The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, September 25, 1907, Image 4

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aaMejaetSSS SBBS1 aaUSSf.
OaaaiBevsam,nanUUe naajaneu...e.a
BcMtlieaa Ticket
J.aMAinH. -C.E.
Cfcvk C DWrict Coast
Ib this judicial district then art two
jedgn to be elected. The republicans
have nomiaatfd two bright, clean men,
J. C.Martin of Central City and C. E.
Abbott of Fremont Mr. Martin,
eapedallj, ia favorably spoken of in
Columbus, as be was formerly a resi
dent of this connty. This is a good
yaw to vote the straight republican
ticket, not a awn on it oat wnat
irafrdajs timber.
Wm. J. .Newman has served one
term as supervisor and has made an
excellent official Anyone who knows
anything aboat connty affairs knows
this is tree, and the voters will give
him another term. And right here,
we want to say that Louis Schwarz,
thottgh a democrat, has made an ex
cellent official. He is serving his first
term, and if he keeps on attending to
the dnties of his office as faithfully as
be has-been, he will undoubtedly be
returned for another term.
iaa r
At a meeting of the repablican cen
tral committee of Taacaster county
two candidates for chair-
Senator E. J. Burkett and Chair
man Rose of the atate committee. The
latter had managed the primary cam
paign of Jadge Been so successfully
that he was named as the chairman of
the .committee for the coming cam
paign, which was very proper, -because
Jadge Reese will be our standard
in this campaign. Some of the
with whom the wish is father to
the thought, claim to see in this a
great defeat for Burkett. We cannot
' see it that way, for we think it was the
right thing to do. When the time of
Burketfs re-election comes he will not
alone control the Tancaeter county
committee, but also the legislature.
' Unless the state of Nebraska follows
sack states as Iowa, Massachusetts,
and the New England and. southern
": states, sad keeps its senators and rep-
ives in power for a number of
bat changes them every time,
just so long will Nebraska be of little
- . ... .
in the councils of the
1 . .'..--'
2Srtl UST 4m? ST tew.
SZhMMIUkhlkili aawantaana, lendsaet
uwh Bat ihwiBm(1 rat ''J 5USi
S5 ,
1 I fc.MII Tsil
f HAVE i
a good
I live on
HAVE cheap land that is
good soil, 2 to 3 feet deep. Good water and plenty of it
live on a farm 12 miles
located there.
should I? You are invited to come and see me at the farai.' Let me
show yon a man that has lived there only two years and made ten
thousand dollars. Let me take you to farmers that have lived there
20 years, so that you may see how they are doing. We will talk with
the farmers. I wffl show you soring rye that wffl go 30 lmek to the
acre, sfteHi 5X) bushels, wheat 30 to 40 bushels, and name very good
u isaow of tae best bargain. You can not do better than to see
lean show you nice unimproved land at from S8.40 to tlO uer
want the settlers, but
aaeenlntor. mrthisad is sure to double in price in a very short time.
Just think of it, one crop more than pays for the land. Write me
U phen
you an coming and I wfll meet yon at the depot, take yon out
yea around, mate and
'Yours lespsctfully,
T. , -.-.? f . W ,
- C-w '-rjr-J-rv
. 0'
Well, this editor is for Judge Ream
for the aapromejbench and is against
eoaus; in met, would have been
against Loomis under any conditions,-
for he is the rankest khntof a railroad
tooL The writer served ia the legis-.
lature with Loomis and knows whereof
he speaks. These are bad times for
men of Loomis sort to run for office
in Nebrsaka. Sehayler Free Lance.
This extract' from the Schuyler
Free Lance is written by-Hon. John
C. Spreeher, who was the floor leader
of the populists in the session of 1901,
and the records show that he is correct
in saying that he served in the legis
lature with Mr. Loomis, thus enjoying
the best possible' opportunity to sise
him up. No one ever impugned
Sprecher's iategrity ef purpose or
accused him of being subservient to
the railroads, so that his characterisa
tion of Loomisas "the rankest kind of
a railroad tool" cannot be ignored or
lightly brushed aside. If Jadge
Loomis is to be the fusion candidate
for supreme judge his public record
will be legitimately before the people.
