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Important to Mothers.
Snratee carrftilly evety boitie of CASTORM,
a afe and Mire remedy for infants and children,
la Cat For Over 36 Yeans.
Hw Kind Toe Have Atwrns .
Crime Still Went On.
. A French -writer, in illustrating the
advantages of a representative sys-
tern of government, says: "Such is
the respect of the English for theii
parliament that, when it is sitting,
crimes are exceedingly rare, but as
soon as it rises the papers are filled
with accounts of the most horrible
atrocities." He did not know that
when parliament was sitting, the
newspapers had no room far much
of anything but its reports.
To Whom it May Concern.
This is to certify that my wife.
Elizabeth ( formerly the v"idow Wild),
is too wild to be steered by my com
pass, but one of her own making, and
as she has the devil for her pilot she
has altered her course and steered
away frora me, so that I will pay no
debts of her contracting after this
date. Richard Jenkins. Clyde (N.
Y.) Times.
Two Kinds of Flying Fishes.
Flying fishes of two distinct kinds
are known to man namely, the flying
Kurnards and the flying herrings, the
latter being what may be called the
typical flying fishes.
a rvferff'iBBj
W. L. Douglas
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'sEyt Water
Latest Effort to Have the Barrier Re
aoeved Proves Unavailing Inter
esting History of How Gallery
Came to Be Established.
London. Despite the reforming zeal
of the new house of commons it has
been decided that Its "grille" the
symbol of women's political inferiori
ty is to be retained. The grille is
the name given to the brass grating
which screens the occupants of the
ladies' gallery from the view of the
members. Henry Norman, an English
M. P. who was educated at Harvard
and has quite American notions of
how women should be treated, asked
the prime minister whether "it might
not safely" be removed. Sir Henry
Campbell.-Bannerman, who has a gift
of pawky humor, played awhile with
the question. Did it mean "safety
for" or "safety from" the ladies., he
asked. But finally he specifically re
fused Mr. Norman's request to submit
the question to the house on the
ground that the many new members
had not yet had an opportunity of
studying the weighty matter prac
tically. There is no denying that in the
matter of granting facilities for hear
ing its discussions parliament treats
women scurvily. At the furthermost
side of the chamber, high up, beyond
what may be called the pit and the
stalls of the members, back of the
speaker's throne and the busy report
ers, is a curious looking affair which
resembles a set of stained glass win
dows. Then, again, it might be a bird
cage, and it looks much like one. Real
ly, it is where the honorable and gal
lant members keep their wives, sweet
hearts and feminine friends who
come to hear them speak. It is the
women's cage a real cage and not a
comfortable one at that. While all
(Showing the Brass Trellisuork of the
"Women's Cage" in the House of
around is light; it is dark; despite
the electric fan it is close and stuffy;
it gives rise to a species of headache
quite different from the headaches
of the opera or the academy, and un
less one happens to be in the front
row one can see little and hear less.
It consists of two sections two-thirds
of it are given over to the members
of the house; one-third, separated by
a heavy partition from the other, is
in the hands of the speaker's wife or,
if he has not a wife, is in charge of the
woman who acts as the head of his
Formerly men and women sat indis
criminately in the strangers' gallery
of the house of commons. They were
even admitted to the sacred door of
the house itself. How the women
came to fall from their high estate
is soon told. On February 2. 177S,
a big debate had been foreshadowed,
and strangers of both sexes attended
in large numbers. Many women be
ing unable to obtain admission, mo
tion was made that the gallery be
ciearea or all male strangers. This
excess of gallantry defeated its pur
pose. The men were cast forth, but
Gov. Johnson, irritated that his men
friends had been hustled out, insist
ed that all strangers must withdraw.
The mandate was issued. For two
hours, however, the women fought
against its enforcement Thereafter
they were rigorously excluded.
The only concession made was to
permit a limited number of them, not
exceeding 14, to climb over the ceil
ing of the house and look down
through the ventilation hole an awk
ward position where they were nearly
stifled by the foul air and the smoke
of the candles by which the chamber
was then illuminated. A few. great
ly daring, were not content with such
a location. Thus Wraxall mentions
that he saw the beautiful duchess of
Gordon, habited as a man. sitting,
among men in the strangers' gallery.
