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Consolidated with the Columbus Times April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argus January .1, 1906.
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-T" '
MM Hflli ttt HtH
Business Men I
' Mi
DM You Ever.
Step tt Think.:
- How easy it is for a. member?
in. the association. to' borrow "
money on -his stock, . witlr-
which be can -discount -'a 'bill -of
goods.. It. puts him-.ih.s..
' position" to hnv his merchan
dise FOR CnSH. When he':'.
- sells bis goods.if- be desires, be.
may repay the" money "to- the:.-"
Building -Association.- "Try . -placing
$i 00 or $6.00. a week ' -in
Series S"-of the-Oolumbus .
Land, Loan and Building As-, '
social ion. See Henry Hock- --'
-enbcrger;-secretary. - j .' '
Hockenberger &
Chambers.. -
Vity aaa-a aa:aa::aa:
" -" --":-. -43"
V:.::.C 80.
. -" : -:--" ft.
.. ?.. - .
-' "": "i -.---52
..VMto:$5 40
1 ?.""t ? '
-Hogs, top.........
: Files of the JoaraaL April..8;'l8.Tt: v .. ' .
;For the month of March 4,200 poands
-of mad matter paseed.thronh.-the office
at this place. Thw ahow's.'.the- grpwlng
enterprise of Coldmbns. ---"'-' v ...
The well put down on .the oorher of
Eleventh and Olire L.'il.
Beebe is a sacosss and we are. glad Xp:
learn that he has the contract "for- puW
tiaa;. down -two more. The one on Ne
braska. Avenue' will soon be completed.
Oar city fathers deserve great praise" for
proTidiat: the wells for the .-fire i.-pbm-panies,
an. act -they can refer.' to "with;
- pride. ' . "i; --
k C. A. Speica, county. superintendent of;
publio schools - for Platte' county, has
kindly fnrnisbed as with the fifthnna
al report of the state snperintoBdent of
. publio insttmcttoej faasa wJi'tnh jama?aka
the following extracts from :the county
superintendent's - "report', from "Plaite:
county: The "number .of' 'children. of
school age in Platte unty are 57.7 males,
447 females. Numberof qnaliiSed teach
ers employed. ma3es16 ..and-iemales 20.
Highest wages paid. $80 per ..inonth to
males and ffiO per month.. to 'female
teachers. .Lowest wages per month. $20
to $24. Visits of. superintendent, "23;
Total value of school property, $l4,22S-'
63. The county superintendent was em
ployed fifty-tiiree.days at a oompensa
tioa of S212. The number pt teachers
examined during the; year .were 38. .. The
total, receipts for the .year,, of ' school
fuiiJa-Juiionnta 10103619.' ;; ,
r. Farmsri Attaptioa.
The -executive committee of the-Oo-larabas
Farmers Institute have - been
asked .by the commission for the Nation
al (ornExrKeiti6n to organize and inter
est the farmers )f Platte cbnntyin mak
ing a collective exhibit of corn for the
conrinir corn show; To. further - this
atatter-1 he executive committee .requests'
- "" - "
allTarmers lnteresteu in corn, growing hi
uieet at the Fireman's hall, at 2 p. m on
Saturday, April 11, -for "the purpose of
- discassing 'the raising, of 'corn' for, this
exposition' -To enoonragertbe -matter.
'. the State Board of Agriculture will. offer
liberal premiums for the beetcorn raised
-. by tch. county. . ".-, '"
--... Aj.beut Stbsokb, 8ecyi "
Maag Licepssj. .
.Hen.ry.-F.;Frerichs, Strubble, la. ..-."".; ;' SS
HahBah Weyen, .Monroe...'. ..,"...:.'?. 20.
Henry A.'Bove, Norfolk..'.,. .-.; . .A ; '.-.--S8
-Anna L Jung.Loup Gity . ... v.'r. - 24
, .FatmEsr Sale' ' '
-The Kerr estate, se l-4.'l;i8 we8t,sir
.iauleBdue north-of Monroe.,
addresaMrs. O..R. Watte, Monroe; Neb.
- Now that" on i:
' .'" . . . -
. - the way, would itnot;be.-. "
; good idea-to .hijik:-.
'. about repapenng- ;;the -.
