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    Columbus Journal
Personal, Politic!, Foreign and Other
Intelligence Interesting to the
Ceneral Reader.
A new counterfeit ten dollar note,
a photograph production of the buffalo
note, cleverly executed, was announc
ed by the secret service.
O. It. Collon. governor of Porto
Rico, sailed for home. He will o to
Washington to consult with President
Taft and the war department with
reference lo the affairs of the island.
After a conference of two days
with the currency commission of the
American bankers" association, the
monetary commission adjourned to
meet at the call of C'haiiiunii Aldrich.
In recognition by the Tinted States
government of his north pole achive
ment. Robert E. Peary was commis
sioned a "civil engineer of tho navy
with the rank of lear admiral on the
retired list'
A system of snr.ijlim; furs fiom
Canada, in which innocent purchas
ers in the Pnited States hae been
the ultimate losers, has been discoer
ed by Chief Wilkie of the secret serv
ice department.
Rear Admiral Charles E. Vreeland.
now in command of the second divi
sion of the Atlantic lleet. has been
detailed to represent the navy at the
coronation of Kins; Geor.ce V. Ad
miral Dewey declined the appointment
because of the length of the jonrne'.
President Taft reopened the pardon
cases of two murderers. Joseph .Mut
chapotaua. a .Menominee Indian, con
victed in Wisconsin in 1U04. for wife
murder. He will be released after
lie has actually serxed eight years.
Abe Reed, an Indian territory negro,
also convicted of wife murder, had
bis life sentence reduced to ir, years.
Postmaster General Hitchcock des
ignated "crty-five additional postof
fices as postal saings depositories in
as many states and territories, mostly
at industrial centers where there are
many waue-earners. It is Mr. Hitch
cock's intention to confine the offices
as nearly as possible to industrial
centers really needing such banking
facilities, particularly giving consid
eration to geographical location, pos
tal receipts, foreign money order busi
ness and general efficiency of post
masters. General.
Mexican iirstirrectos declare they
tiave no peace program.
Mexican federals claim a division
victory ovei rebels in Sonora.
An inventory of the entire Harri
inan system is to be undertaken.
Minister I)e la Itarra says peace will
prevail in Mexico within a fortnight.
Members of the Mevican cabinet
tendered their resignations in a body.
Conditions in northern Mexico are
declared to be fast approaching a
Forme President Reiehnraii of the
Carnegie Trust company was indicted
at New York.
Representative Underwood says the
bouse will change the wool schedule
of the tariff law.
Arthur Hughes, in jail at Pellvillc.
Kas.. for burglary, escaped after lock
ing the jailer in his cell.
In a spceh at Pes Moines Senator
Cummins picked flaws in the Cana
dian reciprocity agreement.
Four Milwaukee firemen were kill
ed and several injured when a roof
on which they were working fell.
Attempt was made to destroy by dy
namite the new million-dollar court
house being erected at Omaha. Xebr.
Governor Dix sent a special message
to the New York legislature recom
mending the repeal of the progressive
inheritance tax law.
Green bugs threatening the wheat
in the southwest caused the price of
that urain to advance oer.a half a
cent in the Chicago market.
The final provisional census returns
give the total population of India as
2I5.00m.O00. This is an increase of
20..r.0i.000 as compared with 1901.
Calls for six or seven thousand re
cruits, to brine the infantry to its full
strength, have been sent by the war
department to all the recruiting sta
tions in the country.
The Honduras national railroad, of
which 1.. M. Fairbanks of Mansfield.
111., brother of Former Vice President
Fairbanks, is president and chief pro
moter was placed in the hands of a
Insurgent democrats and republi
cans have it in their power to name
the next Xew York senator.
Attorney General YViekersham is
forging a new weapon intended to
cope with combinations and monopo
lies. A German woman of Grand Island,
JCcb.. saved $2,000 from "pin money"
given her by her husband. Her death
revealed the savings.
Evan .1. Davis, seventy-one years
old, president of the East Tennessee
Coal company, died at Nashville as
the result of injuries received in a
fall down an elevator shaft.
H. H. Kohlsaat said he had proor
that it cost $100,000 to bend William
Lorimer to the I'nited State? senate.
The New York state house was
partially burned, entailing a loss of
$3,000,000. Valuable records are gone
beyond recovery.
