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Mr. Montgomery arrived Wednes
day from California for a few months'
visit with his daughter, Mrs. Meham,
and other relatives.
Mrs. Frank Leach spent the past
week visiting relatives at Madison.
Mr. and Mrs. Gustason left Monday
morning for their home in Chicago,
after spending a few weeks here visit
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony
Engel. Mr. Gustason is a brother of
Mrs. Engel.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin left for
Columbus Monday on their way to
Minnesota, having received a message
the same morning that Mr. Austin's
father had died.
Mr. and Mrs. Gouch, of Leigh, spent
Sunday at this place visiting friends.
Mrs. Frank Kersenbrock, of Colum
bus, returned home Monday, after
spending a few days visiting at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Jack
son. George Ogan is on the sick list this
week with tonsilitis.
Cleve and Cesil Moran were visitors
in town on Monday. Cesil Moran hav
ing arrived from Chicago a few days
prior for a visit with relatives and
old friends here and also at Leigh.
Mrs. Hollis Harris, of Denver, Col
orado, returned Monday morning after
a few days' visit at the home of J. N.
The base ball game played here
Sunday with Creston and Clarkson
was won by the latter to the tune of
5 and 7.
Sherman Township.
Not very much rain fell Friday aft
ernoon, just enough to lay the dust.
Gus Loseke and Oscar Lueschen
sold a car of hogs at Creston Wednes
day. Frank Wurdeman and Carl Luedtke
made up a car of hogs and shipped to
Omaha Friday.
Willie Schultz and Henry Siefken
are the latest who got the auto fever
7:00 a. n
5:26 p. m
4:32 a. m
2:46 p. m
Wct- a IMu.
1 Overland Limited.. 11:46 a. m
3... China &. Japan Mall 6:58 p. m
5 Oregon Express . . 2 :00 a. m
7... Los Angeles Limited 2:36 p. m
9 Fast Mail 11 -30 am
No. 11 Denver Special... 8:58 a. m
No. 13 Colorado Special.. 1:27 a. m
No. 15.... Colorado Express. C:23p. m
No. 17 Ore. Wash. Urn.. 3:05 p. m
No. 19 Express 11:25 a. m
No. 21 North Piatte Local.l2:15 p. m
No. 23 Grand Island Local. 8:39 n. m
no. ty "locai freight..
'Leaves 12:10 p. in.
'Leaves from Coal Chute.
East-Bmra Tralaa.
No. 2 Overland Limited.
No. 4 Atlantic Express..
No. 6 .Oregon Express...
No. 8... Los Angeles Limited 6:16 p. m
No. 10... China &. Japan Mail 3:12 p. m
No. 12 Denver Special... 5:30 a. m
No. 14 Colorado Special.. 10:28 p. m
No. 16 Colorado Express.. 2:16 p. m
No. lS...Ore.-Wash. Limited 5:53 p. m
No. 20 Mall Express.... 3:00 p. m
No. 22... ."North Platte Local. 1:00 p. m
No. 24.... Grand Island Local. 7:12 a. m
"Leaves 1:20 p. m.
No. 7T Freight lv.. 7:20 a. m
No. 29 Passenger lv. . 7:25 p. m
No. 30 Passenger ar.. 1:10 p. m
No. 78 Freight ar.. 6:10 p. m
No. 79
No. 31
No. 32
No. 80
and each purchased a car at Colum
bus. Carl Hollman and family spent
Sunday at Alfred Lueschen's in Col
fax county.
Wm. Muth and family spent Sunday
at Otto Loseke's, near Creston.
Freight lv.. 6:00 a. m
Passenger lv.. 1:10 p. m
Passenger ar.. 11:55 a.m
ar.. 6:40 p. m
Ticket Agent.
Assistant Ticket Agent.
