The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, November 25, 1908, Image 8

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Swat Heat with Little Fuel
"lira, stretni" RmrtiMt fim lut
J. 0. Dawson was transacting business
im Columbus Tuesday.
Fanners on this route have nearly all
finished husking corn.
Mrs; Oajoa Cunningham of Grand Is
land was visiting Miss Susan Bray.
Q. W. 8wanflon has gone to Genoa for
a visit.
We had a thunder storm Sunday even
ing. Not much rain fell.
John Swanson's family visited in
Boone county Sunday afternoon.
Otto Olson of Newman Grove was out
in Walker township with his automobile
Saturday. He went as far as St. Edward.
Farmers in this locality are all done
picking oorn. They have bad unusually
fine weather for gathering the crop.
P. W. Carlson of Newman Grove is up
on his farm in Walker township putting
up hog fencing and otherwise improving
his property.
iMU It. 3.
i Mary Langs is visiting friends at
8t Edward.
J. F. Gosdeken was at St Edward
last week looking after business matters.
Mrs. L. E. Ssefeld spent Sunday at
Monroe with her daughter, Mrs. O. B.
The young people on the route enjoy
ed thssasclves at the home of D. Brunk-
ealast 'Saturday evening.
August Brunken is making prepara
tions to goto Portland, Ore., where he
expsets to stake his future home.
In speaking of the runaway accident
last week, we said that Fred Brunken
was in it. This was an error, as it
should have been Henry Brunken.
John Randall, the retiring road over-
seer of District 1, has been doing some
exoeUeat work on the Meridian line and
also on the road west, grading them
from Oohmbvn to the north side of the
township. Mr. Randall has made an ex
cellent road overseer and we predict that
at sosae tissein the future he may hold
that position again.
lemte Is. L
Henry Lussohen, jr., has a very sick
Adolph Mueller is building an addition
to his house.
Ed Losske took first prize for yellow
corn at the corn show last Saturday.
Henry, had the misfor
tune to break his arm last Monday, the
accident occuring while he was feeding
Miss Lillian Devlin, who was at the
hospital for an operation, is out again
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bbbb. I ITTLbbbbCCsZ3 H '"?MriaBsaassBMI bbB V
Olobe-Wernicke "Elastic': Bookcase
fMws wife yes tossy and always fits it, that h ssees f ef enkn
cssifessjaasflBasaavatistyef artiste sfjeess. Fsslf sasiaa, ens
ataHsst, wMhnrt riilijatthebsofa. Flttl waatfcceaiv ear
ls ii if waWhnrhg a toils dear that niM ill enaat
HFNRY filft
llklini UflOU
In selecting a heating stove, it
is natural to seek one that produces
the greatest amount of heat with
the least fuel, that is easy to regu
late, cleanly in operation, and pos
sessing desirable features.
The "Novel Superior" fulfils
all the above requirements and is
indeed one of the best heating stoves
ever constructed for obtaining good
results in the use of coal.
Very little coal is needed to
operate, the combustion is perfect,
and the distribution of heat uniform.
upon a new orginal plan.
Hardware Go.
and has so far recovered as to be able to
ride to town.
Joseph Henggler and family, who
have been visiting here the last week,
returned Sunday to their home near
Stockville, Frontier county.
Mrs. B. E. Amigh and daughter, Miss
Olive, who have been visiting Mrs.
Amiga's daughter, Mrs. O. E. Devlin, ex
pect to remain until after the holidays
before returning to their home in Johns
town, Pa.
Routs Be. 5.
S. O. Podrazaand John Jahn market
ed grain this week.
This week will finished the corn
husking on route No. 5.
Carrier No. 5jeceived a ssck of oats
for his Thanksgiving present.
A. W. Eummer and O. A. Church
were building fence this week.
Harold Cockson and Miss Nellie
Nichols were married at Bellwood last
Mrs. Lola Latham of New Orleans,
La , is a guest at the home of her sister,
Mrs. F. L. Hahn.
W. A. Wade marketed twenty-one
Thanksgiving turkeys, the market price
being fifteen cents. per pound.
