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ConsoUdated wi th the Columbus Times April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argvu JTanuary 1, 1906.
THlr-iftN!rH A&V NUMBER -2.
NUMBER 1,900.
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MrrWi'- bbV-bV eBBV
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Did You Ever
' "Ho'w"'eMy' it tb for-a taember-'-r
'. hi'-the .aeodation-tuf-Uortdw "
-".ikoijey qn "tfe.,fitoc!k, Willi '
-'of jjpodi.- 'It puis -him.- io'.'a . ,
4Ksiti'n tb'buy ' fiis, iriefijhan:-:" . -
;. dis TOR GftftH; When- .Up. .J
- -." sella bis jtoods,ff hje. deaireB.'.he'
..:.tnay repay, the. th"e" ;
-Bttildihir jkasociiatifln. --Try:
'-placing-? 00 6r.?6;d0.a'-w:e6k , .--..'ltfaSne?
fS" of tbe Colnnjbfts".
-Xand.'Loan aqd' Building-As-: .
. sofiiatioD.'- See -flenry" "' Hod?-;-.'"
.enberRer, Secretary... :.- .'," .':
IBecher, "
Hockenberjger 4c.
4 m .. ff "
: -.Wheat . ..
p 4 a ss.
JKV0 .
. ' . '
.,' Corn. : .".. ..-
-- -. .
.. Barley:.:.'...V
:. " Hog; top:....
lHf t V"
"t 4fl
'.Files of the Journal April 15,1874. .'
v" 'Messrs- Moree and North -hae. been
' maklng-preparationa for the livery bttsi-
aCsa.- Ux. North has been. ti Hftmbsrg,
Iowa,' and has- purchased" .sotte -good.
'horaes. and on hia return lck a. -good
iJ'rifiZ' Good horses and good rigs will.
'oommapd'patroTiage. .. .'"7. ";.""" " .
' Afe'w.dayago a.'yonngnian of Boone
: opunty wa? put iiun ting prairie chickens'
.. anU. accidentally diaoUjicgdd his guii.
''-tearing away the index HngeroJ;' his left
hand, at.tbe' middle joint. -.He: irocle.'tO.
',:a distance' : of -fbrfy . mitef ;
'Where Dt, r Boneiteel .perfornWthe
..'amputation. .". .-.""' '.?
-The Hook and.liadder trii'ck hsalbejith!
. finiehed by Schroeder and' UoppSafahd.
. itp'reseBiaaiaeajvearanosL; Nsxtwss
"Ve shall give a'list of the 'donors whose.
"money has been- pjud on--the trutk.-
. There will be 50ot$G0 behind, and it
ia "desired that this amount be ddaabdd'
before the report' "ispnblMhed.";Tiii
.. .company-has -been to a good deal bf ex-
- mamt
-: penseMtiore than,- as '.todiTidaals;. they
, :LlJr he.r: -We commend the action-
v -:" of tbe boys in getting their traoV opi-.,
.'structed at.. home. -.WV jtte;t.always"in
";. "ifavof .of patronizing. " home!'-induatifyvL
We.learnthat the lowest ro'reigh'l.Mti.-
. .:-0)Rte offered for "its;'nstrnctie(n"-. was
.: : ri&i0,-while.ii was put up here ;fpr $435,
.; - anil as good .a .job as (timid ' have . bean
.' gotten.any where better. :;-
sTotiee ToTameril
- .We'kre nowTeady;io-- phwe-.". contracts.
' :':Jfor sweet xo'rn, white and "yellbw : dent
-'' and tliot field 5orn, cucumber, musk and
" water melon,- pumpkin and-squash:. -to be
-'. grown for seedpurpoeea. .- Write, or', call
and see us for prices', stating number of 4
. acres or eacn na.youwisn u grow,aa
'' wewill name prices promptly! -,'-. -
.-" '-' ' Fremont, Nebraska! '.
- " - - ",--- - ' '' " "-".-.' ..."
... -., :. ttttt: r-TT- - r;
-: 'r'?' .'"- -T? ThiAlilifc . :-"
:..".-' The Union Pacific will sell .jrbnnd"tnp':
--' -tickets ab San' Fra'ncisicoV-'.Los" . Angelas
-- and San Diearo forthe 'arrival fif the!
?! .fleVt" Bt Tate of $Vl0b;". tickets on sale
f- Aiirill4th-5th;-th;ih,go;fp'r return;
:- limjt or sixty days. 'Ask the ticket clerk'
- about it . - E. G;Bftows, Agent ;
Farm Far Sale. '"
'.-.." '- . - - :
o.'-The Kerr estate. Be 1H: 1-183 .weftf,' six
mdi-s.due.' "Moaroe. 'JQslI on or;
Bddress.Mre.-D. IL -Watts, Monroe, Neb. 1
. Km Trees. Far 8tle..:'':
. Wsk-F. Iloth". one-half mileeaat of the
Breweryi-htisforj'sale" all si.ea. of elm
troa:- Ind. phoqe X21. ' ."- ' " ---
."ow thit-.spiin- iis on :""'
: "the way, -wouid it not be" ..
