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Columbus Journal
A frilifl? Bewi el the More Ib
fortut Ercits Here aid There
The government's official "trust
buster" W. S. Kenyon, the assistant
to the attorney general, left here Sun
day for Chicago to resume charge of
the case against so-called trusts.
Modesto Barrios and Sebastian
Salinas, special ambassadors of the
Madriz faction in Nicaragua, paid an
official call at the state department
end presented their credentials.
Three letters in Spanish addressed
to Secretary Knox were also present
ed. These were turned over to trans
lators. The contents are not known.
General Sebastian Salinas and Dr.
Modesta Barrios, representatives
here of the Madriz faction in Nicara
gua, had an interview at the state de
partment with Huntington Wilson,
acting secretary of state. They pre
sented a formal representation which
If accepted would, in their opinion,
bring about a settlement of the trou
bles in the Central American republic.
More regiments of infantry, a gen
eral senice corps and a system of re
tirement for aged employes of the
war department are the recommenda
tions to the adjutant general by Brig
adier General C. L. Hodge, command
ing the department of Dakota. Troops
returning from the tropics should
have at least four years in this coun
try to recuperate. General Hodges
says, and he beliet'es there is no
probability that it will be possible un
less the infantry is Increased.
The Austrian and German health
administrations are pursuing com
mon measures against an invasion of
Russian cholera. Medical agents
from both governments stationed in
Russia report the scarcity of physi
cians. The suggestion of a new treaty be
tween the United States and Canada,
and the establishment of a joint
tribunal in the nature of an interna
tional traffic commission as the
means of effiective control of through
railroad traffic between the two coun
tries, was made at a conference In
New York.
The Chinese government has de
cided to employ no foreign diplomatic
adviser for the future, a decision
which has come as a surprise and to
some extent a disappointment to the
foreign communities of the far east.
The Wai Wu Pu, the foreign govern
ing board, will depend in the future oiv
the views and opinions which are held
regarding foreign affairs by those of
its own people who have had long ex
perience in the diplomatic and consu
lar services abroad.
Thousands of people In Paris for
sook its bed and remained in the
Btreets to watch the conclusion of the
great aviation race, which was won
by Le Blanc in a Bleriot monoplane.
Auburn, also in a Bleriot, took second
prize, finishing a short twenty
minutes behind the winner, although
bis total time in completing the
course was somewhat longer. Le
Blanc left Amiens, sixty miles away,
at 5:03 and descended at Issy. in the
suburbs of Paris, 1 hour and 28
minutes later.
Secretary Ballinger favors opening
the lid on coal lands in Alaska.
Ballinger reached Portland and re
ceived calls from prominent republi
cans. Policemen of Columbus, O., went
on strike in sympathy with street car
The International Typographical
Union will meet next year in San
Senator Aldrlch replied to the
charges made against him by Senator
Bristow of Kansas.
In their state convention Oklahoma
democrats endorsed the administra
tion of Governor Haskell.
Representatives of the Madriz fac
tion in Nicaragua called on the state
department at Washington.
Secretaries Wickersham and Nagel
are keeping out of the Alaska
quarrel while visiting the territory.
Louis Paulhan. the French aviator,
has won the London Daily Mail's prize
of 15.000 for the longest total of cross
country flights made.
The national association of sheet
metal workers, in convention at Phi
ladelphia decided to hold its next an
nual meeting in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Woolf. who left
Kansas City to walk to New York on
May 2. arrived at the New York city
ball Monday afternoon.
At Charleroix. Belgium. M. Lesnyn.
an aviator, fell with his aeroplane
from a height of one hundred feet
and received injuries that probably
will prove fatal.
The forest service has called on
the war department for aid to fight
the forest fires in Montana. General
Leonard Wood, chief of staff of the
army, has directed that a batalion of
the American Lake camp, Oregon, be
ordered into service.
The population of Syracuse, N. Y.,
Is 137,249, an Increase of 28.S75, or
26.6 per cent, as compared with 106,
374 in 1900.
The population of Kansas Cky, Mo..
Is 248,381, an increase of S4.629. or
SL7 per cent., as compared with
3333,752 in 1900.
The Panamas congress at Buenos
Ayres approved a resolution recom
mending all governments of America
to create a Panaman commission and
the application of the decisions of
the third congress relative to the
natunl resources, commerce and
monetary systems.
There is fear of loss of life in the
forest fires of Idaho.
The standpatters were badly defeat
ed by the insurgents in Kansas.
