The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, October 10, 1906, Image 5

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...Dry Goods Department...
Children's Day at Gray's
"Where are you going, Oh' maiden, I pray?
As you hurry along through the crowded way.
Your eyes shine bright, 'your face is aglow
With smiles and sunshine you're happy I know."
"Oh, indeed I am, and so would you be
If you were a little girl just like me
I'm taking my mama and dolly so sweet
To Gray's store, which is on North street,
"For October thirteen is little girl's day,
And to all who bring dolls they'll give away
A cute little vest, either pink or blue,
That will keep her warm the long winter through.
My mama is going and perhaps she will see
Another one like it to just fit me.
But we're in a hurry to be on our way
And must not stay longer, so bid you good day."
Special Opening Sale
of Underwear, Saturday
October 13th, 1906.
E HAVE the largest and best as
sortment of low, medium and nigh
ff in our stores, and intend to make
prices tnat will sen me gooas eariy m
the season. If you want warm, com
fortable, satisfactory underwear that
is reasonable in price, it will pay you
to investigate our stock. We have
all kinds and can please the most fas
tidious, and at prices that will suit
every pocket book. Buy early while
onr assortment of sizes is complete.
Sale Commences Saturday
Morning, October 13
We are going to make this store headquarters for
underwear, because our good? and prices are right.
They Can't Be Beat Ladies' Union Suits, Open
across the bust; good heavy
ones at 50c, C5c, $1, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25. 2.50,
3.00, and 3.50 per suit. These come in gray, ecru,
white, pink and blue.
Ladies' Vests and pants. Fleece lined, well made,
- some ask 30c and 85c,
here only 22Ac. Very heavy fleece lined vests and
pants, worth 45c, our price 30c, Very heavy fleece
lined vests and pants, bargains at the price, 50c and 75c
Ladies' Union Suits Open half way down the front
" an(j open across the bust.
Suits made to sell at $1, are finished with the same care
as the higher priced garments. The best foundation
for tasteful dress is a perfect fitting suit of Munsing
Misses' Union Underwear
Give maximum of com
fort at a minimum of
expense. Made for children from 3 to 14 years of age
in several different qualities, in light, medium and
heavy weights, open front. Prices 50c to $1.50 per suit
Misses' Vests and Pants Heavy knit kind, each
- 19c to 25c Misses' vests
and pants, nice, heavy ones, each 25c to 40c. They fit
well, wear well and are perfectly satisfactory to those
who don't like combination garments.
To Please the Little Folks
we will give away 600 doll's vests
made by the manufacturers of the
celebrated Munsing underwear.
Let every little girt in Platte and
adjoining counties bring her doll
and come with her mother or some
other grown up person, to our
Underwear department, Saturday
morninsr, October 13, between the hours of 9
and 11 o'clock. We expect to see more little girls and
more pretty dolls than any one in this town ever saw
before. We have only Six Hundred Shirts and may
hav,e to disappoint those who come late.
Each lady will receive a nice little Munsing Under
wear Booklet.
Sole Agents for Ladies' and Misses' Munsing
Underwear in Columbus.
Only place where you can get the Doll Vests
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I V if
Hi Battle
Not far from St Thomas, a matter of
perhaps a anadred miles, -was fought
the most wonderful naval battle" In all
history. The Dutch, admiral detected
the enemy In the early seraing, when
the sea was covered with a thick mist;
and his gans opened fire at eace with
out warning. The fire was returned
with Interest, the ocean fairly quiver
ing with spasms caused by the shock
of frequent discharges. Somehow or
other the enemy's snots, which sound
ed like a bombardment; seemed to fall
short or go wide of. the mark, for not
even a splash of a ball was heard, and
the Dutch ships remained unscathed.
On the other hand, the Dutch could not
see the terrible execution their .guns
were doing until nearly the middle of
the forenoon, when the fog lifted, re
vealing to their astonished gaze not the
vessels of the enemy, but a great rock
standing out of the sea. They had been
firing at it for five hours, and the sound
of the return shots they heard was the
echo from the solid wall of granite.
They named-the place Bedonda, which
means sent, rolled or driven back, and
Bedonda it is to this day.
Oae of the FaaUljr.
