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Gents' Furnishing Goods
405 11th Street Columbus.
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Nebraska. December ,
The board of supervisors of Platte
county, Nebraska, met In adjourned
.session at 2 o'clock p. m.
Hon. J. F. Schure, chairman, and
John Graf, clerk.
Present Supervisors Clother. Peter
son. Pollard, Schwarz and Chairman
Absent Supervisors Goetz and
Moved by Supervisor Peterson that
the rules of order of business be dis
pensed -with and the reading of the
minutes deferred. Motion carried.
The remonstrance of Bernard Kuh
lon and 'others against the location of
a. public road, commencing; at tbe
northeast corner of section 36, town
19. range 2 west, and running; thence
west on mile and terminating on the
northwest corner of said section 36.
deviating from the section line suffi
cient to avoid the building of some
bridges, was presented and read.
Attorney W. M. Cornelius now ad
dressed the boardTln support of the re
monstrance, followed by Attorney R.
P. Drake, who supported the petition
for establishing the road.
Mr. Bernard Kuhlen, Wllhelm Pillen.
Mr. Hassebrook and others testified
relative to tbe matter, at the conclu
sion of -which the entire matter was,
on motion, referred to the committee
on roads and" bridges, including Super
visor Schure. , '
The petition of "Frank Paprocki and
others for the location of a. public
road, commencing at tbe southeast cor
ner of section 4, town 19, range 2 west,
and running thence due west on sec
tion line one mllei was presented and
read, and on motion referred to the
committee on roads and bridges. v
The petition of John Iwan and others
for the location of a public road, com
mencing at the southeast corner of tbe
southwest quarter of section 34, town
17, range 2 west, and running tbence
west on section line one-half mile, 'was
presented and read and. on motion, re
ferred to the committee on roads and
The petition of Jacob Schmid and
others for the location of a public road
commencing at the southeast corner
of the northeast qaurter of section 6,
town 17. range 2 west, and running
thence south on section line to the
Loup river, was presented -andread J
and, on motion, referred to the com
mittee on roads and bridges.
The petitions of -the - electors of
Woodvllle township praying for the es
tablishing' of two new road, districts
were presented and read and, on mo
tion, referred to the committee on ju
diciary. The survey of the "Jostes Road."
in Jollet township, the "Korus Road."
in Burrows township, the "Sokel
Road." In Butler township, the "Polcin
Road." In Walker townshlo and the
change In the location of part of
"Looking Glass and Madison Road." In
Walker township, were presented by
County Surveyor Rosslter and, on mo
tion, approved by the board.
The following was presented.
To the Board of Supervisors:
Gentlemen: In compliance with the
resolution adopted at the session of
the Board of Supervisors of Platte
county. Nebraska, October Sth. 1909. I
served by sending by registered mall
on the ICth day of October, 1909. to
the county clerks of Butler and Polk
counties, Nebraska, certified copies of
the minutes of your meeting of Octo
ber Sth. 1909. and of the resolution
adopted at said meeting, together with
one of the triplicate copies of the con
tract with the Standard Bridge com
pany for the rebuilding and repairing
of the Platte river bridge, south of
Columbus, with the request that But
ler and Polk counties execute the con
tract also if they so chose.
I have also written on said day to
Nicholas Mysenburg. chairman of the
County Board of Butler county, and to
IL A. Eyestone. chairman of the
County Board of Polk county, request
ing them to attend to the matter with
out unnecessary delay and advise me
of their action taken, but until now I
have received no reply.
Respectfully submitted.
County Clerk.
On motion same was ordered to be
spread upon the record.
The following was presented:
To the Board of Supervisors:
fieniipmen: Having been re-elected
to the office of county treasurer and as
vnn 11-111 rpauire that I furnish a bond. I
I would most respectfully ask your I
honorable body to nx tne amount me 1
itnml shall be.
Yours truly.
County Treasurer.
On motion same was referred to the
committee on judiciary.
The following resolution was offered
by Supervisor Clother:
Whereas, At a meeting of the board
of supervisors held on October 6. 1909.
there was levied against the lands and
the public roads benefited by the deep
ening and widening of the Carrlg &
Jewell Ditch, the sum of 8160.00. being
the amount of expenses Incurred by
the construction of a flood gate and
advertising for bids f - the deepening
and widening of said S!ch. and
Whereas. According to the report of
the surveyor the following public
roads were declared benefited by said
Improvements and the percentage to
the total costs declared to be as fol
lows: per
County road on the west line of
section 25. town 18, range 2
County road on the east line of
section 30. town 18. range 1
west ........ is
South Shell Creek road S
Therefore, be It
Resolved, by the Board of Super
visors. That a county warrant be
drawn upon the consolidated county
road fund In the sum of 18.09. and
charged to the apportionment of Lost
Creek township, and that a warraant
be also drawn upon the consolidated
county bridge fund in the suss of
$1C80. and charged to the apportion
ment of Shell Creek township: said
-warrants be drawn in favor of the
county treasurer and that he be di
rected to place the amounts therein to
the credit of the Carrlg and Jewell
Ditch Fund.
