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Embracing a Condensation or fcventa
In Which Readers Generally Are
The report of the conferees on the
river and harbor bill was presented in
congress and was approved. As final
ly agreed to it carries appropriations
aggregating $51,y47.718, a net reduc
tion of 705.500 from the amount of
the bill as it passed the senate.
The City of Omaha. Neb., will be
required to purchase the waterworks
system of the Omaha Waterworks
company for $G,2G3,21-.;9 under a de
cision of the supreme court of the
United States announced recently.
The court affirmed the udgement of
the circuit court of appeals in the
President Taft announced that dur
ing his administration he should not
lend his approval to legislation de
signed to give government aid to
specific interests in Alaska. Instead
lie favors a general law which will
apply to all who comply with its pro
visions; a law modeled after the
policy which for years has been In ef
fect in the Philippine Islands.
Military establishment in the
United States Is a startling expensive
proposition, according to figures com
piled by Senator Clay of Georgia in
support of his argument that the time
has arrived when the government
must cut down its expcndtiurcs for
the upbuilding of the army and navy
Senator Clay uoclares that the sums
xpended for the army and navy are
far in excess of the money expended
ly tho government for maintaining
the civil establishment.
The Injunction against the railroads
was made at Taft's suggestion.
The supreme court sustained the in
terstate commerce in the Missouri
river rate cases.
Every section foreman employed by
the Southern Pacific in Texas as or
dered on strike.
Weakness in stock and cotton
markets forced down the price ot
wheat at Chicago.
The month of May lived up to its
reputation and, outside of politics,
thero was not a disturbing element.
Chinese warships with troops have
been dispatched to Nanking in anti
cipation of a native outbreak against
President Ouv Potter P.enton. of
Miami university Oxford. O.. was J coln- Nebr
Ex-Go v. Mickey of Nebraska died
at his home in Osceola after lour
months illness.
President Ripley of the Santa. Fe
says the roads will fight the court in
junction against Increasing freight
The abscess on the right wrist of
Emperor William Is healing and his
majesty's physicians appear to be
satisfied with the results of their
There is no reasonable doubt that
the United States will hold that the
I Estrada faction in Nicaragua is en
titled to collect the customs at Blue
fields. At Hannibal, Mo., twenty-five west
ern railroads were temporarily re
strained by United States District
Judge Dyer from enforcing or making
a general advance in interstate
freight rates.
Thomas E. Watson, once a demo
cratic member of congress and once
named by the populist party for presi
dent, announced in a card issued last
week his return to the democratic
The supreme court of the United
States set the corporation tax aside
for reargument at the beginning of
the next term before a full bench.
This action was announced by
Chief Justice Fuller.
H. W. Lyon, who is said to be the
president and vice president of
several banks and corporations in
Minneapolis, Minn., was held in New
York on the charge of smuggling two
pearl necklaces, a brooch and a gold
Charles Stuart Rolls started in an
aeroplane in an attempt to fly across
the English channel from Dover to
Calais. He bad gone only a few
yards, however, when the motor
broke down and he was compelled to
postpone the flight.
Premier Rutherford tendered his
resigation as the head of the Alberta
government cabinet. Chief Justice
Sifton has been called on to form a
new cabinet.
United States Julius C. Burrows of
Michigan announced his candidacy
for re-election and his desire to be
endorsed by popular vote at the polls
next fall.
The deposed shah of Persia, who Is
living at Odessa in a villa placed at
his disposal by the Russian govern
ment, has taken up the study of
Returns from the vote at the prim
aries in Ohio county. West Virginia,
indicate that candidates for the state
legislature favorable to the re-election
on United States Senator N. B. Scott,
won by 500 maority over the support
ers of Congressman W. P. Hubbard.
It is authoritatively announced
that the resignation of Viscount Sone,
resident general in Korea has been
accepted and that Lieutenant General
Viscount TerauchI will succeed him.
Net profits of $110,000 were realized
for the actors fund, to be devoted to
the care of aged and needy stage fol
lowers, by the recent lair held in New
York city.
