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Yours for uni
formity. Your for great
est leavening
Yours for never
failing results.
Yours or purity.
Yourr for economy.
Your for every
thing that goes to
make up a ttrictly
high grade, ever
dspendable biking
That Is Calumet. Try
it once and note the im
provement in your bak
ing. See how much more
Icoaomical over the high
priced trust brands, how
much better than the cheap
and big-can kinds.
Calumet is highest in quality
moderate in cost.
Received Highest Award
World'. Pure Food
Incidentally Gives a Hard Jolt to
Tme-Honored Conception of New
England Thanksgiving.
"Oh. yen; the New Englanders make
r uroat time of Thanksgiving," said
the intttirnni'e man as tho subject w-s
under discussion. "Yes, they are great
on Thanksgiving;."
"All tho relatives gather for a big
dinner, don't they?" was asked.
"Yes. My Uncle Hen. up in Ver
mont, gathered thirty of us at his
house lust Thanksgiving."
"What a visit you -nust have had!"
"Oh. vps."
"And the banquet. I can picture it."
"Can you?"
"There was turkey, goose, duck,
chicken, roast pig and sparcrib.
There was mince pie. pumpkin pio
and cider. There was a big cottago
pudding and cranberry sauce. Ah, It
must have been a royal feast."
"Yes, it was." dryly replied the in
surance man. ".My Uncle Ben killed
off four old roosters, his wife made
four or live apple pies, and stewed
up a peck of prunes, and we sat
down to the feast."
HuJ but It was Thanksgiving."
"Sure. Mike. If It hadn't ! -n we
wouldn't have got the prunes."
"And- and that was all?"
"All except that after dinner my
1 nolo Hen took up a collection for
the heathen, and we chipped In f0
cents apiece. My Uncle Hen was the
heathen, yon know. Oh. yes New
England Thanksgiving. I've been
there "
An Unmistakable Hint.
"Young Staylate got a delicate hint
from the young lady he was calling
on the other evening."
"What was it?"
"She found looking at the clock and
other tamiliar devices useless, so she
ordered some refreshments and her
mother sent her a plate of breakfast
"George." said her husband's wife.
"I dou't believe you have smoked one
of those cigars I gave you on your
"Thai's right, my dear." replied his
wife's husband. "I'm going to keep
them until our Willie wants to learn
to smoke "
"flow dees Dobher rank as a paint
er, anyhow ?" asked Wilbraham.
"Pretty well. 1 guess." said l.ollerhy.
"At the last exhibition they hung his
picture hicher than any other In the
place "- -1 larper's Weekly.
With Cream
With Milk
With Fruit.
"The Memory Lingers"
Poftura Cereal Co.. Ltd.,
Batiks Creek. Mich.
Conservation, Ship Subsidy and For
tification of Panama Canal Lead
ing Topics Discussed--Has
Little to Say About Tariff.
Washington, Dec. 6. Economy in
government affairs is the keynote of
President Taft's annual message read
before both houses of congress today.
The message approximates 40,000
words and is one of the longest ever
submitted by a president.
Conservation of the public domain,
Bhip subsidy, fortification of the Pana
ma canal and the continuation of the
present tariff board are the leading
subjects touched upon. He also re
views the work of the various gov
ernment departments and concurs in
recommendation, tending toward the
bettering of the service, made by sev
eral of the members of his cabinet.
Economy Is Urged.
In ilwellinK n th ur-nt need for
rconomy m kov rnment i-xpt'iiclituri'is. the
prcairit'iit sny.s- "Evory effort Ii.ih t-'n
tnailc liy t:u-l ilfparlmcnt rlilff to reditc--tlif
-stim:it ! cost of li!s department for
tin fiisuiiiK lineal year ending June 30,
1312. 1 , this In order tlial confess
may uiulenstanil that estimates thus
m.ule pren-nt Hie .smallest sum which will
t:i:Unt:iln tin tTep'trtnu-nts, bureaus and
bttico at the sot eminent and meet its
other obligations under existing law. and
that a cut of estimates would re
sult In embarrassing the executive brsneli
of tin- ko eminent in the performance of
its dutits. This remark does not apply
to the rier and harbor estimates. seept
to those for expenses of maintenance and
the meeting f obligations under author
ized contractu, nor does it apply to tho
publie building bill nor to the levy build
ing program. Of eonrse. as to these con
grtss could withhold any part or all of
the estimates for them without interfer
ing with the discharge of the ordinary ob
ligations of these functions of its depart
ments, bureaus and offices.
