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OoniolidAted with the Oolnmlwui Ttme April 1, 1904; with the Platte Ckninty Argus January 1, 1906.
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Volume xxxviil number 33.
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Hockenberger &
Whenever desiring iDveatneat
in real estate, either farm laBd
or town lots, it will be to yow
interest to conaalt our liata. We
also have several good dwellings
for rent in Columbus, and it will
pay yon to cosse and see as before
completing your arrangeBents.J
Money to loan in any aaumnt on
short notioe.
Fire, Totnsdo and Aoeident
Hockenberger &
'.. 40
..S3 50 to S3 60
Files or the Journal Nov. 19, 1873. ,
J. A. Turner, John Huber, L. M.
Oook, Fred Matthews, A. Friedline,
Platte Baker and H. C. Preston went to
Omaha on Monday to attend U. 8. -District
Court as witnesses.
Mr. W. T. Caloway has recently sold
two valuable business fronts on Twelfth
street, near the railroad track, one to A.
Miller and one to E. C. Kavsnaugb.
These lots are between Mr. Miller's
office and Brodfaehrer's jewelry store.
One of our exchanges tells a good one
on a brother lawyer, which illustrates
what a little thing will put a man off his
line of thought. The lawyer was mak
ing a high flown speech, telling about
angel's tears, when his honor said, "con
fine your remarks to the dog fighting
case." The lawyer eat down.
A friend who passed up tbe Beaver
valley informs us that he was very much
surprised to find the valley bo thickly
se' tied. Perhaps three years since there
was not an inhabitant west of the limits
of the Pawnee reservation and the Cedar
much lesa a settlement. Now after you
leave the Reservation you are not out of
sight of improvements .until you reach
Albion, and our friend says he was in
'formed by the citizens that many miles
west of Albion the settlement continues.
The table lands in the vicinity of tbe
Beaver valley are rich and still unoccu
pied. The present settlers preferring
lands in the bottom, perhaps on account
of water and timber. Oar informant
says it is a most beautiful valley, the
soil mimtly rich and productive, and but
few snots the distance he travelled over
but what will produce good crops, and
that the land is all taken in the valley
but that hundreds of thousands of set
tlers can yet 'be accommodated with
homesteads on the table' lands.
At the Hif u School.
Forty additional pupils have been en
rolled during the Inst week.
It has been fund necessary to section
the clases in clay modeling and wood
State Snpt. MoBrien visited the High
school Wednesday and gave a talk in
the auditorium and also addressed the
normal training class.
Mice Buby Bickly received a very
flattering offer from West Point, but de
clined to take it, much to tbe relief of
the superintendent and the patrons.
Mrs. Watts and Mrs. King will take
their visiting days next Tuesday and
Wednesday, the former going to Norfolk I
and the latter to the southern part of
tbe state.
The schools will take part in the exer
cises for laying the corner stone of
the Y. M. C. A. building on Friday, Nov.
S3. The scholars will meet at the opera
house and march from there to the budd
ing. We will extend the time of the Muns
ing Underwear essay contest until
December l.-Craoj's.
The Winter Term
of the
Cimercial College
Opis MNwiy, Dm. 2
New clssses organized
in all business and
stenographic branches.
No entrance examina
tion required. Write
for catalogue and spec
ial tei
L ft. Garnahan
Columbus, Nebr.
The death of Miss Lillian Bagatz,
whkk oocarrsdSasday tsoraiat, east a
shadow of cJosss orer the eatire ossi;
nuaity wbere'she grew to womanhood,
and by whom she was loved aod renpect
ed. While her death was not wholly
unexpected, it oame aa a shook to her
ssaay friends. An anosmplaiaiag smf
ferer for alasost a year, erery thing was
done to prolog her life, but of bo avail.