James Seymour, the artist, was bora
in XiOndon In 1702. He displayed s
fondness for drawing and painting in
boyhood and subsequently gained ce
lebrity by his skill in designing horses.
Once the proud Duke of Somerset em
ployed Seymour to paint a- room at his
seat in Sussex, with the portraits of his
running horses. Having admitted the
artist to his table, begone day drank to
him, saying:
"Cousin Seymour, your health."
The painter replied, "My lord, I real
ly believe that I have the honor of be
ing of your grace's family." -
This hurt the pride of the duke sc
much that he rose from the table and
ordered his steward to pay Seymour
and dismiss him. Finding, however,
that no one in England could complete
the pictures begun, he condescended to
send for his' cousin. The painter re
sponded to the message in these words:
"My lord, I will now prove that I am
of your grace's family, for I won't
Sea Otter Slcla.
The furrier was taking his stock out
of the cold storage room. It came
forth frozen stiff and coated with glis
tening white frost But there was one
beautiful skin that though just as stiff
as any of the others, had no frost on it
"I want you to look at this skin," he
said. "It is the kind that the richest
Russians, grand dukes, and so on, have
their overcoat collars made of. It is a
sea otter's 'skin, and it is so expensive
that often one coat collar of it will cost
300. It is unquestionably the best
skin in the world to make coat collars
of. Why? Look at this one, and you'll
see. AH my other skins are covered
with frost while on this fur no frost
whatever appears. And that's the rea
son why sea otter skins make the best
coat collars. The breath, for some un
known reason, doesn't freeze on them."
New York Press.
las aa Oata.
Bronzed by foreign suns, he entered
the office of his colleague, but the cash
tor's chair was vacant
"Is Mr. Smith outr he asked anx
iously. "I am an old friend of his."
"No, sir," returned the clerk. "Mr.
Smith Is not out He won't be out for
sixteen years."
Here the clerk smiled grimly.
"The firm is out though," he went
an, "one hundred thousand, just"
New York Press.
The Oaly Way.
A person of little tact once remarked
to the octogenarian Auber, "What a
sad thing It Is, this old buslnessr
"Yes, agreed the old musician, "it
la sad; "but" he added, with witty
philosophy, "up to the present time no
surer way has been discovered, to live
a long time."
A Caatlaaa Daauel.
"Dearest with you 'by my side, I
would willingly give up all L possess
wealth,' position,, parents everything.'!
"I know, George, but In that case
what .would there- beleft-for-me."
Milwaukee Sentinel.
Ifs a queer fact that the higher a
man rises the less chance he has of be
ing above suspicion. Pock.
Dtotlas-alshed fcy Mavemeata.
Observant and far sighted persons
distinguish at great distances a man
from a woman, not by dress, face or
figure, but by movements. The mo
tions of the most graceful of men are
ungainly when compared with "the sinu
ous lines that most women Instinctively
assume. It often happens that a single
motion of a distant figure, and especial
ly a motion of the arms above the head,
will instantly determine for a trained
observer the sex of the person. If any
one doubts this let him note the awk
ward, windmill-like performance of a
man arranging his hair and the grace
ful curves and deft touches with which
a woman accomplishes the same thing.
Jacks Townley is an exceedingly
cautious man. don't you think? Johns
Cautious! Why, he wouldn't pay a
compliment without getting a receipt
The song that we hear with our ears
Is only the song that Is sung in ow
hearts. Ouida.
bapreMive ErMeaee.
The constable is an observant man,
and his observation had its reward 'at
Marlborough street one morning. It
was the case of a hansom driver who
had run Into a four wheeler, and the
constable maintained in the witness
box that the hansom driver was drunk.
"There was a bit of a dispute," said
the driver," and the constable admit
ted as much. "You was a bit doubtful
about me bein' drunk, wasn't you'
now?" continued the driver solemnly.
"I was, Just a bit," said the constable
stolidly, "until I saw you taking down
your own number on your coat sleeve."
London Standard.
Artist's Friend My dear Harold, I
like your picture very much, only I
fancy the original doesn't look quite so
red as you have painted hini. He
hasn't a ruddy complexion; quite the
reverse. Impressionist Artist Who on
earth are you talking about? Artist's
Friend Why, your uncle, of course
Impressionist Artist Gracious, man
but that isn't my uncle. It's a sunset!
