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ohn Henry's
Hunch and I .had
a little iraiue-iijj
..a J . n . - 1 a-
for the benefit of Uncle Peter's race-
track bettinc proclivities.
with I key
Schwartz as our understudy. After
completing our plans we walked
around to the Grand Central station
and I found a moment wherein to
make a date for tomorrow's meeting.
Nothing was said about the real
estate; business. which Peaches
thought was Ike.Vi line, on the way
home, but I could see that although
Peaches now had hr semaphore set
for a clear track she still had a few
told doubts about friend I key.
Of course I couldn't tell her our
plan for I nele Peter's sahatk.n with
out giving the old gentleman dead
away, and, besides, the s'-cret might
leak out and my busy n'latiw would
break off a few horse laughs at my
iTirii. ipior blew into Uuraldene a
little earlier than usual that evening,
and with him was a stranger.
The old gentleman was in excel
lent spirits and introduced his friend
to us as Mr. P.arney Sullivan.
"He's a co-worker and deeply in
terested in the S. P. ('. A." I heard
cagey Peter whisper hoarsely to Aunt
Maitha and Clara J., but I was wise
to the visitor.
Harney was none other than a little
Tad tout I'd often seen around thi
tracks, but I couldn't imagine wh
Vncle Peter had dragged him into
our home life.
Of course the women folks saw
nothing strange in the fact that Uncle
Peter brought a co-worker in a good
cause home with him, but it was me
for the Sherlock Holmes tiling, (puck.
It was all right enough for my es
teemed relative to throw his money
jo the sparrows, but why ask one of
the sparrows home to dinner?
Harney was short and wide, with a
graceful figur". like a turnip.
When he wasn't talking he was
laughing, and when Harney laughed
lie opemd his face on hinges at both
ears and kept it open for five minutes.
If his head were a few feet thicker
he'd make a good tunnel.
When Harney talked all you had to
do was turn on a green light to find
yourself in Ireland. His brogue was
thick enough to make an Englishman
yell for a bobby.
"And why wouldn't you live on
Fifth avenue in New York, Mr. Sul
livan V" Uncle Peter was saying when
I joined them to smoke a cigar, "if,
as you say, you expect to be a very
rich man some day?"
"Fift" avenoo is no place for th"
Irish." Harney replied. "A frind iv
mine tried it wance and bit his tongue.
His name was .lawn O'lViwd, th" prize
lighter: perhaps you know Jawn?"
"No. I don't think so," Uncle Peter
said, encouragingly.
".lawn made so much money in the
fightin" business that he blew himself
for a small palace on Fift" avenoo,"
Harney went on. "It were a foine
place near th" Ashterbilts and th"
Yandergoolds. .lawn have a house
that's the divvle for shtyle, and he
have a bunch of typewrittin" machines
fer to kape his voice in trainiti be
manes iv println" u letter wance in a
while in the newspapers."
Uncle Peter smiled and Harney con
tinued. ."They"s lace curtains in th" windyr,
an in th" front hall they's a marble
bust iv a woman be th name iv Yay
nus, but it looks more like a gurrui
be th" name iv Marguerite Roscom
mon that wurruke in th" front row iv
a burlesque throop. If th throlley
car'd chop off her arms she'd be a
ringer for that woman, Yaynus."
Uncle Peter looked around, some
what fearful the story might be long
on Yenus and short on wardrobe, but
Harney went right ahead.
"In Jawn's parlor they's pitchers
be Pat Uembrandt. Mike Angelo an"
Tim Clancy. Clancy's th" best, rip
risintin th' eighth round iv a go be
chune O'Dowd an" a felly be th" name
iv Muttonchops McGuire. Ye can see
.lawn hanin" McGuire a long, low push
in th short ribs be means iv his foot.
Th' riferee's face is turned th' other
way. an they's a bunch iv green
money as big as th" fist iv ye per
troodm from his pocket. McGuirk is
his name. He's runnin" a saloon now
In Akron, Ohio. Th pitcher is a mas
terpiece, an' Clancy played th" races
off th" proceeds for six weeks before
th" tanbark tips an" hits him a belt in
th' neck."
