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y7 HmBBBmBBBBBBBBBBBBBsT ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbw bbbbbbbbbbbb!
Is to be "f orearmeA" This forewarns all good people in
town that there is a place where "best of all kinds of
groceries" can be had, and money saved in buying them,
On our shelves? It's the stock of "best of
all kinds of groceries" referred to. It's a
saving of dollars when yon bay oar goods.
Compare prices and see.
Gents9 Furnishing' Goods
405 11th Street,
Let us build you one. We put
nothing but the very best material
mad workmanship in them. The
prioe is right.
Bring in your tools
unoimplements to be sharpened
and repaired now. It will save
you time when the spring work
We keep only the latest and
best in
qggits ri Carriagts
All kinds of
..Fan Implements..
tyOnr Horseshoes stick and
don't lame your horse try them.
Louis Sckreiber.
Catowkaa, Web.'
Oar continuous growth as
shows by our last published
statement, is aa evidence
that the service we accord
oar patrons is satisfactory.
Opea aa account with us and
let as prove to you that "you
made bo mistake by so
doing. Oar aim m to pit
By their works ye shall know
an want good Job printing,
adsngcallatthe Journal
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From the Tiaea.
Charles Petersoa departed Wednesday
for Los Angeles to attend the Shriaer
meeting. Aftervieitins; points in Souths
era California, he will take in 8aa
Franciseo. Portland, Taooma, Vancouver
Spokane, the National Park, retaraiag
by the way of Ogdea aad Salt Lake City.
Fred Hereon, who drew a qaarter
section of land in the Rosebud lottery
two years ago, sold lik claim for 12,400
aad is now running a restauraat in Barke
Before singing the deed for the property,
Mrs. Pierson demanded $1,000 of the
sale money. She got it, and has erected
a commodious home in Burke.
The radical reformers of Soath Dakota
got what they asked for and more too,
when they asked the legislature to pass
a more stringent law against gambling.
The new law provides a fine of not less
than $25 and up to $100 or imprisonmeat
in the town or county jail not leas than
thirty days, or both line aad imprison
ment, for any person found guilty of
playing cards for money or prises in
pablio places or private houses. -r
A citizen of Genoa, who was retarniag
from O'Neil last 8unday, says that
when the train stopped at Loretto, a
small station north of Albion, a verdeat
yoath about 18, 1 ding an awkward,
freckled face girl wearing a misfit red
skirt and a dirty waist, boarded the train.
It was atterwatawi Jearaed that the
couple had walked Jfcm Newman Grove
the day prevfouwto get married, bat the
justioe who had. been asked to tie the
knot, for the goddaad sufficient reasons
refused to perform the ceremony. Evi
dently it was the frei time the would be
bride-end grooslladeW beea inside of
a railway eoaehaad the sctioaa of the
girt soon attracted tha attention of. the
other psamsgeisyaafl ia
seemedatnck with the
her good looks had created a
Until the train reached Albion her month
was very much-Jin. evidence. Her vo
cabulary of valgariay was anlimited aad
she had aboat aa much respect for com
mon decency at a rteaivaa of' the red
light district ia Omaha, v.
Fknn the Leader.
The aew Maaenia temale
wired for electrmJighta'ta aatidpation
thatGeaoawilr;hhva.van;'aleotrie light
s '
.The Indian band will give their
concert at the Iadma sshool
ontheeveaiagof May 17. Mr.
full orchestra will have charge efeccoad
A disgraceful fight took
H1HM HtfhalfMStM4ayaitwfckk Manias! BisiwsThn Abroad board
wm witnessed by lui Mrtr of taewaia wwi,w a
bo aviaanMy nmnim vrouusn ho mmVhhi 'Km to, the awes- mwhw
a eanala Miami wi pretty baslrjr tanv yogkidjby
lyou ajjeavn. as tats ihbbb, I Isnt wssk
I I Minorities have taken no atieav in re-1 '
will be fatMgfctiato police oottl
town 8atarday aa old flint-look pistol
whieh he plowed np last week on the
Mja. Clarke farm.eastef town. It was
partmly eaten up with met hat the Jmat
still attached to the reumme. It is
bably brought to this
of the early
whe occupied these prairies ia long gone
days. Who hnoweiUhhtory? It surely
ami one and could it he written it might
rival the most thrilliac tales of Uterature
Iwa the tnrtllm,
Isaiah Lightaerweat to.