Proper Secarttlea.
Jinks Johnson wants to borrow 10
from me. Do you think be is good for
that amount? Binks Yes, with proper
"What securities would you sug
gest?" "A chain and padlock, a pair of'
handcuffs and a dog. That would be
enough to hold him." London Mail.
The Professor Now, suppose you had
been called to see a patient with hys
terics, same one, for instance, who had
started laughing and found it impossi
ble to stop, what would you do? Doc
tor Amputate his funny bone. IIIus
trated Bits.
Aa Expert Opialea.
"What do you think of my daughter's
execution on the piano?"
"Good name for it, for she certainly
does murder the time." Baltimore
Hardware Department. . .
HuskingPegs and Mittens The biggest assort-
ment we ever had in
cotton flannel mittens and gloves. You can't afford to
make them at the price and quality we are offering.
You cannot afford to go with cold hands at pur price.
Stove Economy It's money in your pocket to buy
m from us. Our years of experience
in buying and selling stoves has gigen us a reputation
it is absolutely reliable stoves at reasonable prices.
We guarantee you bigger, .better values for your stove
money than you can find elsewhere.
uaKSttOVes brood, heavy soft coal heaters, hand-.
somely nickel trimmed, big values, up
from $7. 50 .
Agents for Cole's Hot Blast Heaters The genu
. ine costs no
more than the imitation and here is our strong guaran-Tee
1 We guarantee a savin of one-third in fuel over
any lower draft stove of the same size, with soft coal
or slack.
2 We guarantee Cole's Hot Blast to US) less hard
coal tor heating a given space than any base burner
made with same heating surface.
3 We guarantee that the rooms can be heated
from one to two hours each morning with the soft
r 0irhard coal pac in the stove the evening before.
4 We goareotee that the tove will bold fire with
a th,ry-U" hcurs without attention.
5 We guarantee a uniform heat day and night
with soft coal, hard coal or lignite.
.6 We guarantee every stove to remain absolutely
air tight as Ionjas used.
7 We guarantee the feed door1 to be smoke and
dust proof.
Prices from $12.00 up.
Sole Agents for the Genuine Bound Oak Stoves and
Ranges and Peninsular Base Burners.
BaH'51 '"iBBSSSI
ten ef aa OCaaara
Caaat Kama 1 Call
Along the great blue ' current of
Japan that sweeps 'down" the Calif or
nla coast Is strung a. chain of telanfls.
They are the summits of offshore sJer
res, a coast range of California that
has been partly overwhelmed by tat
sea. All have a peculiar beard, or pro
tectlng growth of weed, that consti
tutes a -perfect forest about them,' a
giant seaweed growing In water sixty
.or more feet in depth and forming a
natural wave break and a home for
countless marine animals. The vines
are sometimes 100 feet In length, vast
cables, with broad, dimpled leaves ef
a dark olive hue, which assume grace
ful shapes In the tide.
When the visitor peers down Ints
the turquoise water the scene Is often
a revelation. A new world Is opened
up and the real beauties of oceanic of
submarine scenery are appreciated.
The great leaves are carried by the
fitful currents that sweep these islands
In every direction. Sometimes they
are extended-attag length and appear
like a horde of green snakes. Again
they lie down upon the surface; list"
less and drooping, taking myriads ef
shapes and, forming nooks and corners
of great beauty.
So attractive are these forests tint
what is .known as the water glass has
been elaborated Into a glass bottomed
boat; which has several large plats
glass windows through which the pas
sengers may look down into the -kelp
forests and view a panorama of the
sea. These boats range In size from
rowboats to sidewhcel steamers, so ar
ranged that they can Scat over the
forest and view Its wonders up and
downline coast Chicago News.
Beta PiaaaataJ la Ceaaeaaeaae.
Father-in-law Extravagance, ex
travagance! You offer me a fifteen
cent cigar! When, I was your age I
couldn't afford anything better than a
fiver! Son-ln-Iaw (who has Just got
a girl with a fortune) Exactly; other
wise I could not afford anything better
now myself. Fliegende Blatter.
Lecturer on Woman's Rights Wo
man has risen. We will no longer be
the slaves and playthings of the tyrant
man. Am I plain? Unsympathetic
-Male Voice You are. London Mags-sine.
