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Kmftracing a Condensation or events
la Which Readers Generally Ars
Eleven captains and commanders
In the navy have applied voluntarily
for retirement and their applications
have been granted.
Freight rates on lemons from the
producing territory In southern Cali
fornia to eastern destinations were
reduced by the interestate commerce
commission from $1.15 to $1 a hun
dred pounds.
Members of the senate committee
appointed Senator Day to Inevstigate
the charges made by Senator Gore re
lating to Oklahoma Indian land con
tracts have discovered that the com
mittee was not provided with funds to
defray the cost of the inquiry.
In waging their warfare for the con
trol of the next congress both the re
publican and democratic congres
sional committees will have head
quarters in the east and west where
will be done the work of directing
and sending out literature and spell
Binders. 1 The president has signed several
proclamations eliminating nearly half
a million acres of land from the na
tional forests and adding a little more
than 100,000 acres to the reserves.
The lands taken out are more suit
able to agriculture than to forest pur
poses and later will be open to settle
ment ' A commission has been made out
nt the treasury department for the ap
pointment of Fremont Leidy, of Leon,
Kas., to the position of collector of In
ternal revenue for the district of
Kansas, but it is being temporarily
held in abeyance to await the expect
ed resignation of James M. Simpson,
who now holds the position. If this is
not forthcoming very soon Mr. Leidy's
commission will be issued to him.
The announcement of the opening
of Port Arthur to the shipping of all
nations commencing July 1, is pub
lished In the official gazette at Tokio.
Anna Sutter, the leading singer In
the Royal Opera at Stuttgart, was
shot and killed in her bed by Alois
Obrist, a former conductor of the
opera, who then killed himsel.. Ob
rist, although a married man. perse
cuted the singer with his attentions.
Lebouef. the Apache who killed a
policeman several months ago, was
guillotined in Paris. The socialists
had attempted to get a reprieve for
the assassin, but this failed and a
violent manifestation by the revolu
tianary socialists occurred at the
scene of the execution.
The two groups of Ruthc-nian anl
Polish students of the University of
Lemberg clashed and before the po
lice had separated the combatants
many officials and students bad been
seriously wounded. The feud, born
of racial Jealousy, is as old as the
university itself, and periodical fights
have occurred.
The bleached flour case was decided
In favor of the government.
Former Governor John H. McGraw
of Washington, died at his home in
The petition for a re-hearing In the
Missouri river rate case was filed by
the railroads.
The socialists-democrats of the fifth
congressional district of Wisconsin
announced the nomination through
referendum of Victor L. Berger,
candidate at the fall election.
Officers of both the Western Union
and Postal Telegraph companies said
that the sending of fight news out of
Reno broke all telegraph records for a
single day's work. More than 800,000
words were sent at an average cost
of 2 cents a word.
Mayor Gaynor of New York sent to
the board of aldermen a message
charging that politicians were exort
Ing money in sums of from $5 to $500
from persons seeking aldermanic per
mits for licensing news stands, fruit
stands and bootblacking stands.
Hon. W. J. Bryan, in a recently Is
sued statement, says: I shall do my
duty In this (Nebraska) campaign as
I have tried to do it before, and I be
lieve it to be my duty as a citizen and
as a democrat to do all in iuy power
to save the democratic party from the
domination of the liquor interests and
their allies."
At Chicago Richard T. Sweeney, a
mail collector, is under arrest, ac
cused of the theft of nearly $100,000
In securities belonging to W. O. Ford,
a manufacturer.
President Taft has designated
George Otis Smith, director of the
geological survey, as acting chief of
the new bureau of mines recently
authorized by congress.
Unless Porter Charlton, held in Jer
sey City, on the charge of murdering
his wife at Moltrasio, Italy, is sur
rendered to the Italian government
for trial, he will be adjudged guilty of
murder by proxy.
A report is to be framed by the
BallinT:r-Pinchot committee at a
meting In Minneapolis in September.
