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The story opens -with the shipwreck of
the steamer on which Miss Genevieve an American heiress. Lord Win
Hi rope, an Englishman, and Tom Blake,
:i brusque American, were passengers.
The three were tossed upon an uninhab
ited island and were the only ones not
drowned. Blake reco'ered from a drunk
en stupor. Blake, shunned on the boat,
because of his roughness, became a hero
as preserver of the helpless pair. ' The
Knglishtnan was suing for the hand of
Miss Leslie. Blake started to swim back
to the ship to recover what was left.
Blake returned safely. Winthrope wasted
his last match on a cigarette, for which
he was scored by Blake. Their first meal
was a dead fish. The trio started a ten
mil- hike for higher land. Thirst at
tacked them. Blake was compelled to
carry Mis3 Leslie on account of weari
ness. He taunted Winthrope. They en
tered the jungle. That night was passed
roosting high In a tree. The next morn
ing they descended to the open again.
All three constructed hats to shield.them
oelves from the sun. They then feasted
on cocoanuts. the only procurable food.
Miss Leslie showed a liking for Blake,
but detested his roughness. Led by Blake
they established a home in some cliffs.
Blake found a fresh water spring. Miss
Leslie faced an unpleasant situation.
Tlicy planned their campaign. Blake re
covered his surveyor's magnifying glass,
thus insuring fire. He started a jungle
fir killing a large leopard and smoth
ering several cubs. In the leopard's cav
ern they built a small home. They gained
the cliffs by burning the bottom of a
iree until it fell against the heights. The
trio secured eggs from the cliffs.
Miss Ieslie's white skirt was decided
upon as a signal. Miss Leslie made a
dress from the leopard skin. Blake's ef
forts to kill antelopes failed. Overhear
ing a conversation between Blako and
Winthrope. Miss Leslie became fright
ened. Winthrope became ill with fever.
Blake was poisoned by a fish. Jackals
attacked the camp that night, but were
driven off by Genevieve. Blake returned,
after nearly dying. Blake constructed an
animal trap. It killed a hyena. On a tour
the trio discovered honey and oysters.
Mits Leslie was attacked by a poisonous
snake. Blake killed it and saved its poi
Fon to kill game. For the second time
Winthrope was attacked by fever. He
and Blake disagreed.
"That's it do the baby act," jeered
Blake. "But say, I don't know just
how much eavesdropping you did; so
there's one thing I'll repeat for the
special benefit of your ludship. It'll
be good for your delicate health to pay
attention. From now on, the cliff top
belongs to Miss Leslie. Gents and
book agents not allowed. Understand?
You don't go up there without her spe
cial invite. If you do, I'll twist 3-our
damned neck!"
He turned on his heel and left the
Englishman cowering.
An Ominous 1 Lull.
HE three saw nothing more
of each other that day.
Miss Leslie had withdrawn
into the baobab and Blake had gone off
down the cleft for more salt He did not
return, until after the others were
asleep. Miss Leslie had gone without
her supper, or had eaten some of the
food stored within the tree.
When, late the next morning, she
finally left her seclusion Blake was no
where In sight. Ignoring Winthrope's
attempts to start a conversation, she
hurried through her breakfast, and,
having gathered a supply of food and
water, went to spend the day on the
Evening forced her to return to the
cleft She had emptied the water
flask by noon, and was thirsty. Win
thrope was dozing beneath his can
opy, which Blake had moved some
yards down towards the barricade.
Blake was cooking supper.
He did not look up, and met her at
tempt at a pleasant greeting with an
inarticulate grunt When she turned
to enter the baobab, she found the
opening littered with bamboos and
green creepers and pieces of large
branches with charred ends. On either
side, midway through the entrance, a
vertical row of holes had been sunk
through the bark of the tree into the
soft wood.
"What Is this?" she asked. "Are
you planning a porch?"
"Mayoe," he replied.
"But why should you make the holes
so far in? I know so little about these
matters, but I should have fancied the
holes would come on the front of the
"You'll see In a day or two."
"How did you make the holes? They
look black, as though "
"Burnt 'em, of course hot stones."
"That was so clever of you!"
He made no response.
