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Columbus Journal
Complete Review of Happenings of
Greatest Interest from All Parts of
Che Globe Latest Home and For
eign Items.
CoL Theodore Roosevelt was an all
night guest of Governor Stubbs at the
letter's home In Lawrence, Kan.
P. Augustus Helnze, the Montana
copper magnate, and Mrs. Bernlce
Golden Henderson, the actress, were
married in the apartments of Rev. Dr.
Handel of the Protestant Episcopal
church, Brooklyn.
Samuel D. Cronk, whose wife and
eon Abner committed suicide in Chica
go. Identified the body of the young
woman who took her life in Detroit as
his daughter Alice.
Miss Rose Buckingham of San Fran
cisco was killed and her companion.
3Iiss Agnes Roos of the same city, se
verely injured in Munich, Germany, by
being run down by a runaway auto.
Theoiihilu fleuther, formerly a direc
tor of the O'stermann Manufacturing
company, testified in the Illinois Cen
tral car repair fraud trial that Henry
C. Ostermann, president of the Oster-
mann company, had threatened to kill
him if he (Reutber) told the story of
the defrauding of the Illinois Central
out of $1,000,000 though car repairs.
When Miss Marguerite Barbey of
New York becomes the wife of Gil
bert Compton Elliott, near Geneva,
Switzerland, 6he will display among
her wedding presents a Farman bl
:plane. This was sent by Miss Bar
.Ley's sister, the Baroness Andre de
Israel Brandt, an engineer on the
Pennsylvania railroad, saved his train
load of sleeping passengers as he was
entering Pittsburg, when he stuck to
his post and closed the throttle after
a cap in a steam pipe had blown off.
He suffered burns.
J. Dolores Estrada, to whom Presi
dent Mudriz turned over the adminis
tration of the Nicaraguan government
before fleeing from the country, re
tired from the presidency in favor of
Gen. Luis Mena, who was designated
by him as acting president of the re
public Jiayor Gaynor was declared "out of
tlu' doctors' bands" at his home In St.
James, L. I., to which he had been re
moved from the Hoboken hospital.
Novelty, with Schilling up, won the
Futurity classic at Saratoga in
1:121-5. distance six furlongs. Bashti
was second and Love Not third. The
race netted 23.800 to the winner.
Glenn H. Curtiss established a new
world's record for aeroplane flying,
when he flew 60 miles along the
shores of Lake Erie in one hour and
nice minutes.
' The Farmers' and Merchants' bank
of Mount Pleasant, Mich., is closed,
Cashier E. C. Vermillion is missing,
the vault is locked, with no means of
opening unless experts can solve the
combination and the officers believe it
conceals a shortage.
Colorado E. established a new
world's record for three-year-old trot
ters at Readville, Mass., for a single
'heat and for two successive heats, by
going the first in 2:06 and the sec
ond in 2:07.
Naming of Edward Hull of Peoria in
-connection with an alleged request
telegraphed from Springfield, for $60,
0C0, two days before the election of
Senator William Lorimer, caused a
sensation at the trial of Leo O'Neil
Browne at Chicago. Charles A. White,
recalled by the state In rebuttal,
made the statement concerning Hull
and the $60,000 fund.
Savannah, Ga., in two days has ex
perienced the heaviest rainfall In its
history. The precipitation for one day
was 8.57 inches. One death has been
Thirty witnesses were subpoenaed
to appear before the coroner's jury,
which began taking testimony at Du
rand, Mich., relative to the Grand
Trunk wreck last Wednesday.
Detectives Tobin and McGrath of the
Chicago police force were threatened
by a mob on the Iowa state fair
grounds at Des Moines, after the for
mer had fractured the skull of Joseph
Nlte, whom he was trying to arrest
At the meeting of the American Bar
association George W. Chamlee, coun
sel for James R, Watts of New York,
brought charges against Joseph h!
Choate, former ambassador to Eng
land, and asked for his expulsion from
the American Bar association. He is
charged with unethical conduct.
Three men were killed and two seri
ously injured by the overturning of a
steam derrick at the cement mills in
Speeds Station. Ind.
