The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, February 08, 1911, Image 7

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ifM $lsrBYTHETP,L's&l
j&r You'll be de" M
Mp lighted 'with the re- BH
& sn!ts of Calumet Baking ffi
Kf Powder. No disappoints H
U no flat, heavy, seggy biscuits, WB
H cake, or pastry.
Just the lightest, daintiest, most W
R uniformly raised and most deli- Em
vL cious food you ever ate. MS
V RcelvdM(hcitrewtrd World'a jgSf
KV Furo Food Exposition, fw
6w Chitio. isor. iSr
Spleedid Orsps
John Henry
tltlfL' THfl-'?
jn Saskatchewan (Wcstsrn Canada)
SOO Bushels from 20 acres
ot wheat was the thresher s
return from u Lloyd-
nw.ster lurm in the
reason cf 1S1D. Many
field in thut as vcl! as
other districts ield
ed from 25 to 35 bu
shels of wlieat to the
acre. Other grains in
:frtTJ proportion.
"- V WJV? 14
Rf 9 ?.
iiir,t MF'
J' v'vti'Tat'J i uinr wr"E
a- ixSS tiin'-sa rnur J i a
4X$P?M "rg thui derived
V HOMES'! I. A I L A N 1 5
i.S''."- TWs lout t.KHiri' cantos
$ Ir1r-s In ikHjiici I-ind valine
rf .1 1 h!u.. -.. a . .......
.raln crtin inic.niKrd farm
Ir.s:. fulfil raiMiijran.I dulrj
liiK " all ini!iiiil!e. free
IIi:ii-5l-ii(isr J fl arret tire
lit li hart in tlio ii-ry lot
IKtrlrlx: inil:icrc jirti-eiiip-Moiisat
!3.i!i) iktsict wltfi
in rt.i.r. rtroji. S-lmoNinl
-liurrlics In --ry mH!
inriit. rlli:i:it uiiixrt-llt il.
cull tlio rlrlit-M: Atoixl. witter j
mill rtil Itling; luutiirlnl
lor particulars as to location
Ion M'Jtlcrs" railway rail's and
di-scrlitl' Illustrated lainphlot
"Ijist Ilct.t -M " and otli-r ln
foruritlxn write to Siiptnf Imuil
cratlon, Ml:in. ( madu. ir to
tiinadlan Curvrnuienl AKent.
Bee Building Omaha, Neb.
(ls addn-s noarc-t yon.i 311
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"I brought Tacks with me because
I had to do some shopping, and he's
so much company," Clara J. explained,
when I joined them at the restaurant
by appointment.
"Tacks is always pleasant com
pany," I said, politely, but I deter
mined to keep a watchful eye on my
youthful brother-in-law, nevertheless.
That kid was born with an abnor
mal bump of mischief and by pains
taking endeavor he has won the
world's championship as an organ
izer of impromptu riots.
"Oh, John!" said Clara J. when I
began to make faces at the menu
card, "I didn't notice until now how
pale you look. Have ou had a busy
"Busy!" I replied; "well, rather.
I've been giving imitations of a bull
fight. Everybody I met was the bull
and I was the fight. Nominate your
eats! What'll it be. Tacks?"
"Sponge cake," said Tacks promptly.
"What else?" asked Clara J.
"More sponge cake," the youth re
plied, and just then the smiling and
sympathetic waiter stooped down to
pick up a fork Tacks had dropped.
In his anxiety not to miss any
thing, Tacks rubbered acrobatically,
with the result that he upset a glass
of ice water down the waiter's neck,
and three seconds later the tray
trotter had issued an extra and was
saying things in French that would
sound scandalous if translated.
It cost me a dollar to bring the dish
dragger back to earth, and Tacks said
I could break his bank open when we
got home and take all the money if I'd
let him do it again.
