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f Variant.
SteckkolM Oscar H, - king of
died, at J: It o'clock Suaday
The death of the reaerable
occTred ta the royal apart-
t ef the palace, where, sarrooad
hy .the awmbera of hit faaiUy, la
the aged iQaeea Sophia aad
Crowa Priace Oscar GaJBtave. aad
Mch'ayalsten of atate. the iaerita-
We ead had beea awaited, while oat
side the palace great crowds stood
with bow&l haaoa'aad tearfel eyes
leag after the aaaoaaceinent case of
the .jjcath. of their, weU-kved aoTer
eiga.' The whole coaatry Is bowed
with grief, for Klag Oscar was some
thiag 'awre' than a ruler of his people
ad hadeassared htoself to them as
aa iatlatate aad per3oaal friend. When
-the lag on the palace was dipped to
half-staff there was ' a moan of aa
gvish froai the assembled multitude,
aad aiaay'of'theni cried, "''Our' dear'
Id klag istoad? ' -- "
The following ofldal bulletin was
posted after the king's death signed,
by his physicians: . '
"The streagth' of the kiag continued
to decrease throaghoat the night'and
tho- statev aacoaaciouiBeas becaaie
sere auu-ked. " ttli Massty "passed
jaietly, away at 9:10 a. a."
The death certifcate was worded
ce follows:'
"JE declare aooa path that his,
aaajestyr KingOscar II, expired, peace-''
fally at 9 :1 o'clock this morning in
the castle at Stockholm, at the age of
? years. 9 months, aad 17 days, as
the result of calcification of the cere
bral aad cardiac blood vessels."
The auccessiOB to the throne, of
Sweden now passes to Oscar Gustave
Adolphe. dake ofTermland, the oldest
Konof the. late, king. At a meeting
of ' the council of state on Sunday
the new king took. the. oath of alle
giance under the title of .Gustave V't
and adopted, the motto: r "rith tlje
People for the. Fatherland.". -' "
The princess tbea took the oath of.
allegiance aad the Jiew monarch ac-;
cepted the homage of the state 'of
idate. The last hoars of the expiring mon
arch were passed ia unconsciousness
aad ap to the ead he gave ao alga of
recogalsiag -those aboat-him. The
.aeea waa griafatrickea - because he
could not bid her farewell.
Haa' Nat Declared.
Washington Although several in
terviews .have been published with
receat White. House, .callers to the .ef
fect "that Roosevelt had dclared aneif
that he will dacliae anbther,,nomina
tion. it islmown that the "president
has made no such special declaration.
Democratic Naticnal Commlttae.
Washington The . democratic na
tional committee will meet at the Ar
lington in this city Thursday at noon
for the purpose of selecting the place
at which and the time when the na
tional democratic convention shall
meet next summer.
Club Starts Hughes Boom.
Watertown, N. Y. The Lincoln
-league, the leading republican organi
sation of northern New York,, with a
membership of 1,500, has adopted res
olutions; recommending Governor
Hughes to all republicans as the next
republican nominee for president.
Clark Will Get Hearing.
Lincoln. Neb. Governor Sheldon-
said he would grant a hearing to Har
rison Clark, the Omaha negro, who is
under sentence to be banged Friday in
the penitentiary. Clark was convicted
of killing a street car conductor.
Only Fifty-Three Bodies' Thus Far Re
1 - -cavered. w
MoBOgagh. W.-Va. But fifty-three
Bodies had been recovered Jrom miaes
ros. C aad of the Fairmont Coal
compaay when darkness closed over
the little town of Moaogah . Snaday
Bight. '.Fifty-six hours had elapsed
alace the awful explosion. It is now
believed the dead will be four hun
dred. -
Republican National Ticket Will
Selected in Chicago .in June,
Washington The ofiteial, order for
the repablican aational convention to
he held in Chicago on June 10 next,
was issued Sunday: It is signed by
Chairman Harry S. New and Secre
tary Elmer Dover of. the republican
national committee.
Officiala of Mining Companies Are
dieted, on Charge of Perjury.