G. W. Merchant. Jr.. a wealthy
stockman near Carlsbad, N. M., was
killed with an ax by a negro ranch
Officials of the department of Jus
tice at Washington announced that
the government will sue 40 members
of a kindling-wood trust, doing a busi
ness of $25,000,000 a year.
The whirlpool inclined railway at
Niagara Falls, N. Y., was destroyed
by fire.
A clean towel and a wash cloth for
each patron were advocated at a
meeting in Pittsburg of the National
League of Barbers.
Russian sturgeon, which supply
caviar, are reported to have been dis
covered in the Gulf of Mexico. The
.migration is unexplained.
Ten Brooklyn (N. T.) firemen and
policemen almost lost xhelr lives be
cause of the prank of children, who
said one of their number, a little girl.
had fallen into a sewer. The men
went Into the bis pipe and were over
come by gas.
sweeping reductions In express
rates'Within the state of Illinois were
made at Springfield by the Illinois
railroad and warehouse commission.
Existing tariffs were slashed la two
in many instances and on small pack
ages the reduction is in excess of SO
per cent. The reduction is made ef
fective October 15, and the companies
are preparing for a finish fight.
The audit of the $42,500 election ex
pense account of Joseph C. Sibley. Re
publican nominee for congress front
Pennsylvania, has been postponed un
til September 13.
Harry M. Daugberty of Columbus Is-
i sued a formal statement declaring his
candidacy for the United States sena
torship from Ohio.
The Roosevelt, Commander Robert
E. Peary's ship of discovery, narrow
ly escaped serious injury from fire at
Weehawken, N. J.
Scientists on the leper Island in the
Hawaiian group, it Is reported, have
discovered a bacillus that will soon
cure the disease.
The Kansas insurgent Republicans
bad a good working majority in the
party council at Topeka and carried
everything by storm. The standpat
ters, realizing the overwhelming vote
of the primary, decided not to make
any effort to oppose the Insurgents.
Senator Curtis was the only one who
even made an attempt to stem the
tide. He tried to get an unqualified
indorsement of President Taft into
the platform, but failed.
Charles A. White was recalled to
the stand in the Lee O'Neil Browne
trial at Chicago in an effort of the de
fense to lay the foundation for im
peachment of his testimony. He was
asked one question and was followed
immediately by a witness who de
clared that White's reply was false.
The Central Boxboard company
plant, owned by Armour & Co. at Ster
ling, III., was destroyed by flro with a
loss of $150,000. )
At New York the bull leaders in
the cotton market have issued a state
ment predicting the greatest cotton
famine the country has known since
the Civil war, a crop of not more than
4 12,000.000 bales, and 20-cent cotton.
August cotton sold at 20 cents a
pound on the New York cotton ex
change, establishing a new high record
for the staple, not only for this move
ment, but also marking the highest
price at which cotton has been sold
since 1873.
A mob of 2,000 people battled with
the Columbus. O., police and militia
when street car rioting broke out with
fresh fury- Struck down by the clubs
of policemen, four were seriously In
jured, one, a deputy sheriff, mistaken
for a rioter, may die. Fiftv rlntorc
were arrested and locked in the city
Vice-President James S. Sherman.
In an address at Decatur, I1L, on "The'
Gospel of Republicanism." failed tc
follow the lead of President Taft In
advocating a gradual revision of the
tariff in accordance with recommenda
tions of the tariff commission.
Salt Palace, a structure built on
salt, and one of the scenic features ol
Salt Lake City. Utah, was destroyed
by fire, entailing an uninsured loss oi
$25,000. Defective wiring was the
cause of the blaze.
With three companies of state mi
litia under personal command of Adjt.
Gen. Eliott on guard and a machine
gun in front of the county jail at
Huntington, W. Va., no further rioting
is anticipated by the mobs which for
two successive nights stormed the
jail in an effort to lynch John Wayne
and Charles Clyburn, alleged negrc
A letter from Godhaven, Greenland,
received at Copenhagen, says It I
certain that Dr. Frederick A. Cook ir
on his way to find the records whicr
he claims to have left near the North
Pole. The letter says everybody ir
Greenland still believes that Dr. Cook
reached the North Pole and that som
day he will return with the proofs.
