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Calmnbns, Net, Thursday, Jan. 24, 117
IT GUTHRIE, Lincoln, Neb.
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22 Mk ari ScatchTop BdDs
Balance females including cows well
along' in calf or witH calf at foot.
j& j& There will be quite a num
ber of good things in sale. Time
will be given on any of above offer
ings at 8 on approved notes; 3, 6 or
9 months.
Watch this paper lor short write-up of the offerings.
Write for Catalogues.
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Advsrtmeia the Journal for quick
,;Nele V. 8kMC, omoI th leadiag
merefcaaU of Genoa, wm the city the
last 'day of the year aad aoeared a lieeaae
towed Delia Imrsoe.
cammlaiat wm Ikd with J edge Bat-
A. Heagey with atata-
rape, the nompmiaiar, witaoa
George Dahhelt, hia deaghtor
: JmwutSl aarviee oa th.
aapr raral rente, No. 6, wm iaaagarated,
UK m carriar. Tbie
i ia aoathot towa, eroawagtho Loop
the eoaatrj he
Mm O.E. Wright sad yoeng
Mr. Wright earn.
to oaajaaR Deetor Almaberger ia rela
tiaataawjaiaaaata. Short Hora sale to be
Mwa mOolambos,
Jen. at, 137, will iaelaae
flftj of tho asm offerings over patoa
aai if yoa deake to tomreve-your herd
afraattaOa tylai.
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Inn Maatiii -First NetieaalBaak
IatomglmBMwidithe emailed sta
tutes of Nebraska tor lKfc. aad eenest
aMyaaattaaUtot chapter It, thereof
lalffir " i . wo, taoawlar
aianmi eateara Bad a majority of' tho
hoard at mroetora, horahy give aablio
aatiw that aH th. avistiag dohtaof aaid
TamndsaMaaajBamy, oaoiaaivoof oath
SjBaSwSalH smwsw... wswSJf SSI
a J. OABttow, FMaiawai.
A. AwBKMoa. TroMwrot.
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SSaMsk Sawaaa"
mndJ. G. BOTH, MiLtord,Neb.
DAVID LEA, Silver Greek, Neb.
go. lOwwlssjitfJBiHsti. US p. SB
Smth. SL fJaaVMaaVk Bwamwaemi at JKK mm
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Pfcaaeata a play yoa cannot afford
Am Told In the Hill
Great Cast, Second Season
Electrical Effects Costumes
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South Dakota.
S.M. OM Time Otaate.
Cajanus. a Swedtob giant who was
nine feet nigh, was on exhibition In
London in 1742; and several old hand
bills still exist which set forth the
measurements of tills freak of nature.
Thirty years later we have Charles
Byrne, who was eight feet four Indies
In height In bis stockinged feet He,
however, died young, at the age of
twenty-two. from bard drinking. Cot
ter O'Byrne, another Irish giant, fol
lowed a few years later. He was
born at Kinsale In 1761 and at the age
of fifteen was eight feet high. This
by the time he was twenty-three had
Increased to nine feet four inches, and
then he changed his name to O'Brian
'In order to make people think that be
was descended from King Brian Bo
rolhme and went on exhibition. At
that business be, of course, soon real
ised a very comfortable fortune and re
tired, dying at Clifton on Sept 8, 180ft.
His wUl especially provided that his
body abould be thrown Into the sea In
order to prevent the surgeons from cut
ting limp.
a. mayas. iw i
A poet once Jumped to the condualoa
that there was no rhyme to Tlpperary
and said ao, whereupon an Indignant
Irishman, who chanced also to be a bit
of a versifier, pounced upon him and
poked fun at him In a lengthy poem,
every other line of which rhymed or
wo supposed to rhyme with the place
bt question. Thus:
A hard there was In sad quandary
To find a rhyme for Tlpperary.
Look labored he through January,
Tet found no rhyme for Tlpperary;
Tolled every day In February.
But tolled In vain for Tlpperary:
Searched Hebrew text and commentary,
But searched In vain for Tlpperary.
And so on through many scores of
stanzas, ending up with:
He paced about hia aviary.
Burnt In despair his dictionary.
Blew up sky hlsh his secretary.
And then in wrath and anger sware he
There was ao rhyme for Tlpperary.
Glaaaea aad the Eye.