Supper was eaten in silence. Even
Winthrope's presence would have been
a relief to the girl; yet she could not
go to waken him, or even suggest that
her companion do so. Blake sat
throughout the meal sullen and stolid,
and carefully avoided meeting her
gaze. Before they had finished, twi
light had come and gone, and night
was upon them. Yet she lingered for
a last attempt
"Goodnight friend!" she whispered.
He sprang up as though she had
struck him and blundered away into
the darkness.
In the morning it was as before. He
had gone off before she wakened. She
lingered over breakfast; but he did
not appear, and she could not endure
Winthrope's suave drawl. She went
for another day on the headland.
She returned somewhat earlier than
on the previous day. As before, Win
thrope was dozing in the shade. But
Blake was under the baobab, raking
together a heap of rubbish. His hands
'were scratched and bleeding. To the
girl's surprise, he met her with a
cheerful grin and a clear, direct glance.
"Look here," he called.
She stepped around the baobab and
stood staring. The entrance, from the
ground to the height of 12 feet, was
walled up with a mass of thorny
branches, interwoven with yet thorn
ier creepers.
"How's that for a front door?" he
"Door?" ...
J-rJtlltH TVJ&ESlB
I h H nfnllBiil 1MB!
Satisfied Himself That Miss Leslie
"But it's so big. I could never
move it."
"A child could. Look." He grasped
a projecting handle near the bottom of
the thorny mass. The lower half of
the door swung up and outward, the
upper half-' in and downward. "See,
it's balanced on a crossbar in the
middle. Come on in."
She walked after him in under the
now horizontal door. He gave the in
ner end a light upward thrust, and the
door swung back in its vertical circle
until it again stood upright in the
opening. From the inside the girl
could see the strong framework to
which was lashed the facing of the
thorns. It was made of bamboo and
strong pieces of branches, bound to
gether with tough creepers.
"Pretty good grating, eh?" remarked
Blake. "When those green creepers
dry, they'll shrink and hold tight as
iron clamps. Even now nothing short
of a rhinoceros could walk through
when the bars are fast See here."
He stepped up to the novel door
and slid several socketed crossbars
until their outer ends were deep in the
holes In the tree trunk, three on each
"How's that for a set of bolts?" he
"Wonderful! Really, you are very",
very clever! But why should you go
to all this trouble, when the barri
cade "
"Well, you see, it's best to be on the
safe side."
"But it's absurd for you to go to all
this needless work. Not that I do not
appreciate your kind thought for my
safety. Yet look at your hands!"
Blake hastened to put his bleeding
hands behind him. ,
"Go and wash them at once, and I'll
put on a dressing."
"Xo, thank you. Miss Jenny. Yon
needn't bother. They'll do all right"
"You must! It would please me." ,
"Why, then, of course But first
I want to make sure you understand
fastening the door. Try the bars your
self." Sheiobeyed, sliding the bars in and
out until he nodded his satisfaction.
"Good!" he said. "Now promise me
you'll slide 'em fast every night."
"If you ask it But why?"
"I want to make you perfectly safe."
"Safe? But am I not secure with"
"Look here, Miss Leslie; I'm not go
ing to say anything about anybody."
"Perhaps you had better say no
more, Mr. Blake."
"That's right. But whatever hap
pens, you'll believe I've done my best.
won't you? even if I'm not a Prom
ise me straight, you'll lock up tight
every night"
"Very well, I promise," responded
the girl, not a little troubled by the
strangeness of his expression.
That night Miss Leslie dutifully
fastened herself in with all six bars.
She wakened at dawn, and hastened
out to prepare Blake's breakfast, but
she found herself too late. There
were evidences that he had eaten and
gone off before dawn. The stretching
frame of one of the antelope skins
had been moved around by the fire.
and on the smooth inner surface of
the hide was a laconic note, written
with charcoal in a firm, bold hand:
"Exploring inland. Back by night,
If can."
She bit her lip in her disappoint
ment for she had planned to show him
how much she appreciated his absurd
but well-meant concern for her safety.
As it was, he had gone off without a
word and left her to the questionable
pleasure of a tete-a-tete with Win
thrope. Hoping to avoid this, she hur
ried her preparations for a day on the
cliff. Bat before she could get off,
Winthrope sauntered 'up, hiding his
Was Well Out Toward the Signal.
yawns behind a hand which had re
gained most of its normal plumpness.