It is a safe assertion that the people of
Nebraska do not want by their votes
knowingly to put "a railroad tool" on
the supreme bench this year. Omaha
It is surely no credit to any one that
Platte county and Texas are surely
democratic. Ton cannot compare
Platte county with republican coun
ties and my that our taxes are less and
our improvements greater. It is no
advantage to Platte county for the
people to say, "Platte county is the
strongest democratic county in Ne
braska." It brings us no new indus
tries, no new capital, no families who
prefer this county in order to have
better environments and educational
facilities for their children. Toomaay
of our people, especially our foreign
born population, keep on voting the
democratic ticket because their father
and forefathers did. Young voters,
examine the records of the two parties.
See what the republican party has
done, and what little the democratic
party has done, tip stand up and
vote for progress, prosperity and the
republican ticket
t The election of county officers takes
place Tuesday, November 3. The
nominations Are made, the committees
are appointed. As a republican paper
we shall ask all our readers to sup
port the republican ticket, but we
shall throw no dirt at the democratic
nominees. We sincerely believe that
it is to the best interests of the tax
payers of this county to elect the re
publican ticket There is, and should
be, but very little politics in this elec
tion. The law compels the county
treasurer who has served two terms, to
step aside for a new man. Public
opinion should induce the county
clerk, sheriff, clerk of the court and
district clerk, who have all served
two terms or more, to step aside, and
if they fail to do so, the voters should
emphasize the demand.
John' C. Spreeher of the Schuyler
Free Lance, is pretty good demo-pop
authority, as he was elected by that
party to the legislature the same year
George L. Loomis, fusion candidate
for supreme judge, was a member of it
Spreeher says in his paper that he
knows Loomis is a "railroad tool"
Whatever that is, it is better to vote
for a man who is accused of giving
employment to his relatives than for a
"railroad tool" Besides, while Judge
Beese has been on the district and
supreme bench, and is now supreme
court cownmioMOBBr, Loomis is with
out the least experience as a judge. It
needs no argument, therefore, to prove
that Beese is better timber for the
supreme bench than Loomis.
Attorney General Bonaparte is in
favor of capital punishment for the
habitual criminal, the man who has
been convicted of four penitentiary
In some rare cases such a
good. It is nice smooth land with
southeast of Juksburg. I am per-
I don't want to sell out Why
there is solendid chances for the
see the old farmer, he wfll do you
afamnSmmmmunmlsUm kfafav
HrviV'i-jfeg . . a jjteSgO
J -
wM. " ,4- '.?, t.
-Republican candidate for District Judge, Sixth district
punishment may be just, but we would
hardly favor it, and doubt if the great
majority of the people would agree to
it The tendency of the age is rather
to abolish capital punishment, than to
extend it for other offenses than mur
der. Punishment for crimes commit
ted is good for society, rather for its
certainty and quickness than for -its
severity. Delays and appeals on
account of technicalities are often the
cause of lynchinge and other viola
tions of law and order.
Coutkbub, Nan., Sarr. 16, 1907.
The board of supervisors met in ad
journed session at 2 o'clock p. m. Hon.
M. E. Otother chairman and Joan Graf
clerk. (
Boll called aad following
present: Supervisors Goetz. Ne
Scaaecher, Sehure, Sohwaxa and chair
suaGlother. Abssntnpervisof-Friest
' The auBUtes of the prsvioos ncoeion of
the board of supervisors .were now read
and approved.
The petition of Kent 6 Burke and
others for the location and establish
ment of a public road, 40 feet in width,
coBiniencing at the aorthwest corner of
section 33 town 17 range 3 west and
running thence due east on section line
three miles to the northeast ooraer of
section 35 and thence south on section
line one mile, was presented and read
and on motion referred to the committee
on roads and bridges.
The petition of W. T. Ernst and
others for the location of a public road,
40 feet in width, commencing at the
northeast corner of section 7 town 17
range 1 east and running thence due
west on section line one mile, was pre
sented and read and on motion referred
to the committee on roads and bridges.
The following was presented:
To the Hoe. Board of Supervisors.
