The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, December 22, 1909, Image 8

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of Ladies' Suits and Coats
Bought at 27 l-2c on the dollar .
will be sacrificed at a frac
tion of their value
Ton will be able to bay a Good Up-to-Date Suit for $5100
a coat for $1.98 : v
Beginning Monday, Dec. 27, Ending Saturday, Jan. I
If you cannot afford a suit of this lot for yourself or daughter
now, at these ridiculously low prices, you never will.
409 West
Stopping the "Fire Wagon."
Wbeo the first railroad was laid over
the western plain and the care began
tuning; to San Francisco the Indians
viewed the locomotive from the hill
tops at a distance, not daring to come
nearer the "fire wagon." A train of
cars was to themi "heap wagon, no
boss." An Apache chief gathered a
party of warriors in Arizona and went
sereral hundred miles to see the ter
rible Are wagon that whistled louder
than the eagle's scream and poured out
dense black smoke. W. M. Thayer says
li'bia "Marvels of the New West"
that the redskins grew bolder and once
attacked a fire wagon, expecting to tdors
capture it wnen tney zauea ana
many were injured they said. "Fire
wagon bad medicine!" -
The Indians stretched a lariat across
the track, breast high, each end being
held by thirty braves.
"When the engineer first saw it he
didn't know what on earth was the
natter." said the narrator, "but in a
minute more he burst out laughing.
He caught hold of that throttle, and
be opened her out
"He struck that lariat going about
forty miles an hour, and he just piled
those braves up everlasting promiscu
The Man-of-war Bird.
The frigate pelican, or man-of-war
bird, is usually met with by travelers
In tbe.troplra. Although when stripped
of Its featbers it is hardly larger than
a pigeon, yet no man can touch at the
same time tbe tips of its extended
wings. Tbe long wing bones are ex
ceedingly light, and tbe whole appa
ratus of air cells Is extremely devel
oped, so that its real weight is very
trifling. It dies at a great height above
tbe water and from that elevation
nouuces down on fixb. especially pre
ferring the poor, persecuted flying fish
for Its prey. According to some au-
the name of man-of-war bird
was given to it because its appearance
was said to foretell tbe coming of a
ship, probably because tbe frigate peli
can and real frigates are equally ad
verse to storms, and both like to come
into harbor if tbe weather threatens.
Plymouth Rock.
Plymouth rock has become an object
of veneration in the United State be
cause of its interesting historical asso
ciations. As is well known, it is the
rock or ledge on which the pilgrims"
are believed to have landed when they
first stepped from their boats in the
harbor of what is now Plymouth,
Mass. In 1775 part of the rock was
removed" to the vicinity of Pilgrim
hall, but was afterward restored to Its
original site and is now under the
stone canopy that surmounts the main
rock on Water street. Charles Sumner
said. "From tbe deck of the Mayflow
er, from tbe landing at Plymouth rock,
to the senate of tbe United States is a
mightScontrast, covering whole spaces
of history hardly less than from the
wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus
to that Roman senate which on curule
chairs swayed Italy and the world."
i and Seasibility.
For-some days the dining room had
,beea disturbed by the Invasion of the
new boarder. She was fat. fifty and
.very sentimental, and her tender na
ture led her to whisper so many rap
turous confidences in her neighbor's
ear that all the rest of the table felt
.uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that
one day after a harassed breakfast
the neighbor determined to make a
struggle for liberty and general con
versation. Her opportunity came that
night at dinner.
"Sweet flowers of spring!" murmured
the sentimentalist apostrophizing the
nodding' daffodil centerpiece. "Aren't
they dear? So full of poesy! And
don't you think that we ought always
to call them daffadowndillies Instead
of daffodils?" she whispered.
"No, I don't" answered the neigh-1
ber uncompromisingly and quite out
load. "Just think how awkward it
wwdd have been for Wordsworth if
he'd had to write:
tbon my beart with pleasure fillies
Ami dances with the daffadowndillies!"