Charles L. Burr, a well known at
torney of New York city, a member
of the legal firm of Mackenzie &
Burr, died of typhoid fever in his
forty-first year. Ho was born in Lin-
Honor to the Memory of Ex-Governor
Mickey Other Matters at the
State Capital.
Governor Sballenberger addressed
the State Teachers' institute, giving
his endorcement to any movement
which tends to the upbuilding of Ne
braska schools. The governor paid
many compliments to the great
work of the educators and
repeated thet when it comes
to cutting down appropriations,
the last item to receive the knife
will be the school appropriations.
The governor said he had been in
formed thai Nebraska spends some
llb.000.000 every bienniura on its
schools rnd It was his opinion that
every dollar of the money spent in
this work is money well spent. He
believed also that the state could af
ford to spend that sum for he had
received from the treasurer of the
state some time ago a notice that
he had on hand $100,000 and no place
to invest. ' This was the first time
any. state treasurer of Nebraska had
ever served such a notice, which is
required by law when the general
fund reaches that amount with no
place to put the money. The law
rehires that the governor shall be
notified of this condition, after which
he and the treasurer and auditor shall
invest the money in government
bonds at 4 per cent. The law is an
old one. but there has never been
occasion to use it until recently, be
cause of a lack of funds. Treasurer
Brian found a place for the money,
however, so it was not necessary to
hold the meeting.
elected president of the Boston
Thirty thousand dollars has been of
fered to the first aviator who ilies in
an aeroplane from New York to St.
Louis, or from St. Louis to New York.
"Wildcat evangelism" was denounc
ed at the closing session of the
fiftieth general session of the South
ern Presbyterian church by Dr.
Charles R. Nesbit of Nashville. Tenn.
Premier Rutherford tendered his
resignation as the head of the
Alberta government cabinet.
Governor Hughes has signed the
bills to enable lie state of New Nork
to accept gifts of land and money of
fered by Mrs. E. H. Harrlman and
others for a park embracing the Hud
eon river Palisade
The long-continued dispute be
tween Missouri and Kansas ovr the
Doundary line between the two states
will be settled by the state in ac
cordance with a joint resolution
adopted by the senate.
Seventy-five per cent of the farm
ers of the United States plant their
crops according to the moon's phases,
but scientific investigation shows that
potatoes planted in the "dark" of the
moon are no better than others.
Sydney Webster, an authority on
corporation and international law, and
private secretary of President Frank
lin Pierce, died at Newport, R. I., Mon
day. Mrs. Gunjiro Aoki, formerly Glayds
Eniery, daughter of Archdeacon
Emery of San Francisco, is at Carson
City with her child, and mother, Mrs
Emery, to establish a six mouths' resi
dence prior to obtaining a divorce.
The widely-heralded cour t of do
mestic relations, exclusively for hus
bands and wives with martial dis
putes, was approved by Mayor Gaynor
when he signed a bill recently passed
by the New York legislature creating
euch a tribunal.
Additional areas in Wyoming and
Utah were designated by the interior
repartment for disposition under the
cngaded homestead act.
Captain John Penmbrooko Jones,
the oldest graduate of the Vnitea
State naval academy at Annapolis
and a veteran of the Mexican and
civil wars, died at Pasadena, Cat.
The dead body of Alma Kellner. the
long missing Louisville girl, was
found in a basement.
President Taft takes full responsi
bility for the Lawler letter.
United States Senator Julius C. Bur
rows of Maryland has announced his
candidacy for re-election and his de
sire to be endorsed by popular vote at
the primaries next fall.
President Taft wrote a letter to
Representative Tawney deploring re
flections on southern hospitality.
Seventy-five thousand mines with
$750,000 fund behind them are on a
strike in Illinois.
House insurgents have about aban
doned efTorts to oust Speaker Can
non at this session of congress.