.rooriis?.. Our : line; of :wail.-.:
'..paper . hW::nevep-:.beenv
surpassed, either in'jqual-"-:'
itjr, .pattern". o5 price
"and all . who have. hadV;
work- done-by' us..have
.-.-'. - -- -". -- -
."been weH'satisfiedyxv ::"
----..- .-.: -" :.;-
KivaiaiEi & Bettertii I
- v -."" - - " " " '
-' A'patkioa-was filed in- 'district 'court
by.Ruby S". Maker, tbe"prayer of . whioh
was that she be granted a "divorce from
John ti. Maker, the well ' known demo-,
cratio "politician .-.'Accompanying the
petition "was the. .voluntary appearance
of the defendant, who reserved the right
to answer within ten days. -The ten days
-have expired since' the sighing of this- ha
stru.ment and immediately after the lil
ing of the petition Mrs. Maber appeared
before Judge Stewart and gave her testi-.
mony. The grounds for divorce alleged
.in .tbe petition are ' extreme . cruelty
.whereby her nealth was ''impaired - and
6he.becarae.nervbu8ly"and. physically de
bilitated and by reason, "whereof sh'e'has
lost all affection.' or defendant; and. by
'.reason -of isaid cruelly by ' the defendant
....... ....
-the legitimate -ends--,ahd functions of
'marriage have been-' destroyed.; ..In ad
'dition to a.divorce she- asked .that excluded from aU'iaierest .in
1ier In her 'testimony to.
the court' the plaintiff.' stated' "that-..the
tiruelty complaiaed of consisted 'of. nag-'
ging.-JbectoriBg.and a general : surly and
unloving-manner' They .were - married
in this cityjNoveniber 10 189S tiincojn
State Journal.'.' .:' '" -.---.
'- .-"--- - . -'-: .'
-The changihg of Columbus to 'a. city of
-the first.class'may -result. jn. closing the
saioons'' council, organizes.
Under tiie 'present ."ordinances', the- lie-'
enses expire on" April-tl; and'niider the
old regime the council met the Jhursday:
after'election.and canvassed -the' "voles,
and tbe. new conned, met and organized
the. next evening.' ': This was 'always .in
ample timejfor the'dew oo'udcil :to grant'
licenses for -the next year. -:JBqt- under
the new lsw the council 'does not -meet
to canvass the votes until - the.' Monday
after eleciion,.whioh. this year is .April
lStpJid the new .council does not organize
until Tuesday, -the. ; followingdayl .The
bou'neirand city attorney have .-this -mat
terunder advisement; and -.will, reach 'a
decision before. Saturday'.''" The-'rigbf of
the old council to-grant -the' license-is
questioned-, and also the ' fact' that .it
wpuldeitabiisKa precedent that would
sooner .-or later .'.-"be brought- .'into ' .the
courts.. '-.'.- V . --. ' -; - ."
.'The' Modern .Woodmen of. America
held tbr triennial county convention
in their hall last Weddesday. .Lindsay,
Oreston and t3olumbus camps . being-re-:preeented.
wakeffected Jjy electing J." L-, "Pitlman
chairman, L.VJi Brnnken temporary
.secretary, and permanent chalrma and
sseretary .were P. A. Carlson .and J.. ," Jj.
Brnnken: Postmaster Carl Kramer was
selected, as delegate to represent Platte
county-at the state-"convention- to be.
held at Lincoln in May -and John -W.
Bender of : Humphrey, alternate. Mr:
Bender anhouncedbimself as. a. capdi
date for deiegate from ' Nebraska to the
head; camp at Peoria in June',- and the
'members of the order from- this' county
will give him their v. heavy support-. A:
resolution was adopted, expressing con
fidence 'in ihe present ;head:' officers and
favoring-tbe'ir re-election." 'The conven
tion voted to hold .the next . triennial
convention. at Lindsay-. .." - .
Sheriff Oarrig and.T, Friedhof return
ed Tuesday from Sioux Falls, 8. D., where
they 'went to 'identify,; If possible, the
silk stolen.-frpm. Mr. -Fnedhors, store:
The authorities-at-that place "had a man
irhbm. they; bad arrested -for peddling
without a:li6ense",. and ballad been Jsen
:tenced.' to- thirty, days fo'r tbe: offense..
When arresteu'be had -forty-five dollaiB
worth of' Wack silk Jwbund ..around, his.
.body, and this led toSheriff. Oarrig being
notified... .The shenff;,want'ed 'to -bring
him to this city and the prisoner-was'
willing to comet, but the autitari'ties
refused to release1 him. until, hie sentence,
-was. served.'' Just what' action wilt be
taken is .yet undecided; but in all. proba
bility an attempt, wiir'be .made' to iden
tify .him, and incase itiasuccessf ul, he
will be brought here. ." " -, . "-
'2'.JujdgeT.-H.-8aunderB, .h'as-'gust- re-'
ceived the. pleasing news, " that, lie had:
just :bew "elected .-Honorary Member of
his mother. Masonic Lodge,' Mount Zion
Lodge No. 3lof Troy, New York.' .Durr.
