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' Just drop in and let ns explain
to yon wby'-you -Bbould keep a .
bank account. Some of 'the
'beet reasons are; your money
.will .be perfectly safe, and
ready for your instant' nee at
any time; when you pay- by
cbeck yon have a receipt when
the check in returned to you
, properly endorsed; a friend in.
a bank, is a valuable friend at
Let us get in touch with yon
and be your friend.
6ywfcus &ut Bank
f11? I
! I
.- (From files or Journal May 29, 1872)
- Two hmtdn-d Otoe Indians are en
C camiwd. mar the' Loup. --L
"J'ralrie ScboonerH" pass our office
j -". nearly every day
", ' Mnrried, May 14. by Judge liiggins,
; John tauffer aud Miis Eliza Blazer.
1 .-both of Platte county.
" Horace Greely, the presidential candi
date of the -liitarala, has written a letter
: of acceptance.
Ijocal Retail Market: tea $123 to
$1.26; coffee 28 Ui 3c; chewing tobacco
-85 to il.25; eggs 10; potatoes 25 to 40;
.dry apples 11 to 15c; corn meal $1.50 per
- .hundred; coal oil 40c; floor $425.-
-ii ' .l- -
K-". ' -. From files of Jiine .5;-1872) " "
'Mr. lteed,s residenoe on Paoific Are-
-"- sue w completed.
- HuKh Compton'e gothic residence on
Olive street is near completion.
One nhrht last week George and Jas.
- Galley found two men in their school
boaee and succeeded in arresting one of
The town council is to lie praised for
. 'aatablishing a grade for onr streets and
.-have given the work of-grading to
- Charlea Brindley.
- The following expenditures are'lo be
.made by the general government . for
-oar state: Building a court house and
" jwst office at Omaha, $100,000; for rent
.of oQoe etc of surveyor general of Iowa
u - and Nebraska, $0,300; for the survey of
: -- the northern boundary of Nebraska,
8,800. .
' 1'Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Snow returned
.' 7-hoaie Saturday after a month's trip
?.imek east be. visited Niagara Falls spent
'.' a "week, at Lake George, took atrip down
: -the Hudson, they also '-visited New
' .Tork, Pbilaileldhia, Washington and
.'-"-oUier large cities. Mr. Snow informs
.-"the reporter that Nebraska looked good
. . to him. -
..; .H..C. Carrig left Sunday for the west
'i -era part of the state.
.-and the alow 'sailling are com'-'
-'parable to. the man who has ;
-moByfortavestment andwoaH
seixre !:". opportunity -we ."are"
.-..offeriftg. -Like. the nickel, if he .
" apeaks qilick be snaps. ap-the -.
'bargain',: bat if, like the slow,
abilling, laecomes later to bay
. it'll cost hiar'tfae shilliag where "
; aow; the jjiekeiwill do the Irk
. :
.aaataaaaw s, sawasaawaiaaB
L AkMaarasaVa
. . a "aWaaaaH'laajaj
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- V ' Jfc.aaaaaaaaaaFyiCaaaaaaaaalJP aafT
- - aaaaaaaaaaaaar3aawkBaaaaaBawHaSalaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mary Hunrins is visiting" at the
Kyle home m-Dancan for a few days. -
." The. County' Supervisors, have rented
two - office, rooms in the basement of the
new bank building for Judge RaUerman.
Loufs McMullen returned Wednesday
from' Omaha wherebe has been working,
for the Western - Union Telegraph' 43o.
He-went overland on his wheel. -.
-, Friday J afternoon Mrs: Geo. -'Scott
slipped and broke a' bone in the left limb
jost-abbve the ankle except for- the fex-
treaw heat she. is doing nicely. -
- Miss Marie Zinnecker. returned Mon
day for -a' two weeks trip to Osceola.
Miss .Louise Echols who-accompanied
ner stopnea at auver ureea u vistu j
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Karr enjoyed a
visit from their daughter, Mrs. Jaliaa
Olseen of Omaha. and little son, Myron
jr; also Miss Tnyra Karr or Omana, j .
ProL W.'E. Weaver left last week 'for
Morrison, Illinois, on a "business trip, "but
will return in time to 'accompany Jut.
Weaver and daughter home in..-Septem-!