Unless the Iowa and New York leg
islatures act soon tboe states will not
have full senatorial representation in
the extra session of cons-ess.
Commander Robert E. Peary was
commissioned a civil engineer with
the rank ot nar admiral in accord
ance v.-i-h the act of congress pass-d
at the !a: session.
The Nebraska legislature expects to
adjourn about April 4th.
The employers' compensation act
was passed in the Illinois senate.
Opponents of Lorimer are laying
plans to oust him at the coming ses
sion. Friends of the Aldrich currency
plan are to conduct a campaign in its
Stanley Robison. owner of the St
Louis National league baseball team,
is dead.
New York democrats in caucus
failed to make a selection for Unked
States senator.
The national forest reservation
commission is ready to begin the pur
chase of lands.
The first move for peace must come
from the rebels if President Diaz of
Mexico has his way.
Oklahoma-Kansas bandits held up
and robbed an lion Mountain train of
an amount said to be $20,000.
Francisco Madero. jr.. has made it
plain that he must be consulted be
fore peace plans are concluded.
China has decided to unreservedly
1 acquiesce to the demands of Russia
concerning the treaty of 1SS1.
The New York legislature will make
strenuous efforts to get a senator be
fore the extra congress convenes.
New Yorkers held a mass meeting
in the interest of more adequate pro
tection ot -called lire-proof build
ings. Selection of a president of the Mis
souri Pacific to succeed George J.
Gould will not be made for several
The Russian government has form
ally notified China that it is satisfied
with her final reply to the Russian ul
timatum. Directors or the Missouri Pacific
railroad met and approved the ex
penditure of $::0(i.00) for betterments
on the road.
The Red Cross will collect funds
for lelief of families who lost rela
tives in the New York skirt factory
.Mrs. Austin M. Knight, wife of Cap
tain Knight of the United States navy,
died following an operation for inter
nal complications.
Senator Bourne, in a speech before
the Hoston City club, urged the for
mation of direct legislation leagues to
work for the adoption of the initia
tive and referendum.
The executors of the estate of Ce
cil Grace, the aviator who lost his
life while attempting an across chan
nel flight, were granted leave to pre
sume his death. His body has never
been found.
Counsel for the indicted Chcago
meat packers appeared before .lodge
George A. Carpenter in the United
States district court and were given
one week to file a demurrer to the
government's action.
Prompt denial was made by friends
of President Tart of the report from
Springfield. 111., that Mr. Taft had
joined with Senator Aldrich in urging
the election of William Lorimer to
the United States senate.
Henry L. Myers, the new United
States senator from Montana, Is forty
nine years old, a native of Missouri.
He worked on his father's rarm,
taught school, became newspaper
man. finally a lawyer, and now sen
Secretary Nagel of the department
of conuneice and labor announced the
appointment of Holland P. Faulkner
as assistant director of the census.
F. Willoughby was recently transfer
led to the economy commission at the
white house.
One hundred and firty lives, mostly
women and girls, were lost in a fire
at a skirt factory in New York City.
Operatives were entrapped and most
of them lot their lives by. jumping
from a great height. Property loss
on the building is less than $100,000.
II. B. Colin, a prominent Omaha
business man. was assassinated as he
was on bis way borne late at night in
Omaha. Two men were concealed in
an alley and shot down the victim
as he was crossing the same. Two
arrests under suspicion have been
At Los Angeles, after swallowing
poison and cutting his throat Wesley
Churchill, torty years old. leaped from
the top of the eleven story building.
He landed in an alley and was man
gled into a shapeless mass. Churchill
had lost his position because of poor
health. He bad a large family.
Dr. Kelly, a young physician, grad
uate of an Omaha medical college,
killed two men in Pes Moines, one
of them a deputy sheriff of Pottawat
tamie county, while on his way to the
inebriate hospital at Knoxville. to
which he bad been sentenced. The
deputy sheriff, a life-long friend of
the murderer, had him in charge. The
other man killed was a saloon keeper
of Des Moines who had refused to
sell a drink to the frenzied doctor.
Thirteen young men were graduated
as assistant surgeons in the navy.
Executive clemency will not be
granted to former Rankers Morse and
Supporters of William F. Sheehan
have abandoned him as a New York
senatorial ixissibility.
A. .1. Guchkoff. leader of the Octob
erist party, has resigned as president
of tho Russian dunia.
