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the Principal Isacedieats
Are we claiming too much for Peru
whea we claim it to be ia elective
rsssedy fer chronic catarrh? Hare we
akandent proof that Peruna ia in real
ity sack a catarrh remedy? Let us see
what the Uaited States Dispensatory
aaya ef the principal iagredieata sf
Take, far instance, the ingredient
aydrustis canadensis, or goldea seal.
The United Statea Dispensatory aaya
tf this herbal remedy, that it is largely
enjoyed ia the treatment cf depraved
mucous membranes, chronic rhinitis
(nasal catarrh), atonic dyspepsia (ca
tarrh cf the shomach), chronic intesti
nal catarrh, catarrhal jaundice, (ca
tarrh of the liver) and in diseased
mucous membranes of the pelvic organs.
It is also recommended for the treat
ment of various forms of diseases pe
culiar to women.
AirJther ingredient of Peruna, cory
dalis forraosa, is classed in the United
States Dispensatory as a tonic So also
is cubebs classed aa a stomachic and as
a tonic for the mucous membranes.
Cedron seeds is another ingredient ef
Peruna, an excellent drug that haa
been very largely overlooked by the
medical profession for the past fifty
vears. The seeda are to be found in
very few drug stores. The United
States Dispensatory says of the action
f cedron that it is used as a bitter
tonic and in the treatment of dysentery,
and in intermittent diseases as a sub
stitute for quinine.
Oil of copaiba, another ingredient of
Peruna, is classed by the United States
Dispensatory as a mild stimulant and
diuretic. It acts on the stomach and
intestinal tract. It acts as a stimu
lant on the genito-urinary membranes.
Useful in chronic cystitis, chronic dys
entery and diarrhea, and some chronic
diseases of the liver and kidneys.
Send to us for a free look of testimo
nials of what the people .think of Pe
runa as a catarrh remedy. The best
evidence is the testimony of those who
have tried it.
enlists for four vears younjr men of good
character and sound itir'cal condition be
tween ineagesof I'andSSasapiiieniicc sea
men; o::mnilies for advancement; pay
Slfi to 70 a month. Klectricians. machinists.
lilackMiiuhb," noptMniuiibs. yeuraen (clerks),
en reenters, ebipniicr. firemen, musicians.
e.wt-,ete . betwee.i 2i ami :5 year-, enlisted
in tec al ratings villi suitable v-iv; hospital
apprentices 18 to 38 years. Ketirenient n
three-fourths pay and allowances after JO
e.-irs service. Applicants must beAaicucau
1'irst. cloitaimr onttit free to recruit. Upon
divriit rice travel allowance 4 cents per mile to
place of enlistment. four months' pay
and increase in pay upon re-enlistmen twit bin
tour months tiffliwch.nnte. Offices at Lincoln
mid U-c-tiiiKS. Nebraska. Also, fliirinswintcr,
at l'-s Miim"-rrtiooxCitT. loirt. Address
WWiDY BMW Unexcelled to r general farm-
WslUC UUaili '. -UK-t. .Uirjln. fruit, truck,
itc. oeiveuirnttotlie riyinr-t iiinikctandtrannprir
l.tioti facilities. Writetiore-totlieeforlUtkaiidpub-le-at!eis.
M. V ltirlianl-.I.ii"! am lmttnil Apent.
S.n,.-mt;i m1 N.!iile.vlii..i:.l:. tVasliliic rnn. I C
l-S Ch t.t. W,t.Ast..C2C:iruilcalBllir..St.Liiis,llo.
New York's Eariy Name.
Manhattan island was once named
New Orange for 15 months. When
the English took it from the Dutch the
name New Amsterdam was changed to
New York, and then when the Dutch
recaptured it in .Inly 1G73. they called
it New Orange. It held that name un
til the English retook it in November,
1674. when hc name New York waa
restored and has been retained ever
Stimjfate the Blood.
Brandretli's Pills are the great blood
purifier. They are a laxative and blood
tonic, they act equally on the bow
els, kidneys and skin, thus cleansing
the system by the natural outlet of
the body. They stimulate the blood
so to enable nature to throw off all
morbid humors and cure all troubles
arising from an impure state of the
blood. One or two taken every night
will prove an invaluable remedy.
