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A. RadTord win ai
zfve advice KUKE OK
all nubfectn "tHTtaininc: to the
: of buiMias for the reader of tbii
Oa accoaat -ot hi wide expe-
TJeace -aa Editor. Aathor aad Manutao
nnr, he ta. without doubt, tne Mgnea
-aathority oa all thww suhjocts. Addreas
-a Inaatrlea to "William A. Radford. No.
M Fifth Ave.. Chicago. 111., and tmtf
-twa-cent stum for reply. B
A seven room -cottage house that
eaay be "built for about $2 9 aafler
'favorable circumstances is here given.
Dowa stairs there is '-a parlor, dining
room and kitchen with one bedroom
aad a bath room with aa entrance
from the "bedroom -and another en
trance from the kitchen, which facili
tates warming the bath room -from
the kitchen whcn there is no Ire in
the furnace. There is a convenient
grade entrance to the cellar which
may be reached by four steps down
from the kitchen. This arrangement
leaves room -in the corner of -the en
trance for :a good sized refrigerator,
a provision that is valuable in any
house and -one that is appreciated
by every house-keeper.
The size of this little cottage is
twenty-eight feet wide by thirty-eight
feet long, exclusive of the porch,
which Is not very largo on the ground
"and not very high: there- is
room for four rooms down stairs and
three rooms up stairs with -a good un
anished attic for storage, .and there
is plenty of closet room. A woman
never gets too many closets. Archi
tects are oiieu worried -because of
" the demand for more closets than
they can find room for. One advant
age or arranging bedrooms in the
roof like this is that the low portions
f the roof may be used to advant
age for -tins purpose, some women
prefer an attic over the bedroocSs. but
many would rather have a store room
of this kind because it saves climbing
two pairs of stairs. It is impossible
to have every good thiug included in
-ojie plan. Cottage houses may be
lighter in construction than .two -story
houses and they are more economical
where the t Jnf space is utilized as it
is ia this 'bouse. The three bedrooms
em the Mecond floor represent just that
.mach room that you do not have to
provide siding for. The roof answers
'for both cover and side enclosure.
. Some years ugo a man built a house
like this on a good street in .a thriv
ing city. AJ1 the other houses on the
street were iaajcor and lie was abused
for building a small house, but he
it p nicely, iplaated criaes
. ia front and at .the -side
the giound very rich te
'fjow plenty of grass for a green
4hrtftr laws, aad ia lees -than .a -year's
aaaBttle cottage was pointed
1 vetng the most attractive honw
street, Instead of heiag a
ta other property .it was a
vmlaaale acf uisttion. A great
alaal depends en the way things are
It ia easy to put ap -a big
I a hoBse that no one likes and
ht is Just as easy to build a cottage
like this for a small outlay and
It Into a very interesting prop-
ptoae'eottaire. as he called his little
was talked about and soon be-
known away beyond its lmrae
'nelghborhoed because it was
a aeax ana pretty nome. it was
built boob after the hard times in
the early nineties when building ma
terials were plentiful and money was
scarce: when grass grew between the
Bfles af .Jaaaber in. the yards and lum
ber wan rotting in the piles while
good aiechisics were begging for
werat at any kind of wages. The lot
coat flit and the house was completed
tamblag.- furnace and pip
tor leas than auk
yiaputj coat about $1.(71.
m tH,Bore thaa the
HHHBRumiu9IZJk r CEvTKKSf AaPii m
SBsBswvwanu ?! -i BKf9nr ww
aaaraa tbbc1I W Jg1 ,
an miin A. YtadTord will answer
? "- . -.-? -' V"'"-' . "v .n . -- '',.; -"" - s,-
.fc1 -w- Jte r,1- v v i w 1' VJV"- V " .
-fc J. !B&BBBHBBBSB9BBBBBBKak "" jtu Sfti jEt J9S V f ". "" "
EbbbbbPbc IBpaVEsBaHsa 1 eBBBKBBBB39 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbt "t v s ' iaVK 'bbbk S v " SC'i"1 v vl
Mviuvwti. ' - ".' V .bbKbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbkbbbbbbbbbbbbsb
cWSSw 1
BCDMoor zmmGAoottf
I itVC I
af I
on the
lawT 1H1 "11 1
lender to advance sach a fmbaloaa.
sum as $l,aaa and the borrower kai
to put np personal security as a aide
lasae to a money shark to get the
deal through, all of which illustrates
the difference "between doing haslarw
ia good times aad bad times.
