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ohn Henry's
liunch and I had framed up a plan
whereby we vtc to corral the money
that I'ncle Peter was losing at the
rare track, giving it baci: to him later
?,ith proper admonitions. .Ve were
Kceklnp lky Schwartz with a view
:o having him act for us as book
maker, and we soon located him in
?ront of the Metropcle. In order to
dazzle him, liunch led the way to
1 tee. tor's.
"leave everything to me." Bunch
whispered, as we shaved our hats and
put our feet undr a table.
"What kind of gasolene do you
want to put in your boiler room?" I
inquired, as the waiter drew near.
"A quart of Green Seal Sec," liunch
ordered. 'That's the only ful for
littl" me. It has every other kind of
suds pushed off the ice. Creen Seal
lor mine whenever I want to hear the
birdies sing how about it. Ikey?"
Ikoy flashed a grin and tried to
swallow his palate, so it wouldn't in
terfere with the wet spell suggested
by liunch.
Ikey belonged to the "dls, dose
and dem" push.
Every sentence lie uttered was full
of splintered grammar.
Every time Ikey opened his word
chest the King's English screamed for
help, and hteratute got a kick in the
lie was short and thin, but it was a
deceptive thinness. His capacity for
storing away free liquids was awe
inspiring and a sin.
I think Ikey must have been hollow
from the neck to the ankles, with
emergency bulkheads in both feet.
It soon developed that Ikey had
lHen up ag.iinst a losing streak, and
he was about ready to quit till his
hoodoo went off duty, but if we were
willing to pay tor the chalk he'd keep
the shop open another week and fol
low our instructions to the letter.
"How much will it set us back for
running expenses?" I inquired, while
Ikey dove into the wine-glass and
came up :gain for a long breath.
"Only a few hundred," liunch broke
In. " "s merely- a detail. .John.
Hcsides, we'll make Uncle Peter pay
for the medicine if it cures his at
tack of rush of money to the lingers
ho won't care. Von don't suppcm
we're going to open a life-saving sta
tion for his benefit and pay for the
privilege, do you? Not for mine.
"You're right, liunch." 1 acquiesced;
"ve'll deduct all expenses before
handing I'ncle Peter back his squan
dered fortune; that's only fair."
"Is dis old geezer upholstered wit'
coin?" Ikey asked.
"Who. I"iicle Peter?" 1 answered.
"Say. he has nearly all there is in the
v,orld. Every time he signs a cheek
a National bank goes out of exist
ence, lb' tried to count it once, but
ht sprained his wrists and had to
Ikey's eyes twinkled. He was ho
dply interested he lorgot to dip up
the bubble-juice.
"I'ncle Peter." I went on; "why,
when he goes in'o a bank the govern
ment bonds get up and yell, 'Hello,
like a sheep-shearing. He has mus
cles all over him like Sandow's. just
from lifting mortgages. Uncle Peter
can make Rockefeller's wad look as
mean as a $." bill at a ehereh bazaar.
Every time Uncle Peter thinks how
much money he has he gets enlarge
ment of the brain, just to accommo
date the figures am 1 right. Hunch?"
"Don why not let dat old Guzam
uisol his dough-pan?" asked Ikey in
astonishment. "Youso is eommittiif
a crime to stop an old Gazabo 'ike dat
from cuttin' loose. What he needs
is a helper and I ain't a bit busy."
"John has his joh rags on; don't
mind him. Ikey!" admonished Hunch.
"Undo Peter is well fixed, but if he
keeps on throwing his coin at the
horses they'll kick their initials all
over his assets, sure thing. Now,
boys, it's all understood, eh? Ikey.
we'll meet you at the track tomorrow
and arrange our plan of campaign.
Here's to oar scheme, ami drink
hearty!" I
Itey went overboard for a final t
swim In the Green Seal, when sud
denly Hunch tapped me on the arm '
"Look!" he said, and the net in
.slant I beheld Clara J.. Aunt Martha
and Tacks sailing over in our direc
tion. With a whispered admonition to
Bunch to keep Ikey still I went for
ward to meet my wife, her aunt and
her small brother.
"It was such a delightful day that
Aunt Martha and I couldn't resist the
temptation to do a little shopping." '
Clara J. rattled en; "and then we de- j
elded to come here for a bit of lunch- j
eon Thy. Mr. Hunch: I'm o glad to i
see you! I understood John to say you !
were in South America! Really! How !
lovely: John, hadn't we better take
another table mi that your friendly
conference may not be interrupted?"