Each pill contains one grain of solid
extract of sarsaparilla. which, with
other valuable vegetable products,
make it a blood purifier unexcelled.
Brandreth's Pills have been in use
for over a century, and are for sale
everywhere, plain or sugar-coated.
Danger in Salt Baths.
Salt water, so strengthening ordin
arily, is most weakening when too
warm. On most ocean boats there is
an abundance of warm water in the
bathrooms, and the daily salt bath ia
a great tonic, but beware of getting it
too hot It will turn you faint if yoa
do, even if you are accustomed to an
equally high temperature In fresh wa
ter at home. Travel Magazine.
Laundry work at hoine would OS
much more satisfactory if the rght
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric Is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trouble
can be entirely overcome by using De
fiance Starch, as it can be applied
much more thinly because of its great
er strength than other makes.
In His Father's Footsteps.
Allan Sankey, son of the famous sing
ing revivalist, is following his father's
footsteps as a composer, and some
of his hymns are popular in New
England revival meetings.
Give Defiance Starch a fair trial
try it for both hot and cold starching.
and if you don't think you do better
work, in less time and at smaller cost,
return it and your grocer will give
you back your money.
Some day there may be universal
peace. If it-comes it will be when one
man has succeeded in gobbling every
thing and at the same time convinced
everybody else that he is too strong
to be fought
Panthers and Grizzly Bears.
Ship Fan Pelts McMillan Fur & Wool
Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Write for prices.
Be severe when the fault demands
It, but don't owe the man a grudge.
Some men make a specialty of ves
tas; as horrible examples.
w -.-
The noisy, singing hen is generally
the hen that lays.
Tour garden seed order in yet?
Ought to be. Hurry up.
The health of the flock is dependent
largely upon a good dust bath.
Plan for the draining of that swamp.
Why let it remain idle longer?
Put yourself in the horse's place.
You wouldn't like blinders, now, would
It Is not good practice to put ma
nure in the hole in setting young
The best time to fight the scale Is
in the spring before the buds begin to
An empty salt sack used to rub
the horse down with will make the
coat glisten.
Will the coreless apple be followed
by the cobless corn and the rindless
Don't forget that a thinking cap
should be included in your spring
equipment of tools.
Lima beans cannot be grown on
poor soil, and should never be planted
while the ground is cold.
The earlier that the colt is broken
the easier it is for the animal and
the better is the job done.
The large importations of wool em
phasize the fact that more sheep
ought to be raised in this country.
Again we say. clean up the or
chard, burn all rubbish. Insects will
trouble you less next season if you
The well balanced farm is the one
where stock is kept to rebuild the
soil which the grain crops have de
pleted. The percentage of profit on any
farm is dependent upon the kind of
management the farm has, remember
that, Mr. Farmer.
The San Jose scale louse is no re
specter of persons, attacking all
orchard trees, rose bushes, berry
bushes, vines and shrubs.
A progressive dairyman will not
put up with scrub stock, and a scrub
dairyman may be given well-bred
stock and soon bring it down to his
The more evenly manure is spread
over the land the better will it be in
corporated with the soil. Don't leave
it in lumps. The manure spreader is
a great help.
Western fanners are coming to ap
preciate more fully the value of alfalfa
as a forage crop. It may cost extra
trouble and expense in getting a good
stand, but it pays.
A good hen man when asked wheth
er ne gave ms nens pepper, saia:
"No!" and the emphasis was so
strong that we concluded that it was
not a good practice.
The chicken with a broken leg can
be easily saved if worth saving by en
casing the leg in a splint made of nar
row strips of strong cotton cloth sat
urated in melted glue.
Rotting vegetables in the cellar are
disagreeable and unhealthful. Now is
the time of year when the cellar
needs straightening up and the vege
tables stored there looked over.
Lifting that mortgage may cost lots
of backache and long hours, but
think how good it will seem when
you can look out over your broad
acres and realize it is all yours.
The man who said that poultry cul
ture was made up of a chain of lit
tle things, one link out of place mak
ing a bad kink in the whole chain,
struck the nail pretty nearly on the
Handsome is as handsome does,
whether the poultry are handsome,
pure bred, prize winning stock or not
It's the eggs laid during the season of
high prices that determine the real
value of the hens.
