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GoiMlidmtd with the Ctoluinbu. Tims. April 1, 1 t(H; with the PI County Arus Jajmary lj IfjOfc
SSDAT, JUNE 19, 1907.
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Dr. J. W. Term
or okabta. i
lest Eiirri Optical OBmm I
! The West
in'the front rooms over Pollock
6 Co.'a Drugstore. Will be m
Columbus once Sunday, on-
i ekvJTueadavand Wednesday of
sack week. Spectacles aadeye-
; repaired. Eye Glasses adjected !
' toaayaoee.
V AAnammilRIAtf mM i
v oe
,. V KF
$5 40 to 15 50
la Obeerviaf Critic.
Last Satarday. the write
iaf dowa she maia. theroaghfere ia
Qui seises aad ws made tUssaockiag
eat trafthfel obeervatiea:
Aboat 4 o'ekwk ia the afteraooa
aiadv came tragiaff dowa the street
at a pretty good peee. sad tecVUiag
by her side was her Utile
the lady was tall aad carried a
sol to protect her free, the hern
ias rays of the Jaae sea. The
daachter was. short aad oa aoooaat of
her ehortaees was compelled to take
three steps to the lady's one. aad the
sea. aaereUeasly shed its rays ea the
little statae.' The lttle oae was flash
ed aad warm aad was doing its level
beet. v
lady casM aloe with the
r, a big fat boy, ia a go-cart.
She wee going west, thoafh corn
forubly dresssd for a act day he was
aot dressed to meet the rays of the
eaa point bleak ia the face. Bat the
another had a parasol, aad was enjoy
lag the stroll hugely, talking to a
friend. The third case was whereto
a annul child in a go-cart secerns
reetlsstaad beaaa to cry havag besa
left to bask ia he 5 o'eloek saashlae
while theaMther 'parohaeeda few
thiags for -tea. Aad the dear, fond
liag another came oat aad asked.
"What's the matter honey!"
So. in the short space of aa hoar
we saw misery. Not intentionally
bat nsnslly. aet parpassly perpetrat
ed oa the little Tiotuas bat thoaght
lsesly. Ok. that we cenld share it
'whea we give jaia to others.
Meadey, Mr. Jack Delaa received
oteeeml death of hie brother ia-law
Mr. Haagaa, of OmAaa waa fell
from his eagiae. Mr. aad
Delaa aoeempeaied by Mr.
WUlmm Dolaa left the ssme day for
rhere they wiU attend the
R& Palmer the tailor, clean, dyes
sad repairs Lsdies and Geete' dotbiag.
Hate oleaaed and reblocked. Battoee
made to order. 'Agent Germania Dye
Workee. Nebraska phones.
Toa get it done jast like yon want it
whea yon order your printing from the
Journal Priatiag House.
Fob 8au Kindling wood, $1.00 per
load at Carl Rhoedee' farm, four miles
northeast of this city.
aiJhuum mmfl ftllfllmreWil ml
eramwej eawej aymiwawayfm tanj
LeU-gestand Grandest Celebration in
the History of Ctolumbus and
4 Platte County.
A grand street qarade at 10.-00 a. m.
Coniiatingof Fire department, military and
civic organizations, interspersed with music
wy two bands.
Oration and special Uterary program at the park.
Bowery dance afternoon and eyeniaw.
Foot races, sack races, wheelbarrow races, barrel
races, three-legged race, greased pole, etc;
Grand Firement' Relay race, participated in by
sixteen men; an exciting water fight between
picked firemen, followed by a game of base
ball by two strong teams.
The management have' secured the celebrated
"Aerial Lucase's for four great feature acts,'
tree upon the streets: L Roman and Flying
ringe. 2. Nevelty barrel jumping. 3. Comedy
rerohnng ladder. 4. Belandaalflyingtrapese
Beets eat ia
a the brow
and trlekiss dowa the
beaks, aad e feller
oeaUag dowa stairs whoa he's going
p to bed aad waea these geatls soph
en stef laUabyo witk that1 weird
eeaad that would put a beaker to
eleep thamffh he bade ailUlioa of
hailei- to look after, then, that's
good 6ora weather.
