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Coiuolidated with the Cklnmbus Times April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argus January 1, 1906.
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Hockenberger &
Whenever dewing investment
ia real estate, either fans lands
r town lota, it will be toyour
interest to consult our lists. We
lao have several good dwellings
for rent in Columbus, and it will
pay yon to ooaae and aee us before
completing your arrangements.
Money to loan ia say amount on
ahort notice.
Fire, Tornado and Accident
Hockenberger &
Oats 43
Wheal' 92
Rye 72
Corn 52
Barley 70
Hogs. S5 10 to 15 25
File of the Journal, October 22, 1873.
The Postmaster General has estab
lished a Bew poet office near the reear ra
tion, which will bear the name of Keats
catoose, and Lester Wi Piatt has bean
appointed postmaster. This oSee is
directly on the route from Golnmbna to
Albion, Booae county. Neb.
A very important and heretofore much
disputed question has recently been de
cided by the supreme court of New York.
The question decided by the court was
that a man caa piek all the fruit from a
tree growing on his own land though it
hang over on a neighbor's land.
Mr. Platte Baker has purchased two
valuable lots on the corner of Washing
toa Avenue and Fifteenth street We
learn that he iatends erecting thereon a
dwelling house. In the last two years
the vicinity of Fifteenth street baa made
many improvements by the way of new
Fearful prairie fires are reported in
different places throughout this state,
and great damage done to individuals by
loss of property. B. Butlerof Schuyler,
and McOlung of Butler county lost about
11,000. GapL Curry and R. B. Briggs.
eeh tl&O. The saddest statement we
have heard la one that comes from a fire
between Beatrice sad Crete where the
fire surrounded some school children and
bnrned ooventeen of them to death, and
badly burned ten others so that several
of them will die.
Jadges ami Clerks tf UtetiMi far the
Fit ward, citjrof Colamfaas Jadfea. Leopold
ruth. M. C. CaUo, Gu W. Vierants; clerks,
Jhn Pittmsw. J. A. Ernst.
Second ward, city of Colambas Jndgas, J. B.
Geitnen, A. W. Clack. M. O. Karr; clerks, Chaa.
Welch. Bert J. Galley.
Third ward, city of Colnmbaa-Jadces, a W.
Freeman. C. F. KUaa. George W. Ektoa; clerks,
J. K. Xcagner. A. L. Koon.
Colamtms Townahip Jadf" W. M. Mason,
8teve Bsrnssrh. H. B. Bead; clerks. J. Otto
Erart. Fred Scofiald.
Kbsiurk Judges, Fred Losecke, Joan Held,
F.rdinaad Serfeld; clerks. William Biekert.
George Battels.
Shermaa-Jadsea. Ooa Herchenlisa Ootfried
Marty. Ed Lueaofaea; clerks, John Johannes,
Carl BoMbe.
Creston Jadges. G. D. Clark. Andrew Iw
son. L. Wescott; clerks, L. Wagner, J. I Brown.
8heU Cr ek-Jadees. W. H. Dodds. B. C. Be.
can, H. 1. Bargmaa; clerks. Torn F. Lynch.
Graad Prairie-Jadgea, Phillip Gearing. Yin
eent Wetoer. A It. Hoefelman; clerks, Fred
Becher. Wm. Hoeff lawn, jr.
Humphrey-Jadgee, William Weber. Sidney
smith. G. G. Wright; clerks. William Hayer
undWadePmitt. Batler-Jndges, Peter Koalowski. Julias Sa
dat, 8am W. Erase; clerks, J. P. Sokol, D. H.
Loap Jadges, Gottlieb Lamp. 8am Imboff,
Joha EiseamaaB; darks. Ernst Bienz, Ed
Lost Creek Jadges. Fiaak Taasler, D. J.
Cronin, W. L. Smith; clerks. Loa Hoars, Fred
Barrow. Jadges, Heary Greisea. jr., Barney
Slhra. Looie LoMeke; clerks, Ed Koegh. Joha
UraaTille-Jsdges. Nick Vaa Dyke. John
Itonaa. Ed Krase; ekrka, B. P. Drake. George
H. Bender.
Monroe-badges, Fred Jernberg. O. L. Craw
ford. Paal Gertach; clerks. Daa Nooaaa, B. J.