His eye was at once caught by the
charcoal note.
"Ah!" he drawled; "really now, this
is too kind of him to give us the pleas
ure ef his absence all day!"
"Ye-es?" murmured Miss Leslie.
'"Permit me to add that you will also
have the pleasure of my absence. I
am going now."
Winthrope looked down, and began
to speak very rapidly: "Miss Gen
evieve. I I wish to apologize. I've
thought it over. I've made a mistake
I I mean, my conduct the other day
was vile, utterly vile! Permit me to
appeal to your considerateness for a
man who has been unfortunate who,
I mean, has been: er was carried
away by his feelings. Your favoring
of that bloom er that er bounder
so angered me that I that I "
"Mr. Winthrope!" interrupted the
girl, "I will have you to understand
that you do not advance yourself in
my esteem by such references to Mr.
"Aye! aye. that Blake!" panted Win
thrope. "Don't you see? It's 'im, an
that blossom! W'en a man's daffy
Wen 'e's in love! "'-
Miss Leslie burst into a nervous
laugh; but checked herself on the in
stant "Really. Mr. Winthrope!" she ex
claimed, "you must pardon, me. I I
never knew that cultured Englishmen
ever dropped their h's. As it happens,
you know, I never saw one excited be
fore this."
"Ah, yes; to be sure to be sure!"
murmured Winthrope, in an odd tone.
The girl threw out her hand in a lit
tle gesture of protest
"Really, I'm sorry to have hurt to
have been so thoughtless!"
Winthrope stood silent She spoke
again: "111 do what you ask. I'll
make allowances for your for your
feelings towards me and try to forget
all you said the other day. Let me
begin by asking a favor of yon."
'Ah, Miss Genevieve, anything, to be
sure, that I may do!"
"It Is that I wish your opinion. When
Mr. Blake finished, that absurd door
last evening, he would not tell me why
he had built it only a vague state
ment about my safety."
"Ah! He did not go into particu
lars?" drawled Winthrope.
Experiments Prove Their Range
Vision to Be Limited.
The corps of naturalists attached to
the Zoological park at Washington has
recently concluded some interesting
experiments to test the vision of cer
tain animals.
It appears that the sight of reptiles
is generally very good, being probably
their most acute sense, but 'not so
acute as popularly supposed, possess
ing a limited range, indeed, as com
pared with most animals.
Crocodiles cannot distinguish a man
at a distance exceeding ten times their
length. Flsh see for only short dis
tances. The vision of most serpents
is poor, the boa constrictor, for exam
ple, being able to see no further than
one-third of its own length. Some
snakes see no further than one-eighth
:Wo, not even a hint; and he looked
j Winthrope slowly rubbed his soft
palms one upon the other.- " '
Do you er really desire to know
his the motive which actuated him?"
he murmured.
"I should not have mentioned it to
you if I did not" she answered.
"Well er " He hesitated and
paused for a full minute. "You see,
it is a rather difficult undertaking to
intimate such a matter to a lady
just the fight touch of delicacy, you
know. But I will begin by explaining
that I have known it since the first "
"Known what?"
"Of that bound of er Blake's
"Ah! Perhaps I should have said
affliction; yes, that is the better word.
To own the truth, the fellow has some
good qualities. It was no doubt be
cause he realized, when in his better
moments "
"Better monents? Mr. Winthrope, I
am not a child. In justice both to my
self and to Mr. Blake, I must ask you
to speak out plainly."
'My dear Miss Leslie, may I first ask
if you have not observed how strange
ly at times the fellow acts 'looks odd,'
as you put it how he falls into mel
ancholia or senseless rages? I may
truthfully state that he has three
times threatened my life."
"I I thought his anger quite natural,
after I had so rudely and so many
people are given to brooding But
if he was violent to you "
"My dear Miss Genevieve. I hold
nothing against the miserable fellow.
At such times he is not er respon
sible, you know. Let us give the fel
low full credit that is why he himself
built your door."
"Oh, but I can't believe it! I can't
believe it!" cried the girl. "It's not
possible! He's so strong, so true and
manly, so kind, for all his gruffness!"
