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Food Value
of a Soda Cracker
' Bm fSuAbk!! HbbKb bbhbbbbbbbbV bbbb bbbbbkbbbH
bVbbbbVbb3 Slwfi pSaB bHb'bbbbV bbbbI VF
-b li:jaO 2kS HbV VhbIbbA bP bbMbbb
Nothing' Short of Remarkable, For the LAST
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
1 Case ol Misses' Hose, 3 pairs
36-in. Guaranteed Black Taffeta Silk,
$1.00 quality, last three -Q
days of sale at VC
75c Fancy Silk, last three
days of sale at
$1.15 72-in. Bleached Table
Linen at OOC
$1.25 Black Umbrella, last Q
three days of sale vOC
25c Neckwear at 1-2 price
last three days of sale
50-in. 75c Mohair, per yard 59c
40c Colored Table Damask 27c
$15 Ladies' Suits at . . $11.50
$20 Ladies' Suits at . $17.98
$5 Skirts in Beautiful line -
of Styles at $439
25c Imported Cloth Brushes at 15c
ifniinnnwii -sa
20c Embroidered Doilies, last 3 .
days of sale ... C
All wool Carpet, last thres
days of sale
Corset Cover Embroideries
per yard
Nos. 2, 4 and 5 Sold by the
bolt only, bolt of 1 0 yds. Z5 C
Nos. 7, 9 and 1 2, per yard . . 5c
Nos. 16 and 22, per yard . . 8c
Nos. 40, 60 and 100 per yard lOc
Re Alum in
L Baking S
Powder J
The onlv hiRb crado t
y Hakim; Powiler cold ,
f nt a molttrate price. JA
afl BOkHZ!
No. 1, Overland Limited 12:10 p. in
Mo. 3, CoIoradoJxret8 :" p. m
No. 5, California and Oregon Ex.... 7:t p. in.
Wo. 7, Los Anceles Limit"! 1:47 p. m.
No. S, Fast Mail 40tp. m.
No. 11, (.kilo. Special H. a. m.
No. 13, North I'latte Local 11:00a. in.
No.r.9. Local Freight 7:00 a. m.
No. 2, Overland Limited WO p. in.
No. 4, Atlantic ExpresH HKX) a. m.
No. 6. Eastern Express. 2i2 p. m.
No. 8. Los Angeles LimiUtl .8.3.' p.m.
No. 10, Fast Mail 12:.Vi p. in.
No. 12, Chicago Special 5:2.i a. m.
No. 14, North Platte Local 1:17 p. m.
No. 60. Local Freight 5i!0i. m.
No. 29, Passenger 8.K)p. in
No. 77, Mixed 701 a. m
No. 30, Passenger 12::4Sp. m.
No. 78, Mixed 7-00p. rr.
No. SI, Passenger 225 p. m.
No. 79. Mixed 70a."m.
No. 32, Passenger 12:r5 p ra.
No. 80, Mixed 8KWp. m.
Norfolk passenger trains rnn daily.
No trains on Albion and Spalding branch
All main line passenger trains dally.
W. H. Bknbax. Agent.
Mt. Pleasant Items
Hira Jennnie Crossier entertained
aboat twenty of her friends Wednes
day erenins. The evening was speut
in mnsio and games. Light refresh
ments were served.
Mise Alca Olark was on the sick list
lat week.
The Misses Mabel Thompson, Grace
Geea and Messrs. Herman Webb and
Fred Frank spent Easter at the home
of Hattie Book.
Charley Justus went to Albion on
bmsiness Thursday.
Oscar Marshall left for Dakota Fri
day, where he will live on his claim.
Floyd and Laura Stumbaugh drove
to Belcrade last week
Mrs. J. B. Welch is reported sick
with lung fever. . . .-
Mrs. Fred Back visited -Mrs."- Henry
Orossier Monday. '' h -,
A social will be given at the-. :Mt.
Platte Center,
Ed. Maber was ill the first of tbe
week but is reported improving
Miss Mary Cronin will leave for her
homestead in South Dakota next Sun
day evening.