And Mrs. Sheridan, when desirous of
feasting on her distinguished hus
band's eloquence, also used to adopt
the disguise of doublet and hose.
Thus matters stood till the whole
place was burned down in 1S34. Lord
Brougham strenuously opposed mak
ing any provision for the accommoda
tion of women in the new building.
Their bird cage gallery, where they
could see without being seen, was the
result of a compromise between the
chivalrous and the unchivalrous.
Japanese Honor.
U. Iwatani. a Japanese soldier on
his way home from prison in Russia,
committed suicide on receiving a let
ter from his father saying that his
conduct in being taken aiive would
spoil the reputation of the Japanese
army and cast odium on the names
of the family and the villagers, and
concluded by ordering him not to
return home alive.
"That Englishman ha; no sense of
humor," said Mr. Blicgins.
"What makes you think so?" asked
Miss Cayenne.
"He dossn't laugh at my jokes."
"That isn't a question of humor. It
is merely a matter of politeness."
Washington Star.
Ever Critical.
"He says I am all the world to
him." said the impressionable girl.
"Well," answered Miss Cayenne,
"he doubtless means well. But he is
not very original in hi3 efforts to
make conversation." Washington
This Government to Use Canines la
the Hospital Service of
'the Army.
San Francisco. With a gallant rec
ord in the Red Cross service of the
kaiser's army. "Fritz." a pretty black
and-white setter, has come to the
United States to teach American dogs
a new usefulness. "Fritz" was im
ported by Col. J. W. Hardie recently
at the Presidio under waiting orders.
Col. Hardie, with "Fritz" as a demon
stration, hopes to awaken the medical
department of Uncle Sam's army to
the fact that it is several years behind
the European armies in seeking the
value of trained dogs for seeking out
and carrying "first aid" to the wound
ed on the battle field. Col. Hardie will
take the matter up with Lieut. Charles
ICE. (Regular Feature of European Armies to
Be Introduced In Lnited States Army.)
Norton Barney, of the medical depart
ment of the United States army, who
is already much interested in the sub
ject. In the armies , of Italy, France,
Germany and England the ambulance
dog has long been an official worker.
and Italy has even provided a pension
for ambulance dogs. The dogs are
trained to understand military or
ders, and claim one order as distinct
ly their own. At the command "Seek
wounded" the four-footed helpers are
off over the battlefield to nose out
those who have fallen. Attached to
their collars or in pockets inside their
Red Cross blankets they carry a
packet of stimulant and bandages.
and if the wounded can help himself
this "first aid" gives him strength and
fortifies him until the dog, by climb
ing a near-by bank or eminence and
barking sharply, attracts the attention
of a field surgeon or nurse. Every dog
is taught to regard a prostrate man
as wounded, and the intelligent nui
mals lose no time in calling for help.
The German armj has an especially
fine lot of kennels, and the medical
department takes great pride in its
trained dogs.
The scenting powers of the ambu
lance dog supply a means of seeing
out the wounded for which human
shrewdness has no susbtitute. Many
times the human searchers will pass
within a few feet of an unconscious
soldier bidden in a trench or brash,
or fail to catch the faint cry of a bad
ly wounded man.
Revival of Movement for Setting
Apart 3,000,000 Acres for Flay
Ground in Appalachians.
Washington. There is reviving a
movement to have the government es
tablish a huge Appalachian forest re
serve or national park to take in the
most picturesque mountain section
where Virginia, West Virginia, Ken
tucky, Tennessee and North Carolina
converge. About 2.000,000 acres of the
most nearly virgin land east of the
Mississippi river is involved.
The idea got into congress in 1902,
and a bill passed the senate to appro
priate $10,000,000 and was favorably
reported by the house committee on
agriculture. An association was
formed of which Rutherford P. Hayes,
a son of the late president, was the
(Shaded Portion of Map Shows Location
of Preserve in the Appalachian Moun
tain Range.)
head. It has been revived by persons
ffho have just met at Asheville, N. C.