Hawley H. Crippen. the American
dentist, and Ethel Clare Leneve, his
typist, were accused of the murder of
Belle Elmore, the former's wife. In the
formal charge read to them In the
Bow street police court, London. After
the introduction of some evidence
they were remanded until September
C, without having pleaded.
Neighbors discovered that burglars
had ransacked the home of Harr
Morris, In Putnam avenue, Brooklyn
while he was on vacation. One of the
thieves wore a silk hat and frock coat
The police were notified.
President Taft's keynote letter ad
dressed to William B. McKinley of
Illinois, chairman of the Republicar
congressional committee, and wag
given out by the New York headquaR
ters of the committee, in it the presi
dent defends the Payne tariff law, but
acknowledges that there are parts of
It which may be amenable to change
xne treaty between Japan and
Korea, by which, the Hermit kingdom
is annexed as a sovereign part of
Japan, with its name changed tr
"Chosen," was made public at the
state department at Washington.
Twenty-eight new cases of Asiatic
cholera, or of suspected cholera, were
reported in Berlin and Spandau, a
suburb of some 70,000 people, nine
miles west of Berlin. The health au
thorities state that, in all, only three
cases have been definitely established
to be true Asiatic cholera; of these,
one died In Berlin and one died in
Judge William McSurely and other
Chlcagoans narrowly escaped death 'in
a hotel fire in Muskegon. Mich.
Marie Colombier. an actress, who ac
companied Sara Bernhardt to America;
died In Paris.
Alfred G. Ray, chief special agent of
the Great Northern railway, shot and
killed Charles P. Welch, a former sub
ordinate, at St Paul. Minn. Chance
alone saved Ray's life and perhaps
other lives, for Welch had first fired
four bullets at Ray and then hurled
at him a bottle of nitre-glycerine,
which failed to explode.
Solomon J. Hirsh, president of the
Hirsh-Wickwire company, clothing
manufacturers of Chicago, committed
suicide in the Hotel Knickerbocker.
New York city, by cutting his throat
with a razor. Continued ill health
was the motive for his act
w 7jjcff. 2fi-L
0yiyufcK i(44
'!,fni Bi''?i''a'
1ST Mil I MMmMBIi ! TiT I
HIpfanGK CB 91 I m
Care for the brood sow.
Hay Is scarce this year.
In a fairly cool spot sow some peas
for September use.
The only way to be sure of good
dairy stock Is to raise it
The food of the duck Is both vege
table and animal In nature.
A thrifty growth of the plants now
means better fruit next year.
Muttons sheep give the best returns
when fed for that purpose when
Extra feed increases growth, if of
a suitable kind, and makes larger ani
mals at maturity.
A hard collar is not as hard upon
tho shoulders of a horse as one that
Is unevenly padded.
Never offer a pound of poor butter
for sale.- Better take it right out and
bury it in the back lot
If your sheep get scab, better clean
them all out and begin over. It is the
best way to cure that disease.
Money makes the mare go, but you
have got to hustle around and get the
money, or the mare will stand stilt
Clover bloat can usually be pre
vented by keeping the cattle off the
clover when It Is wet from dew or
In pruning do not forget that, sum
mer pruning induces fruit bearing,
ind wood growtn is promoted by win
ter pruning.
Too much onions, fish scrap and
stale meat often cause eggs to have
bad odor. It is unsafe to feed stale
food to hens.
Half bushel picking baskets, each
provided with a light iron hook, will
bruise the apples much less than when
picked Into a bag.
When a cow once falls off In milk
production it Is more difficult to
bring her back to her full flow than
to so feed her as to keep her as near
her capacity as possible.
Butter-making can be readily re
duced to a system, and should be. It
Is the slip-shod way that causes so
much poor butter to be sent to mar
ket Horses under five years of age are
more likely to suffer from "sunstroke"
or overheating than are those which
are more mature and more seasoned
to work.
The care that trees receive during
the summer will help materially to
determine the number and vitality of
the fruit buds which will be formed
this season for next year's crop.
Pigs should be sorted as to size and
each lot kept by itself. This is not
much trouble and will enable the lit
tle fellows to stand a better show at
the feeding trough.
Keep the surface of the soil as loose
and fine as possible and the soil will
not lose moisture by evaporation. A
good hoeing is often as beneficial as a
good rain In dry weather.
