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Constant Suffarer From Chron
ic Catarrh Rtiltvtd by
Mrs. J. IT.
Bourland. San
Baba, Texas,
"For twenty-three
I was a con
Btant sufferer
from chronic
catarrh. I had
e. severe mis
ery and burn
ing in the top
01 my utiiu. L.,?'iti.i;-..
There was al- P " ?x"v$
most a con
tinual drop
plnff of mucus
Into my throat,
which caused
frequent es
pecto ration.
My entire sys
tem gradually
became in
v o 1 v e d. and
my condition
Mrs. J. H. Bourland.
trewwor-c. j,
had an incessant cough and frequent
attacks of bilious colic, from v.iiich It
seemed I could not recover. Sly bowels
also became affected, causing alarming
attacks of hemorrhages. I tried many
remedies, which gave only temporary
relief or no relief at all. I at last tried
Peruna, and in three days I was re
lieved of the bowel derangement. After
using five bottles I was entirely cured.
I most cheerfully recommend the use of
Peruua to any one similarly afflicted,"
Many n man who swears at a big
monopoly is nourishing a little one.
Dr. 1'ieiw's Pollot. small, pupar-emted,
easy to t.-i!;- as camly. reul-iti and invig
orate f-tumacli, liver and bowel;.. Do not
Tlie test of whether you are edu
cated is. can you do wiiat ou otight.
when you ought, whether you want to
o it or not? Herbert Spencer.
IVrrs of Track's Ohiimcn for Pilot
fIiouM n-.ul Dr. Win. T. Mairs' now
"i'rartic-jl Mwiy of I'll -." sent free by D
Ilaii24t.ii, .-viii A ('ft.. ISuflalo. X. Y.
What Was He?
Mrs. Iloyle My husband is a para
noiac. .Mrs. Doyle Why didn't you marry
en American?
J-crnl IV M m:j) for lie kitiijiIoi of our
ci U--t (iol.l MiiiIk) -l. Kator. Kli.wer
mid M"it l'.'-t (irl; beautiful eolois and
lovi-lie-t ieNi-ii--. Art Pot Card Club, 731
Jack.-on M., Topek-i. Kan.
Rebelled. v
Mrs. Richquiek John. I want you to
fiuy a ih'W parlor suit.
Mr. Hichquick Maria. I've been
agreeable enough so far to get differ
ent clothes for morning, noon, after
noon and night, but I'm consumed if
I'll change 'cm every time I go into a
different room."
Tasted Good.
"I saw John, the butler, smacking
his lips just now as he went out. Had
he been taking anything, Katie?"
aswed the mistress.
"What was he doln', ma'am?" asked
the pivtty waiting girl.
"Smacking his lips."
"Sure, he'd just been smacking
mine, ma'am!" Youkers Statesman.
A Woman's Letter.
Women, it is generally admitted,
write better letters than men.
M. Marcel Provost has discovered
the reason for this superiority. "The
obvious meaning is never the one wo
thould read into a woman's letter.
There is always a veiled meaning.
Woman makes use of a letter just as
she employs a glance or a smile, in a
way that is carefully thought out, and
with an eye to effect. And, after all,
her head? Does a woman's parasol
keep off the sun? Why, then, should
n woman's letter serve to convey her
real thoughts to the person ad
dressed, just like the letters of some
honest grocer, who writes, I send you
Jive pounds of coffee." because he
really does send you live pounds of
A Doctor's Talk on Food.
There aro no faiier sot of men on
earth than the doctors, and when they
find they have been in error thej' are
usually apt to make honest and manly
admission of the fact.
A case in point is that of a practi
tioner, one of tho good old school, who
lives in Texas. His plain, unvarnished
tale needs no dressing up:
"I had always had an intense preju
dice, which I can now see was unwar
rantable and unreasonable, against all
muchly advertised foods. Hence. I !
never read a line of the many 4ads of
Grape-Nuts, nor tested tho food till
last winter.
