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Record of What is Going on in Con
frcss, in Washington and la
the Political Field.
' Battling Nelson called on Speaker
Cannon at the capitol and after care
fully looking over the latter's spare
frame from a respectful distance
averred "that the speaker would have
made a great feather weight."
After weeks of inactive deadlock,
followed by other weeks of careful
work of consideration, conference
and the house postal saving ball, as
favored by the republican members
of the committee on postoffice and
porst roads, was introduced to the
house by Representative Gardener or
New Jersey.
By the lack of one vote the house
declined to accord the necessary two
thirds vote to submit, to the several
etates of the union the question of
changing the date of the inauguration
of president and vice president from
March 4 to the last Thursday in
April. In the vote there was no indi
cation of party lines.
A bill providing for the opening to
agricultural settlement and develop
ment of the surface of lands which
have been classified as coal lands was
passed by the house. The measure
would reserve about 70,000,000 acres
as coal lauds.
A bill was introduced in the senate
by Senator Burkett increasing the
limit of cost of the new federal build
ing at Columbus, Neb., from $65,000
to $75,000. It was found that under
the specifications called for contract
ors could not undertake to construct
the building for the amount allowed
in the bill.
Attorney General WIckersham will
have a rival in his investigation of
the so-called cotton pool. The sen
ate committee which is inquiring into
the cost of living decided to turn its
attenton to cotton as well as food
The house postal savings bank bill,
as favored by the republican mem
bers of the committee on post offices
and post roads, was Introduced to the
NEBRASKA! house by Representative Gardner of
I New Jersey.
Mrs. George M. Pullman, widow of
the late palace car magnate, was suc
cessfully operated on in Chicago
Tuesday. Her speedy recovery is pre
dicted. The National Municipal league will
hold its next annual meeting in Buffa
lo. Plans for King Edward's funeral
ceremonies include a great military
The Hyde jury found the defendant
guilty, fixing punishment at life im
prisonment. The United States has suggested to
Mexico that the boundary question in
volved in the celebrated Chamizal
zone case be submitted to some well
known jurist of a mutually friendly
power for arbitration.
The New York senate by at vote of
20 to 20 adopted the Davenport reso
lution placing New York state on
record as favoring the income tax
The first survivors of the recent
earthquake in Costa Rica, in which
more than 1,500 lives were lost in the
destruction of Cartago, arrived at
New York.
Colonel V. T. Sullivan, a former
postoffice Inspector, lor se-eral years
in charge at Denver, Coio., died at
Gallatin. Mo., from paralysis. He re
tired from the government service
about three months ago.
The administration is ombarrassed
by recent disclosures in the Ballinger
The high cost of living was at
tacked by the convention of the Amal
gamated Association of Iron, Tin and
Steel Workers.
Champ Clark may not get the speak
ership even if t!" democrats get con
trol of the next .juse.
Five carloads of macaroni shipped
from St. Louis to Chicago and alleged
to contain poisonous coloring sub
stance, was ordered destroyed by
Judge Landis.
Representative Bartholdt of Mis
souri, charman of the American group
of the inter-parliamentary peace
union, is in receipt of a notice from
tho secretary of state at Brussels that
mm mssion
This Rate Will Also Govern Other
Days After 5 p. m. Miscella
: ntous Capital Matters.
Copy of
the conference of the union will be
The board of managers of the state
fair met and approved the contract
made by Chairman C. H. Rudge and
President O. P. Hendershot for the
appearance of the Wright Brothers
aeroplane at the state 'air which is to
be held nt Lincoln the first week in
September. The board members pres
ent were President Hendershot of He
bron: Chairman Rudge of Lincoln; G.
W. lk-vey of Omaha; Peter Young
crs of Geneva; L. V. Leonard of Paw
nee City and E. Z. Russell of Blair.
The rir ship flights promise to be
one of t''e best attractions the board
has ever engaged. Flights will be
made both in the forenoon and after
noon of each day of the fair. Vaude
ville acts will be given at the grand
stand on the race course each fore
noon, afternoon and evening.
