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saMaaai?'- -i-.gM moimbbb
That in address
ing Mrs. Pink
ham yon are con
fiding1 yon r private
ills to a woman
a. woman whose experi
ence with women's dis
eases covers a, great
snany years.
Mrs. Pinkham is the
daughter- in - law of
Iijdia E. Pinkham,
and for many years
and since her de-
cease.she has been
advising sick wo
men free of charge.
Many women
suffer in silence and drift along from
bad to worse, knowing full well that
they ought to have immediate assist
ance, bnt a natural modesty impels
them to shrink from exposing them
selves to the questions and probable
examinations of even their family
physician. It is unnecessary. Without
money or price you can consult a wo
man whose knowledge from actual ex
perience is great.
Mrs. PInkfcam'8 Standing Iavltatlea.
Women suffering from any form of
femaleweaknessare invited topromptly
communicate with Airs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass. All letters are received,
opened, read and answered by women
only. A woman can freely talk of her
private illness to a woman; thus has
been established the eternal confidence
between Mrs. Pinkham and the women
of America which has never been
broken. Out of the vast volume of
experience which she has to draw from,
it is more than possible that she has
gained the very knowledge that will
help your case. She asks nothing in
return except your good-will, and her
advice has relieved thousands. Surely
any woman, rich or poor, is very foolish
if she docs not take advantage of this
generous offer of assistance.
If you are ill, don't hesitate to get a
Txttle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound at once, and write Mrs. Pink
Lam. Lynn. Mass., for special advice.
When a medicine has been successful
in restoring to health so many women,
you cannot well say, without trying it,
" I do not believe it will help me."
Kemp's Balsam
Will stop any coagh that
cam be stopped by any
medicine and core cowgbs
that cannot he cared hy any
other medicine.
It Is always the best
cough core. Yoa cannot
allord to take chances
any other kind.
coughs, colds, bronchitis,
grip, asthma and consump
tion In lirst stages.
W. L. Douglas
3J?&35? SHOES K
W. L. Douglas S4.00Cilt Edge Line
cannot be equalled at any price.
Trsr'. rMl
JUIY 6 ,876
Capital 2.5ociood
t1 fl flfin REWARD to anyone who can
I UUUU disprove this statement,
If I could take you into m v three Urge factories
at Brockton, .Mass., and show yoa the infinite
carcwithwhichoerv pair of shoes is made, you
would realize why W. I Douglas 53.50 shoes
cost more to make. mh they hold their shape,
fit better, wear longer, and are of greater
intrinsic alue than an v other $3.50 shoe.
W. L. Oawofas String Mmmm Shorn fmr
Mmm.S2.80.S2.00. Dmy' Schmml A,
OrmamShmem,S2.AO. S2.S1.7S, Sf .50
CAUTION. Insist iiiHiii haiiis VT.L.loug.
las shtx?s. r.tke no sub-titute. None genniue
without hi nime and price stamjHil on bottom.
Fast Color fu-lets ued : theu wil! not wear brassy.
Write for Illustrated Catalog.
W. L. UOL'G LAS, Brockton. Mass.
three prcat pursuits
hae again shown
wonderful results on
MajmlSccnt climate fanners plowing in their
Phlrt sicec in the middle of November.
"All are bound to b more than plcaed with
the final results of the past season's, harvest,'
. Coal. wood, water, ha j in abundance schools,
churches, markets convenient.
This is the era of 51.00 wheat.
Apply for information to Superintendent of
Immigration. Ottawa. Canada, or to authorized
Canadian Gn eminent Agent TV. V. Henrctt,
01 New York Life Building. Omaha. Xebras-Jta.
(Mention this paper.)
"We Her t m limited aaakcr feabacrlbers
treasary stack. afiaaU aeaaaalaatlea a
caaraateea rat alaa. Tails will mesa te
jraa net only safe artaeteaI, bat tare dlvl
eada eat ef the csralafi- Oct these facts,
rail aartlcalara aad details ay retara mall.
A a tal will arias; them. Make jraar
aaoaeyaaafce yoa aaeaey. XatSacrceit,
hat large areata.
Reixbesce HibernU Bank & Trust Co.,
yew Orleans
Third National Bank, St. Louis, Mo.
Address Americas Kick Packing Co.. 206
Sostk Commercial Street, St. Louis, Mo.