Eighty-five tins of opium, valued at
$5,000 and believed to have been
smuggled into this country, were
seized by United States government
'agents in a Chinese grocery store at
St. Louis.
A platform advocating a "protective
Honoring Mickey's Memory.
Out of respect for ex-Governor
Mickey, who died at Osceola, the flag
over the state house was flown at
half stall and state officers discussed
the work of the former executive.
Governor Shallenberger sent to Mrs.
Mickey the following telegram:
"Mrs. J. H. Mickey. Osceola: Please
accept my profound sympathy for
yourself and family in your great
grief. Nebraska mourns with you the
loss of your distinguished husband."
Adjutant General Hartigan issued
the following order to the national
"With sorrow the commander-in-chief
announces the death of ex-Governor
John H. Mickey, which occurred
June 2, 1910.
"Governor Mickey was born on a
farm near Burlington. la., September
SO, 1S45; was educated in the district
schools and Iowa Wesleyan univer
sity. "He was a soldier of the civil war
Senate Passes the Bill for Federal
Word reached Lincoln by telegraph
that the United States senate had
passed Senator Burkett's bill appro
priating $425,000 for the extension
and improvement of the federal build
ing at Lincoln. Lincoln people are
jubilant over the prospects of having
the postoffice building enlarged now
as it was originally designed. The
present postoffice building has been
occupied only a little over three and
one-half years. The rapid growth of
the city and its postoffice business
has so crowded the present building
that when the inspectors were in Lin
coln from the department at Washing
ton in March, besides making out
their regular report, they prepared a
special report to the department set
ting forth the conditions in the Lin
coln postoffice and saying that unless
more ample room were furnished the
postoffice business of the city could
not be properly carried on there.
Senator Burkett in introducing the
bill asked for an appropriation of
$650,000. The committee appointed
to take up the matter reported in fa
vor of $425,000. and it was this sum
that was voted on by the senate.
The history of the Lincoln post-
office began in February. 1873, when
the president of the United States ap
proved an act of congress, entitled,
"An act to authorize the construc
tion of a fire-proof building at Lin
coln, the capital of Nebraska." Under
this act was constructed the old post
office building, which was occupied
for that purpose from 1879 to 1906.
and is now the city hall. The cost of
the old postoffice building was $227,
361.91. Its dimensions are SSxSS feet.
covering a ground space of C.101
square feet.
On June 6. 1902. the president ap
proved an act popularly designated
"the omnibus public building act."
which carried as one item an addi
tional appropriation of $300,000 for
the enlargement of the old govern
ment building in the city of Lincoln.
Subsequently the idea of enlarging
the old building was abandoned, and
on March 3. 1903. the president ap
proved an act authorized and direct
ing the construction of the present
The original design of the present
building will simply be carried out
and completed if the appropriation
Practically Every Railroad From At-
lantie to Pacific Want Increased
Comodity iRates.
Appetizing Dishes That Will Bring
the Family Expectantly to tha
Evening Meal.
tariff that will cover the difference in i and served with credit and honor as a
the cost of production here and
abroad." but not mentioning the
Payne-Aldrich tariff law. was adopt
ed by the republicans of the Ninth
district of Indiana.
One man was killed and several in
jured as the result of an explosion at
the Dolores mines in the state of
Chihauhua. Mexico. The explosion
started a fire which
houses, rendering 500
Asserting that it is better not to
observe a memorial day at all than to
make of it a Fourth of July, Com
mander J. Willard Brown of the Mas
sachusetts department of the Grand
Army of the Republic, in a statement
declares a resolution for the changing
or abolishment of memorial day will
be introduced at the national encamp
ment of the G. A. R.
On their summing up for the "prose
cution" Brandeis and Pepper unmerci
fully scored Secretary Ballinger.
Glenn H. Curtiss flew from Albany
to New York in an aeroplane, win
ning the prize of $10,000.
The commissioner of labor of Cali
fornia made a report on the result of
employment of Japanese.
Senator Burkett's bill giving $425,
000 for an addition to the present
postoffice building at Lincoln passed
the senate.
member of the Eighth Iowa cavalry.