The man who thinks It a woman's
work to keep a garden going was not
built on the right lines. The garden
should be considered as Important as
any other part of the farm and treat
ed accordingly.
To produce milk economically we
should use the roughage of our farms
wherever It Is possible, for by so do
ing we not only save the labor of haul
ing bulky material, but will also build
up the fertility of our land.
There appears to be some complaint
about getting the ewes with lamb
when they are allowed the run of a
clover pasture, and therefore many
think it best to cut and cure the
clover for the Iambs and provide oth
er pasturage or soiling crops for the
breeding ewes.
Winter radish seed are mixed with
the turnip at the time of sowing the
latter in the fall. The radishes will
grow with the same treatment that is
given the turnips. They are harvest
ed and stored together for winter
use. The radishes keep well and
rj-e excellent for use In winter.
For the first weete of a pig's life
the mother's milk is its drink as well
as food, and therefore in caring for
suckling sows it should be the ain: to
so feed thorn that milk of only medi
um richness will be furnished instead
of a limited supply of that which is
extremely rich, the latter being less
healthful and more liable to cause
thumps, scours and unsatisfactory
Sanitary care of the feeding boxes
for the show animals should be care
fully studied, for the neglect will oft
en cause a fastidious appetite Instead
of a healthy robust one, and many a
time an animal is blamed for being a
delicate feeder, and often ailing, when
in reality the fault is with the man
agement in not having attended to
these two things.
Study sanitary car of feed boxes.
Grade your honey systematically.
A nervous cow
stolid on.
la preferable to a
Keep the spray pump going In the
potato patch.
Hard coal ashes make a nice cool
mulch for currant bushes.
Too many fanners sacrifice quality
for mere sis in tb selection of a
la order to realize the most for
wool, there must be a uniformity of
An animal that Is only fed enough
to be kept alive is of no practical
value to the owner.
When the lambs have just been
weaned they require the best possible
care and need good pasture.
Phosphoric acid tends to Increase
frultfulness. but a liberal supply of
potash Is of almost equal importance.
The grain for calves should be fed
first while the calf Is quite small
with a little bran to aid In learning
to eat
A few hens carefully watched and
liberally fed are more profitable than
a large number forced to forage for
their living.
When-you see many bees hunting
around nooks and corners, you may
be sure there Is robbing going on
A good horse used in a common
sense manner should live to an old age
and be in condition to perform good
work at all times.
During the hot weather the garden
should receive very frequent cultiva
tion to keep down the weeds and
conserve the moisture.
There is no reason why a man with
an acre patch of potatoes should not
spray for blight the same as a man
who has ten acres or more.
Cultivation should not be continued
too late In the season, or the wood
will not harden by the time winter
sets In, and the trees will be Injured.
As a rule, no cultivating should be
done In the orchard during the next
two months. If the soil is in good
tilth and clean of weeds ft is best not
to disturb in hot dry weather.
The cowpea will thrive under unfa
vorable conditions of soil preparation.
It Is, however, a plant that responds
most readily and profitably to thor
oughly deep breaking and pulveriza
tion of the land.
The difference between the dairy
farmer and the exclusive farmer is
usually the difference between a
monthly milk check and a monthly
grocery bill.
Asparagus is subject to the attacks
of a number or fungi, the most wide
spread and destructive being the rust,
a fungus long known In Europe, but
observed here within recent years.
Good ventilation and good drainage
are absolutely necessary in keeping
calves, or indeed any other animal,
healthy, but more particularly young
Asters suffer from root lice, which
invariably kill them in a short time,
if undisturbed. These lice also at
tack chrysanthemums, clematis, and
like plants. Where those pests are at
work, there will be ants also.
Young animals make a much more
rapid growth In proportion to size
than older ones, and the ratio Is de
creased as they approach maturity:
but they eat much more In proportion
to live weight and tho flesh contains
much more water.