Whether $10,000,000 now would buy
the tract is very doubtful. However,
a great deal of that land can be bought
for the money if it is appropriated.
The idea is to give the perhaps 60,
000.000 people who are within 48
hours' ride of the region a permanent
playground and nature spot, such as
the Yellowstone National park is to
the west. The highest mountains and
most ravishing scenery east of the
Rockies is included in the heart of the
great watershed, from which so many
rivers flo".
It is largely for the purpose of sav
ing these rivers that the project is
urged. Commercialism is making ter
rible inroads upon the country, level
ing its almost primeval timber, and
scarring the mountain sides so that
the surface soil is being swept away
and floods and droughts alternately
me iuc irauiu 1
The plan, which no doubt will be
fought bitterly by the many great
commercial interests that are boring
into this retreat of the dryad and
faun, does not involve dispossessing
the small farmers who now inhabit
the region, but is to limit them to cul
tivation of "00 acres each. The coun
try is not very adaptable to agricul
ture. It is claimed that only about
50.000 people are settled in this coin
try, mostly in villages.
Easily Answered.
"Now." said the teacher, "suppose
your father gave your mother a $5 note
to take out $2.5 for herself and return
to him the balance, what would be
"Pop," promptly replied Tommy
Tuff. Philadelphia Press.
Pointing the Distinction.
-We're all men of leisure, ain't
we." said Meandering Mike; "us an'
them great grafters?"
"Yes," answered Plodding Pete;
"The difference is that we live on
hand-outs an' they live on holdouts.
Washington Star.
BWBSSsv'" BapfliE?BWS9BBSBS?5f AvfllBWaWaBi
I &B!!wij&SESfatUEn3IE ssAsarswis
a aMtJimjKBncai inZZBSSjBVa
Ended at Last Through Using Doam's
Kidney Fills.
Mrs. Selina Jones, of 200 Main St..
Ansonia, Conn., says: "If it had no.
been for Doan's Kid
ney Pills I would
cot be alive to-day.
Scvea years ago I
was so bad wth
pain in the task.
and so weak that I
had to keep to my
room, and was in
bed sometimes six
weeks at a spell.
Beginning with
Doan's Kidney Pills, the kidney weak
ness was soon corrected, and iaside
a week all the pain was gene. I was
also relieved of all headaches, dizzy
spells, soreness and feelings of lan
guor. I strongly recommend Doan'i
Kidney Pills."
Sold by all dealer?. 50 cents a box
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Glass Eyes an Old Invention.
Glass eyes were invented about the
year 1579, and were crude produc
tions of inferior workmanship, the irit
and pupil being hand painted in a far
from lifelike manner. Shakespeare
mentions glass eyes in "King Lear,"
where the King advises the blinded
traitor Gloucester to "Get thee glass
eyes, and seem to see."
From Dreadful Pains from Wound on
Foot System All Run Down
Miraculous Cure by Cuticura.
"Words cannot speak highly enough
for the Cuticura Remedies. I am now
seventy-two years of age. My system
had been all run down. My blood was
so bad that blood poisoning had set
in. I had several doctors attending
me, so finally I went to the hospital
where I was laid up for two months.
My foot and ankle were almost be
yond recognition. Dark blood flowed
out of wounds in many places and I
was so disheartened that I thought
surely my last chance was
slowly leaving me. As the
foot did not improve, yon can
readily imagine how I felt. I was
simply disgusted and tired of life. I
stood this pain, which was dreadful,
for six months, and during this time
I was not able to wear a shoe and
not able to work. Some one spoke to
me about Cuticura. The consequences
were I bought a set of the Cuticura
Remedies of one of my friends who
was a druggist, and the praise that I
gave after the second application is
beyond description; it seemed a mir
acle for the Cuticura Remedies took
effect immediately. 1 washed the foot
with the Cuticura Soap before apply
ing the Ointment and I took the Re
solvent at the same time. After two
weeks' treatment my foot was healed
completely. People who had seen my
foot during my illness and who have
seen it since the cure, can hardly be
lieve their own eyes. Robert Schoen
hauer, Newburg, N. Y. August 21,
It Doesn't Offend Her a Bit.