Uncle Peter nodded his approval.
"Jawn O'Down is livin" bechune a
Ashtorbilt an" a Yandergoold." Har
ney continued. "He have a thrunk full
iv pitcher books an novels locked up
m th" cellar an' he have a nickle
plated growler an" a man in livery to
rush it at th' crook iv his finger. Life
is complate. Wan day wan iv th
Ashtorbilts stops be th front door
where Jawn O'Dowd is settin on th
marble steps, eatln' a chicken sand
wich an enj'yin' th air In his shirt
"Heg pardon." says Ashtorbilt, "but
I'm on me way to th Gowf Links an'
I've misplaced me niblick. Will ye
do me ;h" kindness to lend me th"
loan iv yer niblick fer th' afternoon,"
says he.
""Waat t'hell's a niblick?' says
lawn to himself, battin' his eyes an
not darin to show his Ignorance fer
fear iv bein oystercized socially by
th Ashtorbilts. 'Set down on th
shtep. "Willie. says he, "an I'll go
look!" says he.
"It takes Jawn tin minutes to come
back. "I have th cook an' th' rist iv
me staff lookin fer th niblick, Willie,
says he. 'They ain't none on th' ice
at present.' says he, 'but me footman
thinks they's wan in th dark room in
th' sicond cellar,' says he. 'I'll sind
it to ye, Willie,' says he. 'Call agin.
"ile frind Jawn .sets there with th'
jjivainjuciuu iuiuu uui uia juuj
s-ir I .-.-. w-i1 IS l t'rt Itln Xmi1 Id
wit' worryin' over what th' divvle's a
niblick when wan iv th' Yandergoolds
comes along.
"'Askin' yer pardon,' says Yander
goold. 'but I'm goin out to th' Gowf
LUiks In me mobile an' a careless
servant have mislaid me lofter an'
me brassie. Could ye lend me th
loan iv a lofter an' a brassie till to
niorry?' " '1 will. Corny,' says Jawn O'Dowd.
risin' up an' backin' in th door; "I
will,' says he, 'just as soon as I can
find a niblick fer Willie Ashtorbilt,"
says he. Then he slams the front
door, rushes out th back door an
never shtops till he rayches Canal
street an' th' Howery. Th' nixt day
O'Dowd ixchanges his Fift" avenoo
property fer goold bonds an some
stock in a fertilizer factory, an he
moves to Gowanus."
Harney was thoughtful for a mo
ment. "That shows ye, he went on
with a sigh, "that shows ye that oil
and water don't mix. and society have
more ways than wan iv kapein' itself
to Itself."
Uncle Peter laughed long and loud
over the story, but when Harney got
up and moved off towards the gate
the old fellow was after him like a
I couldn't size the game up at all.
Just what Uncle Peter's object
Around and 'Round
cmild lm in makinc a friend of this '
Tad tout was more than 1 could
Hack they came to the house, arm
in arm, and presently Vncle Peter
said he would show Harney to his
room for the night.
As they went into the house I no
ticed that Harney's lamps were burn
ing darkly, and that every once in a
while he sized Uncle Peter up as
though figuring on the result If they'd
clinch, but nothing happened.
Peaches was busy in the library
with some letters she had to write,
so I sat alone on the veranda until
presently I heard Uncle Peter com
ing down the stairs again.
Aunt Martha was waiting for him
at the foot of the stairs and I heard
her say in startled tones, "Peter, what
is all this mystery about? You've
locked your guest in his room."
"1 did. my dear." Uncle Peter re
plied in a barky sort of a way. "but
'Fift' Avenoo Is No Place for
Irish," Barney Replied.
I didn't think you saw me. Had to
do it. It's this way. my dear: I gave
this man some money at the race
track this afternoon to use in the
furtherance of an idea in connection
with our society and he betrayed the
trust I placed in him."
I heard Aunt Martha's start of as
tonishment and then the whole gag
dawned on me.
Uncle Peter had given Barney some
money to put on a horse and the lat
ter had held it out, believing the
horse named would not win. That
much was plain, but just why Uncle
Peter was explaining further:
"He dodged me, but I finally caught
him and demanded my money back.
