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Charles W. Gordon, whose picture is
;Ivoii above, is agect for the Atlantic &
I'ai-iiic Tea Company in Ogdensburg,
X. Y.. and resides at 78 King street,
that city. In giving testimony regard
ing his own case, Mr. Gordon recently
made the following statement:
"Some time ago, while suffering from
stomach catarrh, I was advised to take
Cooper's New Discovery, and did so,
two bottles of the preparation putting
my stomach into good condition. Pre
vious to my taking the New Discovery
3 could not eat a meal without expe
riencing pain and discomfort after
ward. "I had been in this condition for a
long time, although I had tried many
different remedies in search of relief.
iud at last reached the conclusion that
I had exhausted every available re
source. Cooper's New Discovery was
therefore to me almost a heaven-sent
blessing, and the work of the medi
cine was so permanent and lasting that
1 have had no recurrence of my former
trouble whatever.
"I can eat anything I care for with
out noticing any bad effcts afterward.
I have recommended Cooper's New
Discovery tn many persons of my ac
quaintance, and it never fails to give
satisfactory results. It reaches the seat
of stomach trouble in mighty short
Cooper's New Discovery is sold by
'ill druggists. If your druggist can
not supply yon, we will forward you
the name of a druggist in j-our city
who will. Don't accept "something just
us good." Tho Gooper Medicine Co,
Dayton. Ohio.
The Right Spirit.
Apropos of Valentine's day. a ras-si-ngcr
on the Dermudian said:
"Mark Twain once told us. in a little
Valentine day speech on this boat, of
ui Irish wooer who had the right
Valentine spirit. Acceptance or re
jection he could take with equal
" 'Will ye be my valentine?' he said,
:i February 14, to the girl he loved.
'"No, she replied; I am another's.'
'lie heaved a sigh and said:
' 'Sure, thin, darlin', I wish ye was
twins, so that I could have at laste
the half of yo.' "
Airing the Poodle.
The messenger boy towed the lead
ing lady's pet poodle in front of the
tiig ventilation fan and tied him.
"Great Scott, boy!" exclaimed a by
stander, excitedly. "Do you want to
blow that dog away? Why, that fan Is
woise than a cyclone."
Nav!" Miappcd the messenger boy
with a pmiL "Let him stay the- and
s;et aired. That blooming actress hires
me two Isuurs every day to air her
blooming Kiheodle. and I want him to
fit enough of it,"
Desperate Remedy.
"Yes." said the musician in a remi
niscent mood, "my wife fell in love
with me and married me when I was
learn itiK to play the cornet."
"Are yrm sure." asked his friend,
"that she married you because she
loved you, or to make you stop prac
ticing on the cornet?"
Easily Explained.
"Strange." murmured the editor,
"that this anecdote of George Wash
ington has never been in print be
fore." "Not at all." explained the occasion
al contributor. "I only thought of it
last nighL"
The Point of View.
Newlywed. What. $:0 for a hat!
Why. it's simply ridiculous, my dear.
Mrs. Newlywed. That's what I
thought. Harold; but you said it was
,tl! we could afford. Lippiucott's.
Changes the Home Feeling.
Coffee blots out the sunshine from
many a home by making the mother,
or some other member of the house
hold, dyspeptic, nervous and irritable.
There are thousands of cases where
the proof is absolutely undeniable.
Here is one.
A Wis. mother writes:
"I was taught to drink coffee at an
early age. and also at an early age be
came a victim to headaches, and as I
grew to womanhood these headaches
became a part of me, as I was scarcely
ever free from them.
"About five years ago a friend urged
me to try Postum. I made the trial
iind the result was so satisfactory that
we have used it ever since.
"My husband and little daughter
were subject to bilious attacks, but
they have both been entirely free from
them since we began using Postum in
stead of coffee. I no longer have
headaches and my health is perfecL"
If some of these tired, nervous, ir
ritable women would only leave ot
coffee absolutely and try Postum they
w ould find a wonderful change in their
life. It would then be filled with sun
shine and happiness rather than weari
ness and discontent. And think what
an effect it would have on the family,
for the mood of the mother is largely
responsible for the temper of the chil
dren. Head "The Road to Wellville," in
p?:gs. "There's a Reason."
i:r trail the above letter? A but
nt njiprrirs from time to time. They
sir i- Kenutac, true, cod tali of buctan
New Method of Agricultural Education
Has Been Devised for Farm
ers' Children.
