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Epidemic of Cancer,
la oae of the counties of Efeglanfl,
Somersetshire, cancer is Increasing
so much that should the present rate
continue there will be soon one case
of it in every third Somersetshire
family. The last returns shew 4F8
deaths in the half million inhabitants.
Hunt in Storm.
Followers of the hounds in Leices
tershire, England, had tne unusual ex
perience recently of hunting in a
heavy snowstorm to the acoaatpani
ment of thunder and lightning.
Prominent men advise young men
to go into politics. Lord Acton said:
"Politics comes nearer religion with
me a party more like a church, error
more like heresy, prejudice more like
sin than I lind it to be with better
population of Morocco.
The population of Morocco can only
be guessed. No census has ever been
-taken. The best authorities estimate
, the inhabitants to number about 7,-
Eminent Doctors Praise Its Ingreileits.
Wo refer to that boon to weak, nervous.
Buffering -women known as Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription.
Dr. John Fyfe one of the Editorial Staff
of Tub Eclectic Medical Review says
of Unicorn root Helonias Dioica) which
is one of the chief ingredients of theFa
Vorite Prescription":
A remedy Trbicb invariably acts as a uter
ine invigoralor maltes for normal ao
tivity of the entire reproductive aystem."
He continues "in Helonias ive have a wdlta
ment which more fully answers the abara
purposes than any other drug with wtiieh I ant
acquaint id. In the treatment of diseases pe
culiar to women it is seldom that a easa Is
seen which does not present some ladleattoa
for this remedial agent." Dr. Fr further
aavs: "The following arc anionic the leadlsir
Indications for Helonias (Unicorn root). Pain
or aching in the back, with leuoarrkoea;
atonio (weak) conditions of the repradaetiva
organs of women, .mental depression and ir
ritability, associated with chronic diseases of
the reproductive organs of women, constant
sensation of heat in the region of the kid
neys; tnenorrbagia (flooding), due to a weak
ened condition of the reproductive aystem;
amenorrhea (suppressed or absent monthly
periods, arising from or accompaning an
abnormal condition of the digestive organs
and anmmic (thin blood) habit; dragging
aensations in the extreme lower part of the
If more or less of the above symptoms
aro present, no invalid woman can do
better than take Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, one of the leading ingredi
ents of which is Unicorn root, or Helonias,
and the medical properties of which it
most faithfully represents.
Of Gulden Seal root, another prominent
ingredient of '"Favorite Prescription,"
Prof. Finlev EllingwooJ, M. D., of Ben
nett Medical College, Chicago, says:
"It Is an important remedy in disorders Of
the womb. In all catarrhal conditions
and general enfeeblcment. it is useful."
Prof. John M. Scndder, M. D., late of
Cincinnati, says of Golden Seal root:
"In relation to its general effects on the
system, there it no mediant in t about tchieli
thtrt i tueh griural unanimity of opinion. It
Is unirtr tally regarded as Uu tonic useful in
all debilitated states."
Prof. Bartholow, M. D., of Jefferson
Medical College, says of Golden Seal:
"Valuable in uterine hemorrhage, menor
rhagia (Hooding) and congestive dysmenor
rhea (painful menstruation).
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription faith
fully represents all the above named in
gredients and cures the diseases for which
they are recommended.
There is nothing we eat that makes
the family feel so good as light,
wholesome bread.
To make good bread hV& neces
sarytobecin. with J&jMg
yeast Theic , -, -P
the Big Ten Olack, Will t
ft tflH. price, 50c,
On r.inpr -
Two pack?' of "On Time" will
cost you 10 Cenand weigh mora
than three packages of other yeast
which will cost you 15 Cents, Use
Oa Time Yeast and save the nickels.
Ask Your Grocer for Oi Tiie Yeist
W. L. Douglas
IV. L. Douglas S4.00 CHt Edge Unm
cannot be equalled at any price.
MUUr6. I8T-
CHI nnfl REWARD to anysne who cm
I UU UU disprove this atatemsnt.