You know, my dear, our society can
not afford to throw money away like
It was al' I could do to keep from
shrieking outright, but I bit deep into
my handkerchief and listened while
old Munchausen hoisted the black
flag and sailed the liar's sea.
"But why didn't you call a police
man and give him In charge?" asked
the startled. Vunt Martha. "J won't
sleep a -wink tonight with that man
in the house."
"Nonsense, my dear," eSe Uncle
Peter, soothingly. "He is perfectly
harmless. You see I couldn't very
well hand him over to a policeman,
because that would bring me a lot of
undesirable notoriety. Kindness, my
dear, kindness always wins, under
stand? I shall be so kind to
him that by tomorrow afternoon he'L'
be quite willing to find my lost money.
There now, Martha, don't worry.
Kindness never yet failed to win the
day." Then in a much lower tone.
"In the meantime, my dear, don't sa
anything about this matter to any
body, especially John."
I rolled quietly off the veranda and
rushed around the house to give vent
to my laughter-flooded emotions.
It was all quite plain to me now.
Rarney had made a bad break by bet
ting the money on some horse other
than that picked by Uncle Peter. Bar
ney's selection had lost. Uncle Peter's
had won. Now the old gentleman in
tended to keep Harney company "till
the latter squared himself in work or
otherwise, and the little Irishman was
afraid to hot foot for fear his patron
would have him pinched.
Just then I heard a window being
opened cautiously above my head and
presently through the gloom I made
out the form of Harney. leaning far
out and evidently calculating how
much personal property he would
shatter if he jumped.
I spoke to him and like a streak he
ducked back into the room and the
window went down with a bang.
I dished myself out another hearty
laugh and then I rushed off to bed
and to sleep for fear I'd be tempted
to tell Clara J. all about it
I don't know how long I slept, but
soon a mighty crash somewhere in
the house aroused me and I awoke to
find Clara J. hunting up that Colt's
revolver of hers, and saying some
thing about house-breakers.
"If that's what they are they must
be breaking the house with a batter-
the Fence They Puffed.
ing ram."' I growled as I slipped on
some clothes. ,
The whole house was in wild con-
fusion. Aunt Martha was wringing
her hands and saying. "It's that horse
society member! Its that horse so
ciety member! Why didn't Peter let
him keep the money! We'll all be
Iena Krauss, our Dutch cook, in a
make-up like a Grecian goddess on a
wash day, rushed frantically into the
kitchen and then out again, armed
with a different weapon of defense
each time.
id. such a robbers!" she
Show me vot id iss so I
"'Vare iss
make id somedings mit der ice pick-
mgs. yes:
Doan'd you
f"nmn hnrn robbers!
be afraid, I only punch
your head ouid! Ach, vy doan'd dem t no matter how unbecoming they may
burgugulars make a camcing so I ' De?"
soak dem mit dis egg-slapper!" I Silenced, the brutal husband agair
I found the front door open and buries himself in his paper.
bidding Clara J. calm the excited '
household I rushed out. j Polite Estimates.
Soon I discovered the cause of the ' "if some folks." observes- Mr. Fa
riot, A high iron fence encloses doogus with a meaning expression.
Doves Nest Villa and is almost circu- -were equipped physically as they aro
lar in form. Away over to the right ! by disposition, they would have two
T saw our friend, Harney, pegging
around the fence for dear life, fol
lowed by Uncle Peter in his nigbt
shirt: and Tacks, In his dream
clothes, following Uncle Peter.
Around and 'round the fence they
puffed without a word and outside of
the fence a neighbor's dog was act
ing as pacemaker and yearning for a
chance to bite something.
Laugh! I rolled over on the grass
and yelled like an Indian.
It was evident that poor Barney had
managed to get his door open, but in
crawling for the stairs he upset a
table and it preceded him to the front
And there was Barney now, vainly
searching for the gate in the iron
fence, followed by o!d Uncle Peter
Nemesis, and young Tacks, the Boy
Just as I dropped In behind them to
make it a quartet, poor Barney trip
ped and fell on something: Uncle
Peter fell on Barney and Tacks fell
on Uncle Peter, all without a word
being spoken.
