account Gran- .
vllle twp 154 75
Moved by Supervisor Schaecher that
hereafter the surveying of all new
roads and establishing surveys on old
roads shall be paid out of the county
general fund. Motion carried.
The following report was submitted:
Your committee on roads and bridges
to whom was referred the report of the
appraisers appointed to assess the
damages sustained by the location of
the "Borchers road" on the township
line between Sherman and Bismark
townships, commencing at the south
west corner of section 31 town 19
range 1 east and running thence due
east on the township line one mile and
terminating at the southeast corner of
.said section 21, said road to be 40 leet
In width would report, that upon due
Investigation we And that all provisions
of the law for the location of public
roads have been complied with, there
fore recommend that the establishment
of said road be declared duly made
and the report of the appraisers be ap
proved, that in accordance therewith
damages be awarded to the claimants
and the clerk be directed to issue war
rants in payment thereof on the 1910
county general fund as follows:
Nick Ademy $54 00
Reiike Siefken 1C2 0
George Borchers 54 00
Chalkley J. Bisson 54 00
Evan R. Bisson 108 00
We further recommend that said
road be entered upon the road plat of
the county as a public highway and a
competent surveyor be directed to sur
vey said road and file his survey and
field notes with the clerk of this
On motion of Supervisor Dasenbrock
same was adopted.
The petition of Jacob Oik and others
for the alteration of a road running
over the northeast quarter of section
1 town 20 range 1 west, was reported
back as follows: Your committee on
roads and bridges recommend that no
action be taken on this petition for the
reason that the petition is illegal, the
majorit yof the signers being residents
of the village of Creston and not liv
ing within two miles of the road to be
On motion of Supervisor Schure same
was adopted.
Action upon the petition of Adam
Pier an dothers for the location of a
public road (n Burrows township, upon
the petition of J. R. Tliomazin and
others for the location of a publie road
in Joliet township and upon the pe
tition of Clans Johnson and others for
the location of a public road on the
township line between Woodville and
Joliet township, was deferred for in
vestigation. Action upon the report of the ap
praisers on the Beckwith road was on
recommendation of the committee on
roads and bridges deferred for investi
gation. The following report was submitted:
Your committee on judiciary to whom
were referred the petitions of resi
dents of Shell Creek and Lost Cre-k
townships to divide said townships each
into four road districts recommend the
Lost Creek Tovraafclp.
Road district No. 23 to include
tions 1. 2. 3. 10, 11. 12. 13, 14 and 15 in
town 18 range 2 west.
Road district No. 10 to include sec
tions 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 16. 17 and 18 In
town 18 range 2 west.
Road district No. 57 to Include sec
tions 19. 20. 21. 28, 29. 30. 31. 32 and S3
in town 18 range 2 west.
Road district No. 58 to Include sec
tions 22. 23. 24. 25. 26, 27. 34. 35 and 36
in town 18 range 2 west.
Shell Creek Tevraafcl.
Road district So. 5 to include sec
tions 1. 2, 3, 10. 11. 12. 13, 14 and 15 in
town IS range 1 west.
Road district No. 24 to include sec
tions 4. 5, 6, 7. 8. 9. 16. 17 and 18 in
town 1 range 1 west.
Road district No. 59 to include sec
tions 19, 20. 21. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32 and 23
in town 18 range 1 west.
Road district No. 60 to include sec
tions 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 34. 35 and 36
in town 18 range 1 west.
Respectfully submitted.
On motion of Supervisor Smith same
was adopted.
Relative to the bid filed by John Bar
rett for the improvement of certain
roads in Creston township for the sum
of $400.00, the following report was
submitted. We, your committee on
roads and brldgeB recommend that tho
bid of John Barrett for the improve
ment of certain roads leading Into the
village of Creston. be accepted, and
that said John Barrett be awarded the
contract for the improvement thereof
without bond and that a committee of
three be appointed to represent this
board to superintendent said work and
to make their report upon completion
of same.
On motion of Supervisor Dasenbrock
the report was adopted and Supervis
ors Dasenbrock. Schure and Schaecher
appointed as a committee to superin
tend said work.