The weatksr the aaet week or tea
Bays has aaaeed a slams ia the price
of wheat aad com. It has been ideal
for a aew crop. The truth is. tas
oera is arowiag se fast yoa eaa hear
it etaek at the joiats, the only fear
U it anay break e before it lets
far the past weak aad really, we
jest a little oooter
oomfoMebly. Every
thing ia the crop line evea to toe
sms is loekiag slicker then
lightaiag aad we wiU lamp
ia a head of "Hioks aad predict a
hamper crop for 1907. Why in the
deaee don't TOU stand ap for
Irish Wit.
Fat O'HooUgaa gave a dinner to
some of his Meade. 'His wifs had
prepared oae obioaea which Fat pro
ceeded to oerve to serve his gaests.
Taming to the lady seated nearest
hiss, he aeked very politely.
"What part wiU yes her. Mores
Oi'll lake the leg. if yes please,
Pat neat tamed to a little Marphy.
"And what part ia the bird will
have yeang maaV"
"Oi'U bfte a leg. if it plaze yea
eor." replied th liittlo , Marphy.
Then Pat ad are and, Mr. Marpaey,
What's yer oheiee ia the. bird? WiU
ye have the whoite meat?"
Oi'll ' take another leg sor, aa
ebloiged for the qaestioa'."
said Mr. Marphy. who always fol
lowed his wife's example."
"Begorra," exclaimed Pat.. 4,ph
wat do yes think I'm cervia'-e
epoider" - '
A farewell sarpriss party was givsa
who iatoad to leave for' 8wtmterhiad
amttlharsday. Their home oa' Bast
Bleveath street was made the seals'
' m m m.-a.. a - a. .m ..
ox oeugsc ami awtn n. taroegaoai
the whole afteraooa aad all who
attended report a way ap time. Ma
sio was rendered to tee delight of all
prsssat aad refreshmeats were served
after whioh the - gaests wished both
aiother aad daughter' a ptoasaat joar-
ad tookvthetr departure,.
OUie Walters left Monday for OoJ-
ip of the Tribaae oflee.
OUie te a first oUss priator aad
etsadyaeaoloek. aad .The' Tribaae
la to be iioaajslslaUn oa seoariag
Biaaerviess. This Isavee the Arffa
fane a little abort handed. Anion
Weekly Mswa. ; .
By their works ye shall know tnem."
Whsayea want good, Job printing, and
book-bindiag call at the Journal ofkce.
New location on Eleventh street.
Aftor a pleasant trip to the' Paaiao
oeeet. Mr. aad Mrs. A. Anderson re
tamed to their home ia thisoity
Miss May Bead retaraed Ust
reai Fremont where she spent
a few days visiting f Heads.
Wedding rings, souvenir spoons.
Carl Proems!, Eleventh street jeweler.
K. --- -
Manr Bray, wife otJX D. Bray of
tear etty passsd iato the world beyead
Snaday moreiac at St. Mary's hospital
where vshe had bean taken to receive
tceatmsat. She bed besa ia' fsiliag
health for the east year aad waa dan
gerously ill ataee January. Mary 'Cath
erine Hartmaa was boraJaly 17. 18C4.
iaLyooeaiag county, PeBBsylvaaia. She
was the eldest daughter of Henry aad
Sarah Hartmaa, aad early ia life
a devoted christasa. Thedeosss
to Syracuse, Nebraska, in I860, aad was
naited in marriage to Daniel D. Bray.
August 6, 1882. to thie anion nine
children were bore, eight of whom' are
still living, aad ia the city, Arthnr,
Boy, NaviHa, Suaea, Raohel, NeaL Belle
aad Balph. One eon, Dewey, died in
infancy. Mr. aad Mrs. Bray moved to
Colnmbas ia 190$, where they have seooe
lived. The f aaeral wee held Taesday
afteraooa from the Presbyteries ehuroh.
Be. B. E. L. Hayes, eoadactiag the'
aervioee, sad barial was made ia the
Colnmbas cemetery.
, Stephen Byan, only eon of Mr. aad
Mrs. 8. J. Ryan passsd away at hie
borne Thursday sraraiag. Slephea had
been npatieet sufferer for the past eight
yean, when at that Uaw he saffered an
attack of lung roable froa which be
never fully recovered. Stephen O'xieil
Ryan was bora September 28, 1896 aid
at the time of hie death .was 10 years, 9
months and oae day old. He leaves a
father and mother, Mr. aad Mrs. aJ.
Ryan and three sisters, Kathleriae,
Nellie aad Ealelia, to mourn hU death.
The fanersl wee held Saturday morning
at the CathoUo ohurch. Father Marion
coaduetiag the services aad iateraiSBt
waa made in tbeCetholic cemetery.
