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Gents9 Furnishing Goods
405 11th Street,
I mm tin- Itccnnl.
Walter Howaer was severely injured
lust Wc dnes'lsy evening while leading a
frihky buret. The iimmal jerked loose
:iinl kicked the. young man on the bead,
nearly severing one ear. A physician
was called from I Sell wood and the wound
O. l -Jiilhurg returned Monday from
a trip out through Idaho where he has
been looking over land for the past week.
Charlie was not very favorably impress
ed tvilh the parts of the state he visited
and Rectus to think that it is all right for
u rich mun but not so good for the poor
chap. He visited in the vicinity of Twin
Falls and says he don't wonder the twins
I cows which be has added to bis herd on
nis.rancn soutn or tue ijonp. in pur
chase cost Mr. Green about $900.
There are ten children in John Kil
haiu'a family nine boys and one girl
and it costs "a bit" to supply the Kil
ham table with provinder. The family
consumes 1200 pounds of sugar and 2000
pounds of flour a year. One of the boys
has been trained to assist his mother in
house work. He can wash, iron and
make bread. The other members of the
family call him "Biddy."
From the Noiip'irt'il.
Word comes from Osceola this morn
ing ihat Dr. Flippen, the negro physi
cian, of Stromsburg, who is '.veil known
in this section, has been arrested on the
charge of causing the death of a. girl
there some time ago by means of a crim
inal operation. Dr. Flippen strenu
ously denies the charge and the case
promises to be hotly contested.
''When is Merrick county going to
have a new court housoV" asked a citizen
of the Nonpareil reporter the other day.
Not having the data at hand the reporter
was unable to answer the question. Per
haps it will bo when all of us own auto
molules and when the present building is
nothing but a hole in the ground. The
reporter is trying to be conservative in
this prophecy, but for fear that some
may think him overly confident he will
add that it may not be as soon as that.
Kioiii th Tin !.
A basket of cobs in front of the laun
dry stove in the basement of the Still
man hotel caught, tire Tuesday evening
The lire company responded to the alarm
and extinguished the blaze inside of
thiee minutes.
Mrs. Thurston has been transferred
from the Genoa Indian school to the
government school at White Earth,
Minn. Miss Hazel Johnson has been
appointed to the position in the hospital
formerly filled by Mrs. Thurston.
O.K. Green, who attended a sale of
pure bred stock at Odebolt, Iowa, last
week, houchl eight head of line Hereford
From tlio (inzetto.
Emmons Yatec brought to market
Tuesday morning three hogs, about elev
en months old, which brought him the
nice sum of just 3100.
About the first thing that comes to
our gardens in spring is the rhubarb. It
should be used more freely than it i?,
because of its medicinal qualities. It is
claimed that it not only aids digestion,
hut is a foe to rheumatism and gout,
neutralizing the uric acid in the system.
Because of its health giving qualities, it
is aid to the complexion when freely
eaten. There are many ways of serving
it, and housewives should nvil themsel
ves of receipts, and study out others for
The term "old maid" is fast dying out
of use. Instead we hear the more ela
borate title "Bachelor Girl" used in
speaking of girls who have left the lux
uriant bowers of girlhood nnd are just
emerging into womanhood. We do not
hear of "the sour old maids," hut in
stead the "dear bachelor girls." The
young men ascertain that she is just
the one to go to when they are in trou
ble. The girls claim ber as their "big
sister." Her life is one of beauty, one
of devoted consecration to the right.
Hope links her to the future and mem
ory to the past.
A Way or Explaining It.
Wife Whj. John, just m-c what :i
stupid blunder the newspaper has
made in its account of our silver wed
ding! Don't you remember I wrote It
out for the reporter that we had spent
together twenty-five years of married
happiness, and the stupid typesetter
has gone and made it twenty-five years
of marred happiness. Isn't it awful?
Husband Oh, well, dear, don't be toe
hard on the poor fellow. Perhaps he"
been married twenty-five years him
self. London Tit-Bits.
0fAHA IMBife-iL:
2-iw -1- :&J:r0HKBK5HHMBBtBH
Better Plumbing
TVI" ANY homes should have better bath
than they now have. We have
tried not only to do better
plumbing than we ever did
before, but better than any
body else can do. The vol
ume of work we are now
doing shows how we are suc
ceeding. We use only genuine VttmtT
plumbing fixtures and employ only
experienced workmen. - Our repair
ing service is prompt and reliable.