Mr. Yerkes. the commissioner of in
ternal revenue, gives it as his opin
ion, after investigations in Europe
and this country, that denatured alco
hol can be made at a cost not to ex
ceed 35 cents a gallon.
The best adviser on farm practice is
not the distant expert, as a rule, but
the successful farmer right in yonr
own neighborhood. He understands
the conditions under which your dif
ficulties arise as no outside expert
If yon want the calf to grow up
hornless take him when he is not
more than three weeks old and after
clipping away the hair so as to be
able to get at the little knobs which
in time will be horns, wet the ends of
the horns and rub thoroughly with a
stkk of caustic potash. No horns on
that calf if the Job be thoroughly done.
R-Pf sawsssaaaaHLswsWsaJgCl
A novelty which some seedmen'are
offering is what is called com wheat.
It would be well for farmers to let
agricultural colleges and experiment
stations investigate the value of such
a novelty before experimenting with
Disgusting sight, those manure
laden cattle, and no doubt if one could
learn the .true inner feelings of the
patient creatures we would find that
they were disgusted too;' disgusted
with their owners for letting them
live in filth. 4
Fruit trees should be planted, not
set, with emphasis on the planted.
The soil should be given as careful
preparation as for any other crop and
the tree carefully placed and the dirt
worked in around the roots. Hasty,
careless work is responsible for many
an unthrifty tree.
The making of paper from corn
stalks Is being investigated by the
agricultural department, and should
the experiments prove commercially
successful, the result will be of two
fold advantage in lessening forest de
struction and giving farmers a mar
ket for a by-product
The reason young wood on fruit
trees kills back during the winter is.
that it was not properly ripened in
the falT, owing to poor drainage of the;
soil. Where there is too much mois
ture the growth of the trees is not
checked and hence the new wood is
not matured to withstand the freezing
of the winter.
Congressman H. C. Adams says: "If
any young fellow asks my advice
about making fanning a business, I
ask him, 'Are you man enough? If
not, don't do it, but go and be a law
yer or a doctor or a preacher or some
thing of that sort' " This sounds dif
ferent from the old adage that if the
boy wasn't good for anything else
make a farmer out of him.
The pear scab fungus can be kept J
in check by spraying with Bordeaux
mixture used at time buds begin to
swell, again after buds are out and
just before blossoms open, a third ap
plication after falling of blossoms and
a fourth and fifth spraying are advis
able where the disease is very bad:
The last two sprayings can be given
at intervals of from ten days to two
Here is the portrait of the fortunate
.farmer as painted by the Katonah (N
Y.) Times: "The fanner's hair may
be bushy, and his skin bronzed; but
his eyes are clear, his digestion is
like that of a three-year-old mule,
his conscience like the ether above
his head, and his bank account as fat
as his favorite shoat He is the most
independent creature that wears the
garb of civilized man."
Secretary Wilson's proposed substi
tute for the annual free seed distribu
tion in which a quarter of million dol
lars of the government money is prac
tically wasted, was not adopted by
congress. The secretary's plan pro
vided for the use of the money in the
purchase of the most perfect seed and
its apportionment to persons and lo
calities where strict supervision and
responsibility could be secured and
thus obtain definite results, and the
maximum of good to the country at
A poultry diary is well worth the
trouble it takes to keep it Each day
note the doings of the poultry yard
the cases of sickness, your treat
ment, and the results; the effect of
feed; when the first pullet egg was
laid; when you introduced new blood;
and lots of matters which at the time
may seem trivial, but which next year
may be very important. Try the
diary plan for one year.
City folks who have never had any
farm experience and who have be
come inoculated with the germ of
agriculturitis, and are contemplating
giving up a livelihood to risk their for
tune on a farm, should remember that
the farmer has a task master quite as
exacting as any soulless corporation
and that he is his own master only in
so far as he obeys the laws of nature
and works out his own salvation. It
takes brains, brawn and business push
to make farming pay. The average
city man put on the average farm
would raise chiefly a crop of financial
ruin and bitter disappointment Think
twice, go slow, take one step ata time
are good rules for the would-be farm
ers who are now making a good liv
ing in town or city.