Frank Hennings, who has been at
Osceola for two or three weeks, came
home to haul his wheat crop to market.
Miss Mary Sullivan and Dean Effner
of Omaha returned home last Friday
after a visit at the home of F. L. Hahn.
School in the Thomas district closed
last Monday on account of the resigna
tion of the teacher. Miss Emma Gerhold.
A little road work yet remains to be
done before cold weather. The Clear
creek bridge, near Frank Tscbauner'e
and J. H. Halm's, needs the approaches
graded and banked up.
The south channel bridge across the
Platte, near Kuenzlrs. has been replank
ed and the ends graded up. It is a very
creditable job and puts the bridge in
good condition for winter.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday school 9:4 a. m., morning
service 11 a. m., Christian Endeavor 6:30
p. m., evening service 730 p. m., Thurs
dsy evening at 8:00 p. m. union Thanks
giving service. The Sunday morning
sermon will be "The Relation of the
church to the Y. M. C. A-, and the even
ing sermon "The Every Day Man." Ton
are cordially invited to worship with us.
Samukii D. Harknkss, pastor.
Baptist Ckurch
Sunday school 10 a. m., preaching 11
a. m., Junior 3 p. m., B. T. P. TJ. 7 p. m.,
preaching 7:45 p.7Lm., union prayer
meeting Thursday evening at Y. M. C.
A. Subject Sunday morning, "The
Belstion of the church to the Y. M. C
A." Subject Sunday evening, "The
Wiggle Woggle Family."
Bbv. B. W. BanmART, Pastor.
Both phones SS-zt921SWtlllhBt
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Files of the Journal November J5, 1874
At this place, during the past week, a
variety of weather prevailed. Rain, fol
lowed by a quiet, gentle snow, with one
or two tolerably cold days, making very
nice winter weather.
Win. Burgess, U. 8. agent for the
Pawnees, called at the Journal office
Monday morning on business. - We
learned from him that he would start for
the Indian territory, leaving here Mon
day last In our opinion the department
could not have' selected, a more 'suitable
person for locating the new reserve. .. .
We learn' from the Grand Island In
dependentthst the citizens are about or
ganizing a party for a grand buffalo,
hunt, to start from Grand Island next
Monday. About fifty teams and one
hundred men will be needed to join the
party. Hunters will regard this party
as a nioeobance for rare sport and by
distributing the proceeds among the
meatless grasshopper sufferers will make
glad the heart of many a generous hunt
er. No man can deny the fact that there is
pluck in the citizens of Nebraska. There
is a determination, a vim, that is very
appropriate in times like the present.
A gentle man has just stepped out of
our sanctum, the father of a family, who
lost many a dollar by agrassbopper raid,
who don't know where his winter's fuel
is coming from, who wean his old cloth
es, cuts down his grocery bills, and re
mains hopeful through all that Provid
ence which has oared for him hitherto
will not fail him in the time of need.
Pollock & Co. the Druggists Give
Facts Regarding Dyspepsia.
Although Indigestion and Dyspepsia
are so prevalent, most people do not
thoroughly understand their cause and
cure. There is no reason why people
should not eat anything they desire if
they will only ohew it carefully and
thoroughly. Many actually starve them
selves into sickness through fear of eat-,
ing every good-looking, good-smelling
and good-tasting food, because it does
not agree with them.
Dieting cannot cure Dyspepsia. If we
refuse every article of food that disagrees
with us, before long we .have nothing
left, and find ourselves chronic dyspep
tics. We can cure Dyspepsia. We are so
confident of this fact that we guarantee a
cure, and promise to supply the medicine
free of all cost to everyone who will use
it, who is not perfectly satisfied with the
results which it produces. We exact no
promises, and put no one under obliga
tion whatever. Surely, 'nothing could
be fairer. We are located right here in
Columbus, and our reputation should be
sufficient assurance of our offer.
We want everyone in Columbus who is
troubled with Indigestion or Dyspepsia
in any form to come to our store and get
a box of Bexall Dyspepsia tablets.