Charles A. White, scientific asso
ciate of the late Professor Lanseley
of the Smithsonian institute, memher
of many scientific societies In this
country and Europe, and author of
numerous scientific publications died
in Washington.
The Illinois supreme court decided
that religious exercises, consisting of
the reading of the Bible, singing and
prayer cannot be held in Illinois pub
lis schools during the time pupils are
required to be in attendance
count Zeppelin Is disappointed but
not discouraged over the wreck of bis
Joseph Wendling. alleged slayer of
Alma Killner. the Louisville girl, has,
been located on a ranch near Houston,'
Dr. Hyde of Kansas City has been
sentenced to the penitentiary for life.
J. F. McMurray declares he Is ready
to disprove the charges made by Sena
tor Gore.
Senator Norris Brown has expressed
himself as satisfied with the work of
Extensive rate reductions were or
dered by the interestate commerce
Politics enter Into Germany's pro
test against the disparagement of the
evangelical faith.
A surprisingly good showing Is
made in the yearly statemeat of the
treasury department
Senator Burrows, as the man who
must act is bothered over the bribery
case of Senator Lorlmer.
The postoffice department Is ar
ranging the details for the inaugura
tion of postal savings banks.
Jeffries' wife became hysterical
when she learned that her hubby had
been bested In the prize ring.
A cry has gone forth that Roose
velt take the leadership of the .-"publican
reform forces in New York.
Roosevelt denies that he Is en
deavoring to have Hughes keep in
the race for ogvernorshlp.
The state department has sent a
sharp note in reply to the representa
tions of President Madriz.
Mr. Bryan calls off his boom for
senator from Nebraska, saying he can
do more for the party as a citizen.
Jim Jeffries has gone back to his
alfalfa farm very much crestfallen
and determined to do no more fight
ing. A whirlwind campaign to raise
$100,000 on the Sioux City Y. M. C. A..
ended with all the money needed sub
scribed. Grace McKinley, alias Grace Mack
of Indianapolis, was arrested in Se
dalia, Mo., charged with wearing
men's attire.
J. R. Wilson, youngest brother of
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson, ditd
last week of stomach trouble at Ex
celsior Springs, Mo.
Mr. Roosevelt. Gifford Pinchot and
James R. Garfield are declared by the
Oyster Bay Pilot to be forming a
new national party.
The Louisiana legislature, which Is
now in session, is expected to select
Governor Jared Y. Sanders for the
United States senate.
It is stated that $2,000,000 of gold
purchased for Germany which has ar
rived in London, has been engaged
for shipment to New York.
The New York World says It has
reliable information that Helen Kelly
Gould, who divorced Frank J. Gould
in May. 1909. will be married July 15.
It was announced that 25.000 loco
motive engineers employed on forty
nine railroad ss'stems. west of Chi
cago are formulating demands for in
creased wages which will be pre
sented to the managers before
August 1.
Peter Smith, a husky young tannery
worker In Newark. N. J., drank seven
teen jiggers of whisky in succession,
thereby winning a bet of $1. As he
pocketed the money he fell to the
floor unconscious and died soon after
in a hospital.
Freight rates on lemons from the
producing territory in Southern Cali
fornia to certain destinations were re
duced by the Interstate Commerce
commission from $1.15 per 100 pounds
to $1.00 per 100 pounds.
The big mill between Jeffries and
Johnson took place at Reno. Nev..
July 4th and was won by the latter,
the negro Knocking Jeffries out in the
fifteenth round. A tremendous crowd
was in attendance and hundreds of
thousands of dollars changed hands.
Jeffries was badly bruised, while
Johnson was apparently unhurt and
showed no marks of the contest Be
fore the rounds were half covered the
inevitable outcome was foreseen.
The first bale of cotton of 1910-11
was sold at auction in New York and
brought 50 cents per pound last week
A feaure of the celebration at
Springfield, Mass., was the presence
of ninety confederate veterans of Pe
tersburg, Virginia, who came a?
guests of the Grand Army.