While a big crop of increasing
prosperity is the lot of the American
farmer, his British brother is expe
riencing rather a hard lot, for it is
stated that the condition of agricul
ture in the United Kingdom is stead
ily declining, due, it is said, to the
continued exodus of the farm labor
ers to the large cities. The increas
ing dependency of the people upon
foreign countries for food is shown by
the statement that in 1845 the wheat
production of the United Kingdom
was sufficient to supply about 90 per
cent of the population. The home
grown wheat now feeds only ten per
cent The area devoted to corn has
declined 40 per cent in 30 years.
During this period there has also
been a great increase in jlhe consump
tion of imported meat
When carrying on fertilizer tests
the farmer should remember to leave
a check plot by which he may make
comparison to discover the exact ef
fect of the treatment The check
plot is simply a small section In the
same field left untreated, although the
soil preparation and cultivation of
the crop is identical with that of the
fertilised ground. Where the farmer
attempts to judge of results by com
paring the crop obtained with the
crop obtained on the same ground be
fore the fertilizer was put on he Is al
most sure, to em for seasons differ no
greatly :in rainfall and supply of solar
heat that one year used as
a standard by which to Judge another
year. But where a plot of ground is
left untreated and sown with need
and cultivated in the same manner as
the rest of the field It can be deter
mined Just how profitable the son
treatment has beesv-
Left Thousands of Veterans with Kid
ney Troubles.
The experience of David W. Martin,
a retired merchant of Bolivar, Mo., k
just like thous
ands of others.
Mr. Martin says:
"I think I have"
had' kidney dis
ease ever since
the war. During
an engagement
my horse fell on
me, straining my
back and injuring
the kidneys. I have been told I had a
floating kidney. I had Intense pain In
the back, headaches and -dizzy spells
and the action of the bladder was very
irregular. About three years ago I
tried Doan's Kidney Pills,, and found
such great relief that I continued, and
inside a comparatively short time was
entirely rid of kidney trouble."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Mllbura Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
From the feminine viewpoint an en
gagement ring Is a desirable thing to
have round.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local appUcaUow; m they caaaot reach tfea dis
eased partiaa of the ear. Tnere Is ml j one war to
care deafness, sad that Is by coast fictional remedies.
Deafneaa Is caused by an inflamed comUtlua of tbs
mucosa llntns; of the Eurtacblan Tabs. When this
label Inflamed yon hare a rambling' soend or Im
perfect Bearing;, sad when It U entirely closed. Deaf
ness la the remit, and unless the laflammaUon can. be
takes out and this tube restored to Its normal coadl
tlon, hearing will bo destroyed forerer; atae eases
out of tea am caused by Catarrh, which Is nothlas
bat an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollar for any case of
Deafaesa (canted by catarrh) that cannot be cured
by Hairs Catarrh Cure. Sand for circulars, free.
K. J. CUENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold br Drmrdstii. 73c
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Disease Puzzles Doctors.
A mysterious disease is troubling
the Dutch medical profession. It has
broken out in the district of Ouddorp,
not far from Utrecht, and Prof.
Spronck, of Utrecht, after all the best
efforts he can devise, has had to con
fess himself perplexed. The disease
is a contagious affection of the heart,
and the patients invariably develop
bi?h fever. There have been more
than 100 cases. Prof. Spronck has
marie a careful anlysis of blood taken
from ratients, but has utterly failed
to find a cause or an origin for the
Valuable Advice and Recipe by Weil
Known Authority.
The following simple home-made
mixture is said to relieve any form of
Rheumatism or bacbache, also cleanse
and strengthen the Kidneys and Blad
der, overcoming all urinary disorders,
if taken before the stage of Bright's
disease: Fluid Extract Dandelion,
one-half ounce; Compound Kargon,
one ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsa
parilla, three ounces. Mix by shaking
well in a bottle and take in teaspoon
fnl doses after meals and at bedtime.
A well-known authorits states that
these ingredients are mainly of vege
table extraction, and harmless to use,
and can be obtained at small .cost
from any good prescription pharmacy.