It will be noticed that the noma,
while not large, are big enough to ac
commodate the necessary furniture
and big eaough for comfort. There
Is aot a room in the bonse that is
small enough, to be awkward enough
to 'be ashamed of. A house -of this
size gives opportunity to have a bed
room down stairs, a convenience that
every house does not possess. There
i - are
generally in most families at
least one old ierson who objects ta
climbing stairs. It would "be difficult
to -arrange a more comfortable bed
room than this one. in fact -few large
houses haVe.a room of this kind. As
a usual thing when building too little
attention is paid to "the comfort of the
old 'people. They have spent their
lives in the interests of the family
and it isronly right that they -should
be remembered in their old age: We
frequently see aed people who are
compelled to stay upstairs day after,
day because they dread the trip aa
and down.
The appearance of this louse de
pends a good deal on the ctlors aa.4
stninsjiscd for outside decoration. On
general principles it is a good plaa
to avoid .all shades of .green. G
paint is .almost- certain to fade and
during the process It is likely to take
on some very' sickly shades of color
that are extremely disappointing.
.Nothing looks -better than a light
t&ade of green when it is first put
on. but nothing looks worse after it
lias 'beeu exposed to the sun aad
storms for five or six months. If a
man ever wants to kick himself for
doing something absurd in the decor
ation line it is for painting a house
sreen. Drabs and browns are .always
agreeable and generally such pajnts
are lasting, but colors depend so
-much on the quality of the materials
used that great care is necessary in
making the purchase, if you bny the
paint yourself, or in making a con
tract if you have a painter do the
A movement is on foot to bring
about government inspection of paints
something after the present manner
of food inspection. It seems ridicu
lous that dishonest paint manufac
turers are permitted to grind up aay
sort of old junk and sell the pasty
prodact for pure white lead. No won
der honest manufacturers have he
come disgusted with such work aad it
is to be hoped their efforts to secure
protection for honest goods will be
saeceaafal. It makes a great' differ
ence whether the painter, himself
thoroughly understands the business.
A man who knows paint ,1s" not likely
to be badly deterred. If he gets pay
sufficient he would much prefer to use
good materials. There are two class
es of painters to avoid, one doesn't
know and the other doesn't care.
Handicapping an Agent.
"Can I talk to you a few minutes?"
asked the life insurance agent.
-Yes," replied the managing editor;
'if you don't mind walking about the
building with me. I really haven't the
time to sit down."
"That's all right," said the agent,
"I'd prefer that, really."
The managing editor led the way
out to the composing room, thence
into the .telephone' department, atop,
ping every Tnoment or two to converse
with some operative, and took: his can.
er at last into the macaine room,
where the huge printing ""rhiarw
were filing the air wftM their aaearta
lydla. "Now." fee said, yetllag into the ear
cxo "trr&ill
jr oep rooAt I B V
r, dsolx-tfSG I aa j ,
' I ooaI i
Diractiaaa H, M1k a Simpl'
tioa aaw'tha Oaae ta Talcs Over
csmas Kldiiay and llsdatr "'
Traubie Promptly."
TJasre Is so mach' RheaaMtiBBi.eTery
where that the ibltowfaj? jklvice fey aa
eBHBentaathorlty.who writes for read
en of a large Eastera dally paper, will
be highly appreciated by those who
Get froai 4tay goad phsraucy oae
half omace Ftaid Extract Daadelioa,
oae oaaceComppaad Kargoa. three
ounces of Compotsid Syrap Sarsapa
rilla. Shake these well la a botUe aad'
take la teaspooafal -doses after each
meal bedtime; alsodriakpleaty
of good water.
It is claimed that there are few vic
tims of this dread aad torturous dis
ease who will fail to lad ready relief
In this simple home-made mixture, aad
ia most cases a permanent care is the
result s ,
This simple recipe Is said to strength
en and cleanse the eliminative tissues
of the Kidneys, so that they can filter
and strain from the blood and system
the poisons, acids' aad waste matter,
which cause not only Rheumatism, but
numerous other diseases. Every man
or woman here who feels that their
kidneys are not healthy and active, or
who suffers from any urinary trouble
whatever, should not "hesitate to make
up this mixture, ss it is certain to do
much good, and, may save you from
much misery and -suffering after while.