On motion same was adopted.
The following was presented:
To the Board of Supervisors:
Gentlemen:- This agreement entered
into this 14th day of October. 1909. be
tween W. M. Pollard, supervisor for
district No. 4. Platte county, and W. A.
Bussell. supervisor for district No. 2.
Nance county. Nebraska, we submit for
your consideration and approval, to
wlt. That in division of the read work
on the county line between the above
named counties, through section 39,
town 18. between ranges 3 aad 4 west,
Platte county shall work and main
tain the south half of said road and
Nance county shall work and maintain
the north half of said road on the di
vision line and that each county re
build, repair aad maintain all bridge
work on their respective pottles of
saldjiae, and that all ..avefe. -week ;fer
both labor and material shall be eqval-
I ly borne by each of amid counties.
Respectfully submitted.
On motion -aame was adopted.
The communication of W. J. Irwin
represent! that there are delinquent
taxes for the years 1882 and 1883 on
the tax list against the southeast
quarter of the southeast quarter sec
tion 1, town 18, range 4 west, in Wood
vllle township, which taxes he thinks
are not legal, therefore asks the board
to cancel said taxes, was presented and
read and. on motion, referred to the
committee on claims.
On motion the board of supervisors
now adjourned until 9 o'clock a. m. to
morrow. Columbus, Nebraska. December . 7,
Tbe board of sUDervIsora. nurauant
to adjournment, met at 9 o'clock a. m.
Hon. J. F. Schnre. chairman and
John Graf, cleric
Roil called and following members
Supervisors Clother. Goetz. Peter
son, Pollard. Schwarz. Smith and
Chairman Schure.
No bids havlna been filed at the
session of the board of supervisors of
October C, 1909. for the widening and
deepening of the Carrlg and Jewell
ditch. C. J Carrlg and William Bu
cher, two owners of lands which will
be benefited thereby, now appeared
before the board of supervisors de
manding a re-advertisement for bids
for said work.
Moved by Supervisor Schwarz that
the clerk of this board be and is here
by directed to re-advertise for pro
posals for widening and deepening of
the Carrlg and Jewell ditch In the offi
cial papers of the county and the
Omaha World-Herald, bids to be filed
in tbe office of the county clerk of
Platte county, Nebraska, on or before
2 o'clock p. m., Thursday, January
13th. 1910. at which time the bids will
be opened. The clerk Is further dl-
Sscted to notify the land owners bene
ted thereby to be present at the open
ing of the bids. Motion carried.
On motion the board of supervisors
now aajournea lor committee work,
reconvening at 2 o'clock p. m.. with all
members present.
E. A. GerraTd- and others now ap
peared before the board relative to the
public road between sections 33 and
34. town 18, range 2 west, and desired
Information whether or not the board
ef supeMrlsorsiold .that- said .road Is
J. H. Dawson. Chas. E. Chapln. E.
A. Gerrard. H. B. Feanlmore and Chas.
Potter were now sworn by the chair
man or tne Doara ana ny .tneir testi
mony showed that said road has not
been abandoned.
No action wastaken by the board.
The minutes of the previous session
of the board of supervisors were now
read and approved.
Moved by Supervisor Goetz that the
clerk of thls board be directed to write
to the Standard Bridge company and
ask them why they have not 'as yet
commenced on the rebuilding and re
pairing of the Platte river bridge
south of Columbus. Motion carried.
The following bills were, on motion,
allowed by the board and the clerk di
rected to. Issue warrants In payment
of same on county general fund:
Gustav Stoll, juror, November,
1909. term , 22 20
Joseph Berney. juror. Novem
ber. 1909, term 22 20
W. H. Randall, juror. Novem
ber. 1909, term 22 20
C. W. Freeman; juror. Novem
ber. 1909. term 22 20
Otto Ernst, juror. November.