I pulled them apart and asked what
it all meant.
Barney jumped to his feet and said
very quietly. "I have trouble with me
slape. It ain't insomnia and it ain't
nightmare: it's somethin bechixt and
bechune th two."
"He must be a somnamberlist." sug
gested Tacks.
"Well, Mr. Sullivan," puffed Uncle
Peter as we hustled back to the
house, "all I have to say is if you call
that walking in your sleep I'll be
damned If I want to follow you when
you run!"
iCopyrisht by g. w. uuimssasi uo.
The Retort Courteous.
To Talleyrand: "You are a thief, a
coward, a man without honor; yon
disbelieve in God. you have betrayed
everyone, to you nothing is stcred.
you would sell your own father. You
deserve that I should smash you like
a glass, but I despise you too pro
foundly to put myself to that trouble."
(Talleyrand: "What a pity that bo
great a man should be so ill-bred.")
Napoleon (Quoted in the Corsican).
TvrviTT rwnnwroi
I'si rlln' mighty po'ly. Mislvli iVhit
Mini, fr a fac':
Doss lak I tloiif I:mii julyze' In mah reel
:i lalgs back.
Y iless J:t ii on will ctissln" en will Mowlr
wlin: yo" !o
nut I cain't wul. dis inawnin' when I'J
wo'n out thou en tlioo.
Kn all ! tirr. He riv'i
S:rik- up "Swisliy-swiMiy-swish."
! wiuVr trcs ly sliih
1-ak iley t:lkin at i!- liJh.
aln no uo tr drive me. 'cazc 1
iiaeji'ly won" le driv
De way 1'se f.-ellti all dl.i day hit's tC
TMiirli wuk ler live!
Dcys want fer keep on settin Jn de sun
shine, on a chain
Kr on a empty lnset. er a box. er any
wlmili! De rlvcli wliah bit riffies
"iVhi&peli "Swisliy-Mvlsliy-swish:"
le wilier trees cVy snifilcs
TLuk dey cryln' fer de llsh.
rtn-yosAT.Ii. Misteb White Man! Yes. 1
sav 1 clean yo valid.
Hut so'tnepiti come en hit me en doss
lam me shm! on hah;..
T i nnii- termnrivr. mebbe. en I slio'Iy
yo walk
15ut dess dis inawnin" "White "in. I aln"
well enoatih tor talk.
What make dat rlveh chuckle
Wid dat Pwlshy-swlshy-swishr
What make d.-m wlllers whispeh
I-ak dey talkln at de fish?
Disguised Hint.
The crowd surrounding the balky
animal opens somewhat when the man
who looks as though he knew horse
flesh asks what is the matter.
"This mare of mino has balked," ex
plains Ihe owner of the rig. "I can't
get her to go in any direction."
"Have you tried to back her?' asks
(he stranger.
"'Why. I never thought of that," an
, ewers the driver, getting down and tak
', lng a plug of tobacco from his pock-
et. He holds it to me animaiu uuae,
amj a 0,ce it starts down the road.
With that self-possession whict
niars the man of perfect poise, the
horsey man turns and goes away smil
jng as thoi-gh in pity of the ignorance
of the others.
Her Part.
"Pooh!" sneers the brutal husband
"You talk of the worries and weariness
of shopping for new hats, and you frel 1
about the ugliness of the things when
you buy them, as if that were some
thing terrible. If you had to dig tif
the money to pay for them, as I do. you
,niRht have room to taik
.. mv dM,." oxnostulatcs the na
tient wife, "what is paying for the
hats compared to the mental sufferings
"- -".' WW .- --" -
one undergoes in having to wear them
real faces
"They would?" queries Mr. Skid
wupp. with a .-ague smile. "They
would? Well, if some others
fixed out to suit the way they act
they would have four feet and long
At this juncture occurred the only
recorded affair of fisticuffs on the
"They say that a woman always
knows when a man is going to fo
lose." observes the man with the in
trowing mustache.
"She does." affirms the lady with
the contemplative eyes.