Joliet-Jadges. James Laaaett, Albert Taylor,
Andrew Hanson; clerks. Albert Stengel. Martin
8t. Bernard-Jadges. HabeK Bsmaekers. Sam
Connelly. John Partner; clerks, Albert Cartoon,
Henry Ddinmaa.
WoodTille-JadgM. John Zimmerman, Fred
Werner, George Mabood; clerks. Alien Bennett,
J. W. Carrier.
Walker Jadges. Herman Otterpehl, Ernest
Carlson, Oecar Peterson; darks. Josanh Baett-
aer. Albert
Seriea'R" of the Columbus Land
Loan t Building Aaau , is now open for
subscripton of stock. Payments bagia
Nov.l, 1M7. Far nartiealars see the
Secretary. H.
OhiMren rlsajrfng to take dancing
Last Thursday, CoasUble Ed Rosaitsr
brought down Abe Larue, Mike Kush
and if ike Sak, who live south of Genoa
in Platte county, on a warrant charging
them with cattle stealing, the complaint
being made by Arnold Oerber. It seems
that Gerber who hid some cattle in a
pasture belonging to Martin Kargas,
which is located near where these people
live. On October 9, he had cocas-ion to
go into it and look after some cattle be
was going to sell. It was in the evening
and after he had gone a ahort distance he
saw a man walking through the pasture
with a gun. and he also notioed that the
cattle were excited. He went on a little
further and discovered that the man with
the gun .was Sak. He asked him what
he was doing with the gun and he said
he was hunting ducks. Kargas drove
over n sand knoll and there discovered
a young calf that had been shot in the
head aad had its throat cut. A little
further on he discovered a wagon with a
boy in it and a calf tied in the wagon.
He questioned the boy about it, but the
boy refused to answer. Kargas 'then
talked with Larue and Sak about it and
also had the dead calf taken to Duncan
to Arnold Gerber, to whom it belonged
that he might see what had become of
it. In the meantime Kargas offered a
reward of -450 for proof as to who shot
the calf. Albert Gerber and Mike
Wisenfluh concluded they would try and
earn the $50, so they started out to do
so. They at first interviewed Sak and
Kush and finally got a sworn statement
from them saying that Kush killed the
calf, but did so at the request of Larue
They then went to see Larue, who
attempted to settle it by paying Gerber
$15 for the calf, and paying the tfto re
ward and also $10 to Kargas. After
they were brought down they were re
leased on their promise to be in court
Friday morning. Larue and Sak were
on hand but Kush decided that a change
of climate would be beneficial and de
parted during the night. Larue aad Sak
were bound over to the district court by
Police Judge O'Brien, aad the bond
placed at $1,000, which was furnished.
Last Friday evening John T. Burke of
Omaha presented a proposition to the
city council in regard to the electric
lighting plant. In substance his propo
sition is this: He proposes to install a
new and up-to-date system, furnish day
power and pump the dtj water for seven
cents per thousand gallons. He asks
the city for n five year contract for
pumping water, the city to furnish the
machinery aad he to keep it ia repair.
A twenty-five year franchise for the
lighting is asked, and he submits a
schedule of prices for lighting that is
lower than the present one, and he also
agrees to put into effect the Philladel
phia moonlight schedule for all night
service. Mr. Burke and Mr. Heintz
agreed on n price for the present plant,
which he will purchase should the coun
cil be favorable to his proposition. He
will then select a new site for the plant
aad install an entirely new, aad up-to-date
equipment as soon as possible,
work to begin within sixty days after
the franchise ia granted. He also agrees
to place tan city in a position to success
fully compete with any locality in
the price of power for manufacturing
purposes. The scale he presents is a
sliding one and the more electricity
used the cheaper it comes in proportion.
