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Heart Disease Among Children.
There is more heart disease in New
York city than ever before, and it is
showing itself amoag the children to
ma alarming extent The health de
pertinents reports 1,234 deaths from
heart weaknesses among children dur
ing their formative period.
Keeping One's Promise.
It is a good rule always to keep
yoar word. If you make an engage
ment, keep it; if you say you will do
a thiag. do it, and let it be known
that you are sincere in your promises.
The Sympathy of Friendship.
It m sublime to feel and say of an
other, I need never meet, or speak, or
write to him; we need not re-cnfbrce
ourselves or send tokens of remem
brance; I rely on him as on myself; if
he did tbus or this, I know it was
right Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Kind Mn!
"Don't follow me, pup," said the
good' natured man to the lost dog. "I
haven't any more home than you have.
I live in a flat" Louisville Courier
'Journa. Beatles of Gorse.
No one who sees a common or hill
side covered with gorsc in fall flower
can fail to appreciate its beauty, and
we can well understand such plant lov
ers as Linnaeus and Dillenius going
into ecstasies of delight, as they are
reported to have done, when such &
sight first burst on their view after be
ing acquainted with the plant from bo
tanioal material only.
Character Shapes Our Lives.
Wo cannot divide our work from
.ourselves, nor isolate our future from
our qualities. A ship might as well try
to .sail north with her jib and south
with her mainsail a sa man to go one
way in conduct and other way in char
acter. What we do belongs to what
we are, and what we are is what be
comes of us. Henry Van Dyke.
Never Satisfied.
Make a man a present of a four
cylinder automobile, and the probabil
ities are that he will regret that it
isn't a six-cylinder affair.
The Long Climb.
It is said that a man begins to go
dpwn hill at 40. but a good many peo
ple '.find that the uphil climb begins
'-at- that age.
Daily Thought.
Peace in this life springs from ac
quiescence even In disagreeable
things, not In exemption in bearing
them. Fenelon.
Ths Average Woman.
The.avorage woman considers It a
compliment if she told she resem
bles -an actress. Atchison Globe.
Human Nature.
'Tis with our judgments as our
watches: none are just alike, yet each
believes his own. Pope.
' Keep It in Your Mind.
Make yourself a sheep and
wolves will eat you. Italian.
Laundry work at home would bo
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appcaranpe, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trou
ble can be entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch, as it can be applied
much more thinly because of its great
er strength than other makes.
Imperfections of the Perfect.
My studies of people have led me to
the conclusion that the high and lofty
soul has a good bit of the hypocrite
in his composition. London Outlook.
The Man Who "Knows Better."
In the relationship between the
architect and client when the client
"bosses the job." the result is unsatis
factory. Builders' Journal.
"Handsome Iss" is not always as
handsome as one is photographed.
We pritid our own In
visible bifocal lenses.
There is no cement
tc tlake-or nclr lines to blur the vision. Out
eoliJ piece of glass. Ask to see tliem. Free
'examination. HCTESON OPTICAL CO.,
Exclusive Opticians. 213 Sonth Ifitb Street,
"Omaha, Nebraska. Factory on premises.
YiioIeale and Retail.
Omaha Directory
Wbelnal acd retail
4ralrr in v.rytMac fcr
aamtlcxaxns table, inclulicf Fin Im-
awct4 Tabli Itelirc!-. If Ultra ta ar
JittU itr 70a are scaMe to obtain la yoar Bona Tow,
writs oa lor pri:a en use, aa m-e will be aura to strait.
Mail ord-s carefully filled.
COURTNEY a CO.. Osaka. Nebr.
AulabautfrTs complete
catalogue will show
you what you want.
D:;t . 1503 DoucIm St. OKAHA.
&C Crnbaif 401-433 South 15th St.
C onUK.en omaha. Nebraska
mm ft js of all kinds, direct from
I" I I ar maker to -wearer. Save
PJ b PI aF tUe middle man's proiit.
1517 Dotglas St., OMAHA, HEB.
Reliable Dentistry at Msaerale Prices.
H lit PAX I UN Eoropean Plan
Koosns from $1.00 np Rlnjrle. 75 cents up double.