Within recent years a new method of
agricultural education has been de
mised in the form of boys' and girls'
clubs. Such clubs have various ob
jects hut usually tho3 provide for
prize contests among the members.
! Corn growing contests are probably
the most common among the boys, al
though many other rrops have been
tried, while the girls compete in
bread making or sewing, or even test
their skill acainst that of the boys in
j gardening.
The United States department of
agriculture has information of 395
counties in 26 states in which such
clubs are organized, with a total mem
bership of about 144.000. New York
has about ?f.000 members. Nebraska
25.000 and other states smaller num
bers. One county in Pennsylvania
has 2.000 members. In most cases
clubs are organized under the auspices
An Iowa Club Member.
of some state authority, such as the
commissioner of agriculture, the su
perintendent of public instruction, the
agricultural college, or a society, like
the State Corn Growers' association of
Delaware. But in many cases the
county superintendent takes the initi
ative, while in many other cases the
rural teachers arrange contests
among their own pupils.
The United States department of
agriculture also gives assistance
through the office of experiment sta
tions, by furnishing advice and sug
gestion. Through th department
farmers' bulletins the most practical
instruction in the growing of corn and
other crops may be had by boys, while
the girls may obtain bulletins on
bread making and gardening.
A new faimers bulletin on boys
and girls' agricultural clubs tells how
to organize the clubs, how to conduct
the contests and what publications
will be useful to the boys and girls.
This bulletin may be obtained free
upon application to a member of con
gress or to the secretary of agricul
ture. Washington. D. C.
Teach the Children to Swim.
This is sensible and timely advice,
and should be more generally heeded
than it is. says Norwich Bulletin.
Swimming is one of the most impor
tant accomplishments for girls or boys
and should be as constantly taught as
reading o- writing.
In some foreign countries swimming
is a part of the training or the chil
dren. ;ipq they enjoy the sport and as
surance of it. Here in America, learn
ing to swim, until quite recently, was
a go-as-you-please boys' sport, and if
the boy didn't get drowned before he
had learned how to swim it was a
wonder. The boys' summer camps
and Y. M. C. A. camps of late years
have had competent instructors, and
the art of swimming has been taught
for years in city natatoriums. hut the
proportion of American boys and girls
who know how to swim is very small
and should be largely increased. To
have children taught by competent In
structors how to swim Is most impor
tant. Swimming is easily acquired,
ard to he once a swimmer is to be al
ways a swimmer.
Each child takes the name of a
flower and seats are provided for all
but one. who stands in the center and
slowly spins a wooden plate, calling
the name of a llower at the same time.
The girl whose Howe" name is called
leaps up to catch the plate before it
falls and the vacant chair is taken by
the spinner. If the plate is not caught
befcre it falls a forfeit is required
from the one who fails to catch it,
unless it is plainly the fault of the
spinner in not giving it a sufficient im
petus, in which case she must try it
over again.
If. instead of a flower. "Twilight" is
called, all change places and the one
who fails to secure a seat becomes
spinner. If "Moonlight" is called all
must sit still and any one -who jumps
up is liable to forfeit. If "Double twi
light" is called a double change of
seats is made.
Young Life-Saver.
The infant child of John Hier of
Freystrop. Pembroke. England, was
playing near a door when she picked
up an adder and evidently put It to
her mouth, for the adder bit her Inside
the lower lip. The child's sister, about
12 years of age, shortly afterward
came upon the scene and seeing the
adder in the baby's hand realized the
danger. She destroyed the adder nd
then sucked the poison from her sis
ter's lip. Efforts are being made to
publicly acknowledge the gallant act
Most Welcome Gifts.
Those gifts are ever the most ac
ceptable which the giver makes
precious. Ovid.
yw 7yK
y'i'Vl'agfRaRR "
When r.isiit cnm(s n-nodding
To bed tho Wee Ones creep:
Ami cover to their very ears.
Prepared to go to sleep.
Above them watches 'Mother
.n to Siurnbcrland they go.
And as they wink and blink shevslngs
A lullaby, soft and low:
"Anpels watch my Wee Ones
Throughout the Ions, dark night.
And ope their eyes to greet me
With the morrow's early light."
Also Acts a a Support for Heavy Vol
umes That Are Unwieldy Made
in Few Minutes.