Night races will be a feature of
the fair this year for the first time
in addition to fireworks. To light the
track at night for racing electric or
gasoline lamps will be used.
The trouble over securing Lorn
bardo's band and grand opera com
pany has been settled and the band
and singers will appear at a Sunday
afternoon concert in the uditorium
fet the fair grounds. The manager of
the organization desired to give a
Sunday concert at another city, but
the board proved that the original ar
rangements called for a Sunday con
cert in Lincoln and he agreed to come
and sign the contract. The oragniza
tion comprises 44 instrumentalists, S
grand opera singers and sixteen cho
rus singers. Four concerts daily will
be given.
Monday. September 1. will be labor
day, and the fair board has decided to
held at Brussels August 29 to Septem- give special inducements for labor-
ber 2. inclusive. Dr. Bartholdt will
call together witnin the nsxt two
weeks the members of the American
group in congress to select delegates
to attend the conference.
An engagement between the pro
visional and Madriz forces at Rama
is looked for at any moment. The
Protest nganst the bill conveying to two armies are practically facing
Uie CHICS OI C"Olnr:nIn Snrinirs Muni. - uwiu(.
----- V.. - (-J.. '
tou and Cascade. Colo., 21.000 acres
of land on the north slope of Pike's
peak to be used for bettering the wa
ter supply of the cities was filed by
the forest service through Associate
Forester Potter with the house com
mittee on house lands.
( Genera.
There was evidence of bad humor
in the senate debate on the railroad
bill. i
Reports from Nanking, the capital
of the province of Kiang Su. tell of
serious evidences of unrest among
the Chinese.
Prudent Taft takes full responsi
bility for the Lawler letter.
The directors of the Aero club or
America decided to hold the interna
tiorai aviation meet on Hempstead
plains. Long Island. The race for
world's championship will be held
October 2.
At Washington information receiv
ed points to an early coallict between
the armies or P ru and Ecuador over
their boundary disputes.
The American Sugar Refining com
pany has appealed its case to the
supreme court.
By the lack of one vote the house
declined to accord the necessary two
thirds vote to submit to the several
states of the union the question of
changing the date of the inauguration
of president and vice president from
March 4 to the last Tuesday in April.
A petition for the pardon of John
R. Walsh, now serving a term In the
Leavenworth penitentiary for viola
tion of the national banking laws,
soon will be forwarded to the depart
ment of justice.
At the annual national convention
of paper jobbers held in Chjcago it
was announced that print paper
prices will remain unchanged during
the ensuing year.
It is said "There are between 700
and 800 men in Seattle who live
from the revenue of the white slave
traffic, almost all of whom could be
reached by the state courts if prop
er effort were made.
The wage question of all the Van
derbilt lines has been settled.
Colonel Ira Copley, millionaire gas
magnate of Aurora. 111., has offered to
contribute a large sum of money to
assist in carrying on the investiga
tion in the election of William Lori
xner to the United States senate.
Mr. Bryan made an address in
Omaha favorable to county option.
The senate has passed the omnibus
lighthouse bill, which makes pro
vision for aids to navigation prac
tically on every coast of the United
States. As amended in the committee
on commerce it carries items aggre
gating about $2,500,000.
Since a decision was rendered hold
ing the South Dakota employers' lia
bility law invalid the Nebraska
statute is being closely watched.
Death claimed 1,595 lives in Iowa
during the month of March, so the
monthly report of Secretary Summer
or the state board of health, just Is
sued, shows.
With Emperor William as an audit
or Theodore Roosevelt delivered a no
table addres's at the University of
F. Augustus Heinze was acquitted
of the charge of misapplication of the
funds of a bank.
Three masked men blew the safe
of the First State bank at Dumont,
So great was the crowd that gath
ered to do honor to the memory of
the late King Edward VTI of England
at a Chicago theatre that many men
and women fainted in the crush to discuss
gain entrance. Asiatic
The Jockey club of Juarez has an
nounced that a gross sum of $30,000
in stakes and purses will be given
during a 100-day meeting Thanksgiv
ing day. an increase of $l.n00 a day
over the meeting last season.
