The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 29, 1906, Image 3

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Net Stay Ne Mi
Battle Oeek, MJcfc. Farmers noad
Battle Creak who expected am 1m-
emeat ia the farm labor proposl
this suatmer are dlaeppointed.
Net'eaiy are hanrasfc beads -aa scarce
aa they more a year ago. but they
to-set. have .adTaacea
to the wages, asiaaake .the
i.'to coaceeafoae, oat a
Tears acn woald hare created
aetold laaghter.
Good Carat hands, are getting
high aa $L6t a day withla a tew miles
eC Battle Creek, with board aadlodg
lag; thrown la, and In. many cases the
aee of a horse and- carriage. One
farm hand, hired ia Bedford towa
ahlp, demanded that his' employer
give hist the ase of his piano two
, hoars every evening, and the de-
mand was granted, the farmer's fam
ily vacating .the parlor while the bar?
vest gaest practices. He is taking
piano lessons ia town, driving la with
the farmer's horse.
The titrable does not end with the
Inability to secare men to work for
hire. Farmers' boys are still leaving
the nine dollar a week Jobs oa the
farm, with good food and beds, to
.come to town and .work for less, live
. Ia cheap lodging houses, and eat poor
food. .
The only available men we get at
present, said a Penfield fanner, "are
saea from town seed to clerking or
naming. street care or such labor. A
tew days on the farm tires them all
oat, and keeps as blriag mew nam.
I suppose It will shock city folks to
hear it, but the best work on many
farms in Calhoun county this sum
mer is now being done by women
.folks. The boys are anxious to go to
' town and throw on dog.' The girls
are the most willing to. help their
farmer fathers in the fields. It
doesn't sound alee, does it? But what
are yoa going to do when men won't
farm out at $L5a a day
boardr '
Fraa Wagner,
Vents Ira.ei
Campsaert Widow,
TheaV In Berlin.
BrMa. Now that Mr. and Mrs.
Nicholas Laagworth have returned to
.America, the real reason for their
saddest' departure from Baireuth Is
revealed. At the time it was said
that the daughter of President Roose
velt was annoyed by the ogllag of
German "dandles,' but it Is bow
given oat that Frau Cosima Wagner.
..who rales everything at the Bavarian
village, took advantage of the pres
ence of the Longworths to veat the
animosity which she has entertained
against all things American since
"Parsifal' was staged and patronized
by the United States against, her
. Inexplicably; the Longworths found
the" hotels "fall. and were com-
pelled to take refuge in a boarding
" house. Thea Frau Cosima caused the
command to go forth that the Long-
worths presence should be practically
.ignored. She herself arranged to
anub the preaideBt's daughter so
cially by ostentatiously omitting to
Invite her to the famous soirees held
during the week, which are attended
by all the celebrities. She also ar
ranged that Mrs. Longworth should
. act be preseated to her and the great
artists of the season during the in-
termissicas, which are always gay so
' dal events.
The only genuine welcome accorded
to President Roosevelt's daughter
came from Mme. Schamann-Heink,
who scandalised Frau Wagner by
rashlag ap and effusively embracing
the visitor ia full view of a terrace
full of people.
Discovers a Great Deposit of
Honey in Her Home.
.An immense store
disenvered between
'of the residence
-a solid mass six
eiwa. harder
Bfc-- vo BBretaoBBaawet
iHJH&r-1 c " a & - .a r m
L-. nTBBBBBBBTBBTl'IglSMB' lilisdll
rK'iPk")HHHPvV PSbbbbbm b-b
lii i 1 1 amaaai pa '
wide and 14 feet high.
' the basement to the
mm aaiastwassrTSMSiwMSMMi m 3 . i -i i m. r
.support the first story, and coi
tiling a section of the wall.
The bees catered their storehouse
' through a knothole ia a board. It
was this that first attracted Mrs.
Nazry'a attention. With the aid of a
gardener ahe Investigated.
Despite veils aad gloves, both were
severely stung by the myriads of
which reseated the intrusion.
ue many gardens la the
Beigheorhood la which Mrs. Naxryre
atdea, and it was from the flowers
ia these aad in the adjacent park that
.the bees sacared the substance. Un
able to crowd any more into the space
.waicn they bad appropriated, how
ever, they ao longer worked. but con
.tmicu wenaetves wna living Upon
waat taey nad already atored. Now.
aowever. tney wiu nave to start anew.