1S63-'C5; served as a member of the
Nebraska house of representatives.
1SS1-'S2. and was chosen governor of
Nebraska November. 1902, and served
four years In that office.
"Governor Mickey was always inter
ested in the progress and advance
ment of the great state which non-
destroyed 100 1 ored him. and which he honored, and
persons home-I in his passing the state suffers irrc-
pa-able loss.
"All armories of the Nebraska Na
tional Guard will be draped in mourn
ing for the next thirty days in testi
mony of respect to the memory of
this soldier and statesman."
Does the State Owe This Bill.
John Dick, president of the Pheonix
Iron Works of Meadville, Pa., arrived
in Lincoln and called on state officers
and the attorney for the state school,
formerly the home for the friendless.
Mr. Dick was in Chicago and he
thought he would come on to Lincoln
to see why ho could not get $1,36S
which he claims is due his company
for boilers and material in the heat
ing plant at the state school. He has
in his possession a contract signed
by A. L. Weatherby, secretary of the
board of control appointed by Gov
ernor Shallenberger. The board al
leges that it contracted with G. V.
Ballard for a heating plant and had
no dealings with the Meadville com
pany and that it owes the company
Massachusetts to Invade State.
Adjutant General Hartigan has is
sued an order granting permission to
the National Guard of Massachusetts
to cross the state fully equipped for
war. The companies are going to at
tend the Spanish-American war vet
erans reunion in Denver in September.
Washington Undaunted by the
government's proceedings under the
Sherman anti-trust act, by which a
part of the proposed increase of
freight rates In the territory west of
the Mississippi river was suspended
by injunction, railroads in the east
and in the middle west have filed
with the Interstate Commerce com
mission tariffs embodying increased
Attorney General Wickersham de
clines to indicate what course be will
pursue In behalf of the government,
and the senate. Just on the verge of
passing the administration bill, hesi
tated, and finally postponed action
until Friday.
Tonight practically every railroad
system from the Atlantic to the Pa
cific has filed with tne Interstate
Commerce commission the legal noti
fication of proposed increases In com
modity rates. The increases range
from three to thirty-one per cent.
The day started off by the filing
of schedules of increases by the
New York Central, the West Shore
and the Delaware. Lackawanna and
Western. Then the official proposal
of the roads traversing the territory
from Chicago and Milwaukee to In
dianapolis and Ohio river points,
twenty-three in all, was brought in to
the commission. During the after
noon increased tariffs from the At
lantic seaboard to Chicago, St. Paul
and intermediate points were fixed.
The Bulitmore and Ohio filed with
the commisison a revised tariff on
commodities rate from Chicago to
the eastern seaboard. Like the rest,
schedules filed by the roads west of
the Mississippi Increased tariffs from
the central freight association teri
tory were fiicd in concert. On tne
other hand, tho eastern railroads
filed their revised tariffs individu
ally. The time set for the increase to go
into effect on the eastern roads was
generally July 5. Of the roads in
the middle west July 1 was the date
fixed. Before the revised tariffs be
gan to rour into the offices of the
commission Attorney General Wick
ersham was receiving telegrams
from western shippers, asking him
to take action to have the injunc
tion inssued by the federal court in
Missouri extended to other com
modities, especially wood.
Replies were made that it is now
too late. It was explained that the
government included in the bill such
rates as had been called to its at
tention and that the failure of other
rates to be included must be laid at
the door of the shippers.
Milk Toast and Cheese. Make
some rich milk toast, and spread on a
flat dish; cover with a thick layer of
grated cheese, and put In tbe oven till
the cheese melts and burns. Servo
very hot
Celery Toast For a small family,
clean one moderate-sized stalk of cel
ery, using all the stalk, root and such
leaves as are blanched and tender.
Cut In small pieces, put over tbe fire
and boll till tender, taking care not
to have too much water, so that It may
Don down and retain all substance.