No. 22. Pass (dally ex. San) lv..7:25 a. m
No. 32. Frt. Ac. (d'rexSat) lv S:M p. m
No. 21. Pass, (dally ex. Sua) ar.9:00 p. at
No. 31. Frt Ac (dyex8un) arf:4S a. at
Misses Lena (Hau) and Susan
Smith, who have been attending
Mount St. Mary's school in Omaha, re
turned home Saturday to spend the
summer with their parents.
John Borer and M. J. Ramaekers
were Columbus visitors Thursday.
Misses Mary and Stacia Welder
visited with friends at Madison
Thursday and Friday.
Ben Freschauf, of Loretta, was an
over-Sunday visitor in town.
Messrs. George and Clemens Jostes
drove to Norfolk last Sunday.
Miss Kathryn Muntz, clerk In V.
Lausen's store, is spending her vaca
tion in Hastings.
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Hayes were
Spaulding visitors Wednesday. They
were accompanied home by their son,
Frank, who has been attending col
lege at that place.
Mrs. Maud Winkler very pleasant
ly entertained the Ladies' Kensington
Club at her home last Thursday after
noon. The feast of Corpus Christ! was cel
ebrated last Sunday at the Holy Fam
ily Church following high mass at
9:30 o'clock, at he 'close of which the
entire congregation marched in pro
cession to the prettily decorated
chapels where adoration of the blessed
sacrament took place. The Holy
Family Church choir and the Lindsay
Band rendered nvisi? for the ocea
nic n.
Mrs. Emma Riede, accompanied by
her mother, Mrs. Rivet, were Colum
bus visitors Monday.
Miss Thomas went down to Colum
bus Saturday to be present at the
graduation of her sister, Miss Nora,
from the academic course at St. Fran
cis Academy. The exercises took
place Monday.
Last Monday morning as Mr. Levi-
johan, Sr., was walking past E. J.
Weidner's garage an automobile back
ing out from the garage struck him,
throwing him to the ground, and
dragging him for a short distance.
What might have been -a serious acci
dent to Mr. Levijohan proved to be
only the sustaining of some bruises
and a nervous shock. We hope to see
him around again in a few days.
Miss Mary Diederich was a Hum
phrey visitor Monday.
C. J. Miller, of Howells, Nebraska,
was transacting business in town
The Lindsay Base Ball team scored
another victory last Sunday, when
they defeated Cornlea. The score
was 5 to 3 in favor of Lindsay.
Paul Van Ackeren returned Friday
from a week's visit in Texas. He was
accompanied home by his daughter,
Elsie, who has been attending school
in St Louis.
Quite a number of Foresters attend
ed the convention of the C. O. F. at
Howells last Tuesday. N. M. Brachle
was delegate from Lindsay and Peter
Bettinger, one of the state directors,
was also present. Others in the party
were Joseph Thomas, Hubert Ramae
kers, M. J. Ramaekers. W. J. Roberts
and Martin Weidner.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Alderson, of
Humphrey, were visiting at the home
of Mrs. Alderson's father, W. J. New
man, who has been ill for some time.
The stork paid a visit at the home
of our mail carrier last week one
day and left a baby girl.
Mrs. Fred Ernst and Mrs. P. F.
Lucksinger spent Saturday with Mrs.
Wm. Newman.
Richland and Vicinity.
We need rain.
Wheat harvest is now here.
Corn is being laid by.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Tonkle partook
of the Sunday meal with Mr. and
Mrs. Peter Swanson.
The Independent Telephone com
pany are laying a new line to John
Klug's residence, north of our vil
lage. Carl Bodker is having a new three
room addition built on his residence.
Our village is having several con
crete walks built which improves its
Miss Mary Stibal entered St. Mary's
hospital Tuesday to have a alight op
eration performed on her right hand.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stellman and
Miss Freda and Louie Luschi were
pleasant callers at the Burt Steven
son home Sunday.
Felix and Bruno Luschi attended
the carnival at Columbus one day
last week.
