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Famous Cough and Cold Prescription
Has Cured Hundreds He.
"Get two ounces of Glycerine and
half an ounce of Concentrated Pine
compound. Then get half a pint of
aood whiskey and put the other two In
gredients into It Take a teaspoonfal
(o a tablespoonful of this mixture after
each meal and at bed time. Shake the
tattle well each time." This Is said to
be the quickest cold and cough remedy
known. It frequently cures the worst
colds in twenty-four hours. But be
Kure to get only the genuine Concen
trated Pine. Each half ounce bottle
comes put up in a tin screw-top case.
Don't use the weaker pine prepara
tions. Any druggist has it on hand or
will quickly get it from his wholesale
He Was Immune.
An elderly gentleman, traveling in
a stagecoach, was amused by 'the con-t-tant
fire of words kept up between
two ladies. One of them at last kind
ly Inquired if their conversation did
not make his head ache, when he an
sworrtl, with a great deal of naivete.
"N'o. ma'am; I have been married 21
j cart "
ran ! brokrn quickly ly Jlltn' l.Hy iUtm
Thltu'ld. Tfliable remedy ha bc-n aold iur over ;
trarv Aii jour drccgikt nbocl It.
Kvery man has theories shout rais
tup a family before he marries.
Nebraska Directory
WW E.LUI11 a this process all brnkoa
rait of machinery made food as new. Welds
cast iron, cast s.teel. alnminnm. copper, brass or
anv cthrr in eta 1. Eipert automobile rerir!nc.
BERT8CHV MOTOR CO., Council Bluffs.
I5!7 Bailgllt St., OMAHA. Hl.
KelUble Dentistry at aeatrals
U to K Mfr's price. miIi or ttmo pT.
imal r.cntrd.rf.itlpliL Walp
.1. tlrutrbhl4v
u.r..M.c., :orraiBM.,ii
by tcall at cut prlrrs. Srnd for frro ntaltzre.
Writ ti forontalop nml wholrsnlo j-riors
on ISaII.Tiiai, olf and STOIkTlXG
(i(KDS of nil liunK.
HiLURD hotels:;'-
American S2.00 par day and upwards.
Buropeen-- SI.OO par day and upward.
n;KtlX Take Dodjre Btreet Car
IHUJIIIA at Union Depot.
H furtilnli ocimplete c.-stirnr and parte
macliliH'd or In the rough for 3x3 motor. WIU
lcvr!ot 2 liorM--jK er.
Consider m
Time Saved
By having a telephone that you
can depend upon. Let us tell
you how to secure the very best
of telephone service at the low
est cost. SEND TODAY for
I Bulletin No. n,"How to build
Rural Telephone Lines.
pgrg...,, y.SPMU-U.lft
Test tar Com
"&Z0i J Ml Vfp'X.
IS !!r if
R .-"
! -vS?SN
r-y3$V n
nsSr company
Xs5 Omaha, Nob.
Don't risk a crop failure by taking the
v.'crti of some one else as to the reliability
of vour feed corn. Test your own corn
everv car of it and know, before the
planting is begun, that the seed you use
will grow.
Geo. II. Lee, of Omaha, has perfected
a. corn tefcter that can be used anywhere
any corn corn tester is used, and besides,
can be used in his incubator and the test
ing done at the same time a hatch of eggs
is being conducted. It is made in the
following sizes and prices: 300-ear,$3.S0
joe-car, $5.00.
Write for descriptive circulars. You'll
save the cost of several testers in the
knowledge gained from your frst testiag.
Write today to
Attorney General Replies to the
Railroads Complaint.