The matter has been referred to the
lighting committee and will in all prob
ability be brought before the council for
action in the near future.
Mrs. Maria Ernst, living near Duncan,
died at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
John Engle, Sunday evening, aged 81
years. Mrs. Ernst came to Nebraska
from Switzerland, where she was born
and rained, forty-one years ago with her
husband and settled on the old home
stead near Duncan, where she has since
resided. She has been sick for some
time aad the last year has made her
home with her daughter so that she
could take care of her. Mrs. Ernst
leaves besides her husband, one son
John Ernst, and two daughters, Mrs-
John Engle and Mrs. Honser. Thai
funeral was held Wednesday at the
Methodist church in Duncan.
Wojeoh Ourule, father-in-law of De
puty Sheriff Thos. Jaworski. died Tues
day, aged 80 years. He was born in
G&llacia, Austria, and came to America
about thirty years ago, locating in Iowa,
and moving to Columbus in 1884. He
was married in Austria and his wife still
survives htm, also four children, Mrs.
Paul Wysocki and one son Joe, who
lives ia Chicago, and a son George who
lives at FarweU. Neb., and Mm. Thos.
Jaworski of this city. The funeral will
be held at the Catholic church Thursday
raorain; at 8 o'clock aad the burial will
be iu the Catholic cemetery.
As n result of n lively scrap Tuesday
morning warrants .were issued for
and Barney MoTargart. It
that the trouble started in front
of the Thurston hotel over some bag
gage, aad after n short round Barney
was a fit sua ject for the doctor's care.
There has been bad blood between these
two for ansae time, ia fact ever since Tom
started the second baggage line, and
this is not the first time there have been
blows. ThematterwUl is all probability
he aired in the police court this week.
Mrs.Gari&auKr,Mra.J. O. Bender
and Mrs. J. B. Geitssn of this city and
Mra. W. Frank of Monroe want to Grand
Island Monday to atteadahowse party
at the home of Dr. A. J. Baksr, formerly
ef this city.
Follow the crowd to the Lyric.
Dr. LossohcB Oocnlist and aurist.
Dr. W. H. Hater, veterinarian, phone
There is only oae place to go. That's
ur. Ui. Allenburger, once in new
State Bank building.
J. E. Nichols of Omaha is visiting at
the home of A. W. Clark.
8pecial sale on Sateen and Heather
bloom petticoats at OvtnT,a
Mrs. A. Anderson went to Omaha
Tuesday for a few days' atay.
P. E. McKillip and B. R Oowdery of
Humphrey were in the city Tuesday.
Mm. 8cheets of Spalding was n guest
at the home of 8. E. Marty last week.
For Sale All my household furniture.
Call 421 W. 18th street. Adam Beehtel.
Miss Katie-Zinggof Platte Center was
the guest of Miss Louise Marty last
Saturday aad Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Apgar of near St,
Edward in this county, were in the city
Friday, on their way to Norfolk.
Mrs. Frank Baker of Omaha ia visit
ing at the home of her parents in this
city, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Snyder.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Westcott of Craston
were visiting relatives in Columbus last
Saturday, returning home 8unday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. McMahon returned
last Friday from their wedding trip to
Chicago and other places in the east.
Mrs. Henry Fritz, who underwent an
operation at 8t. Mary's hospital a few
weeks ago is getting along very nicely.
Louis Baaey of the Columbus post
office force, who has been enjoying his
vacation, returned to duty Wednesday.
The Misses Masie MsgUl and Hazel
Clark spent Saturday and Sunday at the
home of their uncle, Ottie Clark, east of
The C. E. society of the Presbyterian
church will give an ice cream social at
the parsonage Friday evening. Every
body invited.
For Sale Harness ahop doing good
business, also shoes repair ahop in con
nection. Call on or address Peter Mnn
ter, Monroe, Neb.
Mrs. Ottis Clark living irMhe east
park of Columbus, left last Saturday for
Omaha where an will visit relatives and
friends for a few days.
I will cure hog cholera in its worst
stage, and heaves in horses. No cure
no pay. Will be at J. J. Burk'a office on
Saturdays W. F. Dodds.
