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Columbus louniaL , V
CJB( -yflOaT By aBanUa 9OWnl0nl JWatSjiManWa JJ L. sais nfnVnfnt a .s a CTaSrSu!!
8i iBoaths 2 ,j SLiMaM reward is offered KJSS3KA
Tr, " ................ -- g jjjijpjww anyone for any sub k- l
fc stance injurious to the health found - ?M0
komk4Dit. OCTOBER , in Calmwtct Baking Powder. nTnHawffVNanv
. AT aBia4a la a nrim aaaantinl in 4iataV aV""II aV
F. K. STROTHER Manager
TrtA to Feb. 1, 1WI sd so on.
.will hn ttwss sooottHmrly.
a-Ui ooatiaaa to neeifs tU Joanal aatU the
pablMitTaara aotfiedbr latter todiaeootiBas. yoadoBot
Mi tkejoaraideaatiaaed lor aaotber year af
trth tine paid for hat xptred, yoa ahoald
jhaayiB awaaaraw.aatwrrlfMfienoBin Be
10 aive (bow ojb a WBu
BwfiUiesji ISckwt
United 8Utee Senator NOBBIS BBOWN
Governor .'....GEORGE L. SHELDON
LieatraaatGoTeraor H.E. HOPEWELL
SecrKary of State GEOBGE C. JDNKIN
Aoditor E.H. 8EABLE
Treasurer L.O. BRIAN
Attorney General... W. T. THOMPSON
Land CommiarioBer H. M. EATON
Soi-rint-edent J.L.M'BBIEN
Railway CoaraaisaioBen-i KOBEBT COWKLL
For CoagreM, Third District J. F. BOYD
ReprflBentaUve. 24th Dirt ED LEUSCHEN
Coanty Attorney C.N. M.ELFRESH
This issue of the Journal goes out
under new management, R. G. and
F. K. Strother havsng purchased the
platit, subscription list and good will.
In taking charge of the Journal, the
new management will endeaver first
tt make it a bright, clean, newsy pa
per, and to maintain the high stand
ing and confidence it has enjoyed for
over a third of a century. It will
stand for Columbus and Platte coun
ty first last and all the time. Politi
cally it will advocate republican doc
trines as heretofore and will know no
faction or clique. '
There is one phase in the congres
sional situation in this district that
every voter should consider. Do you
honestly believe President Roosevelt's
policies are the best for the nation
and that there should be a representa
tive from the Third district who will
always stand with him? If you do,
Judge Boyd is the man to send to
Washington. His opponent, Judge
Graves will be against all republican
legislation if he stands on the demo
cratic platform and we have the state
ment of their party papers that he
After using every effort to bring
Cuba's warring factions together in
tervention by the United States was
the last resort. The Cubans will be
given another opportunity to show
the world they are capable of self
government, but there is a growing
sentiment that annexation is the only
thing that will produce a settled state
of affairs in the island republic.
The World-Herald has suddenly
become very mum about the demo
cratic 'candidate for congress in the
Third Nebraska district, whom it
lauded as "a judge whose principles
lead to refuse the railroad pass."
Has it discovered that his principles
are for exhibition purposes only?
Omaha Bee.
It is to be hoped that the building
of a new freight depot in Columbus
will not be the extent of the improve-'
meut to ne made in Columbus by the
Union Pacific A new passenger de
pot would be greatly appreciated by
the city as well as the traveling pub
lic. The most valuable pointer of the
campaign in Nebraska is that ex-Governor
W. A. Poynter has publiclv an
nounced that he will support George
L. Sheldon, republican candidate for
governor. Kearney Hub.
W. F. Prowett's letter of accep
tance of nomination for float repre
sentative should be read by every
voter. It is clear cut and to the
pnnt, and right in line with the re
publican state platform.
. There is no doubt about George L.