"Against the estimates of expenditure
JMo.JH.fll.l.lJ. we liae estimated leceipts
for next ar $t;sflifi.0i0. making a proba
ble surplus of ordinary receipts over or
dinary expenditures of about $T.0.OO0 000. or
taking Into account the estimates for thi
Panama canal, which are $.C.S20.S4T.fi9. and
which willoultlmately be paid in bonds.
It will leave a deilcit for the next year of
about JT.ftfif'.OoO. if congress shall conclude
to fortify tho canal "
Wants Forest Limitation Removed.
On the subject of conservation lie de
votes considerable space to forest, coal,
oil and gas. phosphate lands anil water
power sites. As to the reservation of
foieM lands he says: "The law now pro
hibits the reservation of any more forest
lands in Oregon. Washington. Idaho.
Montana, f'olorad.i and Wyoming, except
by act of congress. I nm informed by the
dep.n tment of agriculture that the gov
ernment owns other lract.s of timber bind
in these states which should be included
In the forest resertes. I teeommend to
congress that the limitation herein Im
posftl !i n;nalod.
""ongress ought to trust the executive
to us,, the power of reservation only with
resp, ct to land most valuable for forest
purposes Huring the present administra
tion. C-i0.oiJ :.cres of land l.irgely non
timbered have been excluded from forest
reserves, ami n..Wl.(l acres of land prln
cipallv laluahlc for forest imrnoses have
been included I
a rtdiictio:i In
tltnbtred land
Tl'gnrdiiig the
1 forest reserv s. making
forest rest rves of tion
amounting to .750.000
Canal Fortified.
Panama canal, the presl-
dt nt :,.sseits that unless unexpected ob
stacles arise the waterwav will bo com
pleted well within time limit of .Tann
nrv 1 TU.". anl within estimate of cost.
$.17Viui'.'f. Suggestions for levying of
tolls and management are made, and re
garding fortification of the canal, he
" tjiie.stions arising for prefent
solution is the decision whetht r the canal
shall be fortitled. I have already stated
to the congress that I stronglv favor for
tilii.ttion and I now reterato this opin
ion and a-k xotir consideration of tli.
subject n the light of the report alrt-uly
before you made In- a competent Ixiard
"Failure to fortifv the canal would
leae the attainment of both these aims
in the position of lights and obligations
which we should he powerless to enforce
and which could nevtr In aur uav ho ab
solutely safeguarded against a desperate
uud Irresponsible enemv."
Ship Subsidy.
The president urges such action as he
believe, will Increase American trade
abroad, ami s-ivs
"Anotlnr Instrumentality lmlNpns-ill.
to the unhampered an.l nitiirM develop
mint of American commerce is merchant
marine. All maritime and commercial na
t.ons re' ognire the importance of this
factor The greatest oomint rcial nations,
our i ompt titors. Jealously foster their
uitjcliant marine. Perhaps nowhere is
the m ed for rapid and direct mill, p-js-F'-ngt
r ami freight communication quite
fo crgent as between the I'nlted States
nnd I-atin America We can secure In no
other tii.;rt. r f the world such Imme
diate benefits in friendship and com
merce as would flow from the establish
ment of ducit lines of communication
with the countries of Initio America ade
quate to meet the requirements of a rap
ltilv increasing appreciation of the recl dependent e of the countries of the
wesi,rn hemisnhor' upon each other's
products, svmpathles and assistance.
"I alluded to this most imp -riant sub
ject in my la-t annual message, it has
often been before you ami I need not re
i ipitul.tte the reasons for its recommen
dation I'nltss prompt action be taken
t!ie iompit:ou of the Panama canal will
liiid this the only great commercial na
A Quick Recovery.
"It seems that prizefighters never
'come ba'k.'
".Maybe not. but 'blind tipers" do.
One resumed business the other day
in l.". minutes after it had been
Dependirg on Chance.
"I wonder whf there are so many
failures in the '.'orld."
"Probably bc ause so many people
go through life hopinc to win some
day on a 100-to 1 shot."
His Selection.
"I am afraid to go near Sharp's
house or to meet him: he has such a
vicious dog for a pet."
"Hut you must remember that
Sharp cons'ders himself such a cynic
he wouldn keep any other dog than
a biting kind."
Department of the Interior.
Seymour Did you visit the depart
ment of the interior while you were
In Washington?
Ashley I guess so; I was in the
cafe where the congressmen eat.
tion unable to avail in international mari
time business of this great contribution to
the means of the world's commercial In
tercourse." Criticism of the Tariff.