ing war times, and -while the Judge "wore.;
tbe'regemehtalfl,;he"took the. Initiatory
Degree in that lodge in 1864, March l4tb
.and waspassed. and. raised on' the 2.1st of
the saints month in 1804,' thus taking the;
three Degrees in eight days, and .started
for Washington to.rejbin" his regement
the next day;- JMarch ;- 22nd 1864... .The'
Jude isproud of- being .an" honorary,
member ql his 'mother lodge - . "'-
Since the opening of the fishing season
our anglers' are, certainly baying, their
lull share .of sport ..Such .catches, of
pike :baye. i seldom been taken, from the
rivers' at this point. The open Winter
land tbe factrthat we had no Big flood
thi'.spring'is probably accountable for'
'the; pTOstaf 'condition, and bur fishermen
will .no doubtmake the' hest liseof. 'the
opporturiityj'for'the past -two-seasons
ave -'been' very poor ones for theanglen
Minnie' Virgiaia Gannon,-- daughter jof '
Mr- snd : Mrs; ..Patrifclc Ji- .Gannon.-of
TJlya'the 'hospital .Sunday
.April 6, after a threee! .illn with
typhoid pnraiBoaia.'- She was' born; in
Ulvaaes.Mareh90(;l89l;,-.-an'd had.beeai
attending . SV .Francis- iusademy .for
several ysara; ' Theluheral- was held at
the ttbohc .church Tusadaymorning at
6 o'clock aadthe.body taken 'to Ulysses
fdrburiaL '-" "":'--,.- .- ;
-- Big rafereesale of Co 1 n ji8
real estate ext Moiiay at the
etwlMtwe. .".'- :'".,-... r'
Try "the Victoria cigar.
Wall paper at'Leavy's. -
Irs. Paul and Matzen, Dentists.
Dr. Lusschen Occmlist and aorist."
.- Use Sole Proof for floors. Lsavy's. -
- Pr.'Valiiar. Osteopath. Bar bar block. .-
.Dry stove wood for sale. -J. W. Mylst.
- -.
Dr. W. H. SlaUr. vstariauian, phone
9s.- -. , ' -; -.. . , ..
. ' People who get results advertise in the
r Journal. : :.. . . ". ".""-
. - . ... . .. ,
' Dr. C A.-'Allenbnrger,-.offioe in new
State Bank building: ' ."
McCall patteras 10 and 15 casta at tbe
Fitzpatrick Dry Goods Store.
- - - - . -. .. '
Atteni the hig referee sale at
the court hoNse Monday;
:. W. A. w7 11 Tuesday eyaaing 'for
Denver on a-two. .weaks business trip.- -
Editor WikskaM of the Bieae attend
ed, the Taft banqsatat pmasa :Mosday.
evening.. "".- '-.".- -' ":"
A nice line, of: wedding ringi jpat re
ceived at.'-Oa'rl FrossaeraVr." Eliv'ehth
street jeweler. - ;
.-. - .- . '.-.. - -.- . ... -
Six of the best, farms-in .-Nanoa county
forsale. on easy. terms.- .--Address Boss. &
Lamb, itieboa, Nebr. --'
-. ; . " .;,"..-.--;: "" '' " -
'.Begistrar John-' Schniocker ...reports
.twenty-seven births and ten 'deaths for
. - -. ..-.-.---..
the month of March. .- "1.
' . Steve Douglas' has been viiatiag in
Council'-Bluffs the past week.-- with--bis
uncle, Harry Mahaffey, .. ... -- ': ..-
It Thursday Wai. Mc Beth was fined
and costs byPolice Jsdge: O'Brien
for being drank and fighting..
. --: ;; .. -. , .. :': ' - . .-.
. "Henry 'A-Bpveof. Norfolk- .and'. Anna
L. Jung of Loup City- were ; marriedby
'J'udge'Batterman last .Saturday;.':. ,- ".'..
Mrs. Frank Neater, has. been quite sick
.tor the past.fouror Ave days', and is re
ported as being'.quite ill ist present.-
-For .Sale :Harneps shop .'doing good
business, also shoM, repair ahop is .con?
necticn. .CUt on or address Ptter-Mnn:
ter,Monroe,Neb. '.-."
Mrs. AnnaKoenig, by .Taivt .attorneys,
McAllister A borhelius, filed a tan thou
situd. dollar, damage sait in districtcourt
against. Jiiliiis Rohrioh. : - - - c '
640 acresjcLoioe pastnre'and.aieadow
per, acre.. .Easy, terms. .Moat be sold in
:0 days.' Hbse.A Lamb, Genoa, Nebr.
' '' . . -.- .' " -- '..-"
LOST Gen Uemaa'a gold watch, plain
case, open . face, - crystal - crackad, elks.
tooth. fob attached.-. Finder -please- -return
to this '.office and. receive' reward.;
Miss Hannah' Weyn, 'daughter of
Herman Weyen .of -Monroe -.township.
and.Henry L. Freriohsof Strnbble. la
were granted a' license towed lasti'riday.
