The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, July 25, 1906, Image 7

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' -. " !;. -.;- - ' i?jocial-priccJi on: towels.---V'"- '" :-
'W.Wjg hav&a -lotvof sliirfeVwaists bi one or two
:"- 'stleW 61 a ihia ibueiiithe lot we can give ypu
! V any. sizet 'All ;is; season's series: and in good
r-V At':l: : CWisonvhitc.Uwn siirt.Waist3woVth.1.00, 1.25,. will close
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""t6T ig..lCi.iMstsiy'bciiUtifuriinVo styles worth S1.39
' -- ' ' - -ViYil Sl.iiOio close 'on t'-at-. "---'.. -V T; .- -98c.
'"'i-Or'a' "Consists of ncW "shirt aiste.-lacc trimmed, very. beautiful styles
VLW ...v?" .worth 81.90, 82.00"and 2.25 will close tliese out at. . .-. . .81.29.
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iVt .us.-, liuihl ymi;oii.e.i:Wc".
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' Ulie"sVnig-iOHeu.s.irp; : -
We keep nly-thftrLateBt,TRiid..
' AllKiBilnof-'".
.To Republicans.
"-.jfe are anxious to have every . re,-
pablican in clsee touch, and working
in harmony "w.ith the Republican JSa-'Hanal-'Conremidnal
.Committee . in
iavbr of, the election of - republican
-' .The congreBSional
Jbased oh the Administrative and legis
lative "record of .the party, and, "that
beiaic so, Theodore- KooKevelt'B per
Moaalt must-be a centrrl figure and
hV. achievements a.ceutral thought in
the. oMBpaign:- .'.- - .-.,".
. ".We desire to maintain, the .work of
this. campaign with popular , subscript
m of one dollar- each from republic
ciias ". To " each subscriber .. we'.'rill
send the Bepublican .Natlopil-'Text
Book aad.all doctaments issued .by.-tne
committee.-: ."" "'"
.Help as achieve a great victor y ;".
.James Jb. Shermaa,: chairman;. ;
;-" . -p;:d.:Box26(w;'riJijW.Ycark:".;
..Farm heirts , ;
-MtolOnfllcseslioes stick and-.
dpji't.lame 5ur:Uorp-"trjr.t'e'ni .
Mark T. MoMaboa. feiiiirt.
. . r Fresh Thuft -Mlpt; .' . ' .
Ttaittt'th -oalT ktad:.ire -ktfp..
Evetythtag ewf- taw. !.. yw
; d freak at the Wew Groeejcy.-Try
am etder. . . .. ,
n rmmt Vina dasjF'waist Bbobw
ismmnfactuiwii Piaaa'Sale . Centmiied
" Ma Week After Jaw 31. ' :
Haviag aoldthrpiaaos- during oaf
firit two.days, and '.'.being. ;eneouriiged.
by4he-large "iaterest. " shownMn this
mai'. weave'deeided' to-contiiiae.the
sale.oae week loager. extenaiag it nu
Aagmsi' x.- This if the tim of . all
times' to bav-'a piaao" cheap. .' Remem-
ber.ytm get factory pn,oes, saving you
from 754o-lS0.oi ah iassseat and
hare a home.niaa to ..stand . back of
every'.gaaraatoe. . . ' . ; :
- TheAaditoriam.MmiicOo:, ....
.'-. R.-W. Saiey, Mgr.. "
Harriet fet ;tatj'Rti.;..';.'.''
Try a Joaraal "want adn if. -you have
Dr. Paul, dentiflt.
Dr. Campbell, Dentist.
Herrick for faraitare.
Haaimocks Smow'r.
Try our Bex Lump Coal f 7 at the
yard. P.D.SmthOo. BothtoLNa&
A daughter was bom last 8aaday to
Mr. aadMrs. W. J. Eastman three
miles east of Oolambaa.