An estimate that the total number
of immigrant aliens admitted at all
ports of the United States during the
past fiscal year reached 1,025,515 was
made by Commissioner General
Jack Johnson declares he will not
fight again for a year.
Chief Justice Fuller served twenty
two years on the bench.
Anti-negro demonstrations in the
south followed news of the first re
sult David Starr Jordan denounced foot
ball before educators at Boston.
Congressional campaign committees
are planning to wage vigorous war
fare. Rickard says Jeffries was disquali
fied, which was the reason he was
not counted out
W. J. Bryan Issued an extended
statement defining party duty.
President Taft has taken the con
servation policy in his own bands.
Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller ol
the supreme court died at his summer
home at Sorrento, Me.
When Jack Johnson arrived at Og
den youns toughs at the depot tried to
get him into a brawl.
Secretary Ballinser visited the
pres'dent at Beverly, but it was not to
tender his resignation.
Representative Poindexter of Wash
ington received comfort and en
couragement at Oyster Eay.
Roosevelt preliminary survey on
the field of battle has been completed
I.ige a goo-1 general, he has nothing
to say of his plans.
A dynamite cartridge hanging from
a tree at a height where a covered
automobile would strike, and prcbably
exp'ode it. was found above the road
over which the Harriman automobiles
The sudden death of Chief Justice
Fuller makes a change in a majority
of the surreme court of the Unite'
States during the first term of Presi
dent Taft a possibility, if not J
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Aged Jurist Passes Away Suddenly
at Sorrento, Maine.
Bar Harbor. Me. Chief Justice Mel
ville W. Fuller of the United States
Supreme court died from heart failure
at his summer home in Sorrento at
six o'clock Monday morning.
The death of the chief magistrate
was unexpected, as he bad been In
fairly good health lately, and there
had been no premonitory symptoms of
any kind of trouble. Sunday he at
tended church as usual, and when he
retired at night he was to all appear
ances in his customary health.
Death came about six o'clock Mon
day morning. His daughter, Mrs. Na
thaniel Francis, and Rev. James E.
Freeman, who was a guest of Justice
Fuller's at his Sorrento cottage,
"Main Stay." were with the Jurist
when he died.
The funeral services will be held at
Sorrento and the interment will be at
For many years the chief Justice
had spent his summers at Sorrento, a
summer colony located on French
man's bay, five miles from Bar Har
bor. A Great American.
To Chief Justice Fuller fell the
honor of third rank for length of serv
ice as presiding justice In the highest
tribunal of the American government
For 22 years be was chief justice
of the Supreme court of the United
States. Chief Justice Marshall pre
sided over the court for 34 years and
Chief Justice Taney for 28 years.
With the future rests the determina
tion of his rank among the eight
chief justices of history for ability and
Before Grover Cleveland sent his
name to the senate on April 30. 1888.
for confirmation as chief justice, he
was practically unknown except to
members of the legal profession. In
Maine, where be was born on Febru
ary 11, 1833, he had been known as
a well-behaved, rather scholarly lad.
He had gone to Bowdoin college, and,
Incidentally, there won most of the
prizes for elocution. He had gone
down to Harvard law school for one
His Great Argument
From 1856 to 18S8 he lived in Chi
rntro. hut attracted little attention out
side bis Immediate circle of friends
and associates at the bar until he
undertook the defense of Bishop
Cheney on a charge of heresy. His
knowledge of ecclesiastical history
and procedure astonished those who
conducted the' case, and his argument
of the cause of the bishop before the
Rurreme court of Illinois Is referred to
still as a forensic effort seldom If ever
surpassed In that court
He was a delegate to the national J
conventions of the Democratic party
In 18G4. 1872. 1876 and 1880.
The nomination of Mr. Fuller, then
fifty-five years of age. was followed by
a memorable contest in the senate.
Inducing a Sneeze.
Probably everybody has experi
enced the displeasure, if not actual
pain, which comes from missing a
sneeze. There is an easy way out of
this if one happens to be out of doors
at the time an dthe weather is cleai
Just glance at the sun. There Is some
thing about the brightness of It that
supplies the missing irritation, or
whatever it is that Is needed, and nine
times out of ten if the sneeze has not
got too far away it will come back.