Irr mall at cat prices. Send for free catalogue. ,
. . Lssfc-s&i ". . frfS-KfrJ' - .--.
rOmOkW V7fS9tf
fjg! V'o
i -1.
w i
V' Br
Giles Dudley arrived in San Francisco
to Join his friend and distant relative
Henry Wilton, whom he was to assist
in an important and mysterious &'
and who accompanied Dudley on the
Terry boat trip into the city. The re
markable resemblance of the two men
is noted and commented on by passen
gers on the f.-rrw Tliey see a man with
snake eyes, which sends a thrill through
Dudley. Wilton postpones an explanation
of the strange errand Dudley is to per
form, but occurrences cause him to
knew It is one of no ordinary meaning.
Dudley is summoned to the morgue and
there finds the dead body of his friend.
Henry Wilton. And thus Wilton dies
without ever explaining to Dudley the
puzzling work he was to perform in San
Kranciseo. In order to discover the se
cret mission his friend had entrusted to
iiitn, Dudley continue his disguise and
permits himself to be known as Henry
Wilton. He learns that there' is a boy
whom he is charged with secreting and
jirotecting. Dudley, mistaken for Wil
ton, Is employed !v Knapp to assist
In a stock brokerage deal. Giles Dudley
tinds himself closeted In a room with
Mother Borton who makes a confidant
of him. He can learn nothing about the
mysterious bov further than that it is
Tim Terrill and Darby Meeker who are
after him. Dudlev visits the home of
Knapp and is stricken by the beauty of
I.uella. his daughter. Slumming tour
through Chinatown Is planned. The trip
to Chinatown. Giles Dudley learns that
the party is being shadowed by Terrill.
I.uella and Dudley are eut off from
the rest of the party and imprison
ed in a hallway behind an Iron-bound
door. Three Chinese ruffians approach the
imprisoned couple. A battle ensues. One
Is knocked down. Giles begins firing. Tim
Terrill is seen in the mob. A newly form
ed mob is checked by shots from Giles
revolver. Policeman Corson breaks down
the door with an ax and the couple is
rescued. I.uella thanks Giles Dudley for
yaving her life. Knapp appears at the
office with no traces of the previous
night's debauch. Following his instruc
tions Dudlev has a notable day in the
Slock Exchange, selling Crown Diamond
and buving Omega, the object being to
crush Decker. Knapp's hated rival. Dudley
discovers that he loves Luella Knapp.
.Mother Borton tells Giles Dudley that
"they've discovered where 'the boy' is."
The mvsterious unknown woman employ
er of Dudley meets him by appointment
with "the boy" who is turned over to
Dudlev with his guards and they drive
with him to the ferry boat to take a train
out of the city.
CHAPTER XXII. Continued.
The train had not gathered headway
before a man bent beside me, and
Abrams' voice spoke softly in my ear.
"There are two of 'em aboard,"
"Yes? Where did you find them? 1
"In the stoke hole. 1 hid behind a
bench till every one had gone and saw
"em crawl out. They bribed a fireman
or deckhand or some one to keep 'em
under cover. They got off the boat
at the last minute and I sneaked after
"And they're on the train?"
"Yes, three cars back next to the
sleepers. Shall we chuck 'em over
board as soon as we get out of Oak
land?" "Not unless we are attacked." I re
turned. "Just sit down by the rear
door and give the signal if they come
this way. There'll be no trouble if
;hey are only two."
We reached Livennore at near 11
o'clock, without further iucident than
,i report from Abrams that the spies
of the enemy got off the train at every
station and watched for our landing.
Yet when we stood on the platform of
the bare little station at Livermore
and saw the yellow cars crawling
away on their eastward journey, we
looked in vain for the men who had
tracked us.
"Fooled, by thunder!" said Fitzhugh
with a laugh in which the others
joined. "They're off for Sacramento."
"They'll have to earn their money
to find us there," said Abrams.
The gray day had become grayer,
and the wind blew fresh in our faces
with the smell of rain heavy upon it
as we sought the hotel. It was a
bare country place, yet the trees grew
by the hotel and there were vines
climbing about its side and it looked
as though we might be comfortable
for a day, should be have to stay there
so long.
"Plenty of room." said the landlord,
rubbing his hands.
"We wish a large room, you know,
where we can be together." I said,
"and sleeping rooms adjoining."
"Here's just the place for you," said
the landlord, taking the way to the end
of the upper hall and throwing open
a double door. "This is the upstairs
parlor, but I can let you have it.
There's this large bedroom opening off
it the corner bedroom, sir and this
small one here at this side opens into
the parlor and the hall. Perhaps you
would like this other, too."