1909, term 22 70
Joseph Poeffel, juror. Novem
ber. 1909. term 23 20
J. F. Goedeken. Juror. Novem
ber. 1909. term 20 00
Carl Rosche. juror, November,
1909. term 20 80
Theodore Plageman, juror. No
vember. 1909. term 3 00
W. F. Dodds. juror, November.
1909. term 24 00
Herman Ernst, juror, Novem
ber. 1909. term 21 80
A. E. Campbell, juror, Novem
ber. 1909. term 3 20
Henry Smith, Juror. November.
1909, term 3 90
Herman Wendt, juror. Novem
ber. 1909. term 27 40
William Weber, Juror, Novem
ber. 1909. term 27 40
William Wilson, juror, Novem
ber, 1909, term 5 00
Peter Pearson. Juror. Novem
ber. 1909. term 13 20
Gotfred Samuelsen. Juror. No
vember. 1909. term 27 60
tisui jonnson. juror, govern
ber.. 1909.
5 00
John Rood.
1909. term
33 40
6 00
August Dahlberg. juror.
vember. 1909. term
Otto Heuer. juror. November.
1909. term 20 20
Joseph Gutzmer. juror. Novem
ber. 1909. term 20 20
N. D. Wilson, juror. November,
1909. term IS 20
J; O. Blodget, juror. November.
909, term 2 10
C C. Johnson, juror, November.
1909. term 20 20
Otto Kummer. juror. November.
1909. term
Chris Nauenburg, Juror, Novem
ber, 1909. term
John Abts. juror. November.
1905. term ...................
Owen Qulnn :iror. Novcmocr.
1909. term. ................. .
Sam Bowers, juror, November.
1N9. term
John Curry. Juror. November,
1909, term -
F. 8. Lecron, juror. November.
1909. term
Albert King, juror. November.
1909, term
Herman Person, juror. Novera-
fcer. 1009. term
Harry- Phillips. Juror. Novem-
fter. 1909. term
22 20
14 10
2 1"
6 10
4 i:
2 10
4 10
4 10
4 10
1 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
George Falrchild. juror. Novem
ber, WW. term .. ....
Chas. Mteek. juror, November.
ins. term
Nathan Bordy. juror. November.
1999, term -. ....
Jaceb Greieen, juror. November,
i9e9a xenn ..
William Bucher, juror. Novem
ber. 1909, term.. -
David Thomas, juror, Novem
ber. 1999. term
Anton VegeL juror. November.
1909, term -
M. S. Skronpa. juror. Novem
ber. 1909. xerm. ............ .
M. C. Calto. Juror. November.
Xf09f term
Fred Plath. juror, November.
1909. term
Anton Kryzlckl. juror. No
vember.. 1999. term 2 10
Louis - ughtner, witness, in
sanity of Nicodemus
James G. Reeder. witness, in
sanity of Nicodemus
Anna Gass. witness. Insanity,
of Nicodemus
Eric A. BrodbalL witness, E. E.
Deegan, an Inebriate
John -E. Sweeney, witness. E.
E. Deegan. an Inebriate
William Lewejohann. witness,
E. E. Deegan. an Inebriate..
Harry Finch, witness. State vs.
Flynn aad Tyler
Ed. Banter, witness. State vs.
2 10
2 16
2 10
5 20
5 26
5 20
5 66
I Dr. BTlealats'sUte"
4 10
f4 1
4 19
"g ' w;-; jmaess.- wkb --vs.
FlynapiW Tyler
Louis 'NordlsAd. ttUtm- Btat
a. Plyna and Tyler 4 10
Charles Ball, twines Mate vs.
Flya and Xyler . 19
Jim Browner, witness. State vs.
FJyaa and- Tyler......-.
Frances Flynn; witness, State
vs. Flynn and Tyler
Mrs. Ed. Flyna. witness. State
rrs.rFl9sm end;Tvlr.
4 ie
4 1
4 1
Flyna and Tyler
Arvid NordlanCrwltaess, State
vm Flvnn " IVU
"var Beekwith . -'". B4fJ
x nomas muj, witness, state vs.
Beckwith ,.7
John- Stayers, .witness. State vs.
Beckwith .?....;
E. Gillespie, witness. State vs.
Beckwith .,-.
Z. Fanaer. witness, State .vs.'
ecjce7iix -.
R. W. Flfield. ' wlf sss. 'site vs.
Beckwith 4 -
6 4
5 4
6 M
Max was. witness. State vs.