Anton Svaorta is erecting a large
addition to his commodious residence.
Ward Stevenson was the guest Sun
day of his cousin, Giendive Stevenson.
Eric Luschi has been under the
doctor's care for a few days. Too
many green apples.
Word was received here last week
that George Drinnin, of District 44,
had entered the hospital at Columbus
for treatment. George's many
friends here wish to see him much
improved in health.
District 9 and Vicinity.
Miss Minnie Mayberger spent last
Monday at the home of her sister.
Mrs. Adolf Rupprecht.
It is to Your Advantage
To Pay Your Arrearage and
Advance Subscriptions
On the First Day of July the Price
of the Tribune-Journal Will
be $1.50 Per Year
Until then you may pay as far
in advance as you care to for the
old price, $1.00.
Jake Tchudin, from over on the
Loup, shipped two cars of cattle to
Omaha last Wednesday.
Julius and Herman Ernst went to
Columbus last Saturday.
Hurrah for Duncan. Last Thursday
night tho business men met at the
town hall. Will Schram was elected
chairman of the meeting and Art
Lindley secretary. It was voted that
Duncan would celebrate the Fourth of
July. Julius and Herman Ernst were
appointed as a committee to raise the
funds. Friday the committee got to
work and inside of two hours raised
enough money to celebrate. They
will not spare time or money and they
will see that everybody that comes to
Duncan on the 4th will be royally en
tertained and that a special invitation
is extended to all to come to Duncan
and have a good time.
Pastor Kozlowski Is having his
business building painted this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Anderson and Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Smith, of Shelby, are
spending a week on the Loup north of
Mrs. Zybach, Mrs. Gibson. Miss Zy-
bach. Frank Zybach and Frank Gib
son went to Columbus Friday night.
Mrs. Henry Faneck is quite sick
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas spent
Sunday afternoon on the Loup.
A fine barn dance was held up at
Henry Feneck's last Saturday night
several auto loads from Duncan went
up and reported a royal good time.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kummer, and
Misses Stella and Helen Kummer,
Freda Gass, of Columbus, was In Dun
can Sunday visiting friends.
Misses Anna Glur and Llllie Ernst,
of Columbus, were visiting friends In
Duncan Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Woods and Miss
May Woods, of St. Edward, visited
with the Gibson's Sunday and Mon
Fred Bruggerman shipped two cars
of cattle and one of hogs to the
Omaha market Monday.
Mr. Tiaden over on the Loup Is on
the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Terry, Mr. Plck
ern, Miss Peckern from Fremont and
Miss Martha Bean, of Columbus, vis
ited with Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Harring
ton Monday and Tuesday.
Chas. Sokol went to Central City
Monday on business.
Mrs. Ernest Van Allen baa Just un
dergone am operation for appendicitis
successfully and is remaining at the
hospital to fain strength for a second
operation by which she hopes to have
a goiter removed frost her neck.
Word has just readied the friends
of Ed. Fox, for years a resident here,
but now operating a farm of his own
at Valparaiso, that his barn, grain
and hay-were destroyed by lightning.
Messrs. Wm. Webster and Howard
Hill returned from their automobile
trip to Springfield, South Dakota,
Tae many friends in this place of
Rev. Wm. Primrose were surprised to
receive the announcement of the mar
riage to Miss Jewel Hones, of Rush
ville, Wednesday afternoon, June
fourteenth. That they may live a long
happy and prosperous life together is
the wish of this pastorate where he
labored so successfully at different
Wedding bells were ringing all over
on Wednesday, June fourteenth, and
yet none have a deeper Interest for
Monroe people than those which rang
for Miss Anna Gleeson the second
daughter of Mrs. Mary Gleesoji of
Lindsay, at eight o'clock Wednesday
morning at the Catholic church at
Platte Center. After the wedding, a
reception was held at he home of the
bride's mother. The newly wedded
couple left on the evening train to
establish their new home at Lindsay.