In the space devoted to the tariff the
president says:
"The schedules of the rates of duty In
the Payne tariff act have been subjected
to a great deal of criticism, some of It
just, more of It unfounded, and too much
misrepresentation. The act wa3 adopted
In pursuance of a declaration by tho par
ty which is responsible for It that cus
toms bill should be a tariff for the pro
tection of home Industries, the measure
of the protection to lie the difference be
tween the cost Vif producing the Imported,
article abroad and the cost of producing
It at home, together with such addition to
that difference, as might give a reasonable
profit to the home producer. The basis
for the criticism of this tariff is that in
respect to a number of the schedules tho
declared measure was not followed, but a
higher difference retained or Inserted by
way of undue discrimination In favor of
certain Industrie and manufactures. Lit
tle. If any. of the criticism of the tariff
has lieen directed against the protective
principle above statnl; hut the main body
of the criticism has been based on the at
tempt to conform to the measure of pro
tection was not honestly and sincerely
adhered to."
The president also refers to the appoint
ment of a board of experts to Investigate
the cost of production of various articles
int hided in the schedules, of tlse tariff,
and concludes:
"Whether or not the protective policy Is
t'l be (ontiniieil. and the degree of protec
tion to be accorded to our home Indus
tries, are questions which the people must
decide through their chosen representa
tives. Hut whatever pulley is adopted, it
is cjeir that the necessary legislation
:-lonld lie hasetl on an thor
ough and continuous studv of the facts."
Recommends Parcels Post.
The adoption of tli parcels post Is
again adopted. On tills subject President
Taft says: "With respect to the parcels
post. I respectfully recommend lis adop
tion on all rural delivery routes, and that
II pounds-tln international limit be
made the limit of carriage In such post.
The same argument is made against the
parcels post that was made against the
postal savings bank- that It is Introduc
ing the government Into a business wh!cl:
should tie conducted by private persons
nnd is paternalism. The postofllce depart
ment has a great plant and a great or
ganization, reaching Into the most rpinuN
hamlet of the I'nlted States, and with
this machinery it Is able to do a great
manv things economically that If a new
organisation were mtvssary it would Ua
impossible to do without extravagant ex
penditures." Department of Justice.
Discussing the affairs of the department
of justice, the president says:
"I Invite especial attention to tli prose
cutions under the federal law of the so
called 'bucket .shops.' and of thos
.schemes to defraud In which the use of
the mail Is an essential part of the
fraudulent conspiracy, prosecutions which
have kavt-d ignorant and weak members
of the public and are saving them hun
dreds of millions of dollars. The viola
tions of the anti-trust law present per
haps the most Important litigation b--for
the department, and the number of cases
Hied shows the activity of the govern
ment in enforcing that statute.
"In a special message last vear T
brought to the attention of congress the
propriety and wisdom of enacting a gen
eral law providing for the Incorporation
of industrial and other companies engaged
In interstate commerce, and I renpw my
lecommendatlon in that behalf."
Th crying need In the I'nlted States
of cheapening the cost of litigation by
simplifying Judicial procedure and ex
pediting final judgment Is pointed out and
action looking to correction of these evils
is urged.
The prerldcnt recommends an increase
In tli" salaries of federal Judges.
Postal Affairs.
In regard to postal matters the pres
dent points with pride to its present effi
cient management ami the recent reduc
tion In" the deficit. The present unre
stricted franking privilege comes in for
comment with a suggestion for the adop
tion of better tiuthods for its regulation.
Abolish Navy Yards.
The president calls attention to certain
reforms urged by the secretary of the
navv which he recommends for adoption,
and continues;
"The st cretary of the navy has given i vamlnatlon to every navy yard,
and h:.s studied the uses of the navv
yr.rds with rtforence to the necessities
of our fit et. With a tleet considerably
It ss than half the size of that of the
Hntish navy, we have shipyards: more
than double the number, and thci are
several of these shipyards expensively
equipped with modern mehinory. which,
after Investigation the secretary of the
navy believes to be entirely useless for
naval purposes, lie asks authority to
abandon certain of them ami to move
their machinery to other places, where It
can be made of use."
Speakit.g of our "foreign relations the
president savs- "Purine the past yenr
the foreign relations of the t'nited States
have continued upon a basis of friendship
and gootl understanding.
"The year has Iwoti notable as witness
ing the pacific settlement of two imp r
lant international controversies before the
jiermanent court i f The Hague.