"This is enough for our comfort," I
assured h1m.
"There'll be a fire here in a minute,"
said the landlord, regarding the miser
able little stove with an eye of satis
faction that I attributed to its eco
nomical proportions.
"This is good enough," said Lock
hart, looking about approvingly at
the prim horsehair furniture that gave
an awesome dignity to the parlor.
"Beats our quarters below hollow,"
said Fitzhugh. "And no m ed to have
your gun where you can srab it when
the first man says boo!"
"Don't get that idea into your head."
said I. "Just be ready for anything!
that comes We" re out of the
woods yet. by a long way."
"They've gone on to Sacramento."
.laughed Fitzhugh: and the others
nodded in sympathy.
"Indeed?" I said. "How many of
you could have missed seeing a party
of nine get off at a way-station on this
There was si'' nee.
"If there's anyone here who thinks
he would have missed us when he was
set to look for us, just let him speak
up. I continued with good-natured i
raillery- j
"I guess you're right." said Fitzhush. I
i ney coulan t have missed se : a ,
"Exactly. A-rl they're net off fcr
Sacramento, aJ not far from Liver
more." "Well, they're on!r two," said Lock
hart. ta-iW.ww- - --' a . - .j&kWiJ&!
xST- A carvmsffzsos
"How long will it take to get a doz
en more up here?" I asked.
"There's a train to Nlles about
noon," said one of the men. "They
could get over from there in an hour
or two more by hard riding."
"The Los Angeles train comes
through about dark," said another.
"I think, gentlemen," said I politely,
"that we'd best look out for our de
fenses. There's likely to be a stromy
evening, I should judge."
-Well." growled Wainwright. "we
can look out for ourselves as well as
the next fellow."
"IT there's,, bloody crowns going
round, the other gang will get its
share," said Fitzhugh. And the men
about me nodded.
I was cheered to see that they need
ed nobody to do their fighting, how
ever advisable it might he to do their
thinking by deputy.
"Very good," I said. "Now I'll just
look about the town a bit. You may
come with me, if you please, Fitz
hugh." "Yes, sir."
"And Abrams and Lockhart may go
scouting if they like."
Abrams and Lockhart thought they
would like.
"Better keep together," I continued.
"What's the earliest time any one
could get here?"
"Two o'clock if they drove over."
"I'll be around here by that time.
You. Abrams, can look out for the
road and see who comes into town."
"All right, sir," said Abrams. "There
won't anybody get in here without I
catch sight of him."
Lockhart nodded his assent to the
boast, and after cautioning the men
who were left behind we sallied forth.
The town was a straggling, not un
pleasing count ry place. The business
street, was depressing with it stores
closed and its saloons open. In the
residence streets I was better pleased.
Man had done little, but nature was
prodigal to make up for his omissions.
The buildings were poor and flimsy,
but in the middle of December the
flowers bloomed, vines were green,
bushes sent forth their leaves and the
beauty of the scene even under the
leaden skies and rising gale made it a
delight to the eye.
"Not much of a place," said Fitz
hugh. looking disdainfully at the build
ings. "Hello! Here's Dick Thatcher.
How are you. Dick? It's a year of
Sundays that I haven't seen you. This
is er a friend of mine, Thatcher
you needn't mention that you've seen
"We needn't be strangers to Mr.
Thatcher," I laughed. "My name is
Wilton. Of course you won't mention
our business."
"Oh. no, Mr. Wilton," said Thatcher,
impressed, and shifting the quid of to
bacco in his lantern jaws. "Of course
"'And you needn't say anything of
our being here at all." I continued.
'It might spoil the trade."
"Mum's the word." said Thatcher.
"I'll not let a soul know till you say
'Let "er go.' O Lord! I hope the trade
goes through. We want a lot mere
capital here."
Mr. Thatcher began to scratch
head and to expectorate tobacco juice
copiously, and I suspected he was
wondering what the secret might be
that he was not to betray. So I made
haste to say:
"Is this stable yours?"
"Y?3. sir." said Thatcher eagerly.
"I've been running it nigh on two
years now."
"Pretty good business, eh, Dick?"
said Fitzhugh, looking critically about.
"Nothin' to brag on." said Thatcher
disparagingly. "You don't make a
tortune running a livery stable in
these parts times are too hard."