Uncle Joe Cannon says he will
sgjtin be a candidate for the speaker
ship. Lawyers have reaped a harvest at
the expense of Oklahoma Indians.
The mayor of El Paso, Tex., 'was
killed by a falling wall during a fire.
Exposition buildings at Brussels
burned, entailing a loss of 3)6,000,000
to $10,000,000.
President Taft is to get rid of his
political Jonahs, beginning with Bal
linger September 15.
Great Britain's new battleship, the
Lion, is to be the biggest and fastest
naval fighter in the world.
If Mayor Gaynor recovers he will
probably be the democratic nominee
for governor of New York.
Fire in the warehouse district ol
Jersey City, New York, caused dam
age estimated at $1,000,000.
Fire in the warehouse district of
Jersey City, New York, caused dam
age estimated at $1,000,000.
The speech of Speaker Cannon at
Cissta Park, 111., contained little of
his oldtime vigorous statements.
President Taft is s."termined that
Speaker Cannon be relegated, and
Vice President Sherman coincides.
Moissant, the American aviator,
made a daring flight across the Eng
lish channel, carrying a passenger.
David Rankin, jr., who recently
gave away his fortune estimated at
more than $3,000,000 died at Atlantic
Colonel Joseph B. Hughes, former
head of the Continental Tobacco Co.,
was declared insane by a snerm a
The population of Canada on March
31, last, was 7.489.781. according to
the estimate of the census depart
ment The interior department is prepar
ing data for President Taft In regard
to the five civilized tribes of Okla
homa. The independent democratic state
committee of Tennessee has called a
convention of the party to-be held in
Nashville on September 14.
The governmental naval bill to be
laid before the Reichstag this autumn
will ask for an appropriation to build
three battleships and one battleship
Four hundred Punjabis and Hindus
have sailed from Calcutta for San
Francisco, according to advices which
reached the department of commerce
and labor.
Deputy Sheriff Fred Heiseke of
Granite City, 111., shot and killed
Samuel Morgan, a man whom he had
arrested by mistake in an attempt to
quell a disturbance.
The population of Pittsburg, Pa., is
533,905, an increase of 82,393. or 18.2
per cent, as compared with the com
bined population of Pittsburg and Al
legheny of 451,512 in 1900.
American trade with Japan may be
seriously affected, in part at least,
when the duties in the new Japanese
tariff law will go- into effect This
fear was expressed in a statement by
the state department
The coal lands in North and South
Dakota, amounting to about a million
acres, which were recently with
drawn from the public domain by
President Taft, have been opened to
homestead settlement.
One of the principal reasons for the
slump in the sale of automobiles in
the rural districts is that the farm
ers begin to realize that the upkeep
of machines is many times more than
what was represented by salesmen
and dealers, and only recently rubber
tires have advanced 20 per cent, and
the promise of still anotheradvance,
in fact, there is no limit scarcely ex
cept a prohibitive one to what tires
can be advanced under the Rubber
Trust. One agent says. "I venture to
say we will not again sell to the farm
ers to any extent until prices of ma
chines and supplies, in the manner
of upkeep, tires, etc., are greatly re
duced." Four persons were killed and three
were seriously injured when a south
bound passenger train on the Lake
Erie & Western railroad struck an
automobile at a crossing one mile
east of Rochester, Indiana.
Mrs. Judith Ellen Horton Foster,
noted throughout the country as a
temperance lecturer and writer and
advocate of missions and philanthro
pby. died in Garfield hospital in
All the indictments returned last
year against Jafet Lindberg, the
Alaska and California mining mil
lionaire in connection with an alleged
false affidavit made by one of his
miners, have been dismissed.
For nearly three hours President
Taft and Vice President Sherman
talked over the defeat of Col. Theo
dore Roosevelt by the New York
state republican committee and the
selection of Mr. Sherman as tem
porary chairman of the Saratoga con
vention. Personal.
The slayer of a wealthy California
ranch woman was captured and made
a full confession.
President Montt of Chile died sud
denly at London.
Speaker Cannon has opened his
speaking campaign in Illinois.
A letter received at New York
threatens four court judges with
Hiram Johnson, insurgent, is proba
bly the republican nominee for gov
ernor of California.
Speaker Cannon refuses to become
a political corpse or to credit the
story sent from Beverly.
Mrs. and Miss Katharine Elkins
stopped at Geneva. Switzerland, on
their way from Baden Baden to Vichy.