R'8. Palmer the ' tailor, cleani.; flyeV
and repairs Ladies' ind Gents' olothi'ng.:
Hats cleaned and ieblocked.. .Buttons
made, to pr'der.; - Agent Germania'Dye.
Work's. Nebraska; Phobio.; ;-. ."
" - "
The. city council will -meet .Thursday
evening:to canvass the.;vote of the-, city,
and also.pass upon anumber. of .saloon
licenses: With one probabto- exception,
.the Columbus saloons ' will remain '' the
same .the.coming year. - - " .'
Columbus Real Estate at
- The undersigned referee will sell at public auction on Monday, flprll ' :
13Ui. 190ft,.; at theCoart House in Columbus, the following described"
real estate belonging to'the estate of .George W. .Galley, 'deceased, td-wt;.:-
. - Lot one (1) ib, -block eighty-eight '88) facing 13th "street, in the Third. .
ward.". TmprpvementSr.cosBmodious 5 room house, with good-cellar and. J
-brj'ck walks..' " - " .-.-- -
".." ,s ' . . . . i .-. . - ' ..-..
.-: The" south' halt of lots one (1) and two (2) in block fifieen (15),' Ger-f
rard addition, facing: Adams street in the Third ward ' Improvements i a ,
-" modern'6- room, two story hoase with' good barn' and outbuildings, brick "
walks, good cellar ahdpamp.'- This-dwelling is in excellent repair.
.:';---.- V ; ' ;- . ;.- " ".:."; ' . -
' Loljr three f3) and four (4ih blook 'sixty-two (62) on- 14th street in the --Fourth
Waid. '.Two hoases. are located on- lbt;4, facing Knmmer street. .
-. This" ia an excellent- location, magnificent shade trees and' a good, neigh-
borhoocL. Examine, this propscty if yon want something- choice.. ,.; - '
" - -""- " .-. q.'. ' ' ' ' - .: - " . ..--- ." -.-
'. Lots one (1) and. two (2: is block "ninety-seven .(97). Two .dwelling. .
houses "are located on lot one .facing Washington Avenue in: the' Second ..
"waril:.-" One large 6 ro6m. bouse, one -4 room moVlerat.sized. house, nice -
: snap;e trees,. and suitable outboilcuogs..
-.Lot sixj(6) ih'.bundr'th.irtyWe(131)'faciog Idaho'street'
the. First ward, directly east of the courthouse.' : rmbroTements-f-large'
. room dwelling in excellent, repair, chicken honse,'out4nildings and -large'
barn" 16x24.with hAy -loft, good oeUar, .bricked. A very good property; ' r.
'.";' Lots 1, 2, 5, 6,7 and 8 in bloc 211. -alaoall of block 242; -joining block '
211 on the south, in the First ward in southeast Colnmbus, -unimproved.
' This is excellent' opportunity large- tract of city, property,'
suitable for. a auburbah home.-'" ... ' -. -' - -"...
- -.. All of fractional lot one !n' Section S(4,Twp.
- ing aboat' 25 aorea aad suitable for, pasture, . '
' . "All of tbe.above real eatatewill be solid in. parcels or. divisions" to. suit"
purchaaer. PrqspectiYe.bayen' are invited to inspect these properties
. before the sale. : . ' ' . ..:"-.'" .: ' '. . .f V. - .-
. . --. -..-.-. .-
- Upon -payment of 15 per cast of tse.'parchase price a reasonable-time -will
be extcBded to accommodate parehsaara in arranging for loans.
Besiember theday, Monday, April l&h,.190B, at the Court Hooae,
C. M. 6RUENTHER, Riferee.
j Easter Gifts
are the Eanter KiftsJ tbia tprlog be-:
canae its also the'Aprilgehi. The
custom of reaiemberias one"
. frieeds for Easter has become a
faTOiite of- late years. Coste to.
heaclqaarteis- for jour .Easter
sift and your epriug- jewelry. I
hall try to ahow you ia my win
dows a great Tariety oi tbe new
apring aoTelties such is Easter
Crosses, Easter Spooas, .Easter"
Lockets. Easter Diamooda. The.
latest e'reatidrts in La.Vpdliera for
-the seek,; Ear Studs, Rises, SiWer
Tarsee; Bracelets, all.iaareat'Tar
iety, style and price. All .goods
"marked in plain figures.- "" .
.1 Watch for diir-'cuton
, Watches, next':. week'
. .
.- Jeweler & Optician ".'
Lee's Stock Food at Leavy's.;. - V
." - ''.." .-" .r. ." :
-.Dr. Naiimann. Dentist 13:SU
-- -.-;-..,-...-
-Or B..