MI oawld take yao into mt three large factories
at Brockton. Maas., and show yon the infinite
care wKh which every palrof shoes laaude.j-oa
weald realize why W. L. DMiflii $3.50 shoes
cast more to make, why they hold their shape,
IK better, wear teazel and are of greater
tetriasic alue than stay other $3.50 shoe.
IT. L. OmwmjlMm Stnnm Mtamfm Shmmm fe
?. 9X.SO. 92JOB. Bmjrm' StOmml
OrmmmShmmm, 2.Q.2.Sf.7S,$1.BO
CAUTION. Insist upon having WXJoug.
las shoes. Take no substitute. None genuine
without bis name and price stamped on bottom.
fast Color fuelets uted : ttieu aril! not wear brassy.
Write for Illustrated Cat.-dog.
W. I- DOUGLAS. Brockton. Mass.
Big Interest On Your Money
All profits paid In dividends. Others have
made one hundred per cent in same business.
Sure income for life and valuable lepacv for
family. Keal estate deeded to Philadelphia
trust compauv for protectloa of iavestors.
Beautifully illustrated booklet and paper free
Write at onre. I. L. and I. Co.. Dept A, K5
Dzexel Building. Philadelphia. Pa.
But fully protect an invention. Booklet and
Desk Calendar FREE. Highest reference.
Communication! confidential. Established 1861.
jrenwic Lawrence, waaaiaftoa, u, G.
and Wood Frames. J25 and up. write
. us before you buy. we save you
.- money. Also Pumps and "Wind
alius. KCKIU gK0S Sea Noises, leva.
Bakes laandry work a pleasure. 16ox.pkf.10c.
Jn answering advertisement, please
mention this paper.
I mw I F II . "s
w. jr. vn
This Is a Practical Occupation Open
to a Woman Thrown on Ear
Orm Resources.
Among the practical occupation
open to women that are thrown upon
their own resources without previous
training in any sort of business is thai
of raising garden herbs.
There has never been a sufficiency ol
seasoning herbs to be had at any mar
ket; parsley, thyme, sweet marjoram,
bay leaf, mint, are always in demand
by those who know their value in the
proper cooking of savory dishes. Theii
raising is neither difficult nor expen
sive. A small piece of ground will sup
ply any large private market establish
ment or green grocer, and it is work
that even a delicate woman can under
take. But she must, first of all, instruct
herself in the nature of the soil need
ed, the amount of sunshine, water and
general habits of the things she is
going to raise. To do this it is only
necessary for her to visit any good li
brary and study books on the subject,
making notes and really learning, just
as if she were at school.
Then she must study how to get the
very best plants for her purpose; all
florists and agriculturists are glad to
send catalogues for the asking, and,
while the gorgeous cuts exaggerate the
fecundity and appearance of their
wares, such catalogues are a help.
Once she knows the right soil to pre
pare, the rest is easy. If she has no
boy neighbor to call upon to measure
and define the various beds, she can
simply tie stout cords to sticks stuck
in the ground to keep one variety from
running over the other. The spading
she may have to hire done, and the
pulverizing of the soil, which is very
essential to success, most failures be
ing due to the caking of imperfectly
prepared ground that either carries ofT
the water that is applied or allows it
to stand without penetrating the earth
to reach the roots of thirsty plants.
Take the fragrant garden mint as a
very fair example of an herb that is
well worth cultivating. I have seen a
single root spread in a couple of years
over a 12-foot square of ground, and ib
healthy sprigs are always in demand.
The woman who wills to do so can
find a market for her mint the year
round, if she will care that it will not
freeze. Sweet marjoram grows fast
also, as do all these seasoning herbs,
and needs but little care when once
started. Curly parsley makes a lovely
garnishing for a dish of croquettes or
for any sort of broiled meats or fish,
and never can there be too much
If to these be added chives and len
tils, there are always purchasers for
these greens that make such delicious
spring salads. But this business must
be properly attended to if there is to be
a livelihood in it; like everything
else in this world, it amounts to noth
ing without a certain amount of care
and trouble. If there is a sudden bliz
zard the plants must be protected; it
the midsummer sun is too hot, some
sort of shade must be evolved, and so
on through the list of watchful precau
tions that are necessities to success.
St Louis Globe-Democrat.