New York Sun.
Well Answered.
A man advertised for a wife and
requested each candidate to inclose
her "carte-de-vlste. A spirited young
lady wrote to the advertiser In the
following terms: "Sir. I do not in
close my 'carte.' for though there la
some authority for putting a 'cart' be
fore a horse. I know of none for pot
ting one before an ass."
Lectures for Country Pastures.
The Maine Agricultural college pro
poses to establish lectures especially
for country pastors.
The Judiciary committee, with Its
Republican majority, to which the
nomination was sent April 30, held
up the appointment until July 20.
Then the committee reported it to the
senate "without recommendation."
For three hours that body debated
In executive session whether to con
firm or reject the nomination. The
attack on Mr. Fuller was led by Sena
tors Edmunds, Evarts and Stewart,
Senators Cullom and Farwell defend
ed him.
The reports that he had been a
"copperhead" during the Civil war
and that he did not possess the re
quisite ability as a lawyer were gone
His Great Victory.
Finally, by a vote of 41 to 20. bis
nomination was confirmed.
Since that day the entire court as
it then existed has passed away with
the single exception of Justice Har
lan. Of those prominent in the fight
over bis confirmation only Senator
Cullom remains, and President Cleve
land, who thus honored the Illinois
lawyer, has thus gone to his grave.
Throughout his service Chief Jus
tice Fuller was noted for the dignity
with which he filled the position. He
preserved that manner on the bench
or off.
Although small of stature, not more
than five feet seven Inches, his wealth
of silvery hair and classic features
made him a commanding figure wher
ever he appeared.
Chief Justice Fuller leaves an In
delible stamp on the laws of the coun
try. Among his most famous opinions
are the following:
His Famous Decisions.
The Income tax decision, in which
the income tax law was held to be un
constitutional. The Danbury hat case, by which la
bor unions were held to be amenable
to the Sherman anti-trust law.
The Western Union Telegraph com
pany versus the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania. In which the state was
denied the right to tax telegraph mes
sages, except when interstate.
The Bank of Washington versus
Hume. In which the Insurable Interest
of the wife and children in the life
of the husband and father was recog
nized as distinguished from the claims
of creditors.
Inman versus South Carolina Rail
way company. In which the railroad
was denied the power to exempt It
self from liability for its negligence
in the shipment of goods.
Moore versus Crawford. In which
married women were made to bear lia
bilities, such as those growing out of
the fraudulent sale of land, as well as
the legal rights.
Leisy versus Haddin. In which the,
state was denied rights over original
packages of liquor in interstate com
merce, an opinion which led to the
passage of the Wilson liquor law.
Climatic Differences.
On the coast of southeastern Alaska
the average annual precipitation Is
about ninety Inches and trees grow
to a large size; In the central plateau,
the precipitation Is less than fifteen
inches, including the melted snow,
and the average size of timber is
small; while on the arctic slope, north
of Rocky mountains, climatic condi
tions make forest growht altogether
Impossible, and those vast tundras are
covered chiefly with moss, sedges and
a few small shrubs.
Valuable Pointer.
In commenting upon the fact that
Kansas stands at the bead In raising
moles, we wish to add that Is the only
safe place to stand. It also is best
to keep as near the bead as possible
when nutting the harness on.
Ways of the Wise Rat
Careful experiments have proved
the troth of the ancient belief tbat
by letting down Its tall and licking tbe
end tbe rate extracts oil. milk. wine,
molasses, etc.. from deep or narrow
necked vessels.
Arms and Legs Broken and Other
Injuries of a V9ty Serious
Betheny Plain. Rheims. Baroness
de la Roche, tbe first French womaa
aeroplanelst was seriously, perhaps
ratally. Injured here Friday by falling
front a height of fifty feet
The Baroness de La Roche had
flown around the field once at a height
of fifty feet when suddenly while la
front of applaoding tribunes, she ap
peared to become frightened and con
fused at the approach of two other
She started to descend but while
still fifty feet from the ground, lost
control of the machine.