"That must, at times, worry her
Doesn't It?"
"Not half so much as the other sido
of the picture. She also knows when
a man is not going to propose."
Like for Like.
"Here is a million dollars for the
heathens in Gooloolooland." says the
philanthropic magnate, hurrying intc
the mission office.
"Sorry sir." replies the clerk, "bul
we can't ti'ko ycir money. It i?
"Huh. So's your blamed old heath
ens. I just got back from a tout
through Gooloolooland, and I saw
One Advantage.
1 wish I could understand the lan
guage here." said the first traveler. "I
i triPii for an hour last nieht to exnlain
j t) the clerk that j wanted to knew
j llow much my expenses are going to
"I'm glad I can't understand the
language." said the second traveler.
"I don't want that news broken to me
until too late to spoil the fun I'm hav
ing." -77
If a sailer is not a laborer, is he
Wherever Sun's Rays Penetrate Hu
man Life Is Quickened and Health
an Happiness Promoted.
The sunlight, with Its mellowing
warmth and radiare, is one of the
great essentials to good health. Wbere
ever it penetrates, in prudently regu
lated moderation, it quickens human
life, promotes health and happiness,
and may be truly regarded as one of
the best friends of man and beast
The common practice of providing
blinds, shutters, curtains and other
means for shrouding the windows and
shutting out the sunshine, is undoubt
edly a great mistake, and makes for
physical weakness .and ill health. More
window light, more sunshine, and not
less, is what we require. Let all your
apartments, kitchen, sitting Jooms. I
panors ana Deurooms, iou, u? huuucu
with sunlight as much as, possible.
Try This for Colds
Prescription Known for Results
Rather than Large Quantity.
Go to your druggist ana gei i
ounces of Glvcerine and half an ounce
of Concvnimtttl Pine compound. Mix
these with half a pint of good whisky.
Siiake well, Take one to two teaspoon
fuls after each meal and at bd time.
Smaller doses to children according to
age." Anv one can preparo this ut
home. This Is said to be tho quickest
couch nnl cold cure known to the
medical profession. Be sure to ect only
tbe genuine Globe Concentrated Pine.
Each halt ounce bottle rnracs in a tin
screw-top scaled case. If the druslst
Is out of stock he will quickly get it
from his wholesale house. Don't fool
with uncertain mixtures. It is risky.
The Traveler Hello, Hans! I hear
you've taken a chance In tho matri
monial loltery again. I suppose you've
won a prize?
Hans Yaas; I got a surprise.
Sore throat is inflammation of the
mucous membrane of the throat, and
if this membrane happens to be at all
sensitive a predisposition to sore
throat will exist.
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic is both a
preventative and a cure for sore
throat because It possesses extraor
dinary cleansing, healing and germi
cidal qualities. Just a little in a glass
of water, used as a gargle, will quick
ly relieve all soreness and strengthen
the mucous membrane of the throat,
and thus overcome all tendency to
Eoro throat.
Paxtine is far superior to liquid an
tiseptics or Peroxide for all toilet and
hygienic uses.
Paxtine may be obtained at any
drug store, 25 and 50c a box, or sent
postpaid upon receipt of price by The
Paxton Toilet Co.. Boston, Mass.
Send for a free sample.
Bold Scribe.
"Ho hum!" ejaculated honest Farm
er Hombeak. who had encountered in
the village newspaper an example of
the perversity which the linotype
sometimes displays. "The editor of
the Plaindcaler ain't afraid to speak
his miud. He come right out and
says: "In our opinion the Hon. Thom
as Rott has iyddaonkzzounsottttpt
pn mnwww trahahaha. hawzw zens
kibby.' And. by jolly! he says it as
if he means It. too!" Puck.
the AntiM?pUc powder to ihake I nlo jonr sluies. TRe
llerrs Com. Ilunlnns. Ingrowing NaIN, Swollen and
Sweating foot. BtlMors and Callous spots. Sold
eorrwhotv,I5o. !m"f itrapt any tubsHtutt. Sara
plcFKKE. AJJress Aliens. Olmsted. LeUoy.N.T.
Useful in Its Way.