Gentlemen I hereby report that on
the 13th day of June 1907, there was filed
with me the petition of Gerhard Loseke
and others for the vacation of the
"Boettoher Road" in Bismark township
and also for the location of a publio road
40 feet ia width, eommencing twenty
feet south of the northeast corner of the
southeast quarter of the southwest
quarter of section 11 town 18 range 1
east and running thenoe due west along
the south side of the quartets section line
one-half mile and terminating at a point
twenty feet south of the northwest
ooraer of the southwest quarter of the
west quarter of said section 11 town 18
rnge least.
At the session of the board of euper
visors, Jane li, 1907, the prayer of the
petitioners was granted aad the clerk
directed to proceed according to law
I then caused a notice to be pabliabed
ia the Oolumbas Telegram, all objec
tions thereto or claims for damages
ceased by the vacation or location there
of to be filed in the county clerk's office
oa or before noon August 24, 1907. On
August SO, 1907, John Ahrene andB. B.
Held filed claims for damages.
Oa August 94, 1907, 1 appointed Emil
Held. David Lasohen and Jaliee Heibel
to ssssm the damages
by the location of said proposed
haeof road, whose report was died in
eountyeterk'somosSept. 14, 1907.
No objections to the -vacation or
location of said roads have been filed
aad I herewith submit all papers in
eoaaectioa therewith for yoer considers
tioa. Bsspsctfmlly submitted.
Jomv GnaF, County Clerk.
Oa motion same was referred to the
committee on roads and bridges.
The following bills on recommenda
tion of the committee' on roads aad
bridges were on motion allowed by the
board aad the clerk directed to issue
warrants ia payment thereof on the
county road aad county bridge funds
HtM ii Bridge Co. seat; Himrk twp.f SSt St
- - - - unstoBtwp.. us iv
- - - Osmlwji. 1M7 m
- - GisadFrairie MS SB
All bflla oa file with the clerk wers oa
motion referred to appropriate
Oa motion the board of
now adjourned aatil 9 o'olook a. m.
Ooumnns, Nan., San. 17, 1907.
The board of supervisors parsasat to
Mt at o'clock.
and John Graf clerk
BoB called
r..-v-i j
,,v .
S n. .
it: Supervisors Goetz, New;
8ehascher, Sehare, Sohwars aid ehair
maa Otother. Abssot-Superviebr Priest
County Tieasurer D. A' Becker now
addressed the board relative tdtmmti
tor of the tax suit of the state agaisit
certain paresis of land, entitled Nos:
186-1873 aad 1801 aad reqaeetod the
board to direct' the county attorney to
appeal said eaasefrom tie jadgmsnt of
thedistriotcourtto the sanreme court
of this state.
Moved by supervisor 8ehaecher that
thereqaest be granted and the county
attorney directed to proceed as reqeest
ed by county treasurer Becher. motion
On motioB of supervisor Schwarz the
board of supervisors now adjourned for
committee, work, re-conveniag at 2
o'clock p. m. with all members prsssnt.
The following was presented:
To the Hon. Board of Supervisors.
Gentlemen: In eompUaaes with your
instmotione at the last session of the
board. I have caused to be served up
on the respective County Boards of
Butler aad Polk counties dulyeertinsd
copies of the resolution adopted by year
honorable body at the session of August
16, 1907, relative to the msiatenanee of
the Platte river wagon bridge, joint
ly by the counties of Batter, Polk and
Platte. And afterwards to-wit: On the
97th day of August-1907 the sheriff of
Butler county amde his return of the
service of said resolations on the Board
of said oouaty'as follows:
I "Statu of Nkbjusxa,
Butler County, )
Received this writ Aug. 21st, 1907 and
on Aug. 94th 1907, nerved the within
writ on John GInek, chairman of the
County Board of Batter County, Nebr
aska, by personally delivering to and
leaving with him n certified copy of the
within writ and the endorsements there
on. L J. Wbst, sheriff
And afterwards' on the 27th day of
August 1907 the sheriff of Polk county
made his return of the service of said re
soluttons on the Board of said county as
Statu op NmwASKA, )
Polk County, J
Reeived this writ August 33. 1907. I
hereby certify that on the 94th day of
August 1907, 1 served the writ on J. B.