Globe, Ariz. The federal grand
. Ijary investigating land frauds ia
New Mexico returned indictments
agaiast R. B. Hogart, superintendent
of the Old Dominion Milling com-
l ,aaay; N. S. Dorray, former superln-
teadeatjDf the aaite company; Edward
'" W. "T. Stewart, its former chief clerk
aad now coaaty recorder. andRobert
B. Biell, chief clerk of the United
v Glebe miaes, :f or. alleged perjury. .
Fomral of Mrs. TafL
Millbary. Mass. The fsaeral.of Mrs.
Loalsa M.-Taft,mother"of Secretary
of War Taft who died Suaday, will be
, acid at 11 o'clock Taeaday, at the Tor
Vmt iwliiTP tho home of her -sister?
I .Tt
mat days.. Bev
of the First Con-.
wffi coadact the
Immediately feUowlag- the
C. i-VA'--.
the body wm be taken to
a The bedyrfli be- bvried
Mra. Tafta tambaad.
?W.; Va. That
Friday is aow those who
take tlMJmostshpfefalaadtaioat-coi
senrative view-ofthe diaaatar.
'.i KH.taese vicums.
six dead hodlea
had beea taken from mis Jfe. -C t
midaightaad sixty-five othaca. war
piled ap ia the' entry awattiag'the
compleUea offacfWiaafarhriagiag
them to the aarface. BcaaaaihWiNoV
8 at tile Baate;htMT,f6artoea bodies
had beea removed aad a aamher of
others are ready to .be broaght oat
as aooa aa arraagemeats caa be comr '
pleted. ,
Five rescaing'parties, with tea mea
to each party, are workiag like.Tro-,
jaaa at dUfereat parts of the two'
miaes to the ead that every nook aad'
corner ia the workings may he reach
ed Ja .the shortest -Maathle time; There
is a large force of experienced mia-"
ers for this work, aad they are .work
ing ia relayswlth short turaa, owiag
to the accumalatioa of gas,' which
prevents the men from remalalag
loag in the mine.
President Oscar Murray aad other
officials of the Baltimore ' Ohio
railroad, were ia ..New. Martmsbarg,
Au eighty-five miles from here, on
an inspection trip, when they heard
of the .disaster. -.They v immediately
ordered a special- ran to Moaongah;
arriving here Friday night. Presi
dent Murray. upon his .arrival, confer
red with, the- omcers of the mining
company and offered, oa behalf of
himself aad the compaay, any assist
ance that it was possible to reader. I
Clarence W. Watson of Baltimore,
president of the Consolidated Coal
company, was at Frostburg, Md., aad
immediately chartered a special train
to bring him here. After coaferring
with the mine superintendent aad oth
er local representatives of the com-,
pany he said there was ho doubt but
that 400 lives had bees lost
The scenes .arooadthe eatraace of
the mtaeaW'thrbugnoif.the town are
even more tbetfc thin1 those which
usuallrwatrsmlne dmaaW..
because rof ji larger proportion of
Amerjcaff fani3Amejicanized foreign
ers thanafe usually found iaTa-pure
mining serOeaientl W!ve?and-'aibth-ers
and sweethe?,,t6gether with -the
members ofme stronger-sex, move
from place to, place, vainly seekiag in
formation andmikiag ao attempt', to
conceal the grief, 'that , overwhelms
them .But little "news caa be given
them and, such as can be'gtvea is bad.
Noae is encouraged to hope that any
one in the mine has survived.
Warie en Senate jCamittaaa.- j
Washington Senator; Allison, rchalr-
maa of the republican caucas an
nounced the following committee and 1
proceeded to fill existing vacaacies onv
thet commttees of the senate. Messrs.'
Hale, charman; Cullom, Lodge, Bur-,
rows, Dolliver, Fulton, Carter, Long:
and Knox.
Farm Products and Live Stock Worth
Topeka, Kas. Kansas farm pro-,
.duct?, what, corn, oats and
hay and live, stock in 1907, show a net
increase cf nearly $20,000,000 in value,
over the production of any' previous
year. It has been the greatest year,
for livestock the state ever has
known; and. only one' year 'previously
kas the value of the wheat crop Seen
as high as. this year. ..
Suit Over Mckinley Will.
Canton, O. Secretary of the Treas
ury Cortclyou and Justice William R.