1 Miss Letitia Speice-left, for Colorado
Springs Saturday -night where 'she will
meet her brother .Milton Speice and
family of Kingfisher, OkUv, for a" ten
days visit. -
Mrs. H. G. Fricke spent Sunday with
Mr. Fricke in Madison.' Mrs. Fricke re
tarded home with Miss Sadie MoFetters,
of Madison, who has been -vjsiting'.her
for several weeks.
Saturday Geo. Schwanteot Humphrey
township was adjndged' insane by the
insanity board and will be taken to Nor
folk as soon as the proper papers are
received from the asylum.
W. H. Kaieor of Council Bluffs with
his wife and daughter have moved to
Columbus. Mr. Kaisor expects- to en
gage in some business here bnt for some
time will take a much needed rest.
Miss Norine Heins and her sister,
Helen '""Lnitnor, neices of Mrs. Hans
Elliott, who have been visiting here for
past two weeks, returned Sunday to
their home in Sacramento', California.
Mr. J. C. Eckols and son Dan returned
Thursday night from their Minnesota
trip. Phil Echols stopped on his return
in Omaha to visit Albert and Gilbert
Anderson. He returned Friday night,
Charles Borgs brought suit oh the 18th
against Win. J. Voss, to obtain an execu
tion which Voss resists, claims .he. is ex
etoption proof and is not possessor of
over $2,000 worth of property allowed
by law.
Mrs. W. W.' Musgrave of Council
Bluffs, Iowa formerly of Columbus was
in the city Friday. Mrs. Musgrave has
been up to Madison to visit her parents
and help celebrate their Golden wedding
. A suit was brought on Saturday by
Frank Willier and others against James
Cummings and 'others, the suit is
brought to obtain possession of certain
lands which plaintiff "claims Cummings
held unlawfully.
Mrs. George DeFord who has been
the guest of her Bister Mrs. Brngger left
for her home in National City California
Monday night. Another sister.'- Mrs.
Ernst Stonger returned from Denver
Sunday, and after a day's visit with Mia.
Brugger accompanied Mrs. DeFord to
The Ancient Order of United Work
men held a union meeting of the neigh
boring lodges Friday night, for the pur
pose of forming plans to hold a general
rally of all the A. O. U. W. lodges in this
part of the state. The meeting will, oc
cur September the ?th and will be open
to all the friends of Fraternal . Societies.
Mr. Tate, the Supreme Representative,
will be present. Mr. Tate has a national
reputation as an orator and it will pay
anyone to .go miles to bear him.
Excursions will probably be run on all
the branches out of Colutnbaa and a
grand time is promised to all who
The funeral of Mr. Adolph Berger Sr.
hld here last Sunday was an exception
ally large one. A very large number of
people from the city and the coantry
participated in the ceremony and .wit
nessed his burial Although special
sittings were provided for in the Baptist
church a large number had to stand
outside. The procession contained
thirty-two vehicles, headed by the fire
men. Even in the home, more thana
mile, west of town, more friendr gathered
thaa ' the house, could hold. 'r. Berger
was a. well known! and -well liked man.
Thirty-four yean ago he came to this
part- ot Nebraska. At the age of
eighteen he left Friedland his birthplace
in Germany, where he was born in 1849,
and .for -five -yean made Detroit his
home. ;Mr. Berger has had his 'share of
the hardships' ao'd physical sufferings of
this life, more than thrice .-he has been
oa the oporator's, table. -.From, bis 'last
operation" he 'never- quite 'fully rallied-
aad-taedaysof'the last seven -.months
of.bJ8iife.were'very.few in which he.did
not safer iatease pain.. " His 'death, was
hastened at the last by. -a bemorage.'of.
the braia. Mr. .Berger died Tharsday
eveaia,., with., his.' wife' and
eight children and other' near .relatives
gathered about his death-bed. .;
Ltttan; ."
. W. S. -Darley. .'Fred Banes; Alvine
Oaleman; L. D.'. Persons; Fred Porter;
Bertha' Bomiager, Effie ttadok; Carl
Sehalte; Wells 8aeeloa; Al Swiggart;
J..B. Tebias; H. HL Wilaoa.
. ' Cam. KnaaTBB, Pat Master.
Blue Blazes
If you do sot own aa alcohol
.stove 'yob altoald get oae, for
they are a most coaveaient arti-'
cle inaa eaaergeacy. .The blue
flame from, alcohol never smote'
things, for there s no smoke, and
the intense heatrom it allows a
great saving of tinie in heating
water or anything lse that is to .
be used hot. .