"SSI- Tlmmtai't Eyt Witw
other starehss oalr 12 cancel e price aad
L I ,n
ill I E
1 If J sl
Facte About Birth Month.
Averages for the height of women
show that those born in summer and
autumn are taller than those born in
spring or winter. The tallest girls
are born in August. As far as boys
are concerned, those who first see the
light during autumn and winter are
not so tall as those born in spring
and summer. Those born in November
are the shortest; In July the tallest.
Royalty Incognito in London.
The police of London can boast
that their town entertains unknowing
ly more royal folk than any other in
Europe, and -without an accident be
falling any of them. Once upon a
time a German princess did sprain her
ankle as she came down from the top
of a 'bus, but that is the most serious
casualty that ever befell a personage
visiting the town unofficially.
To Launder White Silk Handkerchiefs.
Do not put white silk handkerchiefs
in the ordinary wash as they are easily
laundered at home. Make a strong
lather of Ivory Soap and water, but do
not rub the soap on the handkerchief
or use soda. Rinse and iron while
damp with a moderately !iot iron.
Eleanor R. Parker.
Disciplined Army of Fish.
There is a species of mullet fish
found among the coral islands of the
Pacific which swims about in armies,
with officers and van and rear guard.
Each army is also provided with
scouts above and below. When dan
ger threatens from above, the upper
scouts plunge down: if the danger is
from below, the lower scouts dart up
ward, and thus warn the army.
Chicago, III. The Passenger Depni
cieni of the Chicago & North Western
Railway announces that the openiug
of the Wind River or Shoshone Reser
vation public lands in Wyoming nas
been postponed until August 15, 130C,
Dy joint resolution of congress.
Railroad construction to the Reser
vation border is being pushed rapidly,
and will probably be completed with
in a few weeks.
Truth and Fiction.
May not the lives of real men be
written as imperishably as the su
preme creations of fiction? Shall
Hamlet and Othello, Don Quixote and
Tartuffe, shall the master creations of
Hawthorne. Thackeray and George
Eliot, of Turgenieff. Manzoni and Bal
zac have no counterparts in biog
raphy? North American Review.
Indifferent Persian Debtor.
A Frenchman called on a Persian
one day and asked him to pay a debt,
but the indifferent debtor made an
swer: "I will pay you some time."
"When is some time?" queried the im
patient Frenhman. "Is it twelve
months, eighteen, or two years?" "I
don't know." answered the bland son
of Iran. "I guess we had better say
when I am ready."
In a Pinch, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
A powder. It cures painful, smart
ing, nervous feet and ingrowing nails.
It's the greatest comfort discovery of
the ae. Makes now shoes easy. A
certain cure for sweating feet. Sold
by all druggists. 25c. Trial package,
FREE. Address A. S. Olmsted, Le
Ro3 N. Y.
"Shopping" Once Siang Word.
"Shopping" was certainly a slang
word until past the first quarter of the
nineteenth century. Bee's Dictionary
of Sports and Slang, published in 1825,
defines the word as follows: "Shop
ping Among women going about from
shop to shop, having little articles
perhaps, perhaps not, but always pull
ing about great quantities of goods."
To Overcome Obstacles.
Show yourself master of the situa
tion, not its slave. Rise above the
petty annoyances which destroy peace
and harmony. Make up your mind
that you are too large to be overcome
by trifles. Resolve that you will be
larger than your business, that you
will overtop it with manliness and
Cornstarch Clogs Spindles.
In Greece, for some reasons, cli
matic or other, it seems absolutely
impossible to utilize cornstarch in the
manufacture of cambrics and other
textiles, although many trials have
been made during: several yenrs past,
as the spindles, especially in the case
of colored textiles, clog.
One of the greatest problems to a
man is what became of the money
he earned six months ago. Atchison
They Stand Alone.
Standing out in bold relief, all afone,
and as a conspicuous example of open,
frank and honest dealing with the sick
and afflicted, are Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription for weak, over-worked, de
bilitated, nervous, "run-down," pain
racked women, and Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovcrv, the famous remedy
for weak stomach, indigestion, or dys
pepsia, torpid liver, or biliousness, all
catarrhal affections, whether of the
stomach, bowels, kidnevs, bladder, nasal
passages, throat, bronchia, or other mu
cous passages, also as an effective remedy
for all diseases arising from thin, watery
or impure blood, as scrofulous and skin
affections. .