During the summer' she wont to Cali
fornia in seareh of health, but returned
without being beasfltted, although for o
few weeks her condition gave her friends
kope. Lillian Agnes BsgaU was born
in Prairie da Sac, Wisconsin, and with
her parents moved to Columbus in 1879,
which has since been her borne. Here
she was educated in the public schools
and grew to womanhood. Miss Rsgatz
became identited with the Methodist
church about seven years ago, and baa
oiaee been faithful uMmber, and she is
also asMmberof the Eastern Htar. The
funeral services were held Tuesday at 1
p. m., being conducted by her pastor,
Bev. L. & DeWolf of the Methodist
ohureh, and the services at the grave
conducted by .the Eastern Star,
ted by Bev. DeWolf.
Bert Bader, a'former Columbus boy,
died at Hot 8prings, Arkansas, Novem
ber 12, and the body was brought here
for burial, the funeral being held at the
German Befbrmed church Tuesday
afternoon, being conducted by Bev.
Neumarker. Bert Bader was born in
New York in 1879, and came to Colum
bus with his parents in 1880, remaining
here until 1897, when he moved with the
family to Cripple Creek, Colorado. Loot
fall he returned to Columbus and then
went toGenoa, where he remained until
September '25, when be went to Hot
SpriBgs, where he died. Belatives from
abroad who were here to attend the
funeral wer his father and mother, Mr.
and Mm. John Bader of Cripple Creek,
Colo., Mm. Julius Phillipps and Fred
Bader, a brother and sister from Genoa.
A brother'and sister who live in Colora
do were unable to get here in time to
attend the funeral.
Frank Frerichs narrowly
serious injury in a runaway on Eleventh
street Tuesday morning. His team be
eame frightened at a milk can and start
ed west on Eleventh street, When
they reached M street they turned the
corner too aharp and upset the wapon,
which had a binder loaded on it. When
Frericks was picked up he jwas under
tbe binder and it looked as though ho
had suffered serious injuries, but aa ex
amination by a physiciau did not reveal
any broken bones, severe bruises being
the extent of his injuries.
Something seems to be the matter
with the newspaper men of Boone coun
ty. Becently a Mr. Leedom of Albion
wss given a sea teaos of six years in the
pen for despoiling ajoung woman, and
now comes the charge' of ombezel
meat against the saintly H. Gordon
Cross of St. Edward. From the news
paper accounts .we learn that this high
browed individual robbed ibe mission
fund of the Methodist church of 30
which was entrusted to his cere to send
to the benighted heathen. Fullerton
Monday evening, at the Mseanerchor
hall, about three hundred members of
the Swiss Greutli Verein celebrated the
thirteenth anniversary of the founding
of the order in this city. The event
was of more than ordinary interest, as it
was also the six hundredth anniversary
of the date when Switzerland secured
her freedom., from Austria. An excel
lent program had been prepared, after
whioh a banquet was served and the
remainder of the evening enjoyed in
dancing, the Maennerchor orchestra
furnishing the. music
Monday H. B Bead .-received stele
gram from Biverside, ' OaL, telling him
of the death' of- his mother who passed
away suddenly on fiunday, -and, also
stating, that the funeral would be hold
on Tuesday. Mrs. Beed was well known
to many Columbus people having lived
in this locality for many yean. Mr.
Beed did not learn any of the particulars
of hie mother's death, but will receive
them later:
J. W. Marthis, who has been conduct
or on the Lincoln-Columbus Burling
ton freight run for the last tea or twelve
years, has been offered a passenger ran
from Stromsburg to Alma, and will
probably accept it. Mr. Marthis owns
property in the city and doss not core to
leave, but his sge and the fact that a
better position is offered will probably
cause him to make the change.
Mrs. Mary Bussell and Mm. Clara
Carlson left last Saturday for Kansas
City, Mo., the home of Mm. RusnsU.
Mm. Carlson will visit there' a few weeks
and thee go to Denver, Colorado, where
she expects to make her home.
Bpssell is a daughter-in-law and
Carlson a dauguter of Mrs. Kate BusssU
who died recently.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. ThoKnoon, form
erlyof this locality, but now of Peters
burg, the city this weak with
their little eon, George, who was operat
ed on for appesdicitie at 8t. Mary Is
hospital Tuesday. His eoadition fol
lowing the operation was such as to
mit hia father to return home the
day. '
We will extend the time of the Mi
ing Underwear essay contest uatO
lira. Foul and
Dr. Talker.