,- We have a splendid line. of. -
at- prices ranging -allthe. way
from 25c io . $1.00. There are .
several styles of .them all safe'
and reliable. ":
91S W-W-W aV-B-B.
Glias. H. Dack
:" DraffUilu.. .
Miss Anna' Becker is- spending, the
week visiting Mrs. Fox of Norfolk.
Mr. 8. Connelly of'. Bear. Humphrey,
transacted hnhin sm in the city Monday.
Mias Julia Millard "of Omaha is a
guest at the home of her uncle, Geo. E:
Bert Galley left Monday .for the east
to attend the encampment of the Sons of
Miss Mary Pataeh left last Satarday
for a few .weeks--visit -'with- friends at
Monday the insanity board committed
Geo. Bradshaw to the asylum at Lincoln
for dipeosaaaiac. ' .'..,'
J. N. Umlaad '. accompanied by bis
family left for Fort Dodge Iowa Monday
to spend his vacation. -J.
A. KilboTB wishes to announce that
watermelons are free. to euerybody that
comes oat to eat them.
8uperrntendeat ' Sherman, '- will meet
all the teachers at the High School at
3 p. m. Satarday, Sept. 1.
Miss Alice Quinn. left for Chicago
Sunday to enter the hospital . there to
stady for a traiaed narse.. .
Mrs. Carrie Goodrich of Cedar Rapids,
spent Sunday with Miss Florence. Whit
reoyeroo her retarn from Denver.
May McGray, the three year old daugh
ter ot Robert McCray, while playing fell
and broke her limb above the ankle.
Mr. L U. Bnttell and family returned
last week from St. Edwards' where they
have been visiting' for the past month.
Mr. and Mrs. 'Jacob Zinnecker left
Monday to spend a week with their
daughter Mrs. Isaac JaaiBg .at Geneva.
Mr. Frank Miles, now working at the
carpenter trade at Humphrey, visited
over Sunday with his parents in this
city. .,
Miss Lizzie Hoffman left last Satarday
evening for Ewing. Nebraska, for a two
weeks visit amongst relatives and
The many friends of Captain and Mrs.
Hate, will be delighted to know that they
are expected hem about the tenth of
September on a visit.
Mrs. Howard Clark has been confined
to the house with a severe cold for a few
days, bat has now retained to the Clark
farm where they are camping.
A pert? of twenty-four of the German
Lutherau Society of .the German Luth
eran charch held an enjoyable picnic at
Julias Kluck's place tea -miles east of
The' Christian Endeavor Society of
the Congregational church will give an
ice cream social on the lawn at thehome
of H. E. Babeock. Everybody invited
to come.
- Mrs. C.8. Raaey entertained this week
in honor of Mrs. C. W. Barkett and
oaaghter, Mrs. C. F.Keelie and daaghter
from Lincoln and Mrs.' A. K. Waldron
from Schayler.
- A little three year old- sob of Adam
Minnick. was shot in the' 'head by -the
twelve year old sob of Mr. Allison. The
ball has not. bean extracted' but the
doctors thiak he will live. The shooting
was eatireb accidental; the Allison .boy
was ahootisg some chiekeaa and did not
see the Mhiniek boy.
a nJ xl
.- i bias oJnct-qJ.
All $3.50 low
All $2.50 low
. All $2.00 low
.All $1.75 low
These are all New,
We are also making a still
greater reduction on all
t ;
tan shoes and oxfords
Miss JaliaKoahaal visited over Saa
day with relatives at St. Edward. "
Mm. Sarah Briadtey retaraed Satar
day from Arapahoe, where she "has been
doing institute work. .
Mr. Mia' Gillispie of "Monroe, drove
down last Friday with a wagon load .of
farm machinery for Earnest Cole, -west
of town.
ftP. TodMhoft, has treated the Men-
dan hotel to some naiahiag. toackes in
the way of exterior paintiagaad decorat
ing that addmach to its appearance. ."
- Mrs. J. H. Randall aad son Eddie' re
tained Saturday after a ajoaths visit to
her sister, Mrs. ' C H. Ssodgrass.. at.
BarliagtoB, Iowa, aad to relat i ves aad
friends at Oquawka, HL .'' i '..