Anna was born and has grown to wo
manhood amongst us, where her sterl
ing qualities of worth and character
have won her many lifelong friends,
who wish her every happiness that
life can bestow.
Misses Susie and Anna Smith were
in Columbus Wednesday.
Will Gleeson is a very sick boy.
Miss Stella Rhodes, who has been
visiting relatives at St. Edward and
Fullerton for some time past, returned
home Tuesday.
D. H. Gipe was on our streets Tues
day. Mrs. Fred Read and children visited
her brother, James Burroughs, in Ge
noa Wednesday.
Mrs. Charles Terry entertained a
few friends Wednesday at a six
o'clock supper in honor of her moth
er, Mrs. Lillian Hennesy.
August Johnson's little son met with
a very serious misfortune Monday aft
ernoon, when childlike he was trying
to guard a bird's nest at the edge of
the woods from being run over by the
mower where Mr. Johnson was having
alfalfa cut. The driven did not notice
him in time to stop before he bad cut
the little fellow's foot off. Medical
aid was 'at once summoned, the limb
bound up and the next day Mr. Chapln
took him to the hospital in Columbus
in his automobile. It "Is a good plan
to gather the little ones into the house
before the mower gets into operation
as they are so apt to get In the way
by following some childish fancy,
having no thought of personal danger.
Let us all be more careful In order
thit such a serious acident b
George Ifland and Charles Potter
returned from Chicago Friday, after
a week's visit at that place.
S. C. Terry went to Havens Satur
day to see after the drawing ditch
which he is placing on his farm there
and which will add greatly to the pro
ductiveness of the land, protecting it
from overflow.
Fishing parties are the order of the
day, the anglers bringing home some
fine fish and a thirty-pound turtle has
been reported.
The Methodist Sunday School rend
ered a fine Children's Day program
Sunday evening to a large and appre
ciative audience.
Another old soldier in the person
of Joseph Carter dropped out of the
ranks on Thursday last, June 15th.
Mr. Carter served about four years
in the Civil War. He was stricken
with paralysis fourteen months ago
and up to the last was an invalid. The
funeral service was conducted In the
Monroe Methodist Church on Satur
day last by Rev. G. H. Phillips, as
sisted by Rev. M. Rose. The sermon
was based on Deut XXX 111:27. The
preacher offered words of comfort to
the mourners in their crushing sor
row. The belr, after the service, was
taken to Columbus, where a number
of old soldiers were waiting to take
the remains' of their old comrade to
his last resting; place. Heartfelt sym
pathy is expressed on all hands for
the mourners.
E. D. Jenkinson was in Platte Cen
ter Saturday.
Messrs. Webster and Franklin made
an automobile trip to Columbus Fri
day. .
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hill were In
Columbus shoppers Monday.
George Durkam spent Sunday with
his brother, returning to Havens to
finish the ditch which he Is digging
for S. C. Terry.
Misses Grace and Mable McWft-
liams returned from their week's
visit at Shelfon and Grand Island.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Talbitzer went
to York Monday evening to attend the
Postmaster's Convention, returning
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. SIgIa took In the
sights at the county seat the first of
the week, as did also Misses Elsie
Adams and Bessie Ziegler.
Miss Dora McWilliams was la the
Genoa Thursday afternoon.
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
church have purchased paper to re-
paper the building, which will add
greatly to the appearance.
Mr. E. A. Garrard spent several
days in Columbus this week visiting
U brother, Leaader. aad teailac to
Teachers' Institute Closes.
The teachers' Institute came to a
close last Thursday evening, after a
very successful session of four days.
At the close of the session, the county
association was organised for the en
suing year with the election of Prin
cipal J. G. Good, of Creston, as presi
dent; Principal John I. Engleman, of
Monroe, vice-president and Miss Ma
thllde Lutz, of Columbus, secretary.