Add a generous pint of milk, keep over
the fire until scalded, then thicken
very slightly with flour. lasUy adding
a piece of butter the size of a hickory
nut You will need eight slices of
toast, which should be brown and
crisp. Butter these and lay in a deep
covered dish. Turn the celery gravy
over It and serve immediately. Do
not dip the toast In the milk.
Date Muffins. One cup of chopped
dates; mix two cups of milk and a
well-beaten egg: sift together one
heaping teaspoonful of baking powder,
three cups of flour and two table
spoonfuls of melted butter: add the
milk and egg, and last the dates, and
beat hard till light and foamy; bake
in buttered gem-tins for about twenty
Scones. Into a quart of flour stir a
teaspoonful of salt and two teaspoon
fuls of baking powder. Sift three
times, then chop into the mixture a
heaping tablespoonful of butter, and
when well blended add enough chilled
milk to make a soft dough. Handle as
little as possible and turn out upon a
floured board. Roll quickly and light
ly into a sheet and cut into rounds
with a small biscuit or cake cutter.
Lay upon a hot soapstone griddle, and
when brown turn and brown; split
open tearing, not cutting the scones
and butter them.
Oatmeal Scones. Take a cupful oi
oatmeal and a cupful of flour and stir
well; add two teaspoonfuls of baking
powder and a teaspoonful of salt. Add
two eggs, well beaten, and a cup of
milk. Stir into a soft dough and drop
by the spoonful on a greased tin.
Bake in a moderate oven, split open
and butter. Serve at once.
Description or a Mountain.
-Jimmy." said the teacher, "what la
a caper
"A cap la land extending Into the
"Correct. William, define a gulf."
"A gulf la water extending into the
"Good. Christopher," to a small
eager-looking hoy, "what la a moun
tain r
Christopher shot up from his seat
so suddenly aa to startle the teacher,
and promptly responded: "A mountain
la land extending into the air."
And mall to tha A. H. Lewis Medietas Co.
8. Louis. Ma. and they will send you frea
a 10 day treatment of NATURE'S REME
DY (NR tablets) Guaranteed for Rheu
nattem. CoaaUnatton. Sick Headache. Liv
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Ilia, It's tree to yon. Writ today.
Desire tor Information.
"Mrs. Gaddington wants to know at)
about everybody's business."
"Yes," replied Miss Cayenne. "She
regards matrimony aa a failure be
cause she didn't marry a census
CnarttpattoB eaeaes sad aagreyataa mrnwr aariona
diarasea. it la tborouchly eorrd by Dr. Ptercaa
PlaaaaatPeUata, Tbe Tirila family laskUva.
The man who beta on the wrong
horse la apt to have a race prejudice.
Lewis' Single Binder rives the sauker
a rich, mellow-tasting 5c cigar.
Some men put on hotel airs oa a
boarding house salary.
Art Ysi Dieting
And thereby hoping to cure
yourself of that annoying
stomach distress? If so,
we want you to try a better
plan take Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters. It
tones the entire digestive
system and prevents any
after-eating: distress, such as
Gas on Stomach, Sour
tfestion. Heartburn, Cos
tiveness. Biliousness and
Malaria Always ask for
Mrs. Doxey is showing nervousness
under the strain of the trial.
Mr. Roosevelt caused a stir by his
speech in Guild hall, London.
Senator Cummins announced he
would support the railroad bill.
Senator Burkett thinks the Oreeon
Fees Collected by the Secretary.
The fees collected by the secretary
or state during the month of May
amounted to 13.860.20. This was di
vided as follows: Articles of Incor
poration. $2,148.05; notary commis
sion". $62; motor vehicles, $1,495.55;
brands. $33; certifications. $30; trade
ma' Us, $2; corporation permits, $103.
Cement Walks Instead of Canals.
The State Board of Public Lands
and Buildings is figuring on putting in
ccuiout walks around the state house
in place of the flagstone that is now
there. Tho present walks for years
have been nothing less than canals
and every shower the water stands on
the walks until it has dried every
where else, so the board will try to
improve things some.