Each bottle of the alxv-e medicines
bears upon its wrapper a badjre of hon
esty in the full list of ingredients com
posing it printed in plain English.
This frank and open, publicity places
these medicines in a class all bylievi
stlvfs, and is the best guaranty of their
merits. They cannot be classed as patent
Hor secret piedicines for they are either
being of known composition.
Dr. Pierce feels that he can afford to
take the afflicted into his full confidence
and lav all the ingredients of his medi
cines "freely before them because these
ingredients are such as are endorsed and
most strongly praised by scores of the
most eminent medical writers as cures
for the diseases for which these medi
cines are recommended. Therefore, the
afflicted do not have to rely alone upon
Dr. Pierce's, recommendation as to the
curative value of his medicines for cer
tain easily recognized diseases.
A glance at the printed formula on
each bottle will show that no alcohol and
no harmful or habit-forming drugs enter
into Dr. Pierce's medicines, they being
wholly compounded of glyceric extracts,
of the roots of native, American forest
plants. These are best and safest for
the cure of most lingering, chronic dis
eases. Dr. R. V. Pierce can be consulted
rsK. by addressing him at Buffalo,
N. Y., and all communications are re
garded as sacredly confidential
It is as easy to be well as ill nd
much more comfortable. Constipation is
the cause of many forms of illness. Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipa
tion. They arc tiny, sugar-coated gran
ales. One little "Pellet" is a gentle laxa
tive, two a mild cathartic. All dealers ia
aWlirinaa 11 them
Daring Aeronaut Dies in Swamp '
After a Long Night of Agony
The body of Paul Nocquet, sculptor
and aeronaut, who ascended in his bal
loon from the Union Gas Works in the
Bronx, New York, on the afternoon of
April 3 was found at 6 o'clock next
night on Catt's Island, in Bass Creek,
two miles from Amityville, Long Isl
and, face down in the marsh, dead
from exposure after one of the most
thrilling, desperate and awe-inspiring
struggles that human creature ever
made for life.
Lured on by the lights of Amity
ville, which, like a false beacon, illum
inated the mainland apparently but
half a mile away, Nocquet abandoned
his balloon on Jones Beach, where he
had made a landing, and started for
the haven of twinkling lights ahead.
His course led him direct into the
morass. Boatmen in the neighbor
hood avoid it by day. a place of tall,
waving seagrass that hides a trap of
thick, black adhesive mud and slime,
with deep hidden pools between, so
what chance had the wayfarer by
Plunged Deeper Into the Mire.
Every step plunged him daeper into
the mire to his knees first, next to
his waist, now to his arm pits. drag-
The daring aeronaut who lost his
the balloon which was wrecked and
ging his weary along like a man in a
field of quicksand. When a mighty ef
fort for the nonce dragged him free,
he imagined himself struggling be
yond his depth in a pool of brackish
water; and the strong, despairing
strokes but earned him forward once
more to a stretch of swamp.
No one will ever know the agony
Paul Nocquet endured in the two
hours' he struggled againts the inevit
able. He reached the second mile post
in his journey, and the lights of Am
ityville were still far off. With a de
spairing movement he plunged into
Bass Creek. His waning strength car
ried him but slowly to Catt's Island, a
poor shelf of sand midway in the
swamp. He crawled pitifully upon the
ledge and gave an agonized glance at
the mainland. He drew himself to h3
full height and gave a step forward
and tottered.
Nature Rebels and Man Dies.
That was the end. Nature could go
no further.
Captain Henry Purdy of Amityville.
strolling along the mainland about
midnight, beard a wild cry of despair
and then all was still. Face down in
the mire, Paul Nocquet lay resigned to
his fate.
The moon paled and was blotted out
as the lights of Amityville grew dim
in the awakening dawn. Slowly the
tide rose, and by sunrise a placid
sheet of water glistened over the spot
where Paul Nocqut had fallen, fighting
to the end.
Nursery Logic.
As the fond parents were about to
set out for church one Sunday morn
ing they i eard an unearthly pounding
in the nursery. The father promptly
investigated and found his four-year-old
son driving nails promiscuously
with a heavy hammer.
"Son," said the sire, "this is San
day. You must not get out your tool
chest on Sunday."
