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Ooniolldmtad with the Ctolumlrai Times April 1,1904; with the Platte County Argu January 1, 1906.
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Becher, $
Hox&enberger & Z
Chambers $
J im realatate, either hn leads
g ortowa lots, it will be to your
S interest to consult our lists. We
also have several good dwellings
forreatmOolumbe, aad it will
pay ye to cosae aad swsua before
Meaey to loaa ia aay
abort aotioa.
Fire, Teraado cad Aooideat
Hockenberger &
Oata 42
Wheat' TO
Bye.; 6
Barley v 66
Hogs. $5 10 to 16 90
Files of The Joaraal Sept. 8, 1873.
Itia becoming bkmc aad awfe ooatatoo
f or iarorecs to taiak of briok f or baild
iag aarpoteB.
Hay will probably oeauaaad a good
prim taw wiater. It bow sells readily
There was oa Saturday last ao BMwe
etoragereoai for wheat, eTerytaiag was
fail, iacladiag the elerator. The
treable is iahek of cars for shlppiag.
The work oa the foundation of the
aew school bettdiag. has coataieaoed.
There will be a fiae atracture, aad add
ataoh to the appesiaaee of eastern
Gas. O. Becher, iauaigratioa ageat
for Platte eoaatr, tells as that aearly
4oi) hoBMSteads have beea takea ia this
eaaafeir eiaee Jaaaary 1, 1833, aad-that
he eappoaea that oae-f ourta of the till
able land of Platte county is yet vacant,
Biost of which is ia the aorthern portioa
of the county.
; Mr.GotUchalk,wBoliTaaahort die.
taaes north of town, isereotiag a rery
comaradioae bara for the parpose, we
suppose, of holding hay and sheltering
hirtock. ThiakiBdotbuUdiagiawaat
the fanaen aad atoek growers of Nebras
ka aeed, and we predict that ia every
few yeara they will have the Bwaas to
build theau Afewaaore good crops of
wheat will add away anew baildiag to
the already iaereseiag value of the
cultivated fi
Paifragitiawil Ctank.
Regular prayer meeting Tharsday
of this week. Freaehing servicee next
Sabbath, aaomiag and evening. All
of the eharoh aad eoagraga
and friaads aot wonhipiag else-
are apcoially requested to be
it at the aaorniag service. Stran
gers ia the city will be cordially wel-
G. A. Munbo, Pastor.
Miss Esther Bossitef will teach danc
. iag seaool at Colaatbus this wiater pro
viding a ekes caa be organised to pay
for ao doing Pipils wphiag to take
lesBoas caa aiga paper left with Aaae
Rosaiter for that parpose. Better aign
yeeraelf aad tell your friaads.
Wedaeeday night Aug. 21, a small
it, aaoaated with pearls aad
between the U. P.
Finder pleeee leave
at Jearaal oaVa. 2t-p
haVdaSd soft goal
Everybody Goes
to Poesch's
For Fresh Bread
aad Freak Hoaie
.aaade Gaadies. T. .
In Criii Stdi 5c
The only Original.
Candy Factory
it&ciRfe-.. ait xvwu
ruhies, snaMwhere
depot aad the park.
Oa Monday eveaiag a very targe
crowd atteaded aasost enjoyable amtiag
of the Coataisrcial Olub which took
place at the coaaeil ehaaiber. Oar
friead aad fellow eitizea, Mr. Tsrael
Gtack, leaves this week with hk family
to make their fature home ia Omaha,
aad oar Commercial dab met to teader
hima farewell reception. A committee
coaaistiar of B. a Biekiason, O. W.
Hullipa ana Uarl Kramer had beea pre
viously appointed to draft suitable re
solutions; which ware presented. They
speak of the love and esteem for Mr.
Olack ia this satire commaaity, his
away deeds of charity, his persisteacy
n what he deemed to be right, aad his
great' work ia' helping to build up
Oolambes, aad the aniveraal regret at
am leaving as. ia
wish isax-
pressed that he maybe
home, aad that eveataally he many
back to attend hie last daye at his
old home. Maay of the leading mtiseas
made suitable remarks on the reaola
tioat,aad they were eathasiartically
adopted by a rising vote. Oa behalf of
the club, a O. Gray then presented Mr.
