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Wheat 85
White Corn 3"
Yellow Corn 34
Hoga,top $7.10 to 37.25
Filea of tbe Journal, January 23, 1878.
We learn ol a large enterprise that ib
talked of, viz, the settlement on farming
land in this vicinity next spring of a
thousand families from various parts of
the eastern states.
Three sharpers managed recently to
ride from Omaha to Chicago on one
ticket. They took seats at some dis
tance from each other and established
communication by means of a string run
along the outside of the car, on which,
after giving up his ticket, No. 1 eent his
check to No. 2, and No. 2, after showing
his check forwarded it to No. 3.
The new bridge that is to span the
Loup west of this place is manufactured
by Kellogg Maurice of Athens, Pa.
Mr. Clark Grant is foreman of the con
struction gang, and tbe work will go
forward as fast as the old bridge can be
got out of the way. The U. P. company
know the nature of the stream and will
doubtless put up one of tho strongest
bridges in the west.
From all parts ot the state comes the
good news that the inquiries for land
are numerous, and that there will be an
unprecedented inflow of immigrants
next spring. Now let every man in the
state make an extra effort to help settle
up our vacant lands. We will all be be
nefitted by it, iuclnding ihose who come.
Nearer neighbors, more schools and
more churches, better roads, more
business ot all kinds, more enjoyment
and more animation. There is 'room
and work and prosperity for thousands
of families. Help them to come west
"and itrow up with the country," and
this you can best do by disseminating
f&cta among your acquaintances and
Advertised Letters.
Following is a list of unclaimed mail
matter remaining in the post office at
Columbus, Nebraska, for the period end
ing January 18. 1911:
Letters John Bach (2), G. W. Jones,
L. N. Moore, J. C. McCormick, Chaa A.
J. Scbafer, Joseph Wyric.
Cards John Bach, (2) Fremont Chat
fleld (2), Hal Copp, Nettie R. Corrick.
Rev. & Mrs. W. T. Oatley, Laurel Hop
kins, 5. L. Herman Forest Iverson,
Elbert Iverson, Edith Iverson, Beatrice
Iverson. Irma Iverson, Oliver A. John
son, Mrs. 8. Kump, Miss Harriet Moore,
Frankie Woodruff.
Parties calling for any of the above
will please say, "-.dvertised."
Carl Kramer, P. M.
All the latest shades and
styles in
Paper Hanging
and Decorating
Sign Writing a Spcially
Friday night's; meeting ot ths stock
holders of the Columbus Baas Ball Club
left no doubt about what would be done
daring the season of 1911 . Besides the
fifty stockholders, there was an enthusi
astic crowd of fans in attendance. The
election of a board of directors was ths
principal business ot the masting, and
when this was being disposed of ths
question of reducing the number ot dir
ectors was brought up. and resulted in
but five being elected, ss follows: C. E.
Pollock, Walter Lucre, H. A. Fritz,
Chaa. Segslke. jr..' and Sam Gasa, jr.
With the smaller board of directors the
business can be transacted to much bat
ter advantage, as there will be lass trou
ble and the smaller number can be got
ten together much easier. One of the
instructions of the masting was that the
board Lire manager Corbett for the com
ing season; and this was complied with
at once. Officers ot ths club will be se
lected from the board ot directors, and
this will be done at their mstting Satur-'
day evening of this wssk. 8o far tbe
only one mentioned for president is O. E.
Pollock, and as he is a director ot the
state league, his election to the head ot
the local dab would place him in a better
position to look after the interests of the
club. The directors have appointed a
soliciting committee to secure funds,
and they will begin their work soon, so
toe dab will be in a position to make a
good report at the first meeting ot the
direotors of the state league. With
manager Corbett at the head of the team
there is no question but that Columbas
will have first class ball all season, and
the ettendance nuke the season a big
ger success from a financial standpoint
than last year.