Dr.W. H. Slater.
Fsople who get isoults advertise in tbe
Dr. CA. Alleaburger, osnoo in bow
8tate Bank building.
Use a Carriage Heatat at the. North
opera house.-rm'. ,
J. W. Early was at Lincoln and
Waheo on. bosinsss last week.
C. A. Newman returned last Thursday,
from North Dakota sad will remain
at home until spring.
Supervisor Scaurs was in the city last
Wednesday afternoon eurouto home
from business trip to 8palding.
Ernest Dassell left Monday morning
for Hot Springs, 8. D., where he hopes
to find relief from a very severe attack
I will euro bog cholera in its worst
stage, and heaves in horses. No cure
no pay. Will be at J. J. Barkis oSoe on
Saturdays. W. F. Dodds.
Wait fertile big PUi Sale
.-!& NvYeaber MuTLDeeemv
tor at K. W. Saley'slagie Store
U Nwrtb opera btise.
Bev: Mr. Monro, announces so hie sub
ject for oext 8abbotb morning, "Abba,
Father. At night he will present tbe
subject, "The Shepherd and the 8seep."
Frank Bums of St. Edward came
down to Columbus last Thursday to
consult physicians in regard to a broken
arm which he got in a runaway recent
Budolph Launor and Fred Plambsek
of Fremont were in the city the first of
the week, the forsmer the guest of his
uncle, G. Launer, and the latter of J. W.
M. Loeb of Chicago, father of Mrs.
Carl Kramer of this city, arrived- Mon
day for an extended visit. Me any con
clude to make Columbus his home for
the present.
Willis C. Irish and TflUe Pearson, both
of Genoa, and Joseph Midowski of South
Omaha and Sophie Tomsszowic wore
aarriage licenses by Judge Btt
tbe last week.
B.&Palaaer the tailor, dean, dyes
and repairs Ladies and Gents' clothing.
Hate cleaned and reblocked. Buttons
.made to order. Agent Germania Dye
Works. Nebraska Phone. .-
Carriage Heaters and coal for the car
riage or aatomobile. Oratj's. -
' Tekla Wejkiolevie, who was before
tbe insanity board last- week, was com
nutted to the asylum at Lincoln as a
dipsomsiao, Deputy 8heriff Joworski
taking her there Saturday saornisg.
Mrs. ' O. M. Douglas was pleasantly
surprised lost Friday evening by a num
ber of her frieads and neighbors, cards
aad 'social entertsinsaent being the
order of the evening, and lunch was
F. T. Walker and J. O. Byrnes left
Tuesday morning for Texas with a party
of laud seekers, the former going to
Corpus Ohristi and the latter to Gal
veston. They expect to remain in the
oouth a week or ton days.
Ed Vieth of St. Edward came to
Columbus last Thursday to accompany
his daughter. Miss Edna, noma' Miss
Viethe has been at St, Mary's hospital
for several weeks where one has under
gone a euooeasfal operation forsppendi-
L.F. Phillipps moved into hie new
residence at the oomer of Tenth and
Washington avenue, last week, which
is one of the nice homes of the oity. He
sold his old residence to Paul Borowiak.
who moved it to the southwest pert of
Something new in skates "Brownie
Spring Joe Skates.'' Croaj's.
Gethsomnno Commandery No. 91 of
Knight Templars will hold a special
meeting at their lodge room on Thurs
day evening of thin week to saake pre
parations for. the laying of the corner
stone of theY.M. O.A. buiidingoothe
next day, Friday November 22ad.