Sheldon being elected governor, the
only question being the size of his
majority, and this will hold with the
entire republican state ticket
It looks as though Hearst would
have New York state with him when
he goes after the presidential nomin
ation in 1906. And the Empire state
always eetnts.
rJSlSSUtS W Baking Powder on the market sold at iBfll Jhjl
ahM-riptioB b pw7 Tkss Jw ahow ttat fs a aderate Mice. HsssVJMHi mT
.miuof hM aaiai maaiwad an to Jaa. L ISSSl. mr I "BSaBftaikSSSSSISSSm
-r-" wr .
ml FeleMt in in mil iiiilanf iimi inlniti a v"r?7J Wi
nV lanredienta combined bv skilled chemists. I InWnWnWnwJ VBm mmmmm
SSBf , " "" ' "F BWaWnWnWnWnWnWlI aWnBYaW
gk and complies with the pure food laws of I JAHglL K -
m all states. It is the only hieh-erade I CwnwnmlnV? k
"'P?' C Ckftluaet Bakiiur Powder niv be I niF I m Wky
m m m mmr m "h
aa a mmpi, av - TVV T " .1 i Zj is taJ jBJBJ
asKijr uam win ujo vauumj uuhuuu T'aaiTSSja'r-jiaSr
W snade with it contains mm maaemtm Vw sW
M ftasB no Alum, no.RocheUa Salts, ttsf
- no injurious substance.
tee XUarntr
rate 'awlns;
The lion, like the other great cats, it
a relic of a diminishing race and do
minion. In flie early, stone age tb
"cave" Iioa roamed throughout tbt
southern half of Europe, and it Is be
lieved that along the Mediterranean, at
least; Its extinction was due to prehis
toric man.
The battle has gone on ever since.
Long ago lions were exterminated
from Afghanistan, Baluchistan and
northern Persia. A century ago tbej
were more or less prevalent on north
western India, but now none remain
save a few In the Gbeer, a wooded
hilly tract of Kattlawar, where they
are "to some extent preserved by the
nawabs of Joonaghoor;" Farsistan,
where the marshes about KIris lake af
ford shelter and the hosts of pigs
feeding on the acorns of the oak forests
furnish subsistence.
Similar conditions enable a few lions
to maintain themselves along the lower
Euphrates and Tigris, but they were
long ago exterminated from all Asia
Minor, Syria, Arabia, Egypt and Alge
ria. From Abyssinia and the southern
Sahara southward to the Orange river
lions still exist except In the most pop
ulous districts, and In some places are
very numerous.
There seems never to have been more
than one species, nor. In spite of the
former belief im the "maneless lions ofl
Guzerat" and the "black maned ones
of other places. Is any variety well lo
calized. Lions with full manes have
been shot In India as well -as those
with hardly any, and "out of fifty male
lion skins scarcely two will be found
alike In color and length of mane.
Ernest Ingersoll's "Life of Mammals."
t'a EaaMena That Telia
Olatreaa an Bane.
One of the frequent sights hi the
ports along the eastern coast Is that of
a fishing schooner coming into the har
bor with an American flag hoisted at
the mainmast head In Its reverse posi
tion. To the Interested spectators that
flag always brings a pang of distress,
for It means that one or more of the
crew are "missing" through some calam
ity of the sea. But to the members of
the craft Itself the signal Is not always
an emblem of woe. The flag Is hoisted,
from their viewpoint, to notify those
concerned mat the complement of the
ship is not f uft, and they live on hope
for a long time before they acknowl
edge that the men who have disappear
ed are really lost
A stranger to seafaring ways asked
the skipper of one of these fishing
schooners the other day what the dis
tress signal meant and he was set
right by the captain, who remarked In
the most cheerful way in the world:
"They're missing out of th crew, of
course, but we haven't given them up
by a long sight Te see, they may
have been picked up by some other
boat an carried off to th'- other side.
Oh, no, we don't give them up just be
cause we've missed them! Ifs more
than likely they'll turn up yet" New
York Press.
How many men would be needed to
pull a weight hauled by an elephant?
Fifty. The answer Is the result of re
cent Investigations made to determine
the respective polling power of horses,
men and elephants. Two horses,
weighing 1.000 pounds each, together
pulled 3,750 pounds, or 660 pounds
more than their combined weight One
elephant weighing 12,000 pounds, pull
ed 8,750 pounds, or $200 pounds less
than his weight Fifty men, aggregat
ing about 7,500 pounds la weight pull
ed 8.750 pounds, or Just as much as the
single elephant But like the horses,
they pulled more man their own
weight One hundred men pulled 12.
00 pounds.