"Ah, my dear!" soothed Winthrope,
"that is the pity of it. But when a
man must needs be his worst enemy,
when he must needs lead a certain
kind of life, he must take the conse
quences. To put it as delicately as
possible, yet explain all, I need only
say one word paranoia."
Miss Leslie gathered up her day's
outfit with trembling fingers and went
to mount the cliff.
After waiting, a. few miqules Win
thrope walked hurriedly through the
cleft and climbed the tree-ladder with
an agility that would have amazed his
companions. But he did not draw
himself up on the cliff. Having satis
fied himself that Miss Leslie was well
out toward the signal, he returned to
the baobab and proceeded to examine
Blake's door with minute scrutiny.
That evening, shortly before dark,
Blake came in almost exhausted by his
journey. Few men could have cov
ered the same ground in twice the
time. It had been one continuous
round of grass jungle, thorn scrub,
rocks and swamp. And for all his
pains he brought back with him noth
ing more than the discouraging Infor
mation that the back-country was
worse than the shore. Yet he betrayed
no trace of depression over the bad
news, and for all his fatigue ngain
tained a tone of hearty cheerfulness
until, having eaten his fill, he sudden
ly observed Miss Leslie's frigid po
"What's up now?" he demanded.
"You're not mad 'cause I hiked off
this morning without notice?"
"No, of course, not, Mr. Blake. Noth
ing of the kind. But I"
"Well, what?" he broke In, as she
hesitated. "I can't, for the world, think
of anything else I've done "
"You've done! Perhaps I might
suggest that it is a question of what
you haven't done." The girl was trem
bling on the verge of hysterics. "Yes,
what you've not done! All these
weeks, and not a single attempt to get
us away from here, except that miser
able signal; and I as good as put that
up! You call yourself a man! But I
I" She stopped short, white with
a sudden overpowering fear.
Winthrope looked from her to Blake
with a sidelong glance, his lips drawn
up In an odd twist
There followed several moments of
tense silence; then Blake mumbled
apologetically: "Well, I suppose I
might have done more. I was so dead
anxious to make sure of food and shel
ter. But this trip to-day"
of their length. Frogs are better an
dowed with sight, . for they can
distinguish objects clearly at a dis
tance of 20 times their own length.
The hearing of nearly all reptiles is
even worse than their vision. Most
of them are quite deaf, especially the
boa constrictor. The phrase "deaf as
an adder" represents the careful ob
servation of our forefathers. Harper's
Goat's $15,000 Meal.
A peasant followed by a goat walked
into the local bank at Aurillac to pay
in some money. As he was going out
a clerk noticed that the goat had a
piece of paper in his mouth. He
vaulted over the counter and caught
the animal Just in time to prevent it
swallowing a bond worth $15,000
which it had nibbled off the counter.
Nervous Lady Don't your experi
ments frighten you terribly, profes
sor? I hear that your assistant met
with a horrible death by falling four
Jiousand feet from an aeroplane.
Beld Aviator Oh, that report was
greatly exaggerated.
.Nervous Lady Exaggerated! How?
Bold Aviator It wasn't much more
than two thousand five hundred feet
at he fell.
The Best Food for Workers.
The best food for those who work
with hand or brain is never high
The best example of this is found in
Quaker Oats. It stands at the top
among foods that supply nourishment'
ind vigor, without taxing the diges
tion, and yet it is the. least expensive
food one can eat
This great food value and low cost
make it an ideal food for families who
want to get the greatest good from
what they eat
Laborers, factory or farm hands, fed
plentifully on Quaker Oats will work
better and with less fatigue than if
fed on almost any other kind of food.
All of these facts were proved and
very interesting information about
human foods were gathered by Pro
fessor Fisher of Yale University In
1908. In addition to the regular pack
age Quaker Oats is packed in large
sized family packages either tfrith or
without china dishes. 8
He Forgot Something.
"I3 thatall you have to say to me?"
she queried, looking off into space.
"Great heavens, girl" said he,
n nshod "what- tnnro ran T snv?
Haven't I told you that I worship the
very ground you walk on? Haven't
I offered you every iota of my worldly
possessions? Haven't 1 said that you
would never want for anything, that
your relatives could come and stay as
long as they wished, that I would
work my fingers bare for you, and
that I would devote my entire exist
ence to you?"