Glaok with an elegant gold headed cane;
Oigars ware passed by the affable presi
deat, M. p. Karr. and we are pleased to
say they were Oolambas made oigars.
The whole meeting was amosteajoyable
affair which wfll always be remembered
with great satisfaction by Mr.-Gluck
aad all those preseaL
The greatest of the free acts ia the ex
hibitioa of Harry La Thorns, the world's
famoas aeroaaat, who ascends in a
mammoth balloon from the oarsival
grounds at 12 o'clock noon on a eet day
duriag the carnival, (weather permitting)
and will remaia many thoasandsof feet
in, the air for 37 hoars. The famoasLa
Thorns will alao make dally aaceasioas
aad participate ia the halloa and air-
aatpraeeB." "The most daring, feat of
the free acta ia the slide for life that will
bemadebyMilleLaBloaohe. aloag a
cable sasp saded from the topof a4t foot
tower erected oa the roof of the eight
story Braadeis bailding, to the highest
point oa the steeple of the First Presby
terian eharoh, hundreds of feet sway.
Her desceat ie made withoat the use of
brakes, aad is the moat perilous aad
geaaiae thriller of the age. It ie the
most ssasatinnal feat that has aver beea
offered to the pabtic. Theseareamoag
the maay free acta that take place dur
iag the Ak-Sar-Ben carnival ia Omaha.
Nearly all the rural aoaoob In' Platte I
couatybagaaMoaday,batasa geeeralk
rale the town schools will not begia un
til September , All the rural schools
bat two, districts Nos. 70 and 73, have
reported as having teachers, .The dis
tricts to be supplied are ones where
abort terms, eix month, are held, and
caa withoat iBcoaveaieaoe to the dis
trict be aappned later aad thea have
their fail amouat of schools -A large
percaatage of oar rural teachers are
home girls; aad it will aot be long be
fore oar owa high schools will furnish
plenty of good teachers for all the raral
George Mahoodof Woodville township
was trasaaoting busiaess at the county
eeet, Monday. He is one of the farmers
of that locality who was uafortuaate
enough to be ia the path of the hail,
atanathmaammer and lost his crop.
Mr. Mahood nsmaUy has a bench of
atookto wiater, but this spriag, owiag to
acaraity of peatare, he disposed of a
good share of his stock at a good price,
ao wheathe storm took his crops he was
aot obliged to aaeriloe any of it.
Bsv. Dr. Ph. George Albreoht, a mis
sionary of fee Evan. Lutheran General
8ynod of the United States in Iadia,
bow in America on a abort furlough,
will lecture in German oa Iadia, land
aad people, and the christian missionary
work therc, in the German Ev. Protest,
church oa Saaday, September 8th, at
730 p. m. A hearty invitation is ex
tended to everybody to be present at
thia moat iatereatiag lecture.
Lata North, with hie lae paciag horse
"Black Douglas," dropped iato Seward
loageaoaghlast week towia the princi
pal event there. The track was heavy
aad fast time was oat of the questioa.
Oa Friday "Black Douglas" will go
agaiaat a large leid at laaooln, aad
there will be quite a delegation from
Platte county there, hoping to see him
The traaafer of the Keating 8chram
grocery stock took place Moadav, aad
the aew arm aow have charge of the
Oa the same day the grocery de-
the Gray Mercantile Oo.
tranafamid to Messrs. Keating
aow iaetalled ia
their aew looatioa. i
A jolly group of Oolambus
people, composed of the
Gets. Augusta aad Ida
Harry Lohr aad Theodore Kaafi
turaed Saturday evening from a vory
ptasssat trip to Deaver, Calarsdo, aad
other alaeea of iatereatia the moaataia
afternoon the ire de
partmeat was oalled to the Barliagtoa
depot; a ear of bailed hay beiagoaira,
whlnh atartsd from apontaaenaa combus
ABaa ef heaa wsslaid and the
rat Taeaiay ia September aad the
State mir are reapaaaibto for the tewa
sahswla fhsagisgtheirdsteaf rommsat
ammf QamB wsVaraK JawvaKy OwwflmmmMf wKama
Dr. Laasahsn Oooalist aad aurist.
vDr.MarkT. MeMahoa, dentist.