After quarreling over a $10 skirt
which her husband had bought for
her under protest. Mrs. A. J. Sun
derland of Chjppewa Falls, Wis., shot
and killed him.
One hundred and fifty delegates to
the National Socialist congress, rep
resentiug the enthre socialist move
ment in the United States met in
Chicago to prepare for the coming
state and congressional campaigns.
Senators Burkett and Brown have
given no assurance that they will vote
for the railroad bill.
ing men and old soldiers to attend on
that day. The admission will be only
25 cents, half the usual price. For 25
cents one can stay all day and re
main on the grounds during the even
ing on Monday. On Tuesday. Wednes
day and Thursday an admission fee of
25 cents will be charged after 5 p. ni.
This fee is made low for the benefit
of those who desire to attend the
evening entertainments only. The
board has decided to change the form
! of its tickets this year. In addition
a season ticket will be sold for $2.
The board also contemplates putting
In cash turnstyles at all of the outer
gates so that the ticket sellers and
gate keepers may be abolished. The
kind of apparatus in view will turn
only when a patron drops half a dol
lar in a slot.
State to Refund Money.
It Is probable the next legislature
will be called upon to pay In the
neighborhood of $12,000 or $15,000 to
corporations which have paid to the
secretary of state an occupation tax
the Enactment
July 1, 1909.
There having been some criticism of
the Nebraska laws regulating tubercu
losis, the Poole enactment passed by
the last legislature and effective July
1 cf last year, is herewith printed:
4407. Sec. 4. (Consumptives, Hos
pital Care). Any person who is afflict
ed with tuberculosis disease of the res
piratory organs of a curable nature.
and who has been a resident of this
state for at least one year continuously
preceding the application for his or
her admission to a hospital under the
provisions of this act. and who is with
out means to pay for hospital care and
treatment, may be admitted to such
treatment under the provisions of this
4707. See. 5. (Board of Health
Duty). It shall be the duty of the Ne
braska state board of health to insti
tute inquiry for and receive applica
tions from hospitals In this state for
the care and treatment of the persons
described in section 1 of this act It
shall pass upon and make a list of the
hospitals suitably equipped and man
aged and willing to receive patients
under this act, and send a list thereof
to each county clerk in the state. It
shall prescribe regulations for the
care, housing and nursing of each pa
tient, and see that the same are com
plied with. Provided, that the charges
at any such hospital for any patient
under this act shall not exceed $7 per
week, and shall include board, lodging,
care and medical services. Provided
further, that it is made obligatory for
any such hospital or sanitorium to
use modern treatment by immuniza
tion (vaccine therapy) in addition to
open air and other sanitary methods.
4707. Sec. 6. (Expenses by County.)
It is hereby made the duty of each
county in this state to bear the pe
cuniary burdens of caring for the per
sons described in section 1 of this act
in the manner provided by this act.
Upon written application to the county
judge signed by the person seeking
treatment or by some relative or
friend, setting forth the name, resi
dence and circumstances of such per
son, the county judge shall order a
hearing and examine under oath such
persons as may be required by him
to establish the facts. If the county
judge shall be satisfied that all the
conditions named in section 1 of this
act are fulfilled he shall approve the
application in writing and certify the
same to the county board of that coun
ty. It shall thereupon be the duty of
the county board to provide for the
transportation of such person to some
hospital in the state approved by the
state board of health and willing to
receive such a patient and to pay for
his or her care and treatment there.
Provided, no person shall be cared for
under the provisions of this act with
out a certificate from a practicing phy
sician that such person is afflicted
with tuberculosis disease of the respi
ratory organs of a curable nature.
Mr. C. W. Poole, author of this meas
ure, presenting tho same for publica
tion, says:
"While I do not contend that this
measure is perfect, I believe it to be
a step in the right direction out of
which Nebraska will eventually have
a law second to none In the union."
Senator Cummins Occupies the Floor
and Urges His Rate Regulation
j based on the authorized capital stock
instead of the stllmrrihi'il nml nnM tin
President Taft paid tribute to the Btock
loreign soldiers who helped the Unit-
Cannot Cancel Stock.