Chief Bert J. Galley, Lester Jenkinson,
of the Pioneer Hook & Ladder Co.,
EmilKumprof Hoes Company No. 1,
Louis Meier of Hose Company No. 2,
and A. J. Mason of the Bissell Hose
Company, are representing Columbus at
the annual meeting of the Nebraska
Volunteer Firemen's association, being
held at Alliance this week. The boys
left Monday afternoon over the Union
Pacific, going to Grand Island, and from
there to Alliance. They were accom
panied by a number of delegates from
other towns who were enroate to the
convention. John Parker of this dty.
but formerly of Albion, will be the next
president of ths association, as he at
present holds the position of vice presi
dent, and is in 'ine for the higher office,
that being the rale followed by the as-'
socistion. This will give Columbus Jhe
president, although he will be credited
to Albion, Mr. Parker being a resident
of that town when elected vice president.
The convention will conclude Thursday
and the boys expect to return Friday.
Some of the delegates were asked as to
Columbus1 prospects for entertaining
tbe next meeting, and he said it was
generally understood that this city was
not making an effort to secure it.
Last week the county board were ask
ed by the Columbus Commercial club to
assist with tbe proposed improvement of
the road between the Platte and Loup
rivers, south of the dty. Tbe committee
from the club asked that the board
pay one-half ot the cost of the road,
whioh is estimated at $800, and request
ed that such an amount, which has been
collected as inheritance tax, be appro
priated. This tax is to be used only for
permanent road improvement, in count
ies having less than 30,000 inhabitant
on roads radiating from towns and dties
in these counties. The law also provides
that this money cannot be divided among
the various townships and cannot be used
except for permanent roads . Ths board
took the matter under advisement and
before adjournment laid it over until
their meeting in March, when they will
take definite action. The committee
having charge ot the raising of funds are
going ahead and complete their other ar
rangements and hope to be able to have
the necessary funds for the road when
the time arrives for beginning the work.
John Herman Grotelecschen, sged 80
years, 4 months and 29 days, died Sun
day at his home, north of Biohland, is
Colfax county. Mr. Groteleuschen was
born in Oldenburg, Germany, August
16, 1890 . He resided there until be grew
to manhood and was married before he
came to America, which was in 1859,
when he settled in Wisconsin. He made
that state his home for ten years aad
then deoided to go farther west, locating
on his homestead in Colfax county in
1869 . This has since been his home sad
it was here be spent tbe last years ot his
life. Besides his wife nine children, six
daughters and three sons, Mrs. Herman
Loseke, Mrs. Wm. Lueke, Mrs. Louis
Held, Mrs. Louis Sander, Mrs. John
Held, Mrs. D. Kluck, and Louis, August
and Carl Groteleoschen, all residents ot
this locality, survive him. Fanera! ser
vices were held Tuesday at 8k John's
Lutheran church, on Shell creek, and
were conducted by the pastor, Bev.
Mueller, and burial was in the cemetery
at the church.
During' tbe last week tbe temperature
record has been quite varied. Wednes
day night the cold wave got another
grip and tbe thermometer registered
three below zero. Thursday night was
five above zero and Friday night it regis
tered seven below, tbe coldest ot the
week. Saturday night was five below
and after the weather moderated aad
Saaday night was seven above, while
Monday eight eighteea above was recorded.
Dr. Neumann. Death 13th 8s.
Or, Morrow, osaee Lasachea buildlag.
Baled Say for sale. Erase A Brock.
Dr. a A. Alleebarger,
State Beak bulldieg.
Mies Sadie Fonts departed
for her
home at Fremoat Moaday.
Dr. L. P. Caret saaoa, Veterinarian, la
firmary, 11th and Kummer8ta.
8unday the Eatre Nous dab was en
tertained by Mr. aad Mrs. M. E. Hale.
Alvin Phillipps, who was ooalasd to
his home with aickaeas last weak, is
again able to attend to his work at the
Don't forget the aeooad ot the aeries
of dances given by the Golambue City
Band. The date ia Thursday evening,
January 26,
Miss Boss Gas, aooompaaied by her
sister, Mrs. Aognat Mara, left 8e4erdy
for Plattamonth, Neb to visit with tela
Uvea a few days.