"a 'wd" idea'' to; trink'.-..
. " about -.':repapering.'"-the ""
v " 106ms?-" -Qup line:of wall -
' paper lias -never.". fen;
; y.nilinBiedcerin'qaat - .
: ity ;: patteni" -or -iee,7 -
"and all- who- have hid '.-
. us have...
---,-. ."- --.
- been well satisfied; "- ."
: ."-. '": -' -.'"...
Kiviiiigb Bittirtu
" Ha,.. lma"--.Cody - Stb'tts," youngest
widpftr o'f :tieut.:8totte of the.-Un'tUd
States army,' who has.intimate.'-fried Jain
"thMi"c; tnaiified: April;3p'tO; Fv
is-weil known aft'over. Nebraska ai" a
traveling salesman,' but he recently rer
tired from the road 'and went; into-the
ooalr-business' ux . South 1 Omaha,- -The
firet marriage of .Bare. Stolto, whicb-tpok
place at the Irma hotel in Cody; Wyo ,
was-.the most magnificent soctal-.event
over vwuiiiuk - " . ,vsi-vw;
.1ttought.'a special .train of f rien.ds.-'frPtn
eastern- 'cities.-an'd .the-ihany.-army offi-.
oers-in Areas uniforms added gay.ooJpr
tp.the aiemblage. .'-"-- - .'
.' :Last - Wednesday '-'evening- - a epa'rk
drPpping from a torch uswTif or-lighting
.thegasstarteaaAre.inthe show.window
of tbejclbthing'. department; of Friedhot
A CoTsL 'store. The window CQntained
shoes-and haberdashery, which -was. ;de--stVbyed.
the loss being about $400. The
win'dow.waseholosed and 'stint off. from
the rest of tbV.atorejwhich. enabled, the
employes to confine "the fire .to where it
started.' ind put.itont before the" depart
ment; turned on .the water.' Besides
destroying'' the contents "of tbe- window
the-'plate-' glass was broken and -the
-stopk'in:the.f urnishings department con-
juderably smoked-up..
-A.Frbni'Friday night.iintil the-following.
Tuesday morning every, saloon in '06
Jumbus was .closed, the'ehanging f rom
city of -the second class to a city ..of the.'
JSrst class beiag responsible for': this
action. ;Under the law which., the city
-now cosaes, the' npw-council can dot: or--gahize
until ope week-Bf ter election, and
thisyeajr it" was pn.tbe 44th of the month.
and' the licenses expired the - Friday, be-J
Tore. . TJuTnew oouacil met and organiz
ed Tuesday morning of this .week -and.
the-licenses were issued before noon, V
"'- ." v -'-" - '
H. LMurdock,C. G Gray,' J: E. Panl,
C. W; Zieglar, O. BLJack,- A:iG.- -.Ijuee.
chen' and -J. .. Fulmer- coinpruied a
party that went, to Omaha on. No. 12
Tuesday .morning to bring out 'four!
automobiles;: .Upon arriving there 'they
found-- ;that but 'two machines' were'
available, and they were brought, but.
They left Omaha at 10 o'clock in.' the'
- "
morning .and arrived- here-at 4:3Q in the
afternobnv making a. -'stop "of -one .hour
-and-twenty minutes at Fremont,. which J
. m. m - . . " -rm-W
- f'K
"'- Judge Sujlivan was- called- to Genoa'
lastBaturday for regard to .the.
outcome of- the .election stt bat .place.
The'town went dry. by a majority ,pf
four, .but eight .employee of .-the-Iudfan
7- y r;-; -"'" . -- '
tbat .thevernment reserve
school voted "at. the .election. .It: was.
-. .-. . -fc .
wot within .-the city, limits; but- a
careful investigation disclosed trie", fact
that .it was- aqd Ube ..eight ' were leg'ai.
voters".'. And it now'-lpoks as- tbpugh-.tbe.
I'NaBce.-ebuhty'tbwn would .be dry for the
pomingyear. -" .":--. .