The Prlntera Davit
Why Is the printer's errand boy
sailed tbe "printer's devil?" Accord
Ins; to Moxen, writing at tbe end of
the seventeenth century, because
"these Boys in a Printing House com
monly black and Dawb themselves
whence the Workmen do Jocosely call
them Devils, and sometimes Spirits.
and sometimes Flies." It Is related,
however, that Aldo Manusto, the greet
Venetian printer of toe fifteenth cen
tury, had a black slave boy, who was
popularly supposed to have come from
below. Accordingly he published a no
tice: "L Aldo Mannzio. printer to the
doge, have this day made public ex
posure of toe printer's devil. All who
think ho Is not flesh and 'blood may
plncii him."
Swift a Aatralaarr.
Dean Swflt predicted the death upon
a particular date. of Partridge, the
chief of the astrological almanac mak
ers, and followed It with the announce
ment of his demise om that very date.
Poor Partridge protested In vain that
he was still alive, for the brilliant au-
4Gmniver'e Travels' assured
by the Isgle of his own pretended
he anst
Feraaaa the Meat KotaMe
Barker In the Warla.
Perhaps the most notable "bottle'
harbor in the world Is that at San
Francisco. Here is a vast reach of
water fifty-fire miles long and In some
parts twelve in width. Into this bay
the tides of the Pacific flow through
the famous Golden Gate. This is a
strait about a mile In width hi its nar
rowest part and very deep. The proud
Californians look out over this serene
expanse and tell you that here Is an
chorage for the 'combined navies of
the world, which indeed seems a very
mild statement of the case. Aside
from the immensity of this harbor fa
cility it is interesting to notice that
California's two big rivers after trav
ersing .the great interior valley flow
into this bay. Thus nature has fur
nished two serviceable water roads,
leading from a most notable natural
harbor into -the very heart of a 'rich
farming, mining and lumbering region.
These rivers, the Sacramento aud San
Joaquin, are of the same commercial
significance to California that the Hud
son is to New York.
The harbor at San Francisco is the
more noteworthy because it is the only
one of first magnitude south of Puget
sound. Between these points Califor
nia presents to the orient an inhospi
table cliff coast only occasionally bro
ken by a little beach or minor inlet
Little coasting steamers make land
ings, it is true, at several points along
this grim front but it is a matter of
considerable hazard. In some places
along this coast great cranes fixed up
on the cliff hoist people and freight
ashore in baskets. And the daring lit
tle skipper must even then keep one
eye to windward lest a crashing storm
drive in upon him and forever termi
nate his service on the sea. Thus It is
that the two great harbors mentioned
must for all time share a monopoly of
theu Pacific ocean commerce. One fa
miliar with the Atlantic seaboard can
parallel the situation by blotting out In
his mind's eye all the ports between
Savannah and Portland save only New
York and between these in place of the
numerous hospitable inlets substitute a
scarcely broken sea cliff. He will then
have the conditions before him which
give to San Francisco its pre-eminence.
Walter J. Kenyon in St Nicholas.
A mole on tiie right side of a man's
forehead denotes wonderful luck; on
the left side of a woman's forehead,
gifts from the dead.
On the left side of a man's forehead
a mole denotes a long term in prison;
on the left side of a woman'sforehead,
.two husbands and a life of exile.
A man with a mole in the middle of
his forehead has a cruel mind. A wo
man with such a mole Is foolish, Idle
and envious.
A mole on the neck in man or wo
man promises a long and happy life,
wealth and fame.
A man with a mole on the left side
of the upper Up rarely marries, and
such a mole in the case of a woman
denotes suffering.
On the right-side of the upper lip a
mole promises good to both sexes.
Simple Care Far Xenmlsln. .
Here is a simple method of curing
facial neuralgia: If the neuralgia Is on
tbe right side of the face the left hand
should be placed hi a basin of water
as hot as can be borne, or If neuralgia
Is In toe left side of the face then tbe
right hand should be placed In tbe hot
water. It la asserted that In this way
relief may be obtained In less than
five minutes. The explanation Is that
the two nerves which have tbe great
est number of tactile nerve endings
are the fifth and the median nerve.
As the fibers of these two nerves cross
any impulse conveyed to the left hand
will affect tbe right side of the face
or If applied to the right hand will af
fect tbe left side of the face. This is
on account of the crossing of the cords.
Indian Review.
An Elastic Canaefenee.