- ,1friJ. -; v.jj-:a rt" ? .'teK. ?-' fl.;;
' VHhJeE
And then Mr. Thatcher unbent, and
between periods of vigorous mastica
tion at his cud, introduced us to his
horses and eagerly explained the ad
vantages that his stable possessed
over any other this side of Oakland.
"Very good," I said. "We may want
something in your line later. We can
find you here at any time, I suppose."
"O Lord, yes. I live here days and
sleep here nights. But if yon want to
take a look at the property
gets a wetting you'll have to be pretty
My suggestion of a trade had misled
the worthy stableman into the impres
sion that I was considering the pur
chase of real estate.
"Ill see about it," I said.
"There's a big rain coming on, sure,"
he said warningly, as we turned back
to the hotel. '
It was a little after 1 o'clock, but as
we approached our quarters Lockhart
came running toward me.
"What is it?" I asked, as he panted,
out of breath.
"There's a special train just come
in." he said; "an engine and one car.
It's at the station now."
"So? Did any of our friends come
on it?"
"Abrams has gone down to find out."
"Come along then." said I. "We'll
see what is to be seen."
A Piece of Strategy.
A few idlers were on the platform
of the station as we approached with
much apparent unconcern, our hands
in our overcoat pockets where the
weapons lay.
"Where's the train?" I asked, look
ing at the bare track.
"Yonder," grunted a native, point
ing his thumb lazily up the road where
the engine lay by the watering tank,
slaking its thirst.
"Well, just let mo and Lockhart
walk ahead," said Fitzhugh gruffly, as
'u4BS- TWO OF 2?Tj45mECl'
we started along the track. "I
shouldn't have the first idea what we
was here for if you was to be knocked
Fitzhugh could not be much more in
the dark on this point than I, but I let
him have his way. If some one was
to be shot, I was ready to resign my
claim to the distinction in favor of the
first comer.
There were perhaps a score of peo
ple about the car.
"There's Abrams," said Lockhart.
"There's no danger.-then," said Fitz
hugh with a grin. "See, he's beckon
ing to us."
We hastened forward eagerly.
Rudely Aroused Oriental Made
Indignant Protest.
The American traveler who endeav
ors to hasten the comfortably gaited
oriental against Its wish soon comes
to a halt That was the experience of
"A Woman Alone in the Heart of
Japan." "Make the rlkman hurry. I
have a date and can't wait here all
day," she said to the "h-ss rikman" at
the station. He blaz-.l like a fiery
dragon. "Veil, you ge: so mad, you
no can wait for dis, you go find 'nod
der riksha," he said. She answered
very meekly: "Dear friend, you do not
know me. I am not the least bit mad.
This, is only a gentle A lerican hustle.
If you want me to be ual mad, I will
show you the difference-." "Veil, you
vas almos' mad." he insisted. "You
seem jus like mad when you say
"No can wait; raus' have riksha
quick; hurry up!" Youth's Compan
ion. Brigand's New Means of Extortion.
Even cremation has been made to
subserve the purposes of the brigand
in a manner in which those interested
ought to take note. At Strasburg
there is a crematorium with a depos
itory for urn attached. From this
place there disappeared some days
.ago the urn containing the ashes of
two members of a wealthy family
named Berle. The police have been
quite unable to obtain any clue but
the family were called up by tele
phone the other evening and notified
j that the restoration of the urn would j
cost them 5,003. London Globe.
-3Ss:i.W' -ua
"What is it?" I asked.
"There's no one here," said Abrams,
with a puzzled look.
I went forward to the engine. The
engineer was as close-mouthed as
though words were going at a dollar
apiece and the market bounding up
ward. When I tried to question the
fireman the engineer recovered his
tongue and .had so many orders to be
attended to that my words were lost
in a rattle of coal and clang of iron.
And the engine, having drunk its
fill, changed its labored breathing to a
hissing and swishing of steam that
sent the hot, vapor far on both sides,
and then gathering speed, puffed its
swift way back the road by which it
had come, leaving the car deserted on
a siding.
"Here's a go!" cried Fitzhugh. "A
regular puzzler!"
"The first thing is to to visit the
telegraph office at once," said I.
The operator was just locking his
little room in the station as wo came
up. '
"No, sir, no telegrams," he said;
"none for anybody."
"That Is a new way of running
trains," I said with a show of indif
ference, nodding toward the empty
"Oh, there was a party came up,"
said the agent; "a dozen fellows or
more. Bill said they took a fancy to
get off a mile or more down here, and
as they were an ugly-looking crew "he
didn't say anything to stop them."