Friday to
half yearly
Mrs. Jane Williams left Monday for
her home ia New York, aad will visit a
few weeks. ia Wiecoasia euroute, Her
aoa Ellis' aeoompaaied her as fares
Mr. aad Mm. Frank Bobley aad sea
ofCeaterville,Ia, were gaeata at the
home of E. A. GerrardaadW.
overSaaday. They
from a trip to the Paome coast.
At the meeting of the New Hope
Cemetery sseeoiatioa Taesday Arthur
Watts was elected president Theas
sociatioa will improve the cemstery aad
esapioy a regular sextoa to look after it,
levyiag aaaaseamseetoalot owaers to
The precipitation for April, 1907 has
betm usually light, being 80 inches as
compared with 130 last year. However,
this veer there were three iaehes of
in April, two iaehes oa the 17th aad
inch on the 18th.
The following notice of the death ,of
Was. Gonard's father is taken from a
Philadelphia paper: At Ocean CityJC.
J 4th mouth, 7th. 1907, David. Conard,
ia his 87th year. Belatives aad friends
are iavited to attend the services, oa the
evening of the OtiVat his late residence,
at 8 o'clock P. H. Sarviess also at
friends' Meeting House, Girard Aveane
aad Seventeenth Street, Philadelphia,
oa the 4th day. 10th, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Intement private at West Laurel Hill.
Thetrstday of May. tads but
little plowing to be done yet for
The spriag has tieen an for hones aad
aad the farm teams are ia good
sthe weather has heeaso cold
this spring they did not-sweat aad had
to keep going or freeze. Mr. Baker, 'on
the David Thomas farm was the irst to
begin planting corn, on Wednesday!
Fro ttM OMette:
Dr. Hansen left BeUwood last week for
a visit ia California.
Abraa new baby boy was bora to Mr.
aadM&Frederichaoa Wednesday eve
aiag. "Dad" Frederiehson now stops
Mr. aad Mrs, DaaBarkey were made
the happy parents of a brsa new baby
girl on Friday last.
Mrs. A Curtis sad two childrea visit
ed at Oolnmbee Friday. Saturday aad
Sunday with remtivea.
Mrs. Royal Judeviae ia still confined
to her bed chamber by illaem and dar
ing the fore pert of thie week was very
ill, bat ia aow resting eesier. Charley
SaeMonis no better aad is also
feed to his
Several of the "pinched'' depositors
ia the defunct Gould bank went np to
David City last Saturday to see how.
mach money was eoniiag to them, as
a settlement is aow talked of. Aa near
as we can learn the reoeiverhea oa head
about 98800. Hto fee m receiver, is said
to to98S00, leaving abalaneeof lam than divided amoagst the suf
ferers. While down on the valley Tuesday we
learned that the survey una for the pro
posed new railroad is about a mile and
a half eeatof 8k Mary church aad that
u effort ia being made by those living
in that viciaity to have the road
ektee to the oharch. or aa does as
sible, with a view of atartingaaawtowa.
which undoubtedly would be a "black
eye" for BeUwood. The people dowa
along the river road, near the John Van -dermulea
resideaee arealeo talkugaew
towaeaoold the road be builL After
a while wa will have eomaay little "oae
aorse' towns in Butler county that none
of them will ever grow much larger
thaaaesnehsnhoaas. A new town at
St. Peteruehureh would also baa -black
eye" far David Oty' but aiverthslem.
let the good work go oai as the old asy
lag is; "Competition is the life of trade.'