In his answer to the complaint of
the Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul c
Omaha railroad, which alleged in the
federal court that the rates provided
in the legislation enacted in 1907
were confiscatory. Attorney General
Thompson shows in figures a compar-'
ison of the earnings in 1907 and 1909
and also a comparison of the rates
now charged in Nebraska and in other
The suit has to do with the 2-cent
fare law and the Aldrich freight rate
law, which decreased freight rates 15
per cent
Discussing freight rates, the an
swer says:
"The rates provided for the trans
portation uf lumber in carloads in
Nebraska is 11.9 cents per 100 pounds
per 100 miles; in Iowa the rate is
C.3 cents per 100 pounds per 100
miles. The rate on wheat in Nebras
ka is 11.48 cents; in Iowa it is 8.1
cents. The rate on corn in Nebras
ka is 10.2 cents, while in Iowa it is
C.8 cents. On cattle the rate in Ne
braska is 13.C cents, while in Iowa it
is 10 cents. The rate on hogs in Ne
braska is 17 cents, while in Iowa the
rate is 11 cents. The rate on apples
in Nebraska is 13.C cents, while in
Iowa the rate is 8.4 cents. The rate
on potatoes in Nebraska is 11.9 cents,
while in Iowa the rate is 7.2 cents.
The rate on coal in Nebraska is 1.02
per ton, while in Iowa the rate is 74
The answer sets out that while the
revenue from intrastate freight ship
ments has been increased since the
law went into effect, the expense of
operation has not been increased. The
revenue from intrastate shipments
for the year ending June 30, 1908.
was $430,359.75 and for 1909 the reve
nue was $657,149.23.
The earnings of the freight depart
ment for the year ending June 30,
1907, amounted to $1,202,353.79. while
for the year 1909 the revenue was
The freight earnings in Nebraska
for the year ending June 30, 1907,
amounted to $1.79 1-10 per train mile,
while for the year 1909 the earnings
per train mile amounted to S1.S27.
The earnings per ton of freight han
dled in Nebraska in 1907 amounted
to $1.23; in 1909 the earnings per ton
of freight amounted to $1.47. The
freight earnings per ton mile in 1907
amounted to 1G.5 mills, while in 1909
the earnings amounted to 17.63 mills.
This amount, the answer says, was
almost double the average earnings
of the entire line. 9.03 mills.
The operating revenue of the rail
road for Nebraska in 1907 was 81,
725.29S.4C, while for 1909 the operat
ing revenue was $1,807,738.42. The
expenses for 1907 were $1,199,381.95
and for 1909 the expenses were $1,
231.933.21. The net income for the
business done in Nebraska in 1907
was $525,716.51 and for 1909 it was
$585,805.21. The net income from
operation for 1907 per mile was $1,
854.91. and for 1909 the net income
was $1,899.56.
Governor Folk to Talk.
E-Govcrnor Joseph W. Folk of
Missouri will speak in Lincoln in
August during the Epworth assembly.
Want Governor to Investigate.
The mysterious disappearance of
O. F. Hamilton from the town of
Mullen has caused a number of -citizens
or that place to file affidavits
indicating foul play with Governor
Shalienberger. The affidavits very
evidently suspect that Hamilton has
been murdered, because he assisted
secret service agents of the govern
ment who were investigating charges
jf laud frauds.
A mob burned Hamilton's team and
barn and wrecked his place of busi
ness. Bishop Has Returned.
State Superintendent Bishop has
returned from Indianapolis, where he
attended the national meeting of su
perintendents and principals, and re
ported a most beneficial meeting. Ne
braska was represented by about
thirty instructors, and Superintend
ent Davidson of Omaha was elected
president. Mr. Bishop believes Omaha
will get tne meeting for the year
after the coming meeeting. Mobile
gets the coming meeting.
Laymen's Convention Ends.
The three days' session of the
Laymen's Missionary Movement in
this city came to a close with a splen
did meeting at St. Paul's church, at
which time V. S. Lewis and George
I Heber Jones spoke. The former took
i for his subject "The Spiritual Awak
. ening of China." and the "The
I Returning Gospel from Heathen
' iamls."
Junkin Back From Gosper.
Secretary of State Junkin has re
turned from Gosper county, where he
went to help his sons. Max and Rus
sell, get started on the spring work
;he farm having been rented for the
last three years. "I never saw a
time when the fanners were more
prosperous or when prospects were
better for them. The country is all
In fine shape and the people are all
satisfied." Russell and Max Junkin
will run the farm while their father
serves out the remainer of his sec
ond term.
Boys' and Girls' Clubs.