The New Incumbent Has Grewsome
Rehearsals of His Unen
viable Profession.
Several executions took place recent
ly at Pentonville prison on the scaf
fold which has been the scene of the
final exit of numerous notorious crim
inals, relates London Mail.
The executioner was Alec Taylor,
the newly appointed common hangman,
and the subjects "hanged" in set form
were lay figures of cloth and sand.
It is, of course, essential that the
official that has to carry out the last
dread sentence of the law should first
thoroughly learn the technique of his
grewsome profession to insure that
when the time comes all the opera
tions will happen decently and in or
der. Therefore each new hangman
Immediately after his appointment
goes through a realistic course of
training. In pursuance of this policy,
Taylor, under the guidance of ex
perienced prison officials who have as
sisted at many executions, is now serv
ing his apprenticeship.
Several sandbags shaped to repre
sent men of different weights wert
supplied for Taylor's practice. He was
instructed that men of varying builds
should be given certain prescribed
drops" to effect instantaneous death.
Then a sandbag made to the rough
semblance and weight of a man was
placed on the scaffold flap. Taylor
was told the weight, the noose was
properly adjusted, the reqnisite drop
arranged for and the lever pulled.
This experiment was performed again
and again with differently weighted
The other part of the hangman's
training, the pinioning of a con
demned prisoner, was even more real
istic For the time being stalwart
warders posed as condemned murder
ers. Taylor, practicing on them, was
shown the quickest and most effective
way of securing the hands and feet
Drop Cakes.
Beat one-half cup butter with one
cup of sugar until you have a pert set
cream. Add one-half teaspoonful soda
dissolved in one-half cup sour cream
and stir into the mixture of cream and
sugar. Then add, beating until very
light, two and one-half cupfuls of flour
and nut meats, if preferred to fruit
Flavor with vanilla and drop spoonfuls
on a buttered sheet or pan, and bake
in a moderate oven.
Matting should not be washed with
soapy water. A strong solution of salt
water cleans matting, and makes it
look quite new. In laying matting
place one or two thicknesses of old
newspapers underneath it for it al
ways lets dust and dirt through like a
sieve, and when it has to be taken up
the pieces of dust covered paper can be
carefully lifted and burned.
To Keep Cnt Flowers Fresh.
Cut flowers, so expensive at this time
of the year, will be found to keep their
freshness for days if they are given
fresh water at night and placed in a cov
ered tin pail in a cool, well-ventilatsJ
Witness Makes Pert Reply.
"Of course you know how many
minutes there are to an hour," said
a lawyer to a witness in an English
court "Well," said the witness, after
pondering a while, "let's hear your
version -of it"
No Chance for the Vrivolous.
Old Tom Cbrwin, as he was famil
iarly known, governor of Ohio, TJnltea
States senator and secretary of the
treasury in Fillmore's cabinet, used
to say: "Be solemn all the monu
ments are raised to solemn asses."
One or two things one must possess
either true piety or true philosophy.
One must either have learnt to say,
"Father! Thy will be done!" or else,
"Nature, I revere thy laws, even when
I am crushed beneath them!"
The training of princes is to fit
them to get on with people of all
s torts; why should not other people be
brought up in the same way?
Time is not tied to a post like a
horse to a manger..
Men and Women of Every Occupation
Suffer Miseries from Kidney
J. C. Lightner, 703 So. Cedar St.,
Abilene, Kansas, is one of the thou
sands who suffer
from kidney trou
bles brought on by
daily work. "I first
noticed it eight or
ten j ears age," said
Mr. Lightner. "The
dull pain in the
back fairly made
me sick. It was
hard to get tip or
down, hard to
straighten, hard to do any work tha
brought a strain on the back. I had
frequent attacks of gravel and th
urine was passed too often and with
pain. When I used Doan's Ki ney
Pills, however, all traces of the trou
ble disappeared and have not return
ed. I am certainly grateful."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo. N. Y.
Advice after mischief is like medi
cine after death.
An Interesting Letter.
Mary Bagguley, of 117 Peach St,
Syracuse, N. Y., writes to tell of the
terrible suffering of her sister, who,
for the past 24 years, had been tor
mented with side ache from female
trouble, keeping her weak and ailing.