New Aaatrlan
Line a Wander
In the
. Enflii
iff World.
.Vienna. Archduke Franz Ferdi
aaad has opeaed the new Wochelner
railway from Assllag to Trieste
which is one of the most remarkable
tugtaeeriag feats in the world.
It Is the first sectloa la a new
owe laroaga ine Alps ttj which
aoathera Germany will be connected
lirectly with Trieste aad traverai .
seaatifal- hat exceedingly diftcalt
aftaaatata coaatry. watch has necessi
tated the xeavatioa of 47 tunnels aad
the baUdiag of 7 small and 4S tare
oa the Isonzo river Is
stone arched railway
Midge la the
to. iu spaa Is
haa SIS
Tear habits are disgraceful,
sir. I
cax you off with
aai hare the shmin.
Memorial Church
II. of Russia
1-BTfyaTfyaTgW l ' J
flBsBBn 'A
ai Twaaav jcvt fc,it"-1 .
4aaBTr Si rf
H- bw Jbbk
1 . ' Mm " "
BbbV bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV 1 SBBBBBBBBBb
The notable structure shown in the illustration is called the Church of
the Resurrection., and ia designed to commemorate the assassination of Czar
Alexander U. in 1881. It stands on the spot In SL Petersburg where the em
peror was slain. The edifice Is built of chocolate colored brick, trimmed with
white marble, and ia crowned with seven towers covered with vari-colored
mosaics. In these mosaics are represented scenes from the life of Christ,
and there are a number of panels containing the coats of arms of the fifty
Russian provinces and of the Romanoff family, with effigies of the apostles
and the saints. In splendor and design this mosaic work Is declared to be
unsurpassed. During the last twenty years the church has been In process
of construction, and it will not be completed for twelve years more. While
modem materials are used, the architecture Is of the orthodox ecclesiastical
style of the middle ages. Public contributions are paying for the work, the
total amount collected aggregating nearly $6,000,000 from all parts of the empire.
Equine Holds Interest in Valuable
New Yp,rfc Real Estate Where
He Can Graze at Will and
Live Life of Ease.
New York. "My horse Dick I give
and bequeath to my sisters, Agnes
and Elizabeth. Savage. It is my wish
that they care for the horse as long
as he lives.'
As the result of the above provision
contained in the will of George Sav
age, a plumber of. Jersey City, who
died on Sept. 17, 1889, Dick, a horse
33 years old; is living a life of ease
and luxury. He Is a property 'owner,
and holds a half interest in real estate.
Dick came Into the possession of
his master as a colt back in the '70s
and for years he made daily tours of
Jersey City in the shafts of a plumb
er's wagon. Mr. Savage waa deeply
attached to the animal, which devel
oped unusual intelligence at an early
age. He bought five lota at Baldwin
avenue and Clifton place as Dick's ex
clusive pasturage. As the years rolled
by he disposed of three of the lots,
but he reserved two for the horse's
especial benefit
"He's a good old boy," the plumber
would often any, "and I don't propose
that he shall ever want for a
Par Cent, of Those from Chi
Have Found Mates.
its reestablishment toMttaaly 17LTJ
or about la per cent, have TrBBaat.
It is conceaeu uun uk x &iij bw
uated ia the classes of the last two
years should have more time, but the
same considejraipBcannot be given to
those who were graduated before, and
the officials have no satisfactory ex
planation to give for their lack of ia
terest In matrimony.
This failure of the coeds to wed. Is
not confined to any one class. Ia fact,
of the nine women who graduated ia
1894, the year following the world's
fair, when all the world was attracted
to Chicago, not one has married.
The officers of the university deny
that there is anything in the sugges-
't 'i
araaaaaBB wTSlBrBTEBBBaBBBBBBBBBta wBaaat I;
""Iriir ismllii mMJZl that
. - T, ' J. sf"- - . JL . -. r . . -t 1BBBBBBBBMtk- -TaBBBBBBBBSBBBBBBmmBBRSaU
c-awa " " c-rr--.aaBSBBJWsmmc. o .i.nji
c-aaa BBvareBWTsmaw4"r,, w -
Uses a Million Pencils.