Fined and in Jail.
Ernest Rottman of Murdock. who
gave his age as sixty-nine, pleaded
guilty in federal court to the charge
of sending an obscene letter through
the mails, addressed to Mrs. Anna
Burkholder of that place. He was
fined $50, and being unable to pay,
wa3 committed to the Lancaster
county jail.
Forgery in Securing Deeds to Semi
nole Indian Lands Alleged.
Washington. "Land grafters" are
said to be industriously operating In
Seminole county, Okla., according to
reports quoted in a letter submitteed
to the house by Secretary Ballinger.
Secretary Ballinger calls upon con
gress for an appropriation of $6,000
from the Seminole funds to defray the
cost of government suits to set aside
illegal conveyances and protect tbe
possessions of the Seminoles.
The Agreement Sanctioned.
An agreement looking to the inter
change of traffic between the inde
pendent telephone companies of Ne
braska and the Postal Telegraph Ca
ble company was sanctioned at a gen
eral meeting of forty telephone man
agers from over the state, held in this
Apply for Seine Licenses.
Chief Game Warden Dan Geilus has
already received forty-live appllca-
plan of electing United States senat-1 tious for licenses to seine and net
ors will come into use in Nebraska, j fish. The last legislature amended
Champ Clark says he would rather j the game law so as to permit seining
be speaker than United States ; anu- 'netting of cat fish. carp, buffalo
State Senator Broderick of Chicago
and other alleged bribers gave bond
at Springfield and were released.
The Brown amendment to the rail
road bill was defeated in the senate.
Senator Norris Brown was an
orator at a memorial day observance
at Washington.
A permit for the Jeffries-Johnson
fight was issued at San Francisco.
Senator Clay of Georgia declares
the militsiry establishment of the gov- J
ernment is too costly. 1
Protesting against the proposed Jef- j
frie-Jolmson prize fight July 4. the In-
ternalional Reform bureau has issued 1
an open letter to members of both
houses of congress.
The first cabinet of United South
Africa has been formed by General
Louis Botha, who has himself taken
the portfolio of premier and ministet
of agriculture.
James A. Patten Is credited with
losing a million by the slump in May
President Taft will not attend the
Roosevelt home-coming celebration in
New York.
Senator Burkett's bill appropriating
$425,000 for improvements on the
Lincoln federal building passed the
and gar fish from June 1 to October
31, the price for a license being $2.
George D. Follmer. former state
land commissioner, was given to ver
dict for $1.!CC0 in district court in
his suit auainst the state for $1,500.
The suit was the outgrowth of the
Boyd county land cases.
Senator Burkett Files.
Elmer J. Burkett. at present
United States senator. Is candidate
for re-election. He paid his entrance
fee of $50 to the county treasurer of
Lanraster county and then filed his
name with the secretary of state as a
candidate for the republican nomination.
Miss Stotsenberg's Marriage.
A marriage of special interest to
Nebraska people was solemnized at
St. Margaret's church in Washington,
when Miss Laura Anncsley Stotsen
burg became the bride of Lieutenant
Charles It. Mayo of the Tenth
cavalry. The bride is the youngest
daughter of the late Colonel John M.
Stotsenburg. commander of the First
Nebraska regiment. Colonel Stotsen
burg was killed in action in the
Philippines and his remains were
brought back to Washington to be
buried at Arlington, where they lie
under a beautiful monument given by
tho state of Nebraska.
Iowa Wants In.
Des Moines. Iowa shippers and
manufacturers became alarmed
Try tomato Juice Instead of milk
for the omelet
Never wash woodwork with hot wa
ter and strong soap.
A few minutes rest after eating
facilitates digestion.
White of egg poured over a burn
will give quick relief.
Honey is said to be a good substi
tute for cod liver oil.
A weak solution of salt and water
will brighten mattings.
Milk should not be covered tightly.
Use muslin or cheesecloth.