"Attorney General Thompson. In re
ply to a question, has informed the
Nebraska state railway commission
that it has no power to order the can
cellation of stock, or any portion
thereof, of any 'consolidated company
ed States to win independence.
The house will investigate to de
termine if the sugar trust bought the
friar lands.
Former President Roosevelt is ex
pected to be the guest of honor and
principal speaker at the formal open-
ilixr nf thf intornntinnnft fit-iilon nitrAcc I
tiu. mn r.r., r nrn.m0 t organized under and complying with
in July.
Statues to two Polish-American
heroes were unveiled in Washington.
President Taffs railroad bill as
amended is a long stride forward in
railroad legislation.
Advices received at Guayaquil state
that the Peruvian government has sta
tioned 100.000 men along the frontier
to resist invasion.
More than twenty men were killed
by an explosion at Canton. O.
iteguiars in congress were gen
erally successful in the statewide
primary in Ohio.
W. J. Bryan, in a hall hired by him
self, told Omaha voters what he
thought of democracy of that county.
Henry Watterson addressed the Ca
nadian press association on the
changing conditions in the newspaper
Congressman "Walter I. Smith of
Iowa opened his campaign for reno
mination as a standpat republican.
Congressman Hinshaw has decided
not to enter the race for the gover
norship of Nebraska.
Tex Rickard ha3 been selected as
referee in the Jeffries-Johnson fight.
Prospects are for a month's debate
in the house on the sundry civil a
propriation bill.
Clara Morris, the famous actress
of a generation ago. is said to be
threatened with blindness at her
home in Yonkers.
Secretary Ballinger dismissed Fred
erick Kerby. the stenographer, "for
the good of the service."
Theodore Roosevelt made an un
qualified denial of the letter credited
to him at Washington.
A telegram was sent by President
Taft to General and Mrs. Ballington
Booth congratulating them on the
celebration of the fourteenth anniver
sary of the founding of the Volun
teers of America.
Congressmen will try to get away
from Washington in June.
Secretary Ballinger pictured Gif
ford Pinchot as a crafty conspirator
who sought to discredit him.
King Alfonso has left Madrid for
I.ondon to attend the funeral of the
late King Edward.
Commander Robert E. Peary's lec
ture was given before the Geograph
ical society at Rome. King Victor
Emmanuel and the duke of the Ab
ruzzi attending.
The socialist congrese at Chicago
sed the question o! exclusion of
the provisions of section 10671, Cob
bey's Annotated Statutes for 1909,
where such company has issued its
stock to- an amount in excess of the
actual value of its properties. The
commission has this question before
it in the complaint of County Attorney
F. M. Tyrrell against the Lincoln
Traction company.
Reduction of Falls Allowed.
The Nebraska Telephone company
has been permitted to reduce its toll
rates at Elk Creek, Johnson county,
owing to the recent installation of an
Independent exchange at that point
The Nebraska company was also au
thorized to cut its toll rate between
Wayne and Wakefield from 15 cents
to 5 cents.
Invitation to Roosevelt.
An invitation will be extended to
Theodore Roosevelt to make an ad
dress before the Epworth assembly
this summer, according to an an
nouncement yesterday through the
Lincoln Commercial club. A commit
tee ot club members who are also
boosters of the assembly will send
a letter asking him to come. As
Mr. Roosevelt is to speak before the
national conservation congress at
Kansas City and fill some other west
ern dates, it si hoped that be can be
booked for a Lincoln engagement.
New Equipment for Rock Island.
The Rock Island railroad has filed
with the secretary of state its con
tract with the Bankers' Trust com
pany for new equipment for its sys
tem, to cost $6,750,000. for the pay
ment ot which bonds have been issued.
Laws Out of Date.