"It's all right, papa." replied the
voting architect, "I am builiing a
church." ,
All Things Venetian in Rome.
When the pope received the French
bishops recently they could not un
derstand his discourse, so strong is
his Venetian accent. But it is the
thing now in the Vatican to speak
with a little of that accent. Venetian
dishes are in vogue, and in the houses
of rich Romans Ventian antiquities
are made prominent
Liberia's Rubber Forests.
It is stated that at least 20,000
square miles in Liberia are covered
with dense rubber-tree forests.
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A BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBHAmaaaaaaaaVrV
a'"' 'Br TvBBBBaaaaaaaaaamBmBKBflnBaBmaFi T.
k va aK I aMYjTaFV74jMriiaaaaajAii3aBBBBBBa
k xavV, I Ijfjr .ri'' JaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBjfaajaaaaB
Lk SaWil iK 'WA vBB9EaavBB9aKaaBalBiaaa
W '' ''AjBaBa AvP
All day groups of Long Islanders
searched the country round about
Jones' Beach for ths missing aeronaut,
hoping against hope that he had found
safety. A government tug patroled the
sea off 6hore on the chance that the
balloon had been carried oceanward,
a dragnet was thrown out in search,
but it was not until 6 o'clock at night,
when the tide had gone out, that Cap
tain George Smith of Amityville.
scouring the marsh, located the dead
sculptor-aeronaut in the waters of
Catt's Island.
Took the Only Fatal Course.
Almost any course hut the one
which he adopted would have led the
man to safety. Had he remained with
his. balloon, sought the Jones Beach
life-saving station or traveled to the
west his adventure would have ended
without fatality.
It was his sixteenth ascension. The
other fifteen had been accomplished
without a hitch. The sixteenth was
successful up to he point where he
brought his balloon to earth on the
edge of the Atlantic. Then it was
that the impetuosity of his nature got
the better of his julpraent and put an
end to a career of highest promise.
life in an ascsnsion at Nsw York and
found stranded on the Lcng Island
Paul Nocquet.
tl htajipeia the mind to contemplate
the tortures which Nocquet endured in
his two hours,' struggle to gain the
mainland at Amityville. He had cov
ered about one-half the distance be
tween James Beach and the shore
when he died. In the course of his
journey he had crossed fourteen small
islands and swam or waded through
the rivulets between them.
Wears Cvercoat and Life-Preserver.
Up to the last island, he had worn
his overcoat and on top of it the life
pi eserver, which he took with him in
his balloon on the chance that he
would be carried out to sea.
That he traveled as far as he did is
regarded as wonderful. Every inch of
the two miles that he struggled is be
set with the greatest difficulties and
dangers. It was r. journey that a
strong man, knowing every inch of the
territory around Jones' Bay, would not
attempt in broad daylight, because he
could not probably complete it.
Significant Remark Made.
It staggers the mind to contemplate
talk about." is the remark Nocquet is
reported to have made to a friend in
New York the day he departed on the
fatal trip.
His Reason Coz Fer Why.
This discussion was overheard on
the Labrador mail boat last summer
between a couple of sailors:
"Jim, if yer house was afire, and ye
couldn t only save yer mudder or yer
wife, and had to leave de udder burn,
which would ye?"
"I'd save me wife, in course."
"No. ye wouldn't. Ye t'inks ye
would. Now, I loves me wife, but I
wouldn't save her before me mudder.
an I'll tell ye de reason coz fer why
I couldn't get anoder mudder."
Will Censor Street Music.
Mayor Clue of Schenectady, N. Y.,
thinks it foolish to spend money for
the musical education of children-and
then permit the dispensers of street
melody to lower the standards of pop
ular taste by grinding out ragtime
airs. He is credited with an intention
to exercise a mild but effective cen
sorship, to the end that children who
have been taught to know a food
thing when .they see it shall not be
subjected, to temptation to enjoy a
bad thing when they hear it
aVaVmSaVaVmW - dVaVmSmSaVaVml
It was probably not intended to con
vey the significance that the remark
now takes on. He had had long ex
perience as an aeronaut and the spe
cific purpose of his ascension was to
experiment with air currents in this
vicinity and demonstrate his own abil
ity to remain in a balloon safely over
New York.