Gilbert, chairman of the County Board
of Polk county, Nebraska, by leeviag at
his usual place of residence a tree aad
certified copy of this writ.
Wh. Ehlxks, sheriff.
Respectfully submitted.
Joan Graf, County Clerk.
On motion of supervisor Newman same
was adopted.
The following was presented:
To the Hon. Board of Supervisors.
Gentlemen: The Platte river bridge
between Platte, Batter sad Polk coun
ties being in a dangerous and unsafe con
dition for public travel aad needed im
mediate repairs, therefore I undertook
the matter together with the rosdjover
eser, Otto Ernst aad others, and. have
made temporary repairs to insure safety
to the pablio ia Croatian; the bridge.
Regardiag the resolutions adopted at
the last session of the Board, I find
that neither Butler nor Polk county
have paid any attention to the matter,
therefore I recommend that one-third of
the costs arising by these emergency re
pairs be charged to Batter county and
one-third of the costs be charged to
Polk county aad that the ckrk of this
Board be directed to notify the respect
ive county boards of this action.
Respectfully submitted.
On motion of supervisor N
wm adopted.
The following bills were on motion al
lowed by the board aad the clerk direct
ed to issae warranto tepejaMnt of same
oa the 1908 county general fund:
It H Lmtt. oo. . sslanr Siqpar. 1UW. .SMS SI
WNHesHkr.ea.sttr M ' ..
John Gimf. eo. elstk - " .. M " .. St SI
O t Carrie, rtwlff mkn A, t to Pet. I. MS
Hwa8 Iissil.iuss
Oaumujmcns, m9om
at as
Wm CTBfiaa,
--&. vs.-tf fs,"';; . . f-.tjjjjjj, ,
' '' i -li- - ' ... i
I JanmwnaMat............7....... immmmmmmmmmmmlmmmmm v i
Asc. Tl
Wni ashnnssams,
Thames Jswankli
.San JBB9HM' sunmsuav
'sr coMty.. MS SS
O WYiatsjoti a t las sciavur eka.
'ttouTsteva '.......r...:.:.;v...... S St;
Jean Graf; a efcrfc. a iiiliri iy
cieeUaa leaara-t IS
NvamsaTaaaaavsMCa arrriee far so.
omaata setm
C J Cmnig, aVtrisT. hwaJn priaaw.. . 'IS 90
C ef VftfTlCt sanvaWsmH smUmmfJa . U IP
JcaiaC On will Jssaanautafatiiat anart. nm
JioaQlar. aaiaal woefc Soraoaatr SJ
C M Qfawtharaaak aitaaaaaT Si Si
1H AemaWye Jm aws
Joka Graf. M M - St
D i sVCaVSt W en
O A Radar, seat. daL far tax efWI
OVmamMy m aw
TberlnimaofJohnFlakas 81&80 for
arresting tassnsunsraon was ear advise of
theeountyatoraevoa motion rejected
by the board.
., The foUowiusr hills ware oa motion)
allowedny the board ' and the clerk
cKiedtedto'iwue warrants ia payment
of same on the county poor faad:
joaauiat. aaaa ssianaaa s as
The folk wing bills were oa motion
aJlewed by the nsard 'and the eterk
uireeted to issue warrants w uaymeatj
thereof oa the cennty lead and county
bridge fuads: I
Wai afaalhr. seat. emj at Cshnsbaa.... SM
vsmjsn nuuamuu amv W
B Is amtmmmtmft sM0C BSaTMn tfifg. a ev 9
MatkNoaal " - 2 SI
IsABimmmmfm tW.. mw 9
aWm Hrn 9 W
L WoaaMaT. seat. JaMattwa 11 IS
sCLaaetwa 4 8S
aaeCHaawkiajtwa. I2SS
Wseisliisl. sect. eieavUls -tap SSS
CJCsarifcaaaCWamaftsf 4 Si
MClatsansart Baall Craktwp MSS
WmMsiajai.BBSt SaaUdaaktwa Si IS
John laan a, ssar Hamwatwp U
J MOIassoa. eat. Mantes tap 4fa
- - - - -' " - aaaii
WX Has&WtaaaiIaaOassfcsajp......... -mis
' The survey past aafald notes of the
awinski Bnad ia -Jolist tewnshsp
were prsseuted by county surveyor
Rossitor aad en motion approved ay the
To the Hon. beard ef 8ui
and bridges to whom
peUtion of Gerhard Loosfca and ethers
for the vacation of taeMBesttohar Road"
ia RismsA township and alee ibr. the
lnoatina nf nahlin i nail It faaf ia sriaTth '
twenty feet south of the
oftheas.'ai ef the
&W.j of section 11 town IS range 1
east and raaaing theaos dne,west akmg'
the south aide of the sjuarter seetloej
line one naif mile and terenuetmaj ate'
- -- -r"- i
west ooraer ef the & WYJaf of the a W.
