The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, March 11, 1908, Image 1

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ConsoUdmted with the Ctolumbw Time, pril 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argil January 1, 1906.
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The Best Bar- i
" S
I gain in Town i
htntos. We have it,
and we believe just what
we any. A good house in
a good location. If yon
are on the market for a
hone of your bwn, we
will be pleased to show
it to yon. Money to loan
on real estate at the
lowest rates of interest
Hockenberger &
ctLimvi Muaan.
Old Corn
New Corn
...S3 80 3 90
Files of the Journal, March 11. 1874.
The boads for bailding a bridge aeroM
the Loan river near to and south of
Jaekson, in this coanty, carried by a vote
of 61 for, to 27 agaiast, being 34 of a
majority in favor of the bonds.
Wild geese aaade their appearance last
week in the Platte valley,but they caaae
down front the north, which some old
settlers say indicates, cold weather, and
others predict, foreshadows an early
A hownsstesder np on the Looking
Glass, digging aronad on hisckuM, cssm
pen issiner sbsk weacn, soatawea: I
about thiwbwahek of gold sad silver I
the coin tamed out to be bogas.
- The legislature of Iowa has parsed a
raiuwadtarhT bill which reduces the
earning of Iowa roads aboat forty per
cent d the paawager rates one-half
a cant a utile. We think, front the
sample af freight charges we publish
elsewhere, the railroads of Nebraska
need a maximum law.
Two sets ef delegates from this county
those appointed by the county central
oommittse and those selected by the
convention, attended the republican
nnejgTSssional convention, .held at Nor
folk, Tuesday, and the oantsst was
taken before the convention and settled
by the committee on credeatials ia favor
of the delegates aekwteu by the cos
tioa. The action of the
committee, at the time the convention
was called seems to be responsible for
the contest. At that meeting amosgtbe
matters discussed relative to the con
vention was the manner of choosing
delegates, and when this was brought np
the committee was Informed that Stan
ton county had selected their delegates
by appointment, and in the discussion ,
that followed, the sentiment asemed to
be that there would 'be a number of
appointed delegations at theeonvnution.
The result was a resolution intended to
give the power as far. as the congres
sional committee was eoneerued, to the
various county committees to ap'poiat
delegates to the congreseioaal conven
tion and their decision was for the dele
gates elected by the convention. The
convention selected Editor W. N.
Hues of the Norfolk News, and Frank
Voter of Harting were elected delegates
to the National repuUiean convention
at Chicago, and J. C. Elliott of West
Point and C. R. Wright of Genoa alternate.
The borae races at the State Fair, the
first week in September, an announced
by the committee, are as follows: Stakes
to dose May 1st; 235 and 2:21 trotting,
for purses of $1000 each, 3-year-old; 3
yearold 2:45 for Nebraska bred colts,
trotting, each for purses of 9600, and a
2-year-old trot for t25o. 2:30, :92 and
2:14 pacing, each for a purse of $1000,
3 year-old; 3-year-old. 2:40, for Nebraska
bred colts, each for a purse of $50
and 2-year-old pace for fWO. The
classes closing August 10th will be
as follows: 2:30, 2:25 and 2:17 trotting,
each for $500; 235, 235 and 2:18 and
frse-for-sU pacing, each for a parse of
$500. Running; 2-year-old Nebraska
bred eolts, 4 f arlonga for $$00. sad a
Derby 1 1-J6 miles for $900, besides seven
other running races rangisg from J to!
mile. We would suggest that oar horse
men write to W. B. Mellor,
Try the Victoria cigar.
Wall paper at Leavyn.
New Spring Silks at &'.
Dm. Paul and Matsea, Deatiets.
Dr. rnmhis Ooculirt and aariet. '
Use Sole Proof for floors. Leavy'a.
Dr. Tatter, fTslnssIs ITuiwaTusuat
Dry store wood for sale. J. W. My let
.Dr. W. H. Slater, veteriaariaa, phone
People who get renalta advertise ia the
New Laees aad Embroideries at
Dr. a A. AUeebarcer.
State Beak baildiag.
WiUiam LaRueef this city
Otto Kumpf visited with 8t. Edward
friends a part of last week.
MeGaU patterns 10 and 15 cents at the
Fkxpatriek Dry Oooaa Store.
ProtLttBritellwasat St. Edward
last week doaiag ap a lead deei.
L. Weatcott aad Frank Aneonof Ores
ton were Columbue vhniors last week.