The sixteenth annual ball of the An
cient Order of Hibernians will be held
at the Orpheus hall, aa usual on Thanks
giving evenug, November 27, 1907. Tbe
committee in charge this year decided
not to issue any invitations. This ball
will be one of the best of the
W. M. Pollard of Monroe township
i the city Saturday evening, on hie
way to 8onth Omaha with two can of
cattle he had been feeding. He had in
tended to winter this stock, but the loss
of feed by tbe hail storm durinarthe
summer compelled him. to dispose of
them at this time and on an unfavorable
tains removing saateriai that was
the Loop river bridge, and which
was to to used in beiktiag the new
structure. This is done so proves
in the: soring should there ho
water. It. wss the intention to m
the bridge all winter, hot the order to
lay the mo
i-SIx Weeks Off
sad bare
We are closing out our
fine china Kae at ooct and
many other lines such an
Pwi Kiifisaii Ms
BTwtwfatlMr ClNks
Cit 6lass. Etc.
Our windows will always be filled e
with bargains. Watch C
for them. g
- Jeweler & Optician -1
Dr. Naumann, Dentist 13 8s.
G. R.
Prieb, painting and
First-class printing done at the Jour
nal office. x "
W. A. Way is out in Idaho on a two
week's business trip.
Wanted Girl for general housework
Mrs. F. K. Strother.
Dr. D. T. Msrtyn. jr.; office new. Colum
bus State Bank building.
Every pair of "K K" skates warranted
against breakage. Oram's.
Dr. L. P. Oarsteneon, Veterinarian
both phones 213, Columbus, Neb.
Born on Friday, November 16, to Mr.
and Mm. E. G. Brown, a daughter.
Craig Turner lost five nice hogs Mon
day night by a crib falling on them.
For fancy Wedding Stationery, pro
grams or Calling cards, don't fail to tie
the Journal figure wilh you.
. v-1
Try a lunch when out shopping at
Poesch's bakery. Hot coffee and lunch,
hot chocolate and whipped cream 5a
Bev. Dr. Westcott of Grace church
this city will conduct services at St.
John's church, Omaha, next Sunday,
November 24.
, For .Sale Harness shop doing good
business, also shoes repair shop in con
nection. Gall on or address Pster Mnn
ter, Monroe, Neb.
Carl Froemel, the jeweler, has just
completed a residence on east Eleventh
street, and will move his fsmily into it
about the first of December.
Mrs. Jscob Greises, assisted by M es
dames Joseph Berney, Frank Gerharz
and A. J. Smith, will enttertain at her
home Thursday with an afternoon tea.
Less than one cent per 'hour is the
cost of keeping comfortable in the car
riage, automobile or "pneumonia fac
tory" with one of our carriage, heaters.
W. H. Crocker, butter, maker for the
Columbus Cream company, went to Des
Moines, Iowa, Tuesday to attend the
meeting of the National Butter Maker's
John Bohrich was arrested Tuesday
evening by Policeman Burke, the charge
being drunkenness and disturbing the
peace, be was takes before Police
Judge O'Brien Wednesday morning and
fined $5 and costs, amounting to $11.30,
which ho paid.
Superintendent J. L. MoBrien of Lin
coln was in the city Tuesdsy and Wed.
uesday of this week. He was enroute to
L?igfito -fill an appointment, and in
tended to make the trip from here in an
automobile, but on account of late trains
was unable to reach his destination in
time, and remained here.
$fe Per Ton
For Our
Golden Ash
for cook stoves. It is clean
and sootless. Noth
ing better.
Phones 74
XaTia of the Onraor Maae of the
' ItwT. X. 6. A. Bailtaf .
All arriagsmnnts for the laying of the
corner otone of the now Youag Mae's
Ohristisa Assooiatioa building nest Fri
day aftemooo, November 2s, have
practically oomploted. The
will be uoder the auspices of the Grand
lodge of A. F. and A. M. of Nebraska.
The grand lodge osaoem being escorted
by the Commas dsry Knight Teaapmr
under OL J. Gariow. and representatives
from a large number of sister lodges and
the fraternal ami civic bodies and the
school ehildreo will also participate.
The principal snookers of thedsy wiU
be governor 8hsldon, Grand Master
King of the Masonic order sad a re
presentative of the Young Men's Chris-
Before the oereaaonisa commence, the
parade will form at the Msooafc hall,
beaded by the Columbus City Band,
and march around the square to the
building. Following ia an outline of the
program to be carried out.