State Superintendent E. C. Bishop
has prepared plans for the organiza
tion of the Boys' and Girls' club, to
supplement the present work in agri
culture that is now being done by
these clubs. He will take the club
a step forward and have the different
members engage in the raising of
special crops. He has sent to each
county superintendent plans of the
proposed work and has set a date
nr.on which the boys and" girls may
meet with the superintendents to re
ceive their instructions.
ii , j-.i-.i-.rri---IUJI.I 1 inn 11 '' '
"Amoag the gambling stories that
tha late Pat Sheedv ased to tell la his
hart shop." sal a New York reporterv
"was one about a Jackpot.
"A beautiful young bride." the story
fan. "entered a corner grocery one
morning and said:
"'Have you any jackpots. Mr.
"No, ma'am.' Sands answered, and
be hid a smile behind his hand. Tve
get teapots and coffee pota. but jack
pots I don't stock.'
"'Oh, dear!' said the bride. A
frown wrinkled her smooth and beauti
ful brow. 'I'm so sorry! You see. Mr.
Sands, my husband's mother used to
cook for him. and nearly every night
he talks In his aleep about a Jackpot
So I thought I'd get one. for. since he
mentions it so often, he must be used
to It. Could you tell me. Mr. Sands,
what they cook in Jackpots?"
"'Greens, ma'am,' was the quick an
swer." Adage's New Application.
"It's a fact." sighed the Impover
ished horse dealer, as the cruel wind
blew his cotton trousers against bis
thinning limbs, "it's a fact that my
business Is getting worse and worse.
There's no demand for horser any
more. If people get hold of money
now they buy automobiles and let
their horses go."
"Yes." commented a grizzled old
bookworm, "and how vividly the pres
ent state of the horse market so dis
heartening to you, is explained by the
adage, 'Money makes the mare go.' "
Trouble In the Constellations.
"Why." asked Sagittarius, "is Aide
baran such a mad wag?"
There was no response.
"Well." said Capricornus. after a
painful pause, "I'll be the goaL Why
is he?"
"Because he can't be SIrlus," an
swered Sagittarius.
A vagrant meteor tumbled, but
there was no other manifestation of
Friend Was his college education
of advantage to him?
Proud Dad You bet He got a Job
as motorman almost Immediately.
Headed Off.
If "he puts on a veil trhen ha
Goes out with you. know this.
It will bo of no use for you
To try tn swipe a kiss.
Oh, Man! Man!
Mau'e Jack swears that he would
traverse seas just to look into my
Ethel. He called on you last night,
as usual?
Maud. Not last night; he tele
phoned mo that it was raining too
Very Much So.
Visitor (sympathizingiy). My poor
man, I suppose you have had no ele
vating influences in your life.
Convict (indignantly). Indeed, I
have, ma'am. You ought to bavo seen
bow my partner could "lift" things.
No Use.
Stern Patroness. Do you think a
wife ought to question her husband's
Shrewd Pensioner. Sure, and if
they did. few of 'em would ever git
an answer.
A Proof of Competence.
"Women could have voted at this
election without any trouble about
their ballots."
"How do you know they could?"
"Because women are used to fold
ing blankets."
Doubtful Approval.
"So your husband is very ticklish.
I wonder how he would like to be
cured of his Infirmity?"
"Oh. doctor, he would be just
tickled to death."
A Base Deed.
Maud So the soprano of your
church choir threw over the bass for
the tenor?
Estelh Yes: she thought the tenor
was more high toned.
An Old Idea.
"In those old times when they cut
off people's heads, the train of events
proceeded on one modern idea."
"What was that?"
"The block system."
The Waiter Remembered.
Seymour (in restaurant) The
waiter acts as if be had a grudge
against yo6.
Ashley Yes. he's mad because he
took the last tip I offered him.
Seymour What was the tip?
Ashley A tip to buy a stock that
tumbled 22 points to-day.
Help from the Outside.
"Was it hard work for you to quit
"No. not when my wife once made
m her mind to it"
'wr bbV ' W jV
"aw J K K BJ
1 A m 1
tasks, steaks, steaks!
All cut and ready to sail;
But never a soul comes Into say ahosw
Oh. Beef traaV-ls this well r
Pig's feet, sausag and pork!
Chickens and veal and tripe!
My counters are loaded with these.
And some of them getting ripe!
But ever the hungry throngs
Go surging- past my door.
And no one ventures to step Inside.