Columbus, Nebraska
Tlfcl ! "T ar
From the Signal.
George Burrows and Will Bacon spear
ed over a hundred pounds of carp in
8hell creek Sunday. They were nice
large ones too, one of them weighing
fifteen pounds.
And we hear the complaint that great
damage has been done to alfalfa fields
during the winter. Probably the same
conditions that ruined the wheat worked
upon the alfalfa.
There is no longer a doubt that the
greater part of the winter wheat in this
locality is dead. Occasionally will a
small spot be found which is alive, but
not enough to warrant its being allowed
to stand.
The base ball season has been opened
to a certain extent in these parts. Jas.
Dnnn had bis nose broken last Sunday
by having it bit with a ball while play
ing in the neighborhood of his home
northeast of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gerrard came
npin their auto from Oolumbns last
Sunday and spent the day with the
Lynch family. Miss Maggie Lynch re
turned to Columbus with them to remain
a guest at their home for a short time.
Mrs. D. V. Macken returned home fast
Friday evening from a several days vis
it in Omaha. Her sister, Mrs. Mark
Burke, of Columbus, accompanied her
to Omaha and last week entered St
Joseph's hospital at that place, where
she will receive medical treatment for a
Between seven and eight o'clock Wed
nesday evening W. P. Schelp, who was
nut with his auto, discovered that the
bridge across Shell creek, south of
Zingg'a slaughter house was on Ore.
He ran back to town andgave the alarm.
Fred Laun, Henry Sietns and Schelp,
with their autoe, rushed some fifteen
or twenty men down there, equipped
with buckets, and as there was plenty
of water in the creek, the fire was soon
quenched. The lire was on the south
west corner, and was started from a fire
that was used in burning rubbish in an
adjoining field. The bridge was damaged
to the extent of fifty dollars and has
been condemned until repairs can be
A very serious accident happened in a
peculiar manner on Tuesday to an eigh
teen months old child of Mr. and Mm.
John Choban, living on the farm recent
ly occupied by Fred Michaelson, in
Grand Prairie township. A washing
machine was being run by a horsepower,
the power !eing connected to the mach
ine by a tumbling rod The child walk
ed under the rod and its hair canght on
the rod and was twisted around in snob
a manner as to tear n large piece in the
scalp entirely off. Dr. Pugh who was
called to attend the child says that a
piece of the scalp larger than the palm
of his hand was torn off leaving the scalp
exposed. The piece was replaced and
stitched on in the hope that it wonld
unite. It will be several days before it
can be determined whether this will be a
Electric Light
Always Ready
Have your house wired
Columbus light.
Heat & Power Co.
Medicine Free in Every Case Where
It Fails to Relieve.
From the Itet-nblican.
Mies Susie Ziegler is on the sick list
this week and isn't able to attend to her
school work at Columbus.
ClinrleB Miller retnrned from North
Bend last week, where be had been vis
iting his daughter, Mrs. 11. H. VanLecr.
Miss Anna Potter, teacher of the gram
mar room, is confined to her home this
week with sickness. Mrs. Harry Hill
taught her pupils Monday and Tuesday,
and Wednesday morning the room was
dismissed for the remainder of the week.
Monroe friends have received an
nnunrcments of the wedding of Miss
Edna II. Jencks, formerly of Monroe, and
John Theodore Kelsey of Zeal, S. D.
The wedding occurred Easter Sunday,
March 27. at the home of the bride's
parent?, near Zeal.
After a lingering illness of about six
months, Mrs. John Kelley passed away
at her home Wednrsduy morning. She
was stricken with polio tnyelits, and
that, with paralysip, caused her death.