"While in Corpus Christl for my
health, and visiting my youngest son,
who has four of the ruddiest, healthi
est little boys I ever saw, I ate my
first dish of Grape-N'uts food for sup
per with my little grandsons.
"I became exceedingly fond of It
and have eaten a package of it every
week since, and find it a delicious, re
freshing and strengthening food, leav
ing no ill effects whatever, causing no
eructations (with which I was for
merly much troubled), no sense of
fullness, nausea, nor distress of stom
ach in any way.
"There is no other food that agrees
with me so well, or sits as lightly or
pleasantly upon my stomach as this
"I am stronger and more active
since I began the use of Grape-Nuts
than I have been for 10 years, and
em no longer troubled with nausea
and indigestion." Name given by
Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Look in pkgs. for the famous little
book. "The Ro3d to "Wellville."
"There's a Reason."
Ever rend the above letter? A an
eae appram from time to time. They
lire centime, trae, mad lull of bi
V "': ii TrsTmrHTTrrH
Buildings Should te Comfortable and Convenient but Need
Mot be Elaborate It Is of Vital Importance That
IDrinkinz Founts be Clean.
Pigeons do not need a fancy house;
an old barn or building of any de
scription can be fitted up to serve
their needs. If the building is to
house 25 pairs of homers, it should
be seven feet wide by ten feet long,
and if more than one, house is to be
built under the same roof, leave an
alley way from three to four feet wide
separating it from the pen by a wire
The front of the building should be
eight feet high, with six light win
dows. Directly above the windows two
holes seven by eight inches should be
placed, through which the pigeons
can come and go. They should be
provided with a slide to be closed
whi'ii the weather is very cold. These
can he opened and closed from the
alley-way by pieces of rope and pul
leys. The fly pen should be as high and
wide as the front of the pen proper
and about IS feet long. It should be
enclosed with wire netting small
enough to keep sparrows out.
Six feet from the ground a six-inch
wide hoard should be placed from
front of house to end of run on either
side as an alighting board.
The bathing-pan should be placed
in the fly. and there should be a door
i:i the front of the fly through which
a person can pass in and out. These
doors are simply a frame covered
with wire.
In the pens, nest-boxes in tiers are
built on either side, preferably on the
east and west walls. These boxes are
4 feet high, 10 feet long, arranged In
.i' r-mmmi
gaiJIilfcrm.L ' II
e -fi met n -
Z- A - -. T.
Position of Feeding Trough.
yairs 1 foot deep. 1 foot high and 2
feet long, divided by a capital T front,
thus making two nests of each box.
Each side now has 20 pairs of boxes,
miple for 2 a pairs of breeders or
more, up to V,7 pairs, hut this is rather
Dvercrowding the birds.
When thi building just described
has been furnished with receptacles
for feed, water, oyster shell, salt, grit
Experiments In Ireland Indicate
Thut Burnt Wood in Some
Form Is Important in
"Putteniiis Poultry.
In . recent issue of the Journal of
Agriculture for Ireland was given an
account of experiments conducted for
the purpose of deciding the exact
value of charcoal as a means of keep
ing birds that are closely confined In
good health during the period of fat
tening. Eighteen large, healthy Ayles
bury ducklings were selected from a
large flock, and divided into three
pens, each pen containing C duck
lings'. The ducklings were fed upon
foods which previous experiment had
shown to be profitable and econom
ical, namely, boiled potatoes, barley
meal, ground oats, skim milk and tal
low greaves. The method of prepar
ing the food was to boil, strain and
pound up the potatoes, which before
boiling would constitute about one
third by weight of the mash. Ilarley
meal and ground oats were then in
equal parts mixed with the potatoes.