A combination book mark and sup
port has been designed by a Massa
chusetts man, and any person who
likes the Idea will have no trouble In
making one for himself. There are
two pieces, made of metal strips, bent
to form legs and a clip that comes
over the page and holds it down. For
large and unwieldy volumes these sup
ports come in handy. Slip them on
the book near the top and they will
hold it at a convenient angle, while
the clips prevent the pages from fly
ing open. For ordinary reading of or
dinary sized books these derlces are
not necessary, but for the scholar who
wants to keep his book open at one
place for a long time while he consults
references there and at the same time
Useful Book Mark.
to have his hands free to make notes
or experiment with some formula on
those pages it is very handy. By ta
king two strips of metal and bending
them into the required shape, which
any one can figure out for himself,
these book supports can be made in
a few minutes.
"I Love" in Twenty-Seven Tongues.
Here is the translation of "I love"
in 27 different languages.
English I love.
German Ich Hebe.
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
Greek Agapo.
Russian Ljublju.
Dutch Ik bemin.
Breton Karan.
Japanese Watakusi wasuki masu.
Cambodgese Khuhoin sreland.
Danish Jeg clsker.
Swedish Jag alskar.
Polish Kochnm.
Basque MaitatzendenL
II u nga rian Varok.
French J'aime.
Turkish Sereporoum.
Algerian Arabic Nehabb.
Egyptian Arabic Nefal.
Persian Doust darem.
Armenian Gesircm.
Hindustani Main bolta.
Annamite Tol tha on'g.
Chinese Out hi bouan.
Malayan Sahyasuka.
Volapuk Lofob.
Lost and Found.
A similar game to "Consequences1
is that of "Lost and Found," which Is
played in similar manner, except that
the questions are different:
1. Lost.
2. By whom?
::. At what time?
. Where?
5. Found by.
G. In what condition?
7. What time?
S. The reward.
The answers may be sometimes like
the following:
1. Lost a postage stamp.
2. By sister Jane.
". All three in the morning.
4 At New York.
.". It was found by a policeman.
". Rather the worse for wear.
7. At dinner time.
Is. Tht reward was a kiss.
Progress of Languages.
! i ne nrocress or languages snonen
by different nations is said to be as
fnllnwc Hntr1icli tl."Mi nt fTriA nnt
mencement of the last century was ;
spoken by only 20.000.000 of people, is
now spoken by 100.000.000. Russian la '
now spoken by C0.000.000. against 30.- j
000.000 at the same period. In 1S01 '
German was spoken by only 35.000.-'
000 people; to-day over 70.000.000 talk j
in the same language that William i
the emperor does. Spanish is now '
used by 44.000,000 of people, against
:0.000.000 In 1800; Italian by 32.000.-,
000. instead of 18.000.000; Portuguesa
by 13.000.000 instead of S.000.000. In
1 the case of French the increase has
i been from 24.000,000 to 46.000,000, or
JG per cent.
To steal a kiss is natural. To buy
one is stupid. Two girls kissing is a
waste of time. To kiss one's sister
is proper. To kiss one's wife is an
obligation. To kiss an ugly woman
is gallantry. To kiss an old. faded
woman is devotion. To kiss a young,
blushing girl is quite a different
thing. To kiss one's rich aunt is
hypocrisy. Kissing three girls on tha
same day is extravagance. To kiss
one's mother-in-law is a holy sacrifice.
Religious, Social, Agricultural, Polit
ical and Other Matters Given
Due Consideration.
The Johnson Live Stock and Grain
company is a new organization and is
composed of farmers, who propose to
do shipping for themselves.
Thu farmers near Lyons report that
there arc good, sound apples in their
orchards which lay on the ground un
der the trees all winter.
Fish Commissioner W. J. O'Brien
sent to M. M. Waines of Lyons. 15.000
brook trout and 15.000 rainbow trout
which were planted in IJlackbird
creek, eight miles east of the town.
A G-year-old son of Nicholas Schmidt
of Nebraska City, was kicked in the
face by a horse and it is feared fa
tally injured. He was playing about
the feed lot at the time of the acci
dent. The Nebraska Butter and Egg Deal
ers association elected the following
officers at its annual meeting in Lin
coln: Louis Kirschbaum, Omaha,
president; E. P. Howe. Fremont, vice
president; George Clarke, Omaha, sec
retary. William Snahn, who had his leg
broken in two places and was other
wise severely injured in -the Burling
ton wreck near Lincoln last summer,
has made a satisfactory setttlement
with the railroad company.
Just before services the Christian
church at Beaver City caught fire from
the gasoline lighting system. An
alarm was turned in. but before the
.arrival of -tho fire department the
names had been smothered.
Mrs. E. J. Culbertson of Peru has re
cently received $10,000 as her portion
of ' the estate of Charley Draper, a
nephew, who died in a hospital in
Shelbyville, Ind., about a year -ago.