Everything Bad.
A prominent planter recently had
occasion to. visit somexof his holdings
in southern Arkansas. The land was
situated several miles from a railroad,
and it was necessary to finish the
Journey in a buggy. So he took a
friend with him and started out.
After 'traversing -several miles of
sparsely settled country, they came
upon a farmer plowing corn on the
side of a bill. The planter, wishing
to appear civil to ,his neighbors,
-stopped' his horse and yelled at the
man, who came to the fence, mopping
ids face with a red bandana
'"Good morning."
'Mornin', mister!'
"You live here, I suppose'"
"How's cropBT
-Fair to mkldlinV
"That's a bad hill you're plowing.''
"I know it. Bad hoss. paUm' th
llow, bad juow, bad everything."
"Why, you talk like yoa were the
poorest man 1b Arkansas," laughed the
-I ain't, though." was the response,
as the young fellow smiled good
naturedly. "Another feller owns half
o this crop.'"
A Standard Measure.
After being ten years in the mak
ing there has Just been deposited in
the government standard weights and
measures strong room a new standard
yard measure. It is made of 90 parts
of platinum and ten of iridium; which
when combined are not upset by
either beat or cold. After the elabor
ate marking It was submitted to a
number of tests, coming through all
with high honors. - Every year of the
next ten years It will be examined.
and if It varies by the millionth part
of an inch it will be consigned to the
rubbish heap? otherwise it will be
come a standard. London News.
Protecting His Magazines.
"While waiting at the doctor's the
other day. I picked up a magazine
sfrom his table to pass the time." said
the man who observes things. "All
through the book, on nearly every
other page was stamped his name,
and it so irritated me that I spoke
to him about ft.
"'If I didnt fin that magazine up
with my name." he said. It wouldn't
last ten minutes in this place. Some
body .would be. sure to carry it away.
Eren as it is. I lose e every little
Had Triad rt -"Yoa
ought to wear glasses. They'll
save your eyes." said his friend.
"Nattln in it" contemptuouoly an
swered 3111 de Bruiser. "I-t'ought dey
would meself wunst. an I put on a
pair when I heerd a big chap wuz lay
In fur me. It's agin de law. ye know,
to hit a man wid glasses on im.
Well, sir. de big chap happened along.
He reached over, lifted dem glasses
off me face, an den he bunged me
eye up, good an' proper."
Feed Them Food They
Study On.
When a student Begins to break
lawn from lack of the right kind of
food, there are only two things to do;
either take him eat of school or feed
him property .oa food that win rebuild
the feraia aad nerve edhv That food
ia. Grane-Xuta. t i-
A boy -writes from James towa.N. Y.,
saying: "A short time ago I got.Into j
a bad condition from overstudy. but
Mother having heard about Grape
Nats food began to feed me on it It
sathrled my nam better than any
other.fbod. and the results were mar
veioua. I got fenny like a goodfel-
low. 4 My usual morning' headaches
disappeared, aad I found I could study
for a long period' without feellnsr'the
elects of it
"My face was pale and thin; but is
now round and has considerable color.
After I had been usin? Grape-Nuts for
about two months I felt like a new
boy altogether. I have gained greatly
in strength as well as flesh, and It Is
a pleasure to study now that I am
not bothered with my head. I passed
all of my ezaminationa with a reason
ably good percentage, extra good in
some of them, and It is Grape-Nuts
that has saved me from a year's delay
la aBtering college.
"Father and mother hare both been
improved by the use of Grape-Nats.
Mother was troubled with sleepless
alahts aad got very taia, aad oohed
care warn. She has jguaedrher..nor-
wefl: nights.; '"TbereV. a'Reaaaa.'-
A Typical Case af Kidaty Treuble and
a Typical Cure.
Mrs. Chide Page of : 5ie' S. Pitt
8treet, Alexandria.-Va., says: "JIy
back hurtv me ter- i
ribiy, I had shafp.'!