-; Firstli
Ptieb. - paintUfg'. ahdj -paper'
printing Uie Joux-
sal effloe. ; -.. - . " ".
. ". -- r-.---' .. .- -- ..
; Carateaaon & -Hylahd,-.Veterinariass.
Both phones 21(; '. ...-.-
Dr. D. I, Mariyn. j r.; omoe new Oolum-
bus State Bank building. . '
' ; - :':' " -. ". --,:
; Miss. Vera Bickley.dep'arted Saturday
evening forj'ber home 'at' Juleeburg,
' " ' -.- " " ... '--
'. Daniel Schram returned-last Thurs
day .from ashort Bo"otira at.ChicagQ-.ahd
Morrison, HI. " , ."i ' '' " :' .
. .-'-.,-.- - ' ,
- Watches,; clocka' and jewelry carefully.
cleaned and repaired at Oarl Froemel's,
Eleventh street jeweler.-V." -. '"' "- -".
'-..: . "'. -, ;..;.
- Mr.', and Mrs.' JtL H. Hunger of . Bur-
llagton, Iowa, were the guests. Sunday
frmn taliforma,; where, they' have spent'
the" winter.- ,;.' .-"-"."- "
' A telephone message to the authorities
here sotitfed them of a robbery at Silver
Creek Monday" night., a saloon' and store
being broken into and. a- ri.lle;- -jwo.-Win-checter
shot guns and ktiiyee and. .razors
taken.". .. '. ". ; "v. .
Alfle Heintz and Ed Weaver were
fighting at -Bnschman'f restaurant' - last
Friday, and Saturday were up in "police
court; the former being, assessed ' $5 and
costs and tbe.latter $l and costs, which
they, paid .
:. August; Yiergutz, for thirty-twoJyears'
a'Teaideht of Polk.county, eouth of the
Platte isgetting. ready "to .move .to XJo
lUmbus. ' Quite a while ago.. he purchas
ed the D. M.Newman property at Tenth
I and Murray: at'reete and is now getting
it ready for occupanby. His eon -Ernest
will look afterthe" farm in Polk county.;
17, Range reastcontain-
P. I, XeXfflif 'a Oifleiltiai. .
Frank Widhalm, Herman Wendt and
Weller Bros., of this place, John Weeder
of Madison county, Jos. Hasohke of
Boons' county and Wm. Burris of Minne-sotai-'have
petitioned Judge Munger of
tbe United States court at Omaha pray
ing that proceedings in
issued-against P. E.. MoKillip of this
"place. ' The petition waa filed' with
Judge. Monger Wednesday by Attorney
B. P. Drake of this place as attorney for.
the petitioners. " For eome time it baa
been -uite. generally known that Mr.
McKiilip has been in serious financial
troubles, but-bis friends have '.lived in
hopes' that he would find some, satisfac
tory Way out of his trpubla The Demo-,
crat has refrained from referring, to the
.matter ib any way for the reason we did'
not believe that it was public property.
But now that 'the climax baa been reach
ed we feel that something due'
our .readers, yet we feel that: Mr. MoKil
lip, who baa more at stake than anybody
else,- should nave a chance to state bin
position.- 'Consequently,.-lh Democrat
.editor called ph-bim for an- interview and
in substance, he .had the following to say:
"Some" of." my creditors, becoming im
patient,- have" filed bankruptcy proceed
ings against me, .and thus tied' my bands,
so as to prevent' me -from doing any bus
iness for'wo or three weeks .until-the
case can . be heard. 8hould -the court
adjudge me a b'ankrOpt, then 'the men
who I. owe would elect a trustee tq take,
charge of. my .property sell it-4nd' pay
my debts. I have nO fault to find with
.the creditors, who have commehoedpror
ceedings, as I have. been. unable to meet
paymenU-due them atmaturity. Should
my property fail to pay my debts inf oil,
I; will-sUrt again -and, .eventually pay
every, man who I .owe' a -'dollar. I am
in formed that'there have been some wild
rumors d.ut about my running away, and
you may say emphatically that I have no
definite plans for moving, and-that any
move! may make with the sole
object -of- getting into a' place. where 1
can" .'make, sufscient money to pay my
debts, to tbelast. dollar. " No man will
eventually' lose a. cent and all I ask is.
prdinarjr charity and forbearance until I
can. st "on" my feet again. I am more
than grateful for tbe consideration which
the men. whom I owe have thus' tar
shown, and- this as.'atfesgtbened my
resolve that every creditoV shall jbe paid
in"' full; I-will remain in Humphrey at
least for the preeentrand, should a trus
tee be 'a"Kolatew-;ar"iny-propertr,' will
tender him my services ffee of cost in
disposing of.-same-and -winding, up my
estate. r Should. i shortage, I
will then lay plans for" making sufficient'
money to pay for it, arid with that" endin
view, may possibly move,' :h'ut- tliat is a
matter for future ..consideration.."