Professor F. C. French and O. J. Fee.
superintendent of grounds and bn'ild
i'ngs of the state nniveraity were 1b Col.
imbus last Wednesday .on business
connected with the' nniveraity. ' . . -.
-Max Gottberg: bought a new gasoline
traction engine last week to'.raa "hia
threshing machine.-' He-.traded .his
steam engine for iC This is the 'first
gasoline traction ' engine- .in -v Platte
county. . "...- .."..,. '--."
S. J. Kennedy and Aubrey Smith .of
St. Edward were is." Columbus i last Wed
nesday night on their way to to the Con
gressional convention ." FresaoBt.
Aubrey Smith is the republican. .candi
date for representative in Boone cbiiaty.
On Tuesday afternoon' of. hut-week
Mrs. A. Anderson 'entertained several
lady friends who- were the happy
mothers of little ones, somewhere-near
the age of oae year, the .'occasion belBg
the first birthday .of little .Mary Eliza
beth Anderson. !
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dack have been
spending a few days with friends
Monroe and Platte Center. -Mr.
Mrs. Dack have recently returned from
California, and are delighting their Neb
raska friends with the realisation that
they still have a longing for Nebraska
and its people. They retaraed. to -Columbus
on Friday. . '. . .
Mrs. J. Frederick Kirkpatrick one of
the earnest workers of "Leroy Lodge"
Degree of Honor of Columbus has) an
nounced her candidacy for the Grand
Receiver of Nebraska of. the Degree of
Honor. ' Mrs. Kirkpatrick received jtae
hearty endorsement of Leroy Lodge' jaad
her jfaaay f riendsaereand throagh Neb
raska where she has hosts of friends are
using every effort to land the oalce for
her. Mrs. Kirkpatrick is tboroaghly.
competent to fill the honored position! :-
The value of printers ink- has been
demonstrated very often in Columbus:
The last -demonstration was seen last
week at the Columbus Bargain Store.
A specialist was brought here to conduct
a sale. He distributed 10,000 cironlars
and used the columns of the Journal.
The sale continued for one-week and the
crowds were such that 4& clerks were
unable at times to handle "the people and
the doors had to be locked oa several
occasions to keep the crowds oat while
the clerks went to meals. This demon-
strats what printers ink judiciously ased
will do. - -.
Mrs. Hans Elliott entertained sixteen
young ladies Friday afteraooa .for iaer.
niece, Miss Helen Leitner. The girls
were each asked to write a poem. - Miss
Helen Brugger won the. prize, a spoon; a
three course luncheon was served... -In
the evening the Misses Ethel Elliott and
Metta Hensley entertained sixty- youBg
people for Mrs. Elliott's cousin; Miss
Norine Heins. The porch and lawn
were decorated with lanterns. Poach
was served during the evening. - In 'oae
room a number of article were spread
about and as the guests passed throagh'
the room they were to see who coald
remember the greatest number of articles
Miss Eloise Roen won the ladies prize, a
picture, and Mr. Gns Beeher . the' man's
prize a stein. Later sherbet and cake
were served.
To neighbors and frieada and to
members of the varioas orders who Were
present and participated .in-the obse
quies of our son and brother, Samnel
M. Rector, we desire to exprsss onr
sincere thanks for floral coatributioac,
for the sympathy manifested 'and for
many deeds of kindness. -
Mr. and Mrs..E. O. Rbctob and Sons.
- - .-"
shoes now$3.00 7.
shoes now $2.00
shoes now $1.75
shoes now $1:50 ;
Snappy Late Styles.
i tr
-" --JW : "
THE best assort
nient you ever saw
in Columbus, for cash
or. "easy ..payment
Your- m6ney":back" .