Annie Cox was born in Lincolnshire,
England. May 15, 18T-S. As a girl she
came to Montreal, Canada, with her
parent?, in 1HGS Her borne was in Can
ada and New York until the fall of 1S7S,
when she cntne to Columbus. Here she
whs married to John M. Kelley, Novem
ber !, ISTit, and came to the old farm
northwest or Oconee and then to the
horn west of Monroe where she livttl
until about two years ago when they
moved into Monroe At an early age she
united with the Presbyterian churrb,
and bus been a member of the Monroe
church ever since its organization. Two
sons, William J. of St. Edward, and Les
ter of Fullerten, besides her husband,
survive her. Funeral services were held
Thursday afternoon at the Presbyterian
church, being conducted by I. Ligbtner
and burial was made in the Friends
cemetery. ,
Just before 5 o'clock Wednesday the
Union Pacific depot took fire from an
unknown cause and in a few minutes the
roof was a mass of llamee. With the
heavy wind blowing from the south,
and the depot being situated south of
the main part of town, it looked for a
time as though it wonld be a heavy loss.
But thanks to the water works and the
fire company, plenty of water was avail
able and the boys soon had two streams
pla ing on the flames. It took but a few
minutes to get the fire under control,
and it was not even necessary to throw
water on the hotel bnilding. The fire
started inside of the bnilding and burned
through the roof, when it whs discov
ered, nnd the main damage was to the
roof and also to the interior by water.
When the blaze started Agent Ledbetter
was up in town collecting freight bills.
What might have resulted if there had
been no fire protection is not pleasant to
contemplate, but as this is the first fire
since the water plant was installed,
everyone feels that it has more than
paid for its cost in protection.
Columbus Plumbing Co.
Sanitary Plumbing
Steam and Hot
Water Heating
13th and M Streets
Columbus, Nebraska
From the World.
Last week Henry Barjenbrnck closed J
a deal whereby he sold to Wm. Brunken
40 acres of the Korte land, northwest of
town, for $125 per acre. The land con
tains no improvements whatever, not
even a fence.
We were informed by a man who has
80 acres of winter wheat (which looked
as nice as any we ever saw, last fall)
that the cold weather damaged it to a
very great extent and when it was covered
deeply with snow it literally rotted.
Others who sowed later say there will not
be half a stand.
The remains of Mrs. Eoline Johnson,
who passed away in an Omaha hospital
on Wednesday of last week, were brought
to this place on Thursday evening and
funeral services were conducted at the
Congregational church on Saturday af
ternoon, Rev. H. J. Sealey officiating.
Interment was made in the Leigh ceme
tery. V. S. Schurr went to Colnmbus last
Friday and on his return home. Sunday
he was accompanied by his wife who has
spent several months in a hospital at
that place. Dr. Evans and a trained
nurse came over with them, the latter to
remain for a time to assist in the care of
Mrs. Scbnrr who is still very weak from
the operations which she has undergone.
Nothing Miraculous.
"You had rheumatism in your right
leg for years and were cured of It in
an instant? How?"
'By being accidentally mixed up In
a train wreck. My right leg Is a cork
leg now." Chicago Tribune.
The Gossipers.
They say she will create no end of
"Well. I guess the Jobbers In that
community will be able to handle ber
output" Louisville Courier-Journal.
We invite all who desire choice
steak, and the very best cuts of
all other meats to call at our
market on Eleventh street. We
also handle poultry and fish and
oyster in season.
Tbphnni No. 1. - l!olnmlii. Nwh
The right party cai
recure an excellent witiot!, f.ilnry
orcnminii'Moii for Colunilxi" mul vi
cinity. Sfiteaice, former occoimih.n
mul iciw reformer. Addiw" lAX'K
BOX 438. Lincoln, Neb.
No. 11 8.-40 am
No. 13 1:10 a m
No.l 10:15 am
No.H 11:20 n m
No. 17 3:05 pm
No. IS AIpm
No. 3 650 pm
No. 5 rt25ptn
No. 21 9:15 pni
No. 1H 11:2:. nm
No. K.. ...... 7:00 a m
No. 4 4:21 am
No. it wen pm
No. 14 Atfam
o.6 2:pm
No. 18 2:15 pm
No. 10 3:05 pm
No. 18 ftOrtpm
No. 2 Sj'Opni
No. 22 7:12 am
No. 20 1:00 pm
No. 58 .. 5:05 pm
Xo.77mxil d 7:20am
No. 29 pas ..diGiipm
No. 30 pas ..a 1:10 pm
No. 78 inxd..a 0:10 p ra
No. 31 pas ..riiaopm
No.32paa ..al2-30pai
No 60 mxd..a 7:0Upin
Daily except Sunday.