Colonel Roosevelt is not yet ready
to give bis full endorsement to the
policies of the Taft administration.
F. N. Brown, president of the Na
tional Railways of Mexico, has been
appointed vice president in chief of
maintenance ane operation of the Pan
American railroad by President David
E. Thompson of that road.
Rev. Daniel Hayward, pastor of a
Methodist church at Oxnro, Wis, has
resigned his pulpit because he was
told by Superintendent S. H. Ander
son of the Oihkosh district that he
would either rave to give up his pul
pit or cea?c talking politics.
Both of the Democratic Candidates are Claiming Vic
toryNo Doubt About the Nomination of
Aldrich By the Republicans.
Outlook Saturday Morning.
With more than 80 per cent of the
total vote in the recent democratic
primary accounted for Mayor Dahl-
man has a lead of 1,294 over Govern
or Shallenberger for the guberna
tonal nomination. This figure is
shown in complete returns from sixty
counties, partial returns from twenty-
five counties, including 1C4 voting
precincts, and unofficial majorities
BfS -aSBBBaTiryetf x
Democratic Nominee for U. S. Senator
from two counties. Chase and Stan
The counties from which no re
turns have been received are Blaine,
Sioux, Garfield. Hayc:- --d Hooker.
the vote of which can i ..: L a small
figure in the final result.
On the basis of the newspaper re
turns with private advices from a
few counties from which incomplete
returns have been given T. J. Flynn.
chairman of the Dahlman campaign
committee, issued a statement claim
ing the nomination of Dahlman by
1,500. Hope, however, has not yet
beeen given up at the Shallenberger
The Latest Figures.
Omaha. Returns from forty-eight
counties complete, 22?. scattering pre-
Republican Nominee for U. S. Senator
cincts and majorities from three
other counties give Mayor Dahlman a
lead over Governor Shallenberger for
the democratic gubernatorial nomina
tion of 1.G51.
In the forty-eight counties from
which complete returns have been re
ceived including Douglas and Lan cas
ter. Dahlman has a total of 19.599 and
Shallenberger 16.373. The 223 pre
cincts additional give Dahlman 4,552
and- Shallenberger 5,815. Chase,
Phelps and Stanton counties give
Shallenberger a majority of 312.
Both candidates continue to claim
the nomination, though it is admitteed
by Governor Shallenberger that it will
be a close shave. In a statement,
made in Omaha last night, he cut
down his claim of 1,500 majority to
1.000. He bases his estimate on pri
vate returns received at his head
quarters, where he says all but twelve
counties of the state have been heard
Crippen Murder Mystery.
London. The spectators who filled
the little coroner's court at Islington,
where the investigation of the Crip
pen murder mystery was continued,
in the expectation of hearing sensa
tional discoveries in connection with
the remains, supposed to be those of
Belle Elmore. In a cellar of the Crip
pen residence in Hilrdrop Crescent,
were disappointed. The officials in
in charge of the cose were responsible
for the disappointment, having de
cided to withhold the scientific evi
dence of this nature.
Land Grabbers Organised.
Sulphur, Okl. Details of a scheme
by which "land grabbers," organised
systematically to enrich themselves at
the expense of minor Indiana were re
lated by several witnesses at tha con
gressional inveetkjBtJoR Into Indian
land affairs. In one instance, It was
asserted, tho cost of ilhisssfBg of the
property of an 18-year-old Indian was
$20.75 more than the property brought
and the condition which permitted
this and similar deals was declared to
be a disgrace to Oklahoma" not to be
r tVftRBBBBi
lRaSv Jh$ wasaVaH'f
' $. HL. -liiMaBBaBBT '
Mayor Dahlman and his friends are
equally confident. They feel certain
that Shallenberger cannot possibly
cut down the lead which the Ombaa
mayor has maintained with probably
three-quarters ot the vote of the state
. With three precincts missing Doug
las county gives Dahlman 5,322 ma
jority and Lancaster gave him a
majority of 534.
Aldrich will be the republican nom
inee without doubt. Returns from
thirty-nine counties complete have
cut down the Cady majority of nearly
2,700 in Douglas county to 654. Ad
ditional scattering precincts indicate
that Aldrich will carry nearly all of
the remaining counties and win the
nomination by several thousand
votes to spare.
In thirty-eight counties Burkett has
a total of 19,849 to 8.G29 for C. O.
Whedon for the republican indorse
ment for United States senator.
In forty-one counties the vote of
Hitchcock for senator Is 15.740 to
4,839 for Metcalfe and 2.810 for Reed.