Maud What a long hatpin!
you don't ever use it!
Ethel Only -hen I go
bargain i
Ask vnur rinigsfet for "Ransom!! Fam
ilv Kcccipt Brok 1911." free It contains
60 fine -iokine receipts. If not obtainable,
write D. Itanom. fc'on &, Co.. Iluffalo.N.Y.
Life is a stage play; It matters not
how long we act. so long as we act
well. Bacon.
Nature's laxative. Garfield Tea. is made
of clean, tweet, health-giving Herbs.
Some men, like some roosters, are
always crowing, but what's the use?
Genrie and Effective,
onevero Package of IheGonuine.
aa-at!OK ntEPARATiom macs, smcar names and
NofetteMNameof the Gompani
only. roRstazm MA.vudmaoiaKasts.
California Fig Syrup Co.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
All Spring Blood Diseases
and Ailments,
Possesses medicinal merit Peculiar to Itself and has an
unequaled record of cures. Take it this spring, in usual
liquid' form or tablets known as Sarsatabs.
Spring Humors sre due to the im
pure, impoverished, devitalized condi
tion of the blood brought about by
the unhealthful modes of living dur
ing the winter, too close confinement,
too little outdoor air and exercise, too
heavy diet. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures
tuem and Dulids up the whole system.
be tonne.
noiaa rowaux
"I'm afraid you don't get enough ex
ercise." said the physician.
"That." replied Senator Sorghum,
"is because you never saw me at
home with my fellow-citizens lined up
to shake hands with me." -
Thousand of Consumptives die every
vcar. C'oiiMimption results from a .neg
lected coM on the hin&o. Hamlin Wizard
Oil will cure tlic-e colds. .Tut rub it into
the chest anil draw out the inflammation.
Executive ability consists In finding
a man who can do the work and in
letting him do it. Lots of men who
can do the first, can't do the second.
rii.Tes critEi) is a to 14 jdatb
Tonrrtrugglst will rotund monerlf 1'AU OtNT
MhST fail to cure any cav of Itching. Blind,
Ulccding or Protruding Wle lu 6 to U dajs. He.
Nothing under the sun has done
more to help the fool killer earn hia
salary than inordinate self-conceit.
Mr. Winslow's Poothtns Syrup for Children
teethlnjr. wiflensthcjiui,. reduces inflainraa
tlou, allays pain, cures wind colic, S5c a bottle.
Dost thou love life? Then do not
squander time, for time is the stuff
life is made of. Franklin.
Taking Garfield Tea keeps the Ftcm
clean, the blood pure and the general
health good, lluy from your druggist.
You can often tell what a woman
really means by what she doesn't say.
There nrc imitations don't lc fooled.
Ask for Lewis' Single Hinder cigar. 5c.
Even a little trial is a big one if you
have no others.
What Ah You
Do you feel weak, tired, despondent, have frequent need
aches, coated tongue, bitter or bad taste ut norais.,
heart-burn," belchiag of iss, acid risings - throat after
eating, stomach taaw or burn, foul breath, dixzy pel
poor or variable appetite, nausea at time and kindred
yaptoms ?
If yob hare ssy considerable number of the
almra mntosaa toh are suffcrisut front eilioas-
aess. torpid Ever with iadfeestioe.
Dr. Pierce's GoUca Medical uwcovery :
up of tee bbosc Taieaoie bmucbu
aaown to medical science for the i
mm of uneh atmorsaal coadkioas.
cSleient fiver iavif orator stoeaach tc
regolator and nerve strcnitBener.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" is not a patent taedieiee or secret aostr
full list of its ingredients bein printed oa its Iwltle-wrapper ead attestefl
under oath. A fiance at these will show that it coatains ao bo!'1or2:
ful habit-fonnin drofs. It is a luid extract taade wi th p are, tnpferefaed
nvcerioe, of proper strength, from the roots of eetiYe Asaencaa aseoicat.
forest plaate. World's Dispensary Medical Association. Props., Baaalo, M. 1
S-ggg-l 2 3 3&4
TV T. rtnnplan shrei east mora to make
because higher gratle leathers aro used and selected with greater
care- These aro tho reasons why TV. L. Douglas shoes aro guar
anteed to hold their shaie. look and fit better and wear longer
than any other shoes you can buy.