And stand on my sawdust floor:
For thousands apd thousands have swora
They'll sooner starve than eat
A morsel of flesh or fowl.
Till down eoes tha price of meat.
Beef. beef, beef!
It's hard to collect the bill:
But. oh. for the touch of a vanished
And the sound of a phone that Is still!
filnf ilBaS HbkI Hi
Jiggs I often have something flash
upon my memory that I had forgotten
for years.
Biggs Did one of those flashes ever
recall that five you borrowed three
years ago?
"Of happy days
Mako no complaint:
They're always where-
Tou think they ain't.
Sizing Them Up.
"I notice all the patrons call you
by a dllferent name." remarked tha
observing guest
"Yeas, monsieur." responded the
French waiter, "it Is In zat way I tell
ze tips I may expect."
"How so?"
"Why. If zey shout 'Hey. you!' I get
one n!ckeL If zey call me 'Boy,' 1 get
a dime, and if zey say 'Garcong with
one Parisian accent. I get a quarter."
Gunner What in the deuce is that
you have hanging in your den, old
Guyer Why. that is an Eskimo cal
endar. Gunner But it only has two days
in it?
Guyer That's ail right You know
the days up there are six months long.
More Than a Mere Idea.
Heckle. "Have you any Idea as to
what became of your dog?"
Hecklam. "Have I? You just bet
have! When pork chops, bams, shoul
ders, tenderloins and pigs' feet go up
five cents a pound and the price of
sausage isn't changed well, I've got
more than a mere idea."
Wasted Effort.
Stella I was surprised to hear ol
Miss Vassar's engagement to young
Maude Why were you surprised?
Stella Weil, it Isn't in accord with
the eternal fitness of things. She
speaks three languages and he under
stands only one.
Ruyter Did your new novel have
happy ending?
Scribbler No; unhappy. Seven pub
lishers turned it down and I burnt it
"When Phyllis roos to take the air.
Xeath whiter skks.
Not only docs she take the air
She takts all oyea!
Cause of the Trouble.
Bill The Japanese "Hello!" at the
telephone is "Moshi moshi!" or "Ano
ne!" with the accent on the "nay."
Jill All right; now what Is "Line
busy" iu Japanese! Yonkers States
man. The Modern Brand.
Smith. "Brown is a great philoso
pher." Jones. "Indeed!"
Smith. "Yes. He's too philosophi
cal to bother about nhilosopby."
Now Willie Knows.
Little Willie What's au auction,
Pa An auction, my son. Is a for
bidding place.
Sounds Queer.
"What a mean disposition old Mr.
Bangs has."
"Why, that man's disposition Is In
apple pie order."
"Not much it is."
"Isn-t it crusty?"
A Lower Story.
"Old Millyuns married beneatn him."
"He married his cook."
"Well, the only way she was be
neath him was when she was 2a the
I kitchen."
aBTsaaaVr NbbBbtbV (TaTawaTaTBaTi
-Bi BBBTaTaaF ATbbti BTBbTb
With a tJasery that fcamaa health It
laHBiwt m the aUamach aad with
a edldM which he says proves
this theory. L. T. Cooper, a compara
DtJyyrjwagiBJBs, hae beUtuw an lm
BrMM feUowtag dsriag the put year.
Cooper has visHe most of the lead
las dtlea of the country, and in each
dty has aroused a storm of discussion
shout his beliefs and bis medicines.
Wherever he has gone, people have
called upon him by tens of thousands,
sad his preparation has sold in im
nense quantities.
The sale of this medicine has now
spread over the entire country, and Is
growing enormously each day. In
view of this, the following statements
from two of the great number of fol
lowers which he now has, are of gen
eral interest
N. V. Marsh, residing at 217 South
Daly street Los Angeles, Cal., has the
following to say upon the subject of
the Cooper preparations:
"For more than a year I experi
enced the most Intense suffering, due
to a form of stomach trouble which
the doctors called catarrhal gastritis
After eating I would fill up with gas,
which caused frequent belching. The
abdominal area would expand until I
could scarcely breathe, causing great
distress. At such times I could not
keep still, but paced the streets for
hours until the pain subsided.