I hastened to assure (Mara J. that
it wasn't a conference at all. We had
met Mr. Schwartz quite by accident.
Then I . introduced Ikey to the ladies.
He got up and did something that
was supposed to be a bow, but you
conldn't tell whether he was tleing
his shoe or coming down a step lad
der. "When Ikey tried to bend a society
double he looked like one of the pic
tures that go-ps with a rubber exer
ciser, price 75 cents.
After tuej had ordered club sand--wiches
and coffee I explained to
Clara J. and Aunt Martha that Mr.
Schwartz was a real estate dealer.
"Bunch and I are going in a Utile
deal with Mr. Schwartz," I explained.
He knows the real estate business
backwards. Mr. Schwartz has a fad
for collecting apartment houses. lie
owns the largest assortment of people
coops in the city. All the modern
improvements, too. Hot and cold
windows, running gas and noiseless
janitors. Mr. Schwartz is the inven
tor of the idea of having two baths in
evory apartment so that the lessee
will have less excuse for not being
water broke."
Ikey never cracked a smile.
"In Mr. Schwartz's apartment
houses." I continued, while Runch
kicked my shins under the table; "you
vill And self-freezing refrigerators
and self-leaving servants. All the
rooms are light rooms, when you
light the gas. Two of his houses
overlook the park and all of them
overlook the building laws. The floors
are made of concrete so that if you
want to bring a horse in the parlor
you can do so without kicking off the
plaster in the flat below. Every room
has folding doors, and when the wa
ter pipes burst the janitor has folding
"Quit your joshing, John! you'll
embarrass Mr. Schwartz," laughed
liunch somewhat nervously, but Ikey's
rin never flickered.
"Is Mr. Schwartz deaf and dumb?"
Clara J. whispered.
Intermittently so," I whispered
back; "sometimes for hours at a time
"Look," He Said, and the Next Instant I Beheld Clara J, Aunt Martha
and Tacks.
he cannot sneak a word and can hear
rnly the loudest tones."
Aunt M.irtha heard me and the
good old soul was all sympathy at
once. She sat next to our bookmaker
friend so she leaned over in an ef
fort to be pleasant, put her mouth
close to the astonished Ikey's ear
and yelled in a shrill treble, "Lovely
day. Mr. Schwartz!"
Poor Ikey looked reproachfully at
the old lady a second, then with gath
ering astonishment he slid silently off
the chair and struck the floor with a
Aunt Martha was so rattled over
this unexpected effort on ?Ir.
Schwartz's part that she upset her
coffee and Ikey got most of it in the
back of the neck.
When peace was finally restored
Punch inquired about I'ncle Peter's
"Never better," answered Aunt
Martha. "During the IasUfcw months
be has gone about more than he used
to. Almost every day he is at the
race track in the interest of the so
ciety he is a member of."
"What society is that?" Hunch in
quired. "The S. P. C. A.." replied the old
"Is the Old Geezer Upholstered Wit
Coin?" Ikey Asked.
lady. "Peter tells me that there is
much cruelty to animals practised at
the race track so he has determined
to do all lie can to stop it."
I winked at Bunch and immediate
ly he began to cough till I thought the
boy would choke. I would have given
eight dollars for a good excuse to
laugh out loud. Ikey took it all in
without ba'ting an eye.
"I think Uncle Peter is awfully good
and noble to devote his time to such
a worthy cause, don't you, Mr.
Bunch?" inquired Clara J. Bunch
mumbled something incoherent and
took another choke.
"I'm so glad that John has really
made up his mind never to bet an
other penny on horses," Clara J. went
en. "I think when a man has lost a
whole lot of money in that mannei
and thee wins it back by accident he
chould be satisfied and not tempt
Fortune again, don't you, Mr. Bunch?"
"I certainly do," replied Bunch vig
orously. "Oh. I'm all through." I added. "I
wouldn't bet another dollar on a skate,
not If they promised to hurry it
around the track in an automobile
not for mine!"
Clara J. patted me lovingly on the
back and Aunt Martha beamed over
her glasses.
Bunch was fixing his throat for an
other choke when suddenly my youth
ful brother-in-law. Tacks, came to the
surlace with a letter in his hand.
Tacks had spotted the" missive ly
ing on the floor near Ikey's chair, so
young Mr. Buttinski had to get busy
and pick It up.
"Here's a letter I found on the
floor," he chirped, and then to show
the profound depths of his learning
the little imp read the address in
slow, deliberate tones, "Mr. I.