"Oh, yes, you said all that" she re
I lied, wearily, "but"
"But what?" he asked, tremulously.
"You you didn't say right out and
out T love you,' and that's what I
n anted to hear most of all."
The Rare Gift of Courtesy.
Courtesy includes not merely social
kindness, graces of speech, absence of
ludeness, but honorable treatment of
business associates and of all the fel
low citizens with whom a man of af
fairs may have business to transact.
It i not American to keep one citi
zen waiting all day at the door be
cause he is poor, and to grant an
other citizen an interview' be'eause it
is believed he is rich. Wisdom is not
confined in a purse, and frequently
much wisdom may be learned from a
poor man.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tbe mders of thta paper will bS" pleased to
that there la at least one dreaded disease that
baa been able to rare In all Its stages, and that tj
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure b the only poaithra
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
belDK a constitutional disease, requires coastlta
Uonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken h
temally. actm? directly upon the blood and saocooi
surfaces ot the system, thereby destroytnc the
foundation of the disease, and KlvtaK the patient
strength by building up the ooosUtutkw and assist.
tag nature tn doing Its work. The proprietors have
so much faith In -Its 'curative powers that they oSsr
One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls tt
ewe. Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO, Toledo. O.
Bold by all Druggists. 75c
TO HalT Family PtUa far cooatipaUoa.
Two Items.
"I suppose with all this modern
prison philanthropy, abolishing stripes
and convict uniforms generally, they
will soon introduce dress suits for the
well-behaved prisoners in our penal
"Well, you know, they already give
convicts watches and chains."
Mistaken Identity.
"I always did enjoy that scene In
which Hamlet comes out and solilo
quizes," said Mr. Cumrox.
"My dear," replied his wife, "you
are confused again. You have gotten
Hamlet mixed up with that vaudeville
person who comes out and throws his
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
PASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
"Willie Holt seems to be developing
into a very fast young man."
"What else could be expected in his
case? Hasn't his father been fined
nearly a dozen times for exceeding
the speed limit?"
Rough on Bats fools the rats and mice,
but never fools the buyer. The secret is,
jou (not the maker) do the mixing. Take
a hint, do your own mixing; pay for poi
son only, then you get results. It's the un
beatable exterminator. Don't die in the
house. 15c, 25c, 75c.
Contentedness in all accidents'
brings great peace of spirit, and is the
jjeat and only instrument in tempor
al felicity. Jeremy Taylor.
Some people would drown with a life
preserver at hand. They are the kind
that suffer from Rheumatism and Neural
gia when they can get Hamlins Wizard
Oil, the best of all pain remedies.
Of course it is possible to con
vince a woman, but she is apt to for
get that she has been convinced, and
then you have to do it all over again.
tbrongB a racking cough that yon cannot sn to
fi??r A " otA"'" Lung Balsam will core
tbo trouble and help 70a bock to health.
An office seeker's love for his coun
try is a good deal like that of a titled
foreigner for an American heiress.
Br. Pierce's Pellets
s, email, sngar-eoated, easy to
olate and inTipunto tna"h
1 cure constipation.
take as candy. regnL
uveraaa ooweisana
Ton can save a lot of time by being
sure where you want to go before
' w
the baking
4kat is where Calumet
Baking Powder proves
lgj statcmeiKs until
f 1,000.00
of impurity,
The Wizard of Horticulture
Hon. Luther Burbank
says: "Delicious is a gem the finest
apple in all the world. It is the best
in quality of any apple I have so far
And Mr. Burbank knows.
Delicious is but one of the hun
dreds of good things in Stark Trees
the good things you should know
about before you plant this fall or
next spring.
Let us tell you about them by
writing today for our complete, illus
trated price-list-catalogue which de
scribes our complete line of fruit
trees, ornamentals, etc.
For complete information
Stark Bro's. N. & O.
depends upon the heater how
constructed whether it gets all
the fuel-energy or only some of it.
If the heater is a
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
the raising of the temperature is
Turn the wick as high or low as
it will go there's no danger, no
smoke, no smell just an emphatic
raising of temperature. The
Automatic Smokeless Device
is a permanent check upon carelessness, making the heater
safe in the hands of a child. Burns nine hours with one v
filling, heats all parts of a room quickly.