Day -are made party defendants to an
action in common pleas court agaiast
the heirs and administrators of the
estate of William McKinley. Secre
tary. Cbrtelyou and, Justice Day as the
administrators of the McKinley es
tate have in their possession for dis
tribution $125,000. The court action
is 'brought by Robert S. Shields, ad
ministrator of the estate of Abnef' Mc
Kinley. to get a decree setting- forth
the meaning of. the will.
Funsten Orders Msn to Go.
Washington In compliance with
President' RooseveltV orders Briga
dier General Funston, commanding the
Department of California has made
preparations to have troops started for
the Goldfield. Nev., mining district,
where trouble is -threatened.
Mother of Secretary of War Dies at
Her Home in llillbtiry, Mass. v
-Millbary, Mass. Deaths which has
been expected almost hourly fur a
weak past. -was aanounced Sunday
from the beside of Mrs. Louisa Maria
Taft, mother of William H. Tatf. sec
retary of war. Mrs. Taft was the
widow of Alphonso. Taft. secretary of
war and attorney general of the United
States uader President Grant
Japanese Member of
Privy Council
" Sends Message to Roosevelt. r-
Tokio Viscount Kanekb has cabled
President Roosevelt ss follows:
The whole empire' is rejoiciag at
your strong recommendation that
American shoaTd participate la our ex
position, aad t thank you on behalf o
aad with the authority of the people
of Japan. v - t
(Signed) .KANBKO..
This dispatch is significant as VIs
count Kaneko is a member .of the
arivy coaacil. - l "
Fort Pt National tasfmnds: "
PlUsbarg TeaFort Pitt Natioaid
bank: of t this cky Jailed to open for
baslness- Tharaday. a notice on , the:
door anaoaaciag that "thebaak. was
closed by order of the eomptroQer of
thecarreacy." It was signed byf John
B. Canatngham
iaer of this 4
drew Horroh of the baak aaht lis' the
Associated Press: "The donosttors are
tally nrotectsd.
precipitated br.
ansae II rnirnsarj'tii rani tho
anansensnai w ""- .S'Vur - w - -PB
tho sostacttoh oTnn
v,U V'-v-iv
i K-;
itl- a-
' '"3 ' "x
SaaataMXHald fe : taeh
Owing' te the
v;, - Death
Waaaiaatoa The
Sixtieth, co ag if
a social faactioB rather thaa thogath
eAag for the traaaadUoaof Imaortaat
haalBf m .of;the coaatry. Sogroatwao
the demaad for aa .ofvortaaiy to soo
the maUoaal Iegisbitre started in. its
work that the gallerysof, he hoaae
were reserved for the famlUea aad
frieada of-members, with, vary few
places left for tho general pmbHe un
provided wlthUckets.- la the aeaate
the same coaditfcm prevaBod, except
that a larger apace waa kept far thoae
who came withoat ricketa.
Early la the. day tho capltol was
filled, with spectators and la all tho
corridors leadiag to the gallery ea
traaces there were long lines of sea
aad women, many of whoa stood for
a couple of hours ia a vaia hope of
gaiaiag admission j
la each, of the houses the seaaloar
was short aad confined to the adop
tion of formal resolutions notifying the
president that congress had assembled,
swearing la new senators aadrepre
sentatlvea and-other pertnactory actK
Both hoases-adjourned ia respect to
members who died, since. the close of
-the last congress, Seaators Morgaa
and Pettas of Alabama aad Represeat
ativea Slemp of Virginia and Smith of
' niiaois having passed away durlagtho
Representative Joseph G Cannon was
elected , speaker, receiving 207 votes.
John 8harp Williams received 154
votes. ,
Those members, who had expected
that the president's message would be
read were disappointed. The fact that.
the senate adjourned Immediately
after eonveaing. out of respect to the
memory of Senators Pettas and Mor
gan of Alabama, who died during the
recess, precluded the preseatatfoa of
this always, much anticipated commu
nication from the chief executive. The
house, too, was mourning the loss of
two of its members, Repreaeatatiye
'Slemp of Virginia .and Representative
Smith of Illinois, the latter having
died oaly Saturday.
With the completion of the orgaal
zatkm of the house, the sweariag la oT
new members, the drawing of seatn
and the appointment of a. committee
to. notify the president that the horse
was in session and ready to receira
any communication that he may se?
fit to send, an adjournment was taken
till Tuesday.