Every one knows that In using a
aeU glass It Is necessary to adjust it
to a proper focus. Suppose that you
pat oae of the tabes at your focus aad
the other tube at a focus that amited
aome one else and then yoa looked
through both tubes. Yoa would have
a more or less blurred vision, aad If
yoa kept oa looking the chamcea are
that' yoa would feel giddy aad get a
headache. Now, the two eyes are aajh
aoaed to have aa equal natural feeaav
aai whea by aay chaace that feeaa la
aaeqaal a headache results. The
oiy la a pair of glaaaea or-'a
to asake the cjm oojaal la
Sweet Lady Jane Grey, who lafgaed
for a few BBoatha aa qaeea of Bag
laad aad had aar head cat off with
aa ax In the Tower of Loadoa for ao
aolag, was aa a Httle girl the aaaat
learned child for her ago of which
history has aay record.
Before aha waa alee years old ahe
wrote a baaatifal head aad waa able
to play well oa Mveral different
of musical lastraaieata. Ia
ahe was woaderfaL 8he ceaM apeak
aeveral, both ancient aad aaodera,
with ease. y
By the time she was twelve ahe waa
possessed of all the accoaapllahneata
taught yoaag ladtea of rank la those
daya aad. besidM that, could not only
write but speak hi Latia, Greek, Chal
dalc. Arabic, Preach, Italian aad He
brew. She was alao well grounded la
philosophy, and whea other chUdrea
were out playlag ahe aaed to
herself by reading the writings of the
philosopher Plato la the original
Perhapa It waa because the pretty
Lady Jane'a childhood wm m lonely
ask wen aa because of the extraordi
nary powers of her mind that ahe took
-to atony ao kindly aad learned ao many
things while so yoaag. Her father
and aaother were away at court much
of the time, leaving the girl to th.
care of her goveraeM aad her. school
masters at the great gloomy family
place called Bradgate. dowa la tho
country. The, beg, agJy, aqaare brick
houae wm buUt oa the edge of a gnat
forest aad aar rounded by thoasaada
of acres of almost aatahabtted land.
There were few books aad ao aewa
papera at the castle aad ao playasatM
for Lady Jane, for her goveraeM would
aot let her play with the children of
the servants, aad there were ao other
children within miles.
Whea she waa foarteea years old
Lady Jane wm takea to court by her
parents aad after that apent much
time there, where everybody wm de
lighted by her learning, her beauty and
her wit At court ahe wm able to
have aoaae recreatioa, bet she still kept
up her studies, aad whea ahe weat to
apead long parlous with her pareata at
gloomy Bradgate ahe had a bard time
of It
In a letter which ahe wrote to the
celebrated scholar, JRoger Ascham.
with whom she toed to correapoai as
with aa equal, ahe telle how whenever
ahe tried to do anything In the presence
of her "sharp and severe parents,''
either to "apeak, keep silent t stand
or go, eat drink, be merry or aad, be
sewing, playing, dancing or doing any
thing 'eke, ahe wm constantly criti
cised aad very oftea pinched or slap
ped If ahe did not do It perfectly.
In those daya childrea were freely
chastised by their1 pareata evea after
they bad grown up, and Lady Jane,
great helreas though she waa aad of
tile royal blood, got her ahare of whip
pings. But she saya that whea ahe
was at her studies she wm alwaya
happy, aad whea called away from,
them ahe would burst lato tears.
Aerham, who visited her at Bradgate
when ahe was a girl of twelve, found
her reading Plato la the origlaal whea
the rest of the family were oat hunting,
and ahe told him that ahe wm thank
ful for having each stem pareata, m
ahe had learned by their strict disci
pline to find more happiness la learalag
than la all the pompa aad vanities aad
all the pleaaarea of the world.
She wm a wonderful child la her
knowledge of pontics and of what wm
taking place hi feretga countries, aad
great men used to correspoad with her
about affairs of etate whea ahe wm a
Utile bUm of twelve m If ahe were a
grown woman of the greatest latellect
Bat poor Utile Lady Jaae! All her
teaming and wisdom did aot Mve her
from a sad fate. When she wm sixteen
they aaarried her to a weak but other
wise estimable young man aad made
her queen for a few moatha. Then ahe
wm overthrown, taken prleeaer aad
early the next year had her head eat
off for usurping the crown.
It wm her ambitieM father who
forced her to take the crown, aad he,
too. had bis head cat off for the bad
advice be gave hia daughter.