Beckwith 4 10
Christ Naueaburg, wltasss
State vs. BydEwlth 4 10
John TalltaWwltaees.9Ete
vs. -Beckwith .-, ...-. 5 49
H. A. PhllllD..wltees. State' vs.
, Beckwith.- :;.. 3-10
Bert Beckwith. wltsesK vacate
vs. Beekwltb TlZ.:.. S 40
Mrs. Bert'Bselrwltk.-'Wttaees.
Stete vs. Beckwith..-..... S 40
Mrs. AL BeekwKk. "wttaeas.
State vs. .Beckwltli '40
August Wagner, wltaess. "State
vs. Beckwith v 4 10
Myrtle Flaxel. witness., -State
vs. Nlcodeaus 4 10
Mrs. L. A.-r Defend, witness.
State vs. NSeeaearaa 4 10
Verna Ntcodemus. 'witness.' State
vs. Xicodearas .....:.. 0 10
Elizabeth Nload ins. witness. -State
vs.Nicedeaaua.7. 4 00
Ed. Huaill. witness. State vs.
Nicodemus 2 10
Mrs. M. E.rK!rsckaer. "witness.
. State vs.-. Nlcodeaaus. .:..-.... 4 00
Mrs. A. -J. Sssith, witness. State
vs. Nlcodeaus 2 10
J. Smith, "witness. State vs.
J. H. Nicodemus. witness. State
vs. Nicodemus
Barbara Nicodemus. witness.
S 19
4 ie
4 19
4 19
State vs.- Nicodemus
Nellie Nicodemus. witness. State
ve. Nicodemus
Mrs. Ed. HuRill. witness. State
vs. Nicodemus 4 10
Dr. B. Tlesing, commissioner
of insanity 19 00
w. at. Cornelius, commissioner
of Insanity
Chas. 8. ". Burke, defendant
counsel. State vs. Flynn and
Tyler . ..."
J. S. Freeman, bailiff, district
court ...
Ed. Rosslter. bailiff, district
9 99
Oft 09
22 00
court 28. 00
C. J. Carrlg. sheriff, salary for
November 125 00
Ed. Rosslter. constable, fees
State vs. Ernest Kerz 3 95
L. H. Leavy. merchandise for
county . 6 04
Brunken &-.IIaney, merchandise
for county 7 25
J. H. Galley, merchandise for
county 22 00
Seth Braun. merchandise for
county 2 35
L. W. Weaver & Son, merchan
dise for county 7 85
Telegram Company, supplies.
etc., for county 333 33
Columbus Printing it Specialty
House, supplies, etc.. for
county 389 77
Hammond ee .Stephens Co., sup
plies, etc.. for county 14 40
W. M. Welch Company, sup
plies, etc for county 4 24
University Publishing Co.. sup
plies, etc.. for county '500
John Graf, county clerk, sal
ary, fourth quarter 375 00
W. N. Hensley. county attorney.
' salary, fourth quarter.. -300 00
Fred 8. Lecron, county superin
tendent, salary, fourth quar
ter 359 00
T. S. Jaworskl. deputy -sheriff,
salary, fourth quarter 180 00
T. S. Jaworskl, "janitor, salary.
fourth quarter.... 93 75
John Graf, county clerk, pre
paring ,1909 tax list 557 36
John Graf, county .clerk, issu
ing 156 certificates of elec
tion 39 00
John Graf. county clerk, cash
advanced 48.45
W. N. Hensley, county attor
ney, cash advanced 29 25
Louis Held, county treasurer,
cash advanced 168 80
Fred S- Lecron, county super
intendent, cash advanced....
John Graf, county clerk, can
vassing board
Otto Heuer. canvassing board..
C. E. Early, canvassing board.
9 00
3 00
3 00
3 90
Nebraska Blene. publishing
proceedings 35 88
Nebraska Telephone Co.. ser
vice for 'county 25 35
Nebraska Telephone Co.. ser
vice for county (claimed
$23.75 ) 17 95
Columbus Light, Heat 4k Power
Co.. light for county 62 95
Columbus Steam Laundry.
washing towels 13 95
Nichols & Graves, meals for
jurors 3 25
C. H. Buschraan. meals for
jurors 9 75
Dietrlchs & Prleb. work at
court house 2 30
Speice Coal Company, coal for
court ''house '.. 63 35
PhlllippV Rudat. repairs for
court r house 2 75
Carl Roelle. repairs for court
housed. . 31 85
Jake'Jaworaki, repairs for court
A. C. Anderson. - flower plants
for court house yard......
Louis Schwarz. costs, quaran-
2 00
17 29
3 70
On motion, the board of supervisors
now adjourned until 9 o'clock a. ro. to
morrow. Columbus,
Nebraska. December 8.