For once the sentimentalist was si
lsacsd.Yooth'aCompanlon. . Advantage of Education.
"Are you satisfied with the results of.
the course which your daughter fol
lowed at colleger'
"Perfectly satisfied. She is going to
marry one of tbe professors." ' i
Excesses In youth are drafts upon
Id age, payable about thirty yean
after date. Chicago News.
Monday, December 27
A Musical Drama in 3 Acts
Something entirely new Unlike any other
16 Pretty Chorus Girls-30 People in All 18 Big Mu
sical Hits Plenty of Comedy 60 Laughs to
the Minute Special Scenery
If Different Changes of Beautiful Costumes Costing $4,
Prices 25c, 36c, 50c and 75c
Christmas Candies and Nuts
Fancy Jonathan Apples by the box
Everything in Fancy Vegetables
For Christmas Dinner
Fresh Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Kumquists, Head Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, etc
Pew Chances Cent to the Self Deere-
tHenty.'i said Uacle Hira to Us
hopeful young nephew, "1 roaJanot
sdrise anybody to go around continu
ally Wowing nis own horn. We tire or
men who do that, and we are apt to
think of them that that's all they can
do, .blow.
"On the other hand, Henry, never
belittle yourself; never be self depre
ciatory. Don't have a poor opinion of i
yourself, but If yon do have such an
opinion dontr express it The man who
blows his own horn may seldom be
taken at his own valuation, but the
self depreciatory man almost invaria
bly is.
"So never run yourself down or
speak doabtfully of your own ability.
If tbe boss is thinking of advancing
yon and he should say to you some
day, 'Henry, we are thinking of try
ing yon. on this thing-do you think
yon could- handle this job? yon don't
want to say, 'Weil. I haven't had much
experience yet in that way, and I real
ly don't know whether I could do that
or not.' v
"Ton don't want to say anything like
that, for if you do he'll be likely' to oyer some more and end up
by trylng: somebody else, taking a
blower inaybe who can't really do the'
work half-is well as you could but'
who's got self confidence enough to
say he can.
"You don't know what you can doi
till you try. Some men try and fall,
but an astonishing number rise to oc
casions, developing strength or ability
that others might never have thought
them to possess." New Xork Sun.
Special Prices for Christmas
We are going to give our customers a Christmas present of
reduce prices on aU merchandise snitaMe lor Xmas Gilts
Just look over the following suggestions and note the prices.
Why the Woman Lookod Daggers at
the Car Conductor.
"Oh, the brute!" exclaimed a stylish
ly dressed woman who was riding
down town on a Tenth street car.
She plainly addressed tbe remark to
:he conductor, who smiled deprecat
Ingly, raised his hand to his cip and
said. "Sure, 1 didn't think it was any'
use In tbe world."
All the way to Market street the ag
grieved woman followed tbe unlucky
conductor up and down tbe car- with
her eyes, "looking daggers" at him.
The poor chap bad unwittingly spoiled
ber day.
As she came into tbe car she saw
lying near the door a woman's belt
buckle. It was supposedly oriental In
fashion, with a big "stone" set in it.
She sat down, with her eye on tbe
buckle; rose, stooped and picked It up.
She bad opened her bag with tbe in
tention of dropping ber find within,
bat glanced np and saw that tbe other
passengers were watching ber. Evi
dently she thought it might be wiser
to ask tbe conductor if be knew the
owner. She held At, therefore, until tbe
conductor passed her. then banded it
to him; with the question, "Do you
.know whether anybody has lost this?"
"I suppose some one has, ma'am." he
answered. "Let me see it"
Then, after glancing at it a moment,
"Aw, that's no good." said be and
tossed tbe treasure (?) into the street.
"Ob, tbe brute!" exclaimed tbe wo
man. And who can blame her? Phila
delphia Times.