Washragtoa. :The eaormous quan
titlea of aaapttea ased by clerks in
the nine executive departmaata here
is forcibly illustrated by figures for
the fiscal year eadad Jaae 30. It Is
Ebowa that for the' 12 moaths com-
prising the last fiscal year there were
l,117.4tt lead pencim aee. u manaTac
tared aacat these woald make a mam-
peacU 142 mfles aad 13 red
Placed aide by aide they woald
a hoard walk 28 laches wide
rrea mOes long. Accordiag to
the ralea, each clerk Is anowed oae
peacU every eight daya.
The army of clerks ased S.C7MS1
aheeta of paper, cat letter else, every
year. These aheeta placed afd by
siee woald cover a plot of 2.24C acres
aad 'have aome left over.
The spvarameat teat year par
chased aad distributed 447144 pea
poUta. haylag more thaa 2St,fSt paa
hoMers ia which to utilise them. .
The clerks aaad M&fi ganoas of
Where Alexander
Wa, Assassinated.
portion of this earth where he caa
graze at wilL"
After the plumber's death his sis.
ters placed a wire fence around Dick's
lots and saw to it that every morning
excepting in the winter he was led
from his stable In the rear of their
home at 518 Mercer street to his pas
ture. Fine homes were built around the
lots, which are within a stone's throw
of the city hospital and the zealous
eyes of many real estate speculators
were turned to Dick's exclusive terri
tory, but all overtures for the sale of
the lots were turned down by the
Misses Savage and the old horse
grazes in supreme contentment A few
'days ago the sisters' were offered a
good price for the lots, but they said
that the land will not be in the market
as long as Dick lives.
Dick raps with his forehoofs against
the side of his stall every morning at
six o'clock as a signal that he la ready
for bis breakfast As soon as he gets
It one of the sisters, Miss Elizabeth
Savage, grooms him and washes him
down with oil of citroneUa to keep the
mosquitoes away.
Edna Brown, 13 yean old, has be
come so attached to the old horse aa
a neighbor that ahe goes arouad every
morning'to see him Eafe in his lots
and in the evening leads him back to
tioa that the restrictions at the.unl
versity against college courting and
engagements between students, baa
anything to do with this showing, nor
do they believe that Che average ago
of the women graduates has had any
effect although the statistics . show
the average age of the women
has been veiy
the men have beea
TrtstBeeats figure out that the fac
aa .regulations have done more than
aaynlmA else to turn the girls' heads
to other matters than matrimony
They are almost unanimous In declar
ing that the -university authorities
have placed such restrictions oa col
lege courtlag that younger girl eta
dents go elsewhere to college. They
cite the Urge number of engagements
at Northwesters university as proof of
this claim. They also declare that
Northwestern attracts- for this
girls more inclined to domestic Ufa.
There is no virtue ia the innocence
that only fears the wrong.
0M plate of black Ink and 6,74 pints
of red Ink.
The government ased 6,747 pounds
of pins, which, according to coaat, raa
24,752 to the pound. This makes aa
aggregate of lC7.t91.724 ptaa.
Rabber haada of an alses were
to the aamher of MJSaft.
Taa Bad.
"A horrible thing aappaaad fa froat
of oar boase thJa BKxaiag.'
"Aa aeddeatr
- "A meet aaf ortaaate oae. Tea know
that young" eoraet player la the aext
flat to ours. WeU. he was strack ay
"Yea r -
"Aad It eJdat hart
Clevelaad Leader.
him a bit.-
ahoat that
foal?, Is It an right?
ocer Sere! There's
i rJi tl 7,i
Doat neglect backache. 6 waraa
yoa of troaWe fa the kWaeya. Avert
4 i .; -. vvtaa- aaar ay. asjp.
tag the kidneys with
Doaa's Kidney Film.
J. A. Haywood, a
wan knows rasJaeat
of Lafkia, Tax,
says: "I wraached
my back working ia
a sawmill,
ap six
from that time
's. - palm.- la my
wTasaopei' I stooped or lifted. The
urine was badly dlsbraerad aad for a
-lonk time I "hadj- attacks of graveL
ifter I began ving Doaa'a Kidney.
ins the gravel 'passed oat, aad my
bade got we J. ' I. haven't had' aaek
ache or bladder troaWe Braee.' t;
Sold by all-dealers. M eeata a box.
ostar-MJlbora Co, Buffalo, .N. T.
