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    Burn Crude Oil
Let us show you why and how
Saves one-half of the fuel
hill and does away with
all labor and dirt coal
coal causes.
East of Thurston Hotel
A. G. BURNS Special Agents C. E. VAN ORMAN
The Brilliant Cellist With
Figures of Speech.
A well known veiitrilomiNr who had
consented t give a performance in aid
of charity heard that certain members
of his prospect he audience were de
termined to watch the movements of
bis mouth with the closest scrutiny
with a view of confounding him. The
iiigbt came, the attendants carried in
three dummies on chairs, and the artist
made his appearance. His perform
ance was unusually successful, the
muscles of his face giving no evidence
of his art. The changes of voice were
marvelous, and the astonished crowd
at the close of the exhibition gave him
a rousing cheer. Again and again
they called him back, and he express
ed his pleasure by innumerable bows.
At last the heerim; ceased, and he
was permitted t retire. Scarcely had
h6 done so when the three "lay" tig
ures ot up from their hairs and walk
ed off the stage. The ventriloquist had
employed tluee friends to impersonate
his usual inc. Ir.iuii-al ligures.
Salad of the Shoes.
Freshmen have troubles the world
over. The "consents." as they are
called at the famous Ecole I'oly tech
nique in Paris, arc subjected to an
amusing initiation culled Hie salad of
shoes. The freshmen report some
days before the upper class men so
that they can receive their uniforms
and become familiar with the routine
of the school The lirst morning after
their tormentors return the freshmen
are aroused by a demand that ihe
throw their shoes out of the windows
itjto the court aid The shoes are
guthered into a heap. aud. kneeling
in a big circle around this, the fie-di
men are obliged to go through some
ridiculous utmuastic movements :it
the command of their superiors. When
the study bell rings they have but a
minute to appear in the class rooms.
aud it is a stienuoiis minute arr.iiud i
that pile of shoes. I
Staple and Fancy
We can supply every want in this
line, and if it something new on the
market, you will find it here.
We have the best the market affords
which includes the leading brands.
Fruits and Vegetables
If they are to be had in the city you
can get them at the
Tennyson Disturbed.
I fliit storr is told ill Kobcrt II. Sher-
ard's liuol: "My Friends the French:"
"A granddaughter of Wordsworth,
being full of admiration for the young
poet who was to succeed her grand
father in laureate honors, was once
taken to see Mr. Tennyson by Mrs.
Taylor, the wife of another poet or
some distinction. Tennyson received
them ery badly, showing great irri
tation at being disturbed, and when
Mrs. Taylor rallied him on his manner
he said: 'Madam. 1 am a poor man
and as I can't afford to buy the Times
I hire it from the stationer's. He
charges me a penny for It. which enti
ties me to keep it for au hour. Why
will people always select just that
hour to come and call upon me";' After
which he thing out of the room, leav
ing Mrs. Tennyson to apologize for his
Currency In China.
Writing from the interior of China, a
traveler says: "Currency is primitive
to a degree. Lump silver only is used
and copper 'cash. Coined money is
not current. Even in Ilonan city,
which is distant only two days by rail
from I'ekiu. lump silver, the same cum-
i brous currency that lias been used for
centuries, is still employed. It is cut
into small pieces by hammer and chis
el. Every towu and village has Its
own weights and scales, aud there is
no pretense at uniformity."
The Man and the Parrot.
Exasperated Purchaser Didn't yon
guarantee that this parrot would re
peat every word he heard?
15ird Dealer Certaluly I did.
"Dut lie doesn't repeat a single word."
"Hi' repeats every word he hears,
but he never hears any. He is as deaf
as a post."
Well Satisfied.
"Old i ; abber ought to be satisfied
witli the money he has."
"He is satislied so much so that he
wants a lot more of exactly the same
k!nd."-I.ondon Tit-Hits.
Brought from Hungary 1893
Schildkret's Royal Hungarians
They will delight music lovers at
The Generous Arab.
"One day when in our wandering!
we happened to camp near some roll
Ing country the sheik and I rode off
in search of gazelles." says a traveler
in Arabia. "We found a large herd,
and, being mounted on good horses, we
managed to ride them down, throwing
ourselves off our horses for the shot,
then galloping on again. We killed sis
gazelles in about au hour and rode
back to camp with enough meat for a
big feast. It is the custom that who
ever kills game should provide a feast
for all bis frieuds. On the occasion of
these feasts i uotlced thai there was
always u crowd of hangers-on waiting
at the end for a scrap of food, half
starved looking boys ami ragged men.