Those were stem eld days whea they
carried on their poUtical campaigns
with aa ax, and a learned, geatie aad
beautiful girl like Lady Jaae wm eat
of place In them.
But If ahe found ao aympatby la her
owa tiama ahe baa f euad it alace, aad
more tears have beea abed over the aad
fate of Lady Jaae Grey by the present
age thaa her adefortuaes aad her vir
tues ever caused to low la aar own.--Loadoa
AU the world aoas lak. Meet of It Is
very bed, bat once la a great while we
lad an "encre" that we caa write
with. Nearly every lak conaiM the
pea, aad nearly every pea polaeae aad
dries up the Ink. There never wm a
areperiy constructed Inkstsad or lak
well. Bet we must have patience. All
good things cos, to the fellow who
wsita and praya. The word iak pre
sents la lta formation aot only a his
torical memento of the origlaal la
veatora aad almost sole Mara of that
laid, but alao aaother vivid example
of the abbreviating power of oar tea
gaage. Ita Italian cognomen, Inchlos
tro." means Uterally "in n cloister" aad
recalls to memory the deep obUgatioaa
which Uteratare owes to those ecclesi
astical retreats la which Its vestal
Ires were so toag ptoesly guarded.
New York Press.
th. ej.
Haadreds of people have eared
selves of Impediments in speech,
of last year's mayors m a yoaai
to lad It abaost Impossible to
beginning with a
very Say for swathe he used to
at James park practidag
'A quantity
stiver qaletiy eaartered la
aaatnan aload. MA anantltv of eatefc-
mare. aatil he roaqatsrid the laBpeal
BMBt. Tsday he oae of the amet
mmBr "aflBjl
.Baaasr bbbbi
aamal Banal
bmbI bmbI
I Soda Crackers ; 8
area e''i gsV
smb. fAatmL ''-'' A,
H sa7asaasswMBffaTaaBB
I " a . -' V
V wawsQFwMBtHp fM CBBwawMVH4BMBwm aHwf lamssWsSBasMasI wW wHLsML V
Bammmsms AA ssBBBBaBBsaBB) OBaBsmaasl sbbbB) aaaBsaB sm osmsmwaaBssW assanaaaBaaaamnsaa ssssiaaaaBBs mmmm anmmmmml
Al CffJaJ bwcm fJa Ma awawMB amHPawB awlaa "W
lH CaffSma. aw) ttw awaaswasj wTantal JFaV fJsawS BsBmmjy9 mj af BB
' Itjat emai was-fr awjnUt ttmt aJMy IBfcff a faasMt awlat
W iBMtl Wiatm y CaaMawtalBswk V
aB aUBaf&aaav BBaaasaaassBsmi aWmma mbm
I Uneeda Biscuit I
jnaak maaa
aaaBf aaaav
aaam M asssW atCBaams? aaV aviBaa4BaEsa)w aamaal ama aai aas sssBamV amars
H ttfc ajOTlaaVt al tha wiatat art iwtasmii aawi aWrtlafjcw H
a faU cracto im wthteli tVa iitHail fwwwmwjs It H
tswMIYwm faff yam
aaaaB asssBHassBssssB sBssBsnaaasi . aasaaBsaaaasaT - ptaar bbbbb
saamV bbbbb!
bbsbssssssbW BBBBSSSBlBB
st ammmmsssBL asmmmmmmLsaBm
White Lead
T -
Hie best painters still
pure white lead and
pore luiseed oil, and they
secure results, both in ap
pearance and in wearing
qualities, which can be had
in no other way. .
If your paint has peeled
off the house, it was mot
Red Seal or Southern
Pure White Lead
and Pnte Linseed Oil.
Paint made of these ingre
dients wears smoothly and
does not peel
The Awfal CHB 1
A traveler la Venezuela gives aa la
terefting description of the ash of the
Orinoco country.: He Mys the party
aeveral times caiae la contact with the
carib flsh, which are the moat ferocious
lnhabitanta of the water known. The
flab are not over,fourteea lncbea long;
but they travel in schools. Their teeth
are three cornered. Any living object
which attracts their attention la at
tacked with fury:' Mr. Thompson tells
of aa Indian woman who entered the
water to fill a bucket. She waa at
tacked by the ash and reached shore
only to die In Ifteen. minutes. The
lean wm literally tornifrom her body.