' Those who krow. Mr".. McKiilip best
ares satisfied that he will tulfill. every
-promise he makes-in .the above, and we
all know he; has the ability to do so.
Humpbrey. Democrat.
FONpA Galloway .fur. mittenl
Owner'can have same by catling at .the
Journal office," proving property -and
pay ing" for this notice.
Workmen .are" installing 'a -new. tele
phone system at the Union Pacific depot
for-theexclusive use .of the opmpany..
'W.hiiethejcpmpany.hasbada line from
Omaha,' using the-same wires as the tele
graph, it has not been satisfactory, and
8 new. separate wireis being installed, to
be 'used for telephone only
Daniel Sheedy .died at- tbe hqepital
Thursday, April .2, from a' severe stroke
of paralysis. He was 62 -years of "age
and was born in Ireland.! Fur the last
Seventeen years be had been employed at
the hospital, and has no relatives living
in this country." - The.f uneral was held
.from .the. Catholic' chiirch". at ;9 o'clock
Saturdaymorning; ;' ' -
An expolosion of- gasoline " Saturday
came, near destroying'- the .residence
ocqppied by.'B.:F-.Colton- a Burlington",
engineer, -and .badly .-.burned both Mr.
and Mrs. ' Colton. .'Mrs. Opltoo was
eieaning''t with gasoline, and .there
was a "match .one of - the pockets,
which ignited. 8nd caused ah explosion,
resulting in painful injuries to. both of.
.them. ' v "" -"' --" '"'
. - - .- . v "
- Mr." and'Mrs. Oliver Newman, who re
side ten mflesuprtn' of Columbus, bad k
very Beriousrunaway; Sunday .evening
They were ret'urning.-'home .'from town
and theteam became frightened at 'some
turkeys near' Nick Adamy.V.iand -ran
away -upsetting 'the buggy and throwing
tbeoecupsnts oat,-Mrs. Newman' receiv
ing a broken arm as a result of- the", ac-
cident.-V .. -.'."" " " - . "
.".. - - - ..
.... - .. . . ,- . . . . .
'' Tuesday evening Adolph'" Ricket tele
phoned to Sheriff Carrig that there was
a 'strange man at hie place whose actions'
fndic'afedthat.he .was'. insane. He was
:asked'to bring him.tothis. city,-which" he
did, and the- authorities .locked him .up
4n the County jail.' .'All find
but who he. m have .been fruitless," and be
will probably be takee.before'.theinsan-;
ity board.. Vy :- ... ...(.. -.
-......"" .. .--..; .
.- -Wednesday's 'dailies.adnounce'tKe.ap.
poihtment-or M:- Wl-Thornasof this city
as a railway' postal .olerk) -Mr. Thomas.
bap been -n employee of the Columbaa
post office fof about two' years . and .be
took the" examination for they mail., ser
vice about a'y'ear ago. As yet-he is unr
decided whether or hot to .relinquish bis'
preseht'nosition" for.the one: is'
. . - : .. .
servioe, .
the. mail
Tke CitylJectiaa.
Out of four candidates for city office?,
the republicans succeeded in electing
the councilman from the Fourth ward,
Julius Nichols. ' With the redistricting
of. the city there was some- uncertainty
as to what the outcome in the different
wards would b, the Third' being con
sidered a sure republican ward and the
Fourth doubtful. But tbe result in
these two wards was just opposite what
was expected, Mr. Dickinson, republican.
ih the Third ward,. being defeated by 41
and Julius Nichols, republican, in the
Fourth ward, being elected 35.- In
the First ward Otto Kunimer received
.votes, cutting Lacnnits majority down
to 70, which is a splendid showing,, con
sidering' that the' ward is -solidly", demo-,
cratic. .-."" . " ".
Fred Gregorius defeated George Fair'
child for water- commissioner by 94.'
- The result; in the Fourth ward should
be an incentive for the republicans to
organize!; as it 'demonstrates, what organ
ization will do, tbe recul.t in 'this ward
being due to the organization and work
of the Fourth ward republican club.
' Theaohool board being non-partisan
Geo. Scott, republican and L. H..Leayy,
democrat"" . . " .'"""-"'
were elected.. ...--..
Below is the vote of in detail:
MayAr '
O IS Hpeice.
Wm -Becker: ;V; :'..
Police Judge-:
Wm O'Briea..1.., v
Water Commissioner' '
Geo TsirchUd.. ...'..-....
Fred Qregonos..,.-. .".." Ward-r .
.' Louis-Lachnit..'..-
. Otto Karamer.'..-.. ....i
J LRraakea ...... .. "..'. .
CooBcUroee,- 2d .Ward
8am Gaas. '.'..