Ladies9 Furs
50c on the $1.00
$5 00 A
r Rugs
Combination Xmas box of
Suspenders, garters and
Sleeve holders, worth OQA
$1.50, Christmas price.. Quu
Xmas Handkerchiefs at
5c. IOC. I5c. 256.
.Ladies' and Gents9 neck
wear, 50c values, Christ
mas price
$2.50 Rochester Nickel
Parlor Lamp, Christ
mas price
These are just a few items to show, what you will
find in our Special Xmas Sale
419 Eleventh Street
Columbus, Nebraska
Millet and "The Angelus."
It was only after long years of strag
gle and dire poverty, through which
Millet was consoled and supported by
hie wife. 4hat tbe peasant painter was
able to take tbe three roomed cottage
at Barbizon and "try to do something
really good." It was then that be be
gan to paint that most beautiful "poem
of poverty," "The Angelus." which Is
today one of tbe most valuable pic
tures in tbe world. Again and again
be threw 'aside the picture in despair
of ever finiablng it to his" satisfaction,
and as often bis wife replaced it on
tbe easel and induced blin to continue.
Oo'one occasion he was so Incensed
at not being able to produce a certain
effect that he seized a knife and would
have destroyed tbe canvas and ended ;
the matter once for all bad not his ,p
wife fortunately seized his' band and ;
induced him to give tbe picture another
trial. Thus it was that at last "The
Angelus" found a place on the wails
of tbe Louvre. Tbe success It won en
couraged Millet to paint many more
pictures and thus place himself among
the immortals in art
. The Purchase of New York.
When the letter announcing tbe pur
chase for 00 guilders ($24) of tbe 11,000
morgens of land constituting Manhat
tan Island was read in the assembly
of tbe states general on Nov. 7. 1C26.
it was resolved that "no action is nec
essary on this information." Had their
high mightinesses possessed prevision
how strenuous might have been the
resolution' passed that the newly ac
quired island should be kept forever
under their control! Nor was the West
India company, that money making
trust which ventured this first specula
tion in wheat and in lands in tbe long
lino of enterprises known to Manhat
tan, more alive to the excellence of their
investment. More than ten times the
sum paid over to the Indians for about
22.000 acres, according to their esti
mate, has since been paid for a single
square foot of New York soil. Proba
bly there Is no other sale on record
where the advance in value has been
so great. Putnam's Magazine.
An Armorclad Nest.
In the' Argentine Republic, says a
writer in the Strand Magazine, where
the summers are long and hot, it Is
customary to leave tbe windows open
both day and night during the hottest
part of the year. A bird, taking ad
vantage of this, proceeded to build a
nest in my room, fixing it firmly to one
of the Venetian blinds over tbe win
dow. The eggs were duly batched and
tbe young birds fledged. On taking
down the empty nest I found it to be
practically armorclad, tbe outer part
being composed almost entirely of old
rusty naW woven in among the hay.
On counting the nails I found that no
fewer than sixty-six had been used, be
sides some wire and pins taken from
my dressing table. The bird was about
the size of a robin and very tame.
Shot His Own Hens.
Two neighbors kept hens and quar
reled because they scratched each oth
er's potato rows np. One sold his
bens unknown to tbe other, who made
a urge run ana zasieaeu uis ueus up.
"Now. the first ben I see in my gar
den 1 shall shoot."
Next day be saw a ben scratching
as usual, so he got the gun and shot
It and then threw it over his neigh
bor's fence, saying:
"Take your ben!"
Tbe ben was picked up, taken in and
Tbe following days tbe same thing
happened. Still tbe neighbor took
them np and,said nothing till the sev
enth came over and bit him on tbe
bead. Then be picked it up and threw
it back at bis neighbor, saying:
"Eat your own old bens! We are
tired. of eating them and prefer a little
pheasant. 1 sold my hens over a
month since!" Pearson's Weekly.
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I r sb--1Kj.-;:.