Ways of War Were a New TMif t
f His Undcratandinfl.
At the Army and Navy club la
Washington a number of veteraa, offi
cers were telling stories, when Gen.
Chaffee told this anecdote of Gen.
Carr, who died in New York aome
fears ago:
It appears that uen. carr, at. tne
outbreak of the civil war, had left
Troy to take command of a regiment
The engagement in which, aa colonel,
ae first figured was at Big BetheL Hie
regiment had been. halted for. rest
and refreshment ia a pleasant place
and had not yet experienced the ex
citement of a skirmish. It happened
however, that confederates were ia
ambush in the immediate neighbor
hood and from a safe hiding place
they opened fire on the northerners
Carr, so the story runs, instantly put
spurs to his horse and dashed ap to
a group of officers. Excitement aad
bewilderment were apparent upon his
young face as he approached the
party. .
"They are firing apoa my resl
ment!" he shouted. "My God! Now
what Is to be doner Harper's
Alum Baking Powder la -Wholaaanu.
Dr. Herman Reinbold, the expert
German chemist in a recent official
report concerning Baking Powders,
declares that a pure alum baking pow
der Is better and less injurious than
the so-called cream of tartar powders.
He says that if the quantity of alum
contained in a sufficient quantity of
baking powder for a batch of bread or
cakes for an ordinary family, be con
centrated to one' mouthful of food,
and taken Into the stomach of any
one person, no matter how delicate.
It could do no harm. On the contrary,
alum Is wholesome' in proper-'quanti-ties.
This is undoubtedly the reason
the State of Missouri quickly repealed
a law that prohibited the manufacture
of the most wholesome of an baking
powders. So much for Alum firing
Strange Story But True.
F. L. Vandegrift has a new story
It is illustrative of the marveloua fe
cundity of the EngUsh' sparrow.
"I was pending Sunday with, the
Dumont Smiths, at Kinsley," said
Van, in recounting his experience.
"We had been up late the night be
fore and I was a trifle, drowsy. I. sat
out on the front porch listening to the
church bells and gazing off into the
illimitable space that lies between
a snortgrass town ana me nonzoa
beyond. ,
"Presently I dropped my hat Into
a bed of Virginia creeper and dosed
off to sleep. I could not have slept
more than an hour, for the children
were passing the house on the way
from Sunday school when I awoke.
I rubbed my eyes and glanced over
at my hat la it sat an English spar
row brooding a setting of eggs. While
I slept the sparows had built a aeat
in my hat the mother bird had laid
a full complement of eggs and had be
gun the work of hatching them.
Kansas City Journal. .'
His Only concern. '
A wen known member of the New
York bar, a man of boat patronizing
manner, one day met John G. Car
lisle,, to .whom he observed loftily.
"I see, Carlisle, that the supreme
court has overruled yoa in the case
of Mullins versus JenUnson. Bat,'
he.added. ia bis grand way, "you. Car
lisle, need feel ao concern about yoar
reputation. ,
Carlisle chuvied. "Quite so." he
agreed. Tm only concerned for the
reputation of the supreme court
Harpera Weekly.
About What Her Husband Weald Say.
A Mich, womaa tried Postam Food
Coffee because ordlaarr .coffee dla-
I agred wtih her aad her husband. Ska
"Hy husband was sick for three
years with catarrh of the bladder, and
palpitattoa of the heart, caused hy
coffee. Was usable to work at aU
aad la bed part of the time.
T had stomach trouble, was weak
aad fretful so I could act attend to
jay housework both of aa asiag cof
fee all the time, aad realising It waa
"Oae moraiag the grocera wife
said she behoved coffee waa the
of oar trouble aad advised
I took it home rather dubious ahoat
what my husband woald aay he waa
fond of coffee.