For 8ale Improved 80 acres, joining
good email town ia Platte oounty. F.
E. Strotber, Boom 15, German National
Bank building, Oolnmbna.
' Mies Dorothy Post returned to Chicago
last Thursday, where she ia taking n
coarse as a trained nurse in the Presby
terian hospital, after ependingtbe holi
days with her parents.
Mrs. Edward Sohober retained last
Wednesday from Holbrook, Neb., ao
compaaied by her bob Victor, who waa
operated on for appendidtis aboatthe
first ot tbe year, and ia bow on tbe road
to recovery.
Tuesday evening the Modera Wood
men and Boyal Neighbors hdd their
joint installation in the Woodmen hall,
and after the ceremonies were completed
the members of both orders enjoyed a
apread prepared by tbe Boyal Neighbors.
Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Shannon and
daughter, Miss Hden, retarned Moaday
evening from Plsttemouth, where they
were called to attend the funeral ot J.
E. Leasley, a brother-in-law ot Mr.
Shannon's, who died Thnrsdsy ot last
week. His funeral was held Saturday.
Will 8chroeder, who was injured by
falling from the High school building at
Fullerton on January 9, ia still a patient
at St. Mary's hospital, and ia getting
along nioely. His injuries consisted of
a badly sprained back and -wrenched
shoulder, and it will be noma time before
he is able to be out again.
Jack Fry, who works for Ed. Butler,
two miles west of the dty, had a narrow
escape from serious injury last Saturday
with a runaway team. He bad goae to
the Add for a load ot sugar cane, and
after loading stepped onthetongae to
climb on tbe load, when the team start
ed. Jack made an effort to monnt one
ot the horses, bat they made a sadden
turn, throwing him off his balance, and
he fell between them. He was consider
ably bruised about the body and one
foot pretty badly wrenched, which will
cause him to use cratches for two weeks
or more.
Duriag tbe last week in February the
state encampment ot tbe Nebraska
division, Sons ot Veterans, will be held
in this city, and the local camp are mak
iBg preparations to entertain them.
Daring the last year tbe order has been
making gains ia the state aad thia en
campment promises to be larger in pout
of numbers than aay held for a number
of years. And in connection with thia
Union Camp ot thia dty ia arraagiag for
the proper observance ot Union Defend
era' and Liacola's birthday, which ia
February 12. As that data falls on Sun
day the exercises will be held Saturday
evening aad tbe Grand Army, Ladies1
Auxiliary aad Spanish American War
veterans will be guests ot the Sons ot
Last Saturday the new board ot super
visors completed their first seasioB, hav
ing adjourned until tadr March meet
ing. The oftoial county papers for the
year will be the same as before, the
Telegram and Biene ot this dty, and the
Democrat of Humphrey aad Sigaal ot
Platte Center. John Ernst secured the
oounty poor term, his bid beiag lower
than that ot Edgar Webb, who has been
in chsrge of it the last few years. G.
W. Davis was appdoted jaaitor for the
court house, and tbe board rejected 11
bide for atatioaary and supplies, in
structiag the county purchasing ageat
tobnyinopen market, the name as was
done tbe last year. Dr. W. B. Nnemar
ker is the county physician for the pre
eeat year.
Petition for the purchase of the new
ohemioal fire apparatus by the dty coun
cil have been drculated during the last
week by members ot tbe fire department
aad tbe response in the way of an endor
sement ot the purchase has beea very
gratifyiag to the firemen. So far there
have been bat very few who have dacha
ed to sign the petitions, realizing that it
should be added to the dty'a fire fight
ing equipment without delay. The boys
expect to secure at least six hundred
aames to the 'petitions, whioh will be
more than a majority of the legal voters
ot the dty, and these wili be prcaanttd
to the eoundl at thdr marring Friday
night of this week. Before the petitions
are turned over they will be carefully
cnedmdtoacc that aodepliBatisua scour,
bo there will be no qaastion ss to their
Building, Loan and Savings
Aneti, $265,000.00 ,
Pays 6 per cent interest on fall paid stock
Elliott-Speice-Echols Co.