Dr. W. H. Slater, veteriaarian, phone
Louis Maier, sn, spent Sunday ia Oma
People who gat results advertise in the
Miss Bertha Cover
spent Sunday in
Dr. CA. AUeobarger,
State Baak building.
Harry Erb of Platte Center visited
Columbus frieads Saaday.
Miss Sasaa Brodboll, of University
Place ia the guest of Miss Sasan Boea.
Mies Floreaca Hsgel weat to Sohuyler
Tharsday moraiag for a short visit with
Wasted Place to work for board aad
attend acbool by young man. Bell
phone No. .
Lieuteaant Will Hendey of Fort
Bilef,Kss., wass guest of the home
folks for two days last week.
Miss Been Kavanacgh returned Sun
day evening from Omaha,' where she has
spent the past week visiting.
For fancy Wedding -- Stationery, pro
or Calling cards, don't fail to tot
the Journal figure with you.
Miss Mabel Miller went to Yucatan,
Thursday for a abort visit with her
pareats, Bev. aad Mrs. Miller.
H. A. Clarke and Spencer Kinan left
Monday evening for Kimball, Neb.,
where Mr. Clarke owns a targe reach.
Miss Lillian Hsgel returned Wednes
day evening from Grand Island where
aheapeat several days visiting friends.
Walter 8tovioek, who has been visit
iag relatives in this city for the past
week, returaed to his home in Seward
Miss Vesta Slater returned Sunday
evening from Oakland, Iowa, where ahe
hasapeet the past three weeks vieiting
WUlKippleaeoompanied by his little
sister, Mies Esther, left Tuesday morning
for Lincoln where they will attend the
State fair.
. Miss Ellen Wiag,who hat been -the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Will H. King
fore few weeks left .Wedaeeday for
Tiptoa, Iowa,
Mma Martha Tamer, who has a poei
tioa in the Capitol City, spent Sanday
visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs.
M.K. Terser.
Mrs. August Stoll. who has been visit
ing relatives in Kansas for the past two
weeks, returaed to her home in this city,
Monday eveaiag.
Miss Hsael Millard, who has been
the guest of Miss Ethel Farraad for the
past week, returned' to her home in
South Omaha Saturday.
Those desiriag to order all kinds of
feed caa do so over either phone. In
dependent 96. BeU 307. -Ernst A
Brock, tetophoae Bed 907.
The Misses Blanch Campbell of Omaha
and Metta Swain of Lincoln are gaeets
this week at the home of the latter,
brother, Mr. Lloyd 8wain.
Miss Lillian Weldin returned Wednes
day evening from Pittsburg where ahe
has spent thesummer visiting relatives.
She reports a delighf ul trip.
The Oolambas Gas company will lo
oste'tbeir plant on the lots east of the
Columbus Boiler Mills, aad the work of
gsttiag them ready has been commen
ced. Miss Mae Boasiter, who has been at
tending school in Omaha, 'arrived home
the first of last week for a short vieit
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. L.
, Mr. F.F. Clark accompanied by his
three cobs, Ralph, Clyde and Leon were
in this city Friday afternoon while wait
ing for a traia. .They left that evening
Mrs. Tom McTaggart and daughter
Miss Marguerite and two sons, Willis and
Paalleft Moaday for Denver where they
will visit with relatives for a few weeks
at that place.
From the amouat of local travel this
week, it loots as thoagh the attendance
at the state fair would be as large as
former years, notwithstanding there are
ao excarsioa rates.
B. a Palmer the tailor, clean, djee
aad repairs Ladies' aad Geata' clothing.
Hats cleaaed aad rebloeked. Buttons
made to order. Ageat Geraaaaia Dye
Works. Nebraska Phoaa.
Miss Elsie Zack.liyJag thirteen miles
south of Columbus, left Saturday for
Hooper where she will teach her first
termoCsohooL While ia thia citvahe
the guest of Miss Emily Maier.