Mr. Dart, who wm wath Mr. Thomp
aoa, caught oae of the ash and pulled
It upon the beak; He held the carib
under bis foot while he pointed at the
peculiar teeth with hia anger. With a
quick movement .the carib sopped oat
from under MrDart's foot aad seised
him by the anger, cutting that member
to the boae. The ash frequently have
beea known to bite ordinary ashhooks
In two. ' '
Though dentistry became a science
aader the hand of Professor Richard
Owea m late aa 1839, there areevl
dencee that It wm practiced la a crude
way by the ancients. Herodotus refers
to treatment of the teeth by the Egyp
tians, aad evidences of attempta to
supply artiflcial teeth have beea die
covered la ancient akaUe aad mum
mies. Galen waa the erst phyaldaa
to speak of treatmeat of troublesome
teeth, aad Ambrowe Pare, la his work
oa surgery to 155CV aaakes meatioa of
the preaervatioB of the teeth. It Is
only alace the middle of the mat
tury, however, that
cornea branch of surgical
fore that time bad teeth were extract
ed, aad mere tooth drawing coaatitat
ed dMtiatij eariy ha the elaifata
century. The arst deatsl school la the
United 8totos wm erected at Buttt
BMrelal8St la 185 Oacmaatl Boast
ed of a atamllar laatttntWa. aad la ISM
at PhUa-
Lady Dorothy Nevat la
teUa a atory of I
of the oh
with while
tteadaeaceajr, jslti Wg
cellar, over
waistcoat" Bat he swore, after tha
maaaerof the age. "He wm tra veaag
at alght oa the continent alone hi a
post chalM whea the postboy, while
passing threagh a forest, began to
drive Uke a aaaa anything bet certala
of hia way. My fathar'a' wrath
aad the
m alarmed the driver that, mi
Je ao veux bm ceadaire le dtobte (I
will aot drive the devil), he BeUed a
and, having expeditiously aafsataaad
the traces, made off with ale horses at
a gallop. My father, I believe.
the whole alght alone la ties weeds.'
Fmt f 1
In the cotaaue of the New York
Gazetteer of Sept. 8, 1786, there wm
a' paragraph lamenting the Increase of
lawyers as three toalag to the future
prosperity of the community aad ag
grading to freemen. "Aa honest trade
la former days," aald the writer, waa
all that people of rnmiana ahlHty aad
eaacatioa were ambHtoaa of, hat bow
bo profesaloa la genteel hat the law
yer aad the merchant, The lawyers
are now creeping Into every peat ejf
Importance and throating thesssetves
wherever there le a vacancy. Oareoa-1
gross, our assembly, are trowdad with
them, and evea la ear great commer
cial convention there are Ive lawyers
to oae merchant"
Toa remember the old
who whea ahe heard
aweariag or aata
Ip aa Atchison boy
formed la tide way. so hie fa
him la head. Every day
called aim la aad aald: "Now.
mother ebjecta to those aaaghty
yoa aae. bat i, being a man. Uke
Go over the hot for
promptly complied at Arst. hat la
days he tired of the words aad hi
a few
a bow
given ap Ms net entirely.-
The toad sheds Ha skin at certain
periods, the old oae coming off and
waving n new oae, which hM beea
formed underneath, la Its stead. It
dees aot give Its cast off coat away to
aay poorer toad, aad there are ao toads
dealing at second hand ralamat Nei
ther does It leave lta cast off Jacket oa
the ground after the faahlea of the
aefffi snake. It awallewa ka ever-
t at oae aasathfal. ceaverUag lta
lato a portmaatMB.
Whea I wm a ffhi. the aristocratic
bom wm high, beautifully meatlad.
rlatog la a dettcately waving ridge aad
at the tip stsndtng weU oat from tho
face aad aot tamed am, BatBowthe
faahloa hM completely cssmaed. The
pretty women oa. eesa amtaajei la 11
lastrated papers aad asagaataM very
aeldom have much to apeak of ha the
way of Boses. Dowager ha ImaSaa
mm in amt am a. mmmiLm
"Who la yoar fa1
oaJred the artistic
at tide
Camrex. with
hie wife, "bat If.
sic I cant
yoa are
daughter's voice caitivatsd.