The genuine have W. L Doaalaa
price stamped on the bottom, which gaaraatees fvB vahie ,
and protects the wearer against high prices sadmferiorshoas. I
IfyoordirrrannotnpplTTonwiththaiKiolneW.UDonUshjfa.wrlt ssava lUATS
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prepaid. W. 1- HmsI. 1S Ssuarte St.. JSracktaa. Maak a?.00,SZOa.e
A Country School for Girls in New York City
Bett Featmrts of Country and City tif
Out-of-door Sports on School Park of 35 acres near the Hudson River. Fall
Academic Course from Primary Class to Graduation. Upper Class for Advanced
Special Student-;. Music and Art. Certificate admits to College. School Coach Meets
Day Pupils. Miss Bangs and Miss Whiton, Riverdale Ave, aear 2S2d St, West
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Hood's Sarsaparilla has no
for cleansing the blood and expelnaff
the humors that accumulate dariac
the winter. It effects its wonderral
cures because it combines tho Htsaoet
remedial values of more than tweety
different ingredients. Insist on having
Hood's. It has no substitute.
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Words of Comfort.
"My doctor says I must sleep ont
of doors," said the man who Is ot
"Well." replied the friend nh
makes painful efforts to cheer ap;
"it's, all right so long as your land
lord doesn't say it."
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle ot
CASTORIA.asafeandsure remedy for
infants and children, and see that It
Bears tho
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
One Better.
"My daughter has been taking fes
cing lessons and she feints beautl
ful'ly." "Huh! Ought to see the way My
gal kin trow a fit!"
Work While
You Sleep
Millions of people hare CA&
CARETS do Health work for
them. If you have sever tried
this greet health maker Get a 10o
box and you will never use any
other bowd medicine. m
CASCARETS ioc box for week
treatment, nil drugxists. Bipgett seller
in the world. JUUloa eoxtas
amaMalMaMa IVrtnnA am fnmilA In tttfttrTOtrt.
rAIXIIIw tectjoarldeas.OurMpajtaboo
Fitzgerald Co., Box K. Waahlastoa.
PA I CRI 9 tmTonrldeaa. Our 4 page bookftna
or dyspepsia.
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Shoes. aoJS
than ordinary shoes.
same and the retail
Why Rent a Farm
nd be compelled to pay to your landlord moat
of your hard-earned profits? Own your own
farm, secure a free Homestead ia
Manitoba. Saskatchewan or
Alberta, or purchase
land in one of these
districts and baak m
profit of $10.00 or
S12.00 s acre
every year.
Land purchased 9
years ago at $10.00 an
acre has recently
changed bands at
25X0 an acre. The
crops grown'on these
lands warrant the
advance. You can
Become Rich
farming and grain growing in
the arovlacea of Manitoba.
Saakafcbewae and Alberta.
Free fcosaestcad and as-e-eaaplloa
areas, as well as land
held by railway and land com
panies, will provide leases
for SBtllloas.
Adaptable-soil, bealtafsil
cllsaate. splendid school
asd cfearcsies.ioosl railway s.
Kor settlors' rites. dracrlplWe
Uteratnrf'LaM Brt West." how
to reach the country and other par
tlcalan, write to sup'tof Imml
eratlnn. Ottawa. Canada, or to the
Canadian tiovernmeut Agent.
Sea Belldina Omsht. Mch.
(Use address nearest jou.) St
313acre improved farm In Hancock County,
Iowa, near Hajtiel.l. Price ITj.CO per acra.
Terms 1-3 cash, 1-3 mortgage, 1-3 trade; rooS
property. Address C S. saewa, Osaalsas
Nebraska, ar Mariaa A. Fall. Oaraer, lews.
purt to tntmdnoe nost card offer.
Capital Card Co.. Dept. 19, Topeka,
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 12-1St1.
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bend only 2c staxp- and receive!" BBB 1
c rr firiMt Gold Embossed CanliS BBBBBB