Pursuant to adjournment tbe board
of supervisors net at 9 o'clock a. m.
Hon. J. F. Schure.' chairman, and
John Graf, clerk.
Roll called and following members
Supervisors Clother. Goetz. Peter
son. Pollard, "Schwarz. Smith and
Chairman Schure.
The following official bonds on rec
ommendation of the Judiciary commit
tee were, on motion, approved by the
John Ratterman. county Judge.
Henry Lachnlt, county sheriff.
John Graf, county cleric
Fred S. Lecron. county superintend
ent. Peter Kozlowskl. justice. Butler
Chas. Schueth. justice. Granville
C. W. Holllngsbead. justice. Oconee
Henry Bender, justice, Granville
' Chas. Kopletz, justice, St. Bernard
Andrew Iverson, justice. Woodvllle
J. J. Ducey. constable. 8t Bernard
John Hoadley, constable. Granville
Joseph Lachnlt, treasurer, Granville
N. C. Nelson, treasurer. Woodvllle
Theodore R. Frost, treasurer, Mon
roe township.
Mike Furxnan, treasurer, Butler
township. 1
S. P. Drinnla, clerk. Columbus.'
Fred Sueper, clerk, St. Bernard town
ship. Arnold Nyffeler, road overseer. Col
umbus township.
William Cattau, road overseer, Sher
man township.
Frank Sokol, road overseer. Butler
John Jaworskl, road overseer. Bur
rows township.
- W. A. Bender, road overseer, Gran
ville township.
Lewis Ceder. road overseer, Monroe
Christ Sorenson, road overseer, Jollet
Chas. Bender, road overseer. St. Ber
nard township.
Frank Skeebvroad overseer; Wood
vllle township.
Louis Jacobson. road overseer.
Walker township.
,The following was presented by Su
pervisor Smith:
Mr. Adam Smith.
Columbus, Neb.
Dear Sir: Your letter of November
29th. enclosing copy of record ef the
board of supervisors of. your county,
received. Tou submit tke preposition
as to whether or not 'there will he aay
question of the legality etithe action
of the board la reoegaailBr tka elec
tion of Mr. J. F. Carrie as rtffHttr of
deeds of your couaty.
The question as it la put Is dUScalt
to answer.. The question of the legal
ity of any election-can be raised, but
whether it can beraueceasf ullr mala.
talaed in quite a SSfmst arepeattloa.
IsetMM tke-latteris whatron ami..
'X 'would be'IaCMhed to thlaln
Vise, that tfter.wbat has been done It
.would- be -eoaststenffor your beard' to
sight in some appropriate-.roceeding
to test the question declare -otherwise.
T-ejB returning you herewith' copy of
xne recora ex tne proceedings or tne
board. v X
, .Tours, truly. '
Attorney General.
On motion same was ordered to be
spread upo athe record.
Tbe official bond of Jerry Carrlg.
relgster of-deeds, wsjs - now presented
aad read.
Moved by Supervisor Pollard that the
bond of derry Carrig. regieter at
deeds, be approved -'by -the oard.
Roll called for vote.
Supervisors Ctother. ' Pollard.
. Schwarz aad Smith voting Tee".. 4
supervisors uoetz. Petersen and
Chairman Schure vvotlag "No....
r jMouon oeciarea .oameo.
The following blUawere. a motion,
allowed by the board'aad tbeclerk-dl-rected
to issue warjrvmts la payawat of
same on the 1968 county general 'fund:
C M., Gruenther. clerk district
court, appointing election
boards .k..Y.: f 49 96
C M. .Gruenther. clerk district -
court, costs, lneanlty easts. 20 6t
C M. Gruenther. olerk ..district -v
court, costs, criminal Sees.. 129 30.
C. M. Gruenther. clerk district
court, court costs 79 06
C M. Gruenther. clerk district
court, salary, third 'and
fourth quarter, etc 329 00
C. -Jl Carrier, sheriff, boarding
prisoners 101 75,
C. J. Carrig, sheriff, Jailor fees 91 60
C. J. Carrlg, sheriff, costs; -stcte
c. j. carrig. snerin, serving
C J. Carrig, sheriff, costs. In
sanity cases
C. J. Carrlg, sheriff, cash ad-
R. L. Rosslter. county surveyor.
surveying roads ...l.r:
Pat Ducey. chalnman
W. S. Evans,, county physician,
salary for 1909....