Fly' Nets'- at c4t at Rvsehe's
Elevesth street; 13t4
.Bev.Ulmer left-Moaday -moraiag
for Fairbary- to spead: ; few weeks
with big relatives, who live oa m farm
near there.-
LOST: Sorrel male., 'bald' face
weight about .UOO with .halter rope ok.
Anv person fimliag male' w'iU. aotify.
.SimKhvich. Oolambas, Neb., 13th St
y ; . . . ' itp...
MiM Mar jorie Williams a "teacher in
the high school at Bocaester. lad. .''hi
a guest .for one week, ot Miss .Pauline.
.Miss Mary Kipple .retaraed '-last
eevening from a four weeks' -visit in
Carlton, Mo., with her eister Mra W.'
W. Ogden and friends.
B. L. Styles and B. T. Wilson of
St. Edward spent 'last night in Co
lumbus on their '.way west to look
at western. hind.. ... - ;-..-
Mrs. J. B. Grace of Ogden waa-a
guest Tuesday of the Misses lender
pon of this city. She was a school
mate of 'Miss Henderson.- --
'Mrs. .O. T. Boen and daaghters,
M i'ssqsie and Esther - and -son - Paul
left yesterday-to. spend one month on
the Minnesota lakes: Mr. Boen -will'
join his' family there August 1.
- Mrs. Sarah Brindley will build a
house on her lots on West Thirteenth
street this .fall. . Grandmother Brind
ley and the Hisses-Amy and Martha
Galley of Creighton will, live with
..TOKBENT:A furniseed eight room
house. in good location. - Inquire Jour
nal. "' - ltp -
The large number of people from
Polk county who are. trading at Co
lumbus stores this -summer remind old
settlers of the earlier days when Polk
county people had no other' place to
trade' and had to ford '-the -.Loup and
'Platte to get here."
WANTED: frnnnglndyjihlc to speak'
flormartlo net as Saleswoman. Call at
CoUunliufi Bargain Store llth Street.
- Rev. G H- Hilmer who resides on
Columbus Ronte 4, is expeeted home
next Saturday in company- with' his
bride. He was married on July 15th to
Miss Mary Vanslo ox Springfield, III.
He has accepted a call to a parish in
Breckinridge. Okla., where he- will
go after a few weeks visit at home.
.WAT UP is used by all who desire a
fine nnality of patent flour. The Co-
iumbns roller mills makes it.
. W. M. Kern, president of the North
Dakota Manual - Taining School at
Ellendale. Horth Dakota made a fly
ing, visit to Columbus .last Saturday
and Sunday. He was on his way to
David City to conduct the Butler
county teachers institute-of one week.
Mr. Kern is .in excellent health and
likes his work. . He -has hosts of
friends in Columbus who were hot
satisfied with his short visit here.'
Coal and baled hay- awlays on top
at Newman &; Welch. tf
" A number of Columbus teachers who
have spent the summer in the . state
normal school at Peru are expected
home tomorrow. night --Among them
are Mrs. Martha watte. Mrs. ion
Thompson, Miss Lida Taraer.. teach
ers in the city schools,, and Miss Mar
gureite Naaraan, who has a position
for next year at Ionp pity.-Miss Bena:
Turner who .will" teach" the. Lisco
ejbool and Miss Luers. . -Miss' Jacob
son urilLgo fromlPara for a short visit
at her borne in Oaawa, la., and Miss
Anna Oogil will stady one-year long
er at'Peru. - ."-. , - ' "
Casein's market for fresh-meats. " .'
Robert F; Cown.a bridge. inspector
on the Union Pacific whose - home is
tnis city was killed yesterday at Ros
tjoe. a small station neer.Ogalalla, by
a blow .onbis head -from a part, of the'
railroad velocipede which he was; us
ing in' his work. Mr. Gown had gone
out to inspect a bridge and upon the
approach of train Number 8 stopped'
and started to remove the velocipede
off the track Seeing that he was too
late he' started for the ditch.'. Bat
the train struck the velocipede '- and
threw "it from the tracki a 'part of it
Btiiking .Oown .on'.- the - head, . killing.
him innwntly. -Robert Gown -.was flf
ty seven-years'; old and leaves a" wife
and adopteii son. He. moved-tor Co-'
lumbas.last fall and on June: was pro
.moteiito the .foeition of- bridge in-;
spector.?" Hewas a member of .the ma
sonic onler which will take bis. .body
in chargtvnppn it arrival -.hen today.