In an address to the State Medical
association Dr. J. B. Greene, former
ly superintendent of the Lincoln
asylum, but now of Illinois, said the
Nebraska laws for the administra
tion of charitable institutions were
the most antequated in the country
Washington. Beginning the day
with a fair prospect of an agreement
between the regular republicans and
the democrats which would permit an
early vote upon the railroad bill the
senate concluded Thursday's session
in as great uncertainty as it has been
at any time on that and all other
The day was full of consultations
and from the hour of meeting at noon
the situation shifted many times.
When adjournment was taken shortly
after 4 o'clock there was more talk
of an understanding between the
"regular" republicans and the "insur
gents" republicans than between the
regulars and the democrats.
The first reports of the day indicat
ed the strong probability that a large
majority of the democrats, if not all
of them, would agree to accept a
proposition of the republicans to
strike out the last three sections or
the bill relating to the capitalization
of railroads.
This arrangement was to have car
ried with it the adoption of an amend
ment presented by Senator Cummins
to prohibit the lowering of railroad
rates to destroy water competition
and give a place of advantage to the
New Mexico and Arizona statehood
bill. In return the democrats were
expected to expedite the railroad bill
by voting against most of the amend
ments offered by the "insurgents"
and assist in laying some of them on
the tabic.
When this proposition was put in
writing and Senator Johnson of Ala
bama began to circulate it on the
minority side of the chamber he met
with much opposition 'and before he
had proceeded far bis associates be
came convinced his party was by no
means unanimous in favor of the
proposed compact.
Among those who refused to si en
were Senators Bacon. Rayner. Fra
zier. Overman and Smith (S. C.)
They raised the objection that the
agreement would be construed as a
surrender to the "Aldrich republic
ans." With such a large defection
the movers for an agreement prac
tically decided before the close of the
day to refrain from further effort in
that direction.
The failure to put through this
formal plan did not have, the effect of
causing a complete discontinuance of
the efforts to bring the bill to an ear
ly vote. Senator Aldrich, who was
the prime mover In this direction,
was busy throughout the day. Just
before the senate adjourned he ex
pressed the opinion that some ar
rangement would be made soon which
would insure the passage of the bill
at an early date. Senator Hale in
an open talk in the senate said that
a vote should be reached by the end
of next week.
Most Effective Way of Dealing, for In
stance With the Flank End
of Porterhouse.
Before speaking of the cooking of
the cuts that lack tenderness through
out. It may be well to reVer to the fact
that the flank end of tfe porterhouse
Is to be classed with tfce toughest of
cuts and with those which, when
cooked alone, are with difficulty made
tender even by long heating. Mock
duck, which Is commonly made out of
flank steak, can be rendered tender
enough to be palatable only by long
steaming or cooking in water, and yet
people quite generally broil this nart
of the steak with the tenderloin and
expect It to be eaten. The fact Is that
to broil this part of the porterhouse
steak is not good management. It Is
much more profitable to put It into
the soup kettle or to make it Into a
stew. In families where most of the
members are away during the day the
latter is a good plan, for the end of
the steak makes a. good stew for two
or three people. This may be sea
soned with vegetables left from din
ner, or two or three olives cut up in
gravy will give a very good flavor; or
a few drops of some one of the bottled
meat sauces. If the flavor Is relished,
or a little Chill sauce may be added ta
the stew. But if the tough end of a
porterhouse Is needed with the rest, a
good plan is to put it through a meat
grinder, make it into balls, and broil it
with the tender portions. Each mem
bet of the family can then be served
with a piece of the tenderloin and a
meat ball. If the chopped meat is
seasoned with a little onion juice,
grated lemon rind, or chopped parsley,
a good flavor is imparted to the gravy.
favorite Recipes
LV xW V W .r
A Ffcisfag Seise of Health d
Strength Reaewed aod of
Ease and Confort
follows the use of Syrup of Figs in 61
Elixir of Senna, as it acts gently on
the kidneys, liver and bowels, cleans
ing the system effectually, when con
stipated, or bilious, and dispels colds
and headaches.
To get its beneficial effects, always
buy the genuine, manufactured bj
the California Fig Syrup Co.
Thick Potato Soup. Boll as many
potatoes as desired until soft enough
to go through a sieve. Use the water
they were boiled in. adding milk, but
ter, salt and pepper to season.