Adam Beehtel has sold his residence
on Eighteenth street to E. P. Dussell
and purchased a home in Lincoln, where
he will move in the near future.
O. A. Newman has gone back to North
Dakota to remain for a month, shapeing
up his business affairs, and will then re
turn home where he can keep warm
during the winter.
Adam Lockaer, an old time Columbus
boy, was in the city from Saturday until
Monday, Mrs. Lockner, who came with
him, will remain for n visit with home
folks, the Burger family.
B. 8. Palmer the tailor, clean, dyes
and. repairs Ladies and Gents' clothing.
Hate cleaned and reblocked. Buttons
made to order. Agent Germania Dye
Works. Nebraska Phone,
Mrs. G. W. Westcott of Omaha, who
has been visiting friends and relatives
in Creston, arrived in Oulumbus last
Saturday, and will visit with friends and
relatives here before returning to her
The Misses Lillie, Anna, and Clara
Ernst, aad Master Boy, living south
west of Columbus returned home last
Sunday from Shell Creek where they
had spent a few days visiting at the
home of their uncle Adolph Ernst.
Mr. aad Mrs. J. B. Ford and two
children of Sherman county, stopped in
the city from Saturday till Monday with
the Terrell and Jenkins families. They
had been back to the old home in India
na, where they had a splendid visit, but
are glad to get back to the farm life in
W. A. Way returned last week from
his summer outing in the mountains of
Idaho. Mr. Way brought home with
him some specimens of rich ore taken
from a mine, he ia interested in. He haa
been superintending work on this mine,
and the proposition looks mighty good
to the owners.
Henry Ragatz. aecompaaied by his
daughter. Miss Lillie, and Dr. W. a
Evans, arrived 8unday evening from
Youatville, Calit, where Miss Bagats
had been during the summer. The pa
tient stood the long journey very well
aad the return home will no doubt
be beneficial to her.
Buy the Munaing underwear at
Gray's. -
Mr. and Mrs. Boy Clark of Woodville
township ware in the city last Wednes
day afternoon, euroute from n trip
through the east, which included the
Jsmestown exposition and other noiata
of interest. Mr. dark did not think
inch of the exposition, but said the
,val dnittlaj was good. Thev snent
in Washington and other
citias, tsnur stay being honttwoweeka.
i Wedding Rings
That little golden circle
will look well on her fin
ger, boys, we have the
very kind you want. :
Made under our special
instructions without a
joint or solder. Just f
That's all. We have extra
wide ones, too, if you pre
fer them. Look for the
stamp inside. :
Jeweler & Optician
P -T ""J-r1- T F(r
Dr. Neumann, Dentist 13 St.
Read Gray underwear ad in this
Jar loose. Spend that dime at the
G. R. Frieb, painting and paper
Oontinuous performance, 7:90 to 10 p.
m., at the LYRIC.
Dr. D. T. Martyn. jr office new Colum
bus State Bank building.
Youget the beat underwear made for
ladies and children at Gray's.
Dr. L. P. Carstenson, Veterinarian
both phones 212, Columbus, Neb.
Postmaster Frank Wake of Genoa was
in the city Tuesday visiting hia parents.
Tom Hill of the Monroe neighborhood
was transacting business at the county
seat Tuesday. '
For fancy Wedding Stationery, pro
grama or Calling cards, don't fail to tie
the Journal figure with you.
A. O. Slevcns, a-kowab before the in
sanity board the last week, was discharg
ed, the hoard considering the evidence
insufficient to commit him to the Nor
folk asylum.
Mrs. Leroy Hopper and two ohildren
of Mace, Idaho, arrived last week for a
visit with Mm, Hooper's sister, Mrs. F.
N. Stevenson. Mrs. Hooper waa form
erly Miss Clara Inlay of this city.
Mrs. Leopold Plath ia in Norfolk with
her daughter, Mrs. J. R Carter, who
hsa been sick with .typhoid fever. Mrs,
Carter is improving and her mother ex
pects to return by the first of the month.