Hitchcock Pushes Postal Savings.
Washington Congressman Hitch
cock introduced his postal savings
bank bill in the first hour of tho
house session following his interview
with, the postmaster general. He made
a few changes in the draft of his
original measure of four years ago,
which he is confident makes it a bet
ter bill. .
Continued Pressure Forces Nebraska
Mutual to-Insolvency.
Omaha A petition asking for tho
appointment of a receiver for the Ne
braska Mutual Fire Insurance com
pany of Omaha was filed in the dis
trict court Monday by Deputy Auditor
Pierce in. behalf of Auditor Searle,
anifthe officers of the company1 also
filed a stipulation admitting the com
pany is insolvent and consenting tQ
the appointment of Edward Ml Martin
as receiver. Liabilities are $253,843.43
and assets $116,799.80.
No Revolution fn Portugal.
Lisbon The baseless character of
the alarmist, rumors representing' that
Portugal was on the eve of civil war
and revolution has been fully estab
lished by the independent investiga
tion of a .staff correspondent of the As
sociated Press.
Circulation Statement.
Washington The monthly circula
tion 'statement issued- by the comp
troller of the currency shows that the
close -of business, November 30, 1907,
the totsl outstanding circulation was
$656.2l.196, which is an increase for
the year of $63,837,647 aad an increase
for the month of $46,237,730.
Money Needed for Next Year.
Washington The secretary of the
treasury sent to congress the esti
mates of appropriations required for
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1909.
The figures show an increase of ,$77
479,819 over the estimates for I90S
and aa increase of $56,220,64 over tho
appropriations for 1908.
Battleship Nebraska,
N Washington Word reached the
navy department that the battleship
Nebraska, which has just finished her
final- acceptance trial on Puget sound,
.iaade 18.88 knots under, forced draft
lor four hours.- The Nebraska's con
tract speed called for 18 knots.
Leprosy Care Soon to Be Known.
HoBOlala-J. jx Waliach. who ha?,
just been granted' leave to attempt
the treatment of twelve lepers from
Molokai, announces that he will
3hortly make public the secrets of his
'leprosy care.
Report Not Yet Ready.
Washington The inland water ways
annmlsslonrhas beea disappointed in
its cjrortto1complete. ks proposed pre
liminary report to "the president be
fore' the begiaaihg of tho' present con
gress, and It Is sot 'expected to ho
ready for sevstal dayc.
birthday. at Saadriagaam. whore
customary celebrations were held.
khng and ajBeea cf Norway were
ac tho vWtofs
;.' i !'. . . nuH.'.-o ' iw u vf. .: vmb
' . aaaaaaM apJaaa i i lBsaa"a Ml i Baa: i siLi i VsVur: . ' twoal
'.sssiaasssaissssssadh.ff&c-.Basism:rBaBais:'iSaom vasasa mnr -i -. "
tr aaaaaasr t rr T"i tt ---f7rmaisaar- -aawasmavTr . -v .i"
J 4 "dasB ViaJ-' ssfBms&'-'J. " BiBsHar. r
r I sbbW g smi T f affiSl.
t . . ? i . m i. t MiM -3te.nrav .
a vjjbf cgn ma "'"a-fifia. "atsVBaH'arMff'sr
BbbbbV -.-. TE- fcBfc.jBssBL 1 m? .MM J -jM - iTW& .mR
! -
So Says Jamea J. Hill in a Speech to
Conference that Created Great
WasaiagtoB A notable feature of
the Rivers and 'Harbors congress
conveatioa bow ia" session in this city
was the address delivered by James
J. Hill aa president of- the Great
Northern Railway company, who was
iatroduced to the congress as "a wiz
ard of transportation and one of the
greatest railroad builders in' the
world." Mr. Hill created great en
thusiasm among the. 2,500 delegates
by declaring that the railroads of the
coaatry would support cordially any
proper plan for the development ot
the legitimate waterways of the Uni
ted States. He said that the traffic
of the country has become so great
and was increasing so tremendously
that It was beyond the physical power
of the railroads to handle it. He
made a most important and significant
statement of the attitude of the rail
road men towards legislation which
has beea declared against rail carriers
in America and declared that all the
railroads' asked, waa permission to
conduct their business in a proper
way, uader fair-regulations and fair
Notable addresses also were deliver
ed to the' congress by governors ot
states and by other men prominently
identified with the political and com
mercial life of the nation. Among
those present Thursday at the ses
sions of the convention were scores
of members of congress, upon whom
it is the desire of the convention (Sat
its ideas be particularly impressed.