' - The -installation of an ice plant" at the
Cpltimbus Cream. Op. makes this one-of
the 'p-tb-dato .creameries '-of the siate
Since stkrting here. Mr." ' Ste'vepso'nV has
always been progressive, and.the result.
is an.instituUpn. that Colunibue may-well,
.be proa'd; bL -This latest "improvement
.makes them independent" of the' supply"
of ice, as. they do-their, own -refrigerating
and can also manufacture ibe'if they
choose to .-do so. The mschine will ' be
fea'dy for Dperatipn' within a.w.eek'-or .ten.
days. ' -.-."-"
' y's ' '. ' 'l '
-Last Friday the--Columbus' ' Brewing.
company cprnpietod'the-.mstallation of;;
their new ice'plaat and Geo'r Biambbur
celebrated the event by "blowing" their
new; whistle. -The' improvements at the
brewery -baveVbeen-going'Pn .steadily all
winter.-andno.w.they'are- nearing com
pletion, besides. the adclitiobal :boilef.
that has' been installed; a new .'engine
has been.placed to run the-ice.'maoh'ine,"
whiph.will ppoLthe cellars and also Weir."
large-cold storage. room.' - : " -; "
Forty years ago next month -G., WJ
Brown. -nb'W residing, at. Cedar Bapida
th"- state, ' arrived, tn" Columbus from
Ohio, and at that time and 'for .several'
years, owned And lived "on what is1 now
the Carl Bohde:. farm. .George was
.always an ardent fisherman and for sev-'
era! . days ' last .week, he with, -friends,1
were camped over on the "Point'' fiabing
far.'piieu; They- returned- lo.-.the.'city
j 'Monday, and -'proceeded- "on home -'the
same .day. . ,. .": . . ; -
'.:' . y ' -' " -:-
- ;TL"e demented .-man who was fb'nid'
north of "town and brought there -- and
locked. np.iQ the county' jail' proved ' to
be an insane person who h'ad.beenl .Bent'
to Norfolk frost Oolf ax oounty. He'ha'd
escaped froar Ihe asylum-there ' add will
betaken, back .Thursday- .. . ".; "
;' 'f&Vand'lanv'BlJur .'Comptotfof Lin-,
xoln arrived hiare "last week" and-' wifl'
-makeColumbus tbeir-nome, Mr.Ooinp
.toB. 'havisg - ope'ned...up. a
eatabliahtnesit one. of 'the. Murray.
biiildings jbn. West Thirteenthstrept; ' '
- .-. - ,'. ...'. -
...Geo; W, Baa'dall i- hail ding- yery
Beat eottage in Evans''. :additionv which
will cost over.'. $1,000 whea" completed.
Mr.Raadall sold hia other, residence
eoaae ttaie Bgo and i buildihg this for a"
hosae. 1 ....
Fraak Airsi aBdrGpttlib:Berchtold
left Tuesday fo a. lAreembaths'TisU in
Switseriapd.- TBeygP-tliroacn. France
mil arill. HV- mil mmtmttmA fnn hafni
5 -.-'..? -- .., n?v
I retarmiaff. , ..-..
:"Try:theVidtorM.-cigBr:-.-.. v.
Wall papirit Lea vyV'V ' ' -, "
Iri; Paul an,d Matzep, Dentists. ":
'Dr. Luescheo!OccmllsiaBd'aBristi'
-" -" ..-' - ". ' :" t :
UeeSole Propf iof'rloors. ; Leavy's.
Dr. Vallie. QstoiriBith Barber Mbok. i
..' "-. ' " . : '.
. Dry-stoVe wioodjfor 'sale,. J: W. Mylet.
Dx: .W Hi. Slater, veteriaarian,': phone
95.-- -. -" ": -"-" ": "-- )' '- ' -"; "
.-.-' ..'-.:. ..--. ." '
, People who get results advertise in the
-Journal. . :. ;. - . :
".-.. .; '..,. . .1 ;:-; ..-".
: Mpfri8J.Whitmoyerwa8..up';'frbm Fre-.
TrippfSJinday' .-'f..;.:;. .' " . ';-.".
-".'Uf,- C:A.-.AUenDnrger;..osaeB'in'aBW
State Bank building. -: . '? ' : .'
. - r ,-. .-;. .-;..- .-- v -
;- A nicVline':ofVweofding.ringB-juat re-'
eeived at. Oarl : j'roemei's, ' 'Eleventh
street jewelef.' ; ' . ''..''.
. .Mri.. Jennie. Bagel went to Fremont
Sunday, aad speiit the. day -wlMai.
George Edwardc.
Six of the bast farms' in:Nahoe oounty
foTisale.on' easy terms.; Address" BJose'&
Lamb, GsnosV Nebr..! .' ., "".
. Found An pabroidered ladielarsist.
Call. otr'Mre. Wm. Terrell, Seventeenth
and Quihcy, and identify.
Fred" Bay came .down from 'Central
City Sunday Hie, is workiBg with the I
Union Paeific-bridge gang. - . ' "J
." - .
.- Let ComptoM Inre oh yorni
plumbing Md heatiifr. .720.
West Thirteenth street.
--! - - - .
For. Sale Harness .-shop; doing good
business; also shoes' repair skopincpn-
necticn. - Gallon pr.address' JPster Mnn
ter, Monroe, Neb. .'-."'
. . - - .. .