Those who think they have kidney
trouble or suffer with lame back or
weak bladder or Rheumatism, should
give this prescription a trial, as no
harm can possibly follow its use, and
it is said to do wonders for some peo
The Evolved Product of Centuries ef
The point of a needle is a very im
portant part of that useful little In
strument, and there are many points
about needles calculated to interest
the general public. The dally con
sumption of needles all over the world
is something like 3,000,000, while
every year the women of the United
States break, lose and use some 300,
000,000 of those tiny tools. Few peo
ple while threading a needle have
ever given a thought to the various
processes through which the wire
must pass before it comes out a
needle. Yet the manufacture of
needles includes some 21 different
processes from cutting the wire and
threading the double needles by the
eyes to separating the two needles on
the one length of wire, heading, hard
ening in oil, cleaning out the sides of
the eye, point-setting, and final pol
ishing. For wrapping purple paper Is
used, since it prevents rusting. There
are many sorts of needles, for sur
geons', cooks', glovemakers', weavers',
sallmakers', broommakers', milliners
and dressmakers' use. The needle is
the evolved product of centuries of
invention. In its primitive form It
was made of bone, ivory, or wood.
Point by point its manufacture has
improved, until this little but not in
significant instrument is now one of
the highly-finished products of twen
tieth century machinery and skUL
Zion's Herald.
70-Year-Old Man Not too Old to Accept
a Food Pointer.
'Tor the last 20 years," writes a
Maine man, "Pve been troubled with
Dyspepsia and liver complaint, and
have tried about every known remedy
without much in the way of results
until I took up the food question.
"A friend recommended Grape-Nuts
food, after I had taken all sorts of
medicines with only occasional, tem
porary reliesV
"This wai about nine months ago,
and I beg&a the Grape-Nuts for break
fast with cream and a little sugar.
Since then I have had the food for at
least one meal a day, usually for
"Words fail to express the benefit I
received from the use of Grape-Nuts.
My stomach is almost entirely free
from pain and my liver complaint is
about cured, I have gamed flesh, sleep
well can eat nearly any kind of food
except greasy, starchy things and am
strong and healthy at the age of 70
"If I can be the means of helping
any poor mortal who has been trou
bled with dyspepsia as I have been, I
am willing to answer any letter enclos
ing stamp." Name given by Postum
Co . Battle Creek. Mich. Read the lit
tle book, "The Road to WeUvffle," in
pkga. There's a Reason."
Kn. Wlasfww. Beetata Sjrreaw
reMMrea teethlnc, softens the gams, noses g
.nuajsys, earns waesssa. av
Some men make it their business to
Interfere with the business of others.
Dresses, Cloaks, Ribbons. Suits, etc.
caa be made to look like new with PUT
Many a woman has married a fool
for love; but few mistakes would be
made if fools never had money.
iixnw otrstK ix ts i mti.
PAZO OUITMKNT Is rasraBteed to care anr esse
I Itch aeVWliui. Bleeding or Protruding Piles la
StolldajsormoBer reiBiMled. He.
Many a man sows wild oats at his
leisure that bis children must reap
In haste;
.For lexibllity, smooth finish, stiff
ness, and dnrabllitv. Defiance Starch
has no eaual 10c for 16 or.
Some men are not satisfied whea
they kill two birds with one stoma
unless they can get the stone back.
Lewis Single Binder costs wore than
other 5c cigars." Smokers 'know why.
Your dealer or-Lewk' Factor-, .Peoria, 111
A man who is content to do the
same thing day after day may be a
good husband and a kind father, but
he is a poor news-maker.
Defiance Starch Never sticks to the
iron no blotches no blisters, makes
ironing easy and do23 not injure the
Booth Tarkington when at work
rises at five o'clock in the morning,
drinks a little cocoa and writes till
nine. Nearly all his best passages
have keen written at sunrise.
Take advantage of Nature's splendid of
fering, Uariield Tea, the laxative that is
purr, mild and potent. It is made wholly
of Herbs. For constipation, biliousness,
liver and kidney disear. It purifies the
blood. Guaranteed under the Pure Food
and Drugs Law.
Receives Carnegie Pension.
Judge C. C. Cole, of Des Moines, Ia
for many years dean of the Drake
University law school there has re
ceived a Carnegie pension of 11,280 a
year. He was graduated from the
Harvard law school.
In a Pinch, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
A powder. It cures painful, smart
ing, nervous feet and ingrowing nails.
It's the greatest comfort discovery of
the age. Hakes new shoes easy. A
certain cure for sweatins feet. Sold
by all Druggists, 25c. Accept no sub
stitute. Trial package, FREE. Ad
dress A. S. Olmsted, Le Roy, X. Y.