Skim milk was added to form a rather
wet mash. Tiiis was fed to the duck
lings from the end of the fifth to the
beginning of the ninth week. During
the last two weeks of fattening, ani
mal food in the form of rough fat or
tallow- cracklings was added to the
mash, the allowance being about two
ounces per day to each duck. Grit and
water for drfciking were liberally suj
plied. Apart from the charcoal, the
food received by all the ducklings was
the same.
Tables were given as to the results
of the trials, which seem to indicate
that charcoal in one form or another
is important In the profitable fatten
ing of ducks. It appeared to keep the
ducklings healthy, and enabled fatten
ing to be continued with profit for a
much longer period than when char
coal was not allowed. Experiments
with geese were conducted on similar
lines, and gave almost identical re
sults. The food's fed to the geese
An excellent plan for constructing a
log stable, about 40 by 20 feet, with
concrete floor, to accommodate horses
on one side and cows on the other, is
given below:
Make a foundation for stable a few
inches above floor line. To build wall
10 inches wide and 2 feet 6 inches
deep will take ten yards gravel, or if
you use stone filler, eight yards gravel
and two yards stone. If j'ou use fillers,
five barrels cement; if all gravel, six
barrels cement, mixed eight to one.
First three inches of floor will take
eight yards gravel, five barrels cement,
eight to one; second coat, one inch
thick, will require 2 2-3 yards sand,
four barrels cement, mixed three to
one. Ram first coat down hard.
iHwftrorBl yV
and charcoal, and thoroughly white
washed inside, it is ready to have the
birds placed in it.
On a well conducted pigeon plant
the routine should be as follows:
In summer at five o'clock in the
morning, all birds are watered; 7:30,
fed; 12::i0, watered; 4, fed. In win
ter. G:30 in the morning, watered; S.
fed; 12:30. watered; 3, fed. At five
in the afternoon all the founts are
emptied of their water to prevent
It is of vital Importance that the
drinking-founts should be kept per
fectly clean by frequent washing and
scouring. They should be washed with
water containing i cupful of crude
carbolic acid to a bucketful of water.
A pigeon will not bathe in deep
water. It always measures the depth
of the water with its head and bill,
Position of Water Can.
and if it is so deep that another bird
by sitting on its back can push it un
der and drown it, the bird will not
bathe in that water. Make your pans
not over four inches deep. Twice a
week in summer is often enough to
bathe birds, and once a week in win
ter. A good rain is equivalent to a bath,
as the birds will sit on the running
board and hold up their wings to
catch the drops. If the weather
should turn cold soon after bathing,
they should be driven into the house
and the windows should be closed.
Use a two-gallon drinking-fount for
r0 birds. The cut shows exactly how
this fount should be placed in the loft.
The fount must be kept perfectly
clean always.
Feeding troughs should be 4 feet
long. 4 inches wide, 1 inches deep,
placed in the center of the loft, so the
feed can be thrown into the trough
from the alleyway. Keep it always
clean and dry.
Keep plenty of grit, oyster shell and
charcoal, together with a sack of
baked salt, before the birds all the
were the same as those fed to the
ducks, except that they got steeped
oats instead of mash for the evening
meal, mash being fed in the morning
The charcoal fed to both ducks and
geese was burnt wood, broken fine.
Lettuce on Benches.
Good lettuce can be grown upoc
benches, but those who. make a spe
cialty of it plant out in thoroughly
prepared soil at the usual ground level
of the house. In the latter case more
of the space can be given the crop, as
the walks are reduced to 10 or 12-inch
boards laid on the beds. The best soil
for lettuce is a good, rotted sod, lib
erally enriched with well-rotted ma
nure. Avoid fresh manure for this
crop. Give water moderately when
first planted, increasing the supply as
the plants develop in size.
Exsrcise Fat Ram.
If the ram gets too fat, do not re
duce his fatness by starving him. be
cause that is as bad as a fat woman
trying to reduce her flesh by the same
process. Give him plenty of exercise,
and cut down his rations so graduaily
that he will not suffer from hunger.