"She took Wine of Cardui and is now
well. Cardui has been a Godsend to
us both," she writes. For all wom
en's troubles, Cardui is a safe, efficient,
reliable remedy. At druggists; $1.00.
There can be no finality to truth
that comes to fallible men.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tfca readers of this paper win be pleased to lean
1st there Is at least one dreaced dltease that actenca
kas been able to care la all Its stages, and that Is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure H the only polilTe
care now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional dlheare. requires a con.ttw
ttonal treatment. Hairs Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, actinic directly upon the blood and mucoas
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, sad riving the patient
strength by building op the constitution and aot
lns na'ure In doing It work. The proprietor hara
so much faith la Its power that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for say case that It falls w
cure. Seud for list of testimonial.
Address F. J. CHENEY CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all Drustclsu. 75c.
Take Hall's I anilly lUlla for eoatupatlOB.
Don't walk a mile to save a nickel
if you value your time worth more
than five pennies. .
Don't sacrifice your honor. If you
can't make people love you, at least
have them respect you.
Don't forget that a well written
business letter is brief. It is also so
explicit that little time is consumed
in reading it
Don't wait for fortune to smile on
you. Fortune doesn't smile all the
time. When she does she usually fa
vors those who hustle and not those
who wait
Don't talk all the time. Give the
other man a chance. If he opens his
mouth to make an objection let him
make it It's better out than sticking
in his mind.
Don't forget that mirth is God's
medicine. The man who hasn't a
hearty laugh hasn't much sympathy
with humanity and his chances for
success are small.
Don't let opportunity knock at your
door and fina you asleep. If she does
she will pass on and you may not
have some watchful friend to catch
her by the ear and bring her back.
Don't forget to get acquainted with
yourself. To know one's self is no
small part of success. You may not
be all that you thought you were but
don't let that worry you. You maj
have a chance to make yourself like
the other man before you have a
large circle of business friends.
A Certain Way by Pood.
Every minister, lawyer. Journalist,
physician, author or business man is
forced under pressure of modern con
ditions to the active and sometime:
overactive use of the brain.
Analysis of the excreta thrown out
by the pores shows that brain work
breaks down the phosphate of potash,
separating it from its heavier compan
ion, albumen, and plain common sense
teaches that this elemental principle
must be introduced into the body anew
each day, if we would replace the loss
and rebuild the brain tissue.
We know teat the phosphate of
potash, as presented in certain field
grains, has an affinity for albunen add
that is the only way gray matter ia the
brain can be built It will not aaswer
to take the crude phosphate of patasa
of the drug shop, for nature rejects it
The elemental mineral must be pre
sented through food directly from na
ture's laboratory.
These facts have been made use of
la the manufacture of Grape-Nuts, and
any brain worker can prove tha value
of the prayer selection of foad by mak
ing free use of Grape-Nuts for tea days
or two weeks. Sold by grocers every
where (and in immense quantities).
Manufactured by tha Postmm Go, Bat
tle Creek. Mica.
The White House at Washington,
which has been the "Kings Palace"
of the American People since it was
first occupied by President Madison
in 1809, has recently undergone a
thorough course of remodelling, reno
vation and repair. Every American
citizen is crnsr of an undivided
eighty or eighty-five millionth part of
the White House, as well as of the
other Public Buildings and Monuments
in the Capitol City. An item in the
renovation of the remodelled White
House was repainting. Every visitor
to 'Washington knows why the White
House is so called because it is lit
erally a "white house". The exterior
paint must therefore be white. Now
while the pure white surfaces and sim
ple lines of the White House, set In
the midst of green lawns and beauti
ful trees, produce a very satisfying
effect of dignified simplicity, white
paint from a practical point of view,
is about the most unsatisfactory kind
of paint that could have been selected
by the original designers. First, be
cause any white paint is easily dis
colored by smoke and dust, and sec
ond, because ordinary white paint
itself gradually turns gray or brown
ish yellow from exposure.
But white the White House is and
white it must remain or it would no
longer be the "White House". So the
renovators, making the best of a dis
couraging situation, sought for the
best kind of white paint procurable.