You can always make a girl think
your habits have been lied about by
telling her that even without her
beauty her bright mind would make
her popular. New York Press.
Garfield Tea i Nature's remedy for liver
and kidney diseases.
Henpecked Men in India.
Henpecked husbands are found ven
In India. A writer says: "To liv as
I have done in a Hindoo houso espe
cially when the real house mi?' s is
a masterful and deeply religic- - wid
ow, who is grandmother to tho raoies
and mother to their parents, is no
longer to wonder at the absolute ter
ror with which men s:eak of the 'stri
achchar.' For the men of India are
poor souls! the most henpecked in
the world."
Chinese Amazons.
Women in China have the privilege
of fighting in the wars. In the rebel
lion of 1S50 women did as much fight
ing as the men. At Nankin, in 1853.
500,000 women, from various parts of
the country were formed into brigades
of 13,000 each, under female officers.
Of these soldiers, 10,000 were picked
women, drilled and garrisoned in the
Says She Saw' Ghost f Sergius.
At the exact hour of the assassina
tion of the Russian Grand Duke Ser
gius his goddaughter, in the Alexis
palace, declares he opened the door
of her room, covered with bleeding
wounds, and exclaimed: "Look, young
British people smoke one-third more
tobacco than they did thirty years ago,
eat half as much again of sugar and
drink 40 per cent more tea, while the
consumption of intoxicants has tended
to decline.
Knrse Discovered
Kn nna Iq In of to nnctttmi V.
fhm ,, , fnn 9J7 v
trained nurse.
Speaking of coffee a nurse of Wilkes
Barre, Pa., writes: "I used to drink
strong coffee myself and suffered great
ly from headaches and Indigestion.
While on a visit to my brothers I had
a good chance to try Postnm Food
Coffee, for they drank it altogether In
place of ordinary coffee. In two weeks,
after using Postum, I found I was
much benefited and finally my head
aches disappeared and also the inai-
"Naturally I have since used Postum
among my patients, and have noticed a I
marked benefit where coffee has been
left off and Postum used.
"I observe a curious fact about Post
nm used among mothers. It greatly
helps the flow of milk In cases where
coffee is Inclined to dry it up, and
where tea causes nervousness.
"I find trouble In getting servants to
make Postum properly. They most al
ways serve it before it has been boiled
long enough. It should be boiled 15 or
20 minutes and senred with cream,
when it is certainly a dellcloas herer-S-V
a retsos.' for
Jellifer was not in so many words
given his choice between "the wet
little whimpering love and the green
god Nick O'Teen," because the girl
wsan't that sort of a girl. She would
have let him smoke himself black in
the face and her love would not have
whimpered not just then, at any rat
though the odor of the weed was z
deadly offense to her delicate nostrils
No, there was never a word said about
conditions, but she was a truthfui
young woman withal, and when she
was asked about it she admitted that
it was disagreeable to her. "But If you
sit a little way off and on the other
side of me where it won't blow mtc
my face I shan't mind it in the least,"
she added.
But Jellifer was not the man to ac
cept any sacrifice like that at the
hands of the woman he loved. He was
disappointed, certainly, for he was a
slave to the habit, and in his imagin
ings of the domestic life to be his
pipes had figured to a certain extent.
The home atmosphere of his dreams
was always a little bit hazy. It was
a beautiful collection of pipes, that of
Jenifer's, too, but he hardly hesitated
He called in his particular friends and
within a week every stumpy clay, well
browned meerschaum, amber-tippetl
brier, long-stemmed Saxony porcelain
and blackened corncob was distribut
ed. The tobacco jar he kept as a
Shut right up. A man knows what
that means. A woman doesn't and it's
quite likely that Jenifer's girl didn't.
That made it all the harder, too. Still.
she seemed appreciative and the young
man felt repaid. In course of time
they were married and if Jellifer
missed anything he most assuredly
didn't show it. If Mrs. Jellifer tad
any fault to find with her husband she
certainly took nobody into her confi
dence. Talk about your turtle doves!