It is a law of nature that all plants
must have a season of rest from ac
tive growth. In the tropics this is
done in the dry season. No plant
can be forced Into continual growth
without weakening it and finally kill
ing it
A good many farmers who have
cows are now aware of what a splen
did investment of time and money it
would have been had they sown a plot
of ground to peas and oats last spring
to supplement the pasture that is now
getting parched by the extended
A few one-year-old hens and a
flock of young early hatched pullets
well cared for and carefully culled
will yield more winter eggs than a
flock twice the size consisting of a
mixture of old and young hens, late
and early hatched pullets, some half
moulted, etc
As the sire Is half the flock in the
sense of his influence upon the lamb
crop the few extra dollars required to
purchase a pure-bred animal of the
breed which may be favored by any
sheep owner is a small consideration
as compared to even a slight improve
ment in the lamb crop.
Some one has said that the measure
of the corn crop depends not so much
on the fertility of the land as on the
available amount of moisture during
the growing season. This is a truth
which many of us fail to realize, and
we are oftentimes found blaming the
poorness of our corn land when w '
ought to be blaclae out own lack of
industry with the cultivator.
The importance of plenty of shade
cannot be overestimated. Stock may
be housed during the day, if neces
sary, in darkened stables through
which air may pass, where the ani
mals will be less annoyed by flies. An
ample supply of water is also an es
sential, and the water supply should
be well protected even though It costs
considerable labor to haul water from
a distance. Good food is also essen
tial at this time. Green feed is pref
erable, although dry hay may be
used without serious result
Census of Chicago and Philadelphia,
the Nxt Largest Cities, Soon to
Be Announced.
Washington Greater New York has
A population of 4,766,883 under the
thirteenth decennial census, accord
ing to figures issued by Director, of
the Census Durand. This makes New
York the second largest city in the
world and as large as any two foreign
cities, excepting London.
Since 1900 the population of the
metropolis has increased by 1.320,681,
or 38.7 per cent, as compared with
3,437,202 under the last census.
The borough of Bronx showed tie
greatest Increase in the greater city.
Queens. Brooklyn. Richmond and
Manhattan following next in order
The figures for these boroughs, to
gether with the increases, are as fol
lows: j
Bronx. 430,980, an increase of 230,-
43, or 114.9 per cent
Queens. 284.041, an Increase of 131,
042, or 85.6 per cent
Brooklyn, 1.634.351, an increase of
467.769, or 10.3 per cent
Richmond borough. 85,969, an in
crease of 18,943, or 28.3 per cent
Manhattan borough. 2.311.524. an
increase of 4S1.449. or 26 per cent
New York City contains only 164.
649 fewer people than the combined
fourteen cities of more than 200.000.
the population of which has already
been announced, namely: Pittsburg
St. Louis. Detroit Buffalo. Cincinnati.
Newark. Milwaukee. Washington. In
dianapolis. Jersey City. Kansas City,
Providence, St Paul and Denver. The
aggregate population of the cities
named is given as 4,931,532.
The city of New York, as constitut
ed prior to the act of consolidation
effective January 1, 1898, had a popu
lation in 1890 of 1,515.201. .a? com
pared with 3.437.202 in 1900. showing
an apparent increase of 1.921.901. or
126.8 per cent for the greater city.
It is expected the census figures for
Philadelphia, the third largest city in
the United States, will be issued
Thursday. The population of Chica
go, the second largest city in the
country, probably will be announced
about the middle of this month.
Complete Turnover of Four Millions
from Month of July.
Washington. With an increase of
$3,273,325 in the public debt and a to
tal deficit of $17,371,468.08, the United
States treasury closed the second
month of the fiscal year, keeping on
an even keel, all circumstances con
sidered, with a working balance of
$30,826,057.23 on-hand and the general
fund down to $89,523,207.59.
The increase In public debt, which
is a complete turnover of four millions
in round numbers from the month of
July, is due largely to an excess of na
tional bank deposits over redemp
tions. The general rule of excess of
expenditures over receipts during July
and August is also a contributor.
Total receipts in the month of
August were $34,969,253.54, roughly
five millions more than for the same
month last year. This brings the re
ceipts for the year over the $113,000.
000 mark and five millions better than
those of tho preceding year.
Opened to Settlement
Washington. Approximately 679.
555 acres of land in Arizona and New
Mexico, eliminated from the national
forests by President Taft as being
chiefly valuable for agricultural pur
poses, have been opened to settle
ment under the homestead laws by
authority of the secretary of the in
terior. The lands will become sub
ject to settlement November 22, but
not to entry until December 21.