Post Office Block Columbus, Neb.
Dr. W. & Evans, Union Block.
Dr. Vallier, Osteopath, Barber block.
Dr. Matzso, dentist, over Niewohaern,
Dr. Chaa. H. Campbdl, oculist: aad
auriet, 1215 Olive street
Dr. W. B. Neumarker, oMoe with Dr
O. D. Evans, west Bide of Park.
Supervisor Wilson of district No. 4
waa in tbe city Wednesday, enroate to
Omaha, where he goes for medical treat
ment. Miss Louise Bodat who Uvea five aulas
southwest of Odntabus is a guest at the
home of her brother Frank Budat this
Thursday evening, January 26, is the
date for tbe second of the series or
dances to be given by tbe Columbus
City Band, and an enjoyable time is
James Gleason. for many years a resi
dent northwest of Monroe, and later ot
Platte Center, is at St. Mary's hospital
suffering from so attack ot pneumonia.
On account or his advanced age hie con
dition is considered serious.
Friday evening the boys basket ball
team of the Cedar (Rapids High school
will plsy tbe Columbus nigh school boys
basket bsirteam. Tbe game will be
played in tbe High school gymnasium
and an admission fee will be charged.
Joe Hicks, who was before Police
Judge O'Brien on a charge of aaaanlt
and battery, filed by Tillie Materia, aad
a continuance taken, was discharged by
the Judge at the final bearing, there not
being enough evidence to warrant a con
John Brock, who fell rrom the First
Nstional Bank building last summer,
underwent another operation at St
Marys hospital Taeaday of this week.
This is the second operation, tbe first
one fdling to afford him relief from the
effeete of the'aocident.
Monday night Pioneer Hook and Lad
der Co. No. 1 elected the following out
ears for 1911: Wm. Heuer, president;
Q A. Pittman, foreman; Walter Heuer,
first assistant foreman; Wm. Plageman,
aeooad assistant foreman; Lester Jenkiad
eon, secretary; Eilert Mohlman, treasur
er. Attorney T. D. Robiaeon of Humph
rey was in the oity Tuesday accompani
ed by his brother-in-law, Chaa P. Turner
and wife, ot Harriaburg, Pa., who have
been visiting him a short time. Mr.
and Mrs. Turner were reaumiag their
trip to Oregon, and left on an evening
Alpuonso Guiles, one of the early set
tiers of Monroe township, and father ot
Mra.M 8. Fish ot this dty, djedlaet
Friday ot pneumonia and waa buried
8uaday, from the Moaroe Congregation
al church. Taisis the second death in
the Guiles family in a rew months, his
soa Elmer being killed by a threshing
machiae late ia tbe summer.
are aaade by Foxtrin Bros. We sell
direct from the factory. With every
instrument we give a factory guaraatee.
makoe rood enough for our
seers. We ha ve been in this
la Coluanbus for
the coal trade which usakes it i
for we to serve yon better cheaper i
aaoresatisfsctorythamaflybody else.
At its aext regular meeting tbe board
ot education ot the dty ot Columbus will
have before it two petitioae or rather a
petition aad a reBaoustrance. Thirty
tesidente ot northeast ot the dty are
aaking that seven sections in that locali
ty be detached from the Columbus school
district, which is district No. 1, and
petitions from residents of the city are
signing the remonatraBoe, which aska
that the diatrict rmnain the same aanow.
Thia matter waa brought before the
school board, aad they thought the re
sponsibility of deciding a question that
each and every tax payer in the school
district is iaterested is should be bedd
ed by those laterested, SBd the petition
and remonstrance will give them some
thiag to base thdr action on.