O. L Magaaseoa of Moaroe towaship.
ia ana city jtoaoay wun am aeioe,
Mies Mary Tore, whs has beea apead
iag the summer hers, aad returaed to
ia Baa Joss, Oal oa No. 3 that
edaerpesatmaaselerk ia the
ware uspartmaat of Heary
stare, aad miss Baby Kassmassaa, who
eyed m eparataria the Iade-
t Tslaghaaa Pea., omos wiU be
Best Advice
For the protection of your eye
sight is to visit our optical depart
ment once ia a while.
We caa tell you ia a vary few
minutes what, if anything, aaoald
We will teat your eyes by the saoet
modera methods aad it lenses to
yoar eyes with aoicatiic exacti
tude. That will assure you f utare eye
We give every case the utmost
care and atteation-aaa with our
facilities can guarantee aatisfac
tion. Make it a point to see as about
your eyes. If glasses are not
needed there will be no charge.
Jeweler & Optician
9 ,
Dr. Naumann, Dentist 13 St.
G. B. Pneb, painting and paper
Dr. D. T. Martyn. jrn office new Colum
bus Bute Bank building.
For Bent Furnished room with board.
Independent Telephone 334.
Dr. L. P. Garstecson,iVeterinarian
both phones 213, Columbus, Neb.
R. B. Webb of Creston was in this city
last 8unday to attend the ball game.
Mrs. Albert Thomas of Cambridge(
Neb., is the guest of Mr. and'Mrs. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Kirkpatrick are
receiving a visit from their nephew, lit
tie Louie Kirkpatrick of Grand Island.
OatSOlint) Leave or telephone
your orders to Gray's Hardware de
partment for Gasoline. Both telephones
No. 299. ' "
A. C. Mahaffey left Tuesday morning
forSaperior.lreb.whereeraa palled
by the serious illness of his brother, M.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bernhardt, and
BonGustsve, left this morning for Lin
coln where they will spend s few days
at the State fair.
Miss Maggie Seipp and Lena Boettch-
er returned Tuesday arterooon irom
Grand Island, where they have been
visiting for the past week.
Miss Florence Snyder, chief ejperator
at the Nebraska Telephone office, return
ed from Peru, Illinois, where she has
spent the past month visiting.
Miss Hazel Studley of Creston was in
this city a few days last week and on
Saturday went to Monroe, where she
will speed a week visiting with relatives.
Tillie Munter of Monroe filed a oom
plaint in Police Judge O'Brien's oourt
asking that Bob Clyde of that village be
placed under bonds to keep the peace.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. W.Lightner of Lyncb(
Neb were guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Douglass, Friday and
Saturday, while enroute to Monroe to
attend Friends Waif yearly meeting.
Judge Ratterman issued two marriage
licensee the last week, Jacob Hoerle of
Clearwater, Neb., and Maggie Hilliard
of Columbus, and Benjamin Orndorff
and Maggie A. Crabtree, both of Peters
burg. Boom and breakfast offered to lady in
good home in this city. Good references
required. Object oompaaionship. 8mall
'charge. Suitable for teacher or one en
gaged in business. Inquire at Journal
W. J. Welch of near Genoa was in the
city the first of the week, enroate to
Alberta, Canada, where he goes to look
over the oountry. He may oondade to
invest in some real estate there should
it suit him.
Mrs. E. H. Funk, formerly of this
city, but who is now living in Cheyenne,
Wyoming, spent several days of hut
week visiting aV the home of her daagh
ter.Mrs. R F.Davta. She will visit in
Omaha before returning west.
The Joaraal has been asked to call
attention of the proper authorities to
the fact that bycicle riders are making
it dangerous for pedeetrians on the
sidewalks. One person was rna into
sbout two weeks ago and. vhis wrist so
injured that it has been a noaroe of great
aaaoyaaee every mace. There ie an
ordinance agaiast riding on the aide-
G. M Hell of this city aad Mrs. Both
ArKeayoeof Moaroe represented the
Platte county TUral Carriers' aasocia
tfon at the state meetiag at Grand
Island Moaday of this week. Mrs.Ken
voawM elected as one of the delegates
from Nebraska to attend the National
Ooaveatkm of raral tetter carriers, which
will be held at Atlaata,Ga.. ia October.