The convention will conclude its work
Friday by the adoption of a series ot
resolutions incorporating its idea that
a comprehensive national scheme for
the improvement of the internal wter
ways of the country should be crystal
ized into law.
Chairman Ransdall, in presenting to
the congress Representative Theodore
E. Barton of Ohio, chairman of the
rivers and harbors committee of the
house of representatives, said that
the country had reached its present
high plane in the improvement of in
ternal waterways materially through
the efforts of Burton. The delegates
rose 'and cheered Mr. Burton heartily.
Mr. Burton declared that the move
ment for the improvement of tho in
land waterways had been stimulated
by the unparalleled growth of the
country in its resources. '
Actor Commits Suicide.
Baltimore, Md. Mrs.. Clara Blood
good, Lthe actress, committed suicide
hy shooting in her room at the' Hotel
Stafford here. Mrs. Bloodgood's body
was found lying on the bed with a" bul
let hole through the roof of her mouth.
Nearby lay a book entitled "How to
Shoot Straight4
Government Secures Damages..
Cheyenne In the case of the United
States against the Diamond Coal and
Coke company for timber trespass.
the jury ia the United States court
awarded damages to the government
In the sum of $7,192.50.
Rush for. Europe Continues.
New York Four liners sailing; on
Wednesday took in the aggregate
8,000 aliens., mostjy'ltalians, the Presi
dent Grant of the Hamburg-American
line having alone 3,600. The Provence
the Grosser Kurfurst and the Cedric
took the remainder, among them be
ing Russians, Poles, Scandinavians
and Huagariaas.
Ware Goes to Grand Island.
Omaha Rev. George G. Ware, the
convicted president of the U. B. I.
Land and Cattle company of Hooker
coaaty, will not .serve his sentence of
one year's imprisonment in the Doug
las coaaty jail after all. The place
of imprisonment hss been changed to
the county jail of Hall county at Graad
Island. The change was made by
Judge W. H. Manger upon the appll
cation, of Mr. Ware's attorneys at the
hitter's request the Hall county Jail
being a 'new structure snd affords bet
ter modem accommodations.
New England Factories Resume.
Boston, Mass: Signs' of recovery
from businos depression which started
several weeks ago are being felt in
all part of New England by the resum
ing, of operatioas in 'the mills which'
were shut dowa or which shorteaed
their' workiag hours.
from Navy.
Ltncola, Noh.-rChIef of Police Coop-'
er wlfl take Milton H. Brooks to San
The ry oath 'is accused of
from the aavy. He onliatod
m Uacela.
ir fill" rBaaah' rt aaam-jaBlBnBBBBnv""K m; igsa 'm.rjmm a- .gr-mMaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBal
dr: 3aassaak.JWBa s. mM BJ BBanftSBahMBaUBm AsaaaoBBhBaafaBaBBBBT
. 'far wiBsmaaJ ' ' I W- ' 9IVPCbTS - - bbbbbbWbbI
T" af TA' VI l- vWIbS"-" aaafHaaaW
J VJsaBa9 at M iSsssg' HCrsa
HBbWSS " "SgggnMaaff
about a thousand of them
introduced: Wednesday.
Most of Them Pension Sills That
Wsrr Before tho Last Congress
for Action. t
Washington Nearly 1,000 bills were
iatroduced ia the seaate Wednesday,
and all of them were referred to com
mittees, where they will be takea for
consideration after the aew senators
shall have been given committee as
signments. No other .business of im
portance was traasacted. Almost all
of these bills were considered in the
last, congress and most of them are,
private pension bills.'
The whole number iatroduced in the
senate of the Flfty-niuth congress waa
8.627 and before the Christmas holi
days t is probable that at least half
of them will again be introduced aad
referred to committees.