"Bat I took coffee right off the
table, aad we havea't aaed a eap ef
it since. Yoa should have
change ia as.
never complains of heart palpttatJoa
any more. My atomach troaale.waat
away ia two weeks after I hegai
My childrea love ft aad It
good, which oaat he said of
-A may visited aa who was always
half sick. 1 told her Td aaake her a
cap of Poetum. She said it
Mas staa, hat she watched me
t. hofflas; It thoroughly for IS
whea doaesae said it
Loac boillag briags oat the
savor sad food quaHty." Name glvea
hy Fostsm Co, Battle Creek. Mam,
s m as. auu wt. lam. -'- a
IB the.optaloa of oae ate has trav
eled much aad observed closely, the
moat truly aad rightfully conteated
people la the Ualted Statea to-day are
taa amafl laadoaaerB hi whet" hi
kaowa as the Upper White River Coaa
try. anywhere from Newport, Ark, ao
Carthage, Mo. They are contented be
caase their surreaadlngs are Ideal astt,
antfl receatly.1 the great; aaeaay, dis
quieting world, ralth its artificial needs
bBBfeajaatSK .compeasatioas, aaa
to Uwmlawt lltOe more tangible
thaa a. dream. Here;, atm aytataajr.
aadby.reasoB of their very rarity at
tats day andtimemore delectable
jthaa la.the past; are the coaditloaa
which hare ever, .appealed with Irre
atsawe force to the Indepeadent-splr-Ited
Anglo-Saxon. Every maa la the
aapresM rater of his owa little pria-
jcipaflty; ackaowledglng ao master
save, we law ana possibly his fem
inine helpmeet; 'cringing to no em-
,ployer; asking ao favors from the
world, sere those that his neighbors
freely, extend .anil expect aa freely la
return. He Uvea In a latitude where
the extremes of heat or cold are never
known, aad at aa altitude that insures
perfect health,' The richest bounty
of Nature has been showered upon
him with unsparing hand, but It tea
question whether he 'more than dimly
realizes the fact He accepts as a mat
ter of course the fertile soil which
produces in abundance every cultiv
able growth common to the- north
temperate soae, the surrounding for
ests of valuable woods and the under
lying stratas of precious minerals, the
springs and streams of translucent
parity on every hand, the wealth of
fish and game at his very door, such as
lees favored mortals annually travel
hundreds of miles to find. He Is con
tented, but small credit Is his for that
for how could he weU be otherwise
than coatent? It Is aad that such
Idealistic 'conditions may not con
tinue, but It la written that the pres
ent possessors of this, favored land
must sooa give place to others more
appreciative of its lacomparable fea
tures. A railroad has recently cat its
way through the best of this region,
aad the unaccustomed rustle of bank
notes and chink of coin win eventually
tempt the hill-dweller to part with his
birthright So it has always been in
the world's historythe 'good things
that are ours without price invariably
pass from our hands before we come
to understand their value. The White
River country win shortly be discov
ered anew by a class of Immigrants
better capable of Judging Its possibil
ities the men who seek modest
homes where the lay of the land"
win effectually prevent crowding by
too close neighbors, where their cat
tle caa fatten on free range, where
the wealth of forest aad mine awaits
development by intelligent workers;
and where the game and fish offer en
joyable recreation to tali who have
leisure and Inclination for sport.
to the Value of $300 Found in
Single Year.
', Never la the history of the United
Statea has there been such a demand
for diamonds as there was .in 1905.
Large quantities were imported, but
the country produced none.
In 1903 it produced diamonds to the
value of $50. in 1901 It had an output
worth SlOO, ia 1900 its production was
.valued at $150, and in 1899 the coun
try boasted native diamonds to the
value of 300.
Diamonds have been discovered la
the United States in four different re
gions, but their actual place of ori
gin is aaknown. An have been found
In looseaad superficial deposits, and
aU accidentally.
It ia not at aU improbable, how
ever, that aome day the original
aoarces of this queen of gems may be
discovered. The high price of dia
monds has made the recent search for
these precious stones ia the Ualted
Statea and Canada keener than ever
Before. Scientific American.
Would Scratch and Tear the Flesh Un-
leea Hands Were Tied "Would
' Have Died But for Cutteura."
"My Utile soa, when about a year
and a half old, began to have sores
come oat on his face. I had a physi
cian treat him, but the sores grew
worse. Then they began to come on
his arms, thea on other parts of his
body, and then one came on his chest.
worse than the others. Then I called
another physician. Still he grew
worse. At the end of about a year
aad a half of suffering he grew so bad
I had to tie his hands in cloths at
aight to keep him from scratching the
sores and tearing the flesh. , He got to
he a mere .skeleton, and was hardly
able to walk. My aunt advised me to
try Catkura Soap and Ointment. I
seat to the drag store 'aad got a cake
of the Soap aad a -box of the Oiat-
ment, and at the end of about two
months the sores ware all wen. He
has sever had any sores of any kind
since. He Is bow strong and healthy,
aad I caa sincerely say that only for
yoar aiost wonderfal remedies ary
precioas child would have died from
those terrible sores. Mrs. Egbert
Sheldoa, R. F. D. No. 1, WoodrlDe,
Cobb, April 22. 1905."