. PatKeating'pamein'irom-Gaiesburg,
Illinois, last Friday and. wUL'viait a few
days with relatives; and' friends. .' He' is
on his way toOolpradb..'' -"'
-. ...-..:
-640 epres '-choice pasture and' meadow
land'.seven .miles from-Genoa, prioe $11
per acre.. Easy terms. -'Must 'be sold in
SO days." Kose 4- Lamb, Genoa, NebK- "1
LOST Qentletnan'egoldwatoh, plain
case, open, face,' crystal, craeked, -.eiks
tooth fob attached.. ' Finder' please.' re
turn to this office 'and' receive" reward.
B 8.' Palmer 'the r tailor;, cleaa',. .'djes
and-repsirs Ladies'.aad GeaU'eloUbig.
Hats' cieanepT aiT.reblbcfedlV Buttons
Tfladetb -onler.' '"Agent 'Germaaia .Dye
Works. '.Nebraska Phone;"
Mrs.F. D; lac Mullen returned ..from':
Omaha Friday where she..had' been for
ten. days .waiting on", her'-'sick- mother;.
Mrs. Carrie MinerywhP was very ill for
sevpraidays. .-Mrs. Miner unreported as
getting some-befte.- .-?. - ." . .- .'
' :Mrk'as8in's division of top Congrega-.
't ,il jrt - - .mi - n Vs-
.iiiuiuu Aiu.opoi.eiiy. wiu- give an - j&aa.Kr-
spcial Saturday afternoon -and evenings
April,, lb,.' in Buschmau's meat, market.
Anyone wishing' decorated egga can-
notify Mrs. Cassin by telephone. "; - "
ProtJlf. Pile of". the Way he Normal
was in the. city last. Friday; "the. guest of
supermtendent Conn. " While. '.here he
visited the schools,' with- special- refer-.
ence to the manual training department.
as.' this, is' soon.' to be installed, at the
Normal.' - A' "-'-" '--." ," ' . .- .".
Buffalo Bill wild west- show is in
rebersal this week at Bridgeport iobnn:,'; the seaspnBt Madison
SuBre Garden New York, oh Tuesday
evening April 21. remaining there ufitil
May 9:. Th'ey travel .westward and wUl
probably show Omaha' .some timer in
August.' . . - -.'.-
-- . -
. - . . -. .
FOR- SAI-Tw. farms t
, aawatee selt withim tea
200 Mreela PelkmaA Bailee
ties. 6 aeiUatresa Shelto. PHee.ai2..
000; eaafe.f8.O0O: WlameolratBEert.
acer'reaaeaaale iatevestlfO' aevee
ia Skanaaa eeaaj. teii sailes Dreaa
Xea City. lam.Peliak.'eattlaaakmtl
Price. Bi,OO0;emak, UOOtaeUaee
Pint Baartaee.reeaeaaelelatereat.
AsUnea te Bex 448, Celmsaasis, Hear;
'-' ! i i i -i .
We mU place on sale lor one day
only, a large assortmeiit of Urn
breUasaslollows: Fine tape edge..
arpla serge, handles consisting
of tox woods, naturals, fine horn,
pearl and fancy metal handles.
These Umbrellas are $1.25, $1.75
values,; Prices for one day .only-
' '-
Now on: display in.
505 11th St,olumbus,Nebr.
BBBBBsaassaBsasss-iS . sal
" " ' r ' '
. .
". 18 wM,.opea . . gold
; BlUdoM, astedirith Wlttem
or casm jtuti . hi 7 c-
... ..
W. .
' .
18 itie,'hanUa, rmr.jnW fill
thT-.eue.-ftfid witk' 1ib n
.- .waicnaaijuwMaa bit - rwv
moTesieat..,..;..BX XirJ
2B year. .'cold
filled eaMiBttel with Elsia or
WaUeaaijewated 'Q7K-
moretaeat.-....!. "...? O
. M siaa,lMatiB; a yoar.'aold fiU-'
. ed. ease; fitted with. -Elgia or
-, Waaaaa-jewalaB 1 O Vf
BSOTaoaat eXi
it sisa. war. apld.fiH;
ed caw; fittei wW Egii r:
mofaeMBt.v... .-.. -J O.
m -
m war. g
. cam, fitted with Klale
rold fiUsd
or wait-:
bow 1 flat
. baajewaled
isacia or-wait.
12 00 .
Ed. J. .iKWIliH.
Jeweler fe Optician .-
Lee;a Stock Food at Leavy..' .
Dr. Naumana, DeaAiaf 13 StC'
G. B. . Prieb. ' . Delating and
hanglng.:: : : r ..'
.-'.--- - '. .- . "
First-class printing dpneai the Jour
nal offlbV." .:' "... "T
.-"-. "' "' : ' .
"Carstensbn 4t Hylan'd, 'Veterinarians.
Both phbneB212."c s. .'.' r.,-.