They Deat Sacak Haw.
Jess He hasn't got sense enough to
propose to a woman. Tess Is that sot
Well, he and I are engaged! Jess
Well? Cleveland Leader.
There's nothing makes a man mad
der than to know he has made a fool
of himself after having his own way
about It
"You say she's only an amateur
"Yes. If she had been a professional
nurse she wouldn't have married the
first patient that came along. She'd
have looked around a little first
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Sara Talaar.
Stella Did you try to see whether
he loved you with a daisy? Bella Ne;
I counted with a three leaved
New York Times.
Proverb nt Aaaaai.
Here are some rather clever proverbs
of Assam: "The best crops grow on
others' fields, but the best sons are at
home." "A bird Is a Utile thing, but
It builds its nest on a lofty hulung
tree." "Buy land which slopes to the
middle, and marry a girl who has a
good mother." "The biggest jack fruit
always hides under the leaves." "If a
man slips down it is always his eldest
wife's fault, but if his youngest wife
makes a mistake he says he will see
about It" "A hasty cook, a hasty
broom, and the husband goes fasting;
a slow cook, a slow broom, and the
husband eats three meals a day."
Mexleaa Cacti.
Mexico has a cactus which grows
toothpicks; another, ribbed and thick
ly set with toothpick spines, which fur
Ulshes the natives with "combs. There
Is another cactus, the long curved spines
of which resemble fish hooks. There Is
another which Is an almost perfect Imi
tation of the sea urchin. Still another
resembles a porcupine. There is anotb
erjrovered with long red hair which
is nicknamed the "red headed cactus."
Mare af HIau
Miss Mugley The idea of his calling
me homely. I may not be very pretty,
but I'm certainly not as homely as he
Is. Miss Pert No, dear, but that's
simply because he's bigger than you.
Philadelphia Ledger.
He Went.
"Like most men," he said, "I have
my shortcomings, I suppose, but"
. "Oh, it isn't your shortcomings father
objects tor' Interrupted the girt. "Ira
your long staylngs."
HI Fatal Blaaaar.
"Why did you think he had been
drinking? He didn't show It"
"Not until he went out of his way
t prove that he hadn't" Philadelphia
Dr. J. W. Term
BegJiippei Optical Ottiees.
li The West
in the front rooms over Pollock
ft Co.'s Drug Store. Wfll be in
Columbus offices Sunday , on
day, Tuesday and Wednesday of
each week. Spectacles and eye
glasses scientifically fittesr and
repaired. Eye Glasees adjusted
to any nose.
mm mm & company
imcuies, eneiuY, lamps ami slasswaie
j --. jwi.-v n
" f !?
UTa navA m. lawsm amH' 'yssf?
vv.MW a mm0w warn, -va &-l
well selected stock of
We handle only the
very best brands in
We can please you. All
. Grades of Flour, the best
Cider Vinegar, Strictly
- Pore Spices. For the
Summer Season we have
A Delightful Beverage.
We are Headquarters
for Fresh Fruits and ,
A Large Stock of Nov
elties in
-Always Right.
We Respectfully Solicit
alShare of your xTrade.
Nrimka fttu 29. Mipnfeit (tons 29 ail 329.
Don't Do Your Fall!
House Gleaning
Until you call at the Gass
Furniture Store and pick
out one or two pieces from
our new stock of Up-to-Date
If you want to make that
old piece of furniture look
like new, try a bottle ol our
CttaaSM, Itbraska
ai aj aj W W m a
''Fa.F Fa"
Whether it is on your business
stationery or in the columns of
the Journal. If you don't think
y HI l) YOU 8' caU and let us convjnce yu-
51 It will be dollars in your pocket.
. IV '1V I BaaaaaaaaaaV
Call on us. We sell the well known Staver
make and can save you money on a good job.
. x f
"i . - 3
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. - "- . c-XV . v. . . .
v eSSf?.
?i il &
- "-&1. V X" CtSi. C - '-.-V&-.
.AlT'-V r &mfr&kG4
ivAii a-iSJ3t.-ur'J4S kSo . t.-.
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I K. liZ T. i fc ". 0- 4T PLiiTt --.. " - t , im .. ,---'