Coacilmea..3rd -Ward-:
W IiiiHsj .
ConnciliDeo'4th Ward
.1 C Nieabls , ,:'.
" J CEcholft. :....-... .
-:.." "Witk iki Bawlata,
." There was. an exciting contest at the
Hagel bowling alley Saturday, night be
tween teams captained', by Dan' Kavan-augh-and
jap". NiQhols.- INoneC of the
bowlers.'-have' been 'able to. locate the
pins.ia .their usual manner, and -lack of
practice is accountable', No-doubt
a few match games will, round them, all
into' form. Several of .the "footers" de
clared that -had -the City Band: been at
Saturday -night's session' Captain Kav
SBangh's team Would have. Mrollwl' rings'
arOtind their" opponents. ' ;the
score", ;- ' . -' .: I .'"
:" '"' .- KAVAHAUGH. ."'."'-
1st. id 3rd 4th.
ltfl.lK-m 186
19tt .135.144 V&
190 .135 133 i
199 135.148 171
55 " 108 13t
182 ' '-fa 1U6
"i4 . ";.'-
76 .
-il - . -
-- -.1
: 137 .. '".
'- - '. . 75 -
' .'. ...116 . -
' ". .: .-. 137
": i ' : vn
A '.1 175
- i V ". 1st. 2dl "3.1. Total.
D.C: KaTanaogh. ;..... 117 -164 -'i. '424
-WUlGteiBocias-.v..-rv...'l32. ; 158 :M..' 4:a
Will Dodds". :.;.-.-,..., .'.122-. " 148"" ;i28 - -.298
Ed.kanuianKh.''....".".-::i22" , lf- "146 . -". .428
WU1 Tlageman...-:.. .'..144; .171 .. 13ft ." 45t
- ' .- .".6S7 .";rCB8 . "2139
- ; .' l'mcuois? '.' - ' .
y' -1st.."- ai,"'"- 3d. .-Total.
J. Nichols...;:. ........:i33 163 MSI '; 430
F..flawyer.::.-.'.''.vrt.-:,v.-.lf Vl -, :it r- 462
Way- -" " " JV0 150 - 141,, cto
SneU ...... ..t,'.'..":-. ...-1W -' " 15i: T90 ' ' 440.
Hagel ......... .;.....146.; 154' ;'1S1 - 481.
.-''-" .721 . ,756 ; -820 2297
. . -V .-: :- .."' - ..'
' Our PolkCounty Friends;'
..-.,.----. -. '..-
. . The new Sunday sdhool in.Clear Creek
is arranging a fine program for Easier:
. RalphBittner is ""taking. ..a, vacation
from the Union Pac'nc station and the
company-baa .secured- the'' services of.
'John 'A. Snider,:frpm" 0eMoines,;.Iowa,
It was too bsd that; the delegates that
went'toSh-vIJouis from". Osceola';-were
thrown -over the transom or" bolted- the
convention-but' then 'it .-was'. Bryan. or
bust with tbem
.' ;Weare greatly .pleased to announce
:tb"at" ex-.Governpr Mickey is improving
in health, and is able.not. only to sit up.
.but-to'gooui of doors, and occasionally
ride outdunngthehicespring days.
. AtthurTwarling, about 18 years old,
.who lives about aix miles east of Storms-.
burg-..'was yerybadly-'injiireil -by a put"
verizer last week.- .He was out pulveriz
ing thesoil and the- horses -ran- away
throwing him: under the machine, so
that his limbs were' badly cut up. .
There were many- sad hearts in Shelby
.last week on..accottnt of the death of Mr.
Scott Barnes-, last Wednesday. It was a
great shook to. bis family .and .all that
was' acquainted with bun.'.. Just a week
before-tbe day he-died -h was 'out- dig--
gihg-a cellar,. arid; was in some way" bad
ly ruptured -His funeral was held . on:
Friday afternoon, his pistorRev .M.R
Crap'.preaching the funeral .sermon. ' .-.'
, " "-:-; . .il'aUrjr' -:'';?--
Winter wheat -and alfalfa" needs rain.
- .. -"". ; .".''-" . ::
; BornVtoMr. and:M.iii..L..E.- Andyrson
Wednesday efening'a-boy.'-c -: ';.
-Mrs.- Martin-A. .Nelson .of---Genoa is
risitiug on.tbeLookiug Glass.. ; . ,
The Nye" ''Schneider-Fowler CVa. ele
vator, coalbip's And lumber yarifat L,jnd.
.say'.burned tothe'ground Friday highL-
.--.--. .... . - -.
... Mr. andHrs. John Swanson .eelehrat-
ed ; their -twenty-fifth' anniversary of
married life last Tuesday .the jaatday of
March, Only close relatives we're' in'T
yited. - Many-usef.ul'pieces"of silver ware
was presented to tbe b'iote '. .