A baby tfri arrived at the home of Mr.
aad Mrs. Joe Storioek, last Friday evening;
bum vydia Lunohea, of Route Na Ik
is r guest thin week of Miss Mnble
Flan display of ap to date, strictly
tailored hats. "Gage" models ia particu
lar at
I Doing Beats
is v
But we've got to do some prom- f
ising-so that yoa may know, f
what to expect at thw stone. f
When we promiee yoa that we
have yaur interest at heart f ally f
as machMour'owa,wecxpect f
it to be believedxrbeeaaae it's
ue tratn. - t
When we promise you that a
certain article ia so and so yoa
may rely upon what we toll you.
I 1
When we charge yoa a csrtaia 1
price for an article yoa tan be f
at aura at aaythiog that yoa f
eouldat get it for lest any i
where ek it the country. . Z
Yen.doing beats promieiaff bat
we like to promiee aad we like
to do as we promiee.
Jeweler & Optician I
We noticed two young men at the en
terteiauMUt the other evesiag, who
wade it .a point to stamp their feet aad
clap their haade at the close of every
performance. We formed two opinione
of them, either they had not judgement
enough not to know when to applaud or
that they were trying to eee how maeh
noise they coaU make. In either
their conduct was uabecoming.
FhtfU'Ctaaty Teachers.
Following ie the program for the
Platte County Teachers' Association, at
Crest on, Nebraska. March 14, 1906, at 1
Deft Forget the Old Folks
High School Quartette
Patrons' Duties to the School
Anna Biedinger
Sfetgatag Song Intermediate Pupils
Questions and Suggestions
AjOQIaW AJunWCltVaftjO
Questions A. J. Patterson
Laughing 8ong Intermediate Pupils
The Old Oaken Backet. .Girls Quartette
Physical Oultare in Rural 8caoele. .
-;; William Farraad
School Libraries Lizzie Knight
In response to a call issued by Presi
dent Kerr of" the Commercial club, the
citizens of Oolnmbus met Tasaday even
ing to diacuiethe proposition of the Un
ion Pacific railroad to either remodel
the present passenger depot in the near
future, or wait a year or two and n new
depot, costing in the neighborhood of
$100,000 would be built. The sentiment
wss in favor of waiting antil the -new
depot could be built if satisfactory
assurance that this would be
done ws9 received from ihe com
pany, as the repairiag of the
old depot meant that the etrueture
as remodeled would in all probability be
me permanent aepos. 'me idea or a
new etrueture is the right one, us when
the change in the depot ia aaade one
should be built that will he a credit to
the city aad the railroad for many years
to come.
The Nebraska Biene, the German news
paper owned by the late J. H. Johannes,
was sold last Friday to Messrs. J. P.
Siems and Henry Wilckens, the firm
name being Siems & Wilckens. The
new proprietors will look after the bus
iness department aad employ an editor
to look after that end of the paper. The
policy of the paper will be independent,
and the local aide will be pushed. The
new proprietors have an excellent news
paper property, and with ample capital
at their oomninnd, will no doubt make a
success of toe venture.
Edison aad Victor phonographs aad
records for sale by Carl' FroemelVllta
atreet,' Columbue.
Registrar John Schmoeksr reports
eleven deaths aad fifteen births dariaa
the month, of February.
Fred Weetcottand family of that city
toved tojUreetoe Wednesday morning,
where they wjU make their future home.
If the grass is thia en year lawn new
is the tiate to renew it. We have all
kinds of good lawn grasses. Qimy,
For Salt Wsraem ahon drim md
repair ehepincon
aaossss FwavMun-
ter, Monroe, Neb.
. r
A. W. Clark, who uocorapanied the
delegates from hare to the democratio
convention held nt Omaha. KtaiMd
home Friday eveatag.
Wanted, acentstomske mom Mnm
ihan acting nt other ugeete. In the
best organization in the world. Address
M.B. O, Monroe. Nebr.
J. C. Nichols it here fran Ouha u.
iUag relatives. He came fertbe purpose
of renting hie farm and mnkinjc some
improvements about the place.
' Robert Thompson tad Miss Minnie
Wenlcbotbof Oreetou, were atarried
Wednesday afternoon in the parlors of
the Millard hotel at Omaha, by Bev. B.
L. Pardy.
Lees Stock Food at Leavy'a. ,
Dr. Naussaaa. Dentist 13 St. '
New Sprite Drees Goode at (Brjsj's.
