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It tifwTMi aae Aajening
t Be Held at South Oanatsa,
Weakmsday, October 2.
Sheldon nan edally
tailed a seeling of aU these imteraatad
ia the advaaeeaieat of live" steak la
ta Nebraska aad adjoiamg
to be held at SoatJi Omaha
Stock Exchange, Wednesday. October
i. State Veterinarian JicKim. abb
assisted by Dr. A. T. Peters, ef the
Vairerslty of Nebraska, ha
a very fine program, aad addi
will be made by the leading
tatives of live stack iatoresta to the
nest" The meeting will eonveae at It
clock a. au, aad will be weleaaiei
by the Mayor of South Omaha. Br.
Peters wiU deliver the response.
The remaiader of the program la as
follows: "The Agricultural College
aad Experiment Station a Factor m
Preventing Animal Diseases," Prof. E.
A. Burnett, Dean of the Nebraska Agri
cultural College, Lincoln; "Coopera
tion with the Federal Government In
Eradicating Contagious Diseases," Dr.
Ramsey. Chief of Field Inspectors, Bu
reau of Animal Industry; "How to
Keep a Herd Free from Disease," Dr.
O. E. Dyson, formerly Chief of Bureau
af Animal Industry, Chicago; "What
the State Sanitary Board Has Accom
plished for the State of Minnesota,"
Dr. M. H. Reynolds, Minnesota Agri
cultural Experiment Station, St An
thony Park, Minn.; "What a Clean
BUI of Health Means to the Stock
Owner. Viewed from a Commission
Man's Standpoint," response by a rep
resestative commission man of Soath
Omaha; "The Relation of the Packer
and the Commission Man to the Stock
man." Hon. J. J. Ferguson, Chicago;
"What Missouri is Doing for Its live
Stock Interest," Dr. D. F. Lackey,
State Veterinarian, Columbia, Mo.;
"Report of Sheep Scab, Cattle Mange,
and Tuberculosis " Dr. Wm. F. Pfaeg
ing. State Veterinarian, Cheyenne,
Wyo.; "The Agricultural Press aad
the Live Stock Interest," Hon. W. A.
Hervey, Twentieth Century; Farmer,
Omaha; "The Needs of Nebraska," Dr.
C A. McKIm. State Veterinarian. Lin
cold; "Iowa's Campaign Against Dis
eased Animals," Dr. P. O. Kate,
State Veterinarian, Forest City, Iowa.
These papers will be freely discussed
by the stockmen and five minate ad
dresses on important topics relating
to live stock will be given by promi
nent stocKmen of the state.
Milk Dealers Scared. '
'Nebraska City One of the state
milk quite a fright He stopped each
of the wagons on its rounds and after
taking a sample of milk told the men
who he mas and warned them if the
milk did not stand the test they weald
hear from him. He also visited aU
the stores and did the same thing.
The dealers and the milkmen are
anxiously awaiting the result of has
Brakeman Killed at Elwoed.
Elwood An accident occurred at
Erwood by which Charles Reynolds,!
aged 22, brakeman on the BurUagtoa. I
lost his life. Reynolds was riding em
the pilot of the engine. He fell fm '
front of the engine and was dragged
about thirty yards before it was dis
covered he was under the engine. HO
was badly mutilated and life waa ex
tinct when he was gottem'wat
Bodwell Gets Appointment
E. J. Bodwell, superintendent ef
the Norfolk schools aad formerly
county superintendent of Douglas
couaty. has been appointed a member
of the board to examine teachers for
state certificates. He takes the place
on the board formerly occupied by
E. B. Sarman. who Is aow superin
tendent of the Kearnerj Industrial
Two Jobs Conflict
A letter has been received by Adju
tant General Charles Schwarz tram
Private C. W. Martin of Company G,
Nebraska National Guard, who is else
a clerk in the Department ef the Mis
souri of the regular -army, ia which
Martia asks whether it Is possible for
him to be released from his enlistment
in the guard. He has discovered a
military rule which specifies that me j
member or a state guard may, wane
holding his ealistmeat in the guard,
be an attache ef the regular army.
Revolutionist Under Arrest
Willemstad. Isand of Curacoa Let
ters received here from Bogota an
nounced that General Juan Pablo Pea-
aloza, the leader of Venezuela's tost '
revolution la March of this year, wae
sought refuge ia Colombia, has been
arrested by the Colombian gevernmeat
at Cocuta and taken to Bogota the cap
Big. Hole in the Ground.