Submit Case to Roosevelt.
Pittsburg. Pa. The legal and in
dustrial entanglements of the miners
and operators in the Irwin and West
moreland fields will be submitted to
Theodore Roosevelt when he visits
this city on September 10. This was
announced by District President
Francis Feehan of the United Mine
Workers of America, after he had
been arrested with five other local
officers in connection with the actions
brought in the county courts against
eighty-seven miners.
A Negro Lynched.
Amory. Miss. Nick Thompson, a
negro accused of criminally assault
ing a 17-year-old white girl at Jack
son crossing near here was taken to
thp scene of the crime by a mob and
Curtis Beats Fast Train.
Cleveland. Racing with a fast Lake
Shore train. Glenn Curtiss. the Ham
mondsport. X. Y., aviator, drove his
biplane over the water from Cedar
Point to Euclid Reach, an air-line dis
tance of sixty miles, completing a 120
mile rounding an unquestioned world's
record for over-the-water flights. In
cidentally, he heat the train into
Cleveland a full seventeen minutes.
Encountering contrary air currents.
Curtiss was unable to maintain a high
rate of speed.
Insurrection in Philippines.
Manila. P. I. An" uprising against
the government is reported in the
province of Xueva VJzcaya. A con
stabulary force is hurrying to the
scene and a battle is expected hourly.
Tho rebel movement i3 headed by
Simeon Mandac, former governor of
the province of IIocos Xorte, who has
long been a fugitive from justice.
Hoke Smith for President.
Atlauta. Ga. A resolution indorsing
Hoke Smith for president of the
United States in 1912 was adopted by
the democratic convention. ,
Yale College Has Honor Itself In Its
Proper Recognitlen f
Jan AcMania,
Boston. Yale university, one cf our
conservative institutions, has broken
Its precedents to confer upon Jane
Addama the degree of master of arts.
This not very rotmat little lady, says
Current Literature, was fighting ear-,
nestly a few years ago to be mad,
garbage Inspector of her ward In Chi
cago. She used to rise at six hi the.
morning in order to follow the garbage)
carts around from alley to alley and
then to the dumps In order to see that;
the work was not skimped.
A short time ago she took her seat
unostentatiously on the platformiav
Miss Jane Addama.
Woolsey hall with Theodore Roosevelt
and Governor Hughes and J. Plernont
Morgan ami James J. Hill, clad In an
academic rohe, to receive an honorary
degree, while the classic alls re
sounded to the applause of an appro
ving multitude. Jane Addams, master
of arts the very title shows how wo
are twisting the language in order to
fit the old academic customs in which
men alone figured to the new order of
things in which women are recog
nized as having other capacities than
those of the sweetheart and the house
wife. The Idea of settlement work, which
Jane Addams has done so much to ex
pand and vivify and popularize, is a
new and potent kind of melting pot
Its idea Is to create a mutual under
standing between different classes of
the community and between different
races. Hull house, which Miss Ad
dams and Miss Starr started in Chica
go more than twenty years ago. has
been a pioneer to a new realm of ac
tivity for thousands of men and wom
en and a place where, as one writer
puts it Mrs. Flahrity of the Lake
Shore drive and Mrs. Flaherty of
Ewing street meet and find the human
being In each other, to their own great
surprise. For while Hull house does
its work In one of the poorest districts
of Chicago, it "has never ceased to be
the rage among people of the "upper
class. "In the final estimate." writes
Graham Tajflqr in the Review of Re,
views, "what she has done to re-attach
to their rightful part and lot in
the life of the community the classes
Isolated by the conditions of their la
bor or their poverty may not prove to
be a greater service than what she
has done to help the financially and
socially resourceful classes out of
.their detached class-life into the strug
gle to make good their claim to a
name and place among all their fellow
men." 1
How the German Emperor Is Fed
When Out With His Armies
in the Field.
Berlin. This rather novel-appearing
automobile is the field kitchen which
supplies the German kaiser with food
at the military maneuvers. In the
forward section of the vehicle is an
The Motor Field Kitchen.
alcohol-heated stove having five open
ings In the top and fitted with a boil
er. Underneath are two ice boxes,
to one side are lockers for edibles
and on the other side are cupboards
for the imperial plate. The openings
shown on each side of the door in
the illustration contain tables. The
canopies on each side fold against the
car body when not in use.