Thick Pea Soup. Soak the dried
peas over night, then cook the same
as the potatoes, but add plenty of
onions to flavor the peas. Carrot
soup can be made in the same way.
Creamed Potatoes With Cheese.
Make a good white sauce, using two
tablespoonfuls of flour, a tablespnonful
and a half of butter, salt and pepper
to season and a cupful of milk. Cut
the potatoes in slices and boil. Put a
layer of potatoes in a buttered baking
dish, then a layer of white sauce, fol
lowed with a layer of grated cheese.
thus alternating until the dish is full.
Bake about twenty minutes and servo
Vegetable Hash. Boll together until
tender potatoes, carrots and onions:
then serve with butter, pepper and
Dutch Salad. Use as a foundation
for this either herrings or anchovies,
mixing the same with sliced beets, ap
ples, cold potatoes, onions, hard-boiled
eggs and either mayonnaise or a plain
French dressing.
Another good salad is made from
prawns or shrimps with lettuce, hard
boiled eggs and French dressing.
Nebraska Directory
Rooms froai 11.00 up Mmrle, TScrnt up double
H to a Mfr'n prlc. Cash or time pay-
nrwhrrfrfrfw examination. Kod
'1 Vrtr,fv. hf b.ra.1 I.c M4 91
r.griMTti, III
by mail at cut prices, frVnd fur free catalogue.
WITL niWfS(uT9 ous b
"filllIIHa this process all broken
pans ot machinery made good as new. Weld
cast iron, cast steel, alnuiinnm. copper, brass ot
any other metal. Eipert automobile repairing.
BERT8CHY MOTOR CO., Caunoil Bluffa.
t3.0OanJup. All Mamlan! Make. Mkl r rented. Item
apptletllf t ou puirlia.e. Marhlnes .hlppol anjrwher,
ouapproral. So nNnlt return. Writ for large lift.
122 North nth Street Xincoln, Nab.
attention. All Mipplirt for the Amateur strict I j
frerh. Send for catalogue and finishing prli-en.
Box 1197. Omaha. Neb.
Amarloan S2.00 par day and upward.
Bwraaaan ti.00 per day and uswarda.
Vacancies Filled.
The executive committee of the
Nebraska association for promoting
the Interests of the blind met last
week. Two new members were
elected to fill the vacancies on the
executive committee. They were
Miss Etta Caton of Lincoln and
Frank Brigham of College View.
Nebraska Wheat Production.
Grain dealers estimate the probable
wheat production lu Nebraska this
year at upwards of twenty million
bushels, which is about half the
state's crop in 1909. The normal
amount produced in this state in past
years has been 4O.0CO.000, and about
half a crop i3 what the grain men
expect, taking the state altogether.
The southeastern counties are worse
hit than the region farther west, but
some of the North Platte territory
has also suffered, notably a part of
Platte county north of Columbus.
Sherman Cannot Come.
Vice President Sherman has writ
ten to A. H. Talbor saying he cannot
come to Lincoln to deliver the address
at the laying of the Young Men's
Christian association cornerstone. An
invitation was extended to the vice
president by Mr. Talbot when the lat
ter was in Washington several weeks
ago. and the vice president thought
at that time he might arrange to be
here. Since going over his engage
ments elsewhere, however, he finds
It will be Impossible for him to visit
Charge of White Slavery.
Orin Teeters, under arrest at Nel
son, has been extradited by Governor
Shallenberger, and will be taken back
to Oklahoma on the charge of "white
slavery," an offense that Is punishable
by the Oklahoma law by imprison
ment in the penitentiary from five to
twenty years. Sheriff R. E. Reeder of
Kay county, arrived in Lincoln to take
the prisoner back with him. He says
Teeters is accused of taking Violet
Pontious, aged seventeen, for immoral
purposes. Teeters and the girl have
been traveling about in Oklahoma and
Kansas since last January. The girl
says Teeters promised to marry her
but has not done so.