"The arbitration of the lliieries dispute
ln-twccti the I'nlted S'ates and CSrcat
Ttritain. wnich lias kt-n the source of
nearly continuous diplomatic correspond
ence since the fisjierit.s convention of 1st',
has given an award whith Is satisfactory
to both parties. This arbitration is par
ticularly noteworthy not only because of
tl.e eminently Just results secured, but
also because it is the first arbitration held
under the gem ral arbitration treaty of
April 4, lf". between the I'nlted Stat a
and Great llritaln. ami disposes of a con
troversy the sett h meat of which has re
sisted every oth"r rtsonrc" of diplomacy
ami vvhlth for nearly ninety ears has
been the cause of friction lietween two
countries, whose common interest Pes in
m-tintalnlng the most friendly anil cordial
relations with each other.
President Taft makes a few recommen
dations lor changes In the Interstate com
merce law and says:
"Kst ept as above. I do nit recommend
any amendment to the int-rstate com
merce law as It stands. I do not invr
recommend any amendment to the anti
trust law. In other words, it seem-: to
me wiai me exi-simg iegisl ition with
n ft rence to the regulation of corpora
tions antl the restraint of their business
has reached a point w litre we can stop
for a wlille antl v.-!tr..s the effect of the
vigorous execution f the l-jxnt of the
statute ! ooks in restraining the abuses
which .ertainlv did xist and which
roused the public to dtn-.and reform."
Bound to Make a Hit.
Willis So the play will appeal to
all classes? Gillis Yes. indeed. It's
three-quarters full o: up-to-date slang
to catch the young people, and one
quarter full of old. reliable cuss words
to get the old fellows. Puck.
A Contrary Way.
"An acrobat goes against all re
ceived ideas of making a living "
- i
"Because ho supports his family by I
the reverses in his business."
It Wss Not Fair.
A fight in a restaurant was caused
by the customer offering to pay for
two fried eggs he had ordered if the
proprietor would eat them. That was
an unfair proposition. A man may
keep a restaurant, but he isn't com
pelled to eat there.
Its Nature.
"I wonder why a wheel is counted
among the sources of energetic pow
er?" "Why shouldn't It be?"
"Why, isn't it always tired?"
Qjeafy Hai&s
Skp conies to weary fingers first of all.
Though o'er the drowsy ejes the lashca
And soothing peace sweep? Ir. upon the
An though the vast eternr.1 ocesn wide
t'anu; In a silent, heart-cntliralllnir tide
Upon whose breast no crashing billows
Sometimes It sretm that iCt creep in
and stands
And pityingly holds us h- the hands
While day's hard tasks sl'li linger In the
Biit softly He the fingers wati and worn
With all the heavy burdmi thry have
Fr sleep Is ever sweet am, ever kind.
How gently fall the finders that ar
A weary of the quest of things desired.
Aweary of the latKira r.f the day
They clutch at sleep insensibly: and rest
Comes to them in a portion doubly blest
And toil and task are half a world away.
O. weary hands all over all the earth
The hands thut do the work that Is ot
Or calloused hands, or hands .oth white
and small
When night semis us her mystic lullabies
That whisper in the murmur of the
Sleep comes to weary fingers first of all.
Conundrum Man at Home.
The man with the chenille whiskers
sat at bis library table in his home,
casting up his accounts and endeavor
ing to ascertain how much money he
would have left after they were paid.
Across the table sat his fond wife, who
had just announced the completion of
her plans for a trip to the seaside.
With a long-drawn sigh the man
with the chenille whiskers looked up
and asked his wife:
"What is the difference between you
and me?"
"Why or course, we are one. but.
then, you will acknowledge that my
"You are going away for the sum
mer and I am summing a way for the
goer." Interrupted the husband.
With pale face and sr-t lip.0 the fond
v.ife wrote to her mother that she
feared John's constant work was af
fecting his mind.
"Yes." says the advanced farmer,
who really should be called an agri
culturist, "there has been a vast
change In the methods of those who
tiil the soil. As an instance, now
adays we have machines that cut.
thrash and sack the wheat, whereas In
other years we cradled it."
The visitor nods understandlngiy.
but sas-s:
"Yet I believe there has not been
such great progress in other branches
of agriculture. Am I not right in rr.y
opinion that you still put corn in a
Deceitful Men.
"My dear child, you cannot believe
what the men say. Why, when I was
your age five men told me that if I
would not marry them they would
drown themselves."
"And did they?"