Pennsylvania Man's Life May
for This Copperhead's Par
tiality. Pay
York, Pa. A big copperhead was
the queer bedfellow of a litter of kis
itens in a barrel at the home of Wil
liam Beck, a store keeper of Cone
wago township, and Beck made the
discovery-only at the expense to him
self of a bite from the venomous rep
tile. Going out after dark to the barrel
In which the kittens were nesting, the
storekeeper reached in. As he groped
he felt something strike his fingers,
but thought the blow dealt by one of
.the kittens in play. A moment later
a similar blow struck his palm, fol
lowed by a severe pain, and Beck pro
cured a lantern. Colled about the kit
tens he found the copper colored ser
pent, which he killed, and then had a
physician dress his Injury.
Whether thts snake was fondling the
kitten3 in anticipation of making a
meal of one of them later, or had actu
ally conceived an affection for the
warm, furry creatures, is not known, I
hut the kittens were unharmed. '
J99sSflfia--- -sjsa
' t jitfip Sr 2" jttaseSffjs ejesseseenri
Lflca. vtHBasBflBrarpBsssssw
but the kittens were unharmed.
"I have succeeded In tracing my an.
eestry back through ten generations."
"Without coming to a nenagerier1
Many who meed to
now bay Lewis Siac!
eaeefce N eiaan
aen ar self-
others are wife-mad.
A fool can always as4 another fast
to adaiir hint
Dwfrj Change of Life,
says Mrs. Chas. Barclay
.GranttevUle, Vt "I wm paling
trosm swrtnjjMii
symptom and I
can tally say that
Vegetable Com
pound has fjroved
worth negus tains
of gold to ass. salt
restored my health
and strength. I
never forget totell
my friend what
Vegetable Compound has donerfor me
luring this trying period. Complete
restoration to health means so much
to me that for the sake of other suffer
ing women I am willing to make m v
trouble public so you may publish
this letter." Mns. Coas. Babclat,
U.r'.u.,uraniteviue, vc.
If o other medicine for woman's ills
has received such wide-spread and un
qualified endorsement, ft o other sled.
icine we know of has such a record
of cures of female ills as has Lydia .
Pinkham's Vegetable Compotcnd.
For more than SO years ft has been
curing female complaints sjich as
inflammation, ulceration, ioeal weak-
nesses, fibroid tumors, lirigsjlailtfas.
penoaie pains, Dackach. mugwaen
and nervous prostration, ana It -is
unequalled for carrying womea safely
through the period of change f Mfe.
It costs but little to try Xydla X.
Pinkham's Vegetable CmtpoakC and. is "worth ntecn
teins of gold " to suffering wusssa,
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Cm ickly U wwiw by
PWJy HiHilils
Mha 8igntnr
process onuco
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wohzsts vzjo,as,3.50,t
SOTT 92.00. S2J0 tt, S3.00
They are absolutely the
awst popular and bestshoes
for the wka ia America.
They are the leaders every-
whert because they bold
taeir aaape, at oetter,
look better aad wear lea
ser taaa ether make. ,
They an certaudv the I
neat eceaearicalahees for yea t hay. W.X..
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the hottest vatae gaaraateeeVraMCWtecf rM
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aeeeiy yea wnte for Man Otier Ca
w. a. DOUGLAS.!
The difference
it may save your life. Cathartics,
bird shot and cannon ball pills tea
spoon doses off cathartic medicines
all depend on irritation of the bowels
anta they sweat enough to move. Cos
cards strengthen the bowel muscles
so they creep and crawl aataraiSy.
This means care and only through
Coscarets can you get k quickly aad
aatarally. m
Caecareti -Me box-week's trea
ateac ADdncalsts. BJaseatseSar
atthawodd-aalllloaboa aioath.
to work with aaa
taaa usee.
Nebraska Directory
AretheBeat. Ask jroarteeal dealer or
Ole Hlbner. President
BethPaosee. U3?ranaaSt,Ossaha
M. Spiesberger at Son Co.
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Imarfoan sa.OO per tfey ana newarJe.
i skew per aey " Memo
Take Oodc sweet
at Union Depot.
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