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Walahtsntf BwaimWtN byTU
Dr. Wmiama ftok Pill.
WeawBat forty, or thereaboats, have
shear faints in their own bsnus. Tbers
will be a. change for the better or wane,
for the better if. the system in prilled ly
sock tonic uDr. William Pink Pills.
Mn. D. C. Wedding, of Hartford. Ky.,
writes as follows concerning the dill
caltiee which afflicted her :
I was serkmsiy ill and was coafined
to bit bed for six or eight mouths in alL
daring: two years. I had chills, fever
raeomaoam. Jty scotnacn seemea al
ways too foil, my kidneys did not act
freely, my liver was inactive, my heart
beat was very weak and I had dizziness
-or swiuiauiig in my head and uervoos
MIwas onder the treatment of several
different physicians but they all failed
to do me any good. After buffering fur
two years I learned from an Arkansas
friend alxuifc tho merits of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and I decided that I would
try them. The very first box I took
made me feel better and when I had
. takenfourboxcsniorelwaseutirclywcll,
weighed fifteen pounds more than when
I begun, resumed my household duties
and Iulvo since continued iit the bust of
- health. I havo recommended Dr. Wil-
liaius Pink Pills to many people on no-
count of what they did for me, and I fee!
that I cannot praise them too strongly."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills restored Mrs.
Werfdiag to heal t h becan kc they actually
- make r.-w blood and when tho ia
in full vigor every function of tho hotly
- is restored, because the blood carries to
every organ, everj muscle, every nerve,
the necessary nourishment. Any woman
who is in tercet ed in t ho euro of Mrs. Wed
ding will want our book, "Plain Talks tc
Women," which i"? free on reqne.'t.
AU druggists sell Dt Williams Pink
Pills, or they will bo sent by mail ii-t-paid,
on rrceipfcof price, SO refits per 1kx,
- six boxes for $2.n0, by the Dr. Williuuif
Medicine Co., Schenectady, 2JVST.
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Offer Reward for Brigand.
The Russian government has offered
a reward of 10.000 rabies for the cap
ture, dead or alive, of Murad Kisilnn.
the famous Caucasus brigand. Ho Is
said to have killed over 300 Russian
soldiers aad policemen.
How's This?
We offer Oae Hundred Dollars Beward for any
eatc of Crrh (hit cannot tw cored by Hall's
Catanto Cure
F. J. CHESET CO., Toledo. O.
Wc. ahc nMenlBcd. bare known Y. J. Cheney
for the Ian T5 year, and believe him perfnctlr hon
orable all liaalne.a tramacUons and financially
able to carry bt any obligations ntado by his flna.
Wai-hino. Ki kh A3f Majtri-r.
WhoJesalo Drucglet. Tolti'o O.
Haifa Catarrh Care 1 taken internally, cctln;
dlreetly upon the blood md mncono scrfacca o: the
ayatem. Teatlnoniaia acnt f ree. rrJccTScenu pet
bottle Sold by all Drnccltts.
Take Hall's Faralty rill f ..r conization.
Scorpions Cause Disaster.
Scorpions wore to a great extent re
sponsible for tho recent bursting of
the KamaJapuram tank in India.
There had been very heavy rains,
but when as attempt was made to
preserve the bank of the tank scorpi
ons issued from crevicesin the earth
work in such numbers that the at
tempt had to ho abandoned. Over 3C
laborers were stung. Shanghai Mer
Starch, like everything else, Is he
tog constantly improved, the patent
Starches put on the market 25 years
ago are very different and infer'or to
those of tho present dav. In the lat
est discovery DeGanco Starch all In
jurious rhemicals are omitted, while
the addition of another ingredient. In
vented by ns. gives to the Starch a
strength and rmoolhness never ap
proached by other brands.
Water in Epidemics.
The relation of water to germs and
epidemics is a subiect full of interest
from the standpoint of public hygiene.