The estate was a large one, being val
ued at $500,000.
A letter from Mrs. C. A. Sweet of
Palmyra, who was -taken to the Pas
teur institute at Chicago, for treat
ment of -the rabies, caused by the bite
of a pet squirrel, states that she is
doing nicely and hopes to be able to
be home soon.
Farmers in the vicinity of Monroe
are very much discouraged over the
conditions of tho winter wheat crop.
The most conservative estimates place
the percentage of loss at one-third,
while many believe that not over 10
per cent, is alive.
At a special election held in Kear
ney to vote on the license proposition
a total of 1,432 votes were casL license
carrying by a majority or sixteen. Last
year 1.2S." votes were cast on tho
preposition and the town was voted
dry by a majority of fifty-nine.
Word was received at Beatrice that
William I. Shullenberger, a former
Beatrice resident and business man.
was killed in a railroad accident at
Ellensburg. Wash. He was 50 years
of age and was formerly engaged in
the implement business at Beatrice.
The post office in Iiloomfield was
robbed, the robbers effecting an en
trance by breaking the glass in the
front window. The safe was blown
all to pieces and the glass in the win
dows and doors was badly shattered.
The loss is between $G0O and $700.
The board or directors of the Farm
ers' Grain and Live Stock company of
Oakland let tho contract for the con
struction of a new elevator, to take
the place of the one destroyed by fire
several weeks ago. to E. H. Cramer
of Hampton, Neb. It will cost J-5.000.
Tho stato normal board will go to
Chadron, April 4. to locate the new
525.000 normal school, if the temporary
injunction granted against this move
is dissolved when it comes up for
So great has been the discussion as
to damage done wheat the past winter
that newspapers made an investiga
tion in different fields in Phelps county
to determine as to what extent, if any.
harm had been done. A large number
of fields were visited, and the con
census of opinion seemed- to be that
much of the wheat is not wearing a
healthy look.
The furniture store of Edward
Landing at Ravenna was entirely de
stroyed with contents. Building and
contents were insured.
Washington dispatch: The Indian
appropriation bill, which was in con
ference, will carry two amendments ',
relating to the Genoa Indian school in
Nebraska. These two carry appropri
ations for the construction of a new
workshop at the school and also the
enlargement of the quarters for em
ployes. A third amendment providing
an appropriation for the construction
of a cottage for the superintendent
was stricken from tho bil.
Nebraska butter and egg dealers be
lieve that noultrv raisins mi,iH ,
taught at the state university. About
forty or fifty dealers were in Lincoln
ready for the annual meeting. Some
of them said that they thought the uni
versity farm school should not dis
criminate against the Nebraska hen.
The Union Pacific has filed a re
quest with the state railway commis
sion for permission to exclude all lo
cal passengers from Its Los Angeles
trains. The road promises to put on
two additional local trains in the
state to accommodate local traffic
Secretary A. D. Fetterman of the
Spanish War Veterans' association has
issued a notice that the third annual
meeting will be held at Columbus on
April 26. All soldiers are urgently
requested to attend.
F. M. Austin, cashier of the City
bank of Elm Creek, has completed the
test of com furnished by eight farm
ers residing the the vicinity of Elm
Creek and reports that six samples
tested 100 per cent, growing and the
other two tectcd 90 per cent, growing,
lerminarion and root of all samples
ivaa fairly strcag.
F sR TP'Btbi aW KtKKKAmWKtlOK!KKtMm ssMavf 'Issaa
Oat In San Francisco Sherlock
Holmes yawned as he read a wireless
message, which conveyed to him the
ract that an airship had been stolen
tn Pittsburg. He put on his overcoat,
lighted a "two for 50" cigar, walked
leisurely out of the hoase and moved
slowly toward the "municipal air-craft
landing." Just as he reached this
place a majestical bird swooped
down and settled almost at his feet.
Sherlock Holmes glanced casually at
this vessel, then, addressing its cap
tain, he said, blandly: "When did you
teave Pittsburg?"
The captain turned white. "Leave
Pittsburg?" he blustered. Why. I've
never been there In my life; I'm from
Sherloelf Holmes placidly took a
pair of steel handcuffs from his pocket,
ind approached the captain. "My dear
sir," he remarked, softly, "before mak
log your assertion you should have
been thoughtful enough to cleanse
your craft of its inch-thick coating of
Just a Raise.
"Now look at Mrs. Scribbler's hu
band." said the poet's wife, bitterly.