"Here, my dear," said the husband,
producing a roll of bills "here Is $40
I won playing poker over at Brown's
last night. You may have It to buy
that dress you wanted." Reluctantly
the conscientious wife took the mon
ey, then said, with an expression of
rigid rectitude? "I simply shudder at
tbe thought of using money gained In
such a way. Henry, promise me that
after you have won enough for me to
buy tbe bat to go with the dress yon
will never again touch those awful
cards. I don't want my husband to be
com.e a gambler." Judge.
Laaar Athletics. v
The "man in the moon" must surely
regard with amused contempt our much
vaunted athletic records. A good ter
restrial athlete could' cover about 120
feet on the moon in a running broad
Jump, while leaping over the barn
would be"a very commonplace feat He
would find no difficulty In carrying six
times as much and running six times
as fast as he could on earth, all because
tiie ssoon attracts bodies with but one
ntxtfc of the force of the earth.
To Stockmen
If yon have CATTLE, HOGS
or SHEEP to market, ship to us.
We sell them for the high dollar.
If you want feeders, either cattle
or sheep, come yourself or place
your order with us. We will buy
them worth tbe money.
G&0. BURKE GO., -
Cattle Salesman hs. Bcbkk.
Ho 8"1- smaii Will J. Richly.
Saeep Salesman J. 8. Cobjott.
Thla Process, Which Is
Ancient, Is Keeessary
As soon us the horn of tbc hoof be
gins to be worn away faster than it is
renewed by natural growth, and that
Is as soon as the horse is obliged to
do regular work upon ground which
is not itself in a state of nature or to
undergo more than a voluntary amouut
of traveling under Imposed conditions
a any sort of ground whatever, a shoe
Of some kind becomes a necessity.
When shoes of i one kind or another
began to lie worn by horses has always
been disputed by learned gentlemen.
Nor perhaps is it of much consequence
whether tli'e horses of Pharaoh were
shod or how they were shod when
they perished in the Red sea or wheth
er Homer, Virgil, Horace and other
ancient classics." when they are poets,
are to be taken literally rather than
figuratively in the epithets which they
apply to horses. These would no doubt
be considered by a farrier to indicate
that reference is made to a hoof gar
nished with some sort of metal.
As for the ingenuous observers who
draw inferences from works of sculp
ture, they might as well argue that
the heroes and heroines of antiquity
habitually went about winter and sum
mer "mid nodings on."
Xenophon no doubt as a writer of
plain prose and of works relating to
horsy matters would deserve the most
serious and respectful attention, but
memory fails to recall any remarks of
his about what we should regard as
properly called shoeing.
Certain protections for the horse's
hoof may be mentioned in the works
of Columella and Yegetius, and in the
time of Constantine the Great there is
said to have been known a footgear
for horses which was fastened to the
pastern. However, tbe earliest known
specimen of an iron horseshoe fasten
ed with nails is said to have been that
which was discovered in the tomb of
the frank King Childeric, who died In
481 and whose tomb was opened in
Hesalts Mar Be Produced
Dreatnlna; Oil on Water.
A curious experiment may be made,
the result of which will produce a
strange natural design, and the attempt
may be carried on with almost endless
variety In the result The only things
needed arc a deep dish of water and
some oil. Any kind of oil will do, but
better-results are obtained with a vari
ety. Fill a deep dish with pure water and
let it stand until the water is perfectly
still, then let fall into it a drop of pure
sperm oil. The drop will spread out
forming a film circular in shape, but
very ragged at the edges. If you watch
the film you will soon perceive that the
center begins to break up, forming
ovals and circles, and the combination
of these form endless designs which
keep on forming and breaking up from
one to another for fully half an hour,
making a veritable kaleidoscope.
You will see some designs that you
may wish to preserve, and If that be
so take a piece of glazed paper and
place It gently over the surface of the
water when the film Is in the desired
design. The oil will stick to the paper,
and when yon remove it from the wa
ter, as gently as you placed It there,
run an Inked roller over it or place the
design on an inked plate. The Ink will
cover the paper except where the oil
has touched It, and when your process
Is finished your design of oil will stand
out white against a black background.
This same exieriment made with
castor oil will give a similar result ex
cept that the designs will be smaller,
and every kind of oil will give a differ
ent design. Indeed, no two drops of
the same oil wul produce the same de
sign, so that you may preserve an end
less variety In your collection.
Land Craba.
Crabs are generally supposed to live
In the ocean, hut there is one species
that lives on the land. It is found on
the Island of Jamaica, in the West In
dies. It burrows in the sand some
times two or three miles from the sea.