Republican insurgents of the na
tional house hold the balance of pow
er on minority leadership.
In a speech in the reichstag the
German chancellor said disarmament
was wholly impracticable.
Of lvequests of $300,000 by D. K
Pearson. Doane college, of Crete. Neb.
is the recipient of $23,000.
Michael O'Heara. of Omaha, al
though in a dying condition, refused
to make a statement' to the police as
to whom were his assailants.
President Taffs message to con
gress will deal with reciprocity and
the tariff beard.
The woman's suffrage bill was
passed by the Illinois senate with the
referendum amendment.
Louis Oscar Rotty. the noted French
engraver of medals and a member of
the French institute, is dead.
Captain Worth G. Ross, commandant
of the revenue cutter service, will be
retired May 1. for physical disability
Seven hundred and fifty engineers
on the Denver & Rio Grande railroad
have been granted a 9 ror cent increase.
4 -
Primary Bill Will Receive Attention
When Commission Bill Is Dis
posed of Farmers' Co-operation
Bill has Close Call.
Governor Aldrich has signed H. R.
107, the anti-trading stamps and anti
free gift enterprise bill which was
passed by both houses of the legisla
ture. The bill has no emergency
clause and will become effective three
months after ihe legislature adjourns.
The governor is said to doubt the
legality of the bill, but he believes it
will be better for those Interested to
test the bill in the courts of Nebraska
than to continually maintain a lobby
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Union, Nebraska
State Senator, Fourth District
at the legisiatui e. The Nebraska Re
tailers" association asked for the pass
age of the bill and manufacturers of
prize packages trading stamp com
panies had able lawyers on the ground
to combat the bill and to question its
Eager Wins Charter Fight.
The troubles of the Iancaster coun
ty delegation were aired at length be
fore the house in discussion over the
Lincoln charter bill, introduced by
Eager. It was a case of Eager against
the rest of the delegation and he won
out. The chief bone of contention was
over a proposed ciiange in the date of
the spring election. Eager's bill pro
xies for setting this date ahead to
permit the men, in the Russian colony
to vote before they leave for their
summer's work in the beet fields. This
has back of it the old "wet" and 'dry"
fight in Lincoln, the Russians being
supposed to favor the "wet" policy for
the city.
Had Up-Hill Work.
Numerous efforts were made to get
bills advanced in the house without
the intervention of the sifting commit
tee. Most of them were uniformly
unsuccessful. Representative Quack
enbush made a hard fight to have
brought out the bill providing for a
levy of a quarter of a mill for support
of the state normal schools. He even
had a special meeting of the sifting
committee called, but could not get
the bill through this. An effort was
made to bring out the McKelvie bill
appropriating $25,000 for a state pub
licity bureau, but this failed.
To Adjourn April 4.
Members of the legislature awoke
to the fact that they must do a prodi
gious amount of work in a short time
or remain in session for a consider
ably longer period than is agreeable
to most of tbem. This realization
came with the report or the joint com
mittee on adjournment.
The committee agreed to an ad
journment April 4, which will give
two more weeks of work. This would
probably mean actual adjournment
about April 7 or S.
The house again defeated an at
tempt to kill the university medical
school bill. Nearly an hour was spent
in controversy over parliamentary pro
cedure. The dispute revolved about
the question of the right or the house
to correct the Journal of yesterday to
make it include the belated Ellis mo
tion, seeking to reconsider the medical
school bill.
Responding to the senate's invita
tion to take up the subject of adjourn
ment. Speaker Kulil has appointed
Leidigli. Fuller and Neir as members
of the joint committee to fix the time
for adjournment.
Another Hotel BHl by Sink.
Representative Sink, author of the
nine-foot -bed sheet bill, has come for
ward in behalf of the traveling men
of the state. The hotel commission
bill, sought by the traveling men's
associations was brougbt out by the
sifting committee as a result of a lit- j
tie persj iration expended m its ucuul;
by the Grand Island statesman. The
bill was introduced by Bulla, k pro
vides for a state commission to have
general supervision over the sanitary
arrangemeuts c hotels.