Schwartz. Bookmaker, Brighton Beach
Race Track. New York."
Clara J. went into the ice business
right away quick.
Ikey never whimpered.
Then Bunch took the letter from
the open-eyed Tacks and leaped to
the rescue while I came out of the
trance slowly.
"It's too bad Mr. Schwartz forgot
his ear trumpet." Bunch said quickly,
and Ikey was wise to the tip in a min
ute. Clara J. sniffed suspiciously and 1
knew she had the gloves on.
".Mr. Schwartz's affliction is terri
ble,' she said with a chill in every
word. "How did you converse with
him before our arrival?"
"Oh! he understands the lip lan
guage and can talk back on his fin
gers." 1 hastened to explain, lookins
hard at Ikey, whose mask-like face
gave no token that he understood
what was going on.
"I thought I understood you to say
' Mr. Schwartz is a real estate dealer!"
Peaches continued, while the ther-
mometer went lower and lower. I
"So he is," I replied, mentally ar
ranging pleasant surprises for Tacks .
in the near future. I
"Then why does his correspondent
address Iiim as a Rnnkmnkpr'" mv
wife said slowlv. and I could hear the
icebergs grinding each other all
around me.
"I think I can explain that." Bunch
put in quietly. Then, with the utmost
deliberation he looked Ikey in the eye
and said, "Mr. Schwartz, it's really
none of my business, but would you
mind telling me why you, a real es
tate dealer, should have a letter in
your possession which is addressed
to you as a Bookmaker? Answer me
on your Angers."
Ikey delivered the goods.
In a minute he had both paws
working overtime and such a knuckle
twisting no mortal man ever indulged
in before.
"He says." Bunch began to inter
pret, "that the letter is not his. It is
intended for Isadore Schwartz, a
wicked cousin of his who follows the
races. Mr. Schwartz is now complain-1
ing bitterly with his fingers because I
his letters and those intended for
his renegade nephew become mixed i
almost every day. These mistakes i
are mado because the initials arc i
identical. He also says that he :
hopes the presence of this
particular letter in his posses i
sion does not offend the la-1
dies because while it is ad-
dressed to a race track gam
bier the contents are quite
harmless being but a small
bill from the dentist."
Ikey's fingers kept on working
nervously as though he felt it his dut
to wear them out, and the perspira
tion rolled off poor Bunch's forehead
"Tell him to cease firing." I said tc
Bunch; "he'll sprain his fingers and
lose his voice."
Ikey doubled up all his eight fingers
and two thumbs in one final shout
and subsided.
"I'm afraid we'll miss the 4:1S train
if we don't hurry," said Peaches, and
I could see that the storm was over,
although she still glanced suspicious
ly at poor Ikey.
"Buy Ikey two more quarts ol
Green Seal and let him wade around
in it." I whispered to Bunch as we
started for the depot.
As we pulled out of the Mayonnaise
Mansion I looked back at Ikey :c
thank him with a farewell nod.
He was half way under the table
holding both hands to his sides, and
making funny faces at the carpet.
Bunch was ahead of us, indulging
in another choke.
(Copyright by G. W". PininRham Co.)
Birds Powers of Flight.
It has been calculated that a gliding
bird, at a height of 1.200 yards, at the
moment when it commences to de
scen irlth motionless wings, can by
setting them at the most favorable
angle touch the ground at a horizon
tal distance of about 15 miles! If the
wind fall, large birds can always,
with a few wing beats, attain an alti
tude where they will find a wind
which will permit them to continue
their journey "on the glide."
Rutterniaking is an art
Fresh fruit Is always delicious.
Gapes Is caused by a small worm in
the windpipe.
Most farm buildings
close to the dwelling.
njre built too
In preparing a seed bed for sweet
clover do a thorough Job.
Very little is known about the actual
value of rye as a poultry food.
The barn that is banked up will
have fewer draughts over the floor.
Don't leave your valuable farm ma
chinery standing unprotected in the
Oat straw is an excellent rough feed
for sheep. Wheat straw is next in
Overcrowding the ewe flock during
the winter months is a frequent .cause
of severe losses.
Very early spraying with Bordeaux
is the thing for all kinds of fungus rot
and for peach leaf curl.
Fresh, green bone Is of itself almost
a complete feed, and may be used as a
special material for egg production.
Farmers should not buy more land
until that which they already have
Is producing to its maximum capacity.