-shooting pains J
changing to a "dull, Browa (aeakiBg through the tele--draggla
cache. I l nhone) My friend Sssith will diaa
could not stand for
any lengthrof 'time
and my., hack, hart
me whWlsatdowa.
My feet and ankles
were badly swoilea
every evealag, and
my stomach was oat
af order. Doan's Kidney Pills eared
me of these troubles in 1902. and for
Ave years I have had bo return."
All dealers. 60 cents a box. Fcs
ter-Milburn Co. Buffalo, N. Y.
Attempts ta Tabulate the
Beast That Perish.
Every now and then some natural
iat;endeayors ta make an approximate
numerical count of known t animal
species. This kind of attempt Is sure
ly not without interest, but it must be
acknowledged that its results are very
uncertain.. We are far. from knowing
all species, and there is yet a delight- j
fui prospect ahead for those who love
systematic zoology and for zoologists
who bestow mutual honors, by giving
eachf other's names to 'some animal
hitherto unknown.
As Nurmann remarked to a recent
meeting of naturalists at the museum,
to which he presented, his ."Catalogues
Manmalium," the species of rodents
known in 1880 were only 970 in num
ber; now they are' 1,900. The num
ber has thus, at' least, doubled in 27
years. The number of living species
of this creature now known is about
1,500, divided among 160 genera. This
family is the most numerous of tho
class of mammalia. WIssen fur Alle.
Awful Humor Eating Away Face
Body a Mass of Sores Cuticura
Cures in Two Weeks.
"My little daughter broke out all
over her body with a humor, and we
used everything recommended, but
without results. I colled in three doc
tors, but she continued" to grow worse.
Her body was a mass of sores, and her
little face was being eaten away. Her
ears looked as if they would drop off.
Neighbors advised me to get Cuticura
Soap and Ointment, and before I had
used half of the cake of Soap and box
of Ointment the sores had all healed,
and my little one's face and body were
as clear as a new-born babe's. I would
not be without it again if it cost five
dollars, instead of seventy-five -cents.
Mrs. George J. Steese, 701 Coburn St,
Akron, O., Aug. 30, 1905."
Ranchman's Novel Courtship.
Louis L. Kramer came all the way
from Yuma. Cal., to marry a girl he
had never seen. The bride was Miss
Flora Weise, a pretty young woman
of Tazewell county.
The groom wrote to his aunt here,
Mrs. Patterson, to put him, in com
munication with a girl who would
make him a good wife, as he was lone
ly on Ills ranch in Colorado. Mrs.
Patterson recommended Miss Weise,
a neighbor's daughter, and correspond
ence was begun.
The girl was taken with the ro
mance of the affair and when, photo
graphs were exchanged and proved
satisfactory a proposal quickly fol
lowed. An. acceptance was written
and then Kramer came' east to claim
his bride. The marriage, was celer
brated the day after his arrival .and
the couple departed immediately aft
erward for Yuma. Denver News.
Laundry work at. home would bv
inch mora satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness. It Is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
, beauty and fineness of the fabric ia
j hidden behind a paste of varying;
' thickness, which not only destroys th
; appearance; but also 'affects the wear-.
! ing quality of the goods. This trou
j ble can be entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch, as it can be applied
much mere thinly because of its great
er strength than other makes.
. An Ambition.
"So you want to become an ambas
sador," exclaimed the man of power.
"Yes," replied fhe opulent person.
'1 thought you were devoted to your
automobile. When did you become in
terested Jn diplomacy?"
, "I'm not especially Interested, in
diplomacy. What i want is to get
some position where. Ill have govern
ment protection against arrest for
violating the speed regulation."
"Single Bleeamg.
Pearl They say blessings never
come singly. '
Ruby Yes. but blessings come
single sometimes.
Peart Siagle? What do you
v Ruby Why; TJelle captured aa old
bachelor-worth" a cool miUioh. He
was a smgle hVuslac waaat he?
Mwj Oenaace Starch a lair .trial1
try it for.both hot aad cold starching,
and if you don't think you do' better
work, in lees time and et smaller, cost,
return it aad your grocer' will give yes
?ack your money.