Mr. aad .Mrs. Alfred J
joising over the arrrvd et a baby gir 1 at
Wa aotios w oar
a aumber
of towns are
peealties to
tf.,.2"tt.t? - sr4' - - J,
b .- . ..
taoso who engaged ia the eorap
annisat affair and was pre-
paasibly droppsd at ha mat
tile fassaf thn.snvaga redmea
Me ia hiiftsrmreesmtmssm
"annflMuC BBnunuMafU nnV TaWnmasBsaanank
?P35-'v nanuunmammBBamr'
thegeld wateh
to, the
Ctxwhieh held forth at the opera hones
to Coram-
baa Taesday after a alert vknt with
ielaties hare aad on Wednesday left
withhacfathar for Bed Lodge, Moat,
where they will make their future home.
R.H. Wood was taken to Columbus
and he was taken to Lincoln Wednesday
where he will receive treatment far the
"Died at the home of his eon Joseph,
4 mhes northeast of town at S o'clock
Tuesday aftsrnooa Joseph Borer, aged
at 9 o'doek
at the St
Mi. .
H. C.
ia the building foremeriy
by P. W. Pedeiaoa.'
local ball snsgemsa there sign
ed Boy Hunt to do the twirling this
season aad he will arivo here May 10th.
The doaatora to the base ball fund
held'aaV election, for awaager lass week
aad; -Lew Winkler was .'uaanimously
elected. A verv-jrias seketion. '
Joseph Borer, and old resident of
Plattecouaty, living four, and a half
miles northeast of town, we taken with
a stroke of paralysis Tuesday, while oat
in the yaid and died before he could be
tamed into the house. The deceased
was aged 68 ysara, 10 months. The fun
eral wm be held today from St Bernard
Catholic church.
HuldaK Johnson, aged 85 years, died
at her home at Looking Glass, Tues
day April 28, of pulmonary tuberoulosis,
She ootracted a severe odd two years
sgo from which she never recovered
Dees seed was born In Illinois. She
leaves to monra her death, a mother, a
brother, Grant, and a sister, Mm. Fred
Nordgrea. The funeral was held Friday
afternoon from the Swedish Methodist
church. Rev. Stromeberg
the funeral sermon.
flaxtb cram
Mrs. waiiamNay came up fromColum
bns met Saturday morning and visited
with her aoa Robert and family until
Sunday nooa.
Miss Mamie Hays has been coniaed
to her. home the past week by illaem,
and her sister, Miss VelBe, w tstiag her
place as clerk ia the poatomce.
a J. Oerrig, with the usual aumber of
helpers, started yesterday morning to
drive hcattie,eosurmhundred red
head,to his sunmer pasture near Gtear
water. This is the latest ia the seeson
that he has ever made this trip. Aad
even now it ia doubtful if there ia auf
ftokat gram in the pasture to feed the
Last Friday Utile Susan, the 4 year
old daughter of Mr. aad Mrs. P. F.
screaming and saying that she had
swallowed a pin. Mrs. Luchainger had
been sewing aad the child, uaoticed.
took a pin aad also gave onetoayounger
child. It is act known how the pin was
swallowed aad for a time the parents
were very much alarmed. A phjrsician'a
dviee was sought aad so far nothing
serious has resulted. The child appears
perfectly well and is at play the
From the Democrat
C. J. Carig psssad through Humphrey
yesterday afternoon with S56 head of
eettlebewas taking to his reach Bear
Osear Water, thie state, topasture thin
Ralph Coolidge, the Colombas yonag
who a few months ago had the mis-
fortaae to fall under the ears and have
both lunba out off, waa ia Humphrey
Taesday lookiag over the new lusidence
of P. X. McKillip witha view to building
one like it in Odumbna. Mr. Coolidge
has sicum! two cork limbs and hegeta
siound about as well aa aiaay who are
bleseed with the ' limbs that God gave
Fred Holzeetdn, a young man who
worked for different f aramra ia this
part of theoountyfor tbVpaetyeeror
so, died ia the Columbus hospital on
Monday of last weak, where he had
for medieal treatment The pie
week he was around Humphrey ia
n pitiful condition, and on being notified
of the young, man'a condition Sapervie
Schure decided to take him to Columbus
at the ezpeaee of the country. The
young maa waa without funds or friends
hut it ia understood be has a brother
Uvingu Kansas City. We understand
the deoseeed was subject to epileptic fite
whjoh oaused hie death.