Music by the Columbus City Band.
Invocation by the Chaplain.
Laying of tbe corner stone with ap
propriate ceremonies.
Address by the Grand Master King of
the Masonic Order.
Anthems by tbe choir.
Address by Governor Sheldon.
Song by tbe eehoqj-children.
Address by representative of the
Young Meals Christian Association.
Benediction, Bev. Monro
Beeessienal by the Columbus City
Band. .
The following articles will be placed
in tbe corner stone:
Holy Bible.
Copies of laws and proceedings of the
various masonic bodies, roster of urn
ben of the Columbus 'lodge, aad his
tory of masouio home.
History of Columbus Yomng Men's
Christian association and list of mem
faers, also list of names of those who
subscribed towards the building.
Copies of tboloeal papers.
Ia honor of the oocession Mayor
Phillips has issued n proclamation de
claring that afternoon n holiday and re
questing that the varioue places of
business be closed from one until three
Procession will start promptly at 1290
p. m. from the oomer of Thirteenth and
North streets, headed by the Columbus
City Band. Tbe following beiag the or
der of parade: ' ;'
Masonic bodies.
Fraternal, Civic and Military bodies.
The line of march will be from Thir
teenth to Platte, west to building.
Oar PeUt County Frieads.
Bev. G. W. Comer who is pastor of the
First Presbyterian church here baa been
down to Saint Joe, Ma, holding revival
meetings for the paat several weeks, hss
returned and ia just in time to assist in
and help in tbe union revival services to
begin at the Methodist church at Osceo
la next Sabbath.
"Miss Anna Peterson of our city start
ed for Columbus on Tuesday morning,
going by the way of Stromsburg and
Central City to the main line of the U
P. to take the Los Angeles Limited for
Columbus when she will visit for a few
weeks at the homes of Mn and Mm.
David Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. E. & Jarmia,
.and other homes of former Osceola
friends living at Columbus.
Engagement of one of Osceola's pro
minent young men, to one of Omaha's
sweetest singers. Mr. and Mm. James
Siddell of Omaha have sent out the
announcement that their daughter Miss
Irene Siddell was engaged to be saarried
to John Earl Pulver, the only son of
Mr. and Mm, Ossrius M.' Pulver of
Osceola. The wedding ie to take place
in the near future. Miss Liddell is one
of the swoo test singers of Omaha and
has a sweet soprahno voice, she is at
present the soloist at the First United.
Presbyterian church, and formerly was
amember of the Kountz Memorial church
and the soloist there. Mr. Pulver is in
his senior year at the Creighton Medical
College, and assistant to Doctor Foote,
and will graduate in the spring. After
the marriage and Mr. Pulver's gradua
tion; Dr. and Mm. Pulver will take a
trip to Europe. Johnnie's Osceola
friends are congratulating him on cap
turing euch a aweet young lady for a
life partner. Miss Siddell has often
visited with the Pulver family of Osceo
la, and has a great aaany friends here.
E. J. Daaktedt ie building a large
hog house these day.
Fred Nordgren tad family 'visited at
Grant Johnson's Sunday.
Martin A. Nelson and family of Genoa
are visiting at August Swansou's on tbe
Looking Glass.
A. E. Swanson and wife of Boone
county took dinner with the former's
parents Sunday.
Nels Clany's sale last Friday did not
go as good as usual and things sold
cheap. Farmera kept the dork busy
writing chocks ia payment of their pur
chase. Wonder if the banker will
aeospt 35 cento on the dollar, all good
natured, when the farsaer's noies
Wait far tbe big Piamo Sale
iariag Naresnber aao! Decem
ber at B.W. Saley's Mask Store
la Ntrtk wfera btaae
with her parents in
Mm. E. B. Bwoen it reported
what better, tot stilt vary
Miss Edna 8ehsritV in loaning the art
of sewing at Mm. Wa. Murry's this
winter. - .
William Meyer of Platte Center was a
guest of Miss Mary Brothers Suaday
E. Buss is in very poor health again
this winter, the same old trouble ho had
last winter.