The average citizen if asked to guess
what kind of paint they finally decid
ed on would probably answer "white
lead and oil," but he would guess
wrongly. The paint selected as the
best obtainable was a ready mixed
paint, such as can be bought in any
well furnished village store, such as
is used by more than half of the
eighty or eighty-five million owners
of the White House on their own
homes. That one brand of mixed
paint was used instead of another is
a mere accidental detail there are
fifty or -a hundred brands on the
market that might have been selected
In other circumstances, and in fact,
a different brand was used in paint
ing the Capitol.
Every property owner, therefore,
who paints his house with a high
grade ready-mixed paint is following
the example set by the Government
Authorities at Washington, who used
ready-mixed paint, because they could
find nothing else as good.
Uncanny Figure Appeared in Three
Successive Sittings of Young
The following story of a young larty
living in the country who came 10
Iiondon to be photographed is told by
"M. A. P.," and vouched for oy a well
kaown London photographer. Aftei
seme days the lady, Miss B , was
inlormed the photograph was not a
success, and another sitting was sug
gested. This she agreed to, but again
was informed that the photograph wav
a, iailure. There was a third sitting.
In two days' time she received an urg
ent letter from the photographer ask
ing her to come up to his studio and
bring a friend with her. Miss B.
went, accompanied by her mother,
ar.d was shown the amazing results
of the three sittings. The pictures ol
the girl herself were quite good, br.t
in each plate there was to be seen
rtanding behind her the figure of a
man holding a dagger in his uplifted
hand. The features, though faint,
were clearly discernible, anti .Viss 13.
recognized them as those ot her fiance.
an officer in the Indian army. The
effect of this experience was f ijre.u
that after a few days she wrote out
to India, breaking off the engagement
Boy Applicant for Situation Who
Knew a Thing or Two About
There had been a fire in the shop
of Mr. Sands, and, neighbors being
neighbors, there were not wanting
charitable individuals to suggest that
if the shop had not been insured the
fire would not have occurred. How
ever the matter was amicably settled
between Mr. Sands and the insurance
company, and in due course the shop
was reopened. Everything in the place
was brand new, and, therefore, it was
only natural that he should want a
brand-new errand boy. Betimes a
beaming youth applied.
"Now, what I want," said the trades
man, impressively, "is a a lad upon
whom I can rely in whom I can
place implicit faith. You understand?"
"You'll find I'm all that, and more,"
said the youth.
"I want a lad I can trust."
"That'll be all right, guv'nor," said
an applicant And then he added, in
confidential tones: "You'll find me
close as an oyster. And if you should
appear to want another little flare
lp at any time, you can stand on me.
I'll never breathe a whisper!"
But, oddly enough, he was not en
Tied in a Girl's Handkerchief Quit
a Sum Went to the
An odd story of the disappearance
of a hare with a sum of money comes
from Donegal, Ireland. An old men
living in the mountains, near Glen
lies, sent his daughter into the town
to. change a five-pound bill which he
had received from his son in Amer
ica. The girl, having changed the
bill, and made a purchase for 2s 6d.
was returning home, when it struck
her to look at some traps set in tie
mountain. She was delighted to find
a large hare, and, having nothing else
with which to dispatch it proceeded
to strangle it with the handkerchief,
in which she had tied up the precious
4 17s. 6d. Strangulation being com
pleted to the satisfaction of the girl,
she was about to lift up the nare
when the animal sped away with tha
handkerchief and the money. A hare
with a white article round its neck was
later seen in Killybegs, but that is all
the old man and his daughter knew
of the whereabouts of the money.
Soma Xeeipaa for Delicious Breakfast'
and Tea Cakes A Fine Kind
of Doughnuts.
Oatmeal Muffins. One cup oatmeal,
one and one-half pints flour, one tea
spoon salt, two teaspoons baking pow
der, one tablespoon lard, two eggs, one
pint milk. Sift together oatmeal, flour,
salt and powder; rub in lard cold, add
beaten eggs and milk; mix smoothly
into batter rather thinner than than
cup cake; fill muflin pans two-thirds
full; bake in good hot oven 15 minutes.