-; ' Royal Hawaiian Bapd. '.--.:-.
. -i'he faraoM:Royal vHawamn: Band
.will appear at the Omaha.' Auditorium
all of next week; July 23 to 28. every:
teraooaaad.. evening' This isrthe
mcaniq'.aad wonderialvmafdcal
organization in the'woild. '.The !baad
coaUias iilxtjF manciiias,- ioid tkeyaot'
only play ail sorts of iamrummts .'bat
.thev sing' beaatifaly aad;tk exquisite
.'charm and metody of their, songs "far-
nish a novel attraetiw feattreof this':
ntotiametjCJ';V y.K-,
' There is' a glee club, a stringed- or: -chestra,'
baa jo,' mandolin' ad gaimir
clubs aadd a fall military, band, bi
thifi: great -'organisation.'- They." also;
have several vary fine solo siagert-aad
.they ' nadeY elasssical and f.'popalar
maaio as weli'aa. their' 6wn -fasaoas
airs and "halaVaoag.. ''.
' '. Paces' will be 25r 55,aad-50 eeat. . .
A jrery eathaaiaatic
js aaVnred for this haad at
Dr. J. W. Term
Best Eaiiaeet Oatical Oflieea
la The West
in the front rooms over Pollock
&'Co.'s Drag Store. Will be in
Columbus .offices Sunday , on
day, Tuesday and Wednesday of
'each week. Spectacles and eye
glasses scientifically fitted and
repaired.. Eye Glasees adjusted
to any nose.
Dr. Campbell-Dentist ' " .
Try a game at Maloney's.-
George Higgles of Schuyler was in
the oity 'Sunday evening.- - -
. Bev. Munro'anaonaces as themes.'
for-next 8unday': Morning, "The
Test of Time and.the'TeBtof.Oharao-'
ter. " Evening, "Do One' Thing. "
Mr.-and Mrs: Fred.Hoare of Platte
Center came to Oolambas Tuesday to
meet Miss Agnes Quirk of Laramie
who will be their guest.: for a few
bassin solicits your, meat tradeV
Herman Luedtke of-.Oreston Is in
the city today displaying a badly
burned hand' the result of a flashlight
picture which he took of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl'S. Weaver in Oreston a few
nights ago.
Dr. H. G.-Lueschen has written Oo
lumbua friends that he was on board
the- Perens when it oollided with
the Thomas Patten near Governor's
Island N. Y..' last week. The doctor
was not among the panic stricken
ones who jumped overboard, but he
describes the experience as terrible,
and savB that in the future he will go
to Coney Island by rail.
At the Platte County Prohibition
convention whioh met in Platte Cen
ter on July-lOtb, the following named
delegates totha state convention to be
held in Lincoln. Jnly 31, were chosen :
E. J. Umer. P. L 'B"rtback itah,
Ligntner. E. A. Gerrard, W. J. Kel
ov. Prof. Alcork; J. T. F. EeUey.
H. Hockenberger. Alternates: Thee.
Thomazin, W. Edwards. J. E. Ere
kme. .H. Hobbensiefken. J. Hart, O.
O. Hickock. and C. J. Scott.
Smoke the Lumo n cent oigar.
The Journal cannot quote Colum
bus markets this week for the , reason
that Columbus grain dealers refuse to
give' the markets. Their reason is
that markets are changing so rapidly
that-the' market today would not be
the market tomorrow. . And that to
publish them,- places Columbus at a
disadvantage with dealers in other
tnwnR Thev insist ' that ' they will
pay the very highest, possible price.