Wcrnout lace curtains, cut Into
squares, make good dishclothes.
Every cellar should be thoroughly
whitewashed at least once a year.
When the skin seems too dry. use
less soap and more good cold cream.
A dish of vinegar is an essential
touch to a sharp salad dressing.
If a child's stomach is acid. lime
rater should be added to the milk.
Sponges are great germ collectors.
They should be frequently scalded.
Water should never be used to clean
silt frames. Use a dry, sort cloth.
Newspapers are better than any-
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You'ra Tired Oat
5rts Hat No Appetite. ,
will put you right
BS Seal
GENUINE an bear scnature:
Thitrsrtnv nvpr th rennrts that the in
junction asked for by the government 1 thlnK clse for ""Alng out bows and
in the federal courts to prevent the
Meeting of Bankers.
The annual meeting of group one
of the state bankers' association will
meet in June 22. at Lincoln. Ar
rangements have been made, through
committees, by the local bankers, and
entertainment will be furnished by
the Lincoln members of the group.
Not Up with Reports.
Heads of state institutions have
not been complying with the sugges
tion of the state auditor to send in
monthly reports of the institution
showing the condition of the larder
and giving other information set out
on blanks furnished, so Mr. Barton
is going after them. When the audi
tor conceived the idea of getting
these reports, so it would be possible
to tell every month just how the in
stitution was faring, he consulted tbe
governor and the idea was endorsed.
Bishop Offered Official Position.
E. C. Bishop, state superintendent
of public Instruction, wa3 notified of
his election to the head of the public
school division of the extension de
partment of Iowa State College of
Agriculture at Ames, by the Iowa
state board of control.
increase In railroad rates fails to In
clude the schedule which affects rates
to most of the Iowa points. They
took it up with the attorney general
and railroad commissioners, and they
immediately wired to Attorney Gen
eral Wickersham to have Iowa points
Included in the suit, and thus secure
accruing benefits.
To take out iodine stains, sponge as
quickly as possible with pure alcohol.
Silver may be cleaned and bright
ened by letting stand half an hour in
sour milk.
Choice quality: red an J ro.-ns,
bought on order. Ten of Ttou
anda to tlect from, bati-fai-tioo
Guaranteed. Correspondence InTl
ted. Come and see for juurbeU.
National Live Stock Com. Co
At either
KaasasGty.Ma. St.Josesb.Bf. S.Oaaka.lfeb
Certain Relief forFeTertaaaaaa
fJeaatlamiioB. Heart ache.
Araeaarh Traantes, Teef ala-
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Trmda Mark, la 14 hoars. AtallDraKitta,acta,
ton taccMt Saarpla maitad FKEK. Addraaa,
aatistitats A.. OUtSTCO.LaRayrN.Ya
Jail Sentence Present.
New York. For a wedding present
to young Edmund A. Guggenheim, a
nephew of Senator Simon Guggen
heim of Colorado, the court of general
sessions today gave him a fine of
$1,000 and a sentence of one day in
jail. Through his counsel young Gug
genheim had pleaded guilty to a
third violation of the automobile
speed law. It was urged that he is
to be married next Monday and that
a prison sentence would be an unnec
essary humiliation to his bride-to-be
and to his family.
DAISY FLY IULLER tract a aula al law
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pLI or U.rr.tl2
titMllrijar ..
Ihiaj. Carmaf-! f
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Brllj a. !.
Snow Pudding.
Take the pulps of six baked apples,
carefully separated from the skins and
cores, one cup sugar, whites of two
eggs. Beat whites of eggs to a stiff I Br.aa.oojrruxx.
froth. Add apples and sugar mixed
Beat all one hour. With the two yolks I - -
make a custard, which place in a dish lNt3DraSKl OaTeCtOrV
u .a-t. lUtli UUUU UC C1JUW UJJUU
r Morphine Habit Treated.
rre mal. Cic :iere other
remedies haYe lai!d. s;ciii!r
rlestred. f:re rr-wt;'ir.