Sowing Corn Fodder.
Corn fodder should be sown thickly,
cither with a grain drill or com plant
er, at the rate of 30 to 50 pounds per
acre. Cultivate one way, cut with
a corn binder, shock in the field and
allow to stand until fed or hauled to
the barn.
A Big Potato Crop.
Lehigh county. Pennsylvania, last
year harvested a 2.000,000-bushel po
tato crop, which will bring the grow
ers about $1,000,000. The potato farm
ers in that section rotate their crops;
that is. grain one year, grass the next
and potatoes the third year.
Farms in Holy Land.
According to Mr. Frank G. Carpen
ter, the noted traveler, "farms" in the
Holy Land are often not bigger than
bed quilts and seldom contain more
than three or four acres. There are
but few farms of large size in the
Flatten logs on two sides, bottom
and top sides. Cut end of log to "V"
shape lengthwise of log on top side,
then cut "V" across end of log on un
der side. These will fit one on top of
other. The illustration shows how to
cut logs to place them in position. Use
two poles and roll them up to place, or
you can do this with team of horses by
using rope. Tie rope to end of each
pole, then bring them down around
log, bringing the other ends back over
building. Hook on the team, and they
will roll up very easily.
Ereaking Colts.
Colts should be broken to walk
down hill. No horse's legs will long
stand being pounded down hilL
1 A 4 mwarsf'away-A msmstiHTmss Lmst'mBBmaamsmBMaav'. v-
tGvt 9 m sLrmaa aaom aar TT-aaa ImBaTBBY-mmsmsmitaw r 1 1,.
Oratory in the House Comes
Think or rr-
TH15 -B-i-L-l.
30 C-EM-T-S
l-T-S 0rt-hl-GH-T
WASHINGTON. The craze for sta
tistics has Invaded the most
sacred of precincts. It has attacked,
assaulted, indicted and convinced the
most parlous of statisticians them
selves the members of congress.
Proof, by statistics furnished right
on the floor of the house, that the
5-peeches there cost more than the
total amounts of many of the items
under discussion has left the entire
aggregation in chronic terror that,
when their most flowery orations are
being speeded on their way Id the
morgue of the Congressional Record,
some treacherous antagonist may
arise, reverse his cuffs and read off
evidence that the honorable gentle
man's silence would bo golden.
Like the famous discover' of dry
farming in the west, because of the
hcofprint of a mule, the economy of
words in congress was precipitated by
The state department had an item
W5 "WwiBa W2
PlUR64n (V-5
-p - ff 111 L mX
WJfcjp r -
Mine Rescue Squads Reduce Deaths
DEATHS of coal miners in explo
sions last year were reduced 25
per cent, by the rescue system in aug
urated by the federal government.
For many years this rescue work
was left to the different states and
was but indifferently done. As the
death rate grew about ten per cent,
annually, the federal government de
cided it was time to take charge of
this work Itself.
Six rescue stations have been es
tablished. One of these is at Trinidad.
Colo.; another at Rock Springs, Wyo.,
and others in various parts of the coal
producing country.
These stations are old Pullman
sleeping cars. In which four men
spend all their time, night and day,
never going further than a few mln-
J utes walk from the car. In charge
I of the party is a mining engineer. The
others are a practical miner, a hos
pital attendant capable of giving first
aid to" the Injured and a cook. The
car Is equipped with rescue apparatus
ready for immediate use and there are
Dog in Arms Rouses a Congressman
THE idle rich woman, who fondles
her poodle dog, leaving the care
ot her children to servants, has been
delivered a stinging slap by a western
representative. He has nothing to say
against the poodle, but his mistress ho
believes to be un-American. The
American home Is being undermined
by this kind of woman, he thinks. She
constitutes a grave national problem
which should be speedily solved.
"Poodle dogs are usurpers, and
should be returned to their proper
place in the home." said he.