: . - . "' - .-
'Mrs. John 'Anderson, who- was -taken
to the. hospital in Oolumbus some' time
ago'for treatment returned home" about
three-weeks ago and died. last We'dqes-
I day night. . The funeral was . the
ISalesVcssros Saturday afternoon.- -
All sensible people are putting their
furs and winter wraps away this year
afcly protected from moths with
because they are the most reliable and
convenient to u&c and only need to
be placed in the folds of the dotaiaf,
furs or flannels arid placed in Bureau
Drawers, Trunks or Closets or; even
wrapped in paper, and your. worry L ,
.over.. Their increasing sale from year
to -year 'with us has proved them to"
be absolutely reliable and dependable.
You" will do the sensible thing by
awtting) our goods away this year wits
CBAtriAaB. "-
. 15ipkg. .2 parA-.2Se. .
The' Druggist on-tbe Cojrser'
'". Oolumbus, Nebraska
' -The undersigned referee will sell st .
public auction to the' highest bidder' for .
cash on" Monday, April 13, "J908t at- the
front -doorbf tht?'''court:house'in Colum
bus,' Nebraska. at one o'clock p. m; the -following
'described . real' estate.. - The
south half of the southwest quarter and.
the south half of the' southeast "quarter
of section eight and lot. six- 'is .eectioa
nine, alt iir township'.'aeventeeh, range
two weBt;.. in Iioup township, Platte.;
county, Nebraska."
"-""'. -"" " Gus G. Brc'rek, .Referee.' "
y . ;.- Meats le. L .
- . .. . . - .-
O: Lu Baker was out on Route .1, buy
ing cattle: ."..' """" ": ''''.-."
William and Otto.D.urkop were -haul--.,
fng' hogs to market last Thafsday.-.
Mrs..C. Wr. Ogle of Lincoln isviaitiag..
her eister,' Mrs. Rudolpb;. Schui tz. -,
'Miss Edith . Barnes - of. Bon to. 4 '
soliciting for the Daily News last '
.... - -
' Hermaa Ahrens'an'd-his hired man
were on" Shell, creek. Friday." getting.fir- .
est trees to plant around his place!
- ".- ... " - i - ' -' "
There- was a surprise party at the home
of Fred. Mnller Thursday afternoon- ia.
horior'ofstrs; Mailer's, forty-sixth birthday-
A- good.. time was reported and a
dainty lunch was served.-' Mesdames
yVtn.'Xad' Adolph. Muller; Frank -and.
-Albert. 'Ami. .Rudolph Miiller, Lorenz.
Enzermnger.and Wui." Marlin and. daugh
ter were present.' . ;
ToThePaWic. .
." The XTnion. Pacific wiirsell- round trip
tickets to San Francisco"..; iM- Angeles,
and SAn Piego for the -'arrival of 'the -Heetat
rate of $6C.Q0.'. tickets -on: M'
April 4ih-5th:2jth-26th; 'good, for- return
limit of sixty' days.-'. Ask the ticket clrk E.G; BhOwn, Agent. '
Grace Charch-SpecialTet;ct.
Owing to the illness of the Rev. Dr.
Westcott, who'-is-suffering: from- a nn
voUb break- down- there . will-be ho-' er-
l vices in Grace chnroh on Sunday next',-
April 12th Dr. Westcott wilt be unable
to oiflciaJe sgain until Easterday.
" '-. - Coal. - ... I
We.'iiave'a large' stock of. coal, Rock. -Spring.
Maitiand, .Zeigler, Trenton,-;
Gem, Banner, Golden-Ash and Monarch
in lump- and - nut. .Also . Penna.-bard V
coal in all sizes:. Newmax & Wklch. .
Elai trees For Stie. -';
Wm: F. Rothlbue-halfraileeast of the;
Brewery, hhsqrsale all sizes of-elm.-,
iraaa. - f nd. phone X21. '-..".- ."'
".'..'.- - '.';.- . .
: --;: UNION SUITS :'-'
-. We-have .the agency 'for the. .
'famous.' Munsing' Underwear, tht
."ibee't. popular priced'-Union. Seita.
on thee, market. .Prices, in men's
from' $1.50. to -$450., Prices in
boys from 50c, 75ct $1. and i:'25.
.' In .two. piece garments .we- have
".a-jplenoid line;jready'fqr yosr'in
' spection." and 'ranging- -in price .
.'- from 60c; to 2 60 agarmest.'.BBy .
. early while tbe sizes arecosiplete.
aSSjts. .
, v-.f - -,A-- - .. -
-. xJ?l. .
,icfc,t. ': rJ-.jSS-
1 -j3X3jyi .
'A- ,