.less 10' per. cent';
- .when'' ybu'.buy".-. "
.."-:"for cash.. -'-
Ed.J. Niewohner
Jewolor and Optician
- .Fifty years ago Mr. Meeker in the
prune of his. youth .covered the old
Oregon trail.. He is now going, over. the
same route-in the same style as then.' '
Ezra Meeker, one of the few surviving
phmeers who went to Oregon by way of
the old overland trail, who is now mak
ing the return journey with an ox and
cow team over the same route, arrived
ia Kearney this . morning. Mr. Meeker
started on his trip to Oregon, where he
hoped, to find a new home for himself
aad his yoaag wife," from Indianapolis,
IbjL, in October, 1851. He was then. 22
years of age. The return journey is
taken for the 'purpose of perpetuating
the memory of the "Old Oregon ' Trail."
aad erecting monuments,-wherever pos
sible to the memory of the pioneers who
orossed the plains and built an empire
out of the wild Bad. boundless West, and
keep fresh the memory 'of. their privation
aad hardships.. .- -
Mr. Masker has stopped- at several
places along the way and erected eighteen'
monnments np to this day. -Amoug the
places at- which the' monuments have
basa-erected are Baker City, Ore., Boise
City, Idaho, and one at -the summit of
the Rocky monntains in Wyoming nt
what ia known as the South pass. It' is
at an altitade of 7,450 feet above seaf
level, and within a short distance of
when the waters of the Sweetwater river
will be lead across the mountains through
the psas to be used in- irrigating lands
on the western side as a result of gov
ernment enterprise. . The region is a
wild now as when Mr. Meeker first passed
over the trail, only 'a few sheep herders
living in the vicinity. There is a little
poatoMce called Pacific- and. the next
nearest postoffice is ' eighty-four miles
Mr. Meeker hopes to erect a monu
ment in this city to the memory of the
old Oregon trail. He has nothing to do
with getting funds,' ,the collection . nnd
disbursement of the fund being gener
ally done by a local committee. He ex
pects to find the exact location of the old
trail near this city. Tuesday helozated
it just west of Overton.
' On his first journey- Mr, Meeker and
his yoang wife wintered at Eddyville,
Iowa,- There their'first child, Marion J '
Meeker was born. He was. seven weeks
old when they started out on the trip in
the spriBg and stood the journey in ex
cellent shape, lie ii nir' ruudfatber
and resides near bia father at Puyallup.
Wash. In Io'-va-nleo, they traded-off
their horses' for an ox and cow bum, anil
made tbeir.trip the rest of the' distance
with these animals.
TheMissoari river'was crossed about
six miles soulh-of where Omaha' is-aow
located, on May 19, 1852. Thirty or
forty miles -further they- struck the
Platte river, and continued to travel
atoag the north side of this stream af ter
wards, aad.lator the Sweetwater river,
which is 'the headwater of the Platte,
uatil they reached the South pass.
-.Mr. 'Meeker ..-was- unfortunate .'last
meek, having lost one .of . " his oxen by
death;',he has heard that there -are some
ia Platte eoanty and ia anxious to pur
chase "one" .and continue -his. journey.
He will be in Columbus about .August
98th. He is -'collecting material -for a
book on the overland trail which he ex
pects' to publish next winter and. on
account' of . hia interviews with, old
pioaeers atoag the old . route! tbe'.book
will uadoabtedly be of- great historical
valne. . - - ' .
The races at the State Fair, the : 'first
weak in September, are well filled aad
will he hotly contested. There are sev
eral features which will be new, some of
which' are a Derby in which .a. goodly
nnmner of the beat running horses of the
state are already catered. -A .guidless
pacer," aamad ."Emma," from Evansville,
lad, will go twice, as also will another
gaideleas pacsr, "Dr. Tom"ofTecumeh,.
and aguidlesstrotter.-SBreea." of St. Ed
ward. These last two will be the con
s' guidless 'race,- wnicbi is
new- ia the racing line.
Marnhy, the maa who stags to beat the
bead, wfll slag before the grand stand
W, K
IatarsstiBg Letter fram Mini Blaa
Rome, Augast S, 19U6
Pear Mama and Helen'; -
I was so glad, to get letters here
in Rome,, but I am always lookiBg for
more. - We have been here ia Rome
since last Thursday night. The weeks
fairly fly and I cannot realize that my
trip is half over. .1 suppose you-wonder
how my clothes have been holdinkaut
In tbefirst place I'm-glad I
more than I did. I have all that I coald
want,' the- people who have- more -ar.e
only bothered with.the care of them.'
I wear a blue veil to protect my eyes
now. I've had laundry .done .three, times
and will probably not' need, any ''again.