These were orphans whose parents
had been killed or men whose herds
had beeu 'lifted by other Arabs, and
as n result they were destitute, for the
law of the Hedouin is 'survival of the
fittest in its strictest sense. Hut the
sheik supplied food liberally, and I
noticed that he always looked after
the poor and fed the hungry."
A Life Saving Order.
Many years ago the American war
ship Delaware came near foundering
off the coast of Sardinia while luUlug.
through a heavy squall during a morn
ing watch. The -"unauthorized lettiug
go of the fore sheet" alone saved the
ship from going down with 1.100 souls
on board. The first lieutenant, after
ward Commodore Thomas V. Wyman.
with difficult climbing succeeded in
reaching the quarterdeck, where,
snatching the trumpet from the officer
in charge, his first order, given in a
voice heard distinctly fore aud aft.
was. "Keep clear or the paint work!"
This command to hundreds of human
beings packed in the lee scuppers like
sardines in a box instantly restored
them to order aud prevented a panic,
they naturally feeling that if at such a
time, with a line of battle ship on her
beam ends, clean paint work was of
paramount iniortance their condition
could not lie a serious one.
The Baby Stare.
Have you ever sat opposite in bus
or train to a baby. say. from one to
two years old? If you have you have
been compelled to notice it. Aud un
less you are a misanthropical person
I guess you have caught yourself feel
ing uncomfortable under its wide eyed
scrutiny of you. I think there Is uotu
Ing more disconcerting than to be re
jected by a baby after full aud open
cross examination. Itabics aud very
young children have no humbug about
them. I lielieve they see more than
grownups. 1 believe they read our
diameters down to the very ground.
While the young mother is interested
to find that her baby is being admired
that baby is reckoning up both the
mother aud the admirer, aud when the
Jerky turn of the head comes the mau
that has music in his soul feels small.
London Senilis.
When Dreams Came True.
An English magazine records two
dream stories. In one a lady, having
lost an iinMrlant key while walking
in a wood near tier house in Ireland,
dreamed that she saw it lying at the
root or a certain tree. Next day she
found it then. She supposed her eye
must have seen it after it dropped,
though her conscious mind had not in
stantly noted it.
.lust the same was the theory of a
barrister who went out late at night
to xst his letters and uion undressing
missed a check for a large amount re
ceived durum the day. He dreamed
he saw it curled round an area railing
uot tar tioin his door, woke up.
dressed, went out and found it exactly
as he had dreamed. The mind regis
ters at times what it does not instantly
Something Wrong.
Au Australian auctioneer who was
reputed to have more education than
professional ability was endeavoring to
sell some cattle to au audience ot farm
hands, "t'ciitleuicii." lie began. "I
have a particularly like lot ot heifers
and bullocks, and I may say that the
heifers predominate."
He was interrupted by a very agri
cultural voice from the crowd. "I
thort there was something wrong with
em." it said, "or you wouldn't have to
sell Viii."
A Timely Trip.
Little Brother (who lias just been
given some randy If 1 were you 1
shouldn't lake sister yachtiug this
Ardent Suitor Why do you say that.
Tommy V
"Well. I heard her tell mother this
morning that she feared she'd have to
throw you over. Lippincott's.
Finding Him Out.
Indiguant Constituent This is the
fourth time I have called to see the
senator by appointment and fouud him
out every time. Private Secretary (of
emiuent statesman) Oh. well. I would
pot make a fuss about that. Accord
ing to what the palters say. everybody
Is finding him out. Chicago Tribune.
Own Up.
A man should never be ashamed to
own he has been in the wrong, which
Is but saying, in other words, that be
Is wiser today tliau he was yesterday.
They sing, play trumpets 'and read
There is harmony of blood in this
family of brothers
You may hear them at
Cgittcic lp CLOTHES'
It is just simply out of
the question for a young
fellow to find such clothes
as those known as "Col
lege Chap" unless he comes
to us.
The shoulders, thegrace
ful waist, the delightful
lapels, all proclaim them
the clothes "de luxe" for
men who know cleverness
when they see it. Are you
one of these men? We
want to know you.
Columbus, Neb.
Strong lectures on live topics.
Entertainers the very best ever.
First-class music, in varieties to
suit every taste.
Indian school new features.
The Cleveland Ladies' Orchestra
A Superb Musical Attraction
Hit Him Coming and Gtfing.
Au attorney went to a livery stable
and hired a team for two or three
hours aud at the end of that time, in
a state of nhentmiiidedness, left the
team at another 1 1 very stable, where
it remained eight days. At stable Xo.