" Uncle Peter is delighted beyond
measure with your business ability,"
Clara J. informed me after the treat v
"Sorry I had to give you the busy
ear, Peaches, but the fact Is I paddled
away to the office of Higginbottom &
Co., who wanted to put me wise to
some, cr that is, some new stock!"
"Railroad stock?" she inquired.
"Well, not exactly Twentieth Cen
tury Limited or Royal Blue Flyers,"
I answered, "but I think some of il
could win from a slow freight if prop
erly coaxed.
"Watered stock, I suppose!"
laughed Glara J.
"Yes. it was watered all right, but
not fed," I replied. "There wasn't
much doing in oats until I led the way
to the barn."
I had Peaches in the air by this
time, but she thought I was talking
the broker dialect, so she stayed on
the roof and watched the scenery go
Just then I got a flash of Dike Law
rence bearing down in our direction
under a full head of gasoline.
Dike was leading a three-days' jaff
by the hand and talking to it like a
A good old fellow. Dike, but for
years he permitted a distillery to use
his thirst as a testing station and it
had put the dear boy away to the
Dike was a good lawyer, when ho
worked at it. rich, unmarried, and tho
busiest buyer in the borough.
"H'ar'ye. Mrs. John? Howdy, John?
How do do, little man! Scuze me' for
int'ruptlng a family party, but I de
mand 'pology!" he spluttered.
"What's wrong. Dike?" I inquired.
"Demand 'pology," Bike continued.
"Old friend life time threw me down
lesh have drink! Your little son
growing shplendid boy, Mrs. John!"
"This is Tacks, my little brother.
is not a food it is a medicine, and the
! only medicine in the worldfor cows only.
Made for the cow and, as its name indicates.
n. cow cure. Barrenness, retained afterbirth,
abortion, scours, cr.kcduddcr.and all similar
affections positively and quicVly cured. No
one who keeps cows, whether many or few,
can afford to be without "Koio-Kure.'
It is made especially to keep cows healthy.
Our book "What to Do When Your Cows
AreSicl." sent free. Ask your local denier for
"Kois-Kure, "or send to the manufacturers.
Dairy Association Co Lyndonvllle. Vt.
ClcrM sad trsutXei tie hs!r.
Proirote m. laxoi-irl crowth.
.Never Tails to Hestore Oray
iiir to us icumiui vaior.
Core tcftlp dtijes A hfclr it tl:rg.
JSc. and f 110 at DrccEMti
for s-archlng
finest lluei-s.
Nebraska Directory
(Ffc FISTl'LA. ray when Cured.
TA. Alll.'ut MT1.. -. .. ... ....! .1.
out :i t-uririeal .iteration and
guaranteed t la.t .i lifetime. No chloroform
or general ana"t!iel!cu-el Examination free.
DR. E. R. TA3RI- 223 Bea Buiidino. Omaha, Neb.
by mail at cut prices. SerC tor free catalosro.
RUPTURE CUKED in a few days
"" ' wllfc without pain or a sur
cical operation. No jay until cured. Send foi
Dr.Wray,307BooBldg.,Omaha,Neb. , they couldn't' find you
AUClllO Retails for $10.00
"Old Friend Life Time Threw
of peace had been signed with the
"He has a right to be!" I muttered,
painfully, as I thought of my recent
swift ride down the mountain side on
D. Q. & N. I had had a profit of
$7,000 in it and then it went down
and wiped me out
"He says that by following his di
rections carefully you are seven
thousand richer today. Are you,
"Sure, Peaches!" I answered truth
fully. "I'm seven to the good."
i r or my late uncle had left me seven
j horses, which had Just been brought
' to mo from Kentucky by Murf Hig
ginbottom. his old trainer.
I neglected to add the word skates,
but, then, what's a little thing like
that amount to among friends?
i "Seven in one day," she said, en
"Seven in one day one of them
with four white feet," I said, like a
man in a dream.
"What do you mean?" Clara J.
asked: "is that a Wall street ex
pression?" "No," I answered hastily; "I was
only talking to myself and I held the
'phone too close to my mouth. Let's
start this banquet with a hot wave
waiter, clam cocktails for three!"