Dr. L. P. CarsteaaoarVeteriaarinn
G. B, Prieb, painting anal-paper
First-class printing done at the Jour
aaloMee. -
New Silk Pettiooata in plain and fancy
If yoa waat to bay or tell faraHands
wita a
the hones the last week
attack of the grippe.
Ia amtriat court Wm. Cabbisoa, who
lamtt M: 9.
IiOOisGosdekiavhamd at tat Louie
Wilhebn hoeas Sunday.
HearyKalwetdwata visitor at
Gosdekia scene last Suaday.
I Lewie Newman visited with
I brother, O. P. Newmaa. Saturday aad
Captain Ed Boa and Herman Henae
visited at Fred Kramland't Saaday af
ternoon. Mitt Mary Borchera returned last
Friday f rem a viit with f rienda at De
naaet,Iowa. '
MimSmma Krumlaad eutertaiaeda
number of the.youmr neoale nt her
home last Sunder afteraooa.
Bev. tad Mm. rspiahses
daughter Martha, left Monday afteraooa
for their new home at 8pringfield, Dl
Fred tad Edward ITustimsn, from
near Leigh, renewed aequaiataaces with
old friends on thia route last Saaday.
Some of the young- people of thit
route were eatertaiaed at carda at tat
home of Frank Bonk. Fraak Goedekia
won themostgames.
Otto Branktu retumddome Taeaday
eyeaiag from a viett" to Texas. He re
ports that bn purchased a quarter see
tion of good land near Demmont.
The basket social which was to have
beta given at the school noose in Dis
trict No. 77 next Friday evening has
been postponed antil Friday evening,
March Soth.
Among those who attended the state
meeting of the German Baptist chnrcnes
at Ftemont last Friday to Monday were
Herman and Halda Moarmaa. and
Henry Kuperued Mat, Jot Krauts, re
presenting the Shell Creek Baptist
ohareh,and Misses Louis aad Lydia
Seefield, representing the Platte Center
Baptist church.
Feund in Great Numbers ia North-
eastern .Part f tcetlamJ.
Red hair Is fount la distinct excess
north of the Gnuapiaat, aad especially
la the northeast of Scotland! A 'sci
entist who naa made the question of
pigmentation a special study, and has
just been helped to conclude a color
survey of the school children over
50,00 of Scotland, announced thia
as one of his results.
Ia most European countries, he said,
there ia a distinct predominance of
one type over the others. In north
Germany and Sweden it hi the blonde
type; in Italy the brunette. No such
I predominance ia found in Scotland.
I Dark hair aad fair are present in
y.wyw. mw. nc HUUUIHUIl VW
or among Scottish children Is brown,
.and it has to be shown-how far brown
la really a blend of fair and dark.
The proportion of red hair through
out the country is a little over 5 per
cent. nigh compared with the con
tinent One cannot overlook the ref
erence of Tacitus to the red haired
Caledonians. Some curious facta
brought to light suggest that red hair
Is not entirely or strictly a racial
trait It may have some peculiar
physiological If not pathological con
One of the famous
Rexall remediws
of which there
is one for each
Pollock & Co.
Tat Druggist
on the Ctwmm
uoiumous, Ntbrsska
When High School Learning Came
Handy to Business Man.
found, guilty
tenet. '
and ia awaiting his sen-
When Folks Come 'Round.
.Grammar PupOs
The ubove program will be beneficial
to all interested in the advancement of
the edntetioasl interests of Platte
N terse in Colfax coanty. 3
west of Biehlaad. Good
aad corncrib; 140 neres in caltiva-
tiaa, remsisdsr meadow aad pasture.
Flies M5 per ncre. Johk Hauda,
47-2p Oolumbus, Nebraska.
At wt have told our lumber aad ceal
yard ia Columbus tad wish to elete ap
i tt possible, all those
Ives to be . indebted to
i call at the yard aad settle. All
i can he found nt tat Hoagiaad
yard. P. D. 8mtth Co.
san amnmsan us sans
ImtaTtw CtawVas HiatCt.
tt John Cover t, Co, will
iMarthltt. Highest eaah
lead junk. Gall or
TMaew Columbus
On, Oalanwhaa, Nebr.
sel-4 1-18-3
of Menree. Oalloaor
Mem, a R. Watts, Monroe, Nee.
New SpriarDreas 8kirts at Gray'a,
The Italian car ia the New York to
Paria automobile race pasted through
Columbus Monday evening about nix
o'clock. No stop waa nude here as the
party expected to make Grand Island
before stopping. The party were pilot
ed across the Loup bridge by Mux
Gottberg, tad then took the road
etraight west for Duncan. Those aboard
were surprised at the roads ia Nebraska,
they being quite different to the ones
they were accustoaed to.