The case of the state against George
F. Henggeler for obstructing what is
called the Boettcher road has - been
appealed to the Distriot court. In
Justice-. O'Brien's court". HengeUer
was fined $3 and costs.
.. Smoke the Lumo 9 cent cigar. -
Little Mary Benham the eight year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Benham of this oity. died at seven
o'clock, hut night of Bright's disease.
shA had- nnffarad for several moaths
from catarrhal lever and rheumatism'
and did.'not have 'sufficient strength
to battle off the new disease. The
blow, comes with especial force to.
Mrs. Benham whose mother died only
a few weeks ago. - The funeral will
be held from the Benham home on.
.West Fourteenth street' some"- time
Friday. The' hour has not been set as
the funeral-Will await:the arrival' of
Mrs. Benham's father.. AY' O. -Samp.
tion and her ' toother Boy Samplion
irbm-Saliha; Kan: '.".: ':
ii ' . " v--
Jew Books.
The . following-, is a list of, the new
books received and placed on the shelves
of .the Columbus public library;
Captaia Iiliaa ia Treat!.
Friends of J. N. Kiliaa in Platte
ooaaty wiU be interested in the fol
lowiag item which appeared last
aight in the LlacoJa Star:
Captain J. N. Kiliaa of the regalar
army, formerly adjataat general of'
Nebraska and a member of taefamour
"Fighting First" Nebraska ia the
Philippines, has been arrested for
ling a woman in San Fancisco
upon trial was convicted. It
that he used too mach force
ia removing Mrs. Maud Browa. a
refugee, from a liae of "people re
recieviag flour fo the relief commit
tee. The San Fanoisoo Examiaer,' ia
describing the' case, says:
"Captain J. N. Killan, United
States army, was yesterday aaoraiag
found guilty of striking a womaa.
He was convicted of battery by Polios
Judge Gonlan, who, .after hearing the
testimony in the ease, decided that'
the army officer and relief . worker
used unnecessary force in removing
Mrs:. Maud Brown, a refugee residing'
in Jefferson square, from a flour liae
before the Moulder school warehouse',;
which is in comaurafof the convicted-
, " Captain. Kiliah's friends are urg
ing :him to appeal the case. That he
will do so is considered' probable, for
under the army regulations, a toldier
oonvicted in civil. courts must submit
so a 'court trial.
"He has the .support of the -relief
commission to - a-' man.. Dr... Edward
T. Devine.'' chairman Of that-body,,
declared yesterday that Kilian's. "con
viction was a 'travesty of justice'.
He also' announced that if the captain
-will appeal the ease, the members of
tbe relief commission will personally'
subscribe funds to meet his attorney's
!fee and the other charges of the' ac
Captain Killan is well known in .Ne
braska. As editor, lawyer and county'
jadge at Columbus of prior to the
Spanish-American war, he was pro
minent in .that section of the state.
Then he went to .the Philippines aa
captain of the Columbus company in
the First Nebraska', had a brilliant
fighting record in Luzon, and came
home as major of his regiment.
When the resiment was reorganized
attar-its return, Kilian became the
colonel, and when Dietrich was elect
ed gbrveriior, Kiiian became his ad
jutant general, and so his statewide
acquaintance 'became greatly iaoreas--ed.
He resigned the 'position of ad
jutant general of Nebraska to .become
captain in the'eommissary department
of the regular army. In the course of
his duties fn thut position he has been
engaged in , the same work at San
All for the Love "of a Lady
Cardigan '.
Conniston - --".'-. .
Dawn of a Tomorrow
Fenwick's Career -,;
:in our Town- "..--'"
If YouthtBut Knew .-,
Jan Vedder's We "
Lady-of the. Decoration
Lady, in Waiting
Lady Baltimore.