, ( O0O.
Mrs. vW. L. Oeok, wife (of Dr.
Oeek of thie dry, passsd away at
her home oa South Olive street Than
day eveaiaav The dsosassd had besa
a patient sufferer for the past two
years with cancer of the throat.
Aaaa Aajmeta Oeok wae bora ia
Miohlgan June 14.187,
ried to Dr. Oeok April, 1877. For
the past thirty years she has
this city her home. Herhasbaad
only sms daughter.
Haaey are left to mourn the loss of a
kind aad lorhsc wife
The f aeral: was held
oa at'- the family
ioten TJeWotte. pastor of jfche M.S.
caarch .olEoiatlag. Barial was
ia the Oolambas
James Goiter died Satarday morn
ing at the home of his daughter. Mrs.
W. M. MoOorkle of Oolambas. with
waoat he had beea makiBg iU heme
for some time.
' James O. Goiter was bora ia Ohio.
July 99, 1847. aad at the time of his
death was GO years, 10 months, aad
98toays eld." The deceased esses to
ia 1879 aad for thirty Ire
a paymoMB aaa eajeyea
a good praaaee,aatU falllag health
would aot allow aim' to follow his
chosen profemioa. He was a mem
ber of the Oatholio oharoh aad ever
lived ap to his faith. The funeral
was held Saaday atemooa from the
Preebyssriaa oharoh. Bar. B. S..L.
Hayes ofaoiatiaff aad intermeat waa
made ia the Oolambas cemetery.
Hiss Bliaabeth Sohram wlw'aes
Ul for. the past.aiz moaths.
away thlsmoraiag at v eight
o'clock, at the heeae of Mrs. J. P.
ia northwest xOolambas,
Itag from a
af. dfssasssi The
Jaae 11, 1858, la Haatington ooahtv,
Indiana aad oeme to this oity ia
1879, where she has ataee Uved.
Those left to mourn bar untimehj
death are Mrs. J. P. ' Beaker aad
DaaeU 8chram of tarn oity. MmOare
Una. Meet of Mlanesots aad Joha
Sohram of Washiagtoa.
The funeral will . be held Friday
afteraooa at 3 o'oleok from the
residence. Bar. B. tfen
paetor of the Oermsn
wUl offloiaes.
Mr aad Mrs. Bd ward Olark receiv
ed a teleeaat Moamsy atsraboa. aa
asaaewff the end death of their saa.
4 Harry who for -the past year had beea
at the oigararade iaMaa-
Oaly a weak af his
stsHag that he was
eleh. WiUmem Harry
ia Oeiambaa, Oot
rhere he Uved aatfl
tl of tale oity. owe'
tfviag ia
barial bat
w4H viett
i .-V.t i--
easesy headfalof
Will tell the story of .year
mar vssalisa. There's aba for
a doesa aestares ia eaeh car
triage, theiweight ia triamg.
The kodak itself eUps iato
the poeketlaad the' nictare
BMkiagMsrmplefromstsrt to
ftaieh, Prem the battea--de
ihereet or leave it to another
jast as yoa hisses.
Kt4e ltOv t
lrs. Paul eedMatiee, DeatiaW.
Dr. W. H. Slaair, vsleriaariaa, phone
9BV "rv
GVB. Prieb, paktiag and poser baag
ff ,; '
WiUiam Pin ie rsaerted qaite
111, haviaff saSered.'a sareke of s patal'
ysis, Saaday.
Miss Aaals .Eraet of Teeamssb
is vieitag at jthehomeet Mr Oatl
Bohde aad fasapr.
Mies May Bhmdem returned , Satur
day from Moaroe where ehe. has speat
. ' l f
emhWaarml tfianVau SmailiBII f rmmmUma. . -
r f " vr.' .
Mrs, Jaoob Qieger aadeielldrea. of
NewOlams. Wis." are visiiiajr at the
hoeofS. SiMartyaadaaMly.