A .bachelor friend of mine says it
isnt safe to ask a girl to' marry you
unless you are sure she won't. Even
then a fellow is taking a long chance.
The man .who thinks he is weighty
because he is wordy usually is short
weight, when it comes to works!
Hides, Pelts and Wool.
Toget full value, ship to the old reliable
N. W. Hide . FarCd., Minneapolis, Mian.
jT : j
If a man sleeps In church,herdoesn,t
necessarily dream of aeayea. .
"Saaoken have ta all for Lewis Sutrte
Sal 1 . ' . w a at .
yqcr cajar te gee K. xear'
BrW Baf.' 1jw hadi .a riteaV
phone- reoaaettlan between, his c office
phone- '.i
and house aad was very much pleased
with It, says the Home Magazine.
"I tell you. Smith." be was 'saying,
. "this telephone business is a wonder
fur thing. I want yoa to dine with
me this evenlag. and I wUl notify Mrs.
Browa to expect you.' ,
with us this eveaing.
"Now listen aad hear how plain her
reply cornea, hack.'- '
Mrs. Brown's reply came back with
startling distinctaese:
Ask your friend Smith if he thinks
we keep a hotaL"
Her Recipe.
A lady famed for her skill in cook
lag wasentertaln!ag a number of her
friends at tea. Everything on the
table was much' admired, but the ex
cellence of the sponge cake wus es
pecially the subject of remark.
"Oh!" exclaimed one of the guests,
"it is so beautifully soft and light!
Do tell me where you got the recipe."
"I am very glad," replied the hos
tess, "that you find it so soft and light.
I made it out of my own head." Il
lustrated Bits.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cared
tMNttofthilww. C'auurb !& blood or coeM
Stttoul dtetaae. aad la order locate it you nattuke
auaraal remedle. Hall'a Catarrh Core la ufcea In
teraally.aad aeu directly oa ttio tloedaad nncon
mrfacea. Hall'a Catarrfi Caret act a quack neOI
etne. ItwaapreacrlbedbyoBeeribebtpl:jr!cUu
ta thlaeoaatry fur yean and la ngulrr prewnptlou
It la coopoaed of the beat tootca kaown. combined
wKb tba ben bloodjrarlfert.actlBg directly ca tin
Biccona aarface. TIM perfect cumbbMUi of tbc
to Inaredlonu la what produces anch wonderful te
alts la curio catarrh. Send for tci!moc'u. f rea.
F. J. CBEKEV c CO., Prop., Toledo, O.
Sold br Pmintbtii. prtco TV.
Take Iiaira iamlly Pill fur ccaatlpalloa.
Double Protection. '
T wish," a lady recently said to her
husband with what Punch discreetly
terms "considerable emphasis," "I
wiah you wouldn't always sit on tho
piano-stool when we have company.
Everybody 'knows you can't play a
"Neither can anybody else when I'm
sitting there," returned the sage
Youth's Companion.
Starch, like everything else, is be
Ing constantly improved, the patent
Starches put on the market 25 years'
ago are very different and inferior to
those of the present day. In the lat
est discovery Defiance Starch all in
jurious chemicals are omitted, while
the addition of another ingredient in
vented by us, gives to the Starch, a
strength and smoothness never ap
proached by other brands.
"Does the strike you have on hand
seriously inconvenience your com
pany?" "No," answered Mr. Dustin Stax;
"on the contrary, it affords us a bet
ter excuse than usual for the bad serv
ice that Is constantly complained of."
, Washington Star. -
Important ta Mothers. .
Sncaoo carefully every bottto of CASTORTA,
a safe and raro reatedy for infants aad cbUdrea,
aad tee that it
Bears the
- 0
la Vac For Over SO Years.
Tfco Klod Yoa Hsva Alwca Boagfat.
Wisdom of Experience.
The Bachelor I wonder why a
woman always lowers her voice when
she has occasion to ask a favor?
The Benedict Oh, it gives her- an
opportunity to raise it higher in case
the favor isn't granted.
That an article may be good as well
as cheap, and give entire satisfaction,
is proven by the extraordinary salo of
Defiance Starch, each package con
taining one-third more Starch than
can be had of any other brand for the
same money. -
The preservation of health is a
duty. Few seem conscious that there
is such a thing as physical morality.
