The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, September 26, 1906, Image 10

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One lot of Dress Goods in Fall Suiting, any color you may desire, worth up to 60c for Three Days only
Lot No. 2 consists of a good line of Fall Suitings 42 and 50 in. wide, worth up to $1 per yard at
Lot No. 3 consists of Autumn Suitings 42, 48 and 54 in. wide, worth up to $1.25 per yard at
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Ladies' tSuits and Cloaks
A distingaished showing of ne tailored Suits
and cloaks. The first considerable" group of the
new fall suits are attracting much attention now.
A woman who selected one of them said in com
ment: "I have been through a number of suit and
cloak stocks this fall, but none of them have the
newest styles and beautiful department that you
have. Not one of them have the variety which
compare with your display."
Special Prices for Three Days Only
One lot of $12 and $15 Suits at $9.00
Lot No. 2 consists of suits worth to $18 at . . $1 1.00
Lot No. 3 Beautiful line of suits worth up
to $22.50 at $13:75
Special prices on skirts.
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Special Showing' in Millinery on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
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Having noticed that
we could not show all of
our black hats during
our Fall Opening, we
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have resolved that on
Thurs., Fri. and Sat.. Sept. 27, 28 and 29.
we will make a Special exhibit of Rich Black Hats and Trimmings.
New hats are being created by our Artistic Trimmer every day.
Ladies are cordially invited to attend.
NAPKINS. 50 dozen 24-in.
BEDSPREADS. 24 $1.25 Bed Spreads at 98c
TABLE LINENS. 100 yards of 72-in. Linen Table
Damask, worth $1.15 at 89c
BLACK TAFFETA. 36-in. Black Taffeta, guaran
teed $1 value, the last three days of sale only. . .79c
BLANKETS. Good Cotton Blankets for 50c
75c Cotton Blanket for 59c
TOWELS. 17x34 Indian Orchard Flax, 18c quaL . . 14c
COLORED DAMASK. 40c Colored Damask in
blue and white and red and white checks at 29c
China Department. .
Everybopy is very much delighted with
our large and beautiful China Stock. If you
have not visited' this department give us a
caJL We shall appreciate it
HUCK TOWELS, 19x40 Plain Huck Towels, at. . 10c
CRASH. Nice Bleached Crash at.. 5c
18-in. Notion Unbleached Crash at 10c
BLEACHED DAMASK. 65c 72-in. Bleached Dam
ask at 42c
LOOM ENDS. Loom Ends of black and white
Calicoes at 34c
SCHOOL HOSE. Tom Sawyer Boy's Ribbed Hose
extra 20c quality, at 15c
UNDERWEAR. Ladies' Fall Underwear in a large
assortment of styles. Jersey Ribbed Vest and
Pants, each 25c
Hardware Department
'0 HJf ts jmep n
TKe . Stove Season
is Close at Hand..
The names of the following
lines carry Merit, Serviceabil
ity and Economy.
Peninsular Base Burners
Genuine Betkwlth Reund Oak
The Original 6tles et Blast
Reund Oak Chief Steel Bant es
We can not mention all the points of Merit
here. We give y xm a cordial invitation to visit this
.department and allow us to explain their superior
BE WISE, and if you are going to buy a range, look up the ROUND OAK
CHIEF the range of the yean The very best material that money will buy and
the same painstaking fine workmanship in fitting and putting together that made
the Round Oak stove preeminent, are -used in turning out this range of highest
quality. It stands today absolutely unequalled, and the makers invite the most
thorough inspection and comparison. Its points of merit can be mentioned here
but briefly; it must be seen to be appreciated. They are: Round Oak cast iron
used in top and fire box noted as the best for strength and durability ever put in
stoves. Welbville polished steel- for the body, the best known one sheet making
the entire body with simple round bends for the corners. Fine workmanship?
You will say so. The nickle work rich and smooth; the entire range can be
quickly cleaned by simply wiping with a cloth. The asbestos insulation, three
times the thickness commonly U9ed, protecting the oven perfectly. The fire box,
extra heavy sectional fire front and fire back. Duplex grate for wood and coal.
The oven, full size, nearly square, and two inches higher than usual, finest oven
you ever saw on a range. The reservoir
holds nine gallons, heats by contact, can
bake, and heat water at the same time.
There are many other new and prac
tical features of interest. The chief is
moderate in price, a fine quick worker
with little fuel, and as it has already
pleased and satisfied thousands of users
it will do the same for you. We ask
that you see it. Made with or without
oven thermometer.
ttnaaaarnaaaBaiHi .
Our stoves
are Winners
V- v.
eCT -S-
its of the genuine RoundOak heating stove
if you are going to buy a stove? There
are many good reasons why this famous
stove is the most popular, has the largest
sale and surpasses all others in the com
plete and satisfactory way it does its work,
and you should. know them. Do not ex
periment you can just as well have the
stove that holds the fire; that is-as easily
regulated as a lamp; that lasts a lifetime;
that will please and satisfy you every day and night you use
it. It burns any kind of fuel successfully hard or soft coal,
coke or wood. With soft coal it makes the finest fire possible,
owing to the double fire pot with hot blast which burns the
soot and gases and makes the smoke clear. The cone center
grate prevents the formation of clinkers, and simply shaking
the grate clears the entire bottom of the fire uniformly. For
hard coal it is a great success; it is all radiating surface no
heat is lost,' and it is guaranteed to excel 1 all others in giving
warmth and satisfaction with economy of fuel. It can be had
with or without magazine same double fire pot and grate
All its saperior merits cannot be set down in this small space. Yon mast see it
and note the good material and fine workmanship in fitting and putting together; note
the low down grate close to the floor whbh it beats thoroughly nnder and around the
stove- Remember there is no other stove like it it is different and better other are
made to look like it. There are bandreds of imitations. See the name, "Round Oik"
on theleg-oaly thegeaaine has ft. Price $16.00 auitl p
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Bring us lour Potatoes
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