Oil indicator tells amount of oil in the all-brass font. Damper top.
Cool handle. Aluminum window frame. Cleaned 'in a minute. Finished
in Nickel or Japan. Various styles and finishes.
Every Dealer Everywhere. If Not at Yours. Write for Descriptive Circular
to the Nearest Agency el the
Waste Material.
In process of time it was observed
that the multi-millionaire philanthrop
ist had ceased giving costly library
buildings to towns and cities.
"Why is this, Mr. Canaggy?" the re
porters asked him.
"Young men," he said, "what is the
use of building great houses for li
braries when all a man needs for an
education is five feet of books?"
Whereat they marveled, but they
could not answer him.
Sheer white goods, in fact, any fine
wash goods when new, owe much of
their attractiveness to the way they
are laundered, this being done in a
manner to enhance their textile beau
ty. Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory if proper attention was
given to starching, the first essential
being good Starch, which has sufficient
strength to stiffen, without thickening
the goods. Try Defiance Starch and
you will be pleasantly surprised at the
improved appearance of your work.
"Would you," he asked, "care to
live to be 100 years old?"
"Not if anybody knew it," she re
plied. '
There's a rich, satisfying quality ia
Lewis' Single Binder that is found in no
other 5c cigar.
Some family skeletons are padded
beyond recognition.
A Clean Mm
Outride cleaalioeM is leas that hell
scrub himself a dozesi tfaaM !
... ,,
ncaiin cacao cieaaiuwss not oaly outside, bat inside. It aseans
a cleaa stomach, clean bowels, clean blood, a clesa liver, aad
mw, clean, healthy tissues. The aaaa who is clean ia this way
will look it and act it. He will work with energy aad think
clean, clear, healthy thoughts;
He will never be troubled with liver, lung, stomach or blood
disorders. Dyspepsia aad indigestion originate in nncleaa atoaa.
nebs. Blood diseases are found where there U unckaa blood.
Consumption and bronchitis saeaa aaclcaa lungs.
Br. Pierce's Golden
beakhy. It
Mood, nad
It matorea frme tn thm rinm mwmtomm mmA mm
prostratioa. It contains no alcohol or
. '- upauon is me noose aacwaa oaetraniineis. Dr. tr,
1 lets core it. They never gripe. Easy
its superiority; its -
wonderful raising power; ks nerer-Caifine abXfe
to produce the most delicious baking SJkl m
ceaswj. U As Ubsw, that is the only way
you can successfully test kand compare it with the
high price kinds. Ye caaast discredk tbest
you have tries!
Ik only Ufa gnde.bakkg powder seDkig at a modoakt
m ottered to anyone bodus; the hast
in the baking, caused by unmet.
that yea get
Iccehti Hifheet Award WcfU'sl'eM
FtWExKJe Ckicace, 1817.
A Bright, Capable Man
in each connty of this state to sell
Stark Trees on commission. No pre
vious experience necessary. The
work is pleasant, clean work, highly
profitable, and the positions are per
manent to the right men.
Many of onr salesmen are earning
S50 to 58o per month and expenses;
some are making more. You can do
as well or better if you're a hustler
and trying to succeed.
No investment called for: we fur
nish complete order-getting outfit
free and the most liberal contract.
address the Sales Manager of
Co., Louisiana, Missouri
Many a man goes broke in Health
then wealth. Blames his mind
says it don't work right; but all tto
time it's Am dowels. They don't work
liver dead and the whole system gets
clogged with poison. Nothing kills
(rood, clean-cut brain action like con
stipation. CASCARETS will relieve
and cure. Try it now. at
CASCARETS Kte a box for week's
treatment. AUdrugirisU. Biggest seSar
fci the world. Mulioa boxes a moat.
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FREE, by anaahl nina, nva larga saaaato
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fore tenters to select faces. WeosTerllhrralaroflts
10 mr 11 in 1 1111 aansr sjaicaj j i
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m wyanatte.
City, He.
WataaCCeteaaaa,Wash. jMocairee. nrga.
WVN. U,- OMAHA, NO. 45-1909.
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Medical Discovery
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to take an candy.
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