Exercise Is of prime importance in
several ways. It keeps the pigs nim
ble and in a healthy condition gener
ally. Before putting the chicks Into the
brooder It is a good plan to sprinkle
thein carefully with a good Insect
One of the first needs of the pigs is
t a comfortable place in which to pass
more than half of the time, sleeping
t and resting.
Breeding stock should be selected
j for health, strength, vigor and matu-
1 rity first, utility second and fancy
j points third.
II !s a wel1 known fart 1,iat Properly
managed a .w. w or ju acre larm win
return in addition to a living.
a tine
income for the family.
The dairyman having a productive
farm of ISO to 100 acres can easily
raise slx to eiht of his ,,ost marked
tomalb calves each season.
The annual Income from milk and
butter in the United States is said to
be more than the output of the gold
and the silver mines.
Carrots are fed to horses not so
much for their feeding value, but for
their influence In keplng the digestive
organs in good condition.
It requires Ice to handle milk,
cream or butter, so see to It that you
will be fully supplied with this cheap
article for next summer's use.
Fowis should always be starved for
at least 21 hours before being killed,
so as to have their crop3 and intes
tines thoroughly free from food of any
There is a steady demand for nuts.
The English walnut, pecan. Spanish.
Japanese and American chestnuts.
butter nuts and
most profitable.
shellbarks are the
The difficulties experienced in
spreading poultry manure, on account
of its sticky consistency, may be ob
viated by mixing with loam, peat or
common stable manure.
Provide shelter for all of the ani
mals on cold and rainy nights of
spring weather. Shelter means sa'
ing of feed, and making the animals
grow and produce better.
Condiments that stimulate egg pro
duction are very much like anything
that stimulates a human being. After
the immediate results wear off the
bird is in worse shape than before be
ing fed.
One of the things which oncern the
grower all over the country is to try
to manage his business himself, anil
get as large a proportion of his pro
duce to the consumer direct as he pos
sibly can.
Unless there is enough alfalfa hay
on hand, when feeding all cows will
eat. to last until grass is ready in the
spring, feed more sparingly of it, say
15 pounds a day. and supply the defi
ciency with some other roughage, and
add a mixture in equal pans by nieas-
ure of corn and oats ground together
and the finer the better.
For early blossoming, plant aster
seed in flats or the hotbed early in
March and transplant the young aster
plants two or three times in pots,
separate hotbeds or cold frames be
fore open planting in the garden. Re
peated transplanting induces strong
root system, which insures sturdy and
rapid growth at the advent of warm
growing weather. Asters as cut flow
ers must not be picked until the blos
soms are fully out. The buds do not
develop after the stems are cut.
Plan for batching season.
Keep the hens busy these cold days.
Charcoal is good stuff for the hen's
digestive tract.
It's mighty poor policy to let the
stock shrink in winter.
Don't feed your fowls so that they
will eat too much at once.
Just because fat hens are not good
layers, do not starve your fowls.
The best cows are the cows that
will fill the pocketbook most quickly.
More cattle die from the effects of
being drenched than from tubercu
Potato peelings fed raw in not too
large quantities are good for the lay
ing hens.
Warmth should be supplied to all
farm animals but not at the expense
of fresh air.
When figuring up the profits from
the cows for last year don't overlook
the fertilizer.
Men love their families, but arc in
clined to neglect the crops that can be
produced for the stable.
Exercise is good for the animals
and they should get their share every
day when it is possible.
A good dairy sire is one that pro
duces daughters which give more butter-fat
than their mothers.
Eggs should be gathered often, es
pecially if the weather is cold and
they are to be used for hatching.
Much of the success in poultry
keeping depends on the vigor and
vitality of the birds themselves.
A male bird that is gallant, always
ready to share with the hens, is pre
ferred to one that is too generous.
The by-products of the Salary can be
made almost as profitable as the
straight products if rightly handled.
A cheap separator is worse than
none. Get one that does not waste
each year more than the original cost.
Yearlings and heifers should be
early taught to drink warm millfeed
slop in winter, and cold slop in sum
mer. Get all the wood ashes you can and
apply them to the garden and truck
patch soon as you can, and then plow
it In.
The number of hens a farmer should
keep depends on his interest In the
business and the time he is willing to
devote to It.
Unless a bird is matured and jos
sesses size, vigor and a sound consti
tution, it should be barred out of the
breeding pen.
For idle horses, straw and well
cured corn fodder may take the place
of hay. giving a half ration of corn
morning and night.
A man who has a good quality of
dairy products and a high-class of
dairy stock for sale seldom knows
what competition Is.
If you are to get eggs, you must
have healthy, vigorous hens, and if
you wish to keep up the supply you
must retain the vigor.