In the "Revue Sclentifiquo" Dr. Mal--acjae
discusses the wholo subject of
the experiments which have been
made from 1885 to the present day to
test this question, and especially with
respect to Eberth's bacillus, which Is
that of typhus. All that is known of
this bacillus its vitality, habits and
reproduction is dwelt upon, with the
result of showing that it subsists long
er than -any other in sterilized water
Dr. Malroejac's conclusion Is that wa
ter should bo regarded as a true am
bient for germs, and not as an accl
dental channel, and. above all, that
. pathogeneons germs may live in watei
for a sufficient length of time to cause
Attire of Mendicant Surprised Vis
itors in London.
The visitors from tho country turn
ing from a London railway terminus
Into the street on Saturday stopped to
gaze aghast -at a man standing in the
gutter. -Look." said one, nudging the
other, "even the beggars wear top
pers' la London!" It was true in this
case, at any rate.
Here was a man of about live and
thirty, dressed like a city clerk, in a
good morning coat and trousers, sound
boots, clean starched shirt and collar
and a well fixed tie. He was crowned
with a silk hat. well brushed and
ironed. But there he was In the con
ventional attitude of the curbstone
merchant, one foot on the pavement,
the. other in tba gltter. One hand
held out for sale half a dozen boxes of
Batches, tho other invited alms.
A man keeps a nice little place la
the .coontry from .the profits of bis
pitch en the pavement in the Strand,
but his workaday clothes would not
fetch as much as this man's hat coat
to iron. London Evening Standard.
WewaaaIire.act'Teandtho hty expert iaeed
1 u Y. l.kM.ilf ,!. tl . fiflit Ma .11 "W BA
koWAtrieut hi flf-l mUBtfTh BilKll7 OfOJfMW
vry. as - - - .
Mate A.I -t. A uUltiy needed i a awry fctore and
bumea ufullycomui Tia;ir'ihlnMira-eni"e. W
kiiiruv .bw amu wau u aw w
Bra 9. man wo win i. ,...w -...- -
raaran ee to refund anoney 1 1 1 ooda i " ""J" J1
Ja AW..IM..IVA c1.M Ma lit Al A
lunKrpvH'? .y'"'-Ti.. ".TI
The Abduction of a Justice
Dressed in her brother's clothing
as sh was, "Cowboy Maggie" (vault
ed agala to her saddle with familiar
"Seven miles we've come," she
rased, as she rode by "tho widow V
and guided her horse into Tarnahan
road. Then it's 30 more to make.
Ill beat them yet!"
Fifty yards beyond the fork of the
roads, her broncho suddenly shied at
a dimly seen object In the brush.
Maggie recognized a white calf. She
assured her horse with a touch and .a
murmur. Her quick eyes then dis
covered a number of other calves.
She knew the little band at once.
There were nine small heifers, the
property of Mrs. Jordan, "the widow."
"They're all I've got In the world,"
Mrs. Jordan had told her, smiling
through tears as she spoke, "for Hick
ey bought up the undertaker's bills
against me and took all my cows.
He'd have taken the calves, too, only
the lawyers made him stop."
"HIckey the miserable thief!" Mag
gie sputtered. "And to think of Ed.
Hickcy daring to marry Carrie Downs!
I don't see how she ever thought of
saying yes. But she shan't she shan't
not if 1 have to steal her myself and
run a?sy! They must have made her
take htm. . . . Get up. Brutus! What
are you doing?"
Almost on the moment, a curse and
a shout, indicated that two or more
riders had discovered the calves,
doubtless through the shying of then
"Here, Skete, hold on," cried one of
the ilders behind her; "ain't these
them Jordan cattle?"
The girl recognized the nasal snarl
of youbg Hickey.
What answer was made by "Skete"
she could not determine. A murmur
represented the conversation of the
men. who had evidently halted in the
"Branded? like hell!" came the
high voice of Hickey again. In dispute;
"I tell you I saw 'cm two days ago,
and not a one of 'em ironed. Can't
nobody swear to a calf unless it's
Dressed in Her Brother's Clothing.
branded? This Is the softest snap I
ever seen. Here round 'em up send
'em along."
"Can't do It alone," growled the oth
er. "You better come and help on the
Job, II yon want it done up so sud
den." "Me?" snarled Hickey, as he swung
his vicious horse toward a loitering
heifer. "I've got to git a move on now
to git to my wedding. I told you be
fore it's coming off at daylight, it's
got to we've got to catch that train.