Mie Omra Battermea left Saaday
moraiag for Dearer, wheat. -aha will
Louis Bestssl afeae arsrf saa Type
Foundry at Kaasae Oity, '-; wee hi the
oity oalliaff oa thotrade last Friday.
ver. where he hea'aeeeptsd a
ea ehe a eVsr Q. rail-
they wUlviset-
Mrs.H. F H. Oehlriehr eatarmlaei
a' aamber of her aBly3 frieade at ea
chre, ' Thaftday.. afteraeea.' jThe fa
vors were reosived ay Mnu J J. Sal
Uvea and Mrs. Albert Dasher
Misf'Bva-v' Walker, whe'aee beea
vieiciar reletlves U Ssbsii Oity,
Mo., for the past
her sheens ia thie oity,
reeerte a very pUasaa
Howard Whaisy. who had the mis
forveae to fall aad break hie right
laet rmtarday is gettiag aJeas aieely
bat it is feared Beward wiU have
to be left-haadedfor mmv
Mrs. Irviae Holmes aad
of LacoU arrived ia this ettvTaeeaay
eveaiag to speed a few days Yiettiaff
relatives sad friends. Mr. Hslmes,
who has beea Ul for the past year. Is
L. K. HaUetead at eae time a eaa
didate for riprimamtlve oa the fa
sloa ticket from Boeae oeanty, was
ia the oiry aloaday aad while here
anadeaaaert call oa H. H. Pease
of the Joaraal force.
, Columbus
Carries a big kner
- of Chocolates and
Bonbons. Not bit
" ter sweets. Also
Fresh Fruits of
all kinds and-a ".
nice line of cigars
Come and try our
Columbus Candy
fWall Paper t
t Pure Wopdmait linseed t
J Oiland best House sad J
IBarnPamtat . ,.
J UIITS Ing S4wfte
an n aj " dJmm-mamaa-ammAmga I
Ele J. eveanmMBL
Jeweler & Optician It
- r-r: -tJ
ffr-mT-eX ffgffBfffcmtnmnnfrmymfrmrnaVmn m?'mtmt'mr;
at hie
the fatatwias
af ale
'Pwieav ww ai' earanv v
ad; ; mimed prayi
edeenee towel S:
0;takea for a prasohsr 11;
ferf a eaaitaUet .0; takea bathe t:
hers paid 97; did
nata la eeaseisaeeO;
gt whipped 0; whipped ethers 8;
esah ea bead begiaiag of year at 47;
at prsssat- 7
Kammer Brea., south et the river.
ebipasd ia Met Thuymay a magaUsse
iadlvdaaliathe form of a.Soeteh
haU. Theaaimal
threagh eorreepead-
from W. B. Belt of Falls Oity,"
aad Mr. Kammer says the salami ia
ea. whioh speaks
welt for Mr. Bolt. The fiae fellow
tasjajheeea moaths 'eld aad tips the
at exactly 1.108 pounds. Pintle'
edjoiaiBw eeentlei are avert
ing mere "aad more eaeh year ia
of ell hiads, aad
tsr what partioalar liae yea.are later-
Charles Wardsawa ie prepsrisg plans,
for the aew Y. MO. A. building, andez
pseta to soon have them oompleted.
The baildlng oommittee have an offer on
the old baUdiag whioh aowocoapios the
site, sad expect to have it removed aa
eooa as the families now oeeupyiag it
lad other plaoas. The work of ezcava-
Uoe will be eommesesd aboat the mid
dle of July, a little earlier thee was an
ticipated. The committee have gone
over the pUaa very oarefaUy ead thiak
they wiU bare a very sstisfaetory baild
iag for a city of thie size.
Oae of -the colored oooke oa Hi
Pactic Nou 5, cteeted asmaU
ea the car Moaday evening betwssa
here aad Omaha, aad whea the traia
mashed Colambae PoUoeassa Barke aad
Belsoa were asked, to take him from the,
traia aad lock him ap. Aster they had
made the : surest the dlaiai careoadactor
I'efaeed to ale a oomplmat agaiast him,
aad he was released ead returned to
a f
--- -, A 1
te OHeUmet Wedaeeday to attend
the faaeral ef her sistsr Alice, who
with eiz of her frieade were beat
rkUagoaamke aear OfMeU waea
the boat was turaed ever aad four
ef the huusbsbIi were arowaea, her
Dr. W. a Evans reUraed 8uaday
from Atlantic City, N. JN where ba at-
teadedameeUagof the AmerieaMedi
ealaaseeiatioa. While ia the east he
viaited the .hoaaitala at New York aad
Baltimore. There were only tea re
presentatives from Nebraska at the
msstiag of the amoomtioa.
G H. Daek retaraed Moaday ereeieg
from hie ezteaded trip to Los Aageles
aad other pouts oa the Paoile ooest.