BBBBBSjajs's"-vL- -Jsn
-Chrliaw MfsM ass liM
"The Royal Slave"
Matinee Prices, 15c and 25. Special Chrietaate Evening Prices, 25c, 35c, 5tc
What Might Have en.
"That man Biffin lacks courage and
"Yes, confound him!"
"Wby do yon say that?'
"Because he was courting my wife
long before I met ber. If he bad bad
a UtUe more courage and energy But
what's tbe use of talking about it
A Pessimist.
"A pessimist." said a philosopher, "is
one who. wben be has tbe choice of
two evils, chooses both and hangs
about walthrur for more!"
Peculiar Optical Effects.
If one. places a pin head op close te
the eye and directly in front of It the
head of the pin appears transparent
and things may be seen -as easily
through it as through a sheet of Isin
glass, tbe bead appearing simply as a,
large round cloud. If it is-placed some-'
what closer no pin or bend att b
seen at all.
If one goes Into a very dark room
and puts a lighted candle' near the side
of one eye very pretty and peculiar ef
fcts are observed. A tracery, form
log a regular network, can be ensil
detected, and this is merely the shadow
thrown by the candle on tbe retina of
the eye of tbe small capillary blood
vessels between the retina and the
If one looks to tbe side of a dim star
in tbe heavens tbe star appears a great
deal brighter than direct vision makes
it appear. This is because tbe light
In. the. Indirect view fails on what Is
known as the "yellow spot" or point of
keenest vision. As this Is not put di
rectly behind the front of tbe eye the
tide glance is necessary. Some people
can see stars that way that they can
not perceive at all on direct vision.-.
Plttsbarx Dfaoatch.
Ready For Market.
Two Canadians were boasting.
"Where I come from." said tbe first,
"we have a salmon river that rises in
some boiling springs. As tbe sal awn
climb up tbe river they gradually get
acclimated to tbe beat of tbe water
and don't mind it in fact, wben we
fish in tbe highest reaches of tbe
stream we catch our salmon readr
- - don't doubt that." said tbe second
Canadian calmly. "Down sty way
here's a curious salmon river too. It
rises In some tin mines. As the fish
work np they meet tbe suspended ore
la gradually increasing quantities.
They get quite mineralised it they keep
on upstream, so that if we fish at tbe
bead of tbe river we? catch our salmon
ready tinned, and ah we have to do U
to pack and ship them to market."
They were drinking soda in tbe Gen
tlewoman's club.
"1 wish." said the fat one with gray
halr. "that you conld break my daugh
ter Nell of bridge."
Tbe young one In pink smiled faint
ly. "I did break ber last night," she
eeM.-Brooklyn Ultlaea.
- - .
Best Display of Cut Glass and Queensware
in the city to select a present from
Not So Bad.
"I asked my class of small boys if
any could tell me tbe meaning of the
word 'apprentice.' " sold a teacher re
cently, "and ail looked at me blankly
until one lad arose. , '
"'Can you tell "me what apprentice
means? " I repeated.
"Yes, It means practicing work.,H
Incomplete Information.
"We are now exactly a thousand
feet above tbe level of the' sea."
"What sea?'
"Tbe guidebook
doesn't say." Bon
His Preference.
Pompano Why do you work so hard.
Bagley? Ton slave from morning un
til night Bagley I know I do. I
wish to get rich. I want to die worth
a million: Pompano Well, there'a no
accounting for tastes. Now. I would
much. prefer to live worth half a ssll-lion.-hIladelpbia
His Smoke.
Mr. PlJIt-I say, thafs tbe worst to
bacco I ever smoked! Mrs. FTJIt-Oa.
George, yon're smoking my fancy silk!
I put It In your tobacco Jar to keep it
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-.; ,
f MMIMi MMBKWPWl'l nuit ' u .jjnurt -Trr'-.- ' " SZ ---'-"
rr.ji. rr. 't ,
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