"I don't see what they can be doing
up In this part of the countr3r," I re
turned .innocently.
"I guess they know their business
anyway, it's none of mine," said the
agent. "Do you go in here, sir? Well,
it will save you from a wetting."
We had been walking toward the
hotel, and the chatty agent left us
under its veranda just as the light
drops began to patter down in the dust
of the road, and to dim the outlines of
the distant hills.
The home guard of our party re
ceived the news' calmly.
Wainwright had established a
modus vlvendi with his young charge
and I saw that be managed to get a
word out of him now and then. I had
to abandon the theory that the boy
was dumb, but I suspected that it was
fear rather than discretion that bird
led his tongue.
"Do you think the gang have got
into town?" asked one.
"They'll have wet jackets If they are
on the road," I returned, looking at
the rain outside.
"Hadn't we better find out?" in
quired Wainwright.
"Are you in a hurry?" I asked in
turn. "The landlord has promised to
send up a good dinner in a few min
ues." "But you see "
"Yes, I-see," I interrupted. "I see
this that they are here, that there
are a dozen or more of them, and that
they are ready for any deviltry. What
more can we find out by roaming over
tho country?"
Wainwright nodded his agreement
with me.
"And then," I continued "they won't
try to do anything until after dark
not before the middle of the night. I
should say or until the townspeople
have gone to bed."
"You're right, sir," said Abrams. "A
dark night and a clear field suits that
gang best."
"Well, here's the dinner," said I;
"so you can make yourselves easy.
Porter, you may keep an eye on the
stairway, and Brown may watch from
the windows. The rest of us will fall
In the midst of the meal Portoi
came in.
"Darby Meeker's in the office be
low," he announced.
"Very good," I said. "Just take
Fitzhugh and Wilson with you and ask
Mr. Meeker to join us."
The men looked blank. Porter was
the first to speak.
"You don't mean "
"I mean to bring him up here," I
said blandly, rising from the table.
"I suppose, though, it's my place as
host to do the honors."
"No no," came in chorus from tho
"CGnie on. Porter Fitzhugh Wil
son," I said: and then added sharply
"sit down, the rest of you! We don
need a regiment to ask a man to din
The others sank back into their
seats and the three I had named fol
lowed me meekiy down the hall and
French Scientist Advocates the Mark
ing of Murderers.
A French scientist has made a re
markable proposal in regard to the
punishment of murderers In France.
Ke is of the opinion that neither guil
lotining nor life imprisonment is an
adequate or suitable punishment for
murder. The guillotine, he points out,
inflicts absolutely no suffering on the
criminal, who is probably a man whe
has passed his life in inflicting suffer'
ing on others. As to life imprison
inent, it entails a heavy expense to. the
country and generally reduces the
prinoner to insanity. He suggests,
therefore,, that such criminals shall be
branded on the face with a redhot
iron and then released. The branding,
he thinks, should oe done in public,
the "M," s!gnifying meurtrier. the
French word for murderer, being
stamped as an ineradicable mark on
the forehead of the criminal. He would
thus bear about to the end of hi3 days
the mark of his crime, and be a con
stant warning to his kind.
Watching the "Kids."
A sign displayed in front of a New
York department store is the delight
of mothers and incidentally the Inno
vation has increased the rush at the
store's bargain counters. The store
employs a fatherly-looking man to
stand outside and watch the young
hopefuls while the mothers wage bat
tle with each other in front nt tho
counters. The scheme has proved a
great success. 4
. a ..
ev mdvU3f 7H
Judge Dp yon understand the na
ture of an oath?
She I'm a telephone girl, judge.
Prrperty owners should know how
to prove the purity and quality of
white lead, the most important paint
ingredient, before paying for it To
all who write, National Lead Co., the
largest manufacturers of pure white
lead, send a free outfit with which to
make a simple and sure test of white
lead, and also a free book about paint.
Their address is Woodbridge Bldg.,
New York City.
Aptly Defined.
A woman in a town lying under the
Rockies was much distressed at hear
ing a small clique in her town refer
to themselves as the "smart set" She
appealed to an ex-United States sena
tor and asked him what he understood
by the term "the smart set" He re
plied: "I think I can give you an ink
ling. In the eastern part of Colorado
and the western part of Nebraska
there is a large tract of land known as
the 'rain belt It never rains there-".