Nebraska Cit?r The deep well being
sunk by the Otoe Development com
pany at this point Is new down 7t0
feet and the drill isistiU going through I
Mississippi lime stone. The work on
the weU has been delayed by m. nam- j
ber of accidents, among which was
the losing of the drill and the break
ing of the 2.000 feet of cable. The
drill has been recovered and a new
cable secured. The contract calls
for the sinking of the waU which is
a test one, to the depth of 2,70 feet
and deeper if the prospects look good.
Man Who Passes Bad Draft Caught.
Fremont G. T. Durst, who succeed
ed in obtaining a ticket to Denver and '
$290 in money from City Ticket Agent
H. B. Eeller of the Union depot by
means of a fraudulent draft, was ar
rested at Evanston, Wyp and is now
in the Jail at that place. Sheriff
Bauman left and expects to bring him
back without requisition papers, as
Darst has said that he would come aU
right It appears from the hank at
Knightstown, IniL, that Issued the
draft that payment on It had been
stopped. I
Adda Greatly to Flaw of
tha Die.
Soak a cap ami a half dried or eraa
aratod apples aver might la aold war
tor. them stew aaft the day before
tmahalf eapfal molasses. Cream
me cap ingar and half cap
batter. Add twe-thlrd et a cop ef soar
mflk, them the apples. Aad meat two
wen heatea eggs, a tablespooafal
dares, two toaspoonsfal cinnamon, a
gratlag ef autmeg aad three capfals
fleer sifted three times over with a
half teaspoon! ml soda. Mix thoroughly,
uatag toe heads. Have ready oae cup
fal seeded raisins, two-third cap enr
ramts aad a little shredded citron. A
few laely chopped butternut or hick
ory mot meats are an addition. Pat a
layer ef the hatter in a paper lined
cake tin, then sprinkle In some of the
frett aad ant mixture. Follow with
the deagh, then more fruit, and so on,
having the hatter at the top. Bake ia
a slow bread oven, covering the cake
with a buttered paper if inclined to
brawn too fast on top.
Household Economy.
The legs from our hose, which have
the feet worn, make fine stockings for
baby while creeping. Tarn raveled
from worn stockings makes a good rag
for the dining room, when hooked
through a coffee sack on which is
drawn some neat but simple design.
Worn bedspreads are fine for the
dining table, under the tablecloths.
When they no longer will do for that,
then a large enough piece that Is with
out holes may be had for baby's crib.
Good goose feathers or down are
rather expensive for scuff cushion.
Such cushions may be filled with pa
per folded and cut Into small strips.
Wood frames that protect lard cans
which your grocer receives may be
had cheap. With a small can of paint,
n c2n cf varnish, a brash, aad some
one to use it, one can make a jardi
niere stand. Flour cr susar sacks,
ripped, hemmed and washed, make
good dish towels. Small boxes, a foot
square, covered with a piece of in
grain or velvet carpet make foot
stools. Dinner Gowns.
Chiffon dinner gowns over silks of a
contrasting color such as black or
white over rose or green are simple,
pretty and Inexpensive for the autumn
vacation. They have skirts made on
similar lines to the soft poplins and
silks, but require scarcely any lace or
embroidery as trimming. The waists,
preferably high, for any but very large
parties, have transparent sleeves and
the lining cut away about the
shoulders. Pattern robes of embroid
ered mulls and chiffons and nets
slightly spangled are also used for au
tumn evening frocks and may be put
together by almost any seamstress if
the silk lining upon which they are
mounted is carefully cut fitted and
featberboned. And it must be remem
bered that a well-made silk lining, or
rather slip, of first-class quality may
be used time and again and is really
a valuable asset in any woman's ward
robe. - - How-to- Make- Eyelets.
There's a new way of making those
troublesome eyelets, discovered by a
girl who is locally famous for invent
ing labor-saving ideas, says the Wash
ington Star. It consists ef running
the eyelet around and then cutting it
from end to end and buttonholing it.
making the stitches as deep as those
upsa the usual buttonhole, but revers
ing the stitch so that the edge stitches
bsek upon the material instead ef
around the open edge of the eyelet
It is about one-fifth as hard to do
as the usual way. and the difference
la length ef time is evea more
Compote of Rice and Apples.