A good store is a real
OOOBOBnW. You do not have to bay
more than one or two stoves in a life
time if you buy good ones. Besides, a
good stove saves fuel and repair troubles
at the same time giving the best service.-'
If you want a good stove or range
we ask you to examine our complete line
and compare our pricee.-
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Druker of New
York City, arrived in the city Thursday
Mr. Druker remained until ' Sunday,
when be started on bis return home.
Mrs. Druker will be remembered as Miss
Emma Cornils, who lived here a number
of years with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Oehl
rich, Mrs. Oehlrich being her aunt- She
will make an extended visit with her
In the case of Greig vs. Smolinski and
Kober, the Woodville chivari case,
whioh waa up before Police Judge
O'Brien last week. County Attorney
Heneley dismissed the case and the de
fendants paid the oourt costs. This
ease has attracted much attention in the
northwestern part of the county and re
sulted in considerable ill feeling in
Woodville township.
Poeschs Lunch Riera
1 Hot Coffee. 5c
Ham Sandwich 5c
Fresh Pumpkin Pie 5c
Fresh Cinnamon Rolls..6c
Evtm fcatuirdahj Ws Will
flaws a Gantfn Salt. ,
Yankee Peanut 10c
Angel Food Taffy 10c
H H Cough Tablets.. .10c
Assorted Chocolates... 30c
Toa will always find our prices
equal to any ia town if not better.
Tromntiyat 2 JO p.m.. Saturday, Oct
19, 1907,occnrred the marriage of Milton
a Smith and Delia E. Newman, at the
home of the bride three miles east of
Columbus, the Rev. Lotan B, DsWolf
of the Methodist Episcopal church pro
nouncing the .solemn words that made
them man and wife. Only the relatives
sad a few intimate friends of the couple
wit n ss c d the ceremony. The home was
haadsosacly decorated in green and
white, the flowers being roses aad ear
nations. The bride wore a gown of
wite chiffon with lace trimming and
carried a boquet of bride'a roses. The
groom was attired in the ragulatioa
black. Tan presents were numerous,
valuable and useful. The guests sat
down to a daiaty four-cours luncheon
by the following young ladies: The
Missps Mary E. Newman, Belle Newman.
Ethel Elliott. Blanch Niewohner, Buby
Newman and Mary Newman. After the
luncheon all appeared on the lawn where
fifteen pretty girls entered a contest for
the bride'e boquet tossed high in the air
by the bride. The contest brought forth
loud applause from the assembled guests,
Miss Mary E. Newman triumphantly
carrying off the valuable prise.
The bride, a petite blond, tall, grace
ful, with an amiable, aunny disposition,
ia the only daughter of C. A. Newman,
one of the honored and respected pio
neers of Platte county. She was born
and grew to womanhood iu Columbus I
where her parents resided until they
moved to the farm six years ago. She is
a graduate of the Columbus High school
and of University Place, Lincoln. She
has been a prominent kindergarten
teacher in the state the past three years
and was very successful in her school
work. The groom is a prominent young
business man of Crete, Nebraska, where
he haa lived most of hia life. He is a
young man of pleasing address and
stands high in the estimation of hia
numerous friends.
At five o'clock p. m. the young couple
entered their carriage, the bride attired
in a custom of blue silk with hat to
match. Showered with rice, flowers aad
other things, the good wishes and bless
ings of all present, they were driven to
the station in Columbus where they
took the Los Angelas Limited forasboit
eastern trip, after which they will begin
housekeeping in a home already provided
by the groom in Crete. They will be at
home to their multitude of friends about
the middle of November. The Journal
extends to the happy couple its sincere
congratulations for a long and pros
perous life.
8even marriage licenses were issued
by Judge Ratterman during the last week
aa follows; Frank Lssnok, Columbus,
Clara Mallek, Tarnov, Milton O. Smith.
Crete, Delia Newman, Columbus, John
Kuta, Katie Kasak, Columbus, James A.