They do things beautifully but they are
'hard on them. Some., people have such
elaborate things but they do look so-out
of place.- - - ' '. .. -;" ':' ':i-
.1 haven't .done any .shopping herein
Rome but -I have gone to' all. the pro
grams. '- They 'have-been- having- four
lectures a day and I can't, keep; up with
that. Some days when we are out both
morningand afternoon I cutout all the
lectures: .But 'as long as I do-that -I
keep feeling perfectly well and I'm glad
to do that, so many people are underthe
weather in this southern climate. -,
" ."".. .--".". ' .
.We leave.. for -Naples this afternoon
and there the different parties' separate
again,-some to-. sail, home;-some for
Greece and some for.Egypt.- One of the
Barber party, Miss.-Jones,' has derided
upon the Oreeke cruise. '-'We 'hate -so
much to see her go,-she is such a splen
did girl, I'll miss her most-because, she
and I stood together -on so many: things
and stood alone. She 'was Breta's niom"
mate.' .-.-"" '.- ' -"-- 'l
Mr. Findley. one of the men we came
across with", Ls 'giiing to 'Egypt, so last
night we 'bad a'-sort of a farewell flour
ish. . He" took Breta'and Mrs.. Heyl'and
me oyer to the Piazza Thermae and there
we sat'on'tbe balcony eating ."coseaHas"
and ices. - The orchestra was- playing
and the big' fountain 'was beautiful in
the moonlight!" It was great fun.-- That
is .the-way- Romans spend their even,
ings, thore arccrowd&atr these- restaur
ants until way after midnight. .They'
turn night. into -day here. The moon is
full now and ttie'-'other evening we .Went
over to the Colleseuin to see it by moon
light. It is the. romnnitic spot of Rome
for visiting Americans and we saw inter
esting things beside the beauty 'of that
mighty structure in 'the dim yellow
light. -- '
Sunday afternoon nil the'" Barbarians"
took carriages arid drove on t on c the
Appine Way. It was a- beautiful day
and the Alban.-Hills were splendid. in
the sunlight.. It was strange"' but de::
lightful to drive along . that old road
.lined with the ruins of once- beautiful
tombs. The same road along. which
Paul came in chains to Rome, tlieMittle
church "Quo Vmlfs'. is '-'along 'the way
and we went in, I can't realize that those
old prophets once looked-on some of
these walls that are standing today.' It
is interesting to read here in' Rome the
epiBtles Paul wrote from Rome when he
was in prison here.- There is a
National C. . Convention in Geneva
now and last-Sunday we had a'C. E.
Convention here at the hotel. We sent
the Convention a telegram of greeting
In the'morning we. went to high mass
at the world famous St. Peters. I love
to wander around in thoae big cnurcheS
and I was there for- almost three hours.
There is a bronze statue of St. Peter
there and all devont Catholics who have
visited St. Peter's for the last six cen
turies have' kissed bis' toe and. said -a
prayer; until-, now '-there isn't mnch of
the toes left, 'I 'stood 'and watched' the
people doing' this for a long -' time. ! . We
drove around in the Vatican yards and
saw- the Vatican galleries, that huge
building of 11,000. rooms representing a
state by itself and a big machine. I tell
yon it makes one stop aud wonder.
- There have been "dozens of- other
things to see here; and' when I get-home
I can tell you bettor all about it.,
. The following taken from the State
Journal will be of interest to the Colnm
bus friends Of Mr. andIrs. Hunt: - Rev.
and. Mrs. W. S. Hunt and three" children"
met with a serious accident this -afternoon,
while enrouto-with 'the "'family
horse - and carriage for Clay - Center.
"When about a mile south of the cemetery
Mrs. .Hunt raised -'her parasol,-.which
frightened the' horse, causing it to" over
turn the buggy. .. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and
the baby were .thrown out, landing' ' in. a
ditch partially filled' -With' water. The
horse started on-the home stretch,- with
the two. little' boys in the -back seat.
After about half a mile they were thrown
out, and 'a little farther on' -the horse'
came in contact with a' telephone pole
and was released from the -.buggy. Mr.
Hunt' was quite severely .bruised about
the -head and - shoulders. 'Mrs, 'Hunt
received quite severe' bruises -about, the
body, hut no' bones- were .broken. The
little boys escaped . with only slight
bruixes and the baby was uninjured.
Neighbors gathered the' family' up. -and
brought them home, whjle. medical as-
swlanre.- whs dispatched to the ' scene,
Mr. Hunt being for . some; .time t in a
semi-conscious condition. . He is in bed,
but it is hoped no. complications.- will
arise. .