Bell one-half pint rice with one
quart ef water 20 minutes; draia it;
add two ounces sugar, two ounces but
ter and rind of a lemon. Stir, cool,
aad strain it- pressing out all water.
Arrange in layers on a dish with five
large apples (pared, sliced and cook
ed in syrup) between. Put a layer
ef rice on top, dust with sugar and
bake one hour. Arrange with a cus
tard poured over, flavored with wine,
called "sahayou." It can be served
cold or hot
Hints and Helps.
A little girl in the north woods who
saw the ineffectual efforts of a camp
er to light a match came to the rescue
with this advice: "Rub the match in
your hair. lady, and it win light"
And sure enough It did.
Harlequin sandwiches are every pic
nic affairs in a certain clique of
young folk in the Catskills, They are
made of thin slices of brown and.
white bread buttered and put togeth
er alternately and then cut like layer
Fricassee of Lamb.
Cut the best part of the lamb Into
square pieces .of two inches each;
wash, dry and flour them. BoU four
tablespoons of butter, one of finely
minced fat salt pork and a sprig of
parsley (chopped) for ten minutes,
put the meat in, and the juice of half
a lemon, an onion minced fine, pep
per and salt Simmer, closely cover
ed, two hours, then add the beaten
yolks of two eggs, shake the pan over
the fire two minutes and serve.
Appetizing Vegetables.
Vegetables never should be washed
until immediately before preparing fo
the table. Lettuce is made almost
worthless in flavor .by dipping Jt in
water some hours before using. Po
tatoes suffer even more than some '
other vegetables by the washing
process. They should not be pot in
water until ready for' boiling.
Boiled -Onions in Sauce.
Melt two tablespoons of butter, add
one tablespoon of flour; when smooth
add boiling milk or cream until thick
and creamy; remove from the fire,
add teaspoonful of salt a little pep
per, and pour over the onions after
they have been boiled in salted water.
Blackberry Mush.
Use a half cupful of water to each
quart of the berries, stew and pulp
than. To each quart add a cupful
of cereal: cook in a double boiler
45 minutes. Mold and serve cold
for breakfast with sugar and cream.
TIto a Mwy tf Awtal SvMriMf wtut
Mrs. J. D. Johnsom, ef M3 West
Hlrkmaa St. Colombia, Ma, says:
am operatlom two years
ago, dropsy, set ia,
mmd my left side, was
so swollen, the doctor
said he woaM hare
to tap oat the water.
There was constant
palm and a. gurgling
aenssHon around my
heart, and I comldmot
raise my arm above
my head. The kid
ney action was disor-
deaad and passages of the secretions
too frequent Oa the advice of my
1 husband I began using Boon's Kidney
PUls. Since using two boxes my trou
ble has not reappeared. This is won
derful, after suffering two years."
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
Foster-Milbura Co., Buffalo, N. T.
Colored Witness at Least Was .Aware
of Its Pecuniary Worth.
Clarence S. Darrow, the wen known
lawyer and essayist discussing tho
Haywood trial, in which he played so'
prominent a part said the other day:
"Some of the evidence in that trial
was so transparently false that it re
minds me of axcaso that came oft! In
Alabama a few years back.. One ef
the witnesses in this case was an ex
tremely Ignorant man. As bis testi
mony progressed, his ignorance be
came so shockingly evident that the
judge, looking sternly down at him
said: -
'"Look here, sir. are you acquaint
ed with the value of an oath?
"The witness answered anxiously:
'"Jedge, I hope I am. That thar
lawyer on yor left hand gimme six dol
lars to sw'ar agin the other side.
Thet's the correck value of an oath,
aint it, jedge?'"
Horrible Method of Suicide.
Most people have at some time wit
nessed revolting sights, but the ton
ing of a suicide from the cathedral
tower onto the pavement 210 feet be
low. Into the midst of the hurrying
noonday crowd, upon whose faces and
clothes his exploding debris scattered
itself, which was seen in Antwerp re
cently, beggars description. A mer
chant known as Jacques Simons quiet
ly left his wife and two children at
home, as if to go on some business
errand, made straight for the cathe
dral tower, climbed it and without an
instant's hesitation, hurled himself in
to space. History relates that no one
has jumped from thi3 tower since the
suicide of its architect, to whom a pop
ular legend of the sixteenth century
attributes the same fate, small bits
of brass marking the spot on ibo
pavement where he felL
Hindoo Defines Billiards.