Take them home and give them a reason
able trial, according to directions. They
are very pleasant to take; they soothe
the irritable stomach, strengthen and
invigoratthe digestive organs, promote
a healthy and natural bowel action, im
mediately relieve nausea and all stomach
irritation, produce perfect and healthy
digestion and assimilation, and promote
A 26o. package of Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets furnishes 15 days' treatment.' In
ordinary cases, this is sufficient to pro
duce a cure. In more chronic cases, a
longer treatment, of course, is necessary,
and depends upon the severity of the
trouble. For such cases, we have two
larger sizes which'sell for 45c and 89c
Pollock & Co. the druggists on the cor
ner. Advertised Letters.
Following is a list of unclaimed mail
matter remaining in the post office at
Columbus, Nebraska, for the period end
ing November 25, 1908:
Letters Miss Lillian Brown, J D
Calkins, Mrs. James James, Carl Mol
berg. Oberg& Johnson, Charley Ban
dell, Miss Margaret Williams, Clifford
Cards J D Calkins, Axel Johnson,
Miss Blanch Johnson, J H Walters, Miss
Edith Walker.
Parties calling for any of the above
will please say advertised.
Oakl Kbamto, P. M.
Card of Thanks.
In this public manner the surviving
relatives of the late John G. Becher
desire to acknowledge their debt of
gratitude, and to offer their earnest
thanks to all who were so kind and help
ful during the last illness of our beloved
one. Mrs. John G. Bkchkr,
For Aiiii the Rx&attvks.
Marriage Licemses.
William N. Burton, Columbus 32
Hazel E. Smith, Columbus 18
George C. Siebken, Albion 27
LydiaJ. Reed,' Omaha . 32
Alvin G. Lneschen, Columbus 88
Gertrude Elias, Columbus 19
For Sale.
One yearling Polled Shorthorn bull
and two Polled Shorthorn bull calves.
Will be large enough for service next
summer. Albert Strhqer.
Entitled to Admission.
Rev. Edward Everett Hale, chaplain
of the senate, went over to the state
department a abort time ago to see
Secretary Root He didn't know it
waa diplomatic day at the department,
when only diplomatists are received
during certain hours.
He started to go Into Secretary
Roofs oflce wham a- messenger
stopped kJam.
"Are yon a foreign safsJeter?"
We," reeled Dr. Male, T sen a do-
jT 1
.rw j. -c m
Colonial Holidays
rlEopeaaie- I
place, the I
die loutiag chat- I
aak, the jhale oil
leighbelU the
the podoi barn
the quaiat, old
china, the family
2ver brought boa
iUhklBg place! The
pride ia that abctl
And now year
(amfly aim? b it
thebMNtie old
Iowa of Newbsty.
port, Massachs
setts? If so, roe
have eqeal pride
This spleadki
pattern m Stan
ing Silver re
fects all the court
ly grace aaddtg
aky with which
your great-great-grandske
led the
codlUoa or dis
pensed the hospi
tabies ofthe feast
Are you pre
pared for your
Holiday carriag?
We propose a
bird set ia the I
-Coloaial" lor
yoar own use, or
4W Ana sKCCpCsVMO -,
gift. Made a
conplete table
Jeweler and Optician.
It Looked Uneseapable.
The barber paused In his fretwork
operations. "Will you have a close
shave, sir?" he asked.
"It looks like It," returned the vic
tim, moodily. "At present the odds
against my getting out of this chair
alive seem very heavy indeed." Lon
don Globe. :
VCtOC('?ShbbkSbrw "V "Zfi
of Council Bluffs, Iowa, will conduct a dem
onstration on hogs, showing the different
diseases to which they are subject, on next
Saturday, Nov. 28, 1908,
at 2:00 o'clock p. m., at the office of
the local agents, the
(11 West Eleventh St.
We have moved
our store from
the old location
to the Terasinski
corner, Eleventh
and Olive street,
where we have a
much nicer room
and can display
goods to better
Peruvian Women fteplaee Somber
Headgear with Colors.