W. S. Evans; cotanty -physician,
costs, quarantine cases
Dr. B. V. Bates, costs, quaran-
16 20f
-13 15".
89 50,
6 09
300 00
108 40
7 50
uuc cues f
Twentieth Century drug store,
costs, quarantine cases
John Schmocker. registrar
C E.' Wagner, registrar, r
R. P. Drake, registrar
Fred J. " Smith, registrar.'.
John Moffett, registrar
HenrjrGass. Jrsub-reglstrar. .
Geo. W. Beaden- sub-registrar.
F. W. Herrlck, four ''office
John E. Sweeney, cash ad
vanced ..I
City of Columbus, water rent. .
Myron A. Rice, Judge 'primary
election v
D. H. Carrig, preparing booths
41 15
13 56
1 25
-4 '00
2 29
6 50.
2 52
16 14
.4 00
primary election.... ,..,....
Joseph F. Muff, preparing
booths nrlmary election
2 50
The claim of the Platte County In
dependent Telephone Company 'for
149.50 and the clal roof' Ed. Rosslter
for $3.10 was laid over for .further In-5
The following bills were, on, motion,
ahowed by the board and the clerk di
rected "to issue warrants in payment
of same on the county poor fund:
Edgar Webb, overseer, salary
for October. November and
December ..' $150 60
John Hebda. .wages, work on
poor. farm....'. T 43 75
Columbus Brick Co.. brick for
peor farm .". . r. ".
Henry Gass, mattress for poor
6 60
4 SO
26 55
20 00
68 23
J. C. Moschenrose, hay far poor
Albert Klug, wagon box for
poor farm ...... .............
H. F. Grelner.- merchandise for
poor' '-farm. . ...... ....4, ......
Friehdof ec'Co.: merchamuse for-
poor 'faHnt.;...,.-.....,-,-!! 90
Grelsen ' Bros., merchandise for
poor farm.i'.....! 15 50
Louis Schwarz, cash advanced. 2 75
F. '3. 'Davis. 15 shoata for poor
farm 171 20
Ernest , Sehacher. threshing
grain on county farm..
Carl Falk, meat-far poor farm
M. A. Twardowsk!., merchan
dise for poor.Lrl ......t......
Peter Kozlowskl. merchandise
60 60
34 75
16 60
for poor .'.... 32 '00
H. FT Grelner. merchandise for
poor 6 75
Grelsen Bros., merchandise for
poor.- 19 60
Bruckner 'Mercantile Co.; mer
chandise forpoor , 4 60
Brunken 4t Haney, merchandise
for poor.....'. 12 20
t. b. jaworsxi at son, pump re
pairs for poor
Chicago Lumber Co., coaT for
Spelce Coal Co. coal for poor..
M. -E. Clother. cash advanced..
T. -S. Jaworskl. -cash advanced
Louis Held, county treasurer..
F. A. Scofleld, pasturing cow
for poor
St. Mary's Hosoltal. care of.
8 06
7 SO
10 40
3 66
1 90
7 21
9 50
county Inmates 551 00
The claim of August Runge, $21.00,
for cash advanced to Frank Alchera
was, on motion, rejected by the board
for the reason that same is not a claim
against the county.
The communication of Wv J. Irwin,
by which Is requested that . the 'delin
quent taxes for 1882 and 1883 against
tbe southeast quarter of the southeast
quarter of section 1. town 18. range, 4
west, be cancelled, was reported back
with the following report: Tour, com
mittee on claims... after Investigation,
find that tbe described .-land stands -la
the name of the claimant and that the
taxes for the above-named .years are a
legal charge against the same., We.
therefore, recommend that the county
treasurer accept the principle' of the
tax without Interest complying with' a
resolution heretofore adopted by the
board. "
On motion same was adopted.
The communication of County Treas
urer Held relative to the amount 'of
his official bond to be given' for the
ensuing term was reported back with
report as follows: We. your committee,
on judiciary.- would respectfully recom
mend that the amount of the bond of
County Treasurer Louis Held be Used
at oae hundred thousand dollars.
On motion same was adopted.
The following was presented.
To the Board of Supervisors:
Gentlemen: Tour 'committee. on ju
diciary to whom were referred tbe pe
tition of electors of Woodvllle town
ship to establish two .new road, dis
tricts In said township -would recom
mend the establishing of the follow
ing: Road district no. . to, inciuae sec-
tlons 22. 23, 24. 25. 26. 2734. 35h aad
36. in town 19. range 4 west.
Road district No. 49. to Include sec
tions 19. 20. 21. 28. 29. .30. 31, 32 and
33. in town 19. range-4 west.