John Horgan, the champion pool
player, told at a dinner in St Louis a
billiard story.
"Billiards is a tame "amusement be
side pool," Mr. Horgan began. "Twb
Hindoos were onoe discussing the
game in Calcutta, and I think that
their idea of it was pretty near the
right one.
'"What is this white man's game ef
billiards I hear so much about? Mid
the first Hindoo.
" 'Don't you knowr said the sscnad.
"'No. Ten me.'
'"Weil,' said the second Hindoo,
"billiards is a very simple game. Two
men armed with long sticks poke at a
ball on a green table, and one says "I
am" while the other says "hard
lines.""- '" .
Kismet is an Arabic word meaning
"fate," or 'It Is fated." A belief In
predestination Is one of the funda
mental principles in the Mohammedan
faith. Not only a man's fortune; but
his deeds, and-consequently his future
reward or punishment' are, according
to this faith. Irrevocably, and thus un
avoidably, pre-ordained-a doctrine
which has contributed -largely to the
success of Islam by Inspiring its cham
pions with the greatest contempt for
the dangers of warfare. When a Mo
hammedan meets with any disaster or'
misfortune. -no matter how great he
accepts the situation calmly, merely
saying. "Kismet" -"it is fated."
The Kind ef Food Used by Athletes.
A former college athlete, one of the
long distance runners, began to lose
his power of endurance. His experi
ence with a change in food is interest
ing. "While I was in "training on the
track athletic team, my daily 'jogs be
came a task. untila after I was put on
Grape-Nuts food for two meals a day.
After using the Food for two weeks I
felt like a new man. My digestion was
perfect nerves steady and I was full
of energy.
"I trained for the mile and the half
mile runs (those events which require
so much endurance) and' then the long
daily 'jogs,' which before had been
such a task,' were clipped off with
ease. I won both events.
"The Grape-Nuts food put me in per
fect5 condition and gave me my 'ginger
Not only was my physical condition
made perfect, and my weight in
creased, but my 'mind was jnade clear
and vigorous so that I could get out
my studies in about half the time for
merly required. Now most all of the
University men use Grape-Nuts for
they have learned its value, but I
think my testimony will not be amiss
and may perhaps help some one to
learn how the best results can be ob
tained." , . -
There's a" reason for the effect of
Grape-Nuts food on the .human body'
and brain. The certain elements In
wheat and barley are selected with
special reference to their power for re
building the brain and nerve centres.
The product Is then carefully and
scientifically prepared so as to'; make
it easy of digestion. The physlcal.and
mental results are so -apparent after
two or three week's use as' to produce
a profound Impression. Read "The
Road to Wenvine,- in pkgs. "There's
Jedge Did Net Think D
Wewld Mies Much.
Tear honor, said a presecullug-at
tormey fat am Alabama hackweeds
court, "the prisoner at the bar is
charged with kffling one cf the meet
exemplary dtiaens of this county.
Thonns Jones, your honor, was in
eery inspect a model man! He was a
iber ef the church; fca was merer
to bet on horses, play poker,
drink whisky er use tobacco. Ho"
"HeW on n minute,H said the Judge.
"You say he never bet cm a horse?
That's what I said, your honor.
- "Never was known to play a gamer
"Never your honor."
"And he never drank liquor?"
"Never drank a drop, your honor."
"Aad he didn't chew tobacco r
"Never took a chew in bis life."
"Well, then," said the Judge, "I
don't see what,he wanted to Uve for.
There wasn't anything in life for him,.
and I don't see why be aint about
as weU off dead as alive: Release the
prisoner, Mr. Sheriff, and caU the next
case." .
Terrible Itching Prevented Sleep
Hands) Arms and Legs Affected
Cuticura Cured in Days.
"I had eczema nearly fifteen years
The affected parts were my hands
arms and legs. They were the worst
in the winter time, and were alway:
itchy, and I could not keep fnnx
scratching them. I had to keep botl
hands bandaged all the time, and at
night I would have to scratch througt
the- bandages 'as- the itching was sc
severe, and at times I would have tc
tear everything off my hands to scratch
the skin. I could not rest or sleep. 1
had several physicians treat me bat
they could not give me a permanent
cure nor even could they stop the itch
ing. After using the Cuticura Soap,
one box of Cuticura Ointment' and twe
bottles of Cuticura Resolvent or about
six days the itching had ceased, anr"
now the sores have disappeared, and 1
never felt better in my life than I do
now. Edward Word!, Band 30th U. S.