"Uncle Peter. Aunt Martha and I
had a long talk today about your
prospects in Wall street," Clara J.
rattled on. "Oh. John, vou don't
I know how happy it makes me feel to
think that you'll never, never go near
i those awful race tracks again."
My thoughts took the ferry for Jer
sey City, and I could hear Murf Hig
ginbottom saying. "Yo Uncle Owen
considered yo' all as big Casino on the
eastern tracks, suh!"
"You'll make a lot of money with
i the seven you got today, won't you,
dear?" Peaches asked encouragingly.
, "Possibly." I replied, nervously;
"still, you never can tell. They may
get into the habit of running back
wards er. I mean, the market is very
uncertain! Tacks, take your thumb
out of that butter!"
I "I was so sorry I couldn't get you
on the 'phone early this afternoon."
Clara J. informed me. "I called up
your broker's office down town, but
Me Down-
Built by a machine. Works better than the S25
machines. SelN on sipht. J2.50 profit on each
machine Men ami t omen iell 5 machines in a
iay. People want them, ivhr not jrive all or
part of j onr time. It-, a money maker. Write
at once. Territory will be taken quicklr. As!c
lor description and special o3er cow.
AXtmTlBEKj AOVST, 1613 luua :rrrt. Ooiha, 5,b.
not my son, Mr. Lawrence!" Clara J.
explained: "we haven't any chil
dren," she added nervously.
As I said before. Dike Is tho cham
pion bun builder of my acquaintance,
consequently his conversational cn:t
bursts are never considered seriously.
"Sherry make such a shene, Mrs.
John!" old Doctor Benzine rattled
on. "but musht have 'pology from
life-long friend. Threw me down
hard waiter, bring bo'l wine, quart
wine, two quarts wine, whole case
wine lesh have drink musht have
"What's gone wrong. Dike? Who
owes you an apology?" I asked in an
endeavor to calm him.
"You do," he answered, trying to
look me In the eye; "wait till I get
back I'll shplaln why demand 'poI
ogy," and then his lamps started to
follow the room as it went round and
Presently his gaze rested on Clara
J., and he continued, "Mrs. John,
your husband's gay Lothario bet
two dollars thash lasht time today
I'll be able to shay that word. Never
could shay word like that after saeven
o'clock. Mrs. John, you mush Join
me demand 'pology from thish man.
Time's come when friendship shsashes
and we musht shtand togezzer, sho'ler
to sho'ler. Mrs. John, and so mush
your little son I mean little br-irhcr
for love of heaven please have little
son with you next time so I can shay
what I want to! Lesh have drink!"
"What did my husband do to of
fend you. Mr. Lawrence!" Clara J.
asked, encouragingly.
"Threw me down hard, cold, flat!
Life-lcng friend threw me down. I
shink I'll bust out crying!" Dike an
swered, on the verge of tears.
"Where did I throw you down.
Dike?" I asked, smilingly.
"Pershee Shizzy!" he answered,
pain full y.
"Where did you say?" I snapped,
perceiving quickly that Dike and his
souse promised to lead me into the ice
house with Clara J.
"Jershee Shizzy!" Dike repeated
"Does your friend mean Jersey
City?" Clara J. asked, throwing out a
chill that cooled the room.
"TersiiPft Shlrrtr nch rrltnt- T ofio.l
I ..-.-, ... ....., . .asin.
Dike put in. "If I don't get 'pology j liquid began to flow sluggishly over
I'll bust out crying!" j the bosom of his Immaculate white
"When did you see me In Jersey shirt and was lost In the rem'nn nf He
sell territorial rights for and within the state of
Nebraska, protected by U S patents, held by an old
and wcllknown firm luring been ia business In tho
itateforS years. Our proposal Is best suitable for
sidewalk men. plasterers or cement workers, lict
technical knowledge Is not absolutely necessary.