Beginning with Monday morning the
freight service oa the Spalding branch
was put back on the six dsy schedule
There wss no good reason for taking
this tram off every other day, aa daring
the last two weeks the old tehedula has
practically been in font, when extra
freightaareencluded. Instead of get
tint: lighter the business on thit branch
has bean getting heavier with the ap
proach of epring;.
The following Oaaaha dispatch tells of
a suit ia which two Colambas
iaterested: Arguameteea the
for a decree ia taeanfrsnentssat ef
eat suit ef the Alsop Process can
agatast Nsyjor Gecrard, miliars, of
Oolambna, were made ia the Utited
States circuit court Friday nwrning be
fore Judge W. H. Manger, tad tat court
Gut Berahard, Eugene Clark, Charlie
Graves and Basil Gaitsen left here Sun
day morning; for near Dancaa. where
they will spend the week camping aad
hunting ducks.
Mrs.H. J. Brian ef south of the river,
wss st Schuyler last week for a visit
with her auat, Mrs. Luey Brown. Mr.
Brian went down Saturday aad
ed over Sunday.
Charles Reinke, who has
Mary's hospital the peat several
aadwao has undergone two
fOTSDeBdicittf, is reported as aowget
muk aiong nioary.
Rice's fresh bulk garden seeds at
beam at St
Mrs. George Lehman returned Sunday
evening from California, called hereby
the serious illness of her, son a n.
FOUND A Galloway fur mitten.
Owner can have name by calling nt the
Journal office, proving property and
paying for this notice.
Balph Swartsley. who has been in
Columbus during the winter, left Mon
day for Stoekville, Neb., where he will
tpend the tummer with O. C. Burns.
On account of the delegates who came
through Colambua to attend the con-
Riuumonai convention as Aonoix. an
extra coach was added to the train to
aecommodate them.
During the last week Judge Batter-
man married two couples, Fraak 8.
Stevenson and Mary A. Hoffman,, both
of Columbue, and Arthur Peterson of
Monroe and Anna Mae Williamson of
R. a Palmer the tailor, dean, dyee
and repairs Lsdies' and GenU' clothing.
Hnto cleaned and rtblooked. Buttont
nudtto order. Agent Germaait Dye
Works. Nebraska Phone.
HoaeCompanyNer 2 were called oat
Monday afteraooa to put out nmnall fire
ear the gas house of the Oolumbus Gas
w 1" xwe owae waa oascoverea ia
timesnd no dsmsge resulted.
A letter from B . Jones, formerly of
thit city, bat aow of Denver, says he
expects to leave March 10 oa a six
months' trip to the Pacific coast,
panied by hit wife tad daaghter
H. A-Davm aad Jm Browner art tat
first hunters to stake a good haal tail
spring, their trip last Saturday resulting
in tneir bagging thirty four dacha aad
John R. Latchen has tired of city life
and k amoving oa to his farm southeast
of Columbus. He proposes to have all
the comforts of home and is fitting up
bachelors quarters that will be the envy
of bis acquaintaaoes.
Tht Cover store building, west of the
Journal office, which has been occupied
ay uanaona mrniture ttore, will soon
be occupied again, aa Mr. Cover expects
to least it in the near future to n man
from the east for a mercantile establish
Revival meetings nt the Baptist church
continue with deepening interest. No
tice will be given from the pulpit Sun
day regarding future meetings. Subject
for Sunday morning, "A Pnnperoue
Charon"; Saaday evening, "How God
Frances A. Dawes, ' wife of ex-
Governor James W. Dawes, died Sun
day morning nt Atlanta, Georgia, where
htrhutbaad it ttatioted aa paymaster
hi tht regular army. She will be buried
at the hosaeof her parents ia Milwaukee,
Stltt Ma. f.
Ed Hahn went to Columbus Monday.
Idell Oieott weat to Ksasiagtoa Sat
Jot Jahn marketed hoga ia Coluaabus
M. J. findsisy waa a county seat visi
tor Moadsy. '
.M. Hsaa.wan.
lastMoaday. '
N. Lotekt marketed grain in Colum
bus latt Mondsy.
F. A. Otoott and wife visited at O. A.
Church's lttt Monday.
Ernest Kraeer: marketed hon at
Columbus Isst Monday.
Carl Plagemaan marketed hoga
Oolumbut the first of the week.