"Frequently I went without eating
ather than endure the torture that
was sure to follow. Liquids were the
only kind of food I could partake of
with safety. I had spells of dizzi
ness, aad became badly run down
through suffering and lack of proper
nourishment I tried various reme
dies in search of relief, but they failed
to help me.
"Some time ago a brother member
in a lodge to which I belong urged me
to try the Cooper remedies, which
were then being demonstrated in Los
Angeles. He stated that to bis per
sonal knowledge they had been of
great benefit to others m a like condi
tion, and on the strength of bis recom
mendation I procured a treatment of
Cooper's New Discovery.
"It proved helpful from the first
ose. sad in less than a week I was
sating regularly and heartily, without
experiencing any bad elects after
ward. Since taking the full treatment
I am perfectly well and enjoy living
for tha first time in many months.
Now I can eat a hearty supper, then
ro to bed and sleep like a healthy boy.
I feel so well that I can hardly realize
I am the same man. Cooper's New
Discovery has worked a marvelous
change in me it has done all that
was claimed for it"
Another statement by Mr. W. B.
Stewart, lOf W. Madison street Chi
cago. Is as follows: 1 have had stom
ach trouble for years, and anyone who
Is aHlcted this way knows what an
awful distressed feeling it causes.
Many a time I have felt that I would
give most any price to be cured. It
was by accident that I heard of this
man Cooper's remedies. I Immediate
ly made up my mind to buy a treat
ment of him. I used it for about two
weeks, and it is Impossible to tell
how much good it has done me. I
reel altogether different I have more
life and energy than I have had for
years. The medicine certainly does
stimulate and strengthen the wno.e
system. Tired feeling and weak condi
tion of the stomach has entirely
passed away. I feel well again."
Cooper's New Discovery is sold by
all druggists. "If your druggist can
not supply you, we will forward you
the name of a druggist in your city
who wilL Don't accept "something
lust as good." The Cooper Medicine
Co., Dayton, Ohio.
Left Rehind.
"I engaged a model the other day,"
said the artist sadly, "for her beautiful
hair. I never saw anything quite so
magnificent or abundant When she
got here I didn't like tho way she had
t done up, so I asked her to change it
I thought she bad a kind of embar
rassed look, but she went behind the
screen and took it down and did it up
all over again. When she came from
behind the screen I was shocked.
"She had left half her beautiful hair
behind the screen!"
Literary Consistency.
"That woman is never happy except
ahen bothering over the unknowable."
"Yes. She used to adore Browning:
now she dotes on Henry James."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Words of Praise
Far the several isdtredieats of which Dr. Pierce's
daes are coatpoaed, as gives by leaders ia all the several
schools of sMdiciee, should have far asore weight thea aay
aatnaat of aoa.prolssioeal tsstissoaials. A Booklet awade
ap of these scat frw. Address m below. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Preseriatioa has tub badgb of honesty oa every
bottle-wrapper, ia a fall list of ail its isredieats priated
ia plaia Eegtish aad swora to as correct.
If yoa are ea iavalid wosssa aad safer froas freqacat
headache, backache, (sawing distress ia stosssch, period
ical peias, disagreeable draggia(-dowa distress, perhaps
dark spots or specks daaciag before the eyes, swat spells
aad fchtdred syatptoaas caused by female weak-seas, or
ether deraafesaeat of the fratiaias orgacs, yoa caa act
do better thea take
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
The hospital, sargeoa'a knife sad operatise table assy be avoided by the
sJasely ase of "Favorite Prescription" ia such cases. Thereby the obaex
seas eaauaatioas aad local treataents of the family physiciaa caa be avoided
aad a tboceaga cearse of sascessfal treataseat carried oat ia the privacy of
"Favwrke Preeertptiea" Is sampsssi ef the wavy Beat
aative ssaaTsaasI gaets kaow te aasdisal seieaee ier tha
aaraafwaaida's sweatier ailaasats. aad manias st a
ddJsel aad aa Ihsrsaral er hahif fsiMaaj drags.
tea saaeh tresa 'Favorite Prescrbtioa:" k wffl
; it wiB ast dissolve or rwrwi
iarly issiisst tawwaaa as aay msslsias
by sarssversaas ia its for e rwesoasbU leaeth ti tisae.
blj, 1 . T unnU
Seetod eyarifi 1 1T1 1 il erivaey. Aasrees World's Thipsaisry Msslsal Ass-
eaetsast. Dr V Km. !? , a act. as r
fvaeZl5 -.- "' rTeaasaat, awaaloPI. T.