W. Wood, known to alnwst everyhoby
in thie part of the county, until Monday
a resident of Lindsay and at one time a
iusMwnt of Humphrey, was takaato
Liacou Taesday aad plseedia the say
lam under the dhmtmmaiac law. This
maa Wood issboat 'thV worst example
;ef kumaa depravity that has ever come
to onjr notice. SmoeleaviagHusaphrey
hehes visited here fretnenUy aad alway
ia a enagnatihg drunken atate. Whan
he did not have money with whieh to
buy liqaorhe was known to drain empty
lying in the back yards of
His wKs died a year or aa ago.
lanviBgtwoyosmggJria atthoamreyof
tar. ho abuld never be permitted to
have the asylam at Taneela, unless it is
to tnasssr him to the isaHaaliary far
, - -i- 7" c.
' HnntMMimnaM
, we can thinkofno
He is not fit
with the nasnssins and other
in ear nanitentaries. The
daaghterof this degeaerstfd father waa
ia Humphrey Wednesday with friends
on her way-to St. Marya hospital at
Odnmbaa where aba went, to receive
nmamal treatment for unmentioneble
abuses forced upon her by her father.
The young man with the eyeglasses
was of a methodical nature.' This, to
gether with the additional fact that he
had a deep Interest in the huffy
haired young woman with blue eyes,
forced a shocked exclamation from
his lips, when she airily protested that
she did tot keep an account of her ex
peadlturee. . "What's the user she demanded.
"I .always spend all the money I get
hold of, anyway. When it's all gone
I can't aee the good of being able to
tell whether I spent it for chewing
gam .or. improving Jlterature!"
"I didn't know you were addicted to
the gum habit,'' said the young man,
The young woman looked hopeless
for a second. "I never chewed 'gum
in my life!" she said, coldly! "That
that was Just an illustration.
The young woman reflected a mo
ment. "I did keep accounts once aad
-Whafs the User
they never would add np right," the
said. "At the end of six months my
account book told me that I had. spent
927fJ more than my allowance had
been, so I quit It Isn't possible to
spend money that you don't have, Is
it? There- seemed to be something
mysterious about the whole affair and
I concluded It was all the fault of the
account book. Since then I have had
no trouble.'
"I don't understand how it was pos
sible," said tiie young man, consider
ing this remarkable financial compli
cation. "Perhaps you added wrong."
'The pretty girl shook her head.
"Oh, my, no!" she said. "I couldn't,
because I counted on my fingers. And
it was an awful nuisance."
"But," persisted the young man, 'it
really Is -fine training. It well, It
exercises one's mind. It teaches one
to be exact and painstaking"
"Gracious!" sighed the pretty girl.
"I am sure that I took pains enough
over those dreadful accounts and yet
I don't see that It improved me at
all! Why, if you could have seen me
puxxllngover whether I ought to put
down In my daily expense bill the
goods I had charged which I would
have to pay for later, anyway, and
whether the 61 cento Clara borrowed
of me downtown ought to be sub
tracted from what I owed, you'd have
been sorry for me. It always gave me
a headache. And I didn't have any
more money left than I 'did before I
began keeping accounts!"
"Possibly not," said the young man.
"But that is hardly the point I am
trying to make. It Is a check on one's
expenditures to be able to look back
and see what one's money has gone
"Do you think so?" asked the pret
ty girl, dubiously. "It never seemed
to act that way with me. It never
seemed to make a particle of differ
ence that I had spent ten times what
I should have for chocolates the
month before if I happened to want
some the next month. I wanted them
exactly as much as it I had bought
none for a year. And, of course, when
I want a thing I get It" .
"Da you?" Inquired the methodical
yonag man la some alarm; "Suppose
Just suppose, now, that you should
marry a maa who who wasn't rich,
you know. Suppose your allowance
waa smaller than what you've had
why, you couldn't buy everything you
wanted without figuring to see if you
could pay for it"
The pretty girl regarded him cheer
fully. "Oh, that would be all right"
aha exclaimed. "I'm sure if I couldn'
pay for it he would, you know. It
would be awfully mean of him not
The young man looked at her des
pairingly. She waa so pretty that his
face softened in spite of himself. 'Ton
'don't know much about money, I
think, do your' he asked, as If she
were a child. "Well, I supose yon
could learn, though."