Mrs. Jane Thompson, aged 76 years,
died Sunday afternoon at the home of
her soa, Henry L. Thompson on West
Seveateeath street, death being caused
by tuberculosis. Mra. Thompson wss
born in New York state July 10,1834,
and waa married to Mr. Thompson June
21, I860. Later they came west and for a
number of years she has been a resident
ot thia city. She leaves two eons, Geo.
W. Thompson and Henry L. Thompson,
both of this city, aad one daughter,
Mra. Joe Burke or Palmer. Neb. Faner-
sl services were held Moaday at 230
a the Methodist nkumhaud. ware
conducted by 'the pastor, Bev. C. W.
Kay, and burial in the Uommbus ceme
Columbas bowlers defeated the Metz
team from Omaha three straight games
last Saturday night at the local alleys.
The lineup for Columbus waa Ed Kava
nauga, Joe Gutzmer, Porter, Novell and
Nichols, and the visitors were Conrad,
Spragae, Denman, Huntington and
Blakeley. The Columbas team goes to
Omaha for a doable header Sunday, tbe
first gasae betBg with the Metz and tbe
second with the Jetter Odd Tops. The
lineup of the Odnmbus team will be the
same ss Saturday night, with tbe excep
tion of Kavanaugb, whose place will be
filled by Plageman. A game with Fre
mont on Saturday evening, January ro
will be played on tbe local alleys.
Chaa Wood ia in trouble agdn, this
time for abandonment, tbe complaint be
ing filed bj bis wife. Some time ago be
aent hie wife away on a visit and during
her sbasace disposed of tbe household
goods to the aeooad hand man. Wbo
she retarned and discovered this she be
gan proceedings, with the result that
Couaty Judge Rattenaaa, before whom
the oompUint was seeds, issued a war-
raat for Woode' arrest, and it is under
stood that be has beea located in South
Oaeaha, aad that the police ot that city
have bean naked to arrest him aad de
tain him until tbe Platte county omoera
arrive. Wood will have a hearing later.
, Gasper Forthouse, formerly a resident
of Petersburg, Nebraska, but for the
last two yeara an inmate ot St Mary's
hospital, died last Batarday, aged 74
years. He waa born in Langenbnrg,
Germany, November 35, 1836. Ia 18S1
be waa married in Germany, and his wife
who still survives him, is also at tbe hos
pital. They came to America in 1881
and later moved to Petersburg, which
was thdr home prior to entering tbe
hospital. Foaeral services were held
Tuesday at 9 a. m. at the Catholic
ohurch aad burial waa in the parish
8ix members ot the local lodge of the
Knights of Columbus, M. W. Thomas,
Judge Batterman, Fred Gerber, Earl
LaVidstte. Mark Burke and Ed Kavaa
augb, were at Fremont SundayNo assist
ia iaatitutiag a new lodge of the order.
They report that Omaba and Lincoln
were represented by a large delegatioa,
each comiag on a special train, and that
the work waa put on by the Omaha
When County Attorney Heneley tarn
ad ever the osaee to hie successor there
waa one important ease in which Platte
oounty waa iaterested, that he bad much
to do with tbe Platte river bridge case,
and ia view of thia fact the county board
of eoBervieore were petiWoaed to relate
him until the matter was settled, which
request wan granted.
Marriage Licenses.
Paul Wylaeld, Genoa
Vkterie L. Moetek, Odambue. .
.Friend 57
Y. M. C A Motes.
Ourbuaketball team plays Beatrice
at that piece aext Friday eight
The Geaea Iadwus will play n return
game here in our gymnasium on January
State secretary, J. P. Bailey will ad
dress tbe Meue'mestiag next Sunday at
3:90. Mr. Bailey ie wall known an a
good epeaker and we hepe that the seen
ot Columbus will show by their attend
ance that they appreciate the presence
ot such men.