It has two long claws. In attacking an
enemy it binds it with one claw, which
Is then thrown- off. aud then continues
the fight with the free claw. The
crabs stay in the ground during the
day and bunt for their food at night.
They visit the ocean once a year to lav
'their'eggs. They travel by night, when
they are cau.Jit in great numbers.
Animals' Queer Way.
Birds as well as four footed animals
aud insects often avail themselves of
the labors of others In home making. I
have a photograph of a barred owl nest
In a remodeled hawk nest. Skunks use
woodebuck burrows, white footed mice
and flying squirrels are fond. of build
ing hales in decaying trees made by
woodpeckers, and bumblebees take
possession of mice nests in tbe ground.
St. Nicholas.
There in a story of an inquisitive old
gentleman who asked a cabman wheth
er he thought that his horse preferred
standing still or drawing the cab.
"Well, sir," replied cabby. "I think,
n the 'ole, he'd rather pull the cab.
You see, he reads tbe names over tbe
shop winders, and they makes him
laugh." Strand Magazine.
Madern Mnsle.
She Why did Professor Scbincker
stop playing at Mrs. Lard's musical?
He-He said he bad to because tbe con
versation was not pitched in the same
key as him mnslc Harper's Weekly.
1 fl.1NI.rOST
flttvrnei : at : taw
Aert FroMrty.
We have 160 aores of choice
one-half mile from city limits
sale ia 10 aore tracts.
Elliott, Spsiee A Go.
Ptaesalve olsaasss wounds, iaiags
ly aatisepteo, aaeqaaled for cracked
hands. Good for eats. Sold by aoth
Oeatary Drug store, Platte Oeater,
A nearly Mew typewriter for
sale. Call at Joaraal office.
Most calendars are given out about
the firat of the year. Why don't you go
the others one better, by ordering a
somewhat finer one than nsual, and
giving it outas aChriatmas remembrance
to your trade? It would be a graceful
I little courtesy, it will get the calendars
in the right hands, and it will save you
money, if you have been in the habit of
givingont other gifts. Its worth think
ing about Call and see our complete
line at the Journal office.
Toae the liver, move tbe bowels,
oleanse the system. Dide's Little
Liver Pills never gripe. Sold by 20th
Oentary Drag Store. Platte Oeater,
County Judges Oflce Htved
I wish to call attention to all parties
having business to transact in my office,
that I am now located in the basement
of tbe German National Bank. I invite
the tax payers of Platte County, to call
at my office, to inspect the fire proof
vault, for the files and records of this
Respectfully yours,
John Rattekman, County Judge.
A colde taken at this time of the
year is generally hard to get rid of
but it will not be able to withstand
Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar. That
will cure all colds, coughs croap,
whooping cough, etc., by driving
them ont through the bowels. If yoa
have a cold try it and if not cared get
your money back. No oniates. Sold
by 20th Century Drug Store. Platte
O inter. Neb.
It is a well known medical fact that
pine resin is most effective in the
treatment of diseases of the bladder
and kidneys. Sufferers from back
ache and oter troubles dae to faulty
action of the kidney finds relief in the
nse of Pine-nles. S1.00 bays 30 days
treatment. Sold by 20th Century
Drug Store Platte Center, Neb.
Beal Etsate Loans.
We are prepared to make loans on
all kinds of real estate at the lowest
rates on easy, terms. Becher, Hookea
berger & Chambers.
ManZan relieve instantly, itching
ana prootruaing piles, it is put up
in collapsible tubes in such a wav
that it can be applied where the
trouble originates, thus stopping the
pain immediately. Try one bottle
and if yon are not relieved, your
money will be refunded. Try our
free offer. Sold by 20th Century
Drug Store. Platte Center, Neb.
Are yon troubled with piles? One
application oi ManZan wiil give yon
immediate relief. Sold bv 20th Cen
tury Drug Store, Platte Center, Neb
Notice is hereby given that John Rudolph
Lntejeluschen will make application to the dis
trict court of Platte county for an order chang
ing his sarniine Latjeloschen to the surname
Luschen. Said application will be heard before
said court October 6th, 1906, and the prayer of
said petition will be that the applicant's name be
by order of court changed to read as John Ku
dolph Luschen.