Dr. D. T. Martyn. rH.Pficenpw Oolu'm
bas SUte Bank buildiBg. . " " --
MoCall patterns 10 aad 15 cents at the'
Fitipatrick Dry Goods Store.;; '' '. '
" Watchesrclocks and jewelry' carefully
cleaned andcipaired: at Carl Froempl's,
Eleventh- street-' jeweler.' -
-' "-"""""",
Let CdmpUii igire o yor
plimbing and . keating. -: T20
West ThirteeHtli street.
Bakeru Waaon
Starts. Arril 15t
Wagon leaves store
at-10:30 and 40
Phone your orden.
' S.E. Bakpr, wbbnaabeen engaged id,
theharaesabusinessat David :. City, is
here this week "moving his family ,'totnat
place. -,. - N -
:'.-- . . '. " - - :" - ' .;-.
"- Mrs. W..B: Keriney Bnd,two- children
of Trinidad, Colo., ;arnyed .Monday for
a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0.
O.- Shannon..' . .,.. ...-"" ..-"'"-
;' Captain A. Haigbt of San Diego, Cal,
arrived last Wednesday afterhpbn to at
tend. to busfness matters; ' and will . re;
.Jmara in-the- city a few daysi .:.-
'. ".- ' - ,-- '-''l:-"- -. - '
. The 11 months' old spn of Mrand Mrs.
Jacob Govereck, living in the.sonthwest
part of. town, died last:-Satu'rday" night f
" auucit. uiuens, sou was uuriea
Monday morningat.8 o'clock, from "the
Catholic church.. ".:-.."'
Elmer Tillmah, the eight -.months' old
son OL.eir. and-sua. .George Baamgart,
died Sunday from "infant trouble. The
funeral: -was - held Tuesday afternoon
from the Oerman.LHlhefancharcb,'Bev.
Meissler condu'etiag the ser?icee.
our. show;-window
" ssbbKSE.'
. w:.ttttYef tWlirrtClM
"The new.QOQneji, elected April Y.'icet
Tuesday and organized, .there Deles;
eight''nformity -with 'the
new olasr. the city "is .now, -governed
.under.-. . m?.. . v - '. -
'-'After the organization was completed,
A. W.Clark was elected president ef
4he cpuncU; and.theaaayor preee'ated'the
foUowinglist'of etanding'comaiUtees.- -
Jadimary OaiNichole. WMard."
' .8tieetandGraes)ark,-Byan,EliaB.
FiaanceLachBifc, Nichols Byan; ,
.' Publio" Property and Waterworks-
Gses, Clark, Brunken.
" ; Claims-Nichols, Lachnit, Willard.
Fire-BrunkeoGassVwillaxd; "..'".
.. Parks-Byso. Clark; Eliaa..
".PrinUng Ellas, Lachnit, Clark. . .'
PblibeWillard. Brunken; Byaa. '.
.Thefbllowing list of-appoiateee was
also presented by the mayor- -and con
firmed' by the council: ,.
"City attorney, Lonis Ligbtner. .
--City engineer; B. L. Boeiiter.
.City pbysioan,.Df.KC.'fy oss.
Street commissioner, Henry Lners,.--'"
Chief of polioe,'. August T. Scheok: .'
. Policemen,' Mark T. Burke. I. W.Nel
son. ' . "'
-.Chief of the Fire. Department, B.: J.
Oalley ' .. ' ..
v The next in order wasthe grantiag of
ealoonUoeo.Bes.and .druggists'- permits,
there being thirteen of the former -and
fourpf the latter before 'the council.
After a committee connsting of - Coan-
cilBjenByan, Willani- and 'Nichols, to
whom' they .were, referred,, reported
. favorably on 'them, the council granted
retail liquor licenses .to the following;
Wm, Bucher, James Netels, Sam Gass;
John Hinkleman, H. F. Brodfuehrer,
Vpgel & Mochenrbssi Czapla & Micek,
W.s L Bpettoher, "Henry Herchen'hiani
B. W, Byrne, Fred Schultz, G. Launer.
and a wholesale license was issued to the
Columbus Brewing company.
. '.The four druggists, 0; H.Dack, L. H.
Leavy, -Polloek. & Co. and Carl
Hinsching. were granted permits for the
coming year. "
laiter Dy at Grace Chuck..
, Special services. will. be- held at Grace
phnrch on Evter.dayt'conduoted it. is
hpped. by the Rev, Dr. Arthur J. West','whois -recovering -from---his 'recent
illness.. The-muaiois under. .theabje
direcfioo irf -Mr." "R A--' Saffron, abd'will
be of a v.ety highorder. T1erewill be
celebrationsof thebolyiobmmunion at 7
a, ia. and 8.m, also at 11 a.;m. the chief
- - .
service of the day. - With the usual choir
12 little-girls in -vestments, having been
trained- by' Mrs... E," H. ChainDers, will
march- in procession as the choir enter
the churoh- singing the. great 'Easter;
hymn "Jesus 'Christ is risen -today.--Following
is." the order- of the service:
Processional hymn,. Jesus Christ is '""
' risen" today . :;... . .'. .liJ.;. . . . Worgan
lntroit', .Christ our-Passover"
Gloria Tibi.. ; ... ...-. .....; ....... . i .Gilbert
Gratiaa.Tibi ,'.... ........ . . . .Gilbert
,Credo:..4'J.;.:..., ...., .Gilbert
Hymn,,'Ai..the Lamb's High Feast .