Simon Tinton has so far recovered
from his recent illness as to be up and
Bert Lamb came up from Lincoln
last week for a few day's visit with
borne 'oiks.
Miss Margureite Regan was a Co
Iambus visitor last Saturday
Mrs. Steve Koras living near Tarnov
is very sick.
Miss Mary Murphv returned to her
home in Iowa last week after an ex
tended visit with her parents and
other relatives. Miss Murphy was
called here un acconnt of the illness
of her father.
Stomach and Liver Trouble Cared.
Oriuo Laxative Fruit Syrup cures
stomach and liver trouble as it aids
digestion, and stimulates th liver and
bowels without irritatmn tlie-e organs
pills and ordinary catharties. It cures
indigestion and sick headache and
chronic constipation. Orino Laxative
Fruit Syrup does not nauseate or ,'ripe
and is mild and pleasant to take. Re
fuse substitutes. -McClintock & I'arter.
it church Friday evening April
- - '- - i, r
It ia aotliffiomlt to rejievo'-bliad,
bleediajr, itckiig or protntfing pile?
with Maa 2'trTfatjlle. remedy.
It to Bt';eoilaple4pr -with
Stops amia imaaUy.; T&l;j Mo
OUatobk Garter, -. -rl,
Sherman Township.
No rain on Kaster Sunday will surely
help the farmers to do their spring work.
Gns Loeke was on the sick Hat a few
days the past week.
Herm G. Lueschen drovQ 20 head of
cattle to Columbus last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hesler o near Co
lumbus visited at the home of Louis
Hollmau Sunday also Louis Diche and
Misn Anna Koch of Richland.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen ILimliiu; re
ceived a telegram of Spencer liord Co ,
that their son Stephen had been serious
hurl in a runaway, while on ids farm
doing spring work.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wurdeiuan of
near Leigh attended the Becher-Heil-busch
wedding Monday.
C. G. Luedtke drove to Columbus on
business Saturday returning Sunday.
For headache, constipation, etc.,
Dade's Liver Pills are be6t. Thev
cleanse and tonic the liver. Sold by
McClintock & Carter.
District No 4.
Christ Iossi put up a dinnef bell a
smoke house and side walk last week.
John Grosnicklans was the first one
that sowed oats in this neighborhood.
Ernest Iossi went to visit cousin,
Albert Hessler Saturday and Sunday.
Will Gossman had a bloated cow Sun
day night.
D. F. Donehue painted his hog shed
last week
Sam, and Sabistine Hoesly went to
church to Columbus one day last week
to look at some cattle.
The lightning last week struck in the
telephone and, bnrned out .a fuse, and
t.liA nAnnla in this rliafrio! sniill r-.
' phone to Platte Center for two dayB. y
The Manxman.
Most people aie familiar with the
vivid and natural pictures drawn by the
pen of Hall Cain in his charming and
interesting stories of the Isle of Man
and will be pleased to learn that Co
lumbus i to hiive an opportnnity to
witucfS the dramatic version of one of
the latest of these. The Manxman.
Some of the most pronounced successes
in the theatrical world have been made
by the dramatizations of Mr. Caine's.
The Fternal City and the Christian
which were insignificant when com
pared to the furor created by the pre
sentation of the Manxman. The play is
deep in plot, strong in sentiment and
filled with climaxes of great beauty and
dramatic intensity.
The Richest Man in the World.
The richest man in the world can not
have his kidneyo replaced nor live with
out them, so it is important not to
neglect these organs. If Foley's Kidney
Cure is taken at the first sign of danger,
the symptons will disappear and your
health will beiestorec, as it strengthens
and builds up these organs as nothing
else will. Oscar Bowman, Lebanon,
Ivy., writes: "I have used Foley's Kid
ney Cure and take great pleasure in
stating it enred me permanently of Kid
ney disease, which certainly wonld have
cost me my life. McClintock & (barter.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Watts of Genoa
visited at Andrew Larsons Tuesday and
Eddie Gustafson was enrolled in Dis
trict 62, Tuesday.