"We are depending upon the news
papers for our figures on returns, but
Democratic Candidate for Governor
from our knowledge of conditions in
the counties from which returns are
incomplete, we do not believe it pos
sible for Mayor Dahlman's lead to be
wiped out," said Thomas J. Flynn,
chairman of the Dahlman campaign
"There is no doubt in my mind but
that he will come through with a safe
"With practically complete returns
from all but twelve counties received
at my office before I left Lincoln, and
conservative estimates from those. I
feel certain of my nomination by a
majority of 1.000." said Governor
Democratic Candidate for Governcr
Shallenberger last evening at the Pax
ton, where he was stopping for a few
hours, being immediately called upon
by a party of bis political advisers
"I had to run against the democrat .
the republicans, the socialists and the
Fighting Forest Fires.
Kalispell. Mont. With the best or
ganized and largest force of fire fight
ers that has been mustered for the
war against the fires that 'have in
vaded several valleys of the Glacier
national park, the Flathead and
Blackfoot national forests and the
Flathead reservation, officials in
charge of those portions of the na
tional domain will begin anew a cam
paign against the flames. The new
fortes comprise three companies of
the Twenty-fifth Infantry for the pork
and the Flathead forest
In One Pulpit 64 Years.
Berlington, la. The Rev. Dr. Wil
liam Salter, believed to be the oldest
active minister in point of eontlnoous
service in the United States, died
Tuesday morning at his home at the
advanced age of 88 years. He was
born In Brooklyn, N. Y.. November 17.
1821, and came to Burlington in 1848.
He preached his first sermon here,
beginning his work in the ministry as
pastor of the First Congregational
church, and serving continuously ever
since, making sixty-four years in one
pulpit j
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bbHLbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbsw. islH
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prohibitionists, and yet I have won by
over a thousand, so I feel gratified
over the results.
"I am on my iray to Ames, la., to
deliver an address Friday mad will re
turn in the evening to begin my cam
paign for election Saturday morning."
The Fourth District.
Judge B. F. Good of Wahoo, candi
date for the democratic nomination
for congressman in the Fourth, in an
swer to a telephone call, gave these
nearly complete figures from nine of
the eleven counties in the district:
Goood, 2,000. Bailey a little over 1.200,
Miller 1,200. Gilbert 800, Bailey 800.
The two remaining counties are
Fillmore and Thayer and Bailey is
expected to gain sufficiently in those
countiesto make him easily the sec
ond man, though not in the least dis
turbing Judge Good's claims to first
Nominee for Congress Receives Tele
gram from President.
Lincoln, Xeb. The following mes
sage was received from President
Taft congratulating Will Hayward,
Republican Nominee for Governor.
secretary of the national republican
committee and a personal friend of
the president, upon his nomination
for congress in the First Nebraska
My heartiest congratulations on
your triumph; may your hunting trip
be sucessful. WILLIAM H. TAFT.
Reports From Lincoln.
Lincoln. Primary returns on the
Tuesday election are being made very
slowly except-from the cities of the
Present indications are that in
surgent republican candidates have
made very considerable impression.
G. W. Norris was renominated with
out opposition.
A. L. Sutton, prosressive, wins in
the Second district.
Boyd, progressive, leads Brian,
standpat republican, in the Third dis
trict. Senator Burkett has won a renomi
nation over C. O. Whedon, insurgent
candidate for United States senator.
4-by a margin of a founn of his vote.
G. M. Hitchcock has defeated R. L.:
Metcalfe, democratic nominee. 3 to 1. 1
It is probable that Governor Shallen-',
berger was defeated for the demo-1
cratic nomination by Mayor Dahlman ,
of Omaha. This is in doubt, however, i
There appears to be no question that
Aldrich, county option candidate for
governor, has defeated Cady for the
The liquor question, primarily en
tering the guvernatorial fight, forced
an unusual crossing of party lines (
and affected every part of both ,
The Vote in Douglas.
James C. Dahlman goes out of
Douglas county with an approximate
majority of 5.400 over Ashton C.
Shallenberger for the democratic
nomination for governor; G. M.
Hitchcock goes out of the county
with an approximate majority of 6,
OCO over Richard L. Metcalfe, his
next nearest rival for the democratic
senatorial nomination, and about 200
still better over Willis E. Reed, the
third man in this particular race;
Addison E. Cady goes out with a
majority of approximately 2,700 over
Chester H. Aldrich, for the republi
can nomination for governor; and
Elmer J. Burkett goes out with a ma
jority of approximately 1.500 over
Charles O. Whedon, his next nearest
rival for the republican nomination
foor senator.