"While I was passing in front of a
residence that cost hundreds of thou
sands of dollars, an elaborately dress
ed woman came out." he said. "She
carried in her arms a costly poodle
dog. and as she stepped into her car
riage, two of her servants, wearing
high silk hats, bowed almost to their
knees. One assisted her to enter the
carriage while the other draped her
Protest Made at
ANOTHER financial situation In
Latin-America which is seriously
engaging the attention of the state
department, with a view to protecting
American interests, is the confused
monetary condition of Haiti.
It is proposed by Haiti to substitute
for the Hatien National bank, a
French corporation which controls the
financial dealings of the country, a
dmilar banking concession to be
granted to a group of German, French
and American bankers, the German in
terests predominating.
Some time ago the United States
protested against the proposed ar
rangement on the ground that Ameri
can interests were not properly pro
tected. Since then the Haitien gov
ernment has made some modifications
He Guessed Wrong.
"I have just been reading a sad
story about a man who was horse
whipped by a girl's father because he
helped her to elope."
"Poor chap! I dare say he thought
the girl's father would give him a bos
of cigars."
Cynic Speaks.
Youngieigh I don't like a mannish,
domineering woman. Give me a wom
an with feminine instincts.
Cynicus My boy, domineering Is a
thoroughly feminine instinct
-rT"Wa.w IET
23Baw&ei : r
of $23?.Gj for horseshoeing. Misiourl
representatives declared they were
from the "show me 6tate." The sec
retary of state couldn't show the
shoes, which had been worn out
There was a quarter of an hour of or
atory when up rose a representative
from Pennsylvania. "Gentlemen," he
said, "it costs $10,000 an hour to run
this house, and we have already spent
12,500 worth of words trying to skin
a $237 Item. Let's quit"
The total of the year's appropria
tion for the upkeep of the house was
$4,567,824.10. Actual working days
number 90, and the average time of a
day's work is five hours. The normal
2.1G0 hours in 90 days would make
the house expense run into $2,114.73
per hour, on a 24-hour basis. But al
lowing only five hours of honest work
per day, the expense amounts to $10.
573.65 per hour.
The 6alary roll of the members
amounts to $2,989,050. Their mileage
is $154,000. The clerks cost $598,500
for those who are credited to mem
bers, and $133,800 for clerks of com
mittees. There are a number of
minor items, among them the salary
of $1,200 that goes to the chaplain
who prays for congress's wisdom. He
is about the poorest paid of all, con
sidering the size of his job.
sleeping apartments for the men.
When news comes of a mine disas
ter an engine is attached to the car
and It is rushed to the scene of the
Upon arrival, the mining engineer
in charge of the government rescue
squad and apparatus takes charge of
the mine and from the general mnn
ager down to the mule driver, all
obey his orders and do it on the jump.
He organizes rescue parties, equipping
each man with an oxygen helmet en
abling him to withstand any kind "of
poisonous gases for two hours. Then,
with his hclmctcd squad behind him.
the mining engineer enters the mine
and begins a search for dead and dy
ing miners.
The rescue parties carry pulmotors,
with which to revive dying miners
with oxygen. Fifteen lives are Bald
to have been saved last year by use of
this device.
In West Virginia last year there
was a mine owner who had no faith
in the pulmotors. He insisted on going
into the mine with the rescuing party
and did not wear a helmet. He was
found unconscious from the effect of
noxious gases, but by the application
of the pulmotor was revived and tak
en out alive. He immediately ordered
a consignment of the little oxygen
pumps and had his men instructed In
their use.
dress about her feet. A moment later
a negro servant came out wheeling a
baby carriage, and I crossed the street
to find out that the baby carriage held
the woman's little son. The thought
of the woman holding the poodle dog,
where the child should have been,
while she gave the animal its morning
outing, seemed inhuman to me, when
I thought of the child being taken out
by the servant.