Noa. 1, 2, 7 ami 8 am extra fare trains.
Nob. 4. 5, 13 and 14 are local paasenicers.
Nos. 58 and 59 are local freight.
Nos. 9 and 16 are mail Umias only.
No It dne in Omaha 4:45 p. m.
No. 6 da in Omaha 540 p. m.
e. . t Q.
Tim Tails
Neglect or pessimism, wc believe, is
the greatest enemy the public has to con
tend with when applied to the loss or
recovery of health. Practically every
case of consumption might have been
cured if hope bad been maintained and
proper treatment had been resorted to
at the first symptom of the disease. Un
til the advanced stage is reached con
sumption is curable. Catarrh is re
sponsible, we believe, for man cases.of
consumption. It is about catarrh we
want to talk to you Unlay, incidentally
consumption, since the two are so close
ly allied.
We have a medicine made from a pre
scription of one of the most (successful
catarrh specialists known. We believe
it is positively without an equal. We
re so satisfied that we are right, that
we will supply the medicine free in
every instance where it is used accord
ing to directions for a reasonable length
of time, should it full to give satisfaction
in every particular. Wewant every one
to try this medicine at our risk Th ere
are no conditions attached to our offer.
Wc pnt the user nnder no obligation to
us whatever.
The medicine we want yon to try is
Rexall Mucu-Tonc. It is a catarrh re
medy that goes direct to the scat of trou
ble. It is carried by the blood to every
part of the system. It purifies and en
riches th blood, tones up the mucons
cells, and brings about a condition of
health and strength that tends to prevent
the germs of consumption from getting
a start. Besides this, Rexall Mucu-Tone
is a wonderful appetizer, digestive aid
and llesh builder. Its good effects are
often felt from the very first dose. It is
one nf the largest and most satisfactory
selling medicines that we have ever bad
anything to do with.
We know so much of the great good
that it has done that wn personally back
it up with our reputation and money,
which fact should he ample guarantee to
satisfy anybody. Ilexall Mucu-Tone
comes in two sizes. 60 cents and $1.00.
We urge yon to try it. Remember you
can obtain Itexal remedies at Pollock t
Co's. drag store on the corner.
I sBssssssssssssssssssssssm
I IbssssssssstLIBbssssseV
B W WtI a 7bbbbbbbbbVvIbbbbbbbbbbbV J-
I WM assraiff
H s9sV iziyZi' -
m a
Bfsmlcacc Kjacatt is Gfc
Just as long
as young chaps insist
upon being distinctive
in their dress
Modern Clothes
are going to be popular.
Just as long as we
give you splendid values
our store is going to be
The most distinctive
styles "ever," are shown
by us this season in
"Modern Clothes" and
truly we could not ex
tend better values.
No. 22. Pass, (dally ex. Bandar) leave.. ..7:35a m
No. :ti, Frt. X Ac. (d'y ex. Saturday) Ir.Sfl) p m
No. 21, fass. (daily ex. Hnaday) arrive.. 9 30 p m
No. 31, Fit. Si Ac. (d'y ex. Sunday) ar. ..6:15 a m
From tho Journal.
One day last week Mike Hader sold a
well matched team of heavy black horses
to John Dolezal for Sfi0. Itwas a good
price, but they are an extra fine team
well worth the sum paid.
Last Saturday Joseph Nageogast
marketed a bunch of seventy hogs here
the average weight of which was 311
pounds, and for which John J. Nagen
gast paid him $10 25 per hundred, up to
that time the record price paid at
this place.
Mm. Jane Spencer Bristol, a well
known resident, of tbiscommnnity since
the 80's, bade farewell toeartb and loved
ones on Sundxy forenoon, March 90,
1910, and at the ripe old age of almost
ten years more than the allotted three
score years and ten, she passed into the
glories of the higher realm to be with
those who have gone on before.