1 there was uo worry about the team.
They Knew the attorney was perfectly
good for the pay. They knew that If
he kept the team a month the bill
would he paid promptly ou presenta
tion. .They presumed that he knew
what he was about aud concluded it
was his business aud not theirs. At
stable Xo. 1! there was equal freedom
from anxiety. The attorney came
there, left the team and went away,
saying nothing. They put the horse
into a stall and 'chalked it down" ou
the ollice slate, knowing him to be a
business man who paid cash. Discov
ery came at last, and the lawyer was
presented with two bills, oue for eight
days' hire and the other for eight days'
keep. He paid both bills promptly,
but it cured him of being absentmind
ed for nearly a whole mouth.
The Coffee Cup In Persia.
The expression "to give a cup of
coffee" has in Persia a somewhat omi
nous significance. This is due to the
fact that the coffee cup is one recog
nized medium for conveying poisou.
Some years ago the governor of Aspa
dana. having long lieen at daggers
drawn with the chief of a powerful
mountain tribe, determined in this
way to put an end to all trouble. He
professed to entertain a great degree
of friendship and esteem for the chief
tain and invited him to visit him at his
palace. The chief unsuspiciously came,
accompanied by his two young sons.
For a week they were royally enter
tained. Hut at last one morning when
the chief came into his host's presence
he was coldly received, and an attend
ant soon stepped forward with a single
cup of coffee in his band, which he of
fered to the guest. The latter could
not fail to understand that he was
doomed. Preferring, however, steel to
poison, he declined the cup and was
thereupon, at a signal from his host,
stabbed to death.
Wonder of Blood Transfusion.
There is nothing more dramatic in
surgery than a transfusion of blood
to see the iatient take on the rosy hue
of health, waken out or his lethargy,
show an immediate live interest In his
surroundings and actually recover un
der the eye of the oierator. In adults
we must not permit the amount trans
fused to e.mal the normal for fear of
suddenly overtaxing the heart, but in
the case of young children who have
had severe hemorrhages there may be
complete recovery without a period of
convalescence. Nso that at the termina
tion of the operation the patient la
well. Century.
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"JSbbH " flkrl
iftBBW - -.''' - ON
IbbbbbW' bkNsI
A Pearl Stringer's Keen Eye.
The pearl stringer's eye becomes
practiced iu the detection of real and
imitation pearls. One glance is usually
sutlicieiit. A genuine pearl has a hard
look. It presents a sort of shell-like
surface with au indescribable blush.
This blush is so cleverly counterfeited
in was imitations that even those who
-re accustomed to handling pearls day
after day are likely to be deceived
In one of the large Xew York jew
elry houses last winter a customer
purchased a hand painted miniature
set in a frame of imitation pearls.
Ou examination it was found that sev
eral of the pearls had been slightly
defaced, and the whole lliiim was sent
to the manufacturing rooms for re
pairs. Uy chance it came under the
eye of one of the pearl stringers, who
instantly detected four genuine pearls
in the circle of imitation ones about
the picture. The frame had passed
through a dozen expert hands with
out any one's noticing the presence
of real pearls. Xo one could account
for their Immiiu there. If they had not
been detected the purchaser of the
frame would have had a bargain, for
the four ueuuiiie pearls were worth
many tiuie more than the picture
and the rest nt" its setting. Xew York
Spirit of Young America.
A teacher in a Philadelphia public
school narrated the following account
of how au aspiring younu Italian citi
zen was beginning to show the effects
of an American environment. The
story, which was told at a teachers as
sociation meeting, runs something like
Tony had been away from school
about a week, and when he showed up
one morning the teacher asked him
where he had been.
"I mil away." said Tony.
"Kan away! What did you do that
for?" askinl the teacher.
"My father was going to lick nie. so
1 thought IM run away." wax the re
ply. The teacher by further questioning
brought out the fact that Tony for
some trilling dereliction had beeu
threatened with a Inviting aud had
stayed away from home the best part
of a wtsk.
"Itut your father has the right to
whip you." said the teacher.
"Yes, he may." added Tony, "but I
was bom in this country, and I don't
waut no foreigners to lick me." Pitts
burg Chroniele-Tclegra ph.
Costa Rican Volcanoes.
Costa Itica has been subject to earth
quakes for many years. Part of the
republic is exceedingly mountainous,
aud in this part of the country there,
are more than a score of volcanoes,
some of them dead, but a few that
break out periodically. There are
three or four that have been active
for more than a century. Some of
these are near Sail Jose, the capital.