"But, finally. I decided that the
poodle was more to be pitied than the
child. It was In worse company. But
the sad part about the whole incident
was that a mother could go smilingly
away from her baby boy, while she
cuddled and patted the insignificant
little dog as her side. Poodles are
nil right as pets for children, and. in
cidentally, for older people. But he
fore they are allowed to take the
places of children in our homes. I
would rather see every poodle in the
nation drawn and quartered.
"Tho only kind of a home which is
worth while is the home where the
mother gives her first and best
thought to her children. Too often In
America today rich women care noth-
I ing for their offspring, but would
I rather bestow their foolish affection
on pets that really amount to noth ing."
Hatien Bank Move
in its original plan, bnt the changes
have not been sufficient, in the opin
ion of tne state department, to warrant
the withdrawal of the American pro
test In connection with the national
bank concession Haiti Is trying to
float a loan to fund Its interior debt
; The course which will be adopted in
regard to Haitien bonds in this rela
tion Is of interest to the United States
government because many American
creditors of Haiti have been paid in
bends of that government So If such
j bonds are scaled down the people who
received them on the basis of their
former value, in the opinion of the
state department, will have grounds
for a claim In equity.
The possibility of American bankers
participating ln the loan also causes
the state department to believe that
it Ms the moral duty of this govern
ment to scrutinize closely the trans
action to see that no contract is enter
ed into which cannot be backed up by
the United States In case at some
future time Haiti fails to fulfill her ob
ligations. More Work For Dad.
A local dentist is a father for a
second time. His older child gazed at
the new one for a few minutes and
said, gravely: "Papa, here's soma
bridge work you'll have to do free."
An Object Lesson.
"I say, you ought to take that non
productive hen of yours on a sailing
"What forr
"She would not only Improve In
health by the voyage, but would learn
to lay. too."
It will grow in your own garden.
Ripening here in Wisconsin in 90
days. Splendid health coffee and cost
ing to grow about one cent a pound.
A great rarity; a healthful drink.
Send us today 15 cents in stamps
and we will mail you package above
coffee seed with full directions and
our mammoth seed and plant cata
log free. Or send us 31 cents and we
add 10 packages elegant flower and
unsurpassablo vegetable seeds, suffi
cient to grow bushels of vegetables
and flowers. Or make your remittance
40 cents and we add to all of above 10
packages of wonderful farm seed spe
cialties and novelties. John A. Salzer
Seed Co., 182 S. Sth St, La Crosse, Wis.
Some women are good to look at.
but bad to be tied to.
AVetfdable Preparation for As
similating (heFoodandReguIa
ling iheStomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Dt$:srion,Cheerful
nessand Rest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narc otic
Ffpt tfotdDrSAMvatnarnt
fhimpkin Sd
Amu Sttd
fiimM -
Harm Set J -ClarSitJ
ffimkrfrttm fhwar.
A Dcrfect Remedy forConstipa
lion . Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fevensh
ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company;.
Guaranteed under the Food
Copy ofWrapptt.
KK uilll"i!'":i' ii .u'l.iii'i'ii'nuiiiii ii.iiiiiiiiniiiiniiim
S Hi li III Ii Ii I 1 ' I iiiaLiiiihiiitM
Kltooous jrerms from
aitrr. Larvae tatlll
Aflwf ! AflfiMKMiMwreHMldT.
Keeplt. bnwtoTourdrDirKlt.bolllntlt(orjou. Fre Booklet. "Dl
tfiiaM nit fn -" kimcIaI Airrfitii wanted.
A Terrible End. 1
"He met with a hard death." 1
"How was that?"
"Suffocated by his own hot air In
a telephone booth."
rorrdnittjNt will relund money If PAZU OIST
v.KXT falls r cum of Itching. KllaX
iSIctNU&xurrrutrDdlntcinlcslnGtoUilJja. 63
Modesty is to merit as shades to
figures in a picture; giving it strength '
and beauty. Uruyere.