Considerable difficulty was encount
ered by friends of road biils in the
senate, but most bf the trouble was in
securing twenty-two votes necessary
to pass the bills with emergency
clauses. but friends of the bill say !
the date the bills are to take, effect I
makes little difference. The bills
passed were S. F. 371. for a state
highway commission: S. F. 365. for a
state levy for state aid in the con
struction of new roads, the state to
pay hair, the county 35 per cent and
land owners benefited 15 per cent of
the cost.
Judicial Bills Recommended.
Both pending judicial bills were
recommended to pass, by the bouse
committee of the whole. These are
the Lee non-partisan judiciary bill and
the Quackenbush bill providing for
election of supreme court judges by
districts and for an intermediary court
of appeals.
The vote on both bills was almost a,
straight party line up. On the Lee
non-partisan judiciary bill the vote
stood 50 to 42 with eight absent.
Hardin was the only republican voting
for the bill, while Bnsee. Fries and
Shoemaker were the only democrats
voting against it.
On the Quackenbush bill Allen.
Hardin and Hasik. republicans, voted
Tor it. and Fries. Riha and Shoemaker
voted against it. The former bill may
squeeze through with just enough
votes to pass it. but the latter has lit
tle show of passing. It is a constitu
tional amendment and requires sixty
votes. There are but fifty-four demo
cratic members.
Cordeal's Primary Bill.
While the house- was passing a
closed primary bill the senate was vot
ing on Cordeal's primary bill, S. F.
201. The bill passed by a vote of 17
to 12. Kohl. Placek. Reagan and Tan
ner, were the four democrats who,
with thirteen republicans, passed the
bill. Varner. republican, and Horton
and Volpp were absent and not voting.
The Cordcal bill provides two ways of
placing candidates, first by political
committees which are selected at pri
mary elections, and petition of regis
tercd party voters.
Non-partisan Board.
A final effort will be made to get
through i he house the Ma trail non-partisan
hoard or control bill, a measure
which it is believed, answers more
specifically the platform pledges of
both democratic and republican par
ties than any of the others now rend
ing. As a step toward this effort, the
voti defeating the bill, was reconsid
ered and the bill was amended in com
mittee of the whole to remove an ob
jectionable feature. It has been again
placed on the third reading calendar.
Last Pay Day For Legislators.
Members of the senate drew their
last month's salary from the state on
Tuesday. Either the $100 checks must
be stretched over the remaining days
that the senate is in session or the
senators will dig down into their
pockets and pay ror the privilege of
serving the people or the state. Wed
nesday is the sixtieth day. the last day
or the session for which pay is pro
vided. Employes of the senate are
more fortunate and will continue to be
paid as long as the session lasts.
Funds for Secretary Smith.
Buhnnan of Howard called up his
motion offered Friday to give Secre
tary W. H. Smith $1,200 for preparing
the senate journal for publication and
reading proof. Tibbcts of Adams of
fered substitute motions to give the
same amount but lo give $400 each to
Secretary Smith. Assistant Secretary
Walrath and Assistant Secretary Per
kins. The substitute was defeated by
a vote of S to 14. The original motion
was then adopted without opposition.
Amended. Ad Club Bill.
The Ad club bill for the commission
form of government has been amended
by the senate so that the water board
will be exempt from the operation ol
the commission form of government in
Omaha in the event that the bill
passes the legislature and is adopted
in Omaha.
Will Be No District Attorneys.
Placet's bill providing for seven
teen district attorneys was kiiled by
the senate and with this action went
glimmering the hopes of several po
litical gentlemen who have attended
the legislature in the hope of framing
up jobs for themselves.
Passed Stock Yards Bill.
The house finished up with the
stock yards bone of contention by
passing the Ollis bill by a vote or 71
to 21, eight being absent. The gover
nor is expected to sign the bill as
soon as it reaches him.
Anti-Bucket Shop.
The senate sifting committee placed
on the general file S. F. Xo. 31S by
Bartos or Saline. The bill provides
that any person operating or patroniz
ing a bucket shop shall be deemed
guilty or a relony.
Governor Signs Initiative Bill.
Governor Aldrich has announced
that he had signed senate file Xo. 1,
the Skiles initiative and referendum
resolution for a constitutional amend
ment. A determined effort to kill the bill
appropriating $100,000 for a building
for the University Medical school in
Omaha came near being successful
and the bill squeezed through with
just barely enough votes to pass it.