Frank GerbokL Paul Briggt and Roe
buck Brotbert.went to town Friday IssU
A new barn is being built on the Frans
Jahn farm south of the east channel
Bobert Bell is making preparations to
move on n farm eleven auk, north of
Oolumbut next Monday. -
August Viergutz and daughter Anaa.
went to Columbus Monday. Mies Vier
gutz will remain in thencity.
Frank Jarecki took hie diso to Oblam-J
bus one day last week to have it pat ia
condition for the spring work.
There wUl be a banket social at the'
Hahn school Friday evening, March 1&.
Mist Maggie Torpy ia teacher.
John Ksitelendn took n part of an
engine out to hw pltce Tuesday. He
eaya he ie going to make eewer pipe of it.
Mahlon Boaner. went to York last
Thursday, where he will remain all aum-
raer. having secured employment at that
.There will be a basket tapper tad
entertainment at the Bill school bouee
in district-No. 18 on Friday evening,
March 20th. Miss Ursuls Wade, tht
teacher, will have charge.
1 used for the first time today
something I learned 15 years ago, said
a writer In the Milwaukee SenUnel.
"It was the application of a principle
in geometry In relation to the irih.
lag of a hexagon hi n circle, which 1
learned when at the high school. I had
aa order placed for some taborets
(that Is flower stands) given' me and
the party that gave me the order
wants the tope' 16 Inches across.' Well,
that waa easy enough to fill, but be
side that the sides were to be hexa
gonal, so I had to sit downand figure
out how much five-eighths-inch wood
would have to be 'leveled off to have
the parts fit exactly. Here Is where
I used my geometry.
"DaaJel Webster' Is quoted as saying
that he once used a fact which hud
lafu dormant for 14 years, so I have
him beatea by a year.
"You often hear people nay 'What is
the use of learning this r seeing no use
for -it at the .time, hat things which
nt the time seem most Impracticable
are often later of use. That is one of
the complaints in: our public schools,
but na In my cane. It may' some day
prove ex
Frank Blaser waa shelliag aad mark
eting his old corn Monday.
John Waethrieh msxketed several
loads of fat hoga last week.,
- Fred Bean sad Julius Rndat ha
b?en sawing up their wood with n pow
er saw.
Lena Brieidenhoft mmi
from Spoaane, Wnsb., Isst Mondsy sad
will visit with her parents, Mr. and Mm.
John Breidenhoft for about a month.
Funny tteriea Cured Him.
"Having vainly tried many and vari
ous remedies to restore to health a
business man whom I know and who
had fallen into a morbid condition
.owing to years of overwork, a famous
Baltimore physiclaa at last persuaded
his patient to take a course of funny
stories, one at each meal, with an
extra two at dinner," aays a, corres
pondent. "The pntient, a solemn' and
gloomy fellow, at first rebelled, but
finally falling In with the idea adopted
the course recommended and was in
the end restored to health, the effect
ef laughter being entirely to change
hit mental and bodily condition.
Laughter, la fact, Is oae of the cheap
est and most effective of medicines,
breaking np stagnation of mind aad
body aad sending a healthy vibration
through one's system. There is very
little the matter with the man who
can enjoy a hearty laugh."
BtattBt. L
GeaSaalfield visited latt Sundav af.
bwnoon at rred Willes.
Mka Carrie Balder hat beta quite ill
bvt ie now convalescing.
Paddy Sharer of Humphrey u visitisg
bit aunt, Mra. J. M. Diaeea.
uoum iJubbr, who recently cam
8witserlanl, it workiag far Carl i
Henry LaadWair has iast ocean! th.
August Boettcher farm recently vacated
by E. Eiseman.
Walter Alvring nod Louma Loseke at
tended the wedding of Gerhard Loseke
at Leigh and report n very enjoyable
tl A tWaanlt
aUUttStCUnatbwa, Neb, I will be
prepared to give
tar March 1, hi
atttatioa given ears al
aot bo
hLC Cassia has sold his
toG.H.Besohsaaa,whowill take no.
March aa Jatt want
if aay, there will be made wiU
known until Mr. Bnschmaa
from St. Louis.
' Mr. and Mra. C. H. Besahmau left
Monday for St. Leaia, ealled there by
tntdtathof Mr, Busobmen's
Willinm Bascamaa, who
m bed. Mr.
leaves a wifs
The Joaraal njndta anttakt ia its latt
hamt ia nonaistisa with tat salt of the
John Oovar hide bwaiaeas. F. P.WU.
firm, which ia net terras
t ins it CL D. WOhkant 4 Oa.