Tickets ef Leave.
the late Michael Davttra
wssesiaoBa were two
gilt- frames, each of which contained
a ticket of leave which was granted
aim after he had served a term of
a anal arvltade for his beloved coun
try. iBy following thedirectloas. which
are plalaly priatad oa each package ef
Delaace Starch, Maa's Collars sad
Cats caa ha made just as stla as de
sired, with either gloss or domestic
BJsma. Try it. IS es, for lie, sold by
all good groears.
(8.0.) pet
by a bird that Is
as the TogsjeAead.
the canaries thraaaia
Iran ef the
Ss cigar, always .best eaaaty.
a Xewaf factory, Peoria, IB.
Eoaeowiy ia the -mad to wealth.
Nad to
.who ptaya taa favorite
alwaya'wta ay a laac
i faaaaeri sjimklrthe aaftMy wJae et
Lewis Single Binder ew. Year dealer
er Lewis' ITaetery Peoria,. .BL,
A girl wffl forgtre afeltew ff mV
There la a traialag school for ele
phants at Apt. la the Congo State,
where 2$ elephants are taking lessons.
The traialag operations have prodae
ed encouraging results, aaya the Trih-
Lincoln Dental Callage. . ..
Associated with the State Ualver
sity of Nebraska, where an da wan la
the sdeaces take their work. Ample
equipment university standards, mia$
mum tuition. Member of the Nation
al, and .aU credits accepted. It will
pay yoa to write for special announce
ment Address the Deaa, Dr. Clyde
Davis, Liacom, Neb.
Seamen Given Privileges.
A marriage bin latrodaeed ia the
British narllameat allows the mar
riage of a seaman to take place by li
cense In the diocese of the port waere
his ship is lying. If he has been a res
ident for 16. days on the ship or part
ly oa the ship and partly oa acore
within the diocese.
Laundry work at home woald Tee
much more satisfactory If the right
Starch were used. Ia order to get the
desired stiffness. It Is asaaUy aeces
aary to aaa ao much starch that the
beauty aad fineness of the fabric Is
hidden behind a paste of varyia?
thickness, which act only destroys the
appearance, hat also affects the wear
tag Quality of the goods. Thfe trouble
can be earJrery overcome by using De
fiance Starch, as It caa be4 applied
much more thlaly because of Its great-
er strength thaa other
Beware of Servian Bank Netea. "
There is dismay la the Servian min
istry of finance. In the strong room
la thla department ia a specific safe,
were atored the engraved plates from
which Servian bank notes were
struck. These plates were engraved
In Paris and cost a sum of 1,C0.
AU these plates have within the past
few' days been found' to he stoma
from the safe, without any visible
sign of the safe having beea tampered
Haa' Been Buried for Centuries.
The body of a young woman haa
been discovered la the aadeat Priddy
lead mines in Somersetshire, Eng
land, some 16 or 17 feet deep ia the
waterbone slit that has beea accumu
lating since the days before the' Ro
mans came. The hair la woaderfany
preserved, aad remains la the plait
la which it was worked. Beside the
body were foaad five targe blse aad
green glass beads.
ftl'L. . I
University of
Notre Dame
W!t fuurmmht tnm joints: Owr ttmJtwtt
wttub dKrstudtwtbc3tmt titwmh
Uaaaaaas TSnMitaara aaaStaaaas
CoaraM la Aaalw Bad Hodera fmmti . Baa
Taanaaey. vii.mj0etneai. maa ccmanteml nun.
mtm tag. Aroaltt cliaa. lag. Baartaiamm, m wteaaaa.