Richards, Maude J. Webster, Osceola,
William R. Snell, Ida M. Pittman.
Columbus, Anton Freiaces, Geaieae
Meyer, Platte Center, Willard J. Belk
nap, Creston, Carrie Wilkinson, Homer,
Neb. The last named couple were well
along in life, the groom being 71 and the
bride 63
John Henry Miller, one of the old
settlers on Shell Creek, died Saturday
morning, aged 83 years. He was born
in Weigman, Hanover, Germany, March
7, 1831, and waa married in that country
in 1846. In 1869 he emigrated to Ameri
ca and settled ia Wisconsin, where he
remained two years, when be moved to
Platte county. He leaves three ohil
dren two sons. Fred and William Miller,
and one daughter, Mrs. Kumph. The
funeral was held Tuesday at theXoacke
Creek: church, and conducted by Rev.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West show closed
their present traveling season last
Saturday at Biohmond, Va. Prof..
Wm. Sweeney, director of the Cowboy
Band will arrive ia the city this week,
and on Saturday, in company with Capt,
Geo. Fairchild, P. J. McCaffery, Judge
W. N. Hensley, J. A. Turner, O. L. Bak
er, Lee Jenkins, Jim Nelson and G. W.
Turner will start on a camping trip of a
week or more. This array of talent will
doubtless make a great commotion
among the finny tribe.
Joe. 8. Haney, George Bloedorn. C. J.
Oarrig, Jerry Carrig, James Coulter and
Francis Walker comprised a fishing party
to the "Honey Pike Waters' ia Colfax
county over Sunday. The boys report
fine catoh of pike, and all enjoyed
themselves, and came home resolving to
again try their lack in a week or so.
when they intend to go better prepared
aad camp over Saturday night and get
an earlier start, in order to have more
time to devote to larger hauls.
W. M. Pollard of Monroe township
was in the city Tuesday on business.
He had just completed a deal for the
purchase of B. M. Walker's farm of
190 acres, which adjoins hia home place,
the price being 9S5 per acre. Mr. Poll
ard has been a resident of Platte county
for some time, aad his purchase of ad
ditional tend shows that he has faith ia
the future of this locality.
The first of the new steel passenger
coaches being put ia service bjtthe
Union Pariae passed through - en the
west bound local Tuesday. The -ear is
of a different pattern front the ordinary
coach, aad more like a motor oar, the
windows beiag round aad the entrance
on the side. Tnenewcoaoh masid to be
collision proof aad is of tan type that
wmcoaMMtoasMralass on this road.
FoUow'iag are the candidates nomi
nated fur election in the townships of
the county:
City of Oalumbas Justice of
Peace, Wm OBrieswdem, John Sohmoek-
er, dem, Thoaaaa H Saunders, rep. John
K Brock, rep; constable. Edward Rossi
ter, dem, Wm Baksr, dem.
OolumbuaTowaahip Treasurer, Hen
ry Engle. dem, Hilton White, rep: clerk.
J G Newman, dem, W F Rhodehorst,
rep; justice of the peace, LO Draper,
dem, Mert Fish, rep; constable, Hugo
Sehaad, dem, A M Mahaffey. rep; road
overseer, J F Belford. dem, J H Ran
dall, rep.
Bisasark-Treasurer. John Ahrens,
dem aad rep; elerk, Fred Cattau, rep;
justice, Emil Held, dem and rep; con
stable, George Saalfeld, dem, Louis
Wilke, rep; road ovsteasi, Theodore
Krumlaad, dam, Adolph Fresse, rep.
Sherman Treasurer; George Michael
son, dem aad rep; clerk, Ed Luedtke,
dem and rep; justice, B H Wurdenum,
dem aad rep; oonstable, Henry Grote
Muschen, dem and rep; road overseer.
Fred Leudtke, dem, Wm L Cattau. rep.
Creston Treasurer. 8 T Fleming, rep,
F E Clark, dem; clerk, TF Stevens, rep.
F F Clark, dem; justice, H O Studley,
rep, Wm Weak, dem; constable, Frits
Vens. rep. Willis Decker, dem; road
overseer. John Carsteaaen, rep, D Holl
man, dem.