Herbert Spencer. .
FITS, St. Vitus Dance and all Nervous
Diseases permanently cured by Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. Send for Free 12.00
trial bottle and treat!. Dr. R. H. Kline,
Ld.. 931 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
. Yon will never persuade the world
to accept your religion when you took
as though it made you sick.
Lewis' Single Binder Cigar has a rich
t-wtc. Your dealer or Lewis' Factory.
Peoria, .111.
No man is as dangerous as he
thinks some woman thinks he is.
feattl vely carred by
these Kttle nils.
' Tnrj aiao rcllere Dia
tisTroni OrspepeTa.lB-
atin&T. A perfect teaa-
edj- for Dizziness, Nau
sea, Drowsiness. Baa
Ta te ia the Month, Coat
ed Tonffue. Fain in the
They regulate the Bowels. Pnrejy Vegetable.
Genuine Mist Bear
H Pills.
Girlhood to
Lydia E. , Pinkham's
The responsibility for a daaghter'a
future largely rests with the mother.
The right influence and the infor
mation, which is of vital interest to
the daughter imparted at the proper
time has not only saved the life bat
insured the success of many a 'beau
tiful girl. -
' When a girl's t&oughts become
sluggish, with headache, dizziness or
a disposition to sleep, pains in back
or lower limbs, .eyes, dun, a desire for
solitude; when she is a mystery to
herself and friends, her mother
should come to her aid, and remem
ber that Lydta E. Piakhaai's Vege
table Geaunotnd, made from native
roots and herbs, will at this time
prepare the system for the coming
change, and start this trying period
in a younjr girl's 'life without pain
or irregularities. It has been than
depended upon for two generations.
Hundreds of letters from young
girls and their mothers, expressing
gratitude for what Lytlia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has done
for1 them, are constantly being: re
ceived. . Miss Ellen M. Olson, of 417 H. East
St , Kewanee, HI. writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkbam :
"I have had tho best doctors fa our town
for my sickness and they all thought thr.t
an operation was necessary. Ihsdheadache,
No other remedy has such a record of actual cures of female
ills. Thousands of women residing in every part of the Unittsl
States bear willing testimony to the Wonderful virtue of Lvdia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compouncl and what it.has done for them.
Lydja E. Plakkan's TcsrctzNc OnnA-mt: n Vofrnn' Rctkqv for Wagon's Ms.
$3.00 & $&SO SHOES tS'woSlo
S25.000 tZZJmEttmTJErZ2i
rnleAriBl jf )awfw mmw'mS at &5g aahcaw
atfWeBTnTeW (tMam ator anwananwjaBaajiBBfb
THE RKASOX W. L. Douslaa ahoea are wura
la all walks of life thaa aay other make, is bf cause of then
ereeUeut style. easy-String, and superior wearing qualities.
The selection of the leathers ami other materials for each part
of the shoe, and every detail of the making ia looked after hy
the moat cotnplateorganisition of saperintendeats.foremeBaail
skilled shoemakers, who reeelTe the highest waces paid In the
auoe inausiry. aii-i witnse woramsnsam eauaot
11 1 coniat-tKe yoa into my mi
and show you how carefully W.
If I conld tike yon Into my lane faetoriea at
1 show you how carefully W.L. Ilonclim shoes are miule. yoa
uld then underfttaiMt why they liolci their shape, fit etter,
ar longer aad are of greater Tatae tnauany other make.
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"So Substitute. Ask vonr dealer for W. L.
direct to factory. Shoes seat ererywhere by
Purest of the
Lyea Healy's
is the very piano
von want for rmif
bornenow offered at lowest act prices j
end on easiest monthly terms. i
The Washburn is mummuttml far lif ami I
fa known far and wide asMAmericasIIonie
Pamno"i because of its Uututy qmaiiUm and
its nunous ttaymy Urn. '
If ia the anrket for a piana. bmQ this adrer-
tMeBBeat todav with mar bum. mH LIpm. nnrf
ncwntelairand name of local dealer, aad six
wHunu new
$3.00 Per Day
cash, not promises (8 hours'
work) is the salary I pay my
representatives. The work is
not hard you can do it Or
tell your best friend, if you
vc not uie nine, i give ex
clusive territory. For details
ATKINSON, 1024 Race St, Philaddphia.
this pacer de-
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its columns shonld insist cpon having
what the? esk tor. relusiea ail snbsti-
tutas or tauxiots.