' -Whito
."' Castle
-: Bar
::.. Savage'
Little Stories ofMarried Life. Catting
Merry Anne . ' ..Jlerviri
Nancy Stair. -,-,. '--.;. McCartnv
bldchester Tales" " .- -"r Debind
Silas. Strong."' -.r V . Bacheller'
Uncle Williams'--.. . '"--.'- '-I ;"-: -Lee
"Van Bibber'and Others . ":".. Davis
Way of the Gods ' ' - -. ''4;Lona;
'". "'.".. ""'.-. Juvenile.': .'.." . - ."
Among the Gamps ' ..' X " -:Page':
Bi'oirrahpy of"a''Qrizzly'7'"-.; -. ' '"Seton;
Rnv-RfBivrAtifta '.--.- RmnkN
GranumotherTB Story of .'BnnkerhiUV
" .- .- . - .- TTiiIm.
In the Days of Alfred,. the Great
New-MexiooDiaviu.... . '-:.' - - ..'Lamia
Pilgrima progress, '.. v.-'Banyaa
.One Summer in Leslie Goldthwait'a -'
:-'.Life. . .--.p ..-' . ":. . "r . .WhitBej
Rose and the Ring .'"'. 'J. Thacker.
Wizzard'ofO..'..'r-,:i--":y; " Beam
..:; :': Literatare.' ':.:"-'.
Wayside Talks . ." :' :. ;':?. . Wagaer
Journal ads bring results.
The democratic primaries which
were held in- Platte county Monday
night' resulted in an overwhelming
Berge victory, most of the delega
tioas being instructed .for him, al
though MoKillip, Howard, Phillipps
and Speice and many other machine
leaders, were . said to be against'
Berge and for Hall. ' The defeated
heroes are expected to get into the
band-wagon and be good until they
get their turn at the bat. There are
four democratic candidates for the
nomination for county attorney "Au
gust Wagner, -Judge W, N.Hensley.
-tonis Lightner and L. B. Latham. -No
inferences can be made from- the.
delegations chosen as to which will
win oat in the-convention. A. .pretty
fight in. convention is expected this'
afternoon, nit only- on county attor-
ny but on a question of Instructing
"for Berge. The '.Hall leaders have
abandoned their first hope of instrnct
ingNfor Hall and even .concede practi
cally unanimous victory for Berge,,
and their whole strength is being cen
tered against - giving an insturction
for Berge They realize that the de
mocratic, machine has .been - given a
severe jolt from .which the republi-.
caa party, -so-close to complete vic
tory last fall, is likely to gain enough
strength to win out' next" fall. ' Mean-
while republics- prospects were never
brighter: -The thinking young men
of the oonntv .like Boosevelt.. .They
believe in the principles for whioh the
xepablicn- party has fought in the
nnnntv'aiui thev are onnosed to., the
practices of the democratic machine'
which has been . in control -here for
yeare-V The. discordant elements in will be working
hand in hand. after the oounty conven
tion,' and .if, convention nominations
are.wise, there will bo a larger repu
blican vote cast in Platte county, this
fall than. there-was-Iait.
'.Dr. ; b.-T.-.Martyn, jr.-.Y office new
Oolarabtts State Bank bnilding, .-".
A.-.Totaripn has-just completed ." the
wntini of a four, act .drama dedicat-.
ed -to" .'the order of' Modern ''Woodman.
It is entitied' " A'. Woodman ;Volun-.
teer.'.r and:contai'ns-tontdmraclersin-:-aim.
'.' iriah Woodman', and an
old line', life ' iosarah'ce agent. -The
history i's interesting and will donbt-
less. make-, a Jhit..- witn-- wooonw:
ibgdeathroaghdntthe'-ooaa .'
"""Dri'W.: H. SlaterV-veteHnah'aii','- phone
to. '.V-' '- -yrv- :: 'J-.l : '.:.
We have a large and
well selected stock of
. We handle only the
.very best brands in
. . We can please you. All
' -' Grades of Flour, the best
r Cider- Vinegar, Strictly
Pure Spices. For the
. ... Sumnier Season we have
"r; -. . . ' 7 .