Burkett's Vote in Lancaster.
Senator Burkett will carry Lan
caster county by about 400 votes.
Thirty-eight precincts give Burkett
1.507 and Whedon 1.091. Adams re
ceived 106 votes in these precincts.
In the same thirty-eight precincts
Aldrich received 1.7C9 votes as repub
lican nominee for governor, against
935 for Cady and 238 for William
Elmer Low, road overseer at West
ern. American Citizen Murdered.
Washington. News of the murder
in Bolivia, more than two months
ago of Gustav A. Rist, an American
citizen, reached the state department
on Thursday. Only the bare an
nouncement of the murder is made.
The news came from Mr. Combs, the
American minister at Lima, Peru,
who, acording to the state depart
ment, reports 'that Gustav A. Rfst.
an American citizen, was murdered
near Puyupoyo in Bolivia by one Au
gustin Hunf on the 11th of July.
Claimant to Swope Estate.
Kansas City. Another claimant to
the fortune left by Colonel Thomas
H. Bwope, for whose murder Dr. B.
Clark Hyde was sentenced to life im
prisonment, has appeared in the
shape of Adam J. Srope of Kowoka.
Judge Latsbaw of the criminal court
received a letter from Adam today,
in which the Canadian stated that he
was a son of Levi Swope of Pennsyl
vania and believed he must be a
nephew of Coloael Swope. Judge
Latscaw said he never heard of a
J.evi Swccs.
bbbbbbbBbV-- -
K$F ykt ark.
aaawSaNalaaVaNBBBEi. -rf SBSBBl
On Week's Records in Russia Show
23,944 New Cases and 10,723
Bar!, Italy The epidemic of cholera
Which has broken out in southern
Italy Is steadily showing an increase
in the districts affected, particularly
In the town of Trand. where the
number of deaths already is more
than thirty.
The latest official reports Friday
-night gave twenty deaths at Trani,
showing the rapidity with which the
disease is increasing there. The
epidemic is a virulent type and the
death rate is high.
Even graver danger is anticipated
from the fleeing population of the in
fected district, who may bear the
germs of the disease to regions not
yet involved. Trani seems almost de
serted as a result of panic, 30,000 of
the residents, fully one-half of the
population, having fled the town. Ful
ly as many have escaped from tho
island town to Barletta.
Rome. Rumors that the epidemic
of cholera which has broken out in
Apulia had spread to Rome are em
phatically denied. There have been
no cases here and the general health
conditions in Rome are excellent, bet
ter than at any time during the last
ten years.
Although the danger of infection i3
not felt here, the pope ordered the
Lazareto of Santa Marta. built inside
the Vatican by Pope Leo in 1885 dur
ing the great cholera epidemic at
Naples, but never used because of
-the absence of cholera patients, made
ready for any emergency.
The influence of the church i3 to
be used to assist the civil authorities
in fighting the epidemic, the clergy
having been instructed to use ail
means to enforce compliance with the
sanitary reguations on the part o
their parishioners.
No final decision has been taken re
garding the proposed departure of
King Victor for the cholera region.
The king, it is said, has determined
to proceed personally to the scene if
conditions become more serious, in
which case Queen Helena, it is
feared, would insist on accompanying
Premier Luzetti arrived at Rome
from Turin for the purpose of invok
ing a meeting of the cabinet of min
isters at which the cholera situation
in Apulia was thoroughly discussed.
The premier learned the disease now
seems to be confined to the few places
where it first broke out.
The cholera continues to be tho
most severe at Trani. a seaport on
the Adriatic, where in the last twenty
four hours nineteen new cases and
twelve deaths were reported.
One week's cholera record for
Russia shows 2.',944 new cases of
cholera and 10.723 deaths, bringing
the total number of cases in Russia
this year to 112.985. Of these 50.287
ha-e died, the mortality pcrcentago
being 44.5.
Ncbraskans in Maneuvers.
Junction City. Kan. The entire
command at the Fort Riley camp of
instruction was out Friday studyins
the defensive problem. The sixth
field artillery flanked by the Fourth
and the Thirteenth regiments of art:l
lery, repulsed the attack of an imagin
ary fee. The First and Second regi
ments of Nebraska participated ia
the maneuvers.
Surgeons Assure Mayor's Secretary
That He Is Practically Safe Now.