Bite 'cm! bite 'em! Hey there! Hush
em lively!"
The scurrying hoofs beat np a cloud
of col 1 dust, felt rather" than seen.
Maggie was tingling with indigna
tion. She had caught Hickey fairly in
the act of robbery; she bad heard him
confirm the maddening story tna't he
meant to marry Carrie Downs at day
light She was thrice more anxious
than hefore to fly to Tarnahan's and
save her friend, but Hickey would now
be there as soon as she. She would
have lo resort to some other plan to
stop the wedding.
Maggie fancied she could see old
Justice Carey cross as a badger, thin
as a knife, gray as the desert, standing
before Carrie and Hickey snapping out
the words of the sacred ceremony. He
was the only man within a radius of
100 miles who could perform the rite.
If he would only refuse, Ahe trick
would yet be won!
But she knew old Carey. She knew,
he would not refuse, not for love nor
money. He was crazed on the subject
of marrying anyone to anyone else.
He seemed almost to take a devilish
delight in tying together ill-assorted
couples. Then, like lightning, a thought
struck in her brain. It almost made
her reel with its force. But her wholo
horizon was cleared.
She vaulted up into the saddle. Not
a moment did she have to spare.
Brums leaped at the dig of her spurs
and tfiarted madly down the road.
Late as shd had started, and consid
erable as the distance was, over hills
and through swales, Maggie a little
before two o'clock in the morning
rapped on Justice Carey's door.
"You noisy idiot," chopped the voice
of the justice, who thrust his thin face
out into the darkness, "'tain't time
tain't time! What do you meaa?
Tain't time. I say! What do yon
want? You don't want me bow. you
young scoundrel?"
"Yes row," said Maggie, as roughly
as possible. "Hurry up, or we'll be too
He disappeared and slammed the
Magie feared he had returned to his
bed. She took out her pistol and was
about to batter the door again, when
the man came out, fully dressed. He
chattered in the chili air.
"Where Is m-m-my horse?" he
demanded. "Didn't yon fetch me a
J k-h-aorse? Do you expect me to
"Get up on my horse-lVs the best
we can do, and the quickest way, in
terrupted Maggie.
She fcooste J the man astride the sad
dle in a hurry, sprang ap behind him,
with the reins In her hand.
"Where you heading, young
man?" he said, dlsjoiatedly. "This
ain't the way to Tarnahan's Bar!"
"No, it isn't," assented, Maggie.
"Tt6n what what what what do
you mean? What are yon doing?
Here, you, let me "
"Be still!" commanded the girt. "You
can feel my pistol against your back.
You are not going to the Bar this
"Bat the wedding," cried the old
fiend; "the wedding this "
"There will not be any wedding,"
she told him, shortly.
He comprehended with pate, then,
that he, the high and mighty justice
of th-3 peace "in and for said county
and township," had actually, been ab
ducted bodily. In polyglot moods, of
rapid succession, he threatened, rant
ed, reasoned with his captor, and en
treated that she permit him to go aad
perform the wedding.
Maggie was as grim as she was firm.
Her horse was In a reeking perspira
tion, but she could not afford to spare
him cow. Straight away lata the
mounts ins she rode. Three miles from
Nicholl's she came upon the dim form
of a shanty, In a lonely ravine, far
from the traveled trails. It was ail
that remained of a mining excitement
which the hills had enjoyed. Here
she forced her prisoner to dismount,
after which she tied his hands behind
him, compelled him to enter the
shanty, and there secured his feet, in
a manner highly satisfactory to her
self. For the binding she employed a
slender tethering-rope which she car
ried m addition to her braided lasso.
Then she shut the door on a mixture
of threats, life sentences and pleadings
and started for Tarnahan's Bar. She
arrived there seme hours later dressed
in her own clothes.
"They had a great old time at the
Bar," said the girl, concluding her
story to her mother the following day.
"Ed. Hickey rode around after poor
old Mr. Carey like a rooster without
his head, got horribly drunk, and you
never saw Carrie cry so much in all
your life when I told her about Mrs.