Costa Iticans have always believed that
earthquakes, which the country has ex
perienced ever since it was first set
tied by Spanish adventurers, wero
caused) by the volcanoes. There Is
good grouud for this belief, because it
has been noticed that earthquakes of
more or less intensity followed the ac
tivity of these volcanoes. If the vol
canic eruptions were violent the mirth
quakes were correspondingly severe.
"Washington Post.
A Witty Retort.
A good story is told of two great
Irishmen, the late Archbishop Piuukct
and Father Healy, the well known
parish priest of Hray. .Making their
way together to Hray railroad station
oue morning, the priest urged that
they should hurry, but the prelate's
appeal to his watch convinced him
that they had ample time. They ar
rived to see the train for Dublin dis
appearing. The archbishop's apolo
gies were lavish. He pleaded that lie
bad always had unbounded faith in
bis watch. ".My dear Lord Pluiiket,"
was Father Healy's rejoinder, "faith
won't do without the good works."
Blackwood's Magazine.
Alkarazza is the name given to ves
sels cf very porous earthenware which
when filled with water are always
moist outside and owing to the evapo
ration of the water on their surface al
ways keep their contents cool. Alka
razza can be made from any good pot
ter's clay by mixing with it 10 per
cent of its weight, dry. of very fine
sawdust and then working it. Ou
burning the savdut is destroyed and
the clay thereby left porous.
Started In Business.
"Father thinks I ouirht to go in for
business a bit." remarked the gilded
"Made a start yet';"
"Oh. yaas. I've ordered three busi
ness suits and had tue name put up at
a commercial club." Louisville Cou-rier-Jourual.
Her Instructions.
Conductor Ticket, please. Passen
er Certainly, sir. Here is the key of
my trunk, which is in the baggage car.
In the pocket of my second best dres3
is my mileage book. Harper's Bazar.
Special Features
Sunrise Salute and Parade
Address by Prominent Nebraskan
Races and Games
Ball Game Nebraska State League
Columbus vs Kearney
Automobile Parade
Fireworks Display
Band Concerts, day and evening.
Moving Picture show all day
Merry-go-Rounds and numerous
other attractions
Rest Rooms for
Everything comprising a genuine old
fashioned, up-to-date and rip-roaring cele
bration will be on tap in Columbus.
If you havo a Season Ticket you may
join the Indian Band at
Yellow Fever.
"Every one knows that when a m:u:
has once had yellow fever aud recov
ers he never contracts tin disease
again, no matter how much he exposes
himself to infection. said Dr. Fred S.
WillLuus of Havana. "This ability to
resist the minute organisms which
cause the malady Is called iiumiiuily.
and in tropical countries where yellow
jack U always present It is turned to
prolit iu various ways.
"Thus during the Spanish-American
war regiments of immiines were en
listed in the south for service in the
fever ridden country about Santiago.
Again, during au epidemic in New Or
leans many persons purposely exposed
themscUes to infection because the
disease prevailed in a very mild form,
and they concluded that If they were
Infected they would quickly recover
and would be immune during severe
epidemics in the future." Washington
f -p :av
Better Plumbing
TVTANY homes should have better bath rooms
' than they now have. We have always
tried not only to do better
plumbing than we ever did
before, but better than any
body else can do. The
urne of work we are now
doing shows how we are succeeding.
We use only genuine
plumbing fixtures and employ only
experienced workmen. Our repair
int service is prompt and reliable.
Columbus, Nebraska
Ladies and Children
Dr. Johnson's Church.
St. Clement Danes has never forgot
ten the fact that Johnson worshiped
within Its walls The pew iu which
he sat ,'it is in the north gallery, close
to the pulplti is marked by a brass
plate which was erected by the parish
loners iu 1ST.1. In December. 18S4. thu
centenary of Dr Johnson's death was
observed bv a memorial service, wheu
a special address was delivered by the
Itev. Dr. Lindsay, at that time rector
of St. Clement Danes. Johnson's pew
was on that occasion draped iu violet.
Johnson was always constant in bis
attendance at church on Good Friday
and Easter day. On April 1). 1773. he
went with lloswell. "His behavior."
writes lloswell. -was. as I had Imagin
ed to myself, solemuly devout. 1 shall
never forget the tremulous earnestness
with which he pronounced the awful
petition iu the litany. "In the hour of
death aud in the day of judgment, good
Lord, deliver us!' " Loudon News.
s 9
The Potter Craftsman in His
Illustrated Lecture
vol- -'
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