It isn't likely that Homer knew the
difference between heroic pentameter
and a milk wagon; Rafael probably
never guessed that there was such a
word as "genre," and the language of
the average musical critic would
doubtless have been too technical for
the understanding of Wagner.
Important to Mothers.
EaaaiSrc carefully erery bottle of CASTOrttA.
a safe and rare remedy for infants and children,
aad sec that it
Bears the
m - w
la Uw For Orcr SO Years.
Sae Kiad Too Base Always nougat.
One of the times to get busy is when
you are discouraged and think there is
no use trying any more.
Pain Turned This Woman's Hair
White but She Was Cured by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Do not seek relief from suffering
simply, but free your system from the
disease which is the cause of your
suffering. That is toe message which
a former victim of neuralgia sends to
those who are still in its grasp. Hot
applications, powders that deaden the
senses and others that reduce the
heart action may cause temporary re
lief but the pain is sure to return with
greater intensity.
Mrs. Evelyn Crcusere, who has a
beautiful home at 811 Boulevard
West, Detroit, Mich., suffered for
years with neuralgia until she tried
this tonic treatment She says:
"My trouble began about six years
ago and I did not rest as I should
have, but kept up about my many
duties. After a time I became so
weak I could not do any work at all.
I had severe backaches and such
dreadful headaches in the back part
and top of rcy head. My eyes were
easily tired and at times I saw black
spots before them. I consulted sev
eral doctors but without the slightest
benefit. The pains were so intense
that my hair turned white.
"I lost continually in weight and
strength and was almost in despair
when a friend recommended Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills. I tried them ac
cording to directions and soon began
to feel relief. At the end of three
months I had gained ten pounds in
weight and had no more trouble wita
my nerves. I have been in perfect
health ever since and can heartily
commend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all druggists, or sent postpaid, on re
ceipt of price, 50 cents per box. six
boxes for 12.50. by the Dr. William
Medicine Co, Schenectady, N. T.
AaBsBBBsaw"' TTie isgef pare, wyatabte lagriaiwaa,
ataa - which. acordiec the iMllsnaj,
Pi BBBBx esTuiosssBds wlut laws need it, wJB BJ
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aaBBBBBBBr Vs aWUw VBBBBBBa SnSjSssCasrOQflL DsssUBa ana1 TOVBsT BsaVsaaaaalaaaas Baas
a4w Behind the Dough! i ?"
faar w aaaaw rjsi masi. asyass pj
fjV V POWDER I tiggiPI
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KSH A realfXJWer tfmtjaisCSandsaUinS the -m 'SaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafJ
ifl dough with abaohrte cataioiy. No W .. , , I
feomsU failures. A cake made with K C giW I
BASBpakJOJ e m aaaw "t"' immmmmmmm H
511 fr?'."1 . . ,M xsssat snavai I
WbsM we msist upon rehiring yor gfr' m
HcjHft nwney if a trial does aot f HSSSSSSSSSSSaEflJf
rSSSSj coorbecyou. atfftfesSS-SS niPP
mm&mWmr mmmmmmWmmmMmr JaafaaW laaS. GaV oaaeaWeaSalWaaaesa9
How Many Perfectly WeU Women .
Do You Know ?
'I am not feeling very well, "I
am so aervons it seems as though I
should fly.- "My back aches as though
it would break."
How often do you hear these signi
ficant expressions from women
friends. More than likely you speak
the same words yourself, and there
is a cause.
More than thirty years ago Lydia
E. Pinkhsmof Lynn. Mass. discovered
the source of nearly all the suffering
endured by her sex. Wbman'8 Ills,"
these two words are full of more
misery to women than any other two
words that can be found in the
English language. Sudden fainting,
depression of spirits, reluctance to
go anywhere, backaches, headaches,
nervousness, sleeplessness, bearing
down sensations, displacements and
irregularities are the bane of woman's
The same woman who discovered
the cause of nil this misery also
discovered a remedy. Lydia E. Pink
hasn'a Vegetable Compound made
from native roots and herbs holds
the record for a greater number of
absolute cures of female ills than any
other one remedy the world has ever
known and it is the greatest blessing
which ever came into the lives of
suffering women.