The vote stood 51 to 41, with S ab
sent. If the appropriation bill, carrying
$100,000 for a new buildinc for the
state medical college at Omaha, as
well as Sl'0.000 for maintenance,
reaches the senate, it will be passed
in that body. Before the senate can
give its indorsement to the measure,
however, the house must pass the bill.
In explanation of hi.- veto of the
Taylor-Dolezal stock yards bill. Gov
ernor Aldrich has issued a 1. ."Co-word
statement stating that the ra?Iway
commission has jurisdiction only over
common carriers, while this bill called
the stock yards "public markets."
Unless the senate sifting committee
sees fit to sift out senate file Xo. 318
in pretty short order. Frank Bartos
promises to start something on the
floor of the senate. This senate file Is
Bartcs anti-bucket shop bill. It pro
vides for the punishment of both the
broker and the trader in transactions
where actual delivery or commodity is
net intended.
Senator Bartcs says that several
members of the committee have said
that thc-y would put the bill on general
file, but that they have delayed thia
VOTE OF 112.
Wild Applause Marks End of Struggle
and Legislature Adjourns to
April 17.
Albany. N. Y. Supreme Court Jus
tice .lames Aloysios O'Gorman, demo
crat, at New York City, was elected
United States senator Friday night by
the legislature alter the most pro
tracted struggle over this position
ever held in the Empire state. On the
final ballot, the sity-fourtxh. he re
ceived 112 votes to SO cast Tor Chaun
cey M. Depew. whose term expired
March 4.
At the close or a day of almost con
tinuous negotiations, the insurgents
capitulated and Justice O'Gorman was
elected. A few minutes before tho bal
lot was cast Justice O'Gorman's resig
nation from the bench was filed at
the office of the secretary of state, as
a constitutional proision would have
preveMited his election while holding
the office or justice of the supreme
Wild applause marked the end of
the long contest and the legislature,
driven from the state capitol by Wed
nesday's fire, quickly adopted a reso
lution adjourning until April 17.
Governor Dix expressed gratification
at the result. Charles F. Murphy,
leader of Tammany Hall, who rot
weeks has been striving to bring
about the election or Mr. Sheehan. ex
pressed himself as highly pleased at
the outcome.
Thursdax night it was understood
a senator would be selected Friday
from a list of eleven submitted by
the insurgents. Early in the morn
ing .Mr. Murphy came to Albany .and
instantly reports spread that Justice
O'CWirman had been sclented as the
choice ol" the democratic organiaztion.
The insurgents, who had about
made up their minds to enter the
e-aucus on the assurauce that no
names would be submitted outside or
their list or eleven, balked at this
changed program. They failed to
appear at the morning caucus and a
postponement was held untl ". in the
Meantime a committee representing
the regulars was arguing with the
insurgents who were in conference
at the residence of their leader. Sen
ator Roosevelt, and finally 14 of them
voted to put an end to the struggle
by accepting Justice O'Gorman. One
insurgent did not vote, and the other
eight were recorded against this
Drastic Action is Taken by the Post
master Geenral.
Washington. Drastic action was
taken by Postmaster General Hitch
cock in effecting a reorganiatiozn of
the railway mail service. A dozen or
changes of the most important offi
cers were made by Mr. Hitchcock as
a result or carcrtil investigation and
Theodore Ingalls or Kentucky, su
perintendent or the division or rural
mails, was appointed general super
intendent or the railway mail service
at $4,nno a year, in succession to Al
exander Grant, who was transrerred
to St. Paul as a division superintend
ent, a reduction or ?3.iiii a year. Nor
man Perkins, division superintendent
at St. Paul, becomes superintendent
r the Washington division, succeed
ing Charles W. Vickery. who is ap
pointed chief clerk or the Cincinnati
diwsion. vice A. J. Hall, reduced to
railway postal clerk.
Mr. Bryan as Evangelist.
Lima. O. William Jennings Bryan,
speaking from the sawdust-covered
floor in the tabernacle at an evangel
istic meeting here Friday, took up
the appeal of the evangelist in urging
his C.000 hearers to a pubic profes
sion or belief in the Christian religion.
Bryan declined a seat on the plat
form and sat down among the audi
ence. Kansas Bank Closes.
Thayer. Kans. The First Xational
Bank r Thayer railed toi open Thurs
day. On the door was posted a notice
which stated that owing to irregulari
ties in the accounts or S. M. Pickens,
former cashier, the bank would re
main closed pending investigation by
national bank authorties.