New York. Propped up with pil
lows. Mayor Gaynor sat up in bed for
an hour Friday, reading and talking
to his 7-year-old daughter. Ruth. Af
ter a most satisfactory day marked
by the last blood test that will be
taken. Robert Adamson. the mayor's
secretary, said tonight that the sur
geon had assured him that the mayor
was practically out of danger.
Omaha's Population 125,009.
Washington. On what the Omaha
Bee correspondent considered most
rerliable authority it is learned that
the census of Omaha, which is nor
practically tabulated, will show an In
crease of about 22 per cent over tho
preceding census population. aAs tho
census of 1900 gave Omaha 102.555,
this will figure out a census popula
tion for 1910 in round numbers of
125.000. It m8y be announced, al
though not officially, that Omaha wilt
be listed a little above or below this
No Reply as Yet.
Beverly. Mass. Xo disposition haa
been shown here as yet to make even
an informal or an official reply to
the stories that recently have ''ome
irora uysrcr tay ieuiu$ ui ti sitiuus (
break between President rait ana .
Colonel Roosevelt. The president and
Mr. Morton absolutely efie to dis
cuss the matter officially or uno.'I!
cial'.y. There is a general belief in
Beverly that Colonel Roosevelt's at
titude, if it has been correct! repre
sented, is based on an entire misap
prehension and misunderstanding.
The Castros Ousted.
Washington.Tne entire Castro fan
ily apparently has been ousted from
Venezuela. A dispatch to the stato
department today from the American
legation at Caracas stated that forty
sf relatives of former Presifient Cas
tro bad been expelled from Venceue!a
and sailed today for Porto Rico. Late
in 1D08 President Castro left Ven
ezuela for Europe. What was the oc
casion for the latest outburst against
the Castro family was not explained
in the brief dispatch to the department.
Try Hits, This Summer.
The very next time you're hot. tired
or thirsty, step' up to a soda fountain
and let a glass of Coca-Cola. It will
cool you off, relieve your bodily and.
mental fatigue and quench your thirst
delightfully. At soda fountains or
carbonated In bottles Sc everywhere).
Delicious, refreshing and wholesome.
Send to the Coca-Cola Co. Atlanta,
Ga., for their free booklet "The Trutk
About Coca-Cola." Tells what Coca
Cola Is and why It Is so delicious, re
freshing; and thirst-quenchlsg. AM
end 2o stamp for the Coca-Cola Base
all Record Book for 1910 contains
Iks famous poem "Casey At The BaV
records, schedules for both league
tad other raluable baseball infom
tlom complied by authorities.
Another Tradition Exploded.
Two Englishmen were resting at
the "Red Horse Inn" at Stratford-oa-Atob.
Oae of them discovered
Mint picturing a low tumbling build
ing underneath which was printed!
The House In Which Shakespeare
Was Bora." Turning to his friend la
mild surprise he pointed to the print.
His friend exhibited equal surprise, aad
called a waiter who assured them ol
the accuracy of the Inscription.
"Ton my word," said the obserr
las; Englishman, shaking his head
dubiously, "I thought he was bora la
a manger!" Success Magazine.
One' Side Enough.
Senator William Alden Smith tells
of an Irish Justice of the peace out
In Michigan. In a trial the evidence
was all in and the plantlfTs attorney,
had made a long and very eloquent
argument, when the lawyer acting for
the defense arose.
"What are you doing?" asked the
'justice, as the lawyer began.
"Going to present our side of the
"I don't want to hear both sides ar
gued. It has tlndency to confuse the
coort." Waabingtonlan.
Included Her.
"Why did she get angry
at the
stranger in town?"
"She asked him if he had seen her
daughter and he answered that he
aad seen all the sights of the place."
Jr. War Heaaaae, ffrtlef flrat nut nfln
tea. Taw imlM aad tavljDnte stomach. Uver
laafcswau. ftiaar-mttedUarcraaBlea.
A woman tells her troubles to a doc
tor; a man tells his to a lawyer.
Lewis Single Binder gives a man what
he wants, a rich, mcDow-taatins agar.
Better a nagless wife than a horse
less carriage.
Its great merit alone has
enabled the Bitters to con
tinue before the public for
over 57 years. You really
ought to try a bottle for
Poor Appetite. Indiges
tion, Headache, Cramps,
Diarrhoea and Malaria.
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MUTSCHV MOTOR CO.. Ceuncil Bluffs.
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Wholesale Millinery
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