Jordan's cattle. She cried and laughed
together. I wouldn't have believed a
girl could be so happy to give it; all
up after getting all hose lovely
dresses and presents. Poor dear Carrie
It'3 funny she didn't know better
herself, at first"
"But," said Maggie's mother, "I hope
everybody hesn't left poor, dear Mr.
Carey v.p there all this time, pining to
that cabin."
"Oh, no," replied the girl, "he go
loose and came in to Tarnahan's Bar
by himself late in the afternoon. Aft
er he told his story, they got up a
wonderful romance about a daring
young fellow who rode 70 miles, from
Pizen, in the night, and stole the Jus
tice tu save his lady-love from Hickey.
Some can him Hickey's rival, and some
call him Carrie's mysterious lover."
fCopyrisht. by Joseph B. Bowles.)
Will Lead Sister States by Yield of
100,000,000 Bushels.
Minneapolis, Minn. North Dakota
has this year the unprecedented total
of 100,000.000 bushels of wheat, a
record never before made by any
state. Minnesota, though growing in
wealth and importance with every
passing year, with bountiful crops of
wheat and other cereals, must surren
render the preeminence in wheat she
long held to her sister state. The
northwest showing is as follows:
North Dakota. 100.000,000 bushels:
Minnesota. 80,000,000 bushels; South
Dakota. 50.000.000 bushels; total. 230.
000.CC0 bushels.
The Jones-lnglla report of wheat
production is in part as follows:
"Wo estimate the wheat crop of
the three states at 230.000,000 bnsbels
and the tots! spring croo cf the
United ft&ies at 301.000.000 bushels
The winter wheat production is esti
mated at 435.000.000 bushels, giving
a total for the United States of 726.
000.000 bushels, or the largest yield
of spring and winter wheat the United
States has produced. The govern
ment overestimated the crop of 1901
by 50.000.000 bushels.
Mansion House in London Begun Un
der Ingenious Law.
The Mansion house in London was
partly built out of money unjustly
wrung from dissenters.
By an act of Charles n. no one could
take office under the corporation with
out taking the sacrament according to
the rites of the established chuh. By
another act a sheriff who declined to
serve was rendered liable to a fine of
A dissenter was elected sheriff, and.
as he could not take the sacrament, be
declined to serve and paid $2,000. A
second was elected, with the same re
sult This ingenious method of taxing
dissenters was repeated until 45 had
successively paid the fine.
No. 46 was a stiff-necked gentleman
and he declined to either serve or pay.
He was sued for the fine, but the
judge held that the disqualifying act
relieved the dissenter of the duty of
The $90,000, however, already se
cured was voted by the corporation to
the building fund of the Mansion
house. Stray Stories.
Her Bill Was All Right,
A prominent physician of Dorches
ter. Mass.. is noted for his ready wit
He sent a bill for services In his line
to "Miss Sparrow." When she called
to settle it she remarked: "My name
is not Sparrow, bnt Swallow." The
doctor replied: "Well, yoar bfil
right. Is it notr l
get put the Brbttckboars atoae
Cars iMtoi as If'They WeW Drop
Ofr-Fac Maes af torse Cured ,
fey Cvtfeura In Tw Weeks
far 75c
1 feel it my duty to parents of
other poor suffering babies to tell
yom what Cmticara has done for my
little daughter. She broke out all
over her body .with a hnmor. and we
used , everything -recommended, but
without results. I called in three doc
tors, they all. claimed they could help
her, but she continued to grow worse.
Her body was a mass of sores,, and
her little face was being eaten, away;
her ears looked as if they would drop
off. Neighbors advised - me to get
Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and
before I had used half of the cake
of Soap and box of Ointment the
sores had an healed, and my little
one's face and body were as clear
as a new-born babe's. I would not
be without It again if it cost, five dol
lars, instead of seventy-five cents.
Mrs. George J. Steese, 701 Colburn
St, Akron. Ohio."
When a widower marries a widow
they are both unselfish; neither of
them thinks of No. 1.
Lewis' Single Binder straight 5c. Many
smokers prefer them to 10c cigars. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, Dl." I
To die for one's great Ideas is glo
riousand easy. The horror is to
outlive them. That Is our worst capa
bility. John Oliver Hobbes.
Wail of the Pessimist.