jtfof said eeetionli, together with the
spprsisers report end all pepere ineon
nection therewith would report, that an
on due investiaution we find that all
provauoaeof the law for the location
and vacation .of public roads have
complied with, therefore we
that ia compliance with the prayer of
the petition the mid veostioe aad losa-
ed, that tim report of the appraisers he
approved end that ia exmtarauty there
with daaMgsa be awarded to elsimaats
aad the clerk of this beard be directed
to issue warraata la payment of same on
the'oouuty reed faad as follows:
John Sliresa. seat, meajaiilaa SSt SI
BRIUd.rt.Uufk'ta. M SS
We further raosmmenil that the
county surveyor he direeted to survey
aad plat aaidnewroad aad file his sur
vey and field nates with the clerk of
this board. Bsspaetfally eubskitted.
War. J. NawMAM
Oa motion of su
was adopted.
Ooatiaaedaext week.
ef si Afraid to he
A greet saving ef time and help to
children In drssslag may be had by
sewing a tape to peas under the
of knit underwear. R makes It
ariBMI awma w jmm w
-- - - - - - - A mW'.mt'
To Make Them Unseat. l
Consul Carl Bailey Marat, ef
reports that' a
started la
1 Where He'emt Hm ttorL
Iike Chief Justice
Wilson aad other men high in the
public service ami
tary Taft began Ma career aa a
-De you think
alent aa it wear
-Ne,mdeed. lfethahT
the child etosp? It ana
by staging a lullaby.
?? .7r
ISelet she Wfw-Mnn. r- -tslhasav
asm ef fnw.sweat man at
ffi - - vme eate to Itlfi. wished
ir.,. ij; .L;.. ' aMMat Sa Sha)
theseeiety. the lemur iiaslitH at
the meat ahasats torms he eeuM find
as h he saasni net a4sr-
tneuajht fsnmmnt -the .'ant
flonal aad toteraeikmsl srtlawlsee ha
the promotion ef fsralgn trade.
shan auutsaamUBt muumnuW
'mTW a;
done everything yen could to
---. -
MmuTan " V
msummnEr - -. -
iauuuuumni,,,.1 v
.anuuuuuuuuTj- r
r '4muummmnT
.', mmwMSmw.i -
jtx mwraSSmV --
-- - 4kBsLF J'-. m -
-OVla. mUsmm ""
.a aVaTsV X TaW vXfmununnKank
3 sK T ' i iSsnmnmumnnSnfV
's'mmwa v iX as4V4Sflmpaamuummmm"m4
fltv AnrV m akmsnlafflmmmmmuflr Tl-
lnl--t MM-amammt
lUtt '2 : samuEsaHammmmmmT
"amn?" - Jsmntt" Samammammi 1
aflhma FauK ISa'smV
namumvfesaaasmmm vKtXBnummmmmuWmV.
muaTsF'T'snnmnr - "WAUJmt JaWTuamuaaBmuumg
-fiB? mmmvV loC-?3 mwEfiBTsmwc? nr
BKmBmmmmwmmmVa' I vt3IE 'n?muHmuumnvg7
KamawFV): rFi"
mmmmvmmmmmmmV a z3
K-'. t-- .Uyg..-yyna
"ensA. ,a .al VHam
fimsw-?--' vass'--""3tSI
ari7aTsFri "TmSC $zlz?m
BmmmmW'nmmawau '"
smuuuumw, umMiav
a auusnuv unusiany
snnmmu' snmuvsTf
nunurmv 1 mummnw
smnTfaV 'muuum
smSmmuaPiSS sm'
a- -
We have them, in all the most advanced
sTinge-bremsted cuts with two or three but-,
tons to close; in dfixklnrowii, gray, olive and
blue toned worsteds, caamimeres, cheviots
and tweeds, in handsome chedLm; stripenv
overplaids and mixtures.