;A :Ifelhtiul Beverage. .
:.:..: We are Headquarters
" for Fresh Fruits; and .
Vegetables, ":-:'.'f- '
A Large Stock of Nov-".. .
eltiesin t.y"-'K
Prices1 .Always. Right
We Respectfdlly Solicit
alShare oi your Trade.
I limna PktM 29. Hefl PImms 29 sm 229. I
mm " uml
When You are Going to Erect a Monument'
.or Marker at the. Grave; of Your "Lost Ones
....Remember That The... . .
Granite & Marble Works
Of Columbus, Nebraska .
, . -
Will do Your Work Satisfactorily. We will
NoBe Undersold by Anyone. "- Give us a
Call Before PlacingYpiir. Order. No Order .
too Large or too Small for us; to Handle.
E. BERGMAN, Proprittor
siiaaWaSiMii sfc sa H
for some Specials in Chamber
Fuimture and an Extra Nice
Line of Dining Furniture.
Good things at Moderate
.--'-- ..-'"-."-.
. s -
...... -
- . ...
Bring your pictures to us to
be framed.
br: C. A.- Swanson V; ..
f ..." '.I "-. :
'. VeterinarianT-
Iafiim'ary.';aVBrowner Barn, 13th .Street.
. . falasaaae Snav
- .kavmawlSf ' Jvlalt.
IadfbBAFXi. .
j .' .. j . . ......
-. varriagv xiauux;.- ...
"-t-:If.'ybnr'old.buggy. needs -paint, nriqg
it tp H, St. Armstrong, .Corambua, '.lieb.-
tTA-nH'iriv von tHt hrt wrirk at" thfi
lowepHcea. .,.:.:....( V.r ,1- tl"1
H. a Armatroair. " ik-WD.C. - ..... UaLBnaW.
id Olive St, Oolambaa, Neb.. ' ' va- . " -"
-....; "...v.- "ING-SITE.''. ' .'
TBflSCBT PltPABTintST,- '.."" "'.'- j ''
.:' -OtSctiotibmSiecretm, ' .-"''. ."":
. " WAsn'motoR .'D.'C;. Jnly" 7.'190B.
lltdpoSAL8 ttnMwSLS"h" 3dii-?r
I r, So'clnfk AognBt.7. J. for thefwle to
the United aiy w a- i"" Zt'i-illie:
mmli-nnvraieBtly located; for 'the FWnu-.bailiU-
Klnit to beerecteil ia tolnmban.. Neh.- - A-eoraw"
KacK nropoeal mt-M sccorapinil hj.a tlw-
Irtn awl alleys, the rade& anil .the. character
OI IOHBOWJOU8 iwuuuiunc, -. w- V""V
h l.n.l mint tn niAoml .b( thtt.
' .'-w;k;B thirHr rfT after written notice.
.i h&-vMinnr -Bnau oby -ail uvrwn cuii-
.i- rStk faniiidiisff nriifenc " of :title
mA Hank of coBverancA. The' ruiht - to re-
t...PTJ5 Tf?--.
& Isaldaftom Cnln
run Aamaaacnv
1ITECT). -Wash-
ftiUrneH : ai : Law
of fir
foartk' doer
Attorney - at -Law
Rooms 10 and' 11. New Cdrambna State
- - - . - -. "
'',' ''' -". BanfcBuildiriif.;; ; "-
'.'.l m
: A.ttoriey -.t.r;'L'a.w
T savrv Jthe beat of
'iamyimew'Tae driamagB4R-
.hewuvMedtoeomaia aadaac
flSTaaltta Street
inquire of Hertiek. -:
Dr.O. eV. Alleabarger, o fiee'tai
State Baak balWlag. ;
'.The Jouraai. waate -all' the aewa.lM
or write it ia. " -. I DrTaOiar,
-Tamv- -1 Ag.'
L .J tSl
5 &mrs?- &
--r J