Life is such a poor business that the
stricter economy must be exercised In
Its good things. Schopenhauer.
Lady Minto'a Work in India.
The countess of Minto, who did so
much to extend the work of the Vic
torian Order of Nurses in Canada, has
now undertaken a similar work to
India, where her husband succeeded
Lord Canon as governor general.
Important to Mothers.
Tfrfflrf"" carefully ereiy bottle or CASTOTJ1A.
a cafe and rare remedy for Infanta aad children,
and tee that it
IS Vm For Over 30 Years.
Xte Kad Yoa Bam Alwaa Baasbt
Died in Westminster Abbey.
Henry IV. died in Westminster Ab
bey In 1413. It is clalmetj tttat from
that time to this no life has ended
there, except that of a minister named
Shepherd, who dropped dead in the
famous old sanctuary, just as he fin
ished a speech, at a meeting recently
held under the charmanship of the
Dean of Westminster.
A Desirable Animal.
"Nussah." replied old Brother Bon
kum. "Dar wa'nt no nigger festival
uh-gwlne en over In dat direction yis
te'day atternoon. De repo't come to
us dat a cullud man's mule had done
whirled In and kicked de cullud man's
yallah wife on de p'int o de chin, uh;
causln' of de lady to bite off an inch
and a half of her tongue. And uck!
de puhsesslon yo seed was Imposed
of mar'd culled men uh gwine over
dar to price dat ar mule. Yassah!
dat's what t wuz." Puck.
Hindu Moon Lor.
The full eclipse of the moon was ob
served in Singapore on the night of
August 4. According to the Hindus
this eclipse is the contact between
the moon and another planet called
Rahoo, but the masses believe that
owing to tho will of God, Baboo, or the
serpentlike planet catches hold nf the
moon by its hideous mouth and re
leases it after a short time.
At the first contact the Hindus
bathe principally in the sea and anxi
ously await the release. After the
contact they take another bath. Dur
ing the interval they are not allowed
even to drink a cup of water, as their
belief is that all things in the world
get polluted during the contact Sing
apore Times.
Bird Breding Islands.
During the last year the Audubon
Society of Louisiana has rented some
17 bird breeding islands, located in the
waters of tho gulf. Last year the
islands were watched by two wardens,
whose wages were paid by the na
tional committee of Audubon societies,
and although they were not wholly
able to prevent trespassing and egg
stealing nevertheless the results at
tained were wellnlgh marvellous. On
-their own and the neighboring islands
of Breton reservation! owned by the
federal government by these simple
preventive measures, there were
hatched and raised all of 40.000 birds,
composed of the following species:
Common terns, foresters, terns, royal
terns, laughing gulls, black skimmers.
Country Life in America.
Doctor Recommends Postunt from
Personal Test.
No one is better able to realize the
Injurious action of caffeine the drug
In coffee on the heart than the doc
tor. When the doctor himself has been
relieved by simply leaving off coffee
and using Postum, he can refer with
fall conviction to bis own case.
A Mo. physician prescribes Postum
for many of his patients because he
was benefited by it He says: -
"I wish to add my testimony in re
gard to that excellent preparation
Postum. I have had functional or
nervous heart trouble for over 15
years, and part of the time was unable
to attend to my business.
"I was a moderate user of coffee and
lid not think drinking it hurt me. But
on stopping it and using Postum in
stead, my heart has got all right and
1 ascribe it to the change from coffee
to Postum.
"I am prescribing it now in cases of
sickness, especially when coffee does
oot agree, or affects the heart, nerves
or stomach.
"When made right it has a mach
better flavor than coffee, and is a vital
sustainer of the system. I shall con
tinue to recommend it to our people,
and I have my own case to refer to."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read the little book.
-The Road to WeUvUle," in pkgs.
"There's a reason."
Mt VRmate Bftfcw Ha
Using Dean's Kidney PHia,
j. D. Damghtrey, music publisher.
of Suffolk, Va,, says: "Daring two
or tares years uuu
I bad kidney trou
ble I passed about
2 pounds of gravel
and sandy sediment
in the Brine. I
haven't passed a
stone since using
Doan'a Kidney Pills,
however, and J that
waa three years ago.