"Not one cf them. Tiiey al! go:
married and the only one of them
that ever told me he meant the threat
was my husband. He said ho wished
he had carried it out."
Looking Forward.
Sound a JattiMo on the drum.
Hrins; the cracker ami tho bomb
Sliow how much you love your Kind.
Atiil you boor, may have a hand
Shy two fingers nnil a thumb.
"They say that we are what we
eat." observes the young man who is
striving to be the life and joy of the
occasion to the young woman whos
hair is a pronounced shade of auburn
"I have heard so." she replies.
"Then, judging from yor.r hair, you
must be fond of carrots."
"Possibly." she smiles, with that
subdued sweetness of tou which in
dicatcs a raging volcano southing un
dcr the placid countenance. "Pos-1
bly. and. judging by your nead and
its apparent contents, you must have
brer, overly fond of pumpkins all you:
Encouraging Him.
"Do you think," asks the young
man. with some diffidence, "do you
think a man should marry a woman
who is older than he is?"
At this the coy young thing drew
herself up dignifiedly.
"The idea!" she exclaimed. "I'm
five years younger than you, if I'm a
Stops Pain in the Bladder, Kidneys
and Back.
Wouldn't it be nice within a week or so
to begin to say goodbye forever to the
scalding, dribbling, straining, or too fre
quent passage of urine; the forehead and
the back-of-thc-hcad aches; the stitches
and pains In tho back; the growing mus
cle weakness; spots before the eyes; yel
low skin; sluggish bowels; swollen eye
lids or ankles; leg cramps; unnatural
short breath; sleeplessness and tho de
spondency? I have a reclpo for these troubles that
you can depend on, and If you want to
make a QUICK RECOVERY, you ought
to write and get a copy of it. Many a
doctor would charge you $3.50 Just for
writing this prescription, but I have It
and will be glad to send it to you entire
ly free. Jit't drop me a line like this:
Dr. A. E. Robinson, K-2 Luck Buildln?,
Detroit, Mich., nnd I will send It by re
turn mail in a plain envelope. As you will
Eec wl.on you get It, this recipe contains
only pure, harmless remedies, but It has
great healing nnd pain-conquering power.
It will quickly show its power once you
use it. so I think you had better sec what
It Is without delay. I will send you a
ccpy free you can use It and cure your
self at home.
Landlady Dear me! What a pe
culiar odor! It smells like a piece of
burning rubber.
Sarcastic Boarder Perhaps. The
cook has dropped a piece of the steak
on the stove.
"For sixteen long years I have been
suffering with a bad case cf skin dis
ease. While a child there broke out a
red sore on the legs just in back of
my knro.s. It waxed from bad to worse,
and at last I haw 1 had a bad skin
disease. I tried many widely known
doctors In different cities but to no
satisfactory result. The plague both
ered mo more in warm weather than
In winter and being on my leg joints
it made it impossible for me to walk,
and I was forced to stay indoors in tho
warmest weather. My hopes of recov
ery were by this time spent Sk-eplcss
nights and restless days made life an
unbearable burden. At last I wa3
advised to try th- Cuticiira remedies
LCuticura Soap. Ointment and Pills
and I did not need more than a trial
to convince me that I was on the road
of success this time. 1 bought two
rets of the Cutlciira Remedies and :
cftcr these were gone I was a differ
ent map entirely. I am now the hap- j
picst man that there is at least one :
true care for skin diseases. Leonard
A. Hawtof, 11 Nostrand Ave., Brook
lyn, X .Y.. July 30 and Aug. S, 0?."
Some Consolation.
Mrs- (Jrnmcrrj-- My husband Is
I anxious to got rid of me.
Mrs. Park Don't cry. dear, in that
catc he won't haggle over the ali-monj-
Smart Set.
One Thing That Will Live Forever, ,
P2-rrriTs kyi: sai.vk. fut bo wid in .
1S07. 100 j'ar ac. m1, - iniTM- yenrlv.
Ail dn!cg:-ls or Howard Iiros..Ilunalo.V '
A man ought to know a groat deal I
to acquire a Knowledge of the im
mensity of his ignorauce. Lord Pal
morston Make the Liver
Do its Duly
Nsec times m tea wKen tbe liver it rt Am
toaach aad bowel are ngbt
Cure Con
Headache, sn3 Distress after Fating.