W. tBJBJBBW ,.' ,i"
EBYaaaaaKBm BsT
""""""""""""""""""""bLw.. '
'mW JsIbbIs. ;
beS" BYsaaaaaaaaaaaaaL
bebmv xt sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbv j-
Bbbkc besbbbbbbbbbbbbebesbbbbrI
At the North opera house on Thursday
April 14 F. Lawrence Walker presents
Mr. Charles B. ilanford in the farcial
comedy ''The American Lord" by
George II Broailhurst and Charles T.
Dazey. Mr.Hanford is surrounded with
a large and efficient company with Mies
Marie Drofnah as his leading feminine
support. The story of the play is as
follows: The prinaipal personage is
John Brne.ster, hotel man and good fel
low. Bruester is an out-and-out Ameri
can. Ha well does he stand with bis fel
lows that the convention then in session
is likely to nominate him for congress
While his friends are yelling at the men
tion of his name he is notified that be is
the lineal descendant of Lord Brueater
and heir to the title and estates. The
entire thing is a joke to the old fellow.
What, give up congress and all that the
position meanB? Not on your life!
But the property is considerable, no
sane man would let it go by, and the re
sult is that much against his will Brae
stcr agrees to goto England and look
after his estates. His son falls in love
with a young English girl, .and be finds
himself, at this time of life, too, feeling
uneasy in the presence of a fine Irish
widow. The straightening out of all
these affairs is said to furnish many en
tertaining complications.
$15.00, $18.00, $20.00, $22.50 and $25.00
Pocahontas Smokeless
Illinois, Rock Spring's
and Colorado Coals
at prices that will interest you. Let us
figure with you tor your winter's supply.
T. B. Hord Grain Co.
Bell 188
Ind. 206
Sedan and Bath Chairs.
The sedan chair, so called from hav
ing been made at Sedan, in France,
was introduced Into England in the
time of King Charles I. Often this
chair was most ornate without nnd
luxurious within, for an ancient poet
speaks of one
Covered with velvet red.
And cloth of fine gold about your head.
With damask white and azure blue
Well diapered with lilies new.
Seated In their sedan chairs in all the
glory of paint, iiowder mid patches,
the liellcs and ladies of fashion of the
eighteenth century were- carried from
rout to rout by 'two stout lackeys In
livery. As nil people who love their
Dickens an- aware, these chnirs went
still In use In the days of the Pickwick
The origin of the bath chair is
"wropt iu mystery. We are told
that it was "much used by the Inhab
itants of Bath." probably for the pur
pose nf getting tp and from the pump
room. Nowadays the use of the bath
chair Is con lined chiefly to invalids.
London Mail.
"De man dat t'inks nobody can't
fool him." said Uncle Eben. "status hi
by foollu hi'&e'f right there."-Wa..u-lugton
They that stand high have many
blnrts to shake tbem.Shakespeare
The Manehus.
The name "Manchuria." to desig
nate the country of the Manehus, Is
not known to the Chinese, but was In
vented by French geographers. The
Manehus are u tribe of Tartars who
gained the ascendency In China In the
seventeenth century. Manchu Is Chi
nese for "pure and was applied by
an ancestor of Shun Che. the first
Manchu eiiiicror of China, to his dy
nasty and his people.
The .Manehus resemble the Chinese
only to the eye of a stranger, just as
we think that all Chinese lauudrymen
look alike. To themselves the Man
ehus are distinct from Chinamen In
appearance, as in race, and oue who
knows eastern Rices easily distin
guishes them. Most of them are short
mid i;ood looking, with brown and rud
dy skins. Xew York Tribune.
Plsyful Monkeys.
Apes and gorillas are usually vicious
and resentful and less addicted to
playful tricks than the common mon
key. Indeed, the monkey, as we all
know. I.: a trickster loth In his wild
cud domestic state. In their native for
ests monkeys spend hours in swiuglng
from the Prauchcs ur trees. suseuded
by their tails, and chattering and grl
niacin;: with evident signs of delight.
Humboldt i lentlons seeing over a hun
dred so employed In n South American
March 1
April 15,
From Columbus
and the
Pacific Northwest
Union Pacific
"Th. Safe IUt to TrTl"
Tickets Good on Comfortable Tourist
Sleepers on payment of berth rate
Electric Block Signals
Dining Car Meals and Service-'
"Best in the World"
For tickets and information
call on, or address
E. G. BROWN, Agent,
Columbus, Neb.