I used to suffer the
most acute agony
during a gravel stuck, and had the
nthor wsnai svmntoms of kidney trou
blelassitude, headache, pain In the
back, urinary disorders, rneumanc
pain. etc. I have a box containing 14
graver stones that I passedbut that
is not one-quarter of the whole num
ber. I consider Doan's Kidney Pills a
fine kidney tonic"
Sold by all dealers. .50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo. N. Y.
Strange World Tour.
A story is told in Paris of a titled
painter's pilgrimage. Ten years ago
Vlscomte Jacques de Gruart laid a
wager of $60,009 that he and his bride,
to be married In the day of departure,
could make a tour of the world, living
on the earnings of the vlcomte's brush.
There was no stipulation as to time.
The pair have just reached Paris on
their return, after successfully ac
complishing their undertaking and
winning their bet They have trav
ersed Euroupe, America, Africa and
Australia, living on nothing bnt the
meager profits of the vlcomte's brush.
Tips" Given by Monarche.
King Edward disburses a good deal
of money In tip3 every year. Each
visit to ono of his subjects costs him
from $1,000 to $3.000., At shooting
parties the gamebeaters get $15 each
md the gamekeepers $25 or $50 each.
When he goes abroad he does still,
better. On the occasion of his recent
visit to the kaiser he gave away near
ly f 10.000 In this way. When the czar
visited England he left behind a check
for $15,000 to be distributed among
rvants who attended him.
Laundry work at home would be
inuc more satisfactory if the r'rht
Starch were rsed. In order to get te
desired stiffness, it Is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that tho
beauty and fineness of the fabric is
hidden behind a paste of varying
h!cknes3, which not only destroys tbo
appearance, bnt also affects the war
ing quality rf the poods. This fr-ouVo
ran be entirely overcome by usintr De
fiance Stprch. rs ft can bo appl'o3
much more thinly because of Its great
er strength than other makes.
The Port of Hong-Kong.
Hong-Kocg Is one of the most active
shipping ports in the world, but it is
not a market. It is a convenient point
for the transfer of cargoes from or
Intended for the different ports of
China, Japan, Korea, the Philippine
Islands. Slam and other parts of. the
east, but it is a small island, with a
limited population, who produce noth
ing and consume comparatively little
buthandle a great deal of trade in
Cheap Excursions Souh. '
On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each
month the Big Four Ry. will sell ex
cursion tickets to most all points in
Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Alabama and Georgia at rate of one
fare plus $2.00 with return limit 30
days. Liberal stopover privileges.
Write I. P. Spining, General Northern
Agent. Big Four Route! 238 Clark St,
Chicago, for further information.
Bernhardt' First American Tour.
Sarah Bernhardt made her Ameri
can debut in "Adrienne Lecouvreur,"
at Booth's theater. New York, Novem
ber 8. 1880.
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BBBBi. ; r.-..- jar bbbbbbbcv -wTjarKrzjL
5----3'--.V fiKRum. wKSJ
I -gJBBI fcv'V TS'-Y &' ItK)
"fiBBoBB Jr-$&z Wa
bbb3 ' iruVJ KUv
ilBBaBFA .JK&X-Ss&Sk tt
IP &kr -Br? wbV via1- -L. .2-w" F2
TliiBBjPMIBQE'BlFja7-'v? sflr a
iMf'' Jfifckfm -isk. r
V t 3 1 CT yj.y yft
Bus " v .-j- 'iy-,S.--.
IB & . -jser
mm jr- -smgasazii?-mr.
BBL.-ir r iltP"-- rf" i -
Cleats. KbbaBS, BaHa. eta.
mm hm -til to look Vkm sew with wrrr.
NAM IDiT Bat BlamVrJje
- t, - - -
' Occaskmany the first to
reform is the last to accept It
Lewis Single Binder stakjbt e d
awde of rich, mellow tobacee. Y
dealer or Lewfcr Factory, Peeria, TJ.
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Abrnt the dearest tfciag
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Defiance Starch Never sticks to the
Iron no blotches no Ulsters, maks3
ironing easy and does not injure the
Don't allow your dogs, yoar children
or your troubles to trouble your aeigb
bors. ,
Defiance Starch is the latest Inven
tion In that line and an improvement
on all other makes; it 13 mo:e eco
nomical, does better wore, takes less
time. Get it from any grocer.