Dr. L. G. Herbet comes to us next Sat
urday night as the fourth number oa
the entertainmeut course.. A strong.
virile nun with a great aoul and a great
essage, he holds hie audience an aa ex
perienced eatertdaer does with bis
lighter subject
The skating pond ia bo longer aa ex
penmeat. Anyone who has seen as high
as fotty-niae' children on that little
patch of ice at oae tiaie will agree that
the sight waa worth the effort ot provid
iuarthe ice. It is entirely to email a
place for the numbers who desire to use
it. Why not flood Frankfort Park? The
walks are all high enough that they
would not be damaged by the freezing
ot tbe ice aad thia public property would
thus be of reel value aad enjoyment for
the whole town.
Last Thursday night the Columbus Y.
M. C. A. tsam huag another ecalp on
thdr belt. When they retarned victors
over tbe David City, Y. M. O. A. by the
score of 33 to '29. Recently David Oity
beat Central City Y. M. a A. oa thia
me floor 29 to 37. When the game waa
arranged the contract called for the game
to be played in the Y. M. O. A. gym.
But thia place waa not finished, so the
game waa played in the opera boose on n
much emaller floor. Thie was somewhat
otahaadicap to tbe home boys as bat
one or two passes could be made before
tbe basket wss reached. At tbe lest
momeat Betterton the regular center
waa unable to leave his work. So Keae
man was taken along. Keneman filled
the position ia fine style, out jumping
his opponent until the last few minutes
ot plsy when honors where aboateveu.
David City drew first blood, Pescbek
getting a goal from tbe foal line. About
the middle of tbe half Columbus took
the lead and was not heeded. At the end
of the first half tbe score stood Colum
bus 18, David City 1G. Columbus start
ed with a rush ia the second hdt being,
eight points to the good for, fully five
minutes, then it waa nip and tuck till
time waa cdled. Umpire Tburresssn
udng his whistle freely. David City
only made two field goals this half, the
rest of her points being from tbe foul
line. Tbe local u-am got 14 field goals
daring the game, and five baskets from
the foul line. Tbe features of tbe game
waa tbe basket throwing of Paul Becker,
getting S field goals, and getting 5 out ot
6 chances from the foal line, making a
total of 21 points. Capt. Todeaboft
Frankfurt and Kensman each gettia? 2
field baskets. The line up: Paul Bec
ker, r. forward; Hugo Todenhoft, 1. for
ward; Ivan Kensman, center; H. D.
Frankfart 1. guard; Earl Hawkins, r.
guard; Nene Nelson, sub; referee, An
derson, (Columbus); umpire, Thurres
sen, (David City) Time or halves, 30
Congregational Church.
Tbe Sdvatiou Army, that deals with
the hardest class ot people, sive harden
ed church members, and experiences
oontinuoudy almost miraculous conver
stoas, that turn people sunken in sin i't.
newness of living, nave an api !..:
"Let as pray this soul through to J un."
I have eeen these humble people kned
round a druakard, or worse, snd plead
with heaven nntil tbe party rises born
into tbe Kingdom ot God.
We talk aad write about tbe impoteu
oyot the church. I am conviaoed that
the primary secret of lack of power of or
ganized religioa is that a large perceat ot
church members have never gone thro
ugh to Jesus. They have gone en
fares some church, dead dogma, for
mulated creed, snd are epeadiag their
time and finding their joy in dl manaer
of worldly devises, they are long on so
cial gatheringa and short on prayer, meet
ing. Let us ss church members go
through to Jesus, to the Christ touch,
the Christ experience, the Christ forgive
ness, the Christ sanctiflcation then we
will have power ia saving men.
Thia ie the work of tbe church and
when it finde its activity in aay other
field it surenders its Divise Character.
Tbe pastor ot the Gougregatioaal
church ie preachiag a aeries ot eermoaa
Saaday eveniaga from the subject:
Modern Application ot Scriptural Pro
blems. A large audience listened to the
one last 8unday night, will yon be one
to be helped by the oae next 8nnday
night? The ssorning subject will be:
The Shepherd Care ot Jesus.