The following resolution was Intro
duced by Supervisor Schure:
Whereas, On January 12, 1910, a reso
lution was adopted by the board of
supervisors for the consideration of a
new court house for Platte county and
afterwards on March 16th, said matter
was considered by the board and aft-r
due consideration action on this ques
tion was deferred.
Therefore, Be it resolved by the
board of supervisors of Platte county,
that on the 13th day of September,
1911 at 2 o'clock P. M.. at said date at
the court house the proposition of
building a new house be made the
order of business for that time and an
invitation is hereby extended to the
taxpayers of Platte county in general
to be present and participate In the dis
cussion of said proposition.
Moved by Supervisor Smith that the
resolution be adopted and the clerk be
directed to publish same in each paper
of the county. Motion carried.
The following bills were on motion
allowed by the hoard ami the clerk di
rected to issue warrants in payment of
same on the lllio county general fund:
Louis Schwarz. sup., services as
supervisor $50 30
Fred Dasenbrock. sup., services
as supervisor 30 00
J. F. Schure. sup., services as
supervisor 4C 80
M. E. Ciother. sup., services as
supervisor 77 70
Daniel Wilson, sup., services as
supervisor 65 50
Henry Schaecher. sup., services
as supervisor 35 T5
Adam Smith, sup., services as
supervisor 91 10
Moved by Supervisor Schure that the
board of supervisors now adjourn un
til September 11. 1U11. at 2 o'clock P.
M. Motion carried.
Prebate Notice to Creditors.
In the county court. Platte county. Nebraska.
In the matter or the estate of Sylva A. Ma.
haffey, deceased.
Notice is hereby Riven that the creditors of
the said deceased will meet the executor of
said estate, before me, comity juds:e of Plane
county, Nebraska, at the county court room
in said county on the 30th day of September.
1911; and on the 30th day of December. 1911.
and ou the :th day or March, mi. at 10 o'clock
a. m.. each day. for the purpose of presenting
their claims for examination, adjustment and
allowance. Six months are allowed for credi
tors to present their claims, frotn September
30tb. 1911. and one year for the executor to
settle Said estate, from the 21th day of August,
1311. This notice will be published in the Co
Inmbus Tribune-Journal four weeks successive
ly prior to the 3 th day of September. 191 1.
Witness my band, and seal of said court, this
-Mth day of August. A. U.. 1911.
John IUttkkman.
County Judtfe.
Investigation Will only Strengthen
the Proof We Give in Columbus.
How can doubt exist in the face of
such evidence? Read here the en
dorsement of a representative citizen
of Columbus.
Christopher From, 115 E. Seventh
St., Columbus, Nebraska, says:
"Fifteen years ago I began to suffer
from my back and kidneys and often I
was confined to my bed. I am certain
that a cold was the cause of my trou
ble. One day while I was working,
a sharp pain suddenly darted through
my back and for two weeks after I
could not take a step without misery.
From that time on I was subject to
similar attacks and often my back be
came so lame that 1 could hardly get
ofT the wagon. The kidney secre
tions were to frequent in passage and
obliged me to arise several times at
night. About two years ago I began
taking Doan's Kidney Pills and they
relieved me promptly. I have used
this remedy off and on since then and
it has always acted as represented.
One of my relatives was also cured of
a severe attack of kidney complaint
by Doan's Kidney Pills'after doctors'
treatments and the use of several well
known remedies had failed."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster- Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Rremember the name Doan's
and take no other.
WANTED : Information regarding
Louis Holson or Louis Peterson, born
in Sweden about 1855. Came to
America about 1863. Settled near
Neoga, Illinois. Married at Efning
ham, Illinios, 1876. Lived in Platte
county, Nebraska, 1887, near Look
ing Glass. Engaged in well-drilling.
Left about 1887. Sup)osed detina
tion Texas. Address Rozzelle, Vine
yard and Thacher, New York Life
Building, Kansas City, Missouri. In
formation of importance to him.
Teachers for 1911-12.
County Superintendent Lecron has
furnished us with the following list of
teachers who will preside over the
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Columbus, Nebraska
various schools in the county during
the next year. The greater part of
the schools ojened last Monday.