As the visitors from the American
feet went, about in Lima., one change,
national in character, impressed itself
upon them immediately. Every writer
on. Peru haa. commented on the fact
that the headdress of the women, worn
universally, is the black manta. It is
said that a relic that has come
down from the Incas when they put on
mourning for their great chief Atahu
alpa. Rich and poor have worn that
headdress on the street for centuries.
It waa an established institution.
Well, it is going. About one-half of
the women, some of them In good cir
cumstances evidently, wore mantas on
the streets, but as for the rest well,
a man haa no business to write about
women's hats. All that this man can
aay is that he never saw more das
sling specimens of flower gardens
than those bobbing around over the
graceful drapery with which the Peru
vian women adorn themselves.
Thus does fashion war successfully
upon established custom. The Peru
vian woman loves a beautiful hat just
as much as any other woman on earth.
Moreover, what ia said about her sur
passing beauty Is true. Given great
beauty and the love of a hat on the
part of a woman what chance has a
black manta got? The manta has got
to go and is going. Truly this Is a
world of change and there are those
who will aay, it is one of decay, but
let no one breathe that In a fashion
able millinery shop in Lima.
Another Joke.
Down the street he dashed with his
hair flying In the breeze.
"The bitter end!" he shouted wild
ly. 'The bitter end!"
"He's going to jump off the bridge!"
shouted one of his pursuers.
"Catch him!" yelled another.
And after a dozen men had tumbled
over one another trying to round him
up they found him calm and smiling.
"What's the matter with you?" they
"Nothing." he responded mildly.
"Well, what about the bitter end?"
"Here it is, gentlemen. The end of
a Pittsburg stogie. I am selling these
stogies to-day at ten cents for five
and with each stogie you get a genu
ine Chile diamond"
But 20 determined men rushed him
and his stogies down into the tunnel
and left him. Chicago News.
The Amenity ef Tennyson.
An American young lady the
daughter of an ambassador who was
exceedingly anxious to meet the lau
reate, was given the chance to fulfill
her eager hope one night at a soiree.
After she had been introduced to him
the following dialogue began:
Tennyson You are American?
Girl Yes.
Tennyson You know Walt Whit
man? Girl No.
Tennyson Then you don't know
the only man worth knowing In
Whereupon the laureate turned
away and the Interview was over.
The Conservator.
For Fathers and Children.
Clubwomen at Orange, N. J., are to
build a $56,000 clubhouse, which Is to
be a meeting place, not only for the
mothers, but for the fathers and chil
dren, too, according ! the plans of the
ladies. The clubhouse of the women
of Los Angeles cost $20,000.
Will Have Plenty of Water.
When New York city's Catskill
aqueduct Is completed the city will
have water enough for a population of
7,000,000, without any cause for anx
iety. Not as of Old.
It Is a rare mother who will tell her
children that she married their father
for love's sake, and then fail to add,
"bat he has changed." Atchison
It Is difficult to understand how the
young man with the turned-up trousers
and the striped hat band can be as
foolish as he looks. Chicago Record
Herald. Holland's Fishermen.
Holland conducts its famous herring
fishery with a fleet of about 750 ships
perhaps 45 of them steamboats
and only 10,000 men.
In Scarecrow's Pocket.
On an allotment garden at Ash
bourne, Derbyshire, robins built and
reared a nest of young ones in the
breast pocket of a scarecrow.
City Growing Fast.
At the prevailing Increase in popu
lation New Tork city will he the home
ef ll.t0t.Mt persona la 1932.
New Fall and Winter
llE ANNOUNCE to the people of Coliim-
bus and vicinity that our NEW FALL
and WINTER stock of dry goods is now
complete and we are showing one of the
largest and best selected stocks of merchan
dise in the city. Consisting of DRESS
GOODS in all the latest styles and novelties.
Also a complete line of staple dry goods.