The Fourth of July celebration to
be held in Beatrice this year under
the auspices of the fire department
will be made the occasion for a mili
tary display.
Segregation of Earnings.
The State Railway commission lis
tened to the attorneys for Lincoln
and the traction company over the
question of a segregation of the earn
ings of the several companies owned
by the proprietors of the traction
company. The stock of the traction
company also includes a heating
plant, power plant and an electric
light plant, all of which are run by
the same plant that operates the
street cars. The commission is trying
to get at what portion of the earnings
should go to the several Industries.
George V. Clasps Hand of Kaiser at
Edward's Bier.
London. Nine crowned heads of
Europe and several heirs to thrones
sat down in Buckingham palace to
night at a dinner, which King George
gave to all his eminent guests as
sembled In London for the funeral of
King Edward. After the dinner the
members of all the suites were intro
duced to the king.
Emperor William of Germany, who
arrived in the morning was met by
King George, and later had an affect
ing meeting with the Queen Mother
Alexander. The emperor, accompan
ied by King George, proceeded to
Westminster hall and paid a tribute
to the memory of Edward VII. For
a few moments, while the emperor
and king knelt beside the coffin, the
thousands who were waiting in line
to file past the catafalque, were held
in check, though those within West
minster hall were permitted to re
main. Upon rising to their feet the two
monarchs clasped hands as they stood
with bowed heads beside the body of
King Edward.
Selection of Poultry.
In choosing poultry select those
that are soft. Perhaps the surest way
to determine whether they are young
is to try the skin under the leg or
wing. If It Is easily broken It is
young: or turn the wing backwards,
and if the joint yields readily It Is
lender. When poultry Is young the
skin is thin and tender, the legs
smooth, the feet moist and limber, and
the eyes full and bright. The body
should be thick and the breast fat. Old
turkeys have long hairs and the flesh
Is purplish where it shows under the
skin on the legs and back. About
March they deteriorate In quality.
Young ducks and geese are plump
with light scmitransparent fat. soft
breast bones, tender flesh, leg joints
which will break with the weight of the
bird, fresh-colored and bristle beaks,
and the windpipes that break when
pressed between the thumb and fore
finger. They are best in fall and
AH. a Ml Taka Dvta Street Car
URMHH at Unlet Depot.
Census Taker What la your color?
Sweet Young Thing George says it
Is peaches and cream.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORI A, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
Bears tho
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
New Fly Trap.
A Callfornian has taken advantage
of the fact that flies always walk up
a window by inventing a trap to be
fastened to a pane in such a mantirt
that a fly will enter It without being
aware that it has left the surface of
the glass.
Uncle Sam Lands Men.
Blucfields. Nicaragua. The United
States gunboats Dubuque and Pa
ducah lauded 100 bluejackets here
Friday to protect American interests
In Blueflelds and to prevent fighting
within the town limits. The Amer
ican force is preparing for any emer
gency, having taKen ashore several
field guns and rapid fire guns.
Egg Kisses.
Use for these the whites of three
eggs and one pint of sugar. Put the
sugar In a bowl, pour the whites over
and beat 20 minutes with a silver
spoon. Drop the mixture on greased
paper an Inch or more apart. Do not
let them touch. Put on a board or in
verted bread pan and place enough
layers of paper to keep the bottom
from burning. Bake In a moderate
oven until brown. jcI the mixture
rise and then bake or they will not be
The Simple Shepherd!
A Cockney, while spending bla holi
days In the Highlands, met an old
shepherd driving a flock of sheep.
Wishing to show off a bit. he said:
"Now, If I were a shepherd I would
teach the sheep to follow me."
"Oh. aye." said the shepherd, "and
! hlv nao doot ye wid manage, for
If they saw anither sheep In front
they wid be sure to follow." Tit-Bits.
Importation of Leeches.
Leeches are enumerated by the bu
reau of statistics under Its general
bead of animals imported, the total
value of the Imports of this species
in 1908 having been $5,341; In 1907.