He scouted all talk of danger and
had arranged to write a scientific ar
ticle on his trip, which Miss Mary
Montgomery, of 117 East Thirtieth
street. New York, was to translate
into English. At her suggestion he
took with him a photograph camera,
with which he was to take pictures
while the light held out. for the pur
pose of illustrating bis forthcoming ar
ticles. Scouts Idea of Danger.
"Danger!" he exclaimed, when pre
paring for the ascension; "why, there
Is no danger in ballooning. There are
no other balloons to collide with and
nobody to run over. Remember that
we balioonists are not the Barney Old
fields of the auto track."
When the news of his death reached
the Aero Club, one of Nocquet's
friends said:
"If he had only stuck ttt his balloon!
He was right so far as safety in the
balloon isconcerned. His mistake was
made after he landed. His skill in
bringing the balloon down on the edge
or the Atlantic was wonderful. But at
that point he seems to have lost all
his skill. He should have stuck to his
car, or gone to the life saving station
and remained there overnight."
Makes Ascension in Evening.
Nocquet made an ascension from
the foot of One Hundred and Thirty
eighth street and the Harlem river
New York, at 6 o'clock at night and
was carried across Long Island Sound
to Long Island and thence straight
down over the island.
When last seen, just as darkness
fell, he was one thousand feet above
the earth, passing over Hicksville and
rapidly discharging ballast and rising
higher in his flight
Made Many Daring Attempts.
Paul Nocquet made many daringly
successful attempts at aerial naviga
tion. It is not as an aeronaut alone
that Nocquet has attained distinction,
however. He is almost equally well
known as an author, sculptor and an
artist. Wide attention recently was
attracted to his work as a sculptor by
a bronze figure of President Roosevelt,
entitled "A Presidential Vacation."
This figure represents the President
dragging a bear by the ear, while in
his right hand he holds aloft a cub.
Comment upon the figure was carried,
but the efforts of the artist pleased
the President, who seat him a compli
mentary letter.
Was Born in 1877.
Nocquet was born in Brussels in
1S77 and at the age of fourteen studied
Fainting under Jean Portaels. Soon
afterward he turned to sculpture and
at the age of 20 won the grand prize
of Belgium, which gave him a three
year fellowship in Paris. In Paris he
also became interested in aeronautics
and before he came to this country he
was considered one-of the most daring
members of the Aero club of France.
Two j ears ago he planned to cross
the Atlantic ocean in a balloon, but
was deterred by friends.
Among Nocquet's well-known works
in sculpture are "Effort" and "Foot
ball Players," which have been pre
sented to Columbia University. He
was awarded third prize for a bronze
door foi the naval academy at Annap
olis. Woman African Explorer.
A woman explorer, Miss Hall, has
recently returned Irom the heart of
Africa. She struck northwest to Lake
Nyassa and waited six weeks for .a
boat to carry her across Lake Tan
ganyika. Then she traveled to Lake
Victoria Nyanza and only twice did
she meet white men. Two German
soldiers and a number of servants ac
companied her. When at last Miss
HpII reached Uganda she saw a sight
which must have brought cheer to her
heart, an indication that civilization
had indeed penetrated the dark coun
try, for the king of Uganda and his
men were plaing football. Miss Hall
gave a wonderfully interesting ac
count of her travels and of her inter
view with this enlightened monarch.
King Edward in French Census.
The French quinquennial census fell
on the Sunday during which Edward
VII was in Paris. Embassies and le
gations are extraterritorial and as
such do not come under the ordinary
jurisdiction. It would be possible to
decline the census takers, but such a
course is never pursued, the matter
being treated as one of international
courtesy. His majesty simply signed
"Due De Lancastre" (his visit being
strictly private) and filled up the line
left for the date of birth. Facts as to
his race or previous condition of serv
itude were not considered necessary
to be gone into by the complaisant
Public Men Keeping Good Hours.
It is being noticed in Washington
that many men In public life are giv
ing up late hours, having observed
that to live like owls and take little
exercise is a speedy passport to the
grave. Members of the diplomatic
corps are about the only exceptions.
They are owls of the most pronounced
type. Chekib Bey. the Turkish minis
ter, seldom rises before 4 o'clock in
the afternoon and if he has his break
fast before ordinary folks are having
their dinners it is a red-letter day for
Had a Fortune in Sight.
The heiress And haven't yon any
financial prospects, George, dear?
George Why, yes. I'm figuring on
a sure thing that ocght to net me a
half million at least
The heiress What is the aure
thing, George, dear?