It was predicted that within a year
Jellifer would be furnishing a "den"
where he could sit by himself and
smoke to his heart's content. Such
things have happened, of course, and
the smoking has gradually extended
so that eventually the lady would
have to fix up a little room of her own
where she could sit and not have to
breathe a lot of stale tobacco smoke
But nothing of the sort happened in
this instance. A nursery started, but
no den.
Of course Jellifer became a bore and
a braggart. He would tell all the old
crowd what idiots they were, ruining
their constitutions and muddling theii
intellects by their persistence in the
unclean vice of smoking. He would
glory in his own improved health to
an extent that was absolutely sicken
ing and boast of the ease with which
he burst the fetters of habit.
"There was no compulsion about it.
Nobody ever asked me to stop. I sup
pose I was as bad a case as you ever
heard of. I simply smoked all the
time. I stopped for meals and that
was about all. But I decided I'd quit.
I didn't fool with a limit of one cigar
or pipe after each meal, or once a
day, or anything of that sort. I told
my wife she wasn't my wife then I
told her 1 was going to quit. I said,
'I'm not going to smoke again.' Sh;
didn't believe I could stop, but from
that day to this I've kept my word.
All it takes is a little will power.
There's only one way to quit and
that's to quit" And so on.
And then you ought to have seen
Mrs. Jenifer's look of pride and ad
miration. Well, it came one summer
when both young Jellifer and the lady
seemed to be a little run down and,
after some discussion, it was decided
they should go across the lake where
some friends of theirs were staying,
and remain there through the ho
weather. Of course Jellifer couldn't
go. The best he could do would be to
run down Saturday afternoon and stay
till Monday. He slept in the flat and
went out for his meals. It was lone
some. The third night of his bereavemen
be dragged Matson home with him
and they sat and chatted over old
times. Matson lit a cigar.
"That smells kind of good," said Jel
lifer, unthinkingly.
Matson passed over his cigar case.
"No. sir," said Jellifer, stoutly, "I
should say noL Of course you can
waste your substance and get tobacco
heart if you like, but as for me "
He was alone the next night, and after
yawning over a book for some time h
gotupand began to walk about the room
He noticed his old tobacco jar on the
top of the bookcase and he took off the
lid and smelled iu There wasn't much
smell to it.
The next night he was in Michigan
and the next.
On Monday night he suddenly got u
from his chair, put on his hat and wen!
out. When he returned he took from
his pocket a package of cut plug of a
remembered brand and a pipe a nice
new cob, yellow and shining with var
nish. He put these on the table and
then sat down and looked at them.
"It would be kind of good." he mur
mured. "But I told Eudora I wouldn'r.
I won't, either."
It was nearly bedtime when he opened
the package of tobacco and filled the
pipe. For a few moments he sat suck
ing at the stem. Then he got up,
struck a match and lit it.
"It doesn't seem to taste so good, after
all." he said, after a few whiffs. In a
few minutes he laid the pipe down and
went out of the room.
"I guess I've got strength of mind
enough to keep my resolution." h
He opened the window and pitched
the pipe and tobacco out into the streer.
Chicago Daily News,
Governmental Edict.
Recently the Italian government is
sued an order that there was to be no i
smoking in business hours by officials
whose duties brought them into con
tact with the public. 1-or those whose
duties do not it is left to the discretion
of heads of departments to allow or to
forbid smoking. But their discretion
is iiiuiieu to tue cigar and the cigar
ette. No pipes are to be allowed.
Hustle Helps.
Hope doesn't bear fruit ua.'ess I' is
grafted with hustle.
Librarian's Costly Error. '
Forty years after the Bodleian li
brary at Oxford had received a copy
of the first folio Sbapespeare that
is to say, in 1664 the librarian of that
institution, clearing out some "super-'
fluous books," dumped the first folio
in the lot and accepted $120 for the
parcel. Now the Bodleian has a
chance of buying it back again for
In a Pinch, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
A powder. It cures painful, smart
ing, nervous feet and ingrowing nails.
It's the greatest comfort discovery of
the ase. Makes n2w shoes easy. A
certain cure for sweating feet. Sold
by all druggists, 25c Trial package.
FREE. Address A. S. Olmsted. Le
Roy. N. Y.