He retaraed ever" lee aoatbera route by
way of Kaaees CSf aad stopped at
Olariada, lews, ea route home, where
Mm. Deck sad the baby will visit for a
few weeks.
Mr. ead. Mrs.' L B. BriteU left
M J - "-
" J -7 - w I
towa expomuea, nmanra naua, inei
... v. .. ..
- - -- 1t4JT
lag, where
they, aeeseded the gradeatiag exer-
aft the State eaivemty. at whioh
from the
Al Besder. aoeompaied by hie
aeioe, Mlas Oarrie Boeder went te
md Saaday where they aetsa-
edthe faaeral of WUUam Boeder,
ef Al Besder.
JaUae Niohom wUl
her ef their lady frieade both W,
day aad SaardayaTmraeoa et tee
of the fermer.
Mr. Byrass aad daaghter.of Oma
ha, were celled totals oity Friday
Umees the former's
Gem aad
Frea, ef CMelL Bob. are ia thie eity,
viBWag relatives while
the laftsr te reoeiviag treatmeat aft St.
Mary's hsspital.
at Osatral Oity
apse It. They
le have the' sewer uumslssul.
by, Jar lift.
BBMahe, eke Utile aaaiHI ef Mr.
aadMrs.W. L TlaiBlger
lien rTr Ul far the pi
Bat at this witMaff ia
ifje, OL B)
, e . f e n aVeem at
. JT . .- t
fnVmmmmuml wmsanaal anuBi imaV mT3mBBwam mfJ BBBnuWUawS WaT. e am f. - m m
FBBBBBBBm gBBMSwl em WW uewwrnawsBv waa' mmrmmm BBBaL SmBaamsBBUUBi mfmnannnnnna Hmaam MmeJB)
flmwae wHRHVmnBaBmWVBmWBBv mtVma'e maUmal aSflmwKBmsBy aWBaWfal eBaeaaaBBCareMBf BBanf flma
aasaahm. '-' ' w -
1 i'r -
Ian llnti k
heedat taWntseaelbaileaff la
this stty this weak. Wanstfaltoa
aamber earoUed at aha
are W. a.Omrk
of aeraey. B. B. Shermaa of this
dry aad MlasJLaaa Vaadereeek of
OeaaeU Braffa. Meadey eveaiag
there waea reeeptiea at the High
mUldiag. bat the stliailsam
of a smserisa by Wy's
sale by. Witt
by Mies Marie
Zleankir, plaaesele by Mies Babel
Farrasm. Bseee duet by the
Dineeaaad Walker,
by Mean. OJark.
Lsavy. Aa lea ereaai seeiel
a t m
peeleeaed aft the rsaaest of
taoimssseimiBt ef the mlasrrel
shew. Up te Tueaaay
were Ifty-ssvea teaebe
feUdws: i
OrestoaLivsie M. Kaight, Lala
Kulght, Leeiss Lnedtke.
Leigh-Mary B. Weleh, Myrtle O.
Markhem, Bmma Maiaea.
Odamhes-AUce Lyons. Kate Laeh-
Beea, Margaret Bi
Leers. Bertha 8chaebeeh. Marv
Lewie, Graee Lewis, Birdie Bedda,
Mrs. WUl rL Bias, O. A. Oamp,
Alios B. Watkias Metta Baaeley.
Oryssobal Bryaa,. Pearl B. Freemaa,
Mary B. Bewawa. Ida Baafmaa.
B. Beatattler. J. B. Al-
G. Fetter Lottie High.
Platte Oaater Jalia O'Neill.
Byrnes. Brma Mlibnlssa. MeUie Fee
tea. Aaaa O!0allaghaa. 8. F. Leo
rem, Kittle D'OalMffhea. '
Base Bia
Bhinehs - Oooktagaam. Ore Mi
St aUward-Baael BUI. Miaale
Dr. NaasMBB, Deatiet 13 St.
Porter wanted, Meridian hotel.
A. DasssU aad daaghterspeat Saa
day ia Sehayler.-
evveral days of
last week ia Baasaarey.
Dr. P. L. Carsteasoa, Yeteriaariaa,
Albert Basmaeesa, ef T.iadeay
Saaday ia Oslambea vietiag relatives
te Borth
afew days
with frieade.
Mimes Iaee aad Adga Helsea of
Mewmea Grove ere viaitiag relatives
la Oalambas
Mim Nea TUggaas ef Seaavler ia
vimtiag aft the.hoaae ef her
Aagaet aad Jeha Wardemaa Uviag
MSB MllM MrthMitaf
- T-
MM llMail th MlIMT.