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CataMaaa aaa aaHBlaari
Useeraer, hat sever If he doesat "
Ltl Stii Yti a Paskaga sf
Defiance Starch
with your next order of groceries- and I will guarantee
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at Pmkm YBeimblsCTairreai av
Ko giow Ma of atamoi taaoarytaat
fraqaeatly itefsseBee iaaaiaaaBaetsaV
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ijttr mflBBmmMlWrmitMkW CqF
Socalled ''wanderine; pains'
from its early stages, or the.
presence of danger may be mode mani
fest by profu&e monthly periods, accom
panied by unusual, pain, from ther
abdoBsra through the groin and thSgha.
If yoa imvernvsterioas peine, if there
are indication of inflammation or dis
placement, secare a bottle of Lvdia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound right
away aad begin its use.
Mrs, Pinkaaaa, of Lynn, Mass., will
ve yoa her.-advice if yoa-will write
sr. about yourself . She is the daagh-ter-ia-law
of Lydia E. Pinkhaia ana
for twentr-fiveycarshas been advaaar
sick women free of charge.
T mko tlw MbrrlT an tnm rilshiBi iw en
taesaeoeml have had with your wonderful
merlMse. Fiffbhwii mnnthKateo v risds
topped. fjaortlTi sftorl feH m badly than
physldaa aad jnat told amt I had a taamr
and weald have to undergo aa' epsmtiea.
8coa after 1 wad one of year adeiaTsf
aawsa aad derided to give Lydia K. flak
ham's Vegetable Cteraond a trial. After -
Ms as anreoan aw aaawr ar
I have bane osamiBea av a.
aad he asys I have aosfgae ef a
r. mimaliSl
I aroand once awr
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weu." nuHae ik aaa 7 1
Bradford, Pa.
for Hmr rearm iim ma mt
a momnm rarsiou eo iiinai -mmm
ef If aiad M as aaarmaUaa Mav.
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ospatiniitat far damuMint; 9t
SWavaaoat. meir tanm. aameiatii
nirias, eepBcnautia. yeoamcafwwsmy
term. mamaWaera. Imn. nnmlHaaa.
ete..ktweea si aaa it year. aliwa
nai laHBarm
ittaca IS ia
foarta pay
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wave! aUaaaas4 wata ar aula ia
aiaea af aW an. aoaaa tear aaaam' aay
lamw am i am nf illaramiT OaMiuLlMtfa
aaaHaaUaaaamraika. Alaa. darlaswiaMr.
at Da MataMare KkMx Ct;r. In. aaartma
la the TJaited'Statea, atoae. i
urn ate yearly iraam
tell ah lbre atartBer facf. eziat.-
trEALTM ia Ike olaVt aeatth Joataal te tke
world, a Ms aaadaoaacly niaatratcd aaJ aaly
edited aamgaaiac for tbeaoaae. TteartoeiaasM
onaraycsK. Siasleoavleateaotata.
. SeaS e ceats aad this iTurllif iiiaf
for a trlel Urea amoatam' amhsci IpUoa.
A-rrxx CatXSJt. HICK. .
You Cannot
tamtam tr mlrntil atxi afrMrml t
ditkms of the mucous membrane such :
BUaUdcsaat-rh.aterlae catarrh cat
hyfcsalBlae alia, sore tlnjoat.
BBsejca ar iBnamea eyes by simply
dosing the stomach.
But yoa sorely caa care these stubbora
affections by local treatment with
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic
which destroys the disease gennyaeciav
(fischarges, stops, paia, ana heals the
ianammation and soreness.
Paxtine represents the most succemfal
local treataaeat for fesaialae Has ever
produced. Thousands of womea testify
to mis fact. 50 cents at druggists.
Send for Free Trial Box '
W. N. U- OMAHA, NO. 35, ISML
Burma are
wnwor aoi
a, aaa a. am eearerr
CBBBBwa aafeav
that yon will be better satisfied
with it thaa with any starch yoat
1 have ever used.
I claim that it has no superior
lor hot or cold starching, and
It Will
to the
No eheappremiums are riven
hat von ear obe-tbjbd bobb
voa vooa mobbt than ef any
other brand.
lie for a It-os. package, aad I
will refund year meaey if it
sticks te the Uoa.
I Saw IBBj uuw ww ai waa aw
life Is
ahardoa la the
. vieveiiaa Leader.
to the
Iirrallvine,-tepkgs. tTasrasa
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caa leave am oat of the
lag eJee ta.K bat sawdast! Y
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