George H. Metheny of Shelby.-' Neb.,
wbohao been visiting relatives the past
week at Graad Island aad Central City,
stopped ofToa his retara home for aa
over 8uaday visit with hm brother Dan.
stVJt bt'"" m aa wtBa aW jCmaam
I mm I VvBB " m .'BmiM t& aw I
wUpyfk " ataTgBBBBBaaa?- WmllU Awf
- " :
shines'on the pathway, that leads np to
(J ate f Sneeess-
Our liank and depositors are .a haratoa-:
ions group. 'They have oar coaideace'
and we theirs.. Success for as ia ewecess
to you.' That's why we are popular.
BankiBg'with -us' means sharing oar
prosperity.- .."..". ..."-.. ; . "
The Firs. Nawfeiiai Bank
At a recent meeting of the Smith Col-
lege' Club, in' New Vork,' Mark-Twaia..
was the chief Sneaker. . andtold "the..
audience of:la memory of- my -youth.',
that haV.remaineri with me all this time. -' .
When I. was living-in St. Louis with my.
mother,' ninety-five years ago. when 't
was comparatively young, a lovely young..
cren'tnre of sixteen came to pay us a'viait. '
WhcnsbcasiJred.'.a' room,- a geaeral- .-.
sweetnesBwas diffused.- I was -aaralyz-
ed. "-I wasn't really -myself. .I was; dif.-";-.
fident then.' My mother suggested that" """.
I, .being seventeen,-show the 'sweet girl."
some attention, lint I hadn't the. oar-'
age... -Take her to the theater,-said mj '
mother. ' So I took' her thirteen- blocks'
down-town on.'f oot; I never hail prase aes"' .
of mind in": life until next day. ' Then "I -.-realize
that I should bave-goae-'aroaad
tWenty-si-cblttcks. .;" We were wedged i.k
the niidle of a row 'of seata as loBg.'ae' -'
this... Diirin'g the first act' I:.' was". com.-',
fortable .withthe jo of being there' with. -".
her. Knt' the '-Becondr act' was. not mi :
comfortable '$1 had. my Sunday boots. -on.
'-' They .were lip. ft, bbcI my. .'size' wan . "'
No. '9. -Tlins the' boots'. Itegan to get very. -".'
tight.' At last I had to find pome relief, 1"
and pushed one off a little. The heavea-,
ly change .was so blfssful that the- other'
foot got more urgent .As obo-eaaBot' .'
linger on 'the verge -of al solute perfec-
tion,.I pushed boi h off nntil they were,
dangling." . Then there was nothing ia '
the .way "of" hapinesB,'- until, -the -eartaia .
went dowii for the'-last time, aad the ' .
people rose and wanted to go. right
I wts trying' to get my boots, oa.- -I .
couldn't have gota hand in. . I couldn't
affordto leave, the boots,, anil so' I toek -'.
them along the boots" on one arm" aad- ..
the girl on .the other." "' - .' " : ..-" -.
-- '.' . - - -'
Opposite "of U1-" P.-'Depot-.
raJ Leing-." Brands;- in-C--
eluding'' the" famous "NlCAr
SpecialsT; and thevPATHr;-
FINDERL-- S- : ."'-'.. V.
--""- ' "- ".". ."-
"' For a good; cool smoked
call .oh .hiiri.' He will guar-;-'
antee -to please:, you. of;.;
money refunded.;-..:-.1."- .!;
Potatoes, new ba. :...';'
- 40.-1.:;;;
i?to is:.-
. 10 to" -14 -'
V '.- -
8". - .-:
...3- ' : -.-
aw;.-j :..-.
Batter fr ...-;
Eggs ydoaea..
uvtlB v
Hogs ...
Tate-Ma Clitawl 8 farther
inwwi as wsjiw toward giv
ing a man a genteel appearance than
any othor one thing.- If your clothes
are made "by Linstrum they're right
in every part icuIar.There isadistiac
tive difference between the tailored
suits and the ready-made. To wear
one of our suits is to appreciate the
;iaim .
!. aawaBwaawaBwaBBnaBBBB
Eawl '-'"
Vataf awam
. I
i I . i..'Z3SP.7J
tt i ?5t?t-s3
. ViTi-
F'T TfsffS
V v
Hmfs ,.
& X. ,