Yes; rm afraid R caat he
am doiag the next
datable Record.
aeaasst' Icaartaay
moment,'' iMiail Mr.
sroaoence."-WaaMagtoa Star.
Wicked men he friends either
ww avaaSBa Baaajmj asasmweama, Baaw avaamaBBBaa aamana
She-irs funny, hat al the thaw I
have kaewa Mr. TWjg ha aever bm
or paya aay body.
yoa love her, hat It at Bet aa easy to
Bve ap to It far a aaswane.-New Zee-ItmiGraaale.
- Barry HUMerd. who many years age
red hi a aawU town In northern Ver
BMat, waa Boted for hie csreless vsga
head habits, leaay-wlt and remarkable
facility far extempore rhyming. While
he waa aKting oae day la the village
store of what Is bow a part of Moat
aeaor aawag a groap of Idlers the gea
ml aserchaat asked him why he wore
such a shockingly bad hat Barty re
plied that he could not afford n better
"Come now," aald the merchant
"make me n rhyme oa a bad hat and I
wUl give yoa the beat I have la my
atore.' Instantly Barty threw the old
one on the floor aad begaa:
Her. He. my oM hat
Aad pray what of that?
ir. as sood as th. rest of my raiment!
If 1 buy me a better
You'll make me your debtor
And send me to Jul for the paymeat
The new hat was voted to be fairly
won. aad Barty bore It off la triumph. .
aaylag. Ifs n poor head that cant
take care of Itself." Boston Herald.
a Dm
"Did you ever notice," said the oh
aervmg man, "that every public build
ing has chandeliers unlike those of "any
other pabHc balMmg? There are no
duplicates. Toa go lato oae church
sad yoa see a handsome chandelier
that It would seem worth while to du
plicate for another church, but you
never And It tn another church. Yoa
go law a big ball, aad yoe'll observe
aaase ataaalag gtobes aad chandelier
flxtares and look for 'em In aome other
tag hall, but they're not there. I don't
know what principle the makers of
chandeliers go on, whether It Is a mat
ter of pride with them not to ft out
two buildings aUke or whether con
tractors for such buildings Insist on
exclusive designs, bet the chandelier
people mast employ some remarkably
versatile artists to thmk up so many
different designs. It seems like & waste
of Barney to auke oaly oae of a kind.
It le a pleasure to know that hall
he exclusive ia Its chaa-
- The threatened revival of the con
certina as a serious' musical instrument
in England would be a return to aa
old faahloa ao doubt, hat aot to a very
old one, since the concertina dates from,
the early part of the last century. Its
invention was sa early mdlscretioa of
Sir Charles Wheatstoae of telegraph
fame, who took out a patent for It la
1829. the very year to which some
body to Vienna laveated that similar
Instrument the accordion. The concer
tina wm popularised by Slg. Regoadl.
who had coaae before the public aa a
juvenile prodigy with the guitar. At
one tiase ao Leaden coacert wm real
ly complete without him and his con
certina, and he astouaded the Germane
with the music he could get out of It
It wm a budget last aJght-abeat a
of earnming neper spoken In two
heam by Mr. Gladstone, sad he hard
ly referred to a Bote, aever paused a
moment broke through cheers, dashed
.over tottmelmtloM logic, flgares. II
lastiallaM, extracts-aH peUmeM. with
a whirl aad fury that took the breath
away. Aad he did M aU with the ut
BMet mm aad get to the ead without
turning a hah. Mr. Qmdotoee took It
aa eeJetly aad did It qatetly aad left
the house aad weat heme quietly,
probably mentioning to Mrs. Gladstone
m a reason far being rather tired that
he had beea aaylag a "few words
that eveBlBg.-From Whlttya "Psraa-
TSmjainf. off
to the
its, the flame of acetyleae le aer-
haaa the hottest kaow- -xceat that of
the electric are. The . wing flgarea
have been gives: Ttnaai iiaraer. 1.8T1
; acetyleae flame. Z58 degrees;
1,706 degrees; Deney-
roBae burner-half alcohol, hah? petre-aaaa-aCS
degreei; hydrogea tut Ia
aar, Utaw degrees; gaa Jet flame with
fMthwaia aogreaa. Oae degree eea
ttsMaw aaaala.LS degress F.
i5S.3t'42 ?L,M7i& -5
- ?$&- -1 r yli
wv,wlhaS;vjj!--'ea-.''' fj--, j- - ---3- s