The teachers in district No 1, are
those of the city of Columbus, and the
list is furnished by Secretary Nauman,
of the board of education. It will al
so be noticed that there are a few dis
tricts which are left blank, for the
reason that the schools in these dis
tricts are either contracted for with
other districts, or have not yet report
ed the election of a teacher.
1. R. M. Campbell, . . Superintends.
High School.
Amos M. Vance, Principal.
Earl W. Munson, Science.
Mary A. Johnston, Language.
Emily F. Rorer, History and English.
C. Huffaker, Manual Training.
Bertha Barnard, Music and Art.
Marie Armstrong, Domestic Science.
Ella M. Barrett, Mathematics.
Martha Schaedel, Grades 6 and 7.
Martha Watts, Grades 4 and 5.
Viola Devoe, Primary.
First Ward.
Mnyme Gilltner, Principal.
Minnie Baier. Grades 4 and 5.
Lena Schmocker, Grade 3.
Ella Valsteadt, Primary.
Second Ward.
Angelina Bracken, Principal.
Ora Bracken, Grades 7 and 8.
Kate Luchsinger, Grades 5 and 6.
Velma Covert, Grades 3 and 4.
Julia Thomas, Primary.
Elsie Brugger, Kindergarten.
Third. Ward.
Ida Thompson, Principal.
Clara Waveer, Grade 3.
Suit, You
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label and you can rest assured of service. If you're
feeling blue and want a lively fabric to cheer you
up, you can also secure one in the same excellent
make. Prices not high and still not too low. Just
Eleventh Street
F. 0. B.
Lela A. Taylor, Primary
Mabel Duke, Kindergarten.
Mrs. W. H. King, Highland Park.
Olga Rasmosmsen, Rural.
2, Mary Welch.
3, Alvina Meyer.
4, Mae Donahue.
5, Blanch McClun.
6, Helen Krause.
7, Mary Lewis.
8, Jessy Maw.
9, Belle Newnam.
10, Emma Lusche.
11, Anna Byrnes.
12, Anna O'Calahan.
13, Nettie Larson.
14, Margaret Dress.
15, Mathilda Lutz.
16, Gideon Braun.
17, George Camp.
18, Claire Gogan.
19, Mabel Ingstrom.
20, Olive Mahood.
21, Anna Brandes.
22, Fern Reilly.
23, Cornelia Wullschleger.
24, J. H. Kellog, Nellie Sulli
van, Mary Lynch.
25, Joey Dineen.
27, Nora Thomas.
28, Florence Dunn.
29, J. R. Stevenson, Mary Cronin,
Gladys Krebs.
30, S. M. Avelina.
31, Margaret Torpy.
32, Alice Watkins.
33, J. R. Good, Louise Luedtke,
Ella Schneider, Amelia Reeves.
34, Neva Munger.
35, Margaret Regan.
36, Maggie Baumgartner.
Can Secure
37, Bertha Glur.
38, Anna Mooney,
39, Bethene Wake.
40, Elsie Pearson, Edna Johnson.
41, Alma Behring.
42, Juanita Finch,
43, Etta Jungbluth.
44, Charles Welch,
45, Lulu Knight.
46, Freda Kipple.
48, Winnie Knight.
49, Elizabeth Eggers.
51, Celeste Cochran.
52, Theresa Eisenmenger.
53, Freda Meyer.
54, Helen Dwyer.
55, Nellie Gleason.
57, Hazel Johnson.
58, Rosemary O'Calahan.
59, Hazel Studley.
60, S. M, Michaelis.
61, Daniel Anderson.
62, Florence Berlin.
63, Althea Winell.
64, Sadie Connelly.
65, Lydia Becklund.
66, Dena Johnson.
67, J. J. Malone, Caroline Pelle,
Celia Eisenmenger, Mary Sweeney.
68, Vivian Dunlap.
69, Evelyn Bethscheider.
71, Nellie Dinneen.
72, Susan Ziegler.
73, Clara Hackmann.
74, Hazel Sharrar.
76, John Engleman, Amy Mahood,
J. R. Beale, Neta Worden, Hazel
Richards, Ida Whipple.
77, Clara Hilzinger.
78, Alice Davies.
79, Lillian Dress.
a Black
a-JCmmr ' m r- - ; - y
SAJcSfs- ifr.iirT--rrTir.rxr.nTSrT'- j-i