Respectfully submitted. .
On motion same was adopted.
On motion of Supervisor Pollard the
following: road overseers ' were ap
pointed: H. N. Chrtstenson. roadeveraeer, dlsr
trict No. 48, Woodvllle township. ,
J. W. Palme, road overseer, district
No. 49. Woodvllle township.
The following bills were. on. motion,
allowed and the clerk directed to Issue
warrants' In payment of seme on the
county bridge . and-county read funds:
Edwards at Bradford , Lumber'
ber Co.. account Shell Creek
township ... ..,'... I 7,75
Ed. Hlgvias. account, Lost.
Creek township. . :. .".. ..: . .. 2 ee
J. F. Schure. account1' Burrows ' 1
township ................... 16 48
Anton Rosenthal. account Jol
let township .'. '14 69
T. H. Regan, .account Jollet
township - 2 66
Ed. Clother. account Lest -
Creek township 12 06
John Kotlar. account Columbus
township 126 75
Arnold Nyffeler. account City
of Columbus I IS 66
E. J. Meays. account City of
Columbus .- IS 15
Joseph NIenaber. accouat, Qraad , '
Prairie township -. 27 0e
Edwards ft -Bradford Lumber
Co.. account Grand Prairie
township .- 221.76
O. H. Anderson, account .WaBc-
er township .....,....: 4 56
Martin BitML, accouat Walker
tewaship .. ......... ......... I61 99
.' ' f -
nk lrv . 1 BaunnBn--ki-ss"a-Bk - , -.
JtCfc V.ftASw j sssslBsnnnBSsVlBasnsaVBSxsnHBrtow
rBmmZmSB tsBsauHssauuuuuuW
-; iBPKBJB9l9-fctKlr03G,riNKCa
3"T eEsaa bBsbbb"9&BsbbbbbbbbbbbI BsbbbbbbbI
' Jm Insures the most - M
, .sbbbbbbsssbbBsbbbI ubbbbbbbbbbbT 0sW Ssasaf
' evSBBBrJsVBsStsB&'tsBaV ssbbbw bp0jbbbbbbbbbbbK89 .Baan
' ,T"tj-B1BjjS0JJBaBBBMt
Elm at Wright, account Oconee
Xye-Schnelder-Fowler Co.. ac
t count Creston .township 22 10
Edwards Bradford Lumber
account Monroe township 13 63
Elm Wright, account Mon
roe township 81 05
Elm & Wright, account Oconee
township 47 S6
William Slebler, account Gran-
-vine township 5 00
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co..
account Humphrey township .", 40
Phillip' Demmel, account Hum
phrey township 10 50
Nye-SChnelder-Fowler Co., ac
count Jollet township 66 90
Elm 4b Wright, account Mon-
roe townsnip 177 39
. niBBUia, account JOSt
Creek townshin inn -c
rEdwards ee Bradford Lumber
L Co., account Burrows town-Nye-Schnelder
Co.. account
Ttll-Setf-BBa 4AUMfiYiln A A A A
-t -v p kuniiouip -j .w
township 23 55
John Brudaey, account Bur
tows township c 00
John Jaworskl. account Bur-
xowa township .' c 00
Joseph NIenaber. account Bur-
trows township 36 00
-Nebraska Culvert Co.. account
Monroe township 21C 00
.Edwards as Bradford Lumber
-i Co,
account Monroe town-
ship , 16 3S
.Waller Bros., account Hum-
.J&phrey township 79 15
wally Kraus. account Hum
phrey townshlo- 287 50
'Peter Merten, account Gran-
1 villa townshlo 3 00
,Nye-8chneider-Fowler, Co., ac
count uranvuie townsnip 83 :tu
John Rohatsch. account Gran-
ville township 12 00.
Peter Lublscher, account Gran
ville township 3 50
Patrick McDonald. account
'Granville township 7 00
Tom Van Dyke, account Gran
. ville township 24 00
Adolph Groeger, account Gran-
ville township..-; 7 00
Wm. Groeger, account Gran
ville township 29 25
Henry Bender, account Gran
ville township 3 50
D. B. Follott, account- Granville
- .township 14 00
'Joseph Schafer, account j Gran- 7
) .villa township !..."..., 7 75
Phillip Demmel. account Gran-
i I ville township , 27 25
W. A. Bender, account Gran-
1 ville township 14 00
Barney Eckholt.- account Gran-
yllle township I 00
Fred Pfeifer, account Granville
towdship ................... 3 50
W. A. Bender, account Gran
ville 'township 14 Oi.