This is the fourth time Mrs. Keayoa has
ttprassBted Nebraska as a delegate to
While the result of the primaries in
Platte coaaty, from a republiaa' staad
poiat, did not create any exeitmeat, the
demoorata hs4 several vary pretty con
tests. The fixator them being on, treas
urer, between Loam Held aad Otto
Heuar. While the latter was better
known throughout the county the former
polled a good vote in thy locality aad
woa oat by a aloe majority.
Taw three cornered fight on sheriff de
veloped a few surprises, aad for awhile
it looked as though Laohnit would land
it, but the last few weeks the knowing
ones picked Carrig for a winner, with
Boasiter third.
On the county judgeship, John Batter-
man had quite a little opposition in the
city, Robison making a very good show
ing here, Uatterman did aot get the
vote his friaads expected in the city bat
throughout the oounty made a big gain
and has one of the largest majorities of
anyoneof the candidates.
The ooateat for eouaty superintendent
was waged in earnest, both Messrs. Le
cron and Lomis doing their beet to land
it Bat Lecroa put up his best fight in
this city duriag the last week, aad this
had much to do with hk being success
ful, his majority being in the neighbor
hood of one hundred.
The four candidates for county as
sessor were at sea daring the campaign,
but on account of his location 8hell
I Clark of Woodville was conceded to
have the beat chance, with John Goetz
second. But Muff of Humphrey had
beea making u'quiet thorough campaign;
and the result was a surprise to many
when the vote showed Clark's plurality
to be less than forty, with Muff the next
The candidates for oounty clerk and
cwrk of the district court, Messrs. Graf
and Gruenther, bad no opposition for
In the district jadge fight, ao returns
areobtaiaable at present, but J.D. 8tires
received a nice repubiicaa'voto ia spite
of the fact there were not maay put
Judge Albert, for supreme judge, on
the democratic ticket, received a nice
endorsement in his home county.
For democratic district .judges, it
looks as though Hollesbeok and Thom
as carried Platte oounty.
A Cat
This is the first campaign ia Nebraska
in which polilical bosses cat no figure.
The people will nominate thecandiflaies
and afterwards elect them. You are one
of the people and should take an active
interest ia these primaries and elections
hereafter. Politics from now on means
a square deal for the masses; lower
passenger rates, lower freight rates, less
extortion by trusts and combinations.
These things can only be accomplished
by every honest voter making it a part
of his business. The people can only
know what is really going on by reading
the newspapers. But you ought to read
a newspaper that caa print the truth
about all the candidates, a paper that
has no self-interest in politics; whose
owners are not office-holders or office
seekers. The publishers think the State
Journal is such a paper and in order to
prove it to you make the special offer
of only 60 oento f rom now until after
election; seventy-five oents if you want
the 8unday also. The earlier you send
in your order the more you get for your
money. Lincoln is the news center.
Firamsa'a Hay Celehratiaa.
Last Monday Firemen's and Labor
Day was fittingly celebrated in this city
under the aucpioes of the Columbus Fire
Department. The department, Leaded
by the Cdlumbuc City band, paraded
the main business streets in the after
noon. The program at the park consist
ed of introductory remarks by Bey. L.
RDeWolf, and address of welcome by
Louis Lightner and the address of the
dsyby W. A. McAllister. The races,
water fight and ball game furnished
smusemenl for the crowd, and the ex
hibition with the rope demonstrated
what the firemen ouuld do in case of
an emergency.
Grace Chqrefc.
Service 8unday Sept. 8th as follows:
730 s. m. Boly Communion, 10 a. m.
Sunday school, 11 a, m. morning prayer
Letiny and sermon. Preacher Dr. West
colt, Offertory. Solo by Mrs. E. H.
Chambers, "Hold Thou my Hand," (a
aBriggs.) At 8 a. ra. eveoiug prayer
and sermon. Preacher Dr. Westcott,
offertory aadaolo by Mrs. E. H. Chsm-
bers, "TheHomeland.' All are cordial-Sweden.
ly invited to the services.
Arthuk J. WasTcorr, Ph. D.
Several weeks ago Mra. W. J. DeLand
had every nice gold watoh stolen from
her residence, aad alt efforts to locate
were in vain. Her name was engraved
on the inside of the watch, and this fact
must have made it hard to dispose of,
as one morning the first of the week it
was discovered between the screen and
outer door.