One Cause of Wrong.
What some men owe worries them
much less than what they would like
to owe. "
By following the directions, wMch
are plainly printed on each package of
Defiance Starch, Men's Collars and
Cuffs can be made just as stiff as de
sired, with either gloss or 'domestic
finish. Try it 16 oz. for 10c, sold by
all good grocers.
Duce Refuses Jubilee.
Eleanor Duse, the famous Italian
actress, has positively vetoed e plan
to celebrate her jubilee as was done In
England and France for Ellen Terry
and Bernhardt When Tthe subject was
broached io the signora she thanked
her friends bnt declined tho honor.
Sho enjoys the distinction almost
unique in her profession of shunning
everything to the shape of 'publicity.
As a general rule she'also scorns the
usual artifices of her sex on the stage
to the matter of paint and powder, ap
pearing almost as nature made .her,
rapidly graying hair and alL
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i Defiance Starch Company, Omaha, Neb.
The Laxative of
There are two classes of remedies; those of knows qual
ity and which are permanently beneficial in effect, acting
gently, in Iiarmcny with nature, when nature needs assist
ance; and another class, composed of preparations of
unknown, uncertain and inferior character, acting tempo
rarily, tut icjnrionsly, as a result of forcing" the nataral
functions unnecessarily. One of the most exceptional of
the remedies of known quality and excellence is the ever
pleasant Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California
Phr Svrnn fn whirii rpimBATtfct ihtk ootVvtk -nriniintaa n
plants, known to act most beneficially, in a pleasant syrup,
in which the wholesome Californian blue flg3 are used to con
tribute their rich, yet delicate, fruity flavor. It is the remedy
of all remedies to sweeten and refresh and cleanse the system
gently and naturally, and to assist one in overcoming consti
pation and the many flls resulting therefrom. Its active princi
ples and quality are known to physicians generally, and the
remedy has therefore met with their approval, as well as with
the favor of many millions of well informed persons who know
of their own, personal knowledge and from actual experience
that it is a most excellent laxative remedy. Wc do not claim thai
it. will cure all manner of ills, hut recommend it for what it really
represents, a laxative remedy of known uality'and excellence.
containing nothing of an objectionable or injurious character. '
There are two classes of purchasers; those who are informed
as to the quality of what they hay and the rcasons.for the excellence
of articles of exceptional merit, and who do not laek courage to go
elsewhere when a dealer offers an imitation of any well knows
article; hut, unfortunately,, there are some people who do not know,
and who allow themselves to be imposed upon. They cannot expect
its beneficial effects if they do sot get the geindaeiTmeuy.
To the credit or the druggists of the United States he It sftt
that aeariy all of them value their reputation for professional
integrity and the good will of their customers too highly to efer
imitations or the
Genuine Syrup of Pigs
manufactured by the California Fig
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nnlv to note, when'mrrhashw. th
California Fig Syrup Co. plainly
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Penetrates to taw Spot
ttifht on the dot.
Price 23c sad 50c
ooiy w&ytooct
Sold averjrwhare
nnn nn for agents. fi
wurk among yoar fncotfa.
freqneat sale, largo commlwUms. and btopriac
I oraU. liw 1M. 18X. n B. S4U Sfc. M. XTutr.
W. N. U OMAHA, NO. 40, 19C8.
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fV'Bwia w
Bosoms, Collars
and Cuffs
never -crack box be
come brittle. They
last twice as long as
those laundered with other
starches and give the wear
er much better satisfaction.
If you want your husband,
brother or son to look
dressy, to feel comfortable
and to be thoroughly happy
STARCH, in the
laundry. It fs sold by all
good grocers at zoc a pack
age 16 ounces. Inferior
starches sell at the same
price per package but con
tain only 12 ounces. Note
the difference. Ask your
Insist on getting it and yoa will never
any other brand.
Syrup Co., and in order to
us ucuciicuu euectS, One SflBf
-fall mniA nf hA rmma.
printed on the front of every
aoo vauy.
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