Among the more important meas
ures' introduced Wednesday were the
following: -
By Senator Fulton Amending the
railroad rate law la such a manner!
that a change of tariff filed with the'
Iaterstate Commerce commission can
not goiato effect where objection is
made until the commission has de
clared the rate fair.
By Senator Dick The administra
tion measure, providing for an la
crease of pay for members' of the
army, navy and marine corps.
By Senator Burkett Providing for
the teaching of-agriculture la normal
schools; free postage on reading mat
ter mailed to the blind, and prohibit
ing telegraph and express companies
from transmitting returns pertaining
to gambling.
By Senator Heyburn Bills provid
ing for the purchase of public build
ing grounds in v Washington; the es
tablishment of land courts and appel
late land courts; the establishment ot
a national board of corporations and
a department of lines and placing in
the capitol building of each state a
model of the naval vessel which hss
been named after that state.
By Senator Hansbrough Repealing
the timber' and stone act and provid
ing for the sale of timber on public
lands; also a bill giving homestead
entrymen the right to be absent from
their homesteads during four winter
By Senator La Follette Requiring
that railroad rates shall be fixed so as
only to yield a fair return on the val
uation of a road's property.
By Senator Nelson Extending the
free delivery service to all towns hav
ing a postal revenue of $8,000.
By Senator Scott His last session
bills, providing a site for a new build
ing for the State department, the
Department of Justice- aad the Depart
ment of Commerce and Labor.
Holds Impromptu Reception in
MdVavlc nofit
Washington W. J. Bryan spent an
hour or more in the marble room of
the senate exchanging courtesies with
senators. Most of the democratic mem
bers of the senate called to pay their
respects, as did also a aumber of re
publicans, including. Senator Burkett
of Mr. Bryan's own state.
Henry O Havemeyer Dead.
New York Henry Osborne Have
meyer, president of the American
Sugar Refining company, died Wed
nesday at his country home. Merri
vale stock farm, at Commack, L. I.,
of heart failure, following an attack
of acute indigestion on Thanksgiving
Effort to Eradicate Plague.
San Francisco With a view of com.
polling the owners of buildings to put
their possession in a sanitary' condi
tion, the Board of Public Health pro
poses to present an ordinance on the
subject for passage by the supervise
ore. This is one of man; steps being
taken to exterminate rats and eradi
cate plague from all sections, of the
Reeivers for Exposition.
Norfolk, Va. Federal Judge Wad
dill decided to appoint receivers for
the Jamestown Exposition company.
Leading Paper Declsres Naval Policy
Guarantee Peace of World.
Tokto Asahi publishes a 1,000-word
special cable on the presldest'n mes
sage aad comments thereon, apprecia
bly expressiaggratificatiOB at the rep.
reseatatioas' coatalned- therein con
ceraiag the proposed Jspaaese exposl
ttoasaadits general friendly tone to
ward Jasaa. It says that the naval
alllitary program aHMarVaes the
of the world;
' '
i-lhtTafte4 ftatos
lm BToatloaath and th iriiiMrM
aftimtofto covered seem, however.
to have deterred tho fiaapiis fvosa
ooaaHe llae ra their coat-
.tKv.nyi TtM imji. .v. -
jj-p7 ".? . i v." amm
tojro.aadl plctareeoae aa ever, wao de
voted to the atody of the whole mato
rial aad-moral aftaatleai of a people
atone given momeat.
" "Tho whole dot tat,- said tho pa
per, "ia characteristic of the fact that
at a momeat of i
commercial reaction it ia
throaghoat by a tremendous aad tri
amphaat hwUteace upoa tho aallmit-
Tho Standard and Daffy Mail find
the chief interest ia what the mes
sage leaves aasaJd. namely the con
fifct between. the federal government
aad the state of California aad the
faestlon of Japanese InuslgratioB.
Tho Dally Mail says: "If the dif
ferences between nations coaM he
settled by silence we should welcome
the president's reticence, bat, anaan
pily that ia act the case."
The' Standard is much Impressed
with the presideBt's desire for great
addltioaa to the military as .well as
tho naval forces, with the exceptioaal
courtesy with, which he treats Japan
aad Chiaa. The Tribuae aad Chron
icle both remark the absence of bold
ness of. coaceptioa or origtaality in
ideas aad highly approve the presl
deat's iavitation to congress to em
hark on ameliorative social legisla
tion. The Daily Express notices .the ab
seace of aati-capitalistlc bias, which,
it says, was so perceptible ia the last
presidential message.