Prices and terms moderate. Address for lcfonna
Uon to T. IL Box IKS. Lincoln. Xcb
iiiy.- now oare you make such an
accusation against me?" I demanded.
"John," said Dike, trying earnestly
to look at me gravely, "I shaw you
In Jershee Shizzy zish affnoon. Pen
shionvania station, zish aft'noon.
j Spoke to you politely you threw me
down. Followed you to demand 'pol
ogy you gave me shake." Saying
this he grabbed a wine glass from the
table and held it close to his heart In
order to illustrate the intensity of his
Tie next instant a thick reddish
equator, seeing which Dike gave vent
to a yell that brought the waiters on
the hot fooL
"I'm stabbed! stabbed!" groaned
the startled jag-carpenter, clutching
wildly at his shirt front.
"It's my clam cocktail," whispered
Tacks to me; "I poured it in his wine
glass "cause they was top much to
bascum sauce in it for me!"
"Brave boy!" I answered. "It wan
a kindly deed. Come en, Clara J.,
the woods for ours!"
(Copyright, by G. W. Dillingham Co.)
"What becomes of all the smashed
"They sell them to the girls for
bats, I guess."
"My son was about three weeks old
when I noticed a breaking-out on his
cheeks, from which a watery bud
Etancc oozed. A short time after, his
arms, shoulders and breast broke out
tlso, and in a few days became a solid
Ecab. I became alarmed, and called
our family physician, who at once pro
nounced the diseaso eczema. The lit
tle fellow was under his treatment
for about three months. By the end
of that time, he seemed no better. I
became discouraged, and as I had
read the advertisements of Cuticura
Remedies and testimonials of a great
many people who had used them with
wonderful success, I dropped the doc
tor's treatment, and commenced the
use of Cuticura Soap and Ointment,
and In a few days noticed a marked
change. The eruption on his cheeks
was almost healed, and his shoulders,
arms and breast were decidedly bet
ter. When ho was about seven
months old all trace of the eczema
was gone.
"During bis teething period, hi3
head and face were broken out in
boils which I cured with Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. Surely he must
have been a great sufferer. During the
time of teething and from the time I
dropped the doctor's treatment, I used
the Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Oint
ment, nothing else, and when two
years old he was the picture of health.
Hie completion was soft and beauti
ful, and his head a mass of silky curls.
I had been afraid that he would never
be "well, and I feel that I owe a great
deal to the Cuticura Remedies."
(Signed) Mrs. Mary W. Ramsey, 224
. Jackson St, Colorado Springs,
Colo., Sept 24, 1910.
Vagaries of Finance.
"I understand you havo paid the t
mortgage off your place."
"Yep." replied Farmer Cornlossel.
"Then why do you complain of hard
"All the neighbors have done tho
tame thing. That leaves me with
money on my hands that nobody
wants to borrow."
Lewis' Single Binder, Ftraipht Cc many
tniokers prefer them to 10c cigars.
When a man is easily bought the
buyer is usually sold.
Stops Pain .n the Bladder, Kidneys
and Back.
Wouldn't it bo nice within a week or so
to begin to say goodbye forever to the
scalding. driblUng, straining, or too fre
quent passage of urine; the forehead and
the back-of-the-hcjid aches; the stitches
and pains In the back; the growing mus
cle weakness; spots before the eyes; yel
low Bkln; sluggish bowels; swollen eye
lids or ankles; leg cramps; unnatural
short brertth; sleeplessness and the despondency?
I I have a recipe for Uicse troubles mat
! you can depend on, and if you want to
make a QUICK RECOVERY, you ought
to write and get a copy of it. Many a
doctor would charge you SS.C0 Just for
fwritlng tills prescription, but I have It
and will be glad to send It to you entire
ly free. Just drop me a line like this:
Dr. A. E. Robinson. K-253 Luck Building.
Detroit, ilich., nnd I will send it by re
turn mall In a plain envelope. As you will
see when you get It, this recipe contains
only pure, harmless remedies, but It has
great healing nnd pain-conqucrlng power.