As every poultryman knows, or
should know, protein Is an important
and invaluable ingredient in the ra
tion for egg production.
In planning adornment for the door
yard avoid straight lines as much as
possible. Set the tree? and shrubs
in groups or Irregular lines.
It Is very important that tho wa
ter drunk by the cows giving three
or more gallons of milk dally be
warmed to about CO degrees F.
In winter dairy farmers often for
get that nothing Is cheaper and more
beneficial than pure air. sunlight and
a reasonable amount of exercise.
The calf that goes Into winter quar
ters lousv will not do well. Rubbing
the calf with a cloth moistened with
coal oil and lard will put a quietus on
the lice.
It Is essential In raising beef to
know the characteristics of a prime
beast, for in order to command the
top price the animal must be in the
pink of condition.
The feeding or care of young In
tlian Runners is the same as for any
other breed, but compared to chick
ens the housing and management re
quired are much easier matters.
If you will figure what poor roads
post you every year you will soon
reali7t the necessity of improvement
and you will he surprised to see how
easily the Improvement can be made
It Is the custom of some farmers tc
raise a litter of pigs from a sow In the
spring that she is a year old. then fat
ten her for the fall market and keep
sows from her litter for breeding the
next spring.
An English writer commenting upon
the various devices in use whereby a
succession of rhubarb may be ob-
tained. states that the most economl-
ral and most effective system that has
come under his notice is to plant tne
roots in special beds raised slightly
above the ground surface, and having
wide alleys between.
While corn, alfalfa, clover and
wheat products are generally conced
ed to be the staple hog feeds and will
never entirely be displaced, they will
in the future be used more in a com
bination with other feeds which will
give to the hog a more natural allot
ment of bone, blood, muscle and tissue-building
material and heat, fat and
Men and Animals Have Made Some
Remarkable Fasts a Mat
ter of Record.
The record for fasting, so far as
humanity is concerned. Is held by
a. 1" J
uaiue. u rrencn muruerer, wno ue-
, . . .. ,.' . .
termined to starve himself to death.
end from tho day of his arrest refused
to cat. In spite of every effort on the
part of his warders, who first tried
tempting him to cat by placing the
most dainty meals in his cell, and
when that failed, attempted feeding
him by force, he held out for 63 days,
at the end of which time he died. Up
to then the longest authenticated fast
on recard was that accomplished by
Giovanni Sued, who fasted at tho
Itoyal Aquarium. London, for 45 days.
But these records sink into insignifi
cance when compared with the fat
pig of Dover, enshrined in Dr. V. B.
Carpenter's "Manual of Physiology."
This pig weighed 160 pounds and was
entombaM for 160 days by the fall of
a portion of the chalk cliffs. When
dug out It weighed only 40 pounds,
hut to the surprise of its owner was
x.i .. .. j
"Of all the tortures I should think
tho most terrible would be to be aw
fully thirsty where no water could be
"Why water?"
"Ever since I can remember I was
a terrible sufferer of eczema and
other irritating skin diseases. I would
lie awake all night, and my suffering
was intolerable. A scaly humor set
tled on my back, and being but a
child, I naturally scratched It. It
was a bufning, itching sensation, and
utterly intolerable, in fact. It was so
that I could not possibly forget about
it. It did not tako long before it
spread to my shoulders and arms, and
I was almost covered with a mass of
raw flesh on account of my scratching
it I was in such a condition that my
hands were tied.
"A number of physicians were call
ed, but it seemed beyond their med
ical power and knowledge to cure
me. Having tried numerous treat
ments without deriving any benefit
from them, I had given myself up to
the mercy of my dreadful malady, but
I thought I would tako the Cuticura
treatment as a last resort. Word3
cannot express my gratitudo to tho
one who created 'The Cuticura Mira
cles,' as I have named them, for now
I feel as if I never suffered from even
n pimple. My disease was routed by
Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and I
shall never cease praising the wonder-
mi luciiia lint luniuiu. a win uuvcr
be without them, in fact, I can almost
dare any skin diseases to attack me
so long as I have Cuticura Remedies '
in the house. I hope that this letter
will give other sufferers an idea of
how I suffered, and also hope that
they will not pass the 'Cuticura Life
Saving Station" (Signed) C. Louis;
Pa., Aug. 29, 1910.
The Tragedy That Wasn't.
He raised the shining knife; his
face was dark. The woman before him
shrank back a step. The knife fell,
plunged into the flesh, again, and once
Then the woman spoke thickly:
"There's plenty; they're such big
chopB." Judge.