Ton ran no risk in buying here we genwaaess to fit veu
perfectly and will make good aay ferment ahouhl it ha iona.
I 3'.
pkw rroRV-TCLLcm know
Pernstfulwsns ef the Fast
That -fJrsvHy te the ten! ef WHT
Wisleuf sjeelett n Good
-A fittto natty ef no the ether night
Stone of the class enuurei an lnllc-
tmn In the shape ef a story teller
who did act know when to unit.'' aeti
a member of one of the prominent
New Tort clubs. "If he had seen aMe
to make a aerial of ma narrative,
with the fhrtffing points at the chap
tor ends and given It in broken doses.
one or two chapters at a time, his
story might not have been so hard to
endure, but the trouble was that
he had to ten It an aad an about It.
aad aa he waa a man whom no one
would care to osTend, his listeners
were outwardly nsneld and lawardry
"Memory for detail Is an excellent
thing tohave If you are in a
lavorrlag n great assay
ten. aad. Indeed, meet enffiags are of
this character, hat the man or woman
whose memory Is so tenacious that
It brtaga up by aesoclstton a host ef
particulars cluatered round an event,
and taatota en telling them an. Is one
sf the worst auisaacea known to so
ciety. In flash Times la Mississip
pi an old hook of southern river sto
rise, there la a character endowed
wtth such a memory and ale acuualat-
mulcted him on a
sr Inducing him to tell the
'eartaenake story The principal fea
ture ef this narrative waa the fact
that nobody had ever heard the end of
It. for there were so many little ate
rjes haaglag to It that had to he. tsld.
t Situated 15 miles
on the
"Tat Ofirland Rutt"
Stopven permitted on Railroad aad PallmaaTick
eta. Coanectioas made with the famous Union
Paciac traia,"The Sverlaael Llroitfal'
and other Through
The Place to Rest
it G. BROWN.
oi'Cia ua a li in j'fi oiifj ,:.- r - -
' '
-.. l . , . . HJV t.
Sm Our Fad
Sack Salts far
Mm m .
- -V
est ste&auid bee
had in tliiw city
No nuttter bow
PmrtaOOlsnT JOQeVl
or what you may
lmiicyin style mad
iiistoriml, you cmn
be sore o Ihsdins
want in oar large,
qtfo-end-span new
ooUeotkm of oele
brated Sack Ssnas at
$10 to $30
ale of one ef
at Ms seat, oi
for she could not ten
the Into
lamented said We are al
ten without
to her while Jogging
toward the
end other Journey.
"Most ef us have WMow
long ton Widow Bedott er the
of a a irrfir sailer star
derlag how people Hke theee
through Ufe at an, er hew they
coed In telling anythmg. The
Is oae of mental perspective; te
an occurences are of esjual
taaee, aU objects are ef the
sue and ao they find it
:e a selection, and try to
During the
William Bourse
aad Egypt, he spent
ef the
with his wife hi a
en the
ef Sahara fsr the
Oeckraa'a health.
ef afro
At Three A. M.
Hie Wife Ton needn't
excuses. John. It's an right; you'n
Just In time to walk the baby far an
er two. Puck.
For fancy Wedding
fframewCalhavoaraeWtfeM to let
the Journal figure with yen.
Hi A ' t
, V
. ,s
ret, aaeTtfie aarrater asadsisd out
ef the smen road into an many dee
one paths aad byways that sseaethsng
alwaya hsppsasd to break eC the
story before the eameuasnant waa
reached. While the yarn - .wan
proareaumg the company wuuM aHp
out one by one and leave the atrsnajar
to ale fate.
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