Bsv. Linphardt ie holding a series of
revival sasetisgo at the Shell Creek Bap
tist eauroh thia
August and Henry Brunken wen at
tending to eome business matters, ia
Platte Center Tuesday.
A large number of the-f armera on the
routs attended the funeral of Miss Lillm
Bagab in Columbus Tuesday.
Sunday night, over 'the wires from
Brother Fred at Brvenide, CsL, oame
the sad message "Mother died suddenly
this afteraoon.'' Poor Ma. Dark hoax
of death. Forbid the thought But it
was a release from life's burden. Mm.
J. H. Bted was well up in the seventies
and has been an invalid for a number of
years, aad about two yearn ago it was
sessary to remove' both of her eyes,
which left her aa helpless so aa infant.
But she bore her affiietion peacefully.
In mentioning nor death to n friend of
the fsmily, they said, "Whoa I saw her a
yaaroreoagoia California, she seemed,
so quiet, so patient, so sweet. Much
comes before no aawe write this, of the
scenes at the old home on Ashland Hill
in Ohio; and Longiook farm ia Nebras
ka. But aU we can say at this time, ss
wo remember Ma, she was beautiful, and
beautiful were the ministrations of life
that were given her to fulfill. Angelic
lovliness robed her, and n grace an if it
wereeaught from heaven, breathed in
every tone, hallowed every affection
shown, and in every action, invested as
a halo in her whole existence, aad made
it a light and a Messing, n charm aad
vision of gladness to all around her
But she died. Poor Ma. While wo
fool her death keenly, wo an glad to
knowthataheis relieved from the ter
rible suffering she underwent the last
three years. It is sort of n pleasant sad-
dness. Wo have heard people remark,
how aweet a pleasure there is in saddness
when we know that our loved ones are
orer their sufierisg and safe on the other
side of the mystio and peaceful river.
It ie not despondency, it is not sorrow,
it ie sot bloom, it is one of the moods of
joy. At any rate it makes me happy,
and yet it is a sober and aad happiness,
it is but the shadow of joy upon the
soul. May she rest in .peace.
lotto lo. 5.
Cue Hadwiger m reahingtiug hie
cattle ahed.
Mrs. F. L. Haha aad children were
visiting at Ed Hahn's Sunday.
Joseph Galopek is doing n good job of
grading between the corner and west of
Ohaa Cocksoa's hoi
Osrrisr No. 5 was presented with two
swaraasof bees, and now ia sure of a
good supply of honey next year.
A large number of the farmers on the
route have finished husking corn. The
yield is fairly good and the quality
Beate So. L
John Seipp visited on route No. 1 last
Sunday evening. . .
Louis Wilkin was at Peter Schmitt's
mill Isst Friday.
Miss Nellie Dineso returned last Fri
day from Madison, where she was visit
ing friends.
Miss Lydia Lueschen has returned
from Claries, where she was visiting ber
cousin, Herman Luschen.
Baal Estate Transfan.
Becher, Hockenberger & Chambers
real estate agents, report the following
real estate transfers filed for record in
the office of the county clerk during the
weak ending Not. 16th 1907.
Efie M White to Hago E Wolf, sif at
set . 1847-le.wd S 1575 66
Cad Folk to W W Scott. lot . blk 7,
Becker Place. Cohuaboa. 2369 60
GeoWCobaltoJGMaetiB. Us 24
bike, Cecmlea, 8S6 68
Hike Crania to J W Mylet. ne&sz
a w 4 14--15-3 Contract,...... 21136 66
IL-AlbarttoFK Strathar, mm 22, sw
OPBKCstoil YeUam,ltblk8,
Dsaeaa, wd. 36 66
Haijorie William and slater toEatfl
Voaflatoaa,ao3tof Its A4blkr7.
Becher Place add Cotaaibus. wd 708 06
CJSeetttoLaerCockaoB, M SftSNk
3. Phillip, add, 1868 06
AdaaiBeckteltoEPDaeeaU.lt4blk7 .