Infantry, Fort Crook, Nebraska."
A Strenuous Hint
It was growing very late, but the
young man in the parlor scene showed
no signs of making a home run.
j "You evidently have a very vivid
.Imagination, Mr. Borem," said the
dear girl, as she made an unsuccessful
attempt to strangle a yawn.
j "Why do you think so?" queried the
, unsuspecting Borem.
"I thought perhaps you imagined
yourself in the Arctic regions, where
the nights are six months long," she
And 30 seconds later he had faded
Into the glumpsome gloom.
Would Run No Risk.
"Darling," said the young man as he.
bent fondly over her chair, "I would
die for you."
Well," rejoined the practical but
otherwise fair maid, "the rates of in
surance are pretty low. Suppose-you
get your life insured in my favor for
$10,000 and then die for me?"
''And let some other fellow lux
uriate on the insurance?" exclaimed
she wise young man. "Well, I guess
Skireh, like everything else. Is be
ing constantly improved, the patent
Starches put on the market 25 years
age are very different and inferior to'
these of the-present day. In the lat
est discovery--Defiance Starch aH in
jurious chemicals are omitted, while
the addition ef another Ingredient In
vented by us, gives to the Starch a
strength and smoothness never an
mroeched by other brands.
Real Enjoyment
Do you enjoy automobiUng?" asked
the young woman at the party.
"Very much, indeed," answered the
man with the loose-fitting evening
"What kind ef a car do you run?"
"Oh, I am not a motorist I'm the
sheriff In a town with a good -level
piece of road running1 through it"
Ulan everr aottle of CASTOHIa.-
gafa and etna leawdj for iafaata and calMran,
see that It
Bean the
Vm Iter Orrr SO Years.
Sto KJad Tea Bate Afcnffi
For the Greatest Success.
Life Is greater than any series of
surroundings that may affect it nnd
the greater success in life consists Jn
following the possibilities of our high
est selves Ridley.
Young aaan or weaum m each locality,
wanted. Salary or commission. Stamp'
brings particulars. Peoples Preaiaa Co,
Station R, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Architects ' In many instances .are
specifying electric plate warmers in
new houses being constructed.
A wen at New Burlington, 0 yields
both salt and fresh water.
Lewis Single Binder straight 5c. You
pay 10c for cigar not so good. Your deal
er or Lewis' Tactory, Peoria, Til.
. J . L- I
Guns, Traps, Decoys, Etc. '
iowest prices. Write for freecataloeNo.1
N. W. Hide & Far Co- Minneapolis. Mian.
.He knows not the value of flowers
who never botany. . -
il aaBBBBBB-aai I
v .-j
UtHe Ki
United States.
Ten, not (ram leaves, hat from the
iewers atone of the plant rarely en
eommtoredtlm eonuMtcnv The petals,
stamens, etc, are sum, dried,(and the
resulting ten Is ef a rich, dees brown
hmev.of peculiarly deUcato odor, and
gives a ate jamber colored Infusion
rather more astringent fa taste than
that from the average fair grade leaf.
The taste for it is am acquired one,
and even if this tea could he made
commercially possible, it is doubtful If
it would ever become popular.
The American tea trade could ad
vantageously take-a suggestion from
the brick tea of the far east In our
country, the tea dust some of which
Is good fuaUty, Is not properly
utilized. In Europe it Is a regular
article of trade, and it is advertised
and sold as tea dust- In America it is
sold to thousands of cheap restau
rants, who make from it the mixture
oftanlc acid, sugar and 'boiled milk
which they sell as "tea." If, as In the
orient this dust 'was compressed into
bricks, good tea could be made from
Laundry work at home would be
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric, Is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trou
ble can bs entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch, as it can be applied
much mere thinly because of its great"
er strength ttan other makes.
No Trouble zt All.