William L. Dibblk
Methodkt Church Notice.
Our Sunday service begins at 11 a. m.
aad the subject is. "What Some People
Make of -Religioa." Suaday school at
noon. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m.
Evening sermon at 7 JO p. m.. on topic.
-I "The Unfolding Life rt tbe Christiea."
8neeid mudc at morning aadeveaiag
UMetinau. Jda with us at 7:30 oa Thar-'
day in the atady of the Sunday school
Chaa. Watku Rat, Pastor.
State Bank
1171. It
a cons
strictly. It
of the
It offcra acceptable aervlces
toaH, accordant,
W people
CiIiiiis Stiti Ihti
Route No. 3.
Wm. Reese shelled com Monday.
Bev. Koch waa aa early UMrniag vis
itor in Odambue Monday.
Mrs. Martin Albeca waa a guest at the
John Bruuken home Tuesday.
Mr. aad Mra. John Behlea have beea
viaitiag f rieade aad rdativea for tbe lest
Miea Meu Alhers waa operated ea far
appendicitis Moaday ot thia weak, aad
ie reported as gettiag aloeg ajedy.
Last week we omitted to uMauion the
arrival of a girl at the home of Mr. aad
Mrs George Ryba on December 31.
Last Friday Fred Behlea, jr..
dowa into hie ice house to clean it i
aad before he got fairly started 1
covered a skunk. As anther oae
get oat of the ice house for n few bhb-
utss, there waa an iaterestiag time while
it lasted.
Route No. 4.
Boy Dodda left Moaday for two
visit with his sister. Mrs. J. P. Ooopar at
Menace, Pa
Mrs. Mayase Henderson ot Crawford,
Neb., visited Saturday and Saaday with.
her sister, Mrs. C W. Bead.
A son of Valentine Kuha
St. Mary's hospital, where hewttti
go sn operation for appeudiritbi as i
aa he ia able.
John Saodgrass ot Loomia, Neb., i
here to attead the funeral ef J. W.
Siasle, but owisg to poor connections ef
tbe trains he did not get here until after
the funeral was over.
John Leibig wss bruised up in a earn
shelter last Fridsy. He waa wavkjag
around the machine, when his gloves
caught in a chdn and came very aear
drawing bis arm into the shelter.
Work on tbe Carrig aad Jewdl drain
age ditch has been suspended niece Jaa-
nary 2, on aeooaatof the cold weather.
Tbe workmen are waiting for a supply
ot dynamite so they can nee it ia blast
ing the frost above the loose dirt.
Why You Should Join the A. O. U.W.
Ynr family aeede tbe protection.
You need the fratersd amuation.
It is governed by its members.
It makes a statemeat each aaauth
showing tbe receipts aad expenditures
by items.
The pdicy i paid without redaetiea
or contest
It is n Nebraska iastitutioa.
We own our headquarters; ue rent
to pey.
Our expenditures are priated by itoma
each month in the "Nebraska Weekmea."
Every member gets a copy, free.
At age ot 70 aay member may; if he
desires, surrender poKey sad reedve all
aaseasmeate ever paid, with 4 per eeat
Doa't you think it better to take a
policy ia the A. O. U. W., pey costs sad
ia vest your own moaey?
Do we pay ia full and pay proasptiy?
Yes. Write to aay of the four hundred
towns in the state or the Insurance De
partment. State ot Nebraska, sad keep
their answer.
We have the agency for the
famous Mussing Underwear, the
beetneaulir priced Union Suite
on the aaarket Prices ia asean
from 11.50 to 34.50. Prices ia
boys' from 50c, 75e,tl aad Sl.ll.
In two piece garmeate we have
a splenaid line ready for your ia
paction- aad ranging in pries
from 50c to 32. 50 a garment. Bay
early while (he sizee are ce
waa taken to 1
v .
7 Jf.-lk
'.. c.