- " we .Siiig"?. .";..-.,.-. ri.......Elvey.
Offertory, Christ being raised from
.tbedead;V8ung:by.Mr Evans,
- Mrs', Ch'ambert",- Hr. Swain and '
,. ;'Mr:F;'8affrba'
Sursum Obrda. ..... .....j . ...i Gilbert
Sanctus.". ,-..., ..-: '.; .-..;....... Gilbert
BenedictuB . .'. .;..'.. i . '.,i... .-.-. .Filbert
Agnus .Dei... .v. .-. :. '.-. v,'.; ..'.. . 4 Adams'
Communion :. hymn; '"And'' now O
'Father . . . . .. . .... ,-.....:. Mopk Exeelsia,'. V- .... ... .Old Chant'
Nunc 'pimittir,.'.:.'. y. . . 1 1 . 1-. . . . . -. Turle
Seven Fold Amen. '.V. . .i :.... .Stahier
Becessional hymn, "Welcome happy '.
" c Morning?....'.. , .i-. . . . .:-,,. . .Eivey
' The afternoon service wili cpaimence
St 3 o'clock; tbe; musio. being. conducted
by the auxiliary choir, nnder the leaders
ship, of - Mrs. Chambers. The. members
of the;' Suhday. school will moke their
annual Lenten offering. Pan-Boon
-under license from the. Bishop, of Ne
braska, andaa .. superintendent of the
Sunday school; wjU conduct the service
and' DKWestcPt't will give the address.
: Evening service-at 8. o'clock attended
by the Gesthaemane commandery of the
Knights. Templar as follows:
Procsesibaal hymn, ? Jeans. Christ is
: risen today'. . '.-. . .l....:...!Worgan
Magnificat -......,.. . . .-. . . . .:. . . .kettle'
None Di'mittia. .-. -.-. ,.:.... '.-. ..-, ., . .Turle
.Vesper Hymn, "Hear me now my -
oaviour. -... . .. -. .. . .-. . . . "sest
Hymn, "Angelr roll the rock-away'. "-"
Sersacm... . ; .V: .... , ;Dr. Westoott
Offertory, .' edharing.- his" aorrowa''.
:." sung by ;.. ,.':.: Fred A. Saffron.
Sblsmp Te Peum. -.. ,..;.'. ..;. ..;.Bead
Seven Fold. Amen. '...: : . ... . . .'.'.; Stainer
Beceasiotaal hymn,AUHail the pbw- ..
.'"." er of Jesus Name". :-. 0 .. .Holden
:.".-.' ..America.. ..'"' - "
. The Easter offerings ;will- be. given to
the- church.- deficit.- . The eongregation.
wiir.make a determined .effort not .only
to clear pff the eatBe-'but-to.have a. good'
balanoe in-.baa'd for- .the.'enaniag' year.
The annual parish' meeting-will beheld
on-Moaday eveniag April 20th whea all
pariahibners' are urged to attend. :8traa?'
aera -are ..particularly welcomed to the!
Easter services. :,...
, We bare alarge stocV of-.ooeX Roek
Spring.'- Maitlaad, Zeigler, Trenton,
Gens, Baaner, Golden Ash, aad Monarch
in lump and aat. -Aleo Peana. bard
opal ia all ajam'- .HKWaua e Waxes.
:QiieeV Walkart leak 8tef'luM.
v8horUy before .-fbhr. o'clock' this
(Wednesday) morning" fire Was" discover
ed, in Condon k Walker's, book store and
alarm turned in by the night operator at
the 'Bell, telephone, office.. When "diet
covered' '-the. ..flames- were 'baretidg
through , cupels, on the-'building'- pro
bably thVresnlt pf.explpding . fireworks
stored-in tbe'rearroomV' 'Hpw the 'fire
started is nnoeftain, but when the "Ue-
paitment arrived the. rear .and 'attic of
.thbuildrn:wuin flames and' bursting
through, the roof: The efforts of- the
firemen wercf-directed toward confining
the' fire to the buildingas astrong north'
wind wasbiowing.aqd.the;''buiIdin'g8 on
Twelfth" street would have .-been in
danger -had it 'gptten-beyond their con
trol. ' Jhree lines of .hose were laid. and.
Kwith tie' work of the Hook and.Ladder
company, the flames were not allowed to
spread... The interior .of the building;
and especially therear part, was badly
damaged and the Ides on the stock from
fire and water will be from 500 to $1,000,
covered, by inanranoe. The- buirdihg,
which.. is owned by 'the- Fit2patrick
estate, and known .as the old Fitzpatrick
ball, was insured for $400; which will
about cover'the" foes.