Mrs. Peppery The rector of that
fashionable church of yours certainly
has an easy thing of it
Mrs. Swellman But he is a good
shepherd, and
Mrs. Peppery Oh, it's easy to be a
good shepherd when the sheep are all
fat ' and prosperous. Philadelphia
There i moto Catarrh ta this wcUoo of the cotatry
baa ah other dkeates pat together, and until the last
'er yearn waa snppoied to be Incurable. For a great
nany yean d'tcumi pronounced It a local dUeaae and
reicnbed local remedies, and by cnoiuntly falling
core with Icl treatment, pronounced It tocirable.
tctesce baa prurea Catarrh to be a ounatltHttoaal dla
:ae. aad therefore require coastttatlnnal treatment.
mra Catarrh Care. manufactured by F.J. Cheney
Co., Toledo, Ohio, lithe only CooctttaMoaal care oa
be aurtcet. It la takea Internally la Aoaaa from W
Irons ta a teaspoonfaU It act directly ea the bleed
ind mneoaa sort aces of tha system. Ther oaar oaa
oaasuaa aoiiars tor any case it nu to cara.
iot circHiar ana lewnnoniai.
Address F. J. CHEXET CO., Toleao, OUt.
Sold by DruKxlBtK, 75c
Take Hall's Family Vf33n far coastlpsUoa.
For Saving Life at Saa.
An apparatus for life saving at sea
has been invented by Mr. R. Lavach
ery, a Belgian engineer residing at
Chapultcpec, Mex. It consists of a
rifled cannon from which a projectile
is fired; to the projectile are at
tached a cable, an anchor and a
rocket The mechanism is said to be
very simple, and for humanitarian rea
sons the inventor has not patented it
The extraordinary popularity of fine
white goods this summer, makes, the
choice of Starch a matter of great im
portance. Defiance Starch, being free
from all injurious chemicals, 13 'tho
only one which is safe to use on fine
fabrics. Its great strength as a stiff ener
makes half the usual quantity of Starch
necessary, with the result of perfect
finish, equal to that when the goods
were new.
Nobody Wanted Church.
When North Gcsforth church, near.
Newcastle, Eng.. which had never been
consecrated, but in which services had
been held regularly, was put up at
auction, not a bid was made for the
How She Did It
"Mrs. Chauffeurly is always run
ning down people when I ge out with
her in her auto.
"Doesn't she ever get arrested?"
"No, they can't arrest you for gos
siping, can theyf1 c
It Cures While You Walk.
1 - --- - - - v,a vistu VUtt. U
I. nfliL filTttinfT oo1lnnt anr? ewrkl lvi - iahmi
feet. Sold by aU Druggist. Price 25c. Don't
Address Allen' S. Olmsted, I Roy, N. Y.
Few German Women Matriculate.
Only 254 women were among the
45,136 matriculated students at the 21
universities of Germany last winter.
Lewis Single Binder costs more than
other 5c cigars. Smokers know why.
Your dealer, or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, ill.
Niagara FaUs as a power generating
plant is worth 146.000,000 per year.
Mra. Wlnatesia Soetblaar ttjvmu.
For children teething, softens the s-aras.redacea fi
lsjitlna. allays pain, cares wind collu. 29cioottta
Key West has a salt water fire and
sanitary flushing system.
The agonies that you suff er every month, can be relieved. Take Cardul. During
over 50 years this purely vegetable remedy has been successfully used by more than
a million women and still continues its-good work in the relief and cure of womanly
pain and. suffering. Thousands of ladies have written to tell how they were cured by
Wine of Cardni
for the benefit of other suffering women. Mrs. M. Stout, of Gabbatha, Tenn., writes:
"I suffered with female weakness and pains in my backand limbs for a year. I was so
bad I could hardly walk. I took Cardui and now I feel like a new woman." ' fi,G0
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Overwhelming Proof that Lydia E. PiakhM'o
Vegetable Compoufid Subceedtv
at tJsesrnatosi arfsaaanhs of
Ijydia'E. Fimkhaaan Vegetable Com-
sound tt tae ooaqHeragw nunana
5ii id siissaj Tsaanr
The growth of a tenter isaoim
efdioua thai ajecoently its pMenrw
is wholly mnouapVted until ft is well
So called "waadcriaa: palms may
come from its early stages or the.
presence o? danger may be asade
manifestby excessive monthly periods
accoamanied by unusual pato, from
the abtoaaen through the groim and
If yon have mysterioua pains, if
there are indications of inflammation
or displacements, secure a bottle of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from native roots ana
herbs, right away and begin its use.
The following letters should con
vince every suffering woman of its
virtue, and that it actually does
conquer tumors.