Mra. C. M. Grueather, of Platte Cen
ter, was operated oa st St, Mary's hospi
tal Moaday for appendicitai and other
oompiieatioaa. At present her oonditioa
ia aerioaa, bat the attending physicians
feel confident that ahe ia oa the road to
Mrs. A. J. Smith, who recently pur
chased the Gluck .office buildug oa
Eleventh street, is aaviag it repaired
will occupy it withaa art stadia.
Steve Lasek marketed hogs Taesday.
Caesar Erast aad Arnold Nyffler are
expected home from Switserlaad aext
Friday, where they have beea vieitiag
the last four mouths.
J. A. Kflboara made a b
to Genoa Tuesday.
D. F. Doaafhue ' aad John Ryan
bought a Bewthresaing machine last
8telta aad Clarence Kil bourn returned
Monday from a visit at Central City.
They were accompanied home by Mrs.
O. A. Moore.
Bemta Jla. L
Edwin Ahreas gave a dance in his
barn last Saturday night.
Miss Carrier Rieder returned 8anday
from Silver Creek, where she has been
visiting relatives.
Frank Ami, sr., had a building moved
by a storm last June, and this week Nick
BIsser moved it back to its original
xoe earner wss presented with a nice
large yellow pumpkia by one of the
fVM . -a ...
patrons, sad Saaday we will have pie,
just like mother used to make.
Miss Emma Lucre began her acbool in
distriotNo. 16 Monday morning, aad
Miss Grace Beaeoa began ia district No.
10 the same day. Both report a good
D. Leonard aad wife are visiting at
Miet Florence Eastoa of Cambridge,
Neb., who has beea visiting ia Columbus
ia now a gasst at the home of H. L. and
Frank Oloott ,
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Brian toft Wednes
day to attend the State fair. They will
betheguestaof Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Dr.;L Smith and Miss Josephine
Traohta drove down from Schuyler Sun
day and spent the day with Mr. and
. Little Miss Eva Davis returned to her
home in Silver. Creek 8ondsy, after s
couple of weeks visit with her Bister.
Mrs. H.J. Brian.
' XsatolYS.
Henry Albers was at Columbus Sun
day evening. -
Wm. Mason is buUdingan addition to
his house, 15x28.
Peter Lsutjens his begun work on his
new house, Tony doing the work.
E. B. Bisson is taking In the sights
at the State fair at Lincoln this week.
Carl and Paul Both, accompanied by
their wives, were country visitors Son
day. a J. Bisson and family visited with
Mr. sad Mrs. Frank ;Bade, near Leigh,
J. H. Bisson, the hustling medicine
maa, started on the road again after a
week's vacation. .
Ever since Joe Camp sports a new
bicycle he makes his calls down east
more regular than ever.
Peter Schmitt went to the State fair
this week, aad from there he goes to
Kansas to look after his farm.
Mr. and Mrs. R Seifkin left Tuesday
morning for Burlington, Ll, to visit with
their son John, who resides there.
Gus Hagerman was breaking a bron
cho Monday, and Hutaebns was helping
him. The broncho had the beat of Pete
for awhile, and would have knocked him
out in a few rounds, had aot help ar
rived. A genuine Weary ,Willie was at P. B.
Hsgsraan's for dinner last 8unday, and
gave the family a had scare. They sent
to Albers' for help, and an attempt was
made to capture Mr. Tramp, but he es
caped. While they were absent he help
ed himself to something to eat and
threw bread on the floor to remind tbem
he was there. -
School started in district No. 65 Mon
day with Minnie Johnson as teacher.
P. P. Johnson and Swan Nicklasson
arrived last Friday from their visit in
Bright and early Sunday morning a
fans, hand applied for work at the farm
house of Alfred Olson. He was set to
work at oace and a aurse employed to
take care of him, aad Alfred ia doing as
well as ooald be expected.
Early Saturday morning when John
Swsnsoa, who ia building as additioa to
Andrew Petersoa'a house in Joliet town
ship, got up to work on a dormer' win
dow in the root, a swarm of bees lit on
the uper part of the window sad held
their grenade all day. Peteraoa was
trying all ha could to get them out of
there, bat when sight come there was
quite a bunch of them.