$6,922; In 1906. $4,494; in 1905. $J.S62:
in 1Jfi4 .T r.K4- In 1QO? 1 f40 onii In
light. Remove with knife and put on 190, $2.412 the commerce In 'leeches
dlt'h. being thus of a growing character
For chocolate egg kisses add before j The total Talue of tne jeeches tm.
cooking one ounce of grated chocolate ported into the United States in the
which has been meltd. Add gently i decade ending with 1908. is about $40.
and quickly or the mixture will be too , Ooo. Leeches are imported free of
thin. t duty. Snails were at one time enu-
Tanfoea Cream ' nierated ns an article of importation.
tapioca urc m. j the rtcords fr lg91 t 1S9g 8QowInj.
Two tablespoonfuls tapioca, one ,. . , . .. . "ww.uB
, , 1 - snails imported to the extent of about
quart milk, four eggs, sugar and a ht- JD
tie salt, i-oak the tapioca In a ""- dIcd. showing only $21 of Imports In
ter for two hours; put the milk to J aJ j,,
bo! . stir in the tapioca sugar add a Flslteniento of th,g
little salt. When nearly boiling btir mmmmmmmmmmm
in the yolks of
eggs; when as
Becoming Citizens,
from one to two persons per day
call at the office of the clerk of the
district court for the purpose of de
claring their Intention to become citi
zens of the United States. It is notice
able, however, that a goodly portion of
these are residents of the country,
rather than of the city. Indicating that
it Is citizenship rather than the right
to vote at a certain time that Is de
sired. It is believed that large num
bers of subjects of foreign rulers will
take out their first papers during the
i next few weeks.
To Report Favorably.
Washington. The Indian affairs
committee authorized Senator Pur
cell to report favorably the Milwau
kee townsite bill. It gives the Mil- J the fire; have the whites of the ??g3 Qga4v AenenAahl nr
waukee Townsite company two town-; beaten to a stiff froth, stir Into thn -lauy ucpwioaDIC nerVCS
sites in the Cheyenne reservation.
The bill has passed the house.
Judge Jenkins Confirm.!.
Washington The senate conflrraed
the nomination of former Congress
man John J. Jenkins of Wisconsin to
be United States district Judge of the
district of Porto Rica.
Ballinger Case Nears End.
Washington The Ballinger-Pinchot
investigation Is likely to end Friday
so far. at least, as the taking of
evidence Is concerned. "The defense."
practically had rested when the day's
hearing ended and Atorney Brandeis,
for "the prosecution." tonight said his
side would consume but little time in
the examination of witnesses In re
buttal. Attorney Vertrees. counsel
for the Ballinger "defense." will call
one or two more witnesses Friday,
but expects their contributions to b't
thick as boiled custard remove Irom A Clear Drain and
hot custard, flavor with vaniiia. To b Can win wealth and fame
eaten cold. A teaspoonrui or corn- j .. .
starch can be added if the custard U I ror "r OWTier.
not thick enough.
, Clear headedness and a
Strong, healthy body
Burnt Sugar Cake.
n AMA tinlf !. rt lnttf4r tn
Iit;ui ;uvti .u, i v..' . i - -
cream, gradually add one and ote-half j Lepend largely C4l the
cups of sugar, the yolks of two eggs. tfc dements n
one cup of water, two cups of flour. Kg OHems m
and beat for five minutes. Add three Regular food and drink.
teaspoons of burnt sugar, one teaspoon 1
of vanilla, one-hair cup more or flour I Coifee Contains Caffeine
if nondpil Iteat azain. Stir In two I a
teaspoons of baking powder and the POlSOnOUS Wig.
well beaten whites of two eggs.
Nut Bread.
Mix together one-half teaspot-nful of
salt, four cupfuls of flour, one-half cup
ful of sugar, one scant cupful of
chopped walnuts, four teaspoonfuls of
baking powder, one-half teaspoonfuls
of salt. Add two cupfuls of sweet
milk, one beaten egg. Let raise 20
minutes and bake in moderate oven
one hour.
Postum is rich in the
Gluten and phosphates that
Furnish the vital energy
That puts "ginger" and
Into body and brain.
"There's a Reason"