It will quickly show its power once you
tlse It, so I think you had better see what
it Is without delay. I will send you a
copy free you can use it and cure your
self at home.
iNow, that was a wrecking crew
worth while it was the worst smash-
up I ever saw, and in 20 minutes they
didn't leave a sign of iL"
, "Wrecking crew, you idiot! They
, were souvenir hunters."
A Corner in Candies.
As an example of trusts and monop
olies prevalent even In that early day
it may be mentioned that in 1750 ono
Benjamin Crabb obtained the exclusivo
right to make sperm candles in Massa
chusetts for 14 years.
A year later, however, a factory was
started in Providence, R. I., and with
in the decade there were eight fac
tories In New England and one In
Philadelphia. Their output greatly re
duced the price of candles, which not
long before sold for five shillings a
pound. In those days $1.25 was worth
fully three times as much a3 it is now.
From the Designer.
That Essential Struggle.
There arc men who go through life
without ever getting what one would
call a throw-down or set-back they
never get to know what it means to
lace rough or tough weather. Their
way is slicked and paved. They seem
to miss the one great essential thing
la every success the struggle; days
when everything looks as though one
is about done for and ready to cave In
Give Defiance Starch a fair trial
try it for both hot and cold starching,
and if you don't think you do better
work, in less time and at smaller cost,
return it and your grocer will give
you back your money.
When a man says that misfortune
drove him to drink the chances are
that drink first drove him to 'misfortune.
SufTerers will profit much front Dr. Wm.
T. Marrs' "Practical Study of Piles, their
uiuso, prevention and cure," sent free by
D. liantom, Son & Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Many a politician who expects a
plum is handed a lemon.
The Walkers.
James M. Beck, the famous corpora
tion lawyer of New York, is a native
of Philadelphia, and to Philadelphia
he often returns to seo his old
Mr. Beck, in a recent banquet In
Philadelphia, defended corporations
with an epigram.
"The trust buster and the Socialist
may do what they please," he said,
"but mankind will still be divided into
two great classes those who walk to
get an appetite for their dinner, and
those who walk to get a dinner for
their appetite."
Diphtheria. Quinsy and Tdnsilitis begin
with sore throat. How much better to
cure a tcrc throat in a day or two than to
be in bed for weeks with Diphtheria.
Just keep Hanilins Wizard Oil in tho
Any New Methods?
"Ain't it strange, th way Kelly beats
his wife?"
"I dunno. How does be do it?
Dr Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and invigorate stomach, liver and bowela.
Sugar-coated, tiny granules, easy to take
as candy.
No man ever knows how much he
misses when he loses a chance of giv
ing pleasure.
tbe sicnattiro r K. W. bltOVg. Used tta World
orcr to Curo a Cold In Ono iax. 3c.
wisely directed, will cause her to
give to her little ones only the most
wholesome and beneficial remedies
and only when actually needed, and
the well-informed mother uses only
the pleasant and gentle laxative rem
edy Syrup of Figa and Elixir of
Senna when a laxative is required,
as it is wholly free from all objec
tionable substances. To get its ben
eficial effects always buy the genu
ine, manufactured by tho California
Fig Syrup Co.
554 W. Adams St, Chicago
Tb most democratic thins in
the world
If offllctrd with
in New York City. Best features of coun
try and city life. Out-of-door sports on
school park of 35 acres near the Hudson
Kivcr. Academic Coarse Primary Class to
Graduation. Upper class for Advanced
Special Students. Music and Art Writs
for catalogue and terms.
Rto tail a . . f&ti SUM.H t
Means an Independence for life. Seven
teen cents a day will buy a tlvo acr
truck farm in the I'ensacola District.
Our soil expert nnd demonstration farm
makes mistakes Impossible. Como to the
we will help you make prood. Write to
uuy lur uur exceptional ouer.