The French who said, "There are
always two parties to a love-match
one who loves and one who does not."
was not speaking the truth. All
cynics are liars.
Smokers appreciate the quality value of
Lewis' Single Binder cigar. Your dealer
or Lewis' Factorv, Peoria, 111.
A man never realizes what a small
potato he is until his wedding day
rolls around.
Mn. V inalow'a Soothing ftyrcp.
yr children teetalns, aoftecs the tpira. reduce 3a
danmtloa,a!!aripln,cnre wind colic iBcalxnaa,
Disease always attacks the weak
est spot, wbicn Is perhaps why so
many get a chold in the head.
There ! innr Catarrh !n thf section of the ecoBtry
than all other dleae put together, and until the lat
few year was gupP-r-ed to be Incurable. For a irreat
many years doctors pnmonnced It a local dKeane and
prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling
to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable.
Science has proven Catarrh to be a constitutional dis
ease and therefore require eonfttitutlonal treatment.
Ball's Catarrh Core, manufactured by F. J Cheney
Co.. Toledo, Ohio. 1 the only constitutional cure on
the market. It Is taken internally In dose. f mm 10
drops 10 a teaspoonf nl. It acts directly on the blood
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for circulars iind testimonials.
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Take Hall's Family Fills for consUpatlon.
The toper who mixes his beverages
believes that it is never too late to
Garfield Tea. the herb laxative, is mild,
effective, health-Riving a faultless prep
aration. It cures constipation.
Patience is a pearl that is often
found in unpromising waters.
That the leading medical writers and
teachers of all the several schools of
practice endorse and recommend, in the
strongest torms possible, each and every
ingredient entering into the composition
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
for the cure of weak stomach, dyspepsia,
catarrh of stomach, "liver complaint,"
torpid liver, or biliousness, chronic bowel
affections, and all catarrhal diseases of
whatever region, name or natnre. It is
also a specific remedy for all such chronic
or long standing cases of catarrhal affec
tions and thoir resultants, as bronchial,
throat and lung di.-eases (except consump
tion) accompanied with severe coughs. It
is not so good for acute cold and coughs,
but for lingering, or chronic case it is
especially ofilcacious in producing per
fect cures. It contains Black Cherrybark,
Golden Seal rootv Bloodroot. Stone root.
Mandrake root and Queen's root all of
which are highly praised as remedies for
all the above mentioned affections by sneb
eminent medical writers and teachers as
Prof. Bartiiolow, of Jefferson Med. Col
lege: Prof. Hare, of tho Univ. of Pa.:
Prof. Finloy EUingtvood, M. I)., of Ben
nett Med. College, Chicaeo ; Prof. John
King. M. I)., late of Cincinnati ; Prof.
John M. Scudder. M. D.. late of Cincin
nati ; Prof. Edwin M. nate. M. D., of
Hahnemann Med. College. Chicago, and
scores of others equallv eminent in their
several schools of practice.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" is the
only medicine put up for sale through
druggists for like purposes, that has any
such professional endorsement worth
more than any number of ordinary testi
monials. Open publicity of Its formula
on the bottle wrapper is tho best possible
guaranty of its merits. A glance at this
published formula will show that "Golden
Medical Discovery" contains no poison
ous or harmful atrcnts and no alcohol
chemically pure, triple-refined glycerine
being used instead. Glycerine is entirely
unobjectionable and besides is a most
useful ingredient in the cure of all stom
ach as well as bronchial, throat and lung
affections. There is the highest medical
authority for its use in all such case.
The "Discovery "is a concentrated glyc
eric extract of native, medicinal roots
and is safe and reliable.
A booklet of extracts from eminent,
medical authorities, endorsing its ingre
dients mailed free on request. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, 1. Y.
When offered something else
instead of
Kenp's Balsam
stop and consider: "Am I
to get something as good as this
best cough cure ?
If not store what good reason
is there for for taking chances in a
matter that may have a direct
bearing on my own or my family's
Sold by all dealers at 25c and 50c
matt foHr protect an Invention. Booklet and
Deafc Calendar FREE, nighest references.