"Last week when they were short he
pawned his watch. He always has
something to 'put up on a rainy day."
"Well, my dear' laughed the jolly
bard, as he edged nearer the door. "I
always have something to put up on a
rainy day. Don't forget your own
little hubby."
"You? And what did you ever put
up on a talcr day?
"Why, my dear, an umbrella."
And then he darted down the street
so fast he dropped three odes and a
Real Magnet.
"Uncle Rufus," said the young col
ored man. "how wud yo' hab laked to
been body servant to Geawge Wash
ington?" "Go 'way. boy," responded Uncle
Rufus. with a broad smile. "Go 'way
fm heah. Ef Ah had to be body serv
ant Ah'd rather be one fob President
"Think yo'd lak htm best, eh?"
"Yeas. boy. en' think ob dem rat
possums arriving et de White House
almos ebry day."
TUther Discouraging.
"Y43," whispered the lovelorn girl,
the big tears shining In her eyes. "I
told pa you were a traveling man and
showed him your card. He wrote 'K.
O. T.' in one corner."
"What In the deuce Is that?" asked
the surprised young man. "Some se
cret order code?"
"No. I am afraid not. It meaas
keep on traveling.'"
Miss Oldglrl. On uiy birthday papa
gives me a rose for every year of my
Miss Caustlqne. In a year or so
he'll have to buy a whole greenbouse.
Get One.
These be the days
When wild winds hector
The man without
A chest protector.
More Practical.
"Ycu send me violets every morn
ing." said the beautiful girl.
"I do." responded the ardent lover,
"no matter what the cost."
"Quite so. Now, why not send up a
bunch of asparagus to-morrow in
stead? It would be just as expensive
and would make a big hit with pa."
They Look Alike.
"One should never judge by outward
appearances." said the moralizer.
"That's right." rejoined the de
moralizer. "The coat of an honest
man and that of a grafter may be cut
from the same cloth."
With a Diamond.
"A proposal of marriage is some
thing to be 7blspered In love's low,
sweet tones."
"Yet by Its very nature. It Is a ring
ing declaration."
First Catch Your Hair.
The Barber (to customer whose
hair is standing on end as he read pa
per) Would you mind leaving that
murder, sir. while I'm brushing your
hair. The Sketch.
Trotter So you are married at last,
old man. I'm very glad to hear It.
Bllkins Oh. you are. eh? Say. what
have I done to you?"
No Lack There.
"Is your cook good at sauce?"
"Is she? You just ought to hear
The Right Kind.
"What do you think? I saw Jagsby
and Smith meet in a saloon just now.
and Smith gave Jagsby a punch la the
race, which Jagsby took like a lamb."
"What, never resented It?"
"Resent nothing! It was a milk
The Retort Amiable.
Miss Oldglrl I do not believe In
thin aggressive woman movement. 1
must confess I rather Incline to the
:'Inglng vine theory. I
Miss Part Most wallflowers da I
The kM who looked behind her
With ahy and timid stance.
Such wondrous grace entwined net
She set say heart a-daace;
Then, luce a nymph affrighted.
She vanished In the throng ""
And left mine eyes delighted. "''r
My fancy fraught with song. 'T
The girt who looked behind her. "
And fled on frightened feet.
Though memory hath shrined her.
I never more may meet.
Another man may fetter
The heart that nVd from rae
But who could love her better.
Whose love more faithful be?
The girl who looked behind her
Oh. may the future bring
Far fairer things and kinder
Than any basd can sing;
Though I may never greet her.
I pray my song may And
The lass who made life sweeter
For him she left behind!
-Samuel Minturn Peck, la Boston Trsa
Muriel. Her train Is rather skhnv
py. Isn't it?
Myrtilla. Yes. I guess It's one of
those limited trains that you see ad
vertised. Sticky.
"Stick to the farm." says Taft.
It's a good hunch, we say so, too
Stick to It Uke a black land farm
In rainy weather sticks to you.
Eye for Business.
There was a mighty collision be
tween the sturdy warriors of the grid
iron and teeth flew around the fle!4
like grains of corn.
"Ha! ha! ha!" laughed the little
man tn the grand stand. "That's the
best I have seen for a long time."
The crowd was disgusted.
"And yon stand there and laugh
when a score of men are losing their
teeth?" they demanded savagely. "Are
you a brute?"
The little mas laughed all the
"No. I'm a dentist," he said simply.
Current Gossip.