M. MW.USt..ftj?xa
Custard One pint of milk, heated In
double boiler. Add teaspoon corn
starch, wet with a little of the milk,
and two beaten yolks, and sugar to
taste. Put sugar In the milk first.
When cooked flavor.
Private High School Successful.
State Superintendent Bishop has
just returned from a visit to the pri
vate Fchool conducted for the benefit
of the children of J. J. Johnson and
his neighbors, living six miles from
Colon, in Saunders county. Mr.
Johnson employs a young woman
graduate of the state university for
teacher and pays her the regulation
salary paid to high school teachers.
Twelve pupils are now enrolled. In
cluding five of tbe Johnson children.
The regular high school course Is be
ing taught.
It Postponed a Vote.
Washington But for the fact that
Senator Overman of North Carolina. t
succeeded in having tbe senate In
corporate in the rai'road bill a pro
vision regulating injunction proceed
ings affecting state laws, the senate
probably would have voted on the
railroad bill Thursday. The accept-
Economy in Meat.
When ordering meat always bear In
mind that the beef when boiled loses
nearly one pound in every four, and
when roasted quite IS ounces. Mutton
will lose even more than this. For
this reason pies, puddings, etc., are far
more economical and in many cases
more nourishing.
John Deere Cultivators
tlv0on.!up. All standard Ma. r .oldur rea:i- Jriit
applied If Jon p'irrfc. Miwhtnr .h'pprd uirdM.
onappmt!. S"nrtpo.ltri!ird Wri:i'forl.rirn!Uu
122 Nortn uth Streat Lincoln, Nab.
ww SsaaTaaViBVI thi process all broken
pans of machinery made food aa new. Wc!da
Cast iron, east steel, aluminum, copter, brat or
any other metal. Eipert automobile r;tvinr.c
ERTSCHV MOTOR CO.. Council Bluffs.
Chicken Salad.
One cupful of cold boiled chicken,
one pint of celery cut into cubes, one
cup of English walnuts blanched and
broken Into small pieces, one table-
tT nwll at ect prlrra. Peed tor frco eataloj:-..
anco ot xnat. provision nau me enect . F,)0onfui of parsley chopped line.
of inclining some democratic sena- cover with salad dressing and serve
tors more favorably to the bill and of on i;re(ided lettuce.
causing the democratic side of the
consulation before voting.
Mail order
riven ni.l
neniioa. mi tuppiifH ror tD? Amateur trictl
fresh. Snd for catalogue and flnNhlesr prlel
Box 1197. Omaha. Neb.
Ex-Governor's Funeral.
Osceola, Xeb. The funeral of the
ate ex-Governor John II. Mickey will
be held here at 3 o'clock p. m.. Sun
day, at the Osceola Methodist Episco
pal church. Rev. A. A. Randell will
Open to the World.
Chlcago.John C. Shaffer, who- ha3
ruaranteeed the $25,000 purse for the
Chicago-New York aeroplane flight,
announced that It would be open to
aviators of the world and that Euro
Dean entries were expected.
I ll-L I flA I Uli Eurc
Rooms from !.() u tdnvle. Tcnti
Turban Pad
From a discarded hat I took the J I HA I till EorODSirl Plan
wire crown, covered it vwith brown silk. ; cafe Paicks RuVoMa.. r
and net over this, to match my hair,
leaving a round hole in the lower
part to bring the hair through. I fas
fen it on with wire hairpins, and it
works like a charm, without the out
lay of one penny for materials.
Rhubarb Sherbet.
Boil In three pints of water six or
eight green stalks of rhubarb, four
ounces of raisins and figs. When the
water has boiled one-half hour strain
and nix It with one teaspoonful of
rose water and juices of one orange
and lemon. Sweeten to taste. Drink
American S2.00 par day and upward.
uraaaan SLOO sae day and wataarda.
laaP alssssssssssssssssssssaBBSSassssssssssssssssssss9
Tan Dodaa 8trat
t iJnMMi Dapot.