Mrs. Dr. Walker and son Harold of
Lindsay are making a two week's visit
at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P. Welin.
Rev. Benjamin sold his fine driving
horse last week to Mr. Roberts of Genoa.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Taylor visited at
Mrs. Stenzels. Sunday.
Gust Scblyter visited at Henning
Bergstroms Sunday.
EfBie Welin and Gertie Anderson
spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. An
drew Peareon.
Tuesday as Mrs. 'Clans Johnson and
daughter Esthe'r were returning from
J. Petersons, they met with quite a
serious accident. One of the horses
stumbled, fell on the tongue and broke
it. This frightened the team, they be
gan to run and ran into the fence, the
buggy striking a post, throwing Mrs.
Johnson to the ground. Her face and
head were bruised quite badly. One of
her hands was also hurt. Esther
escaped without being injured. Tbe
horees were not hurt but the buggy was
slightly damaged.
Rev. Benjamin has resigned his posi
tion as pastor of the Palestine Baptist
church to accept a cali at Norfolk. We
are very sorry to have him and his
estimable family leave us.
For bloating, belching, indigestion,
etc.. eat: a King's Oyspesia Tablet
after meals. Sold by MoUlintook &
(Fromtly (statesmen)
Ernest W. Parks and Miss Leota
Kemper were united in marriage on
Wednesday evenng ; Rev. W. R War
ren, officiating. The young couple
need no introduction to the people of
this community as they have been
very active in church and society
work. They will occupy a residence
in the east part of town.
Fred Henry met with what might
have been a serious accident on Tues
day. He was putting the saddle
boards on the roof of the Nye, Scnnie
der, Fowler Co. lumber shed in the
morning while the roof was vet fros
ty, and lost his hold, slid down the
roof and falling to the ground light,
ing on his back. He was taken to
his boarding place and Dr. Morris
summoned. No broken bones, but a
pretty bad jolting up, and will be
confined to his bed for a few davs.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gammel have
gone to housekeeping on their piano
southwest of town, known as the
Panhe farm.
Fritz Venz, jr , was considerably
brnied up .on Tuesday, in a rnnaway,
The team became frightened and in
some manner he was thrown nnt of
the wagon getting mixed up with the
lines so he could not get loose, and
was dragged some distance.
Cared Hemorrhages of the Langs.
"Several years since my lungs were so
badly affected that I had many hemorr
hages," writes A. M. Ake. or Wood, Ind.
"I took treatment with several physi
cians without benefit. I then started to
take Foley's Honey and Tar, and my
lungs are now as sound as a bullet. I
recommend it in advanced stages of lung
trouble." Foley's Honey and Tar stops
the cough and heals the lung., and pre
vents serious results, from a cold. Re
fuse substitutes. McClintock & Carter.
Route 4
John Swalekbf Ron'e 4 was brought
to the hospital at Columbus Igst Friday
suffering severely from spisms.
A. E. Campbell is on the sick list,
being severely alllicted with grip."
John Quinn is ill with rheumatism.
John Edner is improving his farm
buildings with a coat, of paint, which
improves the appearance wonderfully.
D. F. Donoghue painted his new hog
shed last week a gaudy red.
J. C. Dawson transacted business in
Platte Center Monday.
Frank Bugji was in Columbns Monday.
The tar that is contained in Bee's
Laxative Honev and Tar is harmless.
It is not coal tar, but is obtained
from the pine-trees of our own na
tive forests. Bee's Laxative Honey
and Tar is the best remedv for colds
because it acts on tbe bowels thus
expeling all colds from tbe system.
Bee's is the original Laxative Honey
and Tar, and is best for coughs,
colds, crouD, whooping, cough, -long
and bronchial affections. Sold Mc
Otlaook & Carter.
Yon have heard that some foods furnish fat,
other foods make muscle, and still others are
tissue building and heat forming.