In one wayOondou &- Walker 'were
fortunate; aaTtheir expensive soda foun
tain and Other .xtures.'were damaged
but little: .'As soon as' the insurance ad
justers finieh.-their work. which will be
three or four days, the; firm .wili'resume
business and the building be repaired
again: ,
Tliis'is the second fire in that block
. j ....
within a month,. and. both nave 'been.
hard -to control, but in,botb- instances
the'efficlent work-of the department. has
been responsible Jor-.tbeir bcing'confined
to the buildings' in which they started.
; Tht Farmer't atettlas;.:
At .the' farmer's meeting "held at fire-'
man's hall Saturday,' April ll; it was de-,
cided that Platte county should .be rep,.
resented at, the 'Omaha National .Corn
Exposition, -John Grossnioklaus, E-jGl-Bartels;
Albert .Stenger, Henry .Blaser,
and Ed. Losekewere- appointed' a- com
mittee to. lake' charge of-the;matter.
.The ."Nebraska coin commission wants
to.'getthe-namesfof 'all the parties who
.WiU'.'nhdertaker lb "raise conjr.-'for the
exposition; and will send, definite, infbr
matipo ' and instructions to all-: such'
parties. --.- -.
: Every fanner who in tends .to raisP corn
for-'thesbowis 'hereby asked -lb-send his'
name to Albert Stenger, and it .will- be
put -on tbe- commission's mailing; list;
This- Omaha exposition .is ..not a local
affair,.bnt as.'itB name implies is natibrxal
m cbafactpr. and incrudee. the' whole
corn belt of. the United .States:. It 'is
certainly of great ..importance to every
man", living-in Platte county that -we
should be Well-represented and that, our
pountyehquld- make a creditable exhibit.-
We want every farmer trt.take an inter
est in' this. matter. -An -acre-or twa'of
specially prepared ground is all that "is
required use first; class- seed .corn and
giyp t extra good, cultivation. If 'yon
have not. time yourself,, get. your., boys
interested and let ..them show wbarthpy
can do -
'8ome $40,000 will be. distributed in
premiuma' Now let us see:lhatwe-&et
our share of these premiums. ..':
- -. . - Albert Stenqeb, 'Secy.
Oar Folk. County Frieads. '"
-' - - -'-.-.". -.
-Ml3iE. May Henderson .and Mrs..T!!
Butter are absent at Omaha, t'tendipg
a' meeting of the Slate .Mission dry soci
ety. " ". .-';'-.'
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Puiver-have "been'
putting m several- pays vit-iting. their
children, Mfi and Mrs. W. H. Wendland
teachers at Clay Center.
Our friend John E Holt is among" the
good delegates-that will, represent the
tribe of 'Btn'.Hur,.at.-their supreme meet'
ing.alCrewfqrdsville.-Ind., in May..
- The Muses Daisy and Nellie Knukell
have cbmeup from Omaha where they
are teaching, and are spending the -cation
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D.H; Knnkell.
.'Mr. and Mrs.-J. H. Jarmio, left Osceo
la ob .the Byan line of stages for- Silver
Creek.on Sunday,-- Their objective point!
was Columbus, and -from there Mrs.
Jarmin was going to Primrose to'- visit
her-parents. - . .
These teachers'. have-been elected for
th. ensuing school-year forthe Osceola
High .'school,. Prof. Emit Booetrom,
principal;. Mrs. A.M. Bell, assistant; Miss
Bessie: Yink, Mus Ora Markwell, . Mjss
Bessie Joseph, Mrs.- H..M." Marquis and
Miss Bertha Taylor; are.the. other-teach'-ersJ
- "- ' -""' '
: .There is tP bd doings all.along thVliUe
in Polk oophty ;his;week, the last before
Easter, oorn'shpws. pptat,oe- shows and
generaiedu'eatipn alfalddg the. 'lines of
sBch dpingi and.pfaiitings. 'and. h'e au
ditorium J8'e'ngaged;for 'every night 'in
theweek: and--sometimes, in 'the' 'day
time. "...,.. ;- ..-'. . '.
As a result-as charged. ;A, . 0. .Qlbver
of Arlington, Nebr , is - in -the care-" a' d.
custody of Sheriff Ehlersat the -Folk
cojknty jail:- It is allegeif that Glo
verhad obtained sixty-five dollars. ' Mr.
I Glover' was represenMag-an Arlington
s ock'food concern. Baranm said that
the American people liked to.'-be-, hum'
bugged, they were aot all' American's
that Glover cbme-itbve'r; but the- other
nationalities took -'their. medicine that
Glover dispenvd, and not in infiniteeem
ai -aosee. eiiner. fuik county peopife
geaerally were-willing-to bite,, on the
territory to aaU atock f cod.