Swiss Tartlets. Take one egg, its
weight in stale cake crumbs and fresh
butter, a tablespoonful of sugar, and a
little flavoring. Beat up the butter to
a cream with the sugar, add the cake
crumbs and eggs, then flavoring, mixing
all together. Line some patty pans with
puff paste, and then a layer of apricot
jam and a thick layer of the mixture.
Bake a quarter of an hour in a sharp
Cream and Buttermilk Doughnuts.
One and one-half cupfuls of sugar, one
each of sour cream and buttermilk, one
beaten egg, one even teaspoonful each
of soda and salt, a little grated nutmeg,
and flour enough to make dough suffi
ciently firm to roll out only, for it ought
to be as soft as can be handled.
Cocoanut Butter. Sift together one,
pintofflonr.a level teaspoon of salt; and
two heaping teaspoons of baking pow-
der; rub in lightly with the tips of the
fingers one heaping tablespoon of but
ter; when this is done add one cup of
shredded cocoanut and mix it well
through the flour. Moisten with sweet'
milk to form a soft dough, roll out and
cut into small biscuits, then bake in
quick oven.
Indian Breakfast Rolls. Three
fourths cup of molasses, one cup of sour
milk, one and one-half cups flour, one
cup Indian meal, one-half teaspoonful
salt one teaspoon saleratus dissolved in
one tablespoon cold water and well
beaten in the last thing. Bake 25 or 30
minutes in a moderate oven. Farmers'
Chicken and Celery Salad. Prepare
the chicken as for boiling. When done
and entirely cold cut in little squares.
If you want a white salad use only the
white meat, reserving the dark for other
purposes. Wash and cut the white parts
of celery into half-inch pieces; place in
a bowl of cold water until needed. Use
a pint of chicken to two-thirds of a pint
of chopped celery and a cup and a half
of mayonnaise dressing. When ready to
make up dry the celery and mix with
the chicken, mingling a pinch of salt,
white pepper or cayenne each, and
mix It with the mayonnaise. Serve
on a cold dish garnished with the
white celery tips.
Shad-Roe Salad. Wash one
set of shad roes; put them
in a saucepan, cover them with boil
ing water and add a teaspoonful of
salt; put the lid on and simmer gent
ly for 20 minutes. When done lift
them carefully from the water and
stand away until perfectly cold. Make
a half pint of mayonnaise and set it
away. When ready to serve remove
the skin from the outside of the shad
roe and cut them into thin slices. Put
one onion slice in the center of the
salad dish; arrange around it salad
leaves that are stiff and fresh; heap
the shad roe in the center, pour over
it the mayonnaise and serve.
Lobster Salad. Make cups of
the crisp lettuce leaves now
on the market, and break up
the inferior leaves and mix witb
lob3ter which you are preparing for
the salad, viz.: A pint of lobster, cut
into small pieces, seasoned witb
French or other dressing and kept on
ice until you are ready to complete
Mix with half of the dressing, and put
a large spoonful of the lobster in each
cup of salad, and add a teaspoonful
of dressing on the top. Garnish the
dish with parsley.
Lettuce Salad. Pick each leaf
over carefully, being careful not
to break them. Shake off and
drain in a net Keep in a cool
place until ready to serve. Arrange
the leaves in a salad bowl as tasteful
ly as possible and serve with French
dressing or with sweetened cream
If preferred, sugar, vinegar, salt and
pepper may be used instead of the
French dressing. N. Y. World.
Sleep in Room Cooler Than Living
Apartments Daily and Dash Cold
Water on Chest and Throat
You dread the cold room on rising?
It need not be bitterly or dangerously
cold, please remember.
A well ventilated house does not
necessarily mean a cold house, and
pure ah does not have to be iced air
Extremes are very apt to be danger
ous, and, while the lungs demand
fresh air, that they may do theii
work well, too low a temperature is
not wise. But the sleeping room
room you are apt to have to spend
most of your working and waking
hours in.
You will feel better for having
slept in a cool room, and if on rising
you think it too cool just try those
lively breathing and stretching ex
ercises I suggested last week adding
a few arm swinging exercises.