George Ton.
A Wedding Rule.
An old superstition says that It Is
unlucky for a bridegroom to see hit
bride on the happy day until ne meets
her la church.
a iMaagCirTOmrCTffrgaamattrT
ninhiwim.! .Mmtuntht mminiib TinSDj
i mT t.MM wj im1 nw nnrrbq u wMrtMH'inii.iilitH,bi
sinilaling teFoodandBeguti-
Promotes Digeslion.Chcerfur
ness and Ifesl.CoH tains neither
Ojakim.Mofphine nortfineraL
me Ami
Aperfccl Remedy forCoitsfipa
Tion , Sour Stonuxh.Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fevensh
ness and Loss of Sleep.
. Facsimile Signature of
rhat Delightful Aid to Health
Toilet Antiseptic
Whitens the teeth purifies
mouth and breath cures nasal
catarrh, sore throat, sore eyes,
and by direct application cures
all inflamed, ulcerated and
catarrhal conditions caused by
feminine ills.
Paxtine possesses extraordinary
cleansing, healing and germi
cidal qualities unlike anything
else. At all druggists. 50 cents
The R. Paxton Co., Boston, Mass.
Italian Women Pack Heavy Loads.
In Italy the people take it for grant
ed that women should carry heavy
loads. Horses and wagons are scarce
and it is common for women to carry
heavy loads of wood from the dock
to the market place. Often they are
so heavy the women look as if they
would stagger underneath. They cart
this wood all day for less than 50
cents, though the lumber is disposed
of in the market at a good price.
Lewis' Single Binder straight 5c cipar is
pood quality all the time. Your dealer or
Lewis' Factor, Peoria, 111.
British ships earn about $450,000,000
per annum for freights and insurance.
TITra. ViBsiowa AooChlns; syrnp.
For children teething, aoftcos the gnras, reduces a
Bammfioi,ally pain, cures wlmlioHc 2Scabjfa,
High-born Siamese walk with the
elbow joint turned inward and the
thumbs out.
who goes straight to work to cure
Hurts, Sprains, Bruises
by the use of
St. Jacobs Oil
and saves time, money and gets out of misery quickly.
It Acts lake Mazic Price, 25c and 50c
No doubt you'll need a
Male no mistake it's the Itind
that's guaranteed to keep yoa dry
and comfortable in the hardest
storm. Made In Black or Yel
low. Soldbyallreliabtodeakrs.
1 dealers, f
1 1
is the triumphant result of forty years of earnest effort devoted
entirely to the science of pure foods. The superiority of Dr. Price's
Food over other cereal foods cannot be questioned. It's the kind of
food that strengthens the nerves, restores tone to inactive muscles
and assists in establishing healthy action to the bowels.
lrfa.taM EaMj ff. IMtjutlia aa, TTirjif to Cat
CMkafNfw.NL WmilmmMUsnmhrmfsamwJmtoiMCMMkwmMimmHmmM
WC tpkhyiJa rVtaUb,!
Dr. Prtee, the feasoasfM assert, toe omteref Dr. Price
Flavoring; Extracts, Ice Creaaa Sonr see Jelly Dtann
astwHaataaoaaf atmraaae Pood laws, to chance
aaaastsaea is lassi leaairaiseej. aawaiaai
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
For Over
Thirty Years
) gives voman some of her mosM
miserable and wretched hours.,
Along with the backache, gener-
lally come headache, waist pain,
falling feelings, irritability, nerv
ousness and the blues. Have
you these periodical troubles?
If so, you may know that they
1 are due to disease of some of
the most important organs of
your body, organs that should
get help or, in time, through j
weakness, will wreck yourl
health and life. Help them to
health with
Says Mrs. Blanche E. Stephanou, of I
1228 S. 42nd Ave., Chicago, "I suf
fered miserably for five (5) years
1 with a constant pain in ny back and
right side and although my husband
eaiployed several of the best doctors
I in this great city, not one could give
me relief. At last -I took wine of
ICardui, which relieved my pain, pre-
1 vented an operation and restored aie
to health." It is a wonderful cura
tive medicine for all woawns' ills.
Try it. C 3
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..From Manufacturer to User..
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drem r- eSraska Supply Co., Omaha, Neb.
KefereiMM, First Xatlunal Bank.
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