Awrerttow Letters.
Wbea calling for auil ia thia adver
tised list please say, "Advertised Let
Mrs.&B. Joasa. JohaM. Braader.N.
H. Bursas, Wm Csder, Stair DavaL
, Chinese
Keep away
Over 200 lor
Pollock & Go.
The Druggist oa the Coraer
Oolambas, Nebraska
Dm. Paul aad Matzea, Deatiets.
Dr. Vallier, Osteopath. Barber bloc.
Miss Elizabeth Krwsger aad son Willie
went to Lincoln Wedaeeday.
Mr. and MmTFraak Badat moved into
their new home oa Eleventh street Tues
day. W. L. Oheaoweth left Saturday eve.
ning for Denver to spend a few weeks
in the mountain state.
Miss Grace Bloom weat to Lindsay
last Saturday, aear which place she will
teach a fall term of school.
uiuy uecnerpr Omaha came ap from
Omaha Tuesday evening for a short
stay with Columbus friends.
The Yiergutz and Wurdeman families,
who have been camping on the Loup
the last week, returned home Tueeday
and report a good time.
Miss Eleaora Busche leaves Tharsday
for St. Louis, Mcx, where she will remaia
for soma time. She .expects' to vhut
IUinoiarelatives before returamg.
Mrs. E. O. Brows and children arrived
in die city at"nooa iodayptd ai'ake their
home ' in Columbus. , Mr. Brown has
purchased property 'near the High
Congressman Boyd will be ia the city
next Wednesday and Friday, September
11 and 13 and would like to meet the
citizens of Columbus, end especially all
having pension claims.
Mrs. J. E. Nichols of Omaha, accom
panied by Mrs. E. P. Weetoottof Fair
view, Montana, arrived in thie city Tus
dsy evening to be the guests of Mrs. A.
W. Clark for a couple of days.
Miss Mary Sturgeon of Farnam, Neb
arrived Monday and will remain here
this winter attending the Columbus
schools. She will make her home with
her sister, Mrs. Wm. Kaufmana.
Fred Thomas came in from Farnam
yesterday, and will remain a week or tea
days with his brothers, Frank aad Will,
at the old home across the river. He
had been to South Omaha with a shin.
ment of cattle.
A new time table went into effect oa
the Union Facifio Sunday which makes
quite a number of miuorchanges. No.
13 the local from the east now arrives
at 11 30, forty-two minutes earlier than
before; Nos. 15 and IS are two aew
trains'put on. No. 16 being the same as
No. 10 was formerly and carries the mail .
No. 16 is the same as the first section of
No. 3, end regular No. 3 now arrives five
minutes later than before. No. 5 ie now
eleven minutes Ister, and No. 2 twenty
five minutes later and No. 8 five minutes
earlier. No. 6 arrives st 1:25 instead of
1:36 and No. 10 at 2:30 instead of 3 p. m.
Duward, the eighteen year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. ( Da vies of this city,
died Mondsy in Omaha as the result of
an cute attack of appendicitis. He had
been sick but a week, and was aot con
sidered in'a dangerous condition until
a few days before his death, whea bis
parents were called to his beside. Darr
ward had been in Omaha about a year
and was employed in the wholesale
house of M. E. Smith Co. The re
mains were brought to this city Tues
day evening, and the funeral will be
held Thursday at 2 p.m. from the bouse
sod be conducted by Rev. Muaro of the
Congregational church.
Two Merry Tramps" that familiar
musicsl comedy by Bessie heaaeU aad
Jerome Travers will be played at North
opera house. McVenn &. Yetter are
sending this truthful andpopalar ea
tertaiament on ito eleventh noanon
trsvelessad have limited its preeentatioa
to one oompany which in its persoaal re
presents a judicious distribution of the
various characters,, amoag those who
have shown their superiority ia previoaa
casta of this plsy John Cay lor as Artie
Voevliae, alias Priaos Newfeuadlaad
n for a real live mmm
lark retaiaa his hamor-
oaajmBereoBatioa ably asaistea by Fred
FifertaaClareBceBaajoriae. Thuraaay
Baps. isu,u, x
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