Mrs. May Fry, of 836 W. Colfax
Ave , South Bend, lnd., writes :
Dear Mrs. Pinkhaai : l
'I take great pleasure in writ
ing to thanlc you for what Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has
done for me . I also took the Blood
Purifier in alternate doses with the
Cnmnonnd. Your medicine removed a
cyst tumor of four years growth, !
which three of the best physicians
declared I had. They had said that
only an operation could help me. I ant
very thankful that I followed a friend's
advice and took your medicine. It has
made me a strong and well woman and
I shallrecommead it as long as I live.'
Mrs. E. F. Hayes, of 26 Rubles St.,
Boston, Mass., writes : ,
Dear Mrs. Pinkhun :
I have been under different doctors
treatment for a long time without
relief. They told me I had a fibroid
tumor, my abdomen was swollen and
I suffered with great pain. I wrote
to you for advice, you replied and I
followed your directions carefully and
today I am a well women. Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ex
pelled the tumor mmd strengthened my
whole system.
Mrs. Perry Bycrs, of ML Pleasant,
Iowa, writes:
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Reward lttE?Ja2g&&ZZ
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PmeVamaPmaaaaPSl fBa&i;?ffiS
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aataB I '' S H aftmYV
mtsaaf m W A asf ataaV W
1W A
'-j -. y jm
flPi (
t I frjl tj?aaaJiSL
1 M "aSgaafcs,""
Defiance Starch Goapaiy, Omha, Neb.
, A. ;
S t rt 4
To convince sbt
woman that Tftax
tiaeAsUkrpcleviU improve tier bcsUa
and do all we ckilm
for It. W will
send her absolutely free a large trial
box Of Faxtine Tth book of iMtrnrv
tions and genuine testimonials. Send
your name and address on a postal curd.
vui luuiQ ana auuic
and heels
n 6 d
tirsnn af.
fectJons, such as navd eatarrii, pelvic
caunlt and inflammation caused bjianU
nine ills; soro eyes, sore throat and
montb, by direct loal treatment Its cur
ative power over these troubles Is extra
ordinary and gives Immediate relict
Thousands of women are using aad re.
aaTrtraaTff t
Dear Mrs. Flatusum:--!
Alto mi
tobl atresia dt mil
dgh years of
ef SaweV N. Y.
write: -
Bear Mrs.
u9aaaetlme-as5e- r wrote
Instead. M. tooat aTMna B.
Vegetable Cbeapound and to-day
well woaaam."-
Mrs. M. M. Funk. Vamdergrift, Pa..
Dear Mrs. Ptokaam:--
."I had a tumor and Lydia aV Pink
ham's Vegetable, Cbaipofiad semosed
it for me after twp doctor had. given
me up. IwasslckfouryearalsefDre I
began to tate.tha Compound. , I'mow
recommend LydStE PiakhaaVs Veget
able Compound far and near.
Such testimony ms above is
vincing evidence tnlt fcvdfn K. Phk
hara's Vegetable Comboond stands
without a peer "as a, remedy for Tumor
urowius as wciraa oiner aaatresbuig
ills of women, and such symjatpsMas
Bearing-down Sensations, Displace
ments, Irregularities and Backache,
etc. Women should rernembca that it
is Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound that is curiae aa many women
Don't forget to insist' upon it wheat
some-fTnioist asks yon to accept
something else which ho calls "just
as, good.
Mrs. Ffeictea's UntaJJta It
Women suffering from .any.
of female weakness are invited to
write Mrs. Pinkham, LynnMnas-,
foe advice. She & thcTira. Pmktaai
who has been advising sick wosaen
free of .charge fornrethan,twenty
years, and Dcioro tna am assiswa
her mother-m-lfcw, 'Ldfe B Pink
ham in advising;. Thusslmb'espeeially
well Qualified to gaado sfclr women
back to health.
1y mora Motrfo
and Cuffs
aever crack aoav be
cojne brittle. They
last, twice as loagras
those laundVsid wftkotaer
cfarrUn and IBM that am
Irvotf want vour
brother-" ei 'son to .look
dressyp leet comfortable
and lobe taosaaghly happy
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ates. Work for Koard. Idelp for aWrviasj
staOeata. aaslwaar
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ysjaconeto Omaha. tmbe
ake your bcadqatSMoa at
BraiH.ei$ Rev Store
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One block tone, H block wide.8 stories aieh.
Frcwaitinerootaa.Bac8age checked araa.
W. N. U OMAHA. NO. 39. 1907.
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