The aeroplane turned over and fell
like a log. The baroness' legs and
arms were broken. Her mangled body
was removed from the wreckage and
conveyed to the hospital.
While momentarily conscious the
baroness explained that the rush of
air from a motor passing over her
head had frightened her. whereupon
she lost control of the machine.
Examination shows her skull is not
This is the second fatal accident at
this meeting. Wachter having been
killed last Friday.
Two aviators broke the records
for 150 kilometers at the meeting
here Friday. Hubert Latham covered
the distance in two hours one minute
six seconds and afterward the Bel
gian. Olislazer. did it in one hour,
fifty-three minutes, twenty seconds.
The performances of Baroness De
La Roche on a Voison machine have
been much talked of in Paris. This ac
cident was not her first On January
4. last, she was serious'y injured at
the Chalons aviation field. In circling
the course she made a wide turn and
crashed into a tree, being unable to
elevate her machine quickly enough to
dodge it She fell from a height of
twenty feet and was taken to the mil
itary hospital unconscious. Her right
shoulder was dislocated and internal
injuries were feared, but she re
covered soon.
In February last the French Aero
club gave Baroness De La Roche an
air pilot's license for ber feat in
flying four times around the aviation
course at Heliopolis, a distance of
twelve miles.
The baroness was one of the
pioneers of aviation. She had also
driven motor boats in races and auto
mobiles at exhibitions and as soon as
flying became practicable, she turned
to them. There are several other
women aviators in Paris.
Kermit to Go Abroad Again.
New York Although he was abroad
nearly fifteen months with his father
and has been home less than a month,
Kermit Roosevelt is going abroad
again. He will sail on the Hamburg
American liner Amerika with Paris as
bis objective point
Breaks a Record.
Salt Lake City. Utah. A world's
bicycle record that has stood since
1895 was broken here when Jackie
Clark reduced the two-thirds-mile un
paced professional record of 1:4114
made by Walter Sanger at Denver to
Roosevelt in Kansas.
Topeka, Kas. Governor Stubbs has
received a telegram from Theodore
Roosevelt definitely fixing the date of
his one speech in Kansas this sum
mer at August 31. Colonel Roosevelt
will speak at Osawatomie during the
John Brown celebration.
The Late Justice Fuller Is Burled
With Honors.
Chicago. The body of the late
chief justice of the supreme court,
Melville Weston Fuller, lies beside
that of his wife in Graceland ceme
tery. The special car in which the flower
strewn casket rested arrived from
Boston at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon.
In the car were Governor Hughes of
New York and Justices Lurton,
Holmes. White. McKenna and Day
of the supreme court.
The body rested in state at the
Virginia hotel, where the late justice
made his home on his visits to this
city, before being taken to St. James'
church. Justice Fuller, when a
practicing attorney, followed his
vocation here for twenty-one years
and hundreds nf persons who knew
him in the old days visited the hotel.
In his sermon. Rev. James F. Free
man paid high tribute to the life and
works of the jurist.
Court at Berlin Orders Rudolph
Francke to Produce Explorer.
Berlin. The provincial court, which
is hearing the case of Rudolph
Francke against Commander Peary to
recover $10,000. ordered Francke to
produce Dr. Frederick A. Cook as a
witness. Francke. who was associat
ed with Dr. Cook in north polar ex
ploration, demands $10,009 in return
for a collection of furs, walrus and
narwhal teeth, which he alleges
Peary required him to surrender.
Roosevelt Coming to Omaha.
Lincoln. Neb. Theodore Roosevelt
will speak in Omaha September 2.
The details of his visit, the hour at
which he will arrive, the manner in
which his reception will be handled,
at what hour he will speak are yet
undetermined. Senator Burkett re
ceived a telegram from Colonel
Roofcvelt saying tbat he could be la
Omaha September 2. and the senator
is now awaiting a letter in which
Colonel Roosevelt will Indicate what
he wishes to have dose regarding the
reception and speech.