Among Colleagues.
"I am afraid that man speaks before
he thinks."
"Impossible!" v
"He never thinks."
Fend 2c stamp for five samples of our
verv lest Gold Kinlwsscd, Easter, Flower
ancf Motto I'ot Cards; beautiful colors and
loveliest designs. Art Pout Card Club, 731
Jackson St., Topcka. Kan.
A man likes to repeat the smart
things his children say, because he
imagines it is hereditary.
ONtT oxk "nnojio qvtstst
tb s!cnatnro of K. V. ;ilVi.
L&cU tho World
ever lo Cure a Cold In ticu liar. -
Every man Is 'a comer until he
reaches a certain age then he's a
Garfield Tea corrects constipation,
cleanses tho system and purifies the blood.
Good health :! maintained by its use.
The chap who gets a free ride In a
patrol wagon isn't carried away with
The expression
Vaaaflam afl
tor tnia reuaeie remedy.
Sick wossea are invited to consult by letter, free. All eorrespondea
strictly private and sacredly confidential. Write without fear and without
fee to World's Dispensary, R. V. Pi:r, M. D., Pres't, Bufiale, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate aad invigorate 'stoasach, Iivsr ajaj
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granules, easy to take as caady.
' W1M jya U
In 1903 and 1904, I was a terrible suf
ferer for about five months with kidney
and bladder trouble. I could not sleep
t, .i n-j .. .
i nights and was obliged to get up
I , 4,-mM . ,." T V,-5
ten or
i :" ""- -r ""-.. j.-
j and blood continually. One doctor said I
was going into consumption and gave me
up to die. Had two other doctors ,but re
ceived no help from either of them and
em sure I would have been in my grave
Had I not seen your advertisement in the
"Daily Eagle Star." After taking several
bottles of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot I waa
entirely cured.
In the last two years I have been
railroad fireman andhave passed two ex
aminations for my kidneys successfully, se
that I know that my kidneys are in ex
cellent condition now as a result of you
great preparation, Swamp-Root.
Yours very truly,
1422 Mary St.
Marinette, Wis.
Personally appeared before me this 25ta
of September, 1009, George Kcnsler, who
subscribed the above statement and made
oath that the same is true in substance
and in fact.
Notary Public,
Door County, Wis.
Blasftaaua. X. T.
Prove What Swaap-Reet Wa Do For Yoa
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, X. Y., for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable information, telling
all about the kidneys and bladder. When
writing, be sure and mention this paper.
For sale at all drug stores. Price fifty
cents and one-dollar.
Loud apparel naturally proclaims
the man.
Smoker find I.rrnV Single Binder 5e
cigar better quality than 10c cigars.
No doubt the mind cure is all right
If you have the mind to begin with.
and run down and
subjected to spells of
Stomach trouble and
Biliousness you can
not take a better
medicine than Hos
tetter's Stomach Bit
ters. It removes the
cause by toning the
entire digestive sys
tem. Try it and See.
Stomach Bitters
Is not a "food" it fa a medicine, and the
only medicine in the world for cows only.
Made for thecowond, a itsname Indicates,
meow car: Barrenness, retained afterbirth,
abortion, seours.eakedudder.nnil all similar
affections positively and quickly cured. No
one who keeps cows, whether many or few,
can afford to b- without "Kow-Kutu.'
It is made especially to keep cows healthy.
Our took "What to Do 'When Your Cows
Are Sick" sent free. Ask your local dealer for
"A'oa-kur, "oraendtothemanufacturers.
Dairy Asseclatfon Ck LyndenvHIe, Vt.
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Genuine Signature
A Country School for
Girls in New York City
Best Features ol Country and City Ufa
Out-of-door Sports on School Park
or 35 acres near tho Hudson River.
Full Academic Course from Primary
Class to Graduation. Upper Class
for Advanced Special Students. Mu
sic antl Art. Summer Session. Cer
tificate ndmlts to College. School
Coach Meets Day Pupils.
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sick women, " I was completely discouraged." And ther
ii always good reason for the discouragement. YeaSa of
pain and suffering. Doctor after doctor tried in vain.
Medians doing no lasting good. It is no wonder that
the woman feels discouraged.
Thousands of these weak sad sick women have found
health and courage regained as the result of the use ol
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
It establishes regularity, heals inflammatioa and ulcera
tion, and cures weakness.
asD sietc woxex well.
Refuse substitutes offered far unscrunnlooa drnif