The Times, in its comment, consid
ers the president's suggestions deal
ing with the currency problem dissap
Her Share in Appropriations Asked
Washington The estimates of ap
propriations for the fiscal year eadiag
June -39, 1908. submited to congress
by the secretary of the treasury, con
tains the following items of interest
to Nebraska: To enlarge the hostpi
ta a Fort Robinson, $25,000; for
support and educatkm of 309 Iadiaa
pupils at Genoa, $51,80:. for general
repairs aad improvemeats, $3,000; for
completion of the postoflce and court
house at Grand Islaad, $65,000; for
a site aad comnletioB of postoSke
ballding at Kearney, $25,000.
Bomb Nearly Hits Governor.
Moscow An unsuccessful attempt
was made in this city upon the life of
Lieutenant General Guerschelmann,
governor general of Moscow. He es
caped death only by a narrow margin.
A woman hurled a bomb at the gen
eral's carriage while be was driving
in the Lefortt quarter of the city.
Only One Jurer Stood Out for Punish
ment of Some Kind.
Washington "Not Guilty- was the
verdict rendered Tuesday by the jury
in the case of Mrs. Annie M. Bradley,
charged with the murder of former
United States Senator Arthur M.
Brown of Utah at a hotel in this city
on December 8 last. Amid the ap
plause of a crowd that filled the court
room. Mrs. Bradley, with tear-dimmed
eyeswas discharged from custody and
a trial that has evoked national atten
tion during the last three weeks was
at an end.
Throughout its deliberations the
jury practicality stood at 11 to 1 for
acquittal until the final ballot, when
the lone Juror, who' was holding out
for some form of punishment. Juror
Julius H. Prigg, gave in and the ver
dict of acquittal was agreed on.
Receiver for Jamestown Exposition.
Norfolk. Va. A decree signed by
United States District Judge Waddill
waff entered in the federal court here,
directing all parties in interest to ap
pear before him in Norfolk Wednesday
to hear application for a receiver for
the Jamestown Exposition company.
Iowa Wins Corn Trephy.
Chicsgo Iowa won the Cook trophy
for student team judging of corn. Kan
sas second. The five Iowa men took
the first five places. This is the third
successive capture of the trophy and
makes it the permanent property of
Iowa state college.
Authorize an Extension.
Cheyenne, Wyo. At a meeting held
here of the stockholders of the Big
Horn railroad, a branch of the Bur
lington, the extension of the road from
Frannie to Fromberg, Mont., was au
thorised. Bills by Nebraska Congressman.
Washington Congressman Hinshaw
of Nebraska introduced the following
measures Bill to pay rural letter
carriers at 12 cents per mile instead
of by the year as at-present; bill to
reduce interstate passenger fares to
2 cents per mile; bill to protect de
positors, in national banks; bill to
establish postal savings banks with a
maximum deposit dimit of $500; bill
granting a flat pension of $12 to all
widows of civil war soldiers; bill to
improve the federal buildiBg at Be
atrice. . Money Is Sent to West
New York The subtreasury trans
ferred to interior points forhaaks. $1.
234.000. Of this sum $668,000 went
to St Louis. $446,000 to Chicago aad
$100,000 to Saa Francisco. The Kroa
Priazessia Cecelie. which arrived from
Bremen broaght $6,460,000 ia gold.
Death of Mrs. Hayward.
Nebraska. City. Neb. Mrs. Jennie
Hayward. widow of Senator Monroe U
Hayward. died hero of heart trouble.
superinduced by aa-attack of
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Five members of vtho family of
sSsBBPnhannBt BsTnu'eBVaByenBrw an uaJjkaaBBiJBlaaai anannntj bbbbbbb
tractor, of Nebraska CKy.were as
Bhyjdcated and eaaWaear Innsag their
A stick of dyaamlte exntodnag pre
maturely seriously injured JL W. Bow
lln, employed by the Ltncola Brick
compaay. The men wero Masting ha
a clay sank.
Ia the district court of Sarpy coaaty
Judge Kennedy seateaced Edward
Hike ef Bellevue' to a term of two
years in the peaHeatlary en the
charge ef burglary.