'8hell Creak Treasurer, Emil Sshoea,
rep, J F Blessen. dem; clerk Louis
Saalfeld. rep, Max Gottberg, dem; jus
tice, Wm Lang, sr, rep, H D Clausen,
dem; constable, Henry Reins, rep, Joha
Dodds, dem; road overseer, Frank
Adams, rep, JaooVLaun, dem.
Lost Creek Treasurer, Heary Sobei
del, rep and dem; cletk, J C Burns, rep
and dem; justice,-8 B Allen, rep and
dem; constable, D H. Carrig, rep and
oem; roaa overseer, iuck smitn, rep
and dem.
JoUet Treasurer, J P Borsnssn, rep,
Peter M Jensen, dem; clerk, Rhine Bade,
dem; justice, Andrew Peterson, rep, J L
Johnson, dem; oonstable, Louie Hansen,
rep, J O Williams, dem; road overseer,
I N Jones, rep, J M Williams, dem.
Monroe Treasurer, H J Hill, rep, JT
Gleasou, dem; olerk. W H Pugeley. rep,
John Miller, dem; justice, Fred Read,
rep, Charles Miller, dem; constable, T
Coman, rep, Charles Kerr, dem; road
overseer, David Jeakinson, rep. William
8t Bernard Treasurer. Wm. Brovoa
aky, rep, M J Ramseker, dem; clerk
Arthur Carlson, rep, Fred Sneper, dem;
justice, Hugh Williams, rep, Charles
Kopiets, dem; constable, Walter V
Palmer, rep, J JDucey,dem;road over
seer, Peter Backus, rep, Joe Kartenbacb,
Butler Treasurer, MikeFurman,dim;
clerk, Heary Blaser, rep, Frank Gslue.
dem; justice, Christian Wuethrich, rep.
Albert Gerber, dem; constable, Frank
Cunpla, rep, Jacob Gerber, jr., dem; road
overseer, Herman Ernst, rep,E J Ernst,
Woodville N O Nelson, reo. Ji
Green, dem; clerk, Geo. Anderson, rep,
O P Ohristenseu, dem; justice, Roy
Clark, rep. Henry Crosier, dei
stable, MBWelin,rep, Frank
dem; road overseer, H N
rep, Joe Bauster, dem.
Walker Treasurer, C. A. Peterson,
rep; clerk, John Anderson, rep; Justice,
A M Olson, rep; constable, Joha Hog
lung, rep; road overseer, O J Jacobson.
rep, Lewis Jacobson, by petition.
Burrows Treasurer, Tony Jaworski,
dem; clerk. Frank Fuger, dem; justice,
Alex Vols, dem; constable, W E Sohure,
dem; road overseer, Morris F-fiitgnn
Granville Treasurer,. Jos Laehnit,
dem; clerk. Joha P Steffes, dem; justice,
Chas Schueth, dem; constable, 8am
Lang, dem; road overseer, Frank Huth
maeher, dem
Grand Prairie Treasurer, J F. Hell
buscb, dem; clerk, Hubert Braun, dem;
justice, WmHcbelp, dem; constable,
Olemena Wemhoff, dem; road overseer.
Loup Treasurer, Wm Kummer, dem;
elerk, Albert Harner, dem; road over
seer, Hector Blaser, dem; justice, J B
Kyle, dem.
Humphrey Treasurer, Jacob Kerbs,
dem; clerk, JosM Veik, dem; justice,
Jos Braun, dem; constable, Jos Bruck
ner, dem; road overseer, Wslly Kraus,
W. H. Snell and Miss Ida Pittman,
both of this city, were married at the
Methodist parsonage Wednesday morn
ing, Rev. DeWolf performing the cere
mony. The couple leave for a short vis
it ia the east, and after their return wil
be at home in Columbus at Eighth and
Ernst streeta. The groom is a clerk in
the rjcutoSce. having been recently ad
vanced from substitute carier to that po
sition.' John, the sine year old son of Mr. sad
Mrs. Paal Rodak, died Wednesday. Oct
ober, 23, after a short illness. He waa
taken sick a week ago aad luag trouble
developed, which oaused his death. He
was bora ia this' city May 9, 1898, aad
lived here with his parents until his
death. The funeral will be held at the
Catholic church Thursday, 'aad will be
conducted by Father Scxaralia.