Ladies' Cloaks, Ladies' Dress Skirts,
Ladies' Underwear, Ladies' Neckwear
Ladies' Collars, Ladies' Belts and
Pocket Books, Ladies' Kid Gloves
- - Carpets and Rugs, Blankets and
Comforts, Gent's Underwear,
Gent's Shoes, Furnishing
Goods, Gent's Hats and
Caps, Gents' Neckwear
GallaMi lisfOTImt Urn Im I let Meat
Men's and Boys9 Clothing
We are going out of the CLOTHING BUSINESS
and in order to close out this line we are making excep
tionally low prices on Men's and Boys' Clothing, Overcoats
We have some specially good bargains in Overcoats and
Suits it will pay you to call and get our prices.
Agent for Standard Patterns
J. H. Galley
505 1 1th St. Columbus, Neb.
Naming the Baby.
The naming of a baby is considered
important even among people whom
we are apt to regard as uncivilized,
And, curiously enough, these very
folk contrive to avoid the arguments
that so often ensue when father and
mother disagree over whether the lit
tie stranger shall be called Jack or
Marmaduke, Priscilla or Jane.
The Mahometan father and mother
each write the choice of a name on a
slip of paper and place both in the
Koran. Whichever slip is drawn first
Is the name given to the child.
A pretty Egyptian custom Is to light
three candles, naming each after a
god or some exalted personage. The
child is called after the candle which
burns longest
Hindu mothers name their children,
paterfamilias not having a word to
say in the matter. The naming cere
mony usually takes place when the
baby is about 13 days old, and a flower
name Is usually chosen.
Chinese girls are simply numbered
one, two, or three, until they reach
years of discretion, when they are al
lowed to choose a name for them
selves. The boys, however, are given
a temporary name until they are 20,
when pa decides what magnificent ap
pellation they shall rejoice in for the
rest of their lives. N. Y. Weekly.
Ignorance of the Bible.
Biblical allusions, which permeate
our literature, touch no responsive
chord in the majority of college stu
dents nowadays, writes Prof. W. L.
Cross, in Education. Though some of
them are fairly familiar with names
like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Samson,
David and Daniel, very few know any
thing about the lives of these men as
related in the scriptures. Not long
ago, to recall an extreme case, not one
of 40 students under mv instruction
Great Opportunities for
Investments in le Northwest
WRITE for booklets and information in regard
to this territory then go there and see
for yourself what can be done in the states of
Oregon, Washington
and Idaho
When you go be sure your tickets read
Side trip, daring season, to Yellowstone Park, at low rate on all
through tickets. Ask about the Alaska-Yukon Pacific
Exposition at Seattle, Wash., 1909. Inquire of
could quite place Judas Iscariot; and a
venerable colleague of miae discov
ered a Jew amoBg the seniors who had
never heard of Moses. To lift the bur
den of this ignorance, several colleges
have recently incorporated parts of
the Old Testament Into their most
elementary courses in English with
great success from the standpoint
both of the student and of the Instruc
tor. But a knowledge of the Bible ob
viously belongs to an earlier stsge
than this. It is a pity that political
and religious considerations stand in
the way of introducing into the pub
lic schools an available body of splen
did literature. Fortunately- politics
and prejudice cannot hamper many of
the large preparatory schools.
Her Sublime Admiration.
"Oh. dear, will you look at It again?
sighed Mrs. Howard Newcome la an
ecstasy of bliss. "Isn't it magnificent?
Turn this way now. A side glance
brings out the traditional beauty. I
have never seen anything so perfectly
exquisite. Dear, do come over here and
look at it from this view. One would
never believe that such a lovely thing
existed in the world. The perspective
is simply grand. How inspiring and
noble. Here is another view from the
right. Doesn't it show off even to bet
ter advantage? I am simply entranced
with admiration."
What is Mrs. Newcome looking at?
Some masterpiece in a picture gal
lery? No, indeed. It is an old kitchen chair
she purchased at a second-hand store,
which she thinks is a "genuine an
tique." -The Bohemian.
The Unknown.
Blessed ten times is the man whose
nearest neighbors do not know sis
name nor where he lives. ,
Sicaal Fretetiear
te Travel;
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JIH.".I'N"' "' mii ni in, ii mill m. Will mmimwnmmitifmmMmgammmmmmaammrrf2SKCtU.
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