BeefaerPlaeeadd, 4668 08
LFTowaatoSC IiaeOvu, HSblkS.
Beeaer Place add. Z1M06
Jask Koisa tePI McKillip, ItSblkl
Tatnev, wd 1668 68
PE HcKillis to Jaek Boama, awaw
13-M-2wd 338 00
C JCatrfaSasrif, tollaiy KaUy.Ha
A7Uk"D".MotH08. Deei. 408 ft
OUveCfieotttoH rJ
atawewU-n-lE ,
rleawarXewaate Cetoamtl J
etal,tt4bla:8,CoaJHa 701
tr a awajiup to w a uarrer ai, aw
mapsw, wa.... ....... .......... U388 08
Paul lasU to rite Haenaler Mm 9 4 at 5
blk "A", Cnhwnhla soaate Add to
wd, 1830 a
namsaii ' i'
wmao oooni ounouy - m
coismt-o. I WeAreAgtotiFortlM I
osom- j Famoua . -
asmmaV J A "a
I faiill Prtiifitioit j
This Guarantee Offer owl
This pnpun&m k
guaranteed to give art
isfactwn;if itdoea not,
come back and get your,
money, it belongi to
ou and we want you to
ave it
Pollock A Go.
Druggist on the
Columbus, Nebraska
Cupid tuned the key at the
jafl Monday afternoon) foe
Bonnie Barton of Goojm
was married in the evening to
Gums, a youag man who is
induce her to load a dmTcront life.
was arrested over a week ago for haviog
a girl 14 years old at her erib ia the Ar
cade, that disreputable resort in the rod
light district.
At Aroade Bonnie Barton wss known
as Grace PurosIL See is v) years eld,
aad after her arrest nnivpnimisss to
Dsaa Bsschsr to nbnndo
habitooflife. Guiles bad
quaiated with her, aad in the stork's
office, ween be applied for a Hosnes, to
said that as a matter of friendship ho
woald be glad to saarry her if that would
do any good.
HogotttoBoenso sod then wont to
ore Judge Troup, who ordered the
girls release upon the condition that she
was to marry Guiles, The prisoner wss
overjoyed at the prospect, and lutein
the afternoon she wont ha the custody of
Sheriff Stryker to order herwsddisg
trousseau. Tbe officer was. ordered by
the court to remain with the bridal pair
until they were married. In the even
ing the ceremony was perforssed by
Dsaa Beecher. World-Herald.
Homer Guiles is a Platte county boy,
being born aad raised' in Monroe town
ship. Ho left about a year aad a half
A f paulal
cordial invitation ia extended to
everybody to tarn out and take .sort ia
tbe ceresaouMO at the kyiag of the cor
ner atone of the Young Men's Christian
uorJatioa building next Friday, Nov.
ember 22. Gua. G. Bbchuk. an..
B. S. DiCKnnxnr.
L. G. Zihs kcxxk.
Invitation Committee.
le. f.
Samuel Mueller built n new hog
last week.
Eovis Jones
putting np a now
corn crib last i
Frank Blaser is building
erib to store hie crop in.
John Seholz sold his fat hogs st Gel
umbus Wsdnssday of last
Graeo Charah.
On Sunduy, November 34,
will be preached by the Bar. D. C
Chandler of St, John's ohureh, Osaaha,
both morning aad evening. . "A
Mrs. Gus Ernst, Mm. John Broek;sod
children and Mm. Boo Buehaell of tha
city attemled the golden wedding of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry W. Smith at Schuyler
on Tuesday. Mr. Smith is aa old soldier
aad he and hie family were former resi
dents of Columbus, moviag from hare to
Richland and then to Schuyler.
We have the agency for the
famous Massing Underwear, the
beat popular prised Union Suits
on the market Prices in men's
from fi.M to $4.50. Prices ia
boys' from 60c, 78c, ll sod $15.
In two piece gurmente wo have
a splendid lino ready for your hv-
Ipuotion aad raogiaj
from fOc to 12 M a garment.
early while the sizes are
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