A cup of Garfield Tea lcfnre retiring j
will inure that all-important measure, the
daily cleaning of the system. I
Common sense in an uncommon de
gree is what the world calls wisdom.
Mr. Window's Soothing Syrup for Children
tfthinir. uftn- the cmns. mluces Inflamma
tion, allays. Jiain. curr wind colic. 25c a buttle.
People seldom Improve when they
have no model but themselves to copy
after. Goldsmith.
Low? Sinzl Binder cijfnr ij never
doped only tobaceo in its natural state.
The reward of a thing well done is
to have done it. Emerson.
Garfield Twi Ins ltroupht Rood health to
thousands! Uncqualcd for constipation.
Give a girl a present, and she will
not worry about the future.
Remedies are Needed
Were we perfect, which we are not, medicines would
aot often be needed. But since our systems here be
come weakened, impaired and brokea dowa throafb
iadiscretions which have gone 00 from Che early ages,
through countless gencrmtiona, remedies err seeded to
aid Narare ia correcting our inherited and otherwise
acquired weaknesses. To reach the teat of stomach
weakness and coaseqeeat digestive troables, there ia
nothing so good as Dr. Pieree's Goldea Medical Discov
ery, a glyceric compound, extracted from aarire medic.
iaal roots sold for over forty yean with great satkfaetioa to aH asers. For
Weak Stomach, Bilwwoew, LirerCompkuat, Paia ia the Stomach after catiag.
Heartburn, Bad Breath, Belching of food, Chroaie Diarrhea aad other Intestinal
Derangements, tbe "Discovery" k a time-proven aad moat amcient remedy.
The genmiam Mas om it
dm wrapper tha
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Dr. Pierce's Pleasaat Pellets irgalate aad iarigorate attanech, liver ami
towels. Sagar-coated, tiny graaelea, easy to take as caady.
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V. L. Douglas shoes cost more to make than ordinary shoes,
because higher grade leathers are used and selected with greater
care. These are the reasons why W. L. Douglas shoes are guar
anteed tO holtl thir aharwh Irwtlr .n1 fifc titff.r ntul wm.Iwm.
than any other shoes you, can buy.
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and protects the wearer against high prices
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Will purify your blood, clear
3Tour complexion, restore your
appetite, relieve your tired feel
ing, build you up. Be sure to
take it this spring.
Get it In nsnal liquid form or chocoIataA
tablets ended Sanuttata. lift) Doses it.
in New York City. Best features of
try and city life. Out-of-door sports am
school park of 35 acres near the Hudson
River. Academic Course Primary Claaato
Graduation. Upper class for Advaaced
Special Students. Music and Art. Writ
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For lafimti mud Children,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
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Thirty Years
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Shlpptatf Fever
1 Catarrhal Fever
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remedr. 60c and ! a bottle: t5 audita a docen. Cut tola oa
&1eV.?a.& 60SIEN. IXD., U. S. A.
92fo IN 6 MONTHS
Our clients who acted on our advice
in the purchase of only three estab
lished dividend - paying stocks made
92.1 on their investment between
August 3. 1910 and February 14. 19x1.
or at the rate of 184.2 annually.
We bare prepared a handsome booklet
telllnjr bow this was done, explaining tbe
operation of trading In tbe stock market
and bbowinff how enormou profits can be
made with a minimum of risk. TIIIS
96 Broad Street New York CHy
HiflH HHb
Sand only 2c stamp and receive " al b"b
S Try finest Gold Embossed Cards I
FREE, to introduce post card offer.
Capital Card Co.. Bept. 79 Tepeka,
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 10-1911.
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slaa, 143 spark Be. arotkm. Maaa. a2.00,S2.804S3.00
Near Denver. One mile from R.R. Station.
Full "Water Klrhts Good House. Ham.
Corrals, all fenced. Liberal Terms. c.W.
BOXB LAND CO, 8th Floor, lat National
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