You know that most foods have one or more
of these elements, but do you know that no
food contains them all in such properly balanced
proportions as a good soda craefcer
The United States Government report shows
that soda crackers contain less water, are richer
in the muscle and fat elements, and have a much
higher per cent of the tissue building and heat
forming properties than any article of food made
from flour.
That is why Uneeda Biscuit should
form an important part of every meal. They
represent the superlative of the soda cracker, all
their goodness and nourishment being brought
from the oven to you in a package that is proof
against air, moisture and dust the price being
too small to mention.
Best tor
Colds. Crt,
Tbe red latter
veir bottle.
C., Ckltt
Sold by llcOiiutock V Carter.:
fljgOE 2Q QZ.SlZgJ
i9B RzQnI kvm.
w v oa J m V
Route 1.
The farmers on Route 1 are all busy
these days too busy to talk, so ntuva is
County Supervisor Newman has bo n
over the roads of bid district directing
tbe road ovefeeers where to commence
the spring ro.ul work.
Miss Uertba Brattcher returned to
town after a few days visit with her
brother Albert.
Jobu Abrens is doing considerable
fencing, enlarging bis pastures,
Easter services were held at the Luth
eran church by Rev. E. Denninger.
Prsture for Cattle and Horses
For cattle and hcrses, call at F. A.
Olcott's, eleven miles southwest from
Columbus Terms, 50 cents a montb
for cattle and 75 cents for horees
F. A. Olcott, Route 5. Columbns,
Neb.. Tel. A 1222 ,".t
I have pasture for cattle and horses.
Will take them from stock vards at
Columbus and stock-yards at Genoa on
May 1 and deliver back to stock -yards
at end of season. $2.50 a head for
cattle and $3 75 for horses for the
season. Plenty of salt and drnkiug
BUS. NEBK. :it
A dose of Piue-ules at bed time will
nually relieves backache, before morn
ins. These beautiful little globules
are soft gelatiue coated aud when
moistened and placed in the montn
you can't keep from swallowing them.
Pine-ales contain neither sugar nor
alcohol just gums and retina obtained
from our own native pine forest, com
bined with other well known bladder,
kidney, blood and backache remedies
Sold by McClintock & Carter.
Route 5.
John Rrunk, Jr. is suffering from a se
vere attack of rheumatism.
Ed.Hawn sold fat cattle nt the Colum
bus market Monday.
Miss Mary Gerhold of Polk county
was an Oceola visiter laetjweek.
There are a couple of dances on the
tapis lor next week.
The Original.
Foley & Co., Chicago originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of tbe great
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey
and Tar many imitations are offered for
tbe genuine. Thee worthies imita
tions have similar sounding names. Be
ware of them. The genuine Foley's
Honey and Tar is in a yellow package.
Ask for it and refuse any substitute.
It is the best remedy for coughs and
colds. McClintock & Carter.
LitO UNDr. PATt"7!.
Pi ."""'.nM'U WAVIV-
in . iowj:
DHOUSANDS of grateful customers in
everv state attest the WONDERFUL
The Only Liniment that Heals without a Scar
It cures cuts, sprains, briiisos. bores, swellings,
lameness, old wounds, lumbago, chapped hands, frost
bites, etc.. and is the standard remedy forbarfied
Wire suts on animals, harness and saddle trails,
scratches, grease heel, caked udder, itch, mange, etc.
It heals a wound from the bottom up and is
thoroughly antiseptic KING CACTUS OIL is
sold by druggists in 15c..f0c.. and St bottles. S3 and
$T decorated cans, or sent prepaid by tlio manufac
turers. OLNEY O MCDAIV. Clinton. lotia. if
not obtainable at your druggists'.
isrvs" j rfwrx. rr i
JL S tsSLS XtJLA. A X - xk' J
Very Low Hates to California.
On account of tbe convention at Los
Angeles, Cal., May 7-10, 1906, of the Im
perial Council Ancient Arabic Order
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the Union
Pacific has authorized a very low round
trip rate to San Francisco and Los An
gelas. Tickets on sale from April 25th
to May oth, 1906.