"Mercy!" aaM the young woman. "I
think I know a lot! I. know enough
not to keep accounts, anyhow. Then
yon nee if I set into finaacfal dMcul
tiee I don't know it It saves lota of
"I don't know," sighed the methodi
cal young man after a moment s re
faction, "but that you are right! It's
n new Men to me, though.' . .
... -. v . -
k.X'roJ?'S& . iiw '
rjsrt- yirtj
km.. Wheaahuman
low that tehee ao regard
plaee had enough for him.
llmnnnvkkVX. noT 1 lSSwAll t m ' laW
Our stock eoibodieB ilT
of Style, Quality and. Finn, nttected with, tf Ima
jKBibfecarw,aii popalariy priced. We anf aafe in
predicting thatyon will find here the JeBt; vetoes.
f - -'
Dresser Special
Made of filcctcd solid oak (when we s oak we mean
oak) with three laifrooinyowera, 20x40 top and
large French bevel mirror, an extra good value at
- $8.50
, .
RocKer Special.
A largeahippment of Rockers placed on our floor at
i special prices. Arm rockers
. $1.65 tip.
Come and make your selection while stock is complete.
413-416 Mt Etotrnta
If you want a
Spring Suit
Out of the Ordinary
In style, materials, workmanship and fit, at ft comsson-sence price, we
can salt you petfectly. We would have you know that oar clothes
are not only made to aell, bat Hade t Wear. If yon were to rip
open the seams with a knife, you will find only the Highest elaflg f
Ui,. llfil
Urn mnnlKsV ag imf Bmninmf'smBfSBmnnT
lIuaKL I 11lmF
izUflwanrmnWuBB llnSlmunsm
CorrftitnTED 1306.
$12.50 to $30.00
In all the aew Hngle-breasted models with tw or three buttons set
close, straight fir slightly rounded front, shaped back, with or without
vent, creased side seams, lapels long and peaked, or semi-peaked,
sleeves plain or finished with imitation cans doable breasted coats of
similar fiuiah. Vests, single-breasted with or without collars. Troue
ers with back or side buckles. Dlain or welted side seams. All hand
tailored in fashionable gray and brown worsteds, cheviots and
auneres, also b"lue and black suiting
All the newest shades in brown, Derbies and soft hats
$1.50 to $3.00
In Effect March 1st to April 30th
Go the Mountain Way. Insist that your ticket reads via
Colorado Midland Railway.
(Above Bum apnlr Croat Mfasomi RiwreoaMou poiatoi
eattof the river UshttraislMr.)
Ask F. L. PKABOHB. General
MORKLL LAW. General Agent,
or joar ova local aseat on any nilreai, or
. . SPEEslaV. Geaenl Peaeaaser Aseat, Denier. Colorado.
Weary ef
There Is some satisfaction hi
ing you are riant, even If the worm
does not recognize It," remarked the
Idealist. "Not maen," answered young
Mrs. Torkms. 1 can't help wishing
Charley would bet on the horse that
does wia instead of the one that
ought to."
"Ton are angry,
you know? Ton have just
1 atet your best f rtead leaving
in a aew
that k flood in
- - - - -t
. .- j ., u
from .
j -
Sewiag Silkg, trimmings and
workmanship, and be aatiafied that
Haster-Tailars did indeed
fashion the garments.
It k oar constant endeavor to
sell you the best clothes-Htke
guaranteedlkiad that are made
at moderate prices, and we are ever
ready to prove that we've got
them by the garments themeelve.
Spring Sack Suit
for Men and Young
Men at
I :
ifcaMmnsf tTsitsmi
aaamsTveuio aaaunupai
Aseat. 2 B. ltth
US Bheidler BaOcHas;
We invite all who ehsire eheies
steak, aad the very best cuts of
all other meats -to call at our
nMrsMtonUsvmrthsteset. We
also beadle poultry and lah aad
oysters ia seat on.
Talsamone Mo.1. - Oslnmhna, Neb,
,-rfe .-.-...i-v. !;,A.,U-itJ !