KFIMCi CtM Wafff SftfCl
W. N. U OMAHA, NO. 44, 1907.
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Jf always the most costly, p
Osffrjf--:,Sg. A aDV
' . 25 Ozmces fcr 25 Gents w
1 rr-Skc5-B Is tfcc rssult of modern Ideas. Costs Jjs?
b'-XlaS ess oesetteror You must &S?
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EgBwH The baking wffl be vastly better, iV
HCpfflH lighter and tastier or we pay J ,
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PasnawaF asnuBaww
I Adeaaes, 109 fi UALT. GHCAflO I
'$iTif . I'M
Vegetable Compound
sidmebe. and arrftet were so aoml
bardlvstand. I took twa bottles of Lydia B.
Piakbastu VtgeUbhOiim il wsauaay
perieds were tatatiliahid aad now 1 am
perfectly weH Maawsaya aba went b
without your medicine in the bear j. I havj
told one girl what Lydia B. Pinthw
Vegetable Cofapoand ha dene far aw
aad aba hi takiag it now." . r
Miss Clara E. Darmstadter, of 453
Breckenridge St.Bulfalo,N.Y..writes:
Dear Mrs. Piakhann
'for about a year, except ihjriag jae part
few months, I xuffered with severe paiaa
every BMBta, with bactaacaea aad headaches,
I had the Kucs so bad that I waste despair.
It fa a pleasure to tell you that Lydia K.
Pinkbam Vegetable Compound tan cured
ms. The change hi asy appearance- woe
derful and, I desire that; this good may muo
to every sufferer. Anyoiie'dcsiriagtokiiow
further details mr-r1 write to mo aad I shall
be glad to give them."
If yoa knotr of aay young- girl who
is sick and needs motherly advice,
nsk her to address Mrs. Piuicham. at
Lynp, Moms., and tell her every detail
of her symptoms, and to keep nothing
back, hhe will receive advice abso
lutely free, from a souroo that has no
rival in the experience of woman's
ills, and it will, if followed, put her
on the right road to a strong, healthy
and happy womanhood.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound made from native roots
and herbs cures where others faiL
hv more
dp rxeeiiei.
ww 'mifBXail
bbbbbbbjb? avay
1 hare W. I. Douglas name aad price stamped on oottoin. Taker
Itoual - v shoes. If he cannot sitMuv wu. semi
mail. Catalog free. Y1 fta lai Brocfctso. Maaa
i TLiTaan-al 1
Hew Kstricts Raw Opened far rf Hraaeat
Sonw of tlie chsicet
lands in tlvt Krai j ciow
inc belts ot SasL-M'.be-wan
and Albona tv
recently becu opened
for settZeaent ni.W
the Reisl lloatcatead
Regalaiicos of Canada.
Thousands of Nune
Steads of ifioafm each
arenowavaiiauie.J.ZBe netf fcsntotions asake it
po-;Mb for entry to be made by p-oay. the oppor
tanitjr iliat atany ia the United S ates bate bee
waJtinefor. Any number of a family assy itiaka
entry for, aay other member of the family. 1 may
ba ratitled to make entry for b msejf or beneir.
Entry may bow be made before the Aeent or SaV
Aaentof the Distrin by proay.toa certain coad.
tiorslby the father, mother, aon.daacbur.bretkc
orusterotintendinc homesteader.
. r wliarad aaetton T Dniml.n
adala Kaaltoaa. or tho Snrlh-Weat ImlMw.
gfjg and at not r arad. nmy ho how-
faded ay oa, pimam tho solo head of m rally,
or amis OTor My oarsof ace. to tho osasst of oas
ooanoraortton. of MS aero, mors mr laes."
The fee ia each case will be tia". Chitrebo-.
schools and markets convenient. HeahJayemaaue.
aaieadid crops aad good laws, "iiin iraiiiiad
cattle rabiac nriacreal industries.
For fartaar partienlars as to rates. r-irTaa, ftaaj
lime to ge aad where ta locate, aaety to
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