'a """ m -
V. v. WHUT
w ef their relativee.ead
speat Heeday aft Stevea's Lake.
Mrs. A. FreUae of Boies, Idaho, ar
rived last Friday for a meath's visit
with her aieter, Mrs. M. O. OssbIb
tea Belsoa aad faasUv of Wew
asaa Grove peat last weea vhutiBg
remtives aad frieade ia Oelambas
MlasBedwiff Jaeggi returaed Sat-
atmadiag the uai
, Mr. aad 'Mrs. J.J. Bseder
family are notivieff a visit
Mies Lala Borneo ef Cmrksvills,
Miss rfniilta ef Omaha, aai Misiss
Flsrsaee sad Grace Praya ef Sehay-
lar, were visitlag la this eity W
Jee Btevisskl WUlie
Stsphea Doeglas drove' to
Basuraay -from Godfrey. UL wft-ere
B. B. Bead, oerrier ea reate Be. S
ia mkiac his trst vaeeHee ia Sve
ead TiheRrnk la earryiag iae
h J. K. MeFarlaad
Be re-
ef Dr.
Mra. B. O. Ttssiag .
l"MMaKMasaMiBmaMiiBm) W J5'
. t
Beat Paint
. to uae
Caarmie aVUBam
Pollock & Co.
Ob tJrt Ceraer. '
Files of The Joaraal Jaae 18, 1873.
Rev. J. M. Byaa baa workmea
gaged wputtiag up a aeataad much
wdd addition to theOaaaoue ehareh
buildiag. The ehareh buUeaae; was ea-
urely too small to acot
ieg waaU of' the, ooagregatkn.
ooeid aot be seated, or
iaaide of the baUdiag.
'The raiay,damp aad' wi
wiU have a teedeecy. to injure eribbed '
corn, ropscislry any that may Witecosf
ia open cribs. If weald be well for all -who
have graiaatored away to examine J
Lit frequenUy this kind of weather, as a
little atteatioa givea ia thie directioa '
bow. may save hundreds of tboaiaads ef '
oa the -qaestioa ef fruit
ia Nebraska should viett the
I gardens of H. J.Hadsoa, oar eounly. '
I clerk, sad sss for UmssbsIv
fruit aew grewisgapoa his yo
sherries appear
apoa tee yoaag aad leader twige.
t of the fruit weald richly re
pay aay oae msrisg a visit to Mr. Hud
's. -
Oharlsa and Gaetevae Sehr
der have pumhsssd of W. T. aarnaey a
r ii rnilinilinssmg
east of the lamber yard aad-arepre-
wmnmg to mhuu out IB ue
Z .i J.-V .. i IT- ii. :..
beaiaem. They will have a
aad blacksmith shop, aad expect teas
ready for work ia about two weeks.
They wiU heebie to repair say kiad of
machiaery, aad farm naplemsate, from
the plow that tarns taeeod te the .
threaber that rolls oat the graia. The
Meears. Sehroeder are good workmea,
add are predict for them pteaty to do.
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the day. The
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Skate Seperfereadeat J. L. Mi
wiU be here here Tamraiey aad de
Uvetaa address.' The work ef the'
iasUtate wUl eloee Tharaaay ead the
examlautioBs ' wiU be held Friday.
Both ttsphsri aad iastraeters are tak
ing maoa ieterest ia "the iaetitase
work aad the ssssiea ia proviag
pleamat aad arovimele to alL ;
Myroa Gray, who has b
lag the Morgan. Park academy, ef
Uliaois. arrived ia Celamhas Satar
day eveaiaff to ayeed hie ssaamer
veeaftieawitarhiB parents, Mr. aad
Mrs. O. O.Gray.
' FsUiedaaee rain er shine,
Fearth ef Jnlj BightOrfheam
hall. Mask hyOrfheasnvehea
tra. Geei erder gaaraateesl. '
A aew aad complete liae of Fire
works at Joaee' bakery.
Dr. Lasschsa Oooalistaad
w ajavavouwva Bjr ea
S real estats, either farm
artowe lota, it will be to
tMeaey to loan w aay
- short aetk
I Fire, Tpi
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J ertowa lota, it will be to year J
S ieterest to siesalt oar beta. We
fame hare several good' duUiage S
. for feat iaOolumbue, aad H wit
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