Attorney H. a Vail of Albion
thecity test week, rsturaing from
oote, where he had aeeured a
ter A. R. Leedom of that city, who
seatsaeed to six years w the penitenti
wm ia
Forth.! I
ay i
J We Are A rum ts For ths
This Guarantee Offer on
This preparation it
guaranteed to prs sst
irfactk;if itooas not,
money, it bevongs to
you and we want you to
have it
new horse barn.
John Bonk spent Saturday
mail oa this route.
Dan Cupid
route Sunday evening.
Milton MUkr
eeJkrng oa Miss
Mary Coupons rtuaday e
William Langs, jr, lain Ni
this week lookiaa? after kin hm
Chaa Coupons purchased a
buggy white in Oolambwa Tiiailij
Geo. Ssifkia was calling ea
ia the north part of the eouaty Sunday.
J. F.Gookm shipped two ears of fat
aogeto8outhfrnahaTussdey mates,.
Augan BruakM reamts that ho will
leave for Oregon about the first of the
Lewis Newman reportea piusast time
at the home of Ruby Milter Sunday eve-
John Brunken, jr..
and family Sun-
on route 4,
Mr. and Mrs. Ja
ia Naaes eouaty test
some of the oountry.
Fred Brunken and Mian Martha Jsgs
man oruolumbuo were
Anna Beunken Sunday.
Miss Maad Barnes, after
severs! days ssaiitiag Mra. Wm. Maeoa.
returned horns Taaudav.
InaelBMn Bros, have
'a run WithtaWthweantiaWI
and pulled in last Thuruslay.
Frank Cooper, who is an smliUal on
tkefarmof Wm.BsoJeu, wan takiaga
tioa a part of test aerftho first nart
of this week. ' ' w
Monday aigat from SaeJdiag. whteh was ,
his headquartors white haating. It ia
Mrs.aj. Kesemsadsister Lucy of
Bokeet were in Cam and. Pierce seuatv.
Mrs. F. W. Meyer. MruBissoi
crope mwADeUer teen thaw here. Mr.
Meyer, she says, threshed forty loads of
oats from sixty acres Corn will yield
Bisaon was much pleased with that
Monday.white ataOmeJa waa driviag
a cow from near Platte Csoter to Oalum-
bus, the bovteo 1
iutoMr. Oteusea's(
Mr. C4aaeo attempted to drive her eat
oftheleld,sheaaadeavieiesje dive for
him, throwing him to the guinea. In
somemaaaer ho escaped injury, aad
wnatae exception of a had
out all right,
RevtoHe. L
Everybody is busy kuskteg
Hugo Sehaad aad family ware vistUs
ia the Jeaay neighborhood.
John Wurdomaa aad Fred
have completed and eeiated
baras they have been huildaug thassui
Carrie Raider's friends i
it was her eighteeath Birthday' anal
her a ptoasaat surer
asthereeipieat ofa aumhsrof
eats, aad the afternoon was
John Hoary Milter, oae of the eld
settlers oa the route, died Saturday.
eSJ years. The funeral, whteh waa
aeMTueadays the T sense OTQshrjhrew
aad conducted by Rev. DseJagor, waa
attended by a large aamherof
aad aeqosintaaeas of the
' Dm. Paul aad Mataea, DaaOiaus.
Dr. Tallter, Oatiuath. R
Big valuta ia Pettteoata at Gray's
The Drumymt on the Corner S
J Oolmnhun, Retesamm
to tomU a
Urn- mtim.
rehearing Oa ar.d after Snadai ---
1907. oar asset msrheta witt ho alaaei
oeSandays. M ff fTiaw
Orw man
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