Then sponge your chest, face and
throat oft with cold water, rub brisk
ly till dry and rosy fill the lungs a
dozen times, and dress as quickly as
possible; you'll find you feel so fresb
and well that you will never again
risk the discomforts and lack of rest
attending a close sleeping room.
But if you hope to effect a cure
permanent, not temporary, we must
take care that nature's laws oi
health are obeyed. Chicago Inter
An Appetizing Cheese Cake.
One and one-half cups cottage cheeso,
two tablespoonfuls cream, one-half cup
sugar, three eggs, juice and rind of a
lemon, or if preferred a teaspoonful of
vanilla, a teaspoonful of melted butter
Beat the eggs to a light foam, press tho
cheese through a colander, add all the
ingredients to the cheese and beat un
til frothy and creamy. Line your dish
with plain paste crust, put in the mix
ture and bake in quick oven for half
an hour. This is sufficient for one caki
To Remove Grease.
Ether is one of the most effective
remedies for removing grease spots
from clothing.
English People Reforming,
The people are changing; they are
forsaking the publican and the brew
er; they are beginning to fortake even
the bookmaker and the tout They
Srow less frivolous and more earnest
Methodist Recorder, London.
One Peculiarity.
One peculiarity about the feminine
sex seems to be the impossibility of
discussing it with moderation; critics
are either violently antagonistic or
.'alsely complimentary. Lady Violet
Greville in the London Graphic.
Postage Stamp Market
One of the familiar and picturesque
sights of Paris is the postage stamp
market which meets, both in summer
and winter, under the trees of the
Champs Ely sees. Here stamp collect
ors meet, buy and sell and discuss
Real Test of Faith.
"What we need to keep this old
world going," says one of the thought
ful brethren, "'" more of the Faith
which advertises for a lost umbrella."
Atlanta Constitution.
Would Not Stay Glued.
A Dresden correspondent says that
the servant of a carpenter at Freyn
ing.Mn Bavaria, happened to cut off
the end of her forefinger the other
day. Her employer quickly brought
his gluepot up and glued the finger to
gether again. However, the operation
was not successful.
In a Pinch, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
, A powder. It cures painful, smart
ing, nervous feet and ingrowing nails.
It's the greatest comfort discovery of
the ase. Makes now shoes easy. A
certain cure for sweating feet Sold
by all druggists, 25c Trial package,
FREE. Address A. S. Olmsted, Le
Roy, N. Y.
The proof of the pudding is some
times in the vermiform appendix.
Smokers have to call for Lewis1 Single
Binder cigar to pet it. Your dealer or
tewis Factory, Peoria, 111.
Garfield Tea cures sick-headache, bilioua
attacks, liver trouble and constipation.
Who refuses cheap advice must buy
dear repentance.
Sirs. Wiaalowa SoottUor ftjrap.
ot children teething, softens tha Runs, reduces res wlad colic iBeabottfe
One has but to step inside an 'ambu
lance tent to feel that there is no
meaning at all in the word enemy.
Send to Garfield Tea Co., Brooklyn, N.
Y., for free package of Garfield Tea, the
herb cure for constipation and liver trouble.
A woman never feels a day older
than she thinks she looks.
' Struck by lightning.
Mrs. Nancy Cleary. of Brewers, N.
C, suffered as if struck by lightning.
She says: "I was almost paralyzed
from my waist down, and my bactc
hurt me constantly, from female trou
bles. I had headache, seemed always
tired, and felt as if I was dying. I took
Wine of Cardui, which cured me, and
now I feel like a new person." Cardui
relieves periodical pain, and makes
sick women well. $1.10 at drug stores.
As a rule the head that wins a hat
is too big to wear it
Attention Kentuckians.
Every Kentuckian. who is a thor
oughbred, will arrange, if possible, to
attend the Homecoming held at Louis
ville, Ky., in June.
Tickets sold June 11th ( 12 and 13th.
Long return limit.
ranged for a VERY LOW rate.
Everything favorable, in all probab
ilities, the WABASH will run special
trains through to Louisville for the
above occasion.
All interested in going should com
municate at once with Harry E.