The selling of life Insurance .Is be
coming to be profession, and to at
tain the greatest success professional
training is required. Tbe day is past
when men who have failed in other
lines can with profit to themselves
or a company take op life insurance.
The Midwest Life has an opening in
the city of Lincoln for a bright cap
able man from 20 to 24 years
of age who wishes to prepare himself
for a position as one of its general
agents. The company will pay his tu
ition fee for two courses In salesman
ship, one general (Sheldon school)
and the other special (American
School of Insurance), both of which
can be completed in a year; also a
nominal salary for the first twelve
months. For the first year, office
work one-half time, other half solicit
ing life Insurance on a commission
basis; thereafter full time soliciting
wholly on a commission basis. Here
Is a splendid chance for one to make
his way from the start There is no
other business which a young man of
energy ability and good character
can enter where the opportunities to
make money without the previous in
vestment of capital, is so great Ap
ply or write to The Midwest Life, No.
119 South ICth Street, Lincoln.
.Geneva Man -Insane.
Fillmore County. Ernest Shuster
was adjudged insane by the county
board and taken to Hastings for
treatment, Schuster is about 20
years of age and has lived here all
his life and until a few months ago
was considered mentally sound.
Wheat Harvest in Progress.
Hall County. The harvesting of
wheat is in full progress in Hall
county. Estimates run from eighteen
to thirty bushels per acre. The re
cent heavy rain throughout the
country, farmers declare, will bring
a much heavier oat yield than was
Alleged Horse Thieves.
Richardson County. James Smith,
arrested recently by Sheriff William
T. Fenton and Police Chief Samuel
Marts of this city, near Mound City.
Mo., and later brought here charged
with the theft of the Martin Jones
team of horses on June 12. was given
a preliminary hearing before County
Judge John Gagnon, and was bound
Interurban Franchise Voted.
Dodge County. An ordinance
granting the Nebraska Transporta
tion company a franchise to build an
Interurban road through Fremont
passed the city council. An amend
ment to the original ordinance was
introduced imposing a 4 per cent tax
on the gross earnings of the com
pany within the limits of the city
after the year 1922.
Adopts tnitative and Referendum.
Pawnee County. Table Rock helJ I
a svcuii eii:v-'.un. ana voieu on uiu
folowing proposition: "Shall the
village of Table Rock adopt the in
itative and referendum as provided
by the laws of the state of Nebraska,
being chapter thirty-two (32) of the
Nebraska session laws for 1S97." It
was carried.
Killed by His Auto.
Cuming County. Albert Toelle.
one of the managers of the auto
mobile garage, was killed while run
ning his machine with several
friends. He started for a ride and
when but a short way from town Mr.
Toelle lost control of the machine in
some manner and it turned turtle,
fastening him underneath. He diei
after a few hours without regaining
Mangled by a Mower.
Johnson County. One of the de
plorable accidents that attend the
harvest season occurred in the west-
I era part of Johnson county. Kermit
J Beatty. the three-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Waldo Beatty, was so
severely injured that it Is feared he
cannot live. He was asleep in the
clover and was driven over by a
The Murderer of Miss Flege.
Dixon County. The coldb'ooded
murder of Miss Ixiuise Flege, aserl
20 years, on a Dixon county farn
northeast of Wayne. Neb., has
aroused the whole countryside to ef
forts to capture the slayer. Miss
Fleses's body was found in tie
farmyard with a bullet in the bo'y
and a bullet In the head. She had
been home alone during the after
noon, her brother having gone to
Ponca in an automobile. When the
hired man came in from the field he
found the dead body near the house.
Apparently Miss Fleae had been '
murdered while en route from the
garden to the house.
Wheat Crop Generally Good. i
Gage County. John Scheve, a Ger
man farmer living northwest of the
cily. began harvesting his wheat
crop. He says that In some places
the grain has been damaged by rust.
Editors to Take a Rest.