Small PiU, SeuM Dos. Small Price
Genuine ai Signature
Sprlcs nnl tiraiti-
if iuit!rti.-, at
n:nJl"Tri"IorXrc.nN I
'Proration. I'aper bosvn 40 by mail prrpaiti
Hnn.l crate Toe 1- Tprr prejiaiil. bt:imp
or kilvcr. L. S. KEVilCOTT. Yitita. Tews, i
s.ntotJ In rrery town. Jin oppor
tunity to am hlgrotiner. Kc!uM
torriuirj' N"XinMi'necCT,arj
Warara E.CoTcaitta,w&b
Inrrn 1)1! Uijrir' n:..
cat nfenosa Cert xasuit.
' 11
Mfi h
igM Carters
ilirBfcr iiver
CalafaiawaaoMeMarawallMlafcalaraMttnaitTattcrara. aatOeaacfcaat eatanaNfAais. Tfc ATafc-i1n 'iirr aitn .ihi i .
taaranafaiaTiat ijaaiaa, aam r4atarlrwaaUat riataDw.itaacJiaaaatoOla. mm mar ao"" It..t
Conversat.on, However. Reads a
Whole i-ot More Like a Scene
in Real Life.
"And so your father refuses to con
sent to our union?'
"He does, Rodolphus."
The sad youth swallowed a sob.
"Is there nothing left for us. then.
but an elopement?" 'said he.
"Do you think, Clementine, that you
could abandon this luxurious borne,
forget all tho enjoyments ot great
wealth, banish yourself forever from
your devoted parents' hearts, and so
west with a poor young man to enter
a home of lifelong r.overty and self
denial?" "I could. Rodolphus."
The sad youth rose wearily aad
reached for his bat.
"Then." said he, "you are far from
being the practical girl I have all
along taken you to be."
And with one last look around on
the sumptuousness that some day he
had hoped to share, he sobbed and
said farewell. Browning's Magazine.
Was All Right.
Howard Did you telephone Mrs.
Howard that I would be detained at
the office until midnight?
Office Boy Yes, sir.
"And what did she say?"
"Said she didn't blame you she had
made an engagement to go to the the
ater tonight herself." Smart Set.
To Put It Mildly.
. "They say he has a swelled head.
"I must admit that he seems to ap- - - :
predate himself very much." W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. M-tlM.
Eminent Doctors at Your Service Free
If jou are in doubt as to the
of medical advice, address a letter
ists, and they will send you an examination blank, -which you will ill
and return to them. They will
what to do, absolutely free of charge. You do not put yourseir m
anv obligation to them, and- they will not feel hurt if you do not fo
fheir advice. If thcV nrescribe
take tno treatmenr, it goes wiin a guarantee ui tuiutuuiuuu w
Address Jfunyon'a Doctors, Mnnyon's Laboraf orioa, 63d & Jeff
Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
V i ff f C - L-
People Who Work
Indoors With Their Hands
quickly gives beat, and with one filing of the font burns steadily for ahto fcaarav.
without smoke or smell. Has ami a tlc-lochtsifi flaaic aider whkll
prevents the vick from being turned high enough to smoke, and is easy to reawa
and drop back so the wick can be quickly cleaned.
It has - mper top and cool handle. Indicator always shows the tmmmB
of oil in the font. The 6' -cap does not need to be screwed down ; it is awl Jm
like a cork in a bottle, and is attached to the font by a chain, and cannot get C
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Jw Standard Oil Company k i
Household Lubricant
It specially selected for any need In tb
home. Saves tools from rusting. Cancaav
not break. Does not gum or become ranckL
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To Keep Well
During Winl
is a very hard task
anv man or WOl
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the stomach, liver
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Stomach Bitters wiHap-
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strengthen the organs erf
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Golds and Grippe. A
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you of its merit. A0
Druggists and Ueaseoi
oneui wpKii
cause of your disease, or feel ike 1
to Munycnfl staff, of eminent apt
then diagnose your case ana fen
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Seamstresses, watch-makers.
draughtsmen, and manyotben
cannot properly nandle tnelr ft
with cold, stiff hands. Many a 1
or two on cold winter
results from the delayed
of furnace or stove. t
The Perfection Oil Heater hi
a few minutes gives the tempera
that assures the worker
hands and pliable muscles.
become wedzed. because of a new i
can always be easily unscrewed lac
is nnisned in japan or nickel, u :
and yet ugnt ana ornaasentaL
years, write for JuerfriCm
Will Keep Your
soft as a glove
tough as a wire
black as a coal
Ket-jis the spindle bright
fret from grit. Try a. be.
Sold by dtsJcrs everywbews.
Allen's Lhcrrina Mo.! -.Ta7777iil!T
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