Mrs. Kreetser I've heard lots of
people say your friend, that rough
looking Smith, treats his wife shame
fully, and I believe they speak the
Mr. Kreetser Well. I don't If any
thing. I believe that Smith treats bis
wife too well. He has told me him
self that he Is up before her every
morning and gets her breakfast.
Mrs. Kreetser He told you he got
her breakfast, did he? Well. I guess
he was right His poor, little, peaked
wife looks as If he got all her meals.
Work for the Tailor.
"But, darling." murmured the love
lorn youth, "every night for two weeks
I have been on my bended knees be
fore you. Have you no pity?"
"I certainly have. Horace." spoke un
file pretty flirt, as she reached for her
hand bag; "here's a whole quarter. Ge
have your trousers pressed. After so
much bending they must bo baggy at
the knees." Wasp.
Wasted on the Air.
"You look sweet enough to kiss,"
said the impressed man.
"So many gentlemen tell me that"
coyly answers the fair girl.
"Ah! That should make you happy."
"But they merely say that," she re
plies. "They merely tell me the facts
In the case and never prove their
statements." Life.
Mr. Boozer (2 a. m.) My dearsh
hie scientists cla'm hie hie that alp
cohol is a hie food.
Mrs. Boozer. You must have bsd
a very hearty mcaL
Lying Among Them.
1 tike to lie among the leaves."
The bold muck raker cried:
The pages of your latest book
Show that." his foe replied.
Heard All Right
Stage Manager Now. you must
give those lines in trumpet tones.
Will you remember?
Actor I can't forget those trumpet
tones the way- they're drummed into
Already Had It
Carpenter I'm ready to go ahead
and put up the carriage house when
ever you want It miss. You under
stand, of course, that you'll have to
get a building permit"
Miss Bullion Not at all. Mr. Plum
line; papa gave me permlssloa to
build It more than a year ago.
His Literal Place.
"The man who moves people seems
to be the chief thing doing just now."
"Yes, In the march of contemporary
events, he Is certainly In the van."
i .!
An aching back is tnstantr
relieved by an application of
Sloan's Liniment.
Thislmiment takes tbe place
of massage and is better than
sticky plasters. It penetrates
without rubbing through
the skin and muscular tissue
right to the bone, quickens the
blood, relieves congestio, and
gives permanent as weU aa
temporary relief.
Um1. iStA Bmm
nsrsj s dm triMBu
Mr. Jamkb C T.ttk. of 1TMSM
: froatthesraaUof BMrfeaek
ay stoaueh was last as If I
i with a clas
Sloaa'a LtolBMat took the pate right
cat, sad 1 eaa aowOoammuehtaAimt
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Mr. J. P. Evaxs, ef Mt Airy. Oa
ays: "After being afflicted for three
years with rhwmntltm. I osed Sloaa'a
Iinineat, aaa was cored soaad aad
well, sad am glad to aay I aarea't beea
troabled with rheumatism since. My
leg was Sadly swollen from say hip to
say kaee. One-half a bottle took the
paia aaa swelling oat."
Sloan's Liniment
has no equal as a
remedy for Rheu
matism, Neuralgia
or any psin or
stiffness in the
muscles or joints,
film, 25c. S0cnI$1.s9
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starsea, emttle. abeest.
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itbout a surgical operation, aad
GUARANTEED to test a
LIFETIME. No Chloroform, i
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Nebraska Directory
Boons frost f 1.00 np single. 75 cents up doable.
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br mall at cut prices. Send Cor freo catalogue.
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the 3IKKDEK Cutter in eight second.
Railroads nse them. Write for sample
Itertn-fhy Motor C. Conncll Hloffw. It.
Write ut for catalog and wholesale pricee
on Base Ball. Tennis, Golf and SFORTINO
GOODS of all kinds.
Test Your Corn
Don't risk a crop failure by taking the
word of someone else as to the reliability
of jour seed corn. Test jour own corn
every car of it and know, before the
planting is begun, that the seed you use
will grow.
Geo. IT. Lee, of Omaha, has perfected
a corn tester that can be used anywhere
any corn corn tester is used, and besides,
can be used in his incubator and the test
ing done at the same time a hatch of eggs
is being conducted. It is made in the
following sizes and prices: aoo-ear,$3.5o;
500-ear, $5.00.
Write for descriptive circulars. You'll
save the cost of several testers in the
knowledge gained from jour first testing.
Write today to
WW E Aw IV I W Vl this process all brokea
pans of machinery made ood as new. Welds
cast iron, cast steel, alnraiaiiia. copper, brass or
mr !hr-r metal. Expert automobile repairing.
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