TW. latest taiaat ia
Gay Benson, son of George Benton,
who resided in this city several years
ago, has been here, since Saturday look
ing ap hm old sehoolutates. The family
have httaliviagat Waterbury, Oonn
for tome years, but wt understand that
Mr. Benson is now on his wsy to the
atate of Washiagten where they will
Schuyler succeeds
at Leavy'a
drugstore. 'Mr. Faltya has hsd tweaty
twe years' experience in thia line, -son-ducting
a bnniaees for hismelf and be
ing employed in eeetf the leadiag drag
stores in Schuyler. He hat a family
aad will move to.Ctlumbut in the
FraakS.Steveneoa, Columbus
Mary A. Hoffman, Oolumbus
JametA.Edmmon. Silver Creek....
Bmflw Vender Leite, Dancaa
Arthur rMtrtot, Monroe
John Iotsi shelled corn at Osceola
lent week.
Patrick Fuller waa a caller tt the Iot
si homo Inst Sundsy.
Chris Ioasitrsasacted bntuena at Co
lambas latt Tuesday.
L.Ensuunger shipped some fat cattle
to South Ontahs Monday eight.
G. M. .Keller, who lived oa route 2
has moved oa theSulKvaa farm on
route 4.
WUliaar Moore left latt Moaday for a
trip to Baffalo county and other poiatt
in the western part af tht state.
Butler-brothers have moved onto tht
old Stevens farm st tan lake, lately va
cated by J. W. Kilboara aad family.
Fraak Hilliard is getting to be a fre
quent caller at tat Ed Higgiia rectaUy.
Wander which one to the attraction,
- Miss Anna Lambertat of Moaroehas
beta visiting with her graadpareutt Mr.
sndMiaJ. W.Sissle for the past two
Horner Gilet tad wife of Ctaacil
Bluffs, Iowa, arrived latt? week for aa
indefinite stay at the borne of Mr. aad
Mm. Mart Fieh.
Frank Hillaer is at home from the Co-
Iumbas Obaameroial college for a ttutlt
of weeks. He it auttiag ia hit time
breaking ia a number of colts for tht
'Wm. F. Roth, ote half mils east oftbe
mafbrtalt tU aisss af aim
Baal iNate TraaafaTS.
Becher, Hookeaherger A Chambers
real estate agente, report the following
real estate transfers filed for record in
the office of the county clerk doting the
week ending March 7, 1906.
HemaaPIttaektoD JOatw,ae 31. aw
Mw.wd. $310000
Madras Hoadrto Joha vea Baraga, a2
aW2t-tt.iw.wd 8000 08
John Avon Benjaa to Almavoa Bergea,
aeava-ia.lw.wd l 00
Wat Bkwdora to Mary Boras, tots ia
Cottat Grove add, Platte Ceater.qed 25 00
Ed Werteott to Staailaaa Skorapa. e2
w2ae42J-n-le,wd S3M01
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Charles Stone ie down in Colambas
serving on the jury.
The young people had n ammaa ia
the Sslem church Sunday evening.
John Swanson was visiting his wife
ton at the hospital in Columbus Satur
Prospects are now good for aa early
epring. Snow all gone and ground ia in
excellent shape for spring work.
John Hendrickson, Albert Anderson,
Nele B. Johnson and Alfred Rivera were
attending the democratic convention in
Columbus Friday.
The public sales are just about wound
up and fnrmera are turning their atten
tion to fixing up farming tools so so to
be ready for spring work.
Card af Thank.
We wish to express thanks to our
friends and neighbors who gave aa aid
and sympathy on the oocsaioa of oar
bereavement in the death of oar beloved
Mas. War. Bacxaa,
Wm. Rsxsa,
Geo. D. Becse,-
We have a large stock of coal, Rook
Spring. Maitland, Zeigler, Trenton,
Gem, Banner, Golden Ash, aad Monarch
in lump aad ant Alto Peana. hard
coal inaU tinea. Nawnua k Waxen.
I J Mahola to BH Aeehe. a as. a as 21.
I J Niahola to A Baaelfc. a, a at sjl
1m. md
We have the agency for the
famous M nosing Usderwear, the
best popular priced Union Saits
on the market Priest ia mean
horn 81.50 to $4.50. Priest ia
boys' from 50c, 75c, $1 aad $1.85.
la two piece garments we have
a solenoid liae ready for yoar in
spection and ranging in prist
from 50c to $2 50 s garment. Bay
cany wnue tnt
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mstsriahjiartht art
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