The meetings of the association during
the next year will be held at Lindsay.
Creston and Platte Center, at the call
of the county superintendent.
Before adjourning Thursday evening
the resolutions committee made the
following report, which was unanl
mously. adopted:
Whereas, the Talrty-fomrth annual
session of the Platte County Tetclata' 1
Institute, of the year 1911, Is now
drawing to a close, we the teachers of
Platte county submit the following
Resolved, That we extend our sin
cere thanks to our excellent instruct
ors; Professors H. E. Bradford, F. M.
Hunter, and H. F. Carson and Miss
Julia Bednar, who have so ably pre
sented their various subjects.
Resolved, That we extend our
hearty thanks to Superintendent F. S.
Lecron for his earnest efforts in mak
ing this institute helpful to all In at
tendance, and our congratulations in
his being so fortunate in securing
these able instructors.
Resolved, That we tender a vote of
thanks to Miss Fergusson for her very
interesting readings, to Prof. Brad
ford his entertaining solos, to Miss
Kavanaugh for her well-rendered ac
companiments, and to Judge Howard
for being so kind as to give us special
Instruction in punctuation.
And further be it resolved, that we
thank the school-board of Columbus
for the use of their building and the
janitor for his extra efforts put forth
to make us comfortable.
And lastly be It resolved. That we
thank the people of Columbus for
their entertainment during our stay
in their city.
Respectfully submitted by the com
mittee. (Signed)
S. T. Fleming to Anna En
glebart, lot 6. blk 8, Cres
ton C. D. Evans to L. A. Hunt
zelman, lots 11 and 12, blk
3, Evans add
And. Paprockl to Mary Las
sek, lots 1 and 2, blk 41..
Mary W. Kelley to E. A.
Gerrard, lot 7, blk "D,"
I Mary J. McWilliams to J. P.
I Anderson, lot 7, blk "A,"
1,000 00, Monroe 3,200 00
Jos. Morfeld to J. A. Bent
. ley, lot 1. blk 5. Cornlea. . 1 00
Boyd Dawson to C. A.
Welch, lots 9, 10. 11 and
12. blk 8, Phillips 2nd add. 1,275 00
C. A. Welch to Nellie M.
Welch, lots 9. 10, 11 and
12, blk 8. Phillips 2nd add. 1 00
2,000 00
1 00
75 00
Real Estate Transfers.
Becher, Hockenberger & Chambers,
Real Estate Agents, report the follow
ing transfers filed for record In the
office of the Register of Deeds during
the week ending June 17, 1911:
A. S. Wilckens to G. W. Phil
lipps, pt lots 1 and 2, blk 8 C$3,300 00
Haven't You
Been Expecting
To start a bank account? Been trying to save an
amount sufficient to "make a good start?"
The "small purchase temptation" makes it very hard to accum
ulate any certain sum by keeninjr money in your pocket or hiding it
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and open an account with us NOW LET TIIK BANK HKLP YOU
SAVE it is the only SAFE way.
The excellent service in banking lines we have to
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The First National Bank
Columbus, Nebraska
The Oldest and Largest National Bank in Platte Couutv
C. F. SISSEL, Proprietor
Headquarters for Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Niewohnur Bldg., 13th St.
BInks I heard Soaker is a hart
Jinks That's a mistake. I never
aw a mam 4riak easier la aaj Ufa
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L. F. RECTOR, TICKET AGENT, Columbus, Nebr.
L. W. WAKELY, General Fassesger Agent,
Omaha, Nebr.
A Splendid Treat for the Ladies...
The Remainder of the Month to be Given Over to a
Kitchen Economy Exhibit
Remarkable Display of the Celebrated
..Hoosier Cabinets..
Every Lady in Columbus is Invited
One Cabinet Absolutely Free
A gigantic investigation just completed by The Hoosier Manufacturing Company, world's largest
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One Dollar a Week
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A Word to Farmers9 Wives
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