- Dated this 4th dav of Hentember, 1906. 5t
Now is the time to look out for yom
winter supply of coal. We have a large
supply of hard, soft and furnace coal on
The good paint which
lasted so well a generation
and more ago, was simply
pure white lead and pure
linseed oil. Paint made of
these two ingredients alone
is just as good to-day as it
ever was. ,
The only point is to buy
a brand which you can
rely on.
Red Seal or Southern
Pure White Lead
(Staatay tb Old Dutch Process)
is guaranteed perfectly pure.
It has the reputation of
years behind it.
If your dealer will not
supply you, it will pay you
to write to us.
When You are Going to Erect a Monument
or Marker at the Grave of Your Lost Ones
Granite ft Marble Works
Off GaimlMi, Nekraska
Wifl do Your Work Satisfactorily. We will
Not Be Undersold by Anyone. Give us a
Call Before Placing Your Order. No Order
too Large or too Small for us to Handle.
E. BERGMAN, Propritfsf
Spring Wagons
Let us build you one. We
put nothing but the very best
material and workmanship in
them. The price is right.
FARMERS, Bring in your
tools and implements to be
sharpened and repaired now.
It will save you time when
the spring work opens up.
We keep only the Latest and
Baggies & Carriages
All Kinds of
..Farm Implemeits..
t&,Oar Horseshoes stick and
don't lame your horse try 'em
Attorney - at - Law
Rooms 10 and 11 New Columbus State
Bank Building.
Attorney - at - Law
Zinnecker B'ldg, Columbus. Neb.
I carry the best of everything
in my line. The drinking pub
lie is invited to oome in and sw
for themeelves.
MS. NEVELS.rroprfster
516 Twelfth Street Phone No. lit
Dr. C. A. Swanson
Infirmary at Browner Barn, l'lth Street.
Inl. Phone Fi.
Ilell Phone '!.
Ciliife.s, Ncbr.
That is the only kind of goods
you can find at the
Hth Street. First deer west
BuclMr's Mm.
Attorney -at -Law
Genaaa Mail. Bank
That Tha.
We are having a special sale
on "close out" picture frames.
New car load of goods com
ing at special low prices.
September, 19tX
snlt this Bulletin.
It will pay to con-
To New England and Canada: Dnily
low excursion rates during September
to Canada, and on September 5 and 1!
to New Enghtnd resorts.
Cheap one-way to Pacific Const:
Cheap Colonists rates, daily to Snn
Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland.
Seattle, Tacoma and other coat terri
tory August 27 to October 31, also cheap
oneway to Montana, Voniing, Big
Horn Basin, Utah and Western Colora
do September 15 to Octoher :tl.
To California. Portland and Puget
Sound: Round trip September 3 to 14.
$50.00 to California; oae-wny via Puget
Sound, 862.50. .Last chance this sum
mer. Denver, Colorado Springs and Pue
blo: One fare round trip, maximum
excursion rate $15.00 from Nebraska
September 19tb to 22nd inclusive.
To the East and South: Cheap ex
cursions to various destinations during
tiomeseekers Excursions: Frequent
ly each month to Western Nebraska,
Eastern Colorado, Big Horn Basin, dry
land farming destinations or irrigated
Free Kinkaid Lands: Write D. Clem
Denver, Agent Burlington's Homeseek
ers' Information Bureau at 1004 Faa-
nam St., Omaha, about getting hold of
a free section of Kinkaid lands now be
ing restored to the public domain.
Consult nearest Burlington Ticket
Agent from time to time and see what
one-way and round trip rates he has
available for your immediate purpose.
Agent C. RJcQ. Ry.
O. P. A.. Omaha.
of any case of Kidney or
Bladder disease that is not
beyond the reach of medi
cine. Take it at once. Do
not risk having Bright's Dis
ease or Diabetes. There is
nothing gained by delay.
50c. and $1.00 Bottloa.
Sold by Chas. Jf . Dark.
Any person having backache,
kidney pains or bladder trouble
who will take two or three
Pine-ules upon retiring at night
shall be relieved before morning.
The awdidaal vktaas of the
fans, aaa lasins etv
framtfca aTatiTe Pine
y the nMaical are-
Uaf the vktaas af the Kattra Pin that
niiiT Mi HiWir TrinilM
200 Ctttirj Drtf SUrt, Pbtk fetter
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nave Man iBCBgaiaaa
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