Moores, G. A. P. D. Wabash R. R.,
1C01 Farnam street, Omaha, Neb.
The polished Christian comes from
the mills of adversity.
Garfield Tea, the herb laxative, is mild,
effective, health-giving a faultless prep
aration. It cures constipation.
Never send a man on a fool's er
rand. Go yourself.
umu mi ra jmrninxMy Ql
jJlHlninn.... hi.i . uu. mim iHri.n.inJl.rct fii
m H lirr iiw I . twiMt ! swwtwTt tw s.n lit-hi smmi tut r-.t4 i'
similating thcFoodandBeguia
tng teStosVKbs andBowels of
Promotes Digc3b"on.Cheerfur
nessandRest.Contains neither
Opkim.Morphine nor Mineral.
Not Sxrc otic .
AperTecl Remedy forConsBpa
Tion, Sour Stotnach.Diarrhoea
and Loss of Sleep.
lacSinfe Signature of
Jewel Maladies.
All Jewels except diamonds ara
liable to maladies. Rubies, sapphire
and pearls have their separate ail
ments, but diamonds are immune oa
account of their great hardness.
Precious stones are all affected by
surrounding conditions.
Import Fish for ioer.
In Stutgart and some other south
German cities, fishes are imported by
the carload under Municipal supervi
sion, and - sold at low prices for the
benefit of the poor.
With every new deception we feel
ourselves a little more detached from
the earth, from our fellow creatures,
from our own selves most of all.
These disappointments are so many
stages in t!ie progress of a mortal
In the shipwreck of any life there
might almost always be a last chance
of safety left, did not dishonor take
her place on the plank to which the
drowning man is clinging and drag
him down into the depths below.
For Sick Women
To Consider
FlBST. That almost every operation
in our hospitals performed upon women
becomes necessary through neglect of
such symptoms a3 backache, irregular
and painful periods, displacements
of the female organs, pain in the side,
burning sensation in the stomach,
bearing-down pains, nervousness, dia
zinesa and sleeplessness.
Second. The medicine that holds
the record for the largest number of
absolute cures of female ills is Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
It regulates, strengthens and cures
diseases of the female organism aa
nothing else can.
For thirty years it has been helping
women to be strong, curing backache,
nervousness, kidney troubles, inflam
mation of tho female organs, weak
ness and displacements, regulating
the periods perfectly and overcoming
their pains. It has also proved itself
invaluable in preparing women for
childbirth and the change of life.
Third. The great volume of unso
licited and grateful testimonials on file
at the Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn,
Mass., many of which are from time to
time published by permission, give ab
solute evidence of the value of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
Mrs. Pinkham's advice.
Mra.PialduM's StaaaJaglavHaH
to Wosaen. Women suffering from any
form of female weakness are invited to
promptly communicate with Mrs. Pink
ham, at Lynn, Mass. Ail letters are
received, opened, read and answered
by women only. From symptoms given,
your trouble may be located and the
quickest and surest way of recovery
advised. Mrs. Pinkham is daughter-in-law
of Lydia E. Pinkham and for
twenty-five years under her direction
and since her decease she has been ad
visingsickwomenfreeof charge. Outof
the vast volume of experience in treat
ing female ills Mrs. Pinkham probably
has the very knowledge that will help
your case. Surely, any woman, rich or
poor, is veryfoolish if she doesnot take
advantage of this generous offer of
assistance. ""
Tha fimnwent if Cania
Gives abaelately
FREE to every
settler eae Iraa
dred and sixty
acres ef
Land adjoining this can be purchased
from railway and land companies at from
6 to 10 per acre.
On-this land this year has been produced
upwards of twenty-five bushels of wheat to
the acre.
It is also the best of grazing land and for
mixed farming it has no superior on the
Splendid climate, low taxes, railways
convenient, schools and churches close at
Write for Twentieth Century Canada
and low railway rates to Superintendent of
Immigration. Ottawa, Canada; or to
authorized Canadian Government Agent
W. V. Bennett. 801 New York Life Build
ing, Omaba, Nebraska.
(Mention this paper.)
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
a JfP In
hS- Use
I l.v
A . yZ-.,