The Continental Congress.
Washington. The Continental con
gress of the Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution, which meets here on
April 17 to 22. will be formally re
ceived by President and Mrs. Taft at
the White House Wednesday after
noon. April 19.
Member of Firm Passes Away as Cir
cus is Giving Performance.
Xew York. Otto Ringling of circus
fame died here Friday night at the
home or h is brother, John, as the
big show or which he was joint own
er with his four brothers was giving
its evening performance at Madison
Square Garden. He was 51 years old.
Death was due to uraemic poisoning.
He will be buried Sunday arternoon
at Baraboo. Wis., his birthplace,
where the show has always wintered.
The Iowa Senatorship.
Des Moines. That the Iowa dead
lock is fixed was demonstrated Friday
when Kenyon showed his full strength
of seventy, with seventy-eight neces
sary to elect. Deemer received 33
votes. Porter 52. Total 155.
What O'Gorman Will Do.
Xew York. The new senator from
Xew York will support ail the pro
gressive policies of the democratic
party and will join hands with Presi
dent Taft in urging reciprocity with
Canada and the fortification of the
Panama canal.
tfyoa find any stfc
xfanr km mv haic
health made a
mg porter;
m ms can j
Calumet has been
of $1,000 for any substance injurious to health
found in the baking prepared with it,.
Does not this and the fact that it complies with
all pure food laws, both State and National,
prove that Calumet it absolutely pure?
With the purity question settled then Calumet
is undoubtedly the best Baking Powder. It
contains more leavening power; it is more uni
form every can is the same. It assures
better results and is moderate in price.
Received Hif heat Award
Disparity That Hardly Seems Credit
able to the Generous Instincts
of the Race.
'According to a statement before a
meeting of the Women's Foreign Mis
sionary society of the Presbytery of
Washington an interesting statement
regarding the money spent for chew
ing giim and that given to charity
was made. The speaker was Miss
Mary W. Kerr of Harrisburg. Pa., in
connection with the topic of "Fren
zied Finance in Missions." In urging
the society to be more liberal iu Its
contributions to charitablo work, sho
"For every $3,000 contributed to
charity, 17.000 Is spent for chewing
Tho statement passed almost un
noticed except by a few. who saw the
pertinence and logic of the remark.
"Our little boy Gilbert -was troubled
with eczema when but a few weeks
old. His little face was covered with
sores even to back of his ears. The
poor littlo fellow suffered very much.
Tho sores began as pimples, his lit
tlo face was disfigured very .much.
We hardly knew what he looked like.
The faco looked like raw meat. We
tied little bags of cloth over his
bands to prevent hira from scratching.
He was very restless at night, his
little faco itched.
"We consulted two doctors at Chi
:ago, where we resided at that time.
After trying all the medicine of the
two doctors without any result, we
read of the Cuticura Remedies, and at
once bought tho Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Following tho directions
carefully and promptly we saw the re
sult, and after four weeks tho dear
child's faco was as fine and clean as
any little baby's face. Every one who
saw Gilbert after using the Cuticura
Remedies was surprised. He has a
head of hairwhich is a prido for any
boy of his age, three years. We can
only recommend the Cuticura Reme
dies to everybody." (Signed) Mrs. II.
Albrecht. Box SS3, West Point, Xeb.,
Oct. 2C. 1910.
Send to Potter Drug & Client. Corp.,
sole props., Boston, Mass.. for free 32
page book, a guide to skin and hair
Ud to Him. i
Tom I'm dead sore. I lost $5 to- '
day. I feel like somebody ought to
kick me.
Tess (absently) Why don't you ask j
father for ?ay hand tonight he's right
in the library.
Give Defiance Starch a fair trial
try it for both hot and cold starching,
and if you don't think you do better
work, in less time Mid at smaller cost,
return it and your grocer will give
you back your money.
Seems to Be Wrong.
Howell Whatever is is right.
Powell But suppose a fellow soaks
you with his left?
Hamlin's Wizard Oil i recommended l.v
many plivsician. It i u-ed in manv pul
lie and private hospital. WIiv not keep
a bottle on hand in jour own home?
Here's a tip. young man. Convince
a girl that she shouldn't love you, and
she will.