" -All sensible pebple'are Brtieg their
furs. and viater wraps away this year
ajslely protected from Btoths-irith. .'
- .- . .
W Oder RaVs
because theyare the most relfcbfesnd,
OonVsaient toiaia'and oalyaeed te
be placed iu the,.folds of the clethtBg,
furs o'r nannels and placed iaforeaa
Drawers, -Trunks br.Closets, or evea
wrapped id paper, aad'yoOr worryL..
over. .Theu-increasincsalefroaivear
.- . . .-
I to year. with-us has proved them to
.roe aosoiuteiy reliable aad dependable.
'"-You will do .the'seasible thina by
amtting your goods away this year wkk
- (pwyi riAKS. .'-.-
I5c.rf. 2sfw.:25c-
PoUock & Co.
The"' Druggist 'pa the .Corner
WANTEp-GIrl for general housework.
Mrs.F.K.' Strolher". . '. "
Mrs. F. K. Strother and. Mrs. T, A.
Blae'k were" visiting Freuont friends th'ia .
weefc- . . - " ' '
Ppstmaster Carl Xram'er is ui LincolB -this
week; attending, a- tneetlag of taa
KhightaW Pythias.' '' ' .
Mrs. W. T.rowrieylda'ttgbter of Judge
and. Mrs.W. N. Hen'sley, 'whowas oper- -"ated
on at the. hospital -last. week, ia
getting along nicely". v , ."
, -. , -' . . " .
Sam McDnffic .was before the insanity
board Tuesday and committed- to the '
asylum,' and lie will betaken to, either -
Norfolk or. Liacoln' Thursday; V-. "
': " - - . "
Losr-irBetweesi''the. park . aad- Bi(rb-
Wentb street, lad i6f gold watch'.- -Fiader '
please leave, same at Buscamaa'a Home '
restau'rantannex apd' receive reward.
Engine.Cbmpaoy No! 1, are arraagiag
foraroask ball, to' be s-i'ven in'Ornht-na
halF Saturday evening, April .25. The..
uuyu ore expecung-a gooa. atteanaBoe
Bnd are' making arrangementsf of a good.
time.- w -".--...
'.",. Drawn ea the Jiry.C
The following jurymen -have'
dra'wn-for thenext " conrf.-.1
convenes. May. 25:
Jotiepb F. Berner,
'Jacob Greitwa; .,. '
, -Barney 'McTaginurt.
H.B4rinbrucJ, '.
WiUianrfAaice. ir .
Ptr Koxlbwakl. . -Hector
Frank. Haghex. -iMuiel
liayes, '"
Alfred-Steve; s ;.
L. H.- Lavr,
Erneat OjiaeeU, .
Oharleii Johnson..
.(o8eph-Kopct2kr,T '
Hngh-rblllipK, "
W. A.Alderoon,
John;EugI, .
Henry r.lajhornV
Niek Hemnier,.'
Jotio M-r Anderson,
Clark- Bljechfer,- -
" Advertised Ltmari. s . .. ; V
Following (a a list bf - unclaimed' !n?ail - -.
matter remwining in the nost'rnW ai'
Oolbmbus, Nwbr.; for- the jwribd ending.-
Letters-Robt H'Cantwell.A'LCook.
Douglas & Jones. F.'M'Dorsey. "Ab-un
Hrgby,: F J Heems;" ltegina PyteJ,- ,18
Trostler; Cards J-E Cob bey 2, Harriet
McMahon, MSNewkirk, Walter Saa'dw. .
Parties. calling for any of the aWe?
will please, say. advertised. ..
'.. Caul- Kbambb. P. M.
Baptist Church
BevDoW.-Beinbart, pastor. 8unday
school 10a..m preach intr' by theprntibr
11 a. m. and 8 p; to.; Bible class Ti'iee-
dny 8 p. m-: prayer meeting Thursday 8
p. m. Snbject Sunday morning, "Fact
of; Resurrection"; Sundsy evening, "Be--sults
of Resurrection.
Ones Chorea
" There will be a short service is Grace
church oci Good .Friday at 2-30 p. m un-
tilr 3 o'clock. Members of the perieh
and others are earnestly requested to
attend. - '
; . .tlNION-SUITS.
- - . '
'v-.'.We. .have "the-agency' for the
'famous- Mun8ing Underwear, the
.best popular priced Union 8aits.
; on the -market Prices in men's -Jo ulfo. Prices in
.boys' from 50c, 75c, L and $1.85.-'
' --"' . ' -
- In two piece . gapnenta we have
. asplen'aid'line ready for y oar ia-
spection. and 'ranging. in price
;from60cto2 60agaTHieaU Bay
' .early while the sizes are complete.
-xA 'v.js.jAti
.. " Xv3. 2 .f.
. i. .f9-W-l
iji .y
1, -..-,:-s -