Send only 2e stamp ami rectirii Mill
5 Terr finest Gold Embossed Card!
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Capital Card Co.. Itopt. 79, Topeka, Ku,
-other starches only li ounces easae price sa4
ThtfRisoi's Eyt Water w. N Ut omaha, no. 5-1911.
Be a live wire., but don't burn your
Knees Became Stiff
Flvo Years of Severe Rheumatism
The euro of Henry J. Goldstein. 14
Barton Street. Boston, Mass.. is anoth
er victory by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This great medicine has succeeded In
many cases where others have utterly
failed.- Mr. Goldstein says: "I suf
fered from rheumatism Ave years. It
kept mo from business and caused ex
cruciating pain. My knees would be
ccma as stiff as ateeL I tried many
medicines without relief, then toolc
Hood's Sarsaparilla, soon felt much
better, and now consider myself en
tirely cured. I recommend Hood'a."
Get it today in usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabs.
"Every Picture Tells a Story"
.put! n.
ij.r !,?!
h :2l:.3'.i;
-i ,i i-fifiiifi
Weary is the back that bears the burden of kidney ills. There's no rest or peace for the man or
woman who has a bad back. The distress begins in early morning. You feel lame and not refreshed.
It's hard to get out of bed. It hurts to stoop to tie your shoes. All day the ache keeps up. Any sudden
movement sends sharp twinges through the back. It is torture to stoop and straighten. At night the suf
ferer retires to toss and twist and grown. Backache is kidney ache a throbbing, dull aching in the kid
neys. Plasters or liniments won't doP You must get at the cause, inside.
Mrs. M.
Tex., says:
A. Jenkins, Quanah,
"I was blcr.-'d al
most twice my natural h.ze. I
bad the besa -hy-slcians,
but they
failed to help mo.
For five v?eks I
was as helpless
as a baby. My
back throbbed
and the kidney
secretions were
in terrible con
dition. The doc
tors held out no bopo end I was
resigned to my fate. At this criti
cal time, I began .using Dean's
Kidney Fills and soon was cured."
How To Tell When The Kid
neys Are Disordered"
Painful Symptoms: Backache, sidcache, pains
when stooping or lifting, sudden sharp twin
ges, 'rheumatic pains, neuralgia, painful,
scanty or too frequent urination, dizzy spells,
Urinary Symptoms: Discolored or cloudy
urine. Urine that contains sedimenL Urine
that stains the linen. Painful passages. Blood
or shreds in the urine. Let a bottle of the
morning urine stand for 24 hours. If it shows
a cloudy or fleecy settling, or a layer of fine
grains, like brick dust, the kidneys are proba
bly disordered.
Cut out this coupon, mail it to Foster-Milbnrn
Co.. Buffalo, N. Y. A free trial packags .of
Doaa's Kidney Pills will be mailed yoa
promptly. W.K.U.
Harrison A. Sturtevant, G and
Maplo Sts., Tulare, Cal., says: "I
was in bad ehano with kidnev
trouble. Too fre
quent urination
compelled me to
arise at night, my
bladder became In
flamed and I suf
fered severe pain.
When I began us
ing Doan's Kidney
PJU3 I passed a
cravpl stone three-
quarters of an inch and variegated
in color. After this my trouble
Sold by all dealers. - Price 5o cents. Foster-Hilburm Co Buffalo, N.Y., .Proprietors
vavajcnssiaa nswsMMan. latf art is cwfl wan tMf fJaW atJf mmt na TMSaSflat I stock. Lrltlaaata. Baak rfinnM w4
laaaa.amsateiimalaWcataM- avMSBASP maima a - ---- s I "wwl-" i nana racrcscfs. WTnm
BKiBjiHHam MOmKWE Ommm mmtmaoh MMMfla, I JflRfl lTWt ft,. Cnckar nMbmj, Saa rmcfcaa
briajlltf M hatef Mtel lata af
ipiaaaasfb ntoiMVM
" -j NVV