For rates, sleeping car reservations
and California literature write to
W. H. Bexham, Agent.
Boys Attention
The Nebradkd State Board of Agncul,
ture buvc appropriated $150 to be distri
buted as follows To the boy under lb
vars of ae growing the largest told of
orn on oao acre of ground, 30. I'o tua
boy growing the second largest yield, 10
To tlio boy growing tbe third largest
yield, $30. I'o the boy growing the
fourth largest yield, 20. To the boy
growing tbe fifth largest yield, $10.
The following specifications and re
quirements to noern in tins onte&l
The entire iaitor ot preparing the
ground, planting, dillixitmg and hir
vesting of his acre of co.n io be per.
formed by the contestant, who has en
tored tho contest bv rpoor bng his n ui.
in the olTue of V It .ileilor, riectntarj
of th Stato Board of Vgrirjulttm. n -t
later than May 2Uth. lUUC -aid aero to U
incas'iireiS, hu-ked and weighed in the
presmv of tlire disinterested fw-hold-r,
residents of s.ud cainu in which toe
said wen ot corn is licar-d said commit
tee to forivai.! Micir nlliu ivi s as to
weights and reiiircmeiits of speeifiea-ti'-ns
in this acre or crn under their n
speetion to the H eretaiy or the StitL
Hoard of Agrn ultiire. not later than
Nov Js-l 1SHI6.
The contestant to file also uith the
seeretarr a foil and d tailed account of.
his method of perr ruling th work, fer
tilizers used, if any. md detractor of the
soil on whit b tin- crop was grown. A
samnle of ten ear" iMit be exhibited by
prize winners at the ollice of the Scre-'
tary. Lin o'n.
The original
LAXATIVE cough remedy.
For" coughs, colds, thrbat and lung
troubles. No opiates. Non-alcoholic
Good for everybody. Sold everywhere.
The genuine
a Yellow package. Refuse substitute.
Prepared only by
Foley & Company, Chicago
Sold bv McClintock & Carter
r - ,r,& gi: big fjp
lvs Creasy! Balm
This Semedy is a Specific,
Suro to Civo Satisfaction.
.! leans...-, Bootben, heals, and protetts tht
ii s.l ii embrittle. It cures Catarrh and
rtv saway a. Cold in tie I lead quickly.
't stores the Senses of Tuste and Smell.
i-y to use. Contains n injurious drugs.
Apldied into tho nostrils a.'ii absorbed.
Lstrge Size, HO cents at Drnggitn or by
mad; Tri il Sie, 10 cents by mail.
5d-Y BROTHERS. 56 Warran-St. Naw York.
II I 1 . n...
1 Dade's IPSrU
W Little Liver Pills W
Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets
Spring Wagons
Let ii:? hiitld yon one. We
put nothmir but the viry be.-t
nuttenn! and workmanship in
them. The price i right.
FAK31EKS, Ui inr in your
toos and implcimnts to he
sharpened and repaired now.
It will save you time when
the spring work opens up.
ftifr. Alnrat 9 rrliabl-. l:JIU-. lr sjt jr
CIIH'HKSTE'K'.S E.M.1.1MI Hr:l -ii(
Cifild metallic boxes. !"! t" . I. . jtioa
Tnfaenoutlirr. K-fii.- il.ii:jTCTOti. scil.ti
lutiotiHanrt imitations, lt'i ir'r :-'.
or send Ic. in stamp f..r I'nrliritlt.. rsti
moniaU and "-IlrlU-r fr !-.: i in I'lter
by return 31 nil. Hi.ttOirliv i.on JL noM by
all Orupistg.
llfJI 3Tss.1ism I'EIII.A.. PA.
2XsnlIa thU !)
We keop unly th Lutetit find
Buic & Carriages
-AH KindB ot
..Farm Implements..
ItgUOnr Horseshoes stick and
don't lame yonr horse tr 'em
J-" -