Mary Tucker, of Lincoln, filed n
salt for $20,000 against the H. Herpot
hoimer compaay. She waa hurt hi
front of the store aad alleges tho
sidewalk was defective.
. The aew high school baildlag at
Graad Islaad ia practically completed
aad will be ready for occupancy Im
mediately after tho Christmas heH
'daya. The furniture la bow belag in
stalled. While playing with a revolver ha
his room in a Hastings hotel. Robert
Harris. 18-year-old son of Eagiaeer
Harris of the state hospital., was acci
dentally shot through the hand re
ceiviag a serious wound.
The Anti-Saloon league of Lincoln
Is makiag a.campaiga'to have the anti
treatlag provisions of the Slocamb law
enforced. Governor Sheldon has re
ceived more thaa fifteen petitions ask-,
lag that treating be stopped.
Mrs. Emma C. Johnson, superintead
eat of the home for the friendless,
has been appointed by Governor She!
don for a term of two years datiag.
from March 1. She has beea at the
head, of the institattoa since March 1.
Deputy Food Commissioner John
son has notified the coaaty attorney
of Cass coaaty to begia prosecutioas
agaiast a aumber of liquor dealers ia
PlattsbOBth for violating the pure food
law by aot properly branding the bot
tles in which they keep liquor for
Amor H. Gould, the banker of Bell
wood. Butler couv'y. who was serving
an eight years sentence in the peni
tentiary was released during the
moath of November, according 10 a
report filed by Warden Bcemer with
the governor.
Attorney General Thompson has re
ceived permission to file a motion with
the supreme court for a mandamus to
compel the Union Stock Yards com
pany at South Omaha to fife a report
with the State Railway commission as
do the common carriers.
New industries in Cass and Saun
ders counties have opened, for business
in the face of the hard times, notably
a company in Wahoo for the manu
facture of automobile devices, aad
machinery, a farmers' elevator at
Cedar Creek, and a tile factory at
The state board of public lands and
buildings has made a change in the
material in two of the buildings to be
constructed at the Norfolk asylum
without increasing the price but' at the
expense of fireproofing for one build
ing. The board gets stone instead of
pressed brick.
The supreme court has appointed
three of the bar commissioners to
take testimony in the matter of dis
barment charges against Attorney Al
len G. Fisher of Chadron. The com
missioners chosen are C. H. Sloan of
Geneva. W. L. Anderson of Liacola aad
H. P. Leavitt of Omaha.
. The Nebraska City board- of educa
tion is up agaiast a serious proposi
tion. They Increased the salaries of
all the teachers at the begiaaing of
the school year and now they find that
because of the fact that over 150 of
the school childrea are out of school. .
at work, they will have to start a
night school- and they have aot the
Claiming that her husband. James
Harrington, has been abseat twenty
five years. Mrs. Sara Harrington, of
Fremont, in probate court filed a peti
tion asking to be appointed adminis
tratis of his estate and for the court
to find Harrington legally dead. A
quarter of a century ago Harrington,
then a young man. started for Omaha,
on a business trip, kissing his wife
goodbye. He has never been heard of
The statement of county recorder
G. M. Lathrop of Otoe county shows
that duriag the moath of November
there were fifteen farm mortgages '
filed, amounting to $40,958.89. aad
thirteea released to the value of $27.
395. A young maa named Johasoa, em
ployed as a farm haad a few miles
southwest of Beatrice, reported to the
police that he was held up and robbed
of $28 at the Rock Island crossing in
the southwest part of the city last
week. The ofifeers have ao clue to the
Ia a shucking contest ia Gage coun
ty between Warren McMIHea aad Ben
Kelley, the. former won. At the end of
fours hours. McMillen shucked sixty
three aad eoe-half bushels and Kelley
sixty-three bushels. This is shuckiag
at the rate of 158 bushels in tea hours.
The election for the esTtee of sheriff
ef nam Butte county la to he contest
ed, Thomas B. Shrewsbury, democrat,
havmg filed n eanteat complaiBt for
that pnrpose. Al Walker, the present
laeumbeat. Is shown; hy the face of
the retarna to have been elected hy a
majorHy of hut two voted.
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