Scottsbluff County. The editors of
Scottsbluff county are wo-king on a
scheme to c'ose up shop for a wea'c
and all take a trin to Colorado to
gether, chancing the date line and
number of the papers anJ running
them over again.
Indians in Knife Fight.
Cherry County. Tom Whitehat
stabbed Sam White in the back while
quarreling. White after he was
Rtabbed turned around and hit White
hat in the face. Both the fighters are
Indians from Rosebud.
An Old Settler Dead.
Platte County. John B. Geitsraan.
one of the old timers in Nebraska,
died at Columbus, after a protracted
Illness. Mr. Geitsman settled in
Fremont In 186C and came to
Columbus twenty Tears ago.
Removed by Lydia E Pink
ham'sVefetaWeCompoaod Holly Sprints. Miss. "Words ar
Inadeqoato for ma to txpis what
dues hire tec for
me.Tbs) doctors said
1 had a tumor, and I
had an optcatloa.
agmiiiasTtr.I wrote
E. PinklAM's Vf-
u yon told bm to
do. I am glad to
n uv m wm
and reel to well that mj rnsnds keep
asking me what baa helped ma a
much, and I gladly recommend your
Vegetable Compcund." MjuvWuxii
Edwabdb, Holly Springs, Miss,
One of the greatest triumphs of
Lydia . Finkhaa's Vegetable Com
pound is the conquering of woman's
oread enemy tumor. If you hare
mysterious pains,inflammatlon,ulcera
tion or displacement, don't wait for
time to confirm your fears- and go
through the horrors of a hospital opera
tion, but try Lydia . Finkham's vege
table compound at once.
For thirty years Lydia E. Pinkbam's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
and herbs, has been the standardremedy
for female ills, and such unquestion
able testimony as the above proves the
value of this famous remedy, sod
should give everyone confidence.
If yon would like special advlcw
about your case write a coBDaea
tial letter to Mrs. Plnkbsum. at
Lynn, Mass. Her advice U
and always nelaf oL
She "What Is the biggest flah story
you ever heard?
He Jonah and the whale.
Up to Date Milking Scune.
"What's going on around here?"
asked the surprised visitor. "Is this
' hdSpUair
"Ob, no," answered the tall mac In
the silk hat; "this is tbe stage setting
for a New England farm drama. The
next act will be the milking scene."
"But I thought tbe young lady In
the antiseptic apron was a trained
"Oh. no; she Is the milkmaid. The
young man In the rubber gloves tbat
you thought was a doctor is tbe farm
boy. As soon as they bring in the ster
ilized stool and the pasteurized palls
and And the cow's tooth brush the
milking scene will begin."
L-egrees of Misery.
Two young ladles were talking the
ether day about a third who had just
become engaged to a widower wba
plays tbe cornet and has four children.
"What could be worse." exclaimed
one. "than four children and a cor
net?" "Nothing." said the other, "ex
cepting, perhaps, six children and a
Dangerous Job.
Kind Lady Here Is a rhubarb pie,
my poor man. How did you get that
wound on your arm? Tired Tim 1
was a lookout, mum. Kind Lady Ah,
a lookout on a steamer ind there was
a collision? Tired Tim No. mum. a
lookout for a second-story man an' de
watchman winged me. mum.
A Serraus Jlunder.
"Yes." said the drug clerk. "I am
called up occasionally to compound
prescriptions at night."
"Isn't a man apt to make mistakes
working in semi-darkness?"
"You bet be Is. I took a plugged
quarter once."
Penalized for Holding.
Maud Do you believe In palmistry?
Ethel In a way. I've known it to
work splendid as a starter when the
young man was shy.
A Pleasing
with Cream and Sugar.
Adding strawberries or any
kind of fresh or stewed fruit
makes a delicious summer
The crisp, golden-brown
bits have a most delightful
flavour a fascination that
appeals to the appetite.
Tlie Memory Lingers"
Sold by Grocers,
Pkgs. 10c and 15c
BtiueCnek. Mick,
jfii wFl jf, svi