WHT-?-I3canseX-tfu Powder is i met
certain in its results the baking is always lighter,
more delicious and more' evenly raised. Yon never
have a spoiled batch' cf baking by its use.
It requires less hence goes further.
IS the "fall value" bakiss powdej-the h'chest quality
baking powder at a median price. And wo gaanatee
it will give jom more real satisfaction than any baking pow
der you have ever used ask your grocer.
Free largo bancsotao recipe book, iUcstrated ia coTcrx,
Eead 4s aad slip found in pound can.
CdaniiinKtlfsdBcaislAwsrd Tortus Piss Fob bretRba
i.iu. i'ju ULiutiui i.ii rrrjn ..I it unxrs Iu
tastes gruwibrf y aao BUUtafaetnriBf business ia taa
Til w-watj Mats wtl1halldllwanmtafiusaMJB ta SUMS aeeecai
good J ast taa sasse as so stoca stoaey towards taa parches of aay saw siaae la ear
monif ivr AM.;i,tm,,i.iii4t.litnfM,faiail anatai
coaprtalatalscontest. Oaly ana aaswer wtUsaraealTadtroaa aay aaa fsiHj. otkaral
Wa ara saaadlas a f ortaaa aaea year la adrMttda
at aUaSedcasioanrswMea. attar aU.lstaaTty bast
uaat tou award will sat he aalsaaai or lost la
The Right
la att Cases of
Of aU Horses, Brood Maxes, Colts,
Stalliooaa ia to
Oa their tongwes ar at the feed pst Sboka's Liquid
Coapoaad. Gi th remedy to all 0! taeaj. It
acts oa the blood aad sjaaas, It roats the disease
by expelling the diseaaa gerais. It wsrris oa! tb
trouble bo Batter how they are "exposed. Abso
lutely free froa anytbiar injurious. A child cast
sidy take it. 60 cents sad 11.00; M.00 aad tHXOS
the dozes. Said by dratfists. haraess dealers, r
eat, express paid, by the aiaaatactarers.
GtastMs sad lasdsritisjitis. vMMalss.U.ftJL
Turlock Irrigation District
f Calif oraia
TUNITIES. Healthful Climate. A-l land;
ABUNDANT WATER at low rate:
Peaches. Apricots, Figs. Olives. .Sweet
Potatoes. Alfalfa and Dairying pay bet
ter than $100.08 per acre yearly. Write
for illustrated booklet.
EFT. F. TURLOCK Mail F TEASE. Tsrieck. Cat.
faasors, No astditias will. ItwiHdo
cam. Itasa-tbei
Dr. PSeree, by Itttsr, sr. Al
TsarwniftaaTasaaraf lararsniTiiissrn iTTsarsina. .
'tistS stSat MSBoBdaUara la adTarUataJ aa atadactsaf Msssajsaiactatsv Wtaatysaaysawad
Mas aTsMderTaasy he Is heralded by the arawaad heads ot Stares. i.raclalsssd.thaKlaj rsnrrhaaa,l
aafstesdrUM van year soodaararlfBt. Wa sell sMraplaaoawhelesala aad retalltWa aay afaar
sera3ai waSTafln taTeesatrf aad htim asala tothathrahladhayeyoitaiiiaatataat
Bfstess of saUIss rUaas direct floss factory to heasa w bid aUsalaalaa all Iddlaarajrt yreSia. .
iClT.'.tSfaftwiii ba aaawarcd Basil, bat ha vara aad aadassaulf ildiaaiadaavalaaala
Malar. JLsk
Easiest Q9bb9I wJ-
feasant anaBBBBBBBBBnw'V
saaetitate ssr tata
Can Kind
brat answer 1
mitettima our
Uiuiai dwua.
riANO to taa oae wfco acres t n ttc bast bus. a
wtUasinssiala as
taa SaWaraSTIIOBf FialfO dtiaet
adranmaiiat aa4 waist Jl la mm
tha aaalL
ac.urr butl ik n
t loklo : lif
SB m B
ta BMftt. Taasaawsids
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