E. J. Bender, account Granville
township 14 00
George and Joe Kruse, Gran
ville township . .. 28 00
Joseph Bender, account Gran
ville township SS 00
Joseph NIenaber, account Gran- ,
vine township 41 00
W. T. Paprocki. account Gran
ville township 14 30
Frank Huthmacber, account
Granville township -32 00
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co..
account Granville township.. 14 70
Weller Bros., account Granville
township ................... 24 S5
The bill of Walrath & Sherwood
Lumber company. $59.30. for lumber
furnished, was, on motion, referred to
the town board of Sherman township
for payment.
The bill of John Jaworski. $3.00. for
shoveling snow, and which has been
rejected by the town board of Grand
Prairie township, was reported back
by the committee on roads and bridges
with the report as follows: We. your
committee, would recommend that the
action of the town board of Grand
Prairie township be sustained by the
board. J. GOETZ.
On motion same was adopted.
The petition of Pred Schupbach and
others for the location of a public
road commencing at the southwest cor
ner of section 11. town 17 range 2
west, and running thence east on sec
tion line one mile was reported back
by the committee on roads and bridges
with following report:
The committee recommends that the
within petition be rejected by the
board for the reasons that samo is not
a public necessity.
On motion same was adopted.
The following was presented:
To the Honorable Board of Supervisors:
Gentlemen: I hereby make applica
tion to your honorable body for office
room, vault room, books, stationery.
etc.. and would only refer you to page
688. Section 77d. Compiled Statutes of
Nebraska, now in force, which reads as
follows. "In each county of 18003 in
habitants or mere, and when the office
of register of deeds and county clerk
are separate, the county board shall
provide suitable office room, fireproof
vaults of sufficient capacity and neces
sary books .stationery and office furni
ture for the use of the register of
Owing to the fact that said office of
register of deeds will be In force the
coming January, I make this applica
tion to your honorable body at this
opportune time that you may havo am
ple time to make all arrangements for
the above in time for the commence
ment of said office. I would further
ask the consent of tills board to give
your purchasing agent, with the aid of
myself, authority to at once purchase
a small number of record books, a
county seal for the register, and a
small order in stationery as will be'
necessarily needed 'at the time of com
mencement of said office. This I am
asking at this time, as It will take
sometime to have said record books.
eta. made up for use, and the time is
close at hand now when same will
tbe needed.
Respectfully submitted,
Moved by Supervisor Schwarz that
the request be granted and that the
register of deeds use the office and
vaults in connection with the county
clerk's office. Motion carried. Super
visors Petersen and Goetz requesting
that their name be spread upon the
record as voting "No."
Moved by supervisor smith that tne
purchasing agent be directed to pur
chase the necessary supplies for the
since of register of deeds.
Motion carried. Supervisors Petersen
and Goetz requesting that their names
be spread upon the record as voting
Moved by Supervisor Petersen that
the purchasing agent be directed to
cause to have tbe roof arm chimneys
on the court house and also the Jail
repaired. Motion carried.
The following bills were, on motion.
allowed and the clerk directed to issue
warrants In payment of same on the
county general fund:
Louis Schwarz, supervisor, ser
vices as supervisor $ 55 00
J. F. Schure. supervisor., ser
vices as supervisor 25 60
W. M. Pollard, supervisor, ser
vices as supervisor...'. 15 70
M. E. Clother. supervisor, ser-
"' vices as supervisor 55 59
Adam Smith?- supervisor.
vices as supervisor
John Goetz, supervisor.
vices as supervisor.?...
C. A. Petersen, supervisor.
2S 30
29 90
vices as supervisor SO 50
Moved by Supervisor fioetz thn
chair appoint committees to make set
tlement with the countv officials. Mo
tion carried.
The chair appointed now the follow
ing committees:
To make settlement with the countv
treasurer Supervisors Goetz. Schwaurz
and Smith.
To check up the fee books of the
county treasurer, county clerk and
clerk of the district court Chairman
Schuer and Supervisor Clother.
To check up the fee book or thtr
county judge and county sherifT Su
pervisors Pollard and Peterson.
Moved by Supervisor Schwarz that
the board of supervisors attend the an
nual county commissioners' and super
visors' , meeting to be held at Fremont:
December 14th, 15th and 16th. Motion
Moved by Supervisor Pollard that
tho board of supervisors now adjourn
until Tuesday, January 4th. 1910. at 2
o'clock p. m. Motion carried.
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