Don't try to endure, .but cure the
cause of oil yonr suffering. Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at
once removes such troubles. The
following letters prove this :
TB VlifT 1741712 WAT TDTETa sBAIIa CKaSTLi
mm. iuu iumi iwi iwa
You have never gotten that solid comfort whieh a good
" pipe smoke " should give a man.
It has an elegant Aroma whieh no other pipe tobacco possesses, and
its smooth, delightful flavor and free smoking qualities are the results
of years of careful study and experimenting.
H nRvassssw ImWrwJ
LV w 1
"postage Tjaioy'wpcw receipt of rffnia, situ.-vii:Prsces,lio.tia
box, 10c; 3f 02. tin box, 20c; 8 os. tin' box, 45c and IS on, fiiacy tia
box, 90c. Money refunded to any dissatisfied purchaser.
a Cut out this advertisement and send with money order or
Write your name and address plainly, and address to
of town its life is ended. Kept
messenger of continuous benefit.
me importance 01 Keeping this
" " aiajnaB- WBHBnsjaj
Sfrm in that aTIHnv 8tAHM 1 n Ike HslBa
Jaoadlce aaa all bftr.ab K,J.
" asaMi
send ner absolute!
box of Paxtlne wu
Mens and genuine
To convince any
"wnmi lusi aTSX
tine Aatlaeasle ill
bnproTe ber beatta
and do all we claim
Inp it TlTm. ..Ill
send ner absolutely free a large trial
box of Paxtlne with hook of lastrnc-
uuua ana genome lesumoaiais. Send'
your name aad address on a postal card.
juu Bwmc aaa aaarcaa on a po
and heals
fe.A s
icvuuua, 9uca as nasai catarrh, pelvic
catarrh and inflaaunaUoa caused byfeni
nine ills; sore eyes, sore throat and
mouta. by direct local treatment Itscur
athre power otct these troubles Is extra
ordinary and gives bamediate relief.
Thousands of women am min mi mu.
ommendinglt every day. m cents at
uiuHcuisuruyraaii. JKnessDer.
Mrs. W.S. Ford of 1938
St, Baltimore, Md. writes :
Dear Mrs. Phkha;
'For four vears my life was a
ma. I suffered from invsnlaisnea.
pruslon, terriblo draggfaBg seaaasioss and
extras saOTOissaeK. 1 kadgJvea apt al
hope of ever being weu again wans Jydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable CoaXMUd was)
recommended. It eared aty waakasaa aasl
made an well and strong."
Miss Grace E. Miller, of 1813 Michi
gan St., Buffalo, N. Y. writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham :
"1 was in a, very bad coaditfcmof health
generally; irritable, rrobs! hackacke and
suffered from a feminine weakness; Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable- Cosapeaad. cased
uio after all other awdsciam bail failed."
What Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound did for Mrs. Ford ami
Miss Miller it will do fbrothcr'womea
in like condition. Every suffering
woman in the United States is asked
to accept the following invitation. It
is free, will bringyou health and may
save yonr life. ,
Hrs. RfttMs's kttWlM fit Wtact.
Women suffering from aay form of
female weakness are invited to
promptly communicate with Mrs.
Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. From the
symptoms given, the trouble may be
located and the quickest and sajfrst
way of recovery advised. Out of hvr
vast volume of experience in treating
female ills Mrs. Pinkham probably
has the very knowledge that wiil
help yonr case. Her advise is free
I and always helpfuL
WDWIlsf -rum-
OraOITI Tobacco is now
yisVla on sale almost
everywhere, and hundreds of thous-
andaof boxes were consumed
last year, and it is oar pur-
pose to pmee QBOID isneacM
of every pipe smoker in this
country, and to that end ws
make the following offer : '
If your dealer does ant
handle QBOID Tobacco, ws
will send tos tav sara bor.
Richmond, Va.
spent at home reacts ia
its benefits with unceasing;
sreneral nrnfit Cn nn
with the home merchants it is a
Business men should awake to
dollar at home and make a bid for it.
"Cgsas Cabas. Cm"
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I come Dangerous. If sot rnsnatr ft
I treated. Afnedkdaoteassdid
I which acts directly oossvo-l
I raanr organs, aacfa at I
W. N. U, OMAHA, NO. f.
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