Tonnln-vuiNt will r.-tunl nx.n.-j if I'AZU cil.NT
MK.VT tail t nri an ras. f Itctnwr. ItHrvl.
Uiordlni: or I'rutrudlntc lil) In G lo U d.ij . i'-
The vacant room at the top is due
to the fact that there is no elevator
service to help the lazy man.
Women's Secrets
There is one man in the United States who fs perhaps heart
more women's secrets than any other man or woman ia the
country. These secrets are not secrets of guilt or shame, but
the secrets of suffering, and they have been confided to Dr.
R. V. Pierce in the hope and expectation of advice and help.
That few of these women have been disappointed in their ex
pectations is proved by the fact that ninety-eight per cent, of
oil women treated by Dr. Pierce have been absolutely and
altogether cured. Such a record would be remarkable if the
cases treated were numbered by hundreds ecly. But whea
that record applies to the treatment of morethan hali-a- mil
lion women, in a nractice of over 40 years, it is phenomenal.
and entitles Dr. Pierce to the gratitude accorded him by woaaca, as the first of
specialists in the treatment of women's diseases.
Every sick womaa may consult Dr. Pierce by letter, absolutely withosc
charge. AH replies are mailed, sealed in perfectly plain eavelopes, withooC
any printing or advertising whatever, upon them. Write without fear aa with
out fee, to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, Preac,
Buffalo, N. Y.
DURABLE .( Swiftst
Manufactured by DEAL MOTOR VEHICLE CO., Jonesville, Mich.
Bradley, Merriam & Smith, Cwncil BSuf fc, la.. Western Distributers for Deal and Imperial Avtes
i a models. S:ooo to $;ooo. Get our free catalogs before buying. Agents wanted.
it for .you
backed for vears bv an offer
World's Pore Food Expoaitieaj
"There are a lot of girls here who
don't ever intend to get married."
"How do you know?"
"I've proposed to several!"
A Dramatic Critic.
"And what is your father's business,
my littte man?" asked Rev. Fourthly,
as he made his morning call on the In
fant class.
"He's a dam-at-it kick-It," said the
little chap, whose father wrote dra
matic criticism for a newspaper. Har
per's Weekly.
The busiest thins In the world la
Idle curiosity.
For a disordered liver, take Garfield Tern,
the Herb la.xatne. All Iniggi-t.-.
Yesterday is certain; tomorrow, un
certain: today, half and half.
in the
We tell you about how good you'll
feel after taking a CASCARET
that millions of people buy. use
and recommend them But that's
talk you buy a box now take as
directed to-night and get the proof
in tho morning After you know
CASCARETS you'll never be
without them.
rSCAIJETS NV n box for n Trwk'H
trt-alinriit.iiIIUrumrlHts. HitfK'st Nfllrr
iu ike norltl. Million boles u uiuuth.
Splendid Crops
in Saskatchewan ( Waster Canada)
BOO Bushels from 20 acres
of wheat wu the thresher s
return from a Lloyd
I minster farm in the
season of 1910. Mnny
fields in that nswelt as
other districts yield
ed from 25 to 35 bu
shels of wheat to the
acre. Utner grams in
re tfaus derived
Iron the FIEE
of Western Canada.
'nii -i.i-'.lrnt fthuHlnir came
priren to advance. Laml vulut-H
BlHItliU IHUUl'in IB" Iran umr.
.raln Knwinc.iiilrl farm
In r. rnttl- ntlniMKUiiil diilry
Inic are hII iriitah!. Free
llwmrntrailaor 1 SO arrare
to It hail In the tiry l-ftt
tllstrlrtH: llarre pre-emic
tlimiitt3.0lr iiernrrewltn
In certain area. S-hooI(anl
rliiirrlie III every Aettle
iiirnt. rllmate unexrelleu.
will ilierlhit:wMMl. water
and l.iilldlnjf material
iilrntlful. . . . ..
Kor particular as to location,
low wttlrr. railway rat- nml
l-scrtptlTO UlUMrateil pamphlet.
I--st Jtfst WVst." and oirr in
formation, wrltr tuSup't of Imnil
irnitlon. Ottawa, fanarta. or to
Canadian Uuvurnment Aent-
Bee Bulldini Omaha. Neb.
(l"s aildre nearest you 1 S3
for starchinc
Hnebt linen.
a1ik15 S!
V KvN af
LW'M t 1