Booklet and
jjommanications conodenusl. EstsW'shed 181.
reawick Xawreaee, Wataiagtaa, D. &
W. S. V, Oauika.
Bfo. 18 1D06.
The most perfect food that has ever been prepared for man, woman and child is
It is absolutely clean, pure and wholesome. All that is needed to do is to makw
ff.faiLtesi.of.itim?it?bacJnalnse XPn wiU in tnw way discover for yonrsell
the benefits to be derived. The system's needs are satisfied, as it contains the
largest amount of nutrients necessary for the maintenance of health and life
No breakfast food can compare with it. .
Cusessffva.fcwL MbaMetMftrafcw
l(kji pacing. Fecw..r
or. race. Uafaaxmafood expert, t) creator oT
riavonnc Extracts. lea Cream Sncar and
ding st
reoa laws. m cbams
M Blip Sags
LytBM Em rn'mmuiJUM &
The wonderful power of Lydla B.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound over
the diseases of womankind is not be
cause it is a stimulant, not because it
is a palliative, but simply because it is
the most wonderful tonic and recon
stractor ever discovered to act directly
npon the generative organs, positively
caring disease and restoring health ana
Marvelous cures are reported from
all parts of tho country by women who
hare been cured, trained nurses who
have witnessed cures and physicians
who have recognized the virtue of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, and arc fair enough to give
credit where it is due.
If physicians dared to be frank and
open,hundreds of them would acknowl
edge that they constantly prescribe
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound in severe cases of female ills, as
they know by experience it can be re
lied npon to effect a cure. The follow
ing letter proves it.
Dr. 8. C. lirigham, of 4 Brighamt
Park, Fitchburg, 3iass., writes:
"It eives me irreat Dle&snre to savtrmt T
have found Lydia . Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound very efficacious, and often pre
scribe it in my practice for female difficulties.
"My oldest daughter found' it very benefi
cial f bra f emaletruuble somo time ago, and my
youngest daughter is now taking it for a fe
male weakness, and is surely gaining in health
and strength.
"I freely advocate it as a most reliable spe
cific in all diseases to which tvomen are sub
ject, and give it honest endorsement,"
Women who are troubled with pain
ful or irregular periods, bloating (or
flatulency), weakness of organs, dis
placements, inflammation or u Iceration,
can be restored to perfect health and
strength by taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. If advice is
needed write to Mrs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass. She. is daughter-in-law
of Lydia E. Pinkham and for twenty
five years has been advising sick
women free of charge. No other living
person has had the benefit of a
wider experience in treating female
ills. She has guided thousands to
health. Every suffering woman should
ask for and follow her advice if she
wants to be strong and well.
The Blues
Do vou have a fit of "the
blues," every month? Suf
fer from headache back
ache low waist-pains creep
ing sensations, nervousness.
irritability irregularity ori.
any disorder ox your natural
functions? Such symptoms
show that you suffer from
one of the diseases peculiar
to women. Don't procrasti
nate. Take
Means a pro
ductive ca
pacity In dol
lars of over
SI6 per acre.
Tbis on land which has cost the farmer noth
ing but the price of tilling it. wlls its own
The Canadian Government gives absolutely
free to every HetUer lot) acres of such land.
Lands adjoining can be purchased at from tS
to tlO per acre from railroad and other corpor
ations. Already 175,000 farmers from the Unite.
States have made their tomes in Canada.
For pamphlet "Twentieth Century Canada"
and all information apply to Supt. of Immigra
tion. Ottawa, Canada, or to following authorized
Canadian Government Agent W. V. Bennett,
a" New York Life Building. Omaba.Nebraska.
(Mention this paper.)
Dr. Price. C,
ass merer
Jelly Deaaerta.
may ef Ms 1
Mrs. Sarah G. Butts of M
White Plains Va writes:
"Cardui is certainly a pana- m
m cea for suffering women. IS
M was sunk in despair. Death M
is no worse than the pains I M
m suffered periodically. Noth- M
m ing relieved me until I took M
Cardui. Now the pains
M have gone and I am stron- M
?er than in J5 years." Try
m it for your troubles. m
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