State or Ohio Crrr or Toledo. 1
Lccas coustt. f
FUxx J. CiiENZY makes oath that he to senior
partner of the firm of F. J. Chzney & Co.. doing
badness In the City of Toledo. County and state
aforesaid, and that said arm will pay the sum of
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and rvrry
ease of Catarbh that cannot be eared by the use of
Hall's Catamh Cur.
Sworn to before me sad snbarribsd hi my presence,
this eth day of December. A. D- 1886.
Notary Puma
Hall's Catarrh Core Is taken Internally and acts
directly upon the biood and mucous surfaces of the
system. itnd for testimonial, free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo. O
8old by all Druggists. 75c
Take Hail's Family Pills for eonsUpaUoa.
The Intelligent Witness.
"What was he doing when you saw
him?" asked the judge of the witness.
"Well, sir, yer honor, ef I don't dls
remember, he wuz a-raisin' of the
devil an' a-doin of nothia:" Atlanta
If Your Eyes Bother You
get a box of PETT1TS EYE SALVE, ok
reliable, most successful eye remedy made.
All druggists or Howard Bros., Buffalo, N.Y.
Majesty of the Law.
Law kept Is only law; law broken
Is both law and execution. Meandor. j
Smokers have to call for Lewis' Single
Binder cigar to get it. Your dealer or
Lewis' Factory. Peoria. HI.
Tbe hand can never execute any
thing higher than the character can
aspire. Emerson.
& buy Furs & Hides. Write for cataloz 105
N. V. Hide &. Fur Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
To plead that anything is excus
able is to admit that it is wrong.
Those Tired. Achlnr Feet of Yonr
Seed Allen's F. ot.Kjivo. 2oe at your Ln:iatiU'8
Write A S. Olmst. d. I.e itoy.N. Y.. tor sample.
He who hesitates much will accom
plish little. Von Moltke.
i Mr. Wlnslow'n Kootbtac !yrnp.
'Tor children teethinir, ro'f tens the crnn, reuucea fn
flamination.aiUjspain.cureswliUcoUu. 22cabottie.
If you have anything to do, do it;
don't loaf on the job.
FARMS FOR RENT or sale on crop n.iy
ments. J. MULHALL, Sioux City, la.
One cannot quarrel if the other will
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 40, 1908.
This Is What
Catches Me!
IGox. Ono-Thlrd More Starch.
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Starch, like everything else,-1 is b
ing constantly improved, the patent
Starches put ea. the. market 25 yearSj
ago are very different and inferior b
those of the present tday. In the lat
est discovery Defiance Starch an la
jurious chemicals are omitted; white
the addition of another ingredient. In
vented by us. gives to the Starch a
strength and smoothness never ap
proached by other brands. (
Almost any man can marry' money
If he is willing to take a widow older
than -he is along with it
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Smokers appreciate the quality value of
Lewis' Single Binder cipar. Your dealt
or 'Lewis Factory, Peoria, 111. "-' i
If you don't get the hast of it,
the best of it
. This woman says Iydi K.
Plnkham's Vegetable Compotmsl
saved her life. Bead her letter.
Mrs. T. GL Willadsen, of Manning,
Iowa, mites to Mrs. Pinkham:
" I can truly say that Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound saved my
life, and 1 cannot express my gratitude
to you in words. For years I suffered
with the worst forms of female com
plaints, continually doctoring' and
spending' lots of money for medicino
without help. I wrote you for advice,
followed it as directed, and took Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
it has restored me to perfect health.
Had it not been for you I should have
been in my grave to-c ay. I wish every
suffering woman would try it."
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink
ham's Yegefcjblp Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been tho
standard remedy for female ills,
andhas positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bear-ins-down
feeling, flatulency,indiges
tion,(lizziness,ornervous prostration.
Wiry don't you try it t
Mrs. Pinklu-'lA iuvitcs &11 sick
women to write her for advice.
She has raided thotisamls to
health. Address, Lyna, Mass.
Positively cared Jay
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edy for Dlxzlneiw, Nan
sesk, Drowsiness, Ba4
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ed ToBgne, Pain in th
They regulate toe Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
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Ui;;;:; TfatntpsM's Eye Water
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Electrotypes I
73 W. Adams St, Chicago lt